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When I turned in last night, all I wanted to publish today was the wonderful Aquarian hippy pooch photo, which came my way on Facebook yesterday, and my own “fantasy fest” soul drawings of ladies in various attitudes and climes. During my dreams last night, the angels showed me they had other plans for today’s post.

work mule

The other day, I published that the county’s program of pumping out boats on which people live is necessary, but the liveaborders should pay for the pump out just as people who own real estate in the Keys pay for their county-city provided sewer service. However, in dreams last night, the angels indicated, via Key West City Commissioner Teri Johnston and Monroe County Mayor Emeritus Shirley Freeman, that they agree with this editorial in today’s Citizen (, which I had read in the dark wee hours, before turning back in to catch a few more zzzzzzzzs.

Friday, October 24, 2014
Don’t change pump out sewage program

Changing the behavior of individuals in order to benefit the entire community and the environment is one of the most challenging aspects of government leadership in society.

Effective leadership includes developing programs that motivate people to participate in improving the quality of life for all.

We have all witnessed this challenging aspect of society whether it is encouraging recycling, lowering use of energy, not littering or polluting near shore waters.

One program that bears focus is Monroe County subsidizing the cost of pumping out sewage on live-aboard boats.

The goal of this two-year old program was to change behavior by encouraging boaters to participate in the environmentally sound policy of pumping out raw sewage as opposed to dumping it into near shore waters.

By the county’s measures, this program has been wildly successful as boats using the service each month increased from 961 in September 2013 to 1,647 in August 2014. In fact, the amount of raw sewage removed from vessels has increased 100 percent from 15,000 gallons a month in September 2013 to nearly 30,000 gallons a month in August 2014.

In addition to the obvious positive impact to near shore waters, the boaters served by the pump out program pay for it. This is accomplished as the program is financed by funds from the Boating Improvement Fund that is in turn funded by the registration fees of boats registered in Monroe County.

The county spent $340,000 on this program in 2013 and will have spent $329,000 pumping out boats by the end of this year.

So what do county officials want to do with this effective program?

How about terminate the program by evolving it to a pay-as-you-go pumping service?

County Commissioner George Neugent and fellow County Commissioner Danny Kolhage are leading the effort to implement this change.

On the surface, it may seem like a smart idea to require boaters to begin directly paying for the service; however, we are not so certain this is wise.

According to county estimates, the average pump-out cost per vessel is about $19.50, and a boat is usually pumped out every week or two, depending on the number of people living on the boat.

Sure, there are boaters who have the financial resources to pay for pump out services. However, we believe that there are also boaters who would forego paying for pump outs and would begin dumping sewer into the near shore water to avoid paying for the service.

We base this observation on the fact that an unspecified percentage of live-aboard boats have become part of the Keys affordable housing stock. Many of the habitats of these vessels are members of the Keys workforce, and are often struggling financially to live in the Keys due to the high costs of onshore housing.

Further, the effectiveness of a “free” pump out service program is that it provides a “carrot and stick” reward and punishment policy to enforcement agencies.

Instead of tinkering with this program, we believe it should be left intact. If additional funds are needed, a modest increase in the registration fees of all boats registered in Monroe County would be a good solution.

Think of it as an insurance premium that is spread across all boaters to insure the beauty of the waters they enjoy.

In summary, we encourage the county to keep this successful program that clearly benefits all members of our community, including our wildlife friends such as cormorants, pelicans, ospreys, sandpipers, gulls and sea turtles.

– The Citizen

Boaters around Key West, with whom I have talked, said they use the county’s pump out service. I know some of them would not use it, if it was not free. I have heard Key West and the Supervisor of Elections Office are denying liveaborders anchored offshore the right to vote, because they don’t have a land address. I also have heard Key West views those liveaborders as homeless people. Ironically, the Supervisor of Elections Office told me about a year ago that homeless people in Key West can vote. I was able to vote when I lived on the street in Key West – my voting precinct was the Martin Luther King Center in Bahama Village.

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, of Key West, replied to yesterday’s contumelious and various and sundry related social and political science behavioral studies and voodoo practices in Key West, Birmingham, Washington, D.C., Yemen, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Florida Keys, Key West post at

Good Sloan–(I like your poetry)—–incidentally at least

30,000 people died of gunshot last year —also suicide is mounting. I would not even take a guess on that —it is a lot.

Ebola ———-put it in proportion—we need to. (perspective ) -[(-that word was good-contumelious }}

Did you see the penalty that cost Notre Dame the game–if so what do you think ???

