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Arriving at yesterday evening’s Hometown PAC meet the candidates gala in The Studios of Key West event chamber upstairs, I found an end stadium seat on the top row and plopped into it and started gazing around and listening. I picked the top row, so I could see well, and the end seat, so I could make a fast getaway, if necessary.

Alex SymingtonAlex Symington

Shortly, Alex Symington, who sometimes has humanity and world issues columns published in Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), published online every Friday, joined me. The chamber already was packed.

Alex ask what I thought, so far? I said, I see one black face, City Commissioner Clayton Lopez. Oh, I see another black face over there. Two black faces in this large crowd. What do you make of that?, Alex asked. That blacks don’t care, they have given up. I have made the same observation at a number of Hometown PAC events. That’s the first thing I do, look for black faces, I told Alex.

I stayed through the city races, and left just before State Representative Holly Raschein, Republican, and her Democrat challenger Kevin Diaz did their dog and pony shows.

Here’s what the Key West Citizen reported of what I told the white-faced audience, except for three black faces, I by then had seen:

“Write-in mayoral candidate Sloan Bashinsky urged voters to read his viewpoints online. “I guarantee you it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before,” Bashinsky said.

Scott Unger wrote the article for the Citizen. I gather Scott and the Citizen don’t want the Citizen’s readers to read my viewpoints online, since they didn’t tell the Citizen’s readers where they could go online to do that.

I gather Scott and the Citizen also didn’t want their readers to know the effect of my filing as a write-in candidate: regardless of how badly he might beat his two filed challengers in the August primary, Mayor Cates will face me in the November election.

A couple of highlights from the event, which you probably will never know happened, otherwise.

Cleveland / Key West Trial Lawyer


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The Libertarian State Attorney candidate, Shad Neiss, hereinafter simply referred to as The Libertarian, went on a long tear about America having far more prison inmates, per capita, than any other nation on the planet. That seemed to be his only point, which he retold several times, running over his allowed two minutes, refusing to give up the microphone to Todd German, who was moderating the meeting.

Todd GermanTodd German

Todd had repeatedly told the candidates they had two minutes to speak, and to please stick to that. A number of candidates had blatantly ignored that request, including Utility Board candidate Peter Batty. But The Libertarian had made a high art of blowing off Todd, Hometown PAC, the audience, and the other candidates.

Just so happened, The Libertarian’s campaign table was right near where I sat. Just so happened, I told him plenty loud, “Libertarians don’t have to obey the rules? You are a State Attorney candidate, you don’t obey the rules? By the way, I’m a lawyer, too.”

The State Attorney is the county’s highest law enforcement officer, in some states called “the district attorney” – the prosecutor of criminals.

I agreed with The Libertarian, that there are many people in American prisons who should not be there (mostly drug offenders). However, there are many people in American prisons who do belong there.

Catherine Vogel

In my opinion, the current State Attorney, Catherine Vogel, belongs in prison because of how she went out of her way to see to it that no Key West police officer was prosecuted for killing Charles Eimers, whose sensational and covered up and then lied about death in police custody would have passed silently into the night but for Key West the Newspaper. She also belongs in prison for letting local business mogul Bob Dean, who lives in Key Haven, vote in Key West city elections.

In my opinion, people of the Florida Keys need a State Attorney who will prosecute serious law breakers, regardless of who they are.

Dennis WardDennis Ward

When he was our State Attorney, 2008-2012, Dennis Ward, Vogel’s real opponent this year, let two major local criminals slide.

One was Capt. David Dipree, U.S. Coast Guard,  who tampered a trespass file regarding Wisteria Island.

The other, David Audlin, a local judge, ordered a criminal extradition of a defendant in a civil case, which Ward carried out for Audlin.

A former police officer, Ward has serious trouble prosecuting people in law enforcement.

Ward also prosecuted Kari Dangler, who never should have been arrested for defending herself, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s invalid son, and their home with her boyfriend’s unloaded pistol.

You can read the latest installment on Kari in yesterday’s  celestial euthanasia would be kinder for 90 percent of homeless people this homeless man has known, the most reluctant write-in mayor candidate in the history of forever – Key West post at goodmorningkeywest.com.

