Happy Mother’s Day, America, Key West, Christendom, and all the pigeons, too!

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Mother Nature

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Pigeon playing chess Putin

A reply to the Putin quote part of yesterday’s Before being poked, dragged and shoved into Key West politics by the angels who own me, I had another grubby line of work post at this website:

According to Snopes.com, the Putin quote which likened negotiating with Obama to playing chess with a pigeon, is false.


In fact, it was first used to describe arguing with a creationist on the origin on man.

I replied:

Thanks. Will post yours tomorrow. The quote probably applies to lots of situations.

pigeon playing chess

I played several games of chess last night with my friend Patrick, and once again I was his pigeon (mark); he never even broke sweat.

chess tips

Otherwise, Patrick’s apartment smelled like urine and he didn’t seem to be doing too good. But then, who would be doing too good, who was put into prison when he was 18 because he refused to be inducted and sent to Vietnam? What do you imagine happens to an 18-year-old male in prison?

Robert McNamaraIn Retrospect

Am now reminded of when I first heard about In Retrospect, former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s apology for Vietnam – – he was credited with being that war’s architect.

A New Age friend called me all excited, wasn’t it great McNamara had apologized? I said, McNamara should be put in prison and all the money the book made should be given to disabled Vietnam vets.

Before Bill Clinton was elected president,

Bill Clinton

I wrote to him in Arkansas and told him, since he had opposed Vietnam when he was in college, it was his mission, if he was elected president, to make a national apology from America to Vietnam. Clinton did that during his second term. I figured that was why he was Teflon; no matter how hard the Republicans tried, they were unable to take him down.

Many people back during the run up to the 2008 US presidential election believed Barack Obama

Obama on Time cover

really did represent hope and change, which was his campaign mantra. They hoped he would end G.W. Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They hoped Obama was a man of peace. They were his pigeons; he was a hawk in dove clothing.

Barack Obama NobelObama drones

Obama accepts Nobel Peace prize

Bush & ObamaObama two face

Obama and Bush

I told many people in 2008 that Obama was not what they thought he was; they reacted like there was something wrong with me; some of them still l react when I remind them that they were duped by him.

Oil Tango

Happy Mother’s Day! She will weep a long time hence over all her dead, maimed and battle-shocked soldiers: American, Iraqi, Afghan, Vietnamese, etc.

Statue of Liberty

One Nation under God – let that happen; let Americans experience what it really means to be under God.


Down Key West way, E-News Blast from KONK Life – www.konknet.com

This week is Police Week

Mayor Cates and Donie Lee

Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed the week of May 11th as Key West Police Week.

“As a city we rely on Law Enforcement Officers to keep our neighborhoods safe, enforce our laws and respond in times of crisis,” reads the proclamation approved at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting, noting that they sustain peace in the community and routinely put their lives on the line to protect and serve the community.

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee accepted the honor, inviting the commission and the community to attend the annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 16,at Bayview Park. The memorial honors those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their service and died in the line of duty.

Charles Eimers

Charles Eimers, R.I.P.

I bet Mayor Cates’ and Donie’s moms, and the moms of all those nice police officers who saved the public from that awful suspected homeless man Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day, and then told what didn’t really happen to cause Charles to pass from this world, and then circled the wagons around their blue line of protect and serve police only silence, are really pleased with their sons today.

Eimers coverup

blue paper editorial cartoon

Here’s a link to the latest www.thebluepaper.com article on that mother-pleaser – The Eimers Investigation: Did They Lose The Book?  – which contains a link to all prior blue paper articles on same blue rapture, which would have gone disrespectfully unnoticed but for the diabolical blue paper and the bystander’s video of how the police actually arrested Eimers, who did not run, who did not resist arrest, who put his hands over his head and lay face-down on the sand, just before being swarmed by KWPD officers with guns drawn. Blue paper readers comments under that article are about as diabolical as the article itself.

On a different homeless front, other day from Citizen’s Voice in the Citizen – www.keysnews.com:

“While out jogging Monday morning, a homeless man jumped out in front of me and started yelling and cursing. It scared and upset me so much I could not continue my run and returned home very shaken. This incident occurred in front of the bathroom located on Smathers Beach. I got home and asked my husband what I should do, and he said don’t run down there anymore. He also said another choice would be call the police, file a complaint against that person and face even more problems after he is released from jail. He is effectively keeping me from running down the walkway where I live. I hope one of these days the city leaders see that the homeless problem is getting worse and if something bad does happen, the city will have to assume the liability for letting them live on public property.”

On which comment I wrote in the  Is Key West going Buddhist, or green, and other pressing soular activity post at this website:

“Sorry about that. Alas, homeless punks have the same rights to be on public property as any other punks. In my experience, the best way to try to deal with aggressive punks is to call the police, assuming they are not all busy chasing suspected homeless people like Charles Eimers.”

To which one of my readers replied:

In response to the lady who had an unfortunate incident at Smather’s beach. I know fear can cause irrational thinking but try to put things in proper perspective. If a driver from Cuban descent ran you off the road, you would not call for a crackdown on Cubans. Hopefully anyway. Of course there are behaviors that we do not want to tolerate but they are not dependant on a person’s race or economic status. If some one talks about the homeless in such a way that the word homeless can be replaced with the words black,Brown,Mexican or whatever and sound racist, then it needs to be rethought. Individuals make their own choices when it comes to behavior and if some one behaves in a way that society seems unfit, then that should be addressed, not guilty by association.