BEST –regards as always–Jerry

I replied:

I wrote about the Notre Dame game and the penalty which was called, and the ensuing penalty which was not called, at the end of today’s post.

Jerry wrote:

Thanks Sloan –I had to go to the college and then swimming so I was going to finish reading your comments tonight as my publisher also called and then one of my brokers — then we have to meet with guest tonight for supper
hectic too too much ——————take care —-Jerry

For anyone reading this post, here’s what I wrote in yesterday’s post about the Notre Dame-Florida State game:

Last Saturday, Florida State won, 31-27. The game was close all the way. In the closing seconds, Notre Dame had the ball near the Florida State goal line and threw a pass for a touchdown, which won the game. But wait. One of the officials flagged a Notre Dame receiver for offensive pass interference against a Florida State defender. Neither the receiver nor the defender were in the vicinity of where the pass was thrown and caught by another Notre Dame receiver. The guilty receiver and the not-guilty defender were doing the usual tussle receivers and defenders do when the receiver is trying to get open and the defender is trying to keep the receiver from getting open. This kind of interference call is often a judgment call by the refs. The video playback looked like it could have been called either way, and even that the Florida State defender was interfering with the Notre Dame receiver. But the call was made against Notre Dame. But wait. A Florida State defender took his helmet off when the apparent touchdown gave Notre Dame the win. That’s unsportsmanlike conduct, automatic 15- yard penalty, giving Notre Dame another shot at scoring with just a few seconds remaining on the clock. But wait. The officials did not call the obvious foul against Florida State. “Notre Dame was robbed!!!” became the mantra from Notre Dame and sportscasters. The argument rages still, online.

Another viewpoint.

Notre Dame was supposed to decline to play Florida State, because Florida State had not benched its star quarterback, Jameis Winston, who has been allowed to play despite several of what a lot of people feel are egregious misbehavior of moral turpitude. Notre Dame was suppose decline to play Florida State, and lose by default. When Notre Dame didn’t to that, the angels fixed the final outcome, to give Notre Dame the loss.

Jerry later wrote:

Sloan: finally got the whole thing ——it seems as though basically it was a toss up but leaning a bit toward Notre Dame winning————–Right !!?? Jerry

I replied:

From my perspective, Notre Dame had no chance to win, for the reasons I opined in today’s post.

Jerry wrote:


Then Jerry wrote:

Sloan: it was a good riveting exciting game–that’s what it is all about! It would be fascinating to see them play again.—–Jerry

I replied:

Angels determined the outcome of that game. Just as angels determined the outcome of the Alabama-Auburn game last year, which Auburn won on a fluke last play of the game, a long missed Alabama field goal attempt was run back by Auburn for touchdown.

Because Jameis Winston was from Birmingham, Alabama was supposed to notify Florida State that, if they did not bench Winston, forget Alabama showing up to play Florida State, if they were paired in the BCS National Championship game. Alabama did not do that. The angels threw the Alabama-Auburn game to Auburn.

Then it fell onto Auburn to tell Florida State the same thing. Auburn did not do it. In the first half of the BSC game, Auburn had every chance to put the game out of Florida State’s ability to make a comeback. But Auburn’s flubs prevented that from happening. Auburn barely showed up for the second half. Florida State made a comeback, barely, as the angels deigned.

Your alma mater, Northwestern, would have benched Winston, if he was playing there. Oho State would have benched Winston. Penn State would have benched Winston. Southern California would have benched Winston. Texas would have Benched Winston. Florida would have benched Winston. Miami would have benched Winston. Alabama would have benched Winston. Auburn would have benched Winston. And you can bet the Vatican Notre Dame would have benched Winston. So what in the hell was Notre Dame doing playing Florida State last weekend?

This is a very familiar place for me. Angels are real, whether psychiatrists, politicians, football coaches, police officers, soldiers, US presidents, atheists, etc. believe it or not. Angels determined the outcome of those games last year, and the Notre Dame-Florida State game last weekend. There is no perhaps to it. There is no belief or disbelief to it. That’s what happened.

Look at the other close games Florida State won this year by making comebacks.

Florida State is possessed by Lucifer.

Any team facing Florida State this year, in any sport, would be well advised to decline to play Florida State on the ground it did not bench Jameis Winston.

That would get Florida State’s attention, big time.

That would get Florida State fans’ attention, big time.

That would get the Atlantic Coast Conference’s attention, big time.

That would get the SEC’s attention, big time.

That would get the NCAA’s attention, big time.

That would get America’s attention, big time.