I left Hometown’s event and pedaled my bicycle to Jack Flats sports bar, to have a ginger ale with lime slices and watch some pro baseball and golf on the widescreens. Leaving, I heard my name called out. I looked around and didn’t see where it came from. I heard it again, right behind me. Peter Batty, with his entire family it seemed: wife, children, their spouses, grandchildren.

Peter BattyPeter Batty

After introducing me to all of them, and I said I had known Peter’s mother, Peter asked if my name would be on the November ballot? No, I said. Just a blank space into which to write my name. Write-in candidates don’t get their name on the ballot. Todd German had explained that to the audience, when he called my name, for me to come up and do my dog and pony. I spent most of my two minutes playing off of Todd’s introduction.

Peter said he is counting on my support of his campaign. I said the problem I have with Keys Energy, the local electricity provider, which gets its electricity from coal and nuclear plants below Miami, the mainland, is Keys Energy isn’t growing greener every day, like its motto and logo claim. Saying it is growing greener every day is a joke, it needs to stop, or be lived up to. Peter said he agreed.


I said the city doesn’t want solar panels on roofs in the city, property owners selling electricity back to Keys Energy. However, the city doesn’t own Keys Energy any longer. It now is independent. It should tell the city to stick its head where the sun always shines.

Tom MiloneTom Milone

I did not say Peter’s opponent, Tom Milone, during his two minutes before the Hometown audience, had said he is running on two points: making Keys Energy more green, and ending its claim of rates falling, when, in fact, it is raising rates by charging its customers a substantial fee, just to be customers.

psychiatrist interviewsNext today, Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, of Key Haven, just above Key West, replied to yesterday’s celestial euthanasia would be kinder for 90 percent of homeless people this homeless man has known, the most reluctant write-in mayor candidate in the history of forever – Key West post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

your life is laden with pathways and questions—-

many different directions.   do nothing in haste —find your inner self–not easy .

I am sure you know all this.—–reminders won’t hurt.

I wrote back to Jerry:

In haste?

Even now, I’ve left a door open for Kari to come back around.

I waited until the 11th hour, literally, to file for mayor, after I was swamped with signals from beyond this world to file. I didn’t disclose all of those signals in today’s post.

After filing as a write in, and only then learning the impact of that on the mayor’s race, I could have split my sides laughing at the angels’ wicked humor. I ran 4 times before for mayor and never even got anywhere close to getting into a runoff. Just by filing as a write in, I got into the runoff and totally screwed the historic process. And I didn’t do it on purpose. And that’s how the angels set it up, so people who are not brain dead will know I didn’t do it on purpose, and maybe they will see it was the angels’ doing, but I won’t be holding even one breath on that.

I should have filed as a write in every time I ran for mayor, and for the county commission. All that money wasted on filing fees, I sure could use it now.

My 2 minute presentation at Hometown PAC’s meet the candidates event this evening probably won’t be forgotten by many people who were there. Todd German, the moderator, kicked it off by telling the audience what had happened when I filed as a write in. During my 2 minutes, I turned and looked at him, and said he recently had told me of a dream, or something, of a clock being at 11:11, and another 11 thing, and I had said aye that meant something about something happening at the 11th hour, and he said I could not blame him for this, and I smiled, and the audience laughed.

I didn’t mention a dream the other day, of him flying in some kind of aircraft and my shooting it down with him in it, to the ground – he wasn’t injured in the dream.
On the elevator leaving Studios of Key West this evening, where the event was held, was Jimmy Weekley and his wife. I told Jimmy he should stay out of my dreams. I had told the audience of a recent dream with Jimmy, Morgan McPherson and Craig Cates, Key West mayors, telling me to run with the big dogs. In the elevator, I told Jimmy he led the charge in that dream, with Morgan and Craig right behind. I bet Jimmy’s wife found that amusing, even Jimmy did not.

When I called Kari earlier today and told her what had gone down at the supervisor of elections office, she said, Oh my, Sloan. She knew it was a whopper. When I asked her if she remembered being told several months ago in a dream she had, that Sloan would make a statement before he died, like he would leave his mark, she said, yes, she remembered that dream. I said perhaps what happened today was that dream, or part of it.