To which I replied:

Agreed, and later I found myself wondering what actually happened? Was the man yelling at her, or yelling at someone else and she caught the brunt of it, or yelling at God and she caught the brunt of it. Unfortunately, there are people in Key West, and elsewhere, who do not seem to think homeless people have the right to be on public property, and they can be locked up in impounds just for being homeless. Now I’m wondering: What if that homeless man, assuming he was homeless, is a Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan veteran, whose psyche is all blown to shreds from something that happened to him in a war zone where he believed he was defending Americans like that woman from bad people?

On which Citizen’s Voice comment someone wrote in Citizen’s Voice today:

“To the lady who was frightened by the ‘urban outdoorsman’ while she was out jogging; I can understand your fear. Florida has a concealed carry law, so start carrying for your own protection since the city government doesn’t seem interested in solving your problem, and the cops can’t be everywhere every minute.”

My further thoughts:

Great idea, why didn’t I think of it already? Everybody in Key West start packing. Shoot every homeless person on sight, then claim self-defense, you were in fear for your life and stood your ground and killed the only other eye witness. Your mamas will be proud.

I have heard that mayor candidate Margaret Romero

Margaret Romero

basically hates homeless people. I can’t wait for her to be asked at candidate forums whether or not homeless people are part of Key West’s One Human Family? I imagine the homeless man Jesus can’t wait, either.

Jesus with leper

Jesus ministers to leper

I remember my astonishment to hear my buddy Todd German

Todd German

tell me maybe 6 months ago that homeless people who come down to Key West from the mainland are not part of our One Human Family because they don’t contribute anything  – as in, they don’t make money, pay rent or a mortgage, eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, motels, lodges, etc.

I heard City Commissioner Tony Yaniz

Tony Yaniz 2

say at a city commission meeting that there are homeless people and there are bums. Homeless people have jobs, or want to get work, and bums don’t want to work.

How about bums who are so messed up inside their minds and souls that they are simply disabled?

How about me? I was a bum when I arrived in Key West in late 2000? I was disabled. By angels. Still am. I can’t make enough money do what Todd and Tony think bums should do to be part of our One Human Family. But then, Todd and Tony can’t do what I do.

It’s all relative.

homeless vet

homeless vet at Memorial Day service in Key West Cemetery

Several times I heard Tony say at city commission meetings that he supports the troops, including homeless veterans. Yet not a few of those homeless vets are bums, by Tony’s definition. They went off to some stupid, ruinous US foreign war and came back all messed up, and they are going to stay all messed up unless a miracle happens.

There but for the grace of God go Tony, Margaret, Todd, me, and everyone else in Key West.

Today’s editorial cartoon is in today’s Citizen:

Tony's puppet

The puppeteer is Tony Yaniz, the puppet is Margaret Romero.

It is said Tony and Margaret made a deal last year: Margaret would run against Mayor Craig Cates

Mayor Cates

and Tony would pull out all stops to get her elected. Tony not only did that, he pulled out all stops to get Craig’s wife Cheryl defeated in her bid to be on the city utility board. Craig beat Margaret by maybe 55 to 45 percent of the votes cast; Cheryl came in 3rd in a three-candidate race, after which, she said she was still Key West’s First Lady.

I heard the other half of Tony and Margaret’s deal was, if Margaret did not beat Craig last year, then she would back Tony when he ran against Craig this year.

Before last year ended, Tony was saying he was going to run against Craig this year. But some things came out about a Rotary Club meeting that kinda didn’t make Tony out to be Jesus son of Mary and Joseph after all. He started waffling and saying he would do what his constituents wanted him to do.

Maybe Tony and Margaret made another similar deal: she would file to run against Craig this year, and Tony would pull out all stops to get her elected, in return for her backing him in 2 years, if she did not win this year.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering what I’m doing in this Conch cock fight?


For that’s what it is. Craig is a Conch (born in Key West). Margaret is a Conch. And because of how long he has lived in Key West, after coming here with his family from Cuba when he was a boy, Tony is viewed as a Conch by many Conchs.

So far, I have not heard of Craig, Tony or Margaret publicly decrying what happened to Charles Eimers. Do they think he got what was coming to him because he was suspected of being a bum living in his car? He was not living in his car. He had just arrived the day before, with his savings and retirement pension, hoping to make One Human Family Key West his home, sweet, home.

I dunno, maybe my mama would be proud.

Rooster Girl

She wanted me to be a priest, but all I wanted to do was fish. She didn’t know priests catch souls for the church, but fishermen try to catch souls for God.

My mama might not care much for the new Death of a Pork Rind King … post I put on www.goodmorningbirmingham.com yesterday, after what prompted it was brought to my attention yesterday by a Key West amgia, whom I took to be a messenger from the Holy Spirit.

holy fire 2

In Christendom, the Spirit of God, Shekinah in the Jewish tradition, is female gender, the Mother side of God. Alas, this is not known in Christendom, where it is believed the Trinity is all male, which makes Christendom’s god homosexual.

What the world needs now is a whole lot less testosterone and a great deal more estrogen.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Sloan Bashinsky


Sloan at HH

political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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