That would get the world’s attention, big time.

A pure Gandhi move – passive resistance.

A pure Kali move – just say no.

A pure Jesus move – resist not one who does evil.

But oh so powerful.

The testosterone camps would hate it.

Humanity’s collective soul would love it.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: you question the morality of Florida Sate as abysmally——-profoundly LOW. I have always felt that—Northwestern would have suspended him would be my best guess. Northwestern requires the athletes to attend class and work for a grade and amazingly enough to possibly stimulate thinking and learning in athletes….it has real ivy and is both extremely modern and tech oriented and old and traditional with some old structures covered with ivy. I chose it over Harvard for med. school –it had more clinical opportunities. —Sincerely Jerry.

Me thinking to me:

Perhaps Jerry’s reference to increased suicide rate in his first email to me yesterday, at least in part, was his way of saying he is concerned about me being suicidal because of how rough it’s going for me internally, and I’m looking at maybe being homeless soon, because I’m running out of money.

In early 1997, the angels put me into a killer dark night of the soul, which lasted 16 months, and during which I was tempted daily to kill myself. Being homeless starting mid-2000 was a cakewalk compared to the killer dark night. I never once contemplated suicide, because I was homeless.

What most concerns me about being homeless again, is feeling so bad physically nearly all the time. I don’t see how I would be able to do that and remain sane. If my physical health was sort of okay, I might feel brighter about being homeless again.

The angels have worked me very hard for a very long time. They worked me hard when I had money, and when I didn’t have money. They seem to love working me hard. I suppose they view it as for my own good. I am pretty sure it would drive anyone I know insane to be in my skin for only a little while. Then, hopefully, quick physical death would end it for that hapless person. Me, the angels keep alive.

Sort of in that regard, several email back and forths with a fellow who lives on Big Coppit Key. Over time, I have reported a number of his and my email conversations.

He wrote:

The Romans Built plumbing Systems 2000 years ago, and some still work.

Find the engineers and hire them… use homeless and their supporters as slave labor… worked for them

Nick Anderson
Rural Key West

ban all jobs that pay less than $60,000 in Monroe County.

I replied:

ban all jobs paying less than $60,000 is a terrific idea, it would get rid of all the people who pick up the garbage, take care of yards, wash dishes, cut bait, work in grocery, convenience and drug stores, maintain city and county streets and beaches, just for starters …

I’m already a slave the angels use to try to build and fix lots of plumbing systems down here in the Asteroid Belt and lots of other places …

Nick wrote:

No as usual your WRONG, Just pay a Fair Living wage to Workers, you are such a scum bag exploiter of labor, Mr Capitalist. Make the Rich Pay…. Mr. Trust Fund Benificiary, (who hasn’t worked in 30 years… ) A true parisite of the system Read your own Blog…

Nick the dick
Rural Key West

I replied:

If a fair living wage is what you meant to propose, I might well have agreed with you, depending on how much you felt was a fair living wage. City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley told me, and I told it to the City Commission maybe six weeks ago, that he has employees making $15-$18 an hour, who cannot afford rent in Key West. I can’t imagine the city, or the county, requiring employers to match $15-$18 an hour. Nor can I imagine a law that would require the city and the county to do that. Perhaps there is such a law, but I don’t know about it.

As I wrote and said many times during the mayor’s race, affordable housing is what a waitress, a dockworker, a grocery clerk, etc. can afford on his/her earnings. I must have said and written that one hundred times back then. That’s still my view, but I have no power to make that happen. Nor, if I had been elected mayor, would I have had that power, since the mayor only has one of seven votes on the City Commission. All I could have done was propose how the city could move in that direction, and then I would need a majority of the City Commission votes. My proposal would have been to scrap the Truman Waterfront park and put as much actual affordable, by my definition, rental housing out there as possible. I said and wrote that a heap of times, too, during the mayor race.

As for my not working for 30 years, there’s work, and there’s work. I engage what the angels give me to engage, that’s my job. I understand that is not work by your and most anyone else’s standard. It was not work by my father’s standard. He let me know that often enough after the angels grabbed me and started working me nearly to death, which they still are doing. Today, my father is sitting there beside the angels, watching his namesake enduring each day and night of his life. I’m glad he’s getting to do that, because he’s getting to see for himself what his namesake does.