She has a very hard time even now accepting angels messing with me, and near zero openness to them messing with her, in plain view to me. She has lots company. But the Hometown audience got a chance to make that leap earlier this evening.


I might have more to say about the mayor’s part of Hometown’s event after Hometown’s video is available online. Meanwhile, here’s my candidate’s statement at the Supervisor of Election’s website. I musta really wanted to make sure anyone who reads it know the general election is in November.

Candidate : Sloan Bashinsky
Office : City of Key West Mayor

11/4/2016 (election date)

Candidate’s Statement

P.O. Box 2681
Key West, FL 33045
(305) 407-4285

I post something new daily (usually), by noon (usually) at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, which tends to take no prisoners. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. Sometimes way far out, sometimes really down to earth. You see right off I’m not a politician, and don’t ever intend to be. No politician would ever say, or publicly write, what I do. An entirely different perspective of just about any and every thing.
Imagine a mayor of Key West using goodmorningkeywest.com every day to keep his constituents, and the Florida Keys, and, heck, the World Wide Web, informed, entertained, irritated, etc., throughout his entire 2-year term in office – assuming he didn’t get bumped off. Imagine all the free publicity Key West would get.
I’m a write-in candidate. You won’t see my name on the November ballot in November. Just a blank space for “write-in” on the Key West mayor part of the ballot. Write my name in there, if you want me to be your mayor.
This link following is for the June 24, 2016 post, in which I explain the weird way I ended up becoming a write-in candidate this year:


Many people think I’m crazy. I know I am, but not by their definition. Looks to me everyone is crazy by some definition.
I do have “regular” credentials. I’ve practiced law. Ha, ha.
Angels run me, and advise me, usually in dreams. They made me do this.
Thanks for reading this.
Sloan Bashinsky

Last night, I read Kevin Diaz’s guest commentary in Key West the Newspaper. Then I submitted a reader comment, because I felt Diaz and/or the blue paper should have disclosed who had sponsored the bill, and Diaz is running against her this year. I also included my thoughts about the bill itself, and how the Florida Keys became a state-designated area of critical concern.

florida keys environment water quality

by Kevin Diaz [candidate for State Representative, Dist,. 120]……

For many months now, we have heard our local leaders present the Florida Keys Stewardship Act as an amazing piece of legislation for Monroe County. However, there are many provisions within the Florida Keys Stewardship Act that put into question the purported positive impact of the bill. The Act essentially allows housing developers to build on environmentally critical land in our community. To top it off, it labels affordable housing as 160% of the median household income for Monroe County. That means we’re selling environmentally sensitive land so developers can make a profit, not so members of our community can afford to live in Monroe County.

It took many hours of reading Florida Statutes cited within the footnotes of the bill, as well as reviewing the initial proposed Act and all subsequent amendments, in order to uncover this very clever maneuver. In the interest of not putting everyone to sleep, I have inserted the statuary language within the footnotes.

First, within the Act it states that an additional 3,550 residential units may be constructed. Having this provision within an environmental protection bill seems strange. Why would we be allowing the opportunity for the addition of residential living units on top of environmentally critical land in a water quality bill?

Second, within the subsection labeled Everglades Restoration Bonds, it cites to Footnote 74, Florida Statute 253.034[1], which labels Capital Facilities and infrastructure improvement as some of the legislative goals of the Everglades Restoration Bonds. What does “Capital Facilities and Infrastructure” mean? Within the surtaxes section of the Act[2], it labels affordable housing as infrastructure. How can affordable housing be an infrastructure need included in this bill, when the purpose of the Act was to receive capital in order to further treat our water concerns and better protect our environmentally sensitive land?

Third, the Act creates a mechanism to sell environmentally critical land.[3] The bill cites that the building of affordable housing is a critical state concern. With this language the State has officially labeled affordable housing as a critical state concern and the land authority is authorized to sell off land in order to achieve that goal.

While I agree that affordable housing is an issue our community needs to address, it should not be at the expense of our environmentally sensitive land. It especially should not be permitted just to allow developers the ability to sell or rent units for ridiculous prices. Under this Act, the price point for what is deemed as affordable housing is for someone that earns nearly $100,000.00 year. In what world is that affordable? I was shocked when I read the State could sell off our environmentally critical land to build housing, but when I saw that it was not even affordable housing, it helped to reinforce the thought that maybe special interest groups got their way again.