I recall when I was stranded and broke on Maui, maybe in October 2000, my father came to me in a dream and said he was sorry he had taught me to put work ahead of family. He meant by that, I later came to see, that he was sorry I had done what the angels told me to do, which was legally change my name to Sloan Young, and legally renounce any inheritance I would receive from him, all as the result of something he had done, which I imagine after he had passed over in August 2005, he wished he had not done, and perhaps he wished it before he passed over.

By the time my father passed over, the angels had persuaded me to legally reverse what they had told me to do, and I had done their bidding, so when my father died, I was able to receive an inheritance from him, which I truly didn’t care to receive, not because I didn’t want the money, but because I didn’t like in the least being saved from being a pauper because he had died. All along, I thought the correct approach was for the angels to remove whatever was blocking me from earning a living wage by my own effort, but not even yet have the angels done that, which, to be blunt, really pisses me off.

Now I am nearly out of money again, and not because I lived lavishly, and unless my father’s second wife dies, or something else I cannot imagine happens, I will run out of money before the year end and will be homeless again, which I can’t say thrills me to think about. I’m older and in far worse physical health than when I was broke and living hand to mouth, or living with nothing at all but what food stamps and soup kitchens provided, even as I was being worked nearly to death by the angels. It will be what it will be.

What has interested me since I published the other day that I nearly am out of money and am looking at being homeless again, is nobody who read that has said a peep to me about it. The only person who has gotten anywhere close to it is you, and you hammer me. I think whatever is bothering you, who also are a trust fund baby with more money than you ever knew existed, you once told me, but you also have skills which allow you to earn money by your own effort, has nothing to do with me. Even so, be glad for both conditions. Me, I’d be happy to be making a living wage by my own efforts, but that’s not going to happen, unless the angels remove the block.

You don’t have to read what I publish, Nick. If it bothers you so much, there is plenty else you can read. There’s nothing you can say or write to me, which will change how I see things, nor what I publish about what I engage.

What I have done, for a very long time, starting pretty much when I stopped practicing law in late 1985, is try to serve humanity. The transition took about a year and a half, and then the pace began to pick up. The pace continued to pick up. The pace still seems to be accelerating. It’s not something anyone can appreciate, who has not experienced it. I do not mean like, when I say appreciate. But that’s the best word I can think to use.

If I had the trust fund money you indicate you fell into, when your family’s land was discovered to have a huge oil deposit under it, I imagine I would be putting a lot of that money to helping people who are having a hard time getting by, which has been my practice in the past when I had money; and I might be giving money to people who are trying to help other people in ways that cause me to appreciate what they are trying to do; and I might be funding a small laboratory dedicated to coming up with an Ebola vaccine.

I also would keep writing and publishing what the angels direct. As far as I know, there isn’t anyone else who publishes and has my perspective on humanity and its interface with the spirit realms. That’s my legacy, so far. I doubt anyone views it has having any money value, and it certainly has not produced any money for me to get by on and use to help other people. But maybe it has value anyway. The writing feeds me in a way I cannot explain well; not my body, but my soul is fed. I can feel my soul being fed when I am writing what the angels direct me to write, even though my body is being wracked while I write it.

As I said above, it’s not easy to explain. It might not be explainable at all. It is an experience, which is visceral, emotional, mental and something else altogether, all combined into one. And it wreaks havoc in my human plumbing, which just might date back to Rome around 30 or so A.D., after which something very important started getting twisted and deformed and tied up in knots and poisoned by people who had no clue what was really at stake.


Nick wrote:

Dearest Sloan,

How to make Housing affordable? A 10% excise tax on Residential homes vacant on long term rentals or owner-occupied less than 300 days a year. This would run off the Vacation homes crowd and make available housing.

Now the city/county fathers like high Real Estate values for more tax income, but there would be a fire sale if absent owners had to fork up 50-200 K in cash each year. Just for taxes…. Why not living wage… that’s a moral issue…and asking a capitalist like Mark Rossi to makeone just ain’t gone to happen ( same with the rest of the crowd.

Plenty of laws on the books, Just do it.

If you can’t make a case at the age of 72, to invade your fathers Trust, It’s back to living on the beach.

on Maui

I never fit in on Maui, so I stayed in Honolulu, worked fixing Telephone and had several employees over there..

I see the whalewatchers killed the ferry.


Nick the dick
rural Key West

P.S. My oil money came to me like a gift from heaven.
The story is that there were 5 Anderson brothers whom homesteaded in West North Dakota land in 1910.
Land so poor that the only neighbors were Moslems, and they built the first Mosques on the next farm over (in the USA in 1927)
Well Almarada-Hess found oil in 1951 in the area but no way to get it out. so a few squeakers among the dry holes, but not great.
When I was at University of Alaska- Fairbanks (1978-1984) at the Petroleun program while working for the Petroleum Industry, (Alyeska Pipeline) My Profesor was DR Dois Dallas, who was from North Dakota, with Amarada-Hess, and over a 6 year period gave me the in and outs ofthe oil Industry…. some of the dirty tricks……

So I waited until tme and Technology became available . and when the time came I was able to follow North Dakota Law and get 82% of the oil where every one else was getting 16.5% and free credit on the drilling costs.

You only have to make a few or one good decision in life and stick to your guns as the NRA crowd will tell you.

Now with the Alabama-Mississippi Oil Sands (400 billion bbls) in your back yard, what are you doing about it??

Now I see a $1.2 billion Radar system in ADAK Alaska, something that makes my dick get hard, with a $155 million Fiberoptic Cable plus a Fiber Optic cable between Europe and Japan, and 1000 new 3-4 bedroom homes newer liver in for sale at $15,000 for 4 plex, and Alaska airlines frequent flyer miles, and tourists from Japan, China and Euroe to look at the birds, and no, repeat, no headup the ass Trust fund winners…….

I replied:

Hi again, Nick –

Congratulations on figuring out a way to turn that N. Dakota oil into wampum.

How’s your physical health, Nick?

Feeling so strongly about minimum wage and affordable housing as you do, you should to go city and county commission meetings and tell them your ideas and urge them get to cracking.

In fact, the angels are hinting to me that I should try to “invade” not any of my father’s trusts, but his estate, and get some of my next inheritance advanced, even though the only way that legally can happen, as far as I know, is my father’s second wife dies.

An alternative “raid” is to ask her to advance part of my inheritance to me out of her funds, which I imagine remain plentiful, given all my father left her, and then I repay her estate after she dies – that ought to sound like a peachy idea to her.

A third alternative “raid” is to ask her, as Chairman, probably, of an endowment my father created during his life to fund charities he and his wife and board of trustees approved, to advance part of my inheritance to me under agreement it is repaid out my second inheritance after she dies. Since the same people basically are trustees for the endowment and my father’s estate, that might be doable, but I doubt they’d view me as a worthwhile charity doing God’s work, and certainly not a tax-exempt charity, which brings the IRS into it full bore. And, same thrilling proposition for my father’s second wife – it all hinging on her death, that what I was advanced is repaid.

This is the kind of fun shit the angels seem to gleefully dream up for me.

The simple way is to simply take the block off my ability to earn a living wage – the $60,000 annual you recommend, after taxes, would tide me, I imagine. I also imagine, if a monetary value were able to be put on the value of the work the angels have had me do since they grabbed me in early 1987, it might be more money than I ever knew existed.

Tom Milone called me a bit ago, expressing concern that I might be homeless again. I thanked him, said he’s the first person to do that, of all the people I know who read my posts. I said I found that outrageously hilarious, all the things people worry about, and worry me about, and just he said he is concerned for me.

Tom also said he is concerned about my homeless friend, described in today’s post, who told me a KW cop took her expired driver’s license away, her only identification, and now she has no identification. I suggested that he get the Citizen Review Board, on which he sits, to find out from the KWPD if its cops are taking up expired drivers licenses, and if the law allows for that.

Tom said the last thing the city wants to a homeless person is take away his or her ID. How can that homeless person then get a job? I said the cops don’t think that way. They like doing things like that to homeless people. As do the mayor and city commissioners and city manager like for the cops to do it to homeless people. As do most people in Key West like it.

I gave Tom an analogy.

As reported in the Citizen this morning, during last night’s city commission meeting there was a discussion on the dais about whether or not the city will hire a consultant to help them decide where and if to build a new parking deck. I said that really concerns those city officials and city staff. Taking a homeless person’s ID away does not concern them.

Your ideas are lofty, Nick, but the people you want to implement your ideas are interested in other things, and I have no control over that, and you know that, and yet you keep trying to get me to do what you really ought to be doing, in my sometimes vagrant bum, sometimes trust fund baby opinion.


Nick wrote:

Seattle and San Francsico and several other city comes to mind, Remember this started sbout Roman plumbing…

I replied:

Actually, here’s how you started this, I suppose in reference to something I wrote about Cudjoe Key Regional Sewer District, which lies above Big Coppit Key:

The Romans Built plumbing Systems 2000 years ago, and some still work.
Find the engineers and hire them… use homeless and their supporters as slave labor… worked for them
ban all jobs that pay less than $60,000 in Monroe County.

I ignored your yet another heartless Nazi comment about homeless people, and responded to your thoughtless ridiculous ban all jobs paying less than $60,000 comment. You would benefit greatly from a massive infusion of the sacred feminine, Nick the dick.

Yesterday afternoon, I opened my laptop and tried to write a draft of a letter to my father’s widow, with a copy to my father’s lawyer, who handles his estate and represents the trusts and the endowment. I went to law school with him, and to tax law school with him.

There was nothing there. Not even one word, past the Dear so and so and so and so. Perhaps I will try again today.


Nick wrote:

You have my best wishes in your sucess in invading the Fathers Trust, as you are 72 years old.
Nick the Dick….
rural Key West,
Maybe Adak, Alaska…

John Donnelly, of Key Largo, replied to yesterday’s post at

Subject: Appreciative


Thank you for publishing the ‘news article’ and e-mails that I sent to you.

Your work at creating a better world to live in are noble and effective. It is the ‘grist for the mill’. The ‘butterfly effect’ that will alter “Consciousness”.

Love, Blessings & Respect,


I replied:

Hi, John – I don’t see anything I’m doing having any effect on creating a better world to live in. I see a species, humanity, headed ever deeper into hell. Your and my emails, and the article you sent about Yemen, which I published today, are examples of this species going ever deeper into hell. I remain of the view it will take something extraordinary to turn that around, and I do not see humanity is able to provide it. Sloan

John replied:


You are extraordinary. Every Moment Men and Women are opening up pockets of Awareness.

Innately, we are all driven to return from Whence we Came.

It’s turbulent, we get lost, discouraged and some give up; only to pick up where they left off.

On the road less traveled it can get lonely, however, it is the only path that will take us to where we really want, and are destined, to go…

Love, Blessings & Respect,

I replied:

Hi again, John – I fully agree about the road less traveled, and for me it has been one hell of a ride. Maybe if I were not in this body and were looking down from above, I would have a different perspective. But from this perspective, it looks to me humanity is taking the familiar road, and a few individuals are taking the unfamiliar. Sloan

Kurt Wagner, currently hanging out on St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands, wrote this morning:

Hi Sloan! You might be homeless again??? I hope not. Did you piss off the angels? I hope you don’t go homeless again, you are a breath of fresh air in the stench of Key West gas!

If it comes to pass hat you will be, save your last $2000. I’ll sell you my nice hightop van and you can become an unwashed, criminal van dweller.

Good luck Sloan, I wish you the best.

Kurt Wagner

I replied:

Hi, Kurt –

Thanks. I guess you got over feeling my writings since the mayor’s race ended are boring :-).

I have a Toyota Highlander, which is an SUV. It’s paid for. I don’t need another vehicle. I don’t know if I would keep the Toyota if I run out of money. Might try to sell it. Gas, insurance would run at least $2,000 a year. Plus maintenance. Not counting any repairs.

I lived in a Chevy Blazer down here for a few months (early 1995), which I’d been able to buy after some money I wasn’t expecting fell on me out of the sky, so to speak. Then, I had a couple of beers one night at the Green Parrot, when I was feeling especially blue – I had not had a beer in a while, I knew the angels didn’t want me to drink. During my sleep, the angels told me to give the Blazer to a woman I know here and go to Kansas City, because I had the two beers after being told not to drink anymore.

The woman was a good friend, she had several daughters and a granddaughter she was providing for; they didn’t have and needed a vehicle. So the next day I took her the Blazer and signed the title over to her and she drove me to the Greyhound bus station, and off to Kansas City I went, to, as it turned out, do some very rough work inside a homeless shelter there, run by Christians who were seriously mixed up, is the kindest way I can say it. I was told in my sleep, during the third night I was there, to leave.

That trip back east was memorable. Through a bizarre travel itinerary, I met the north Georgia woman I sometimes write about, who later would go into shaman training and I would become her sole source of financial support, as what the angels were doing to her, disabled her; and she had a personality not inclined to getting along well with people, which was not favorable to holding down steady paying work when she was being driven nuts by angels.

After meeting her the first time, I ended up back in Key West, and that’s when I stayed at KOTS a little while, until I realized I’d rather sleep on a beach or pier, than at KOTS.

Good thing I drank those two beers. Otherwise, I’d never had all those fun experiences.

I bet the angels are thrilled I told you that story. Even more thrilled that I will publish it today. It’s great food for their recruitment efforts.


Mud Dawg's guardian angel

Sloan Bashinsky

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