In my analysis of this Act, the Florida Keys receives $5,000,000.00 in guaranteed funds, and in exchange the State of Florida receives the power to sell off environmentally critical land in order to build residential living units for people that make nearly $100,000.00 a year. As a community we need to begin looking deeper into the Florida Keys Stewardship Act and determine whether this Act needs to be rewritten completely.

Thank you,

Kevin Diaz


[1] Florida statute 253.034 states “Short-term and long-term management goals shall include measurable objectives for the following, as appropriate: (1) Habitat restoration and improvement. (2) Public access and recreational opportunities. (3) Hydrological preservation and restoration. (4) Sustainable forest management. (5) Exotic and invasive species maintenance and control. (6) Capital facilities and infrastructure . . .

[2] Subsection Discretionary surtaxes states “[a]ny land acquisition expenditure for a residential housing project in which at least 30 percent of the units are affordable to individuals or families whose total annual household income does not exceed 120 percent of the area median income adjusted for household size, if the land is owned by a local government or by a special district that enters into a written agreement with the local government to provide such housing.”

[3] Within the subsection labeled Purchase of Lands in Areas of Critical State Concern it states “ [i]n carrying out the purposes of the areas of critical state concern program, the land authority is also authorized to: [a]cquire and dispose of real and person property or any interest therein when the acquisition is necessary or appropriate to . . . provide affordable housing to families whose income does not exceed 160 percent of the median family income for the area.


View More: http://andreaarostegui.pass.us/kevin-diaz-headshots

Kevin Diaz is a candidate for State Representative, District 120.  Diaz graduated from Florida State University and St. Thomas University School of Law. Diaz is a member of the Florida Bar and currently practices law in the Miami.  He interned with the Community Justice Project and assisted Debbie Wassermann Shultz in her constituency service office.  Diaz will be at the Hometown PAC “Meet the Candidates” at Studios of Key West tonight [June 24th, 2016].

[NOTE: The Blue Paper invites all candidates and elected officials to submit articles to help voters better understand their concerns and points of view on the various issues facing our community.]

4 Responses to “The Clever Deception of the “Florida Keys Stewardship Act””

  1. Thank you, Mr. Diaz for doing the brain numbing work of examining this bill and exposing its hidden intent. This is typical of the influence greedy developers have on greedy lawmakers in Tallahassee. As you point out, on what planet is affordable housing described as 160% of the median household income? This is another case of legalizing a flim-flam on the residents of Monroe County and destroying our fragile environment for profit.

    The right wing is the champ of misleading titles for bills designed to do the exact opposite of what is advertised. I give you, “The Florida Keys Stewardship Act” as a prime example of their deceit.

    • Alex the point is moot. In ten years we will all be living north of Ocala. Miami Beach will be the new Venice.

      Have a nice day:.)

  2. It is nice to see that someone actually reads and interprets a Bill! Good job!

    “Stewardship” is defined in Wikipedia as:
    Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment and nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, etc.

    I think that once again, the Bill name embodies deceit. Why is everything about money and deceit?

    There is a typo in either the body of this article (160% of median income) or the footnote (120%). I did not check the median income stats to see if $100k is correct, but the median income is skewed by the fabulously wealthy here, and Census or IRS numbers would not properly account for people of no fixed address with income below IRS reporting requirements.

    • The 160% comes into play in the statute that deals with the powers of the Land Authority. Florida Statutes. 380.0666 Powers of land authority which was also amended through the same bill process as part of the Act [the 160% language was reauthorized]. See footnote 3.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I understand our state representative Holly Raschein sponsored this legislation. She is running for reelection this year. Kevin Diaz is running against her. Raschein is Republican, Diaz is Democrat.

    Regardless of the election, as Diaz presents it, this is a sorry mess.It reminds me of tying hurricane evacuation time to new building rights (development), when the main reason for limiting new construction in the Keys was over-development and human sewerage polluting the land and the adjacent salt water.

    But maybe this new bill is worse than that. Maybe a lot worse.What possible relationship is there between tying preserving endangered lands, on the one hand, and building a whole lot of new housing in the Florida Keys, on the other hand?The way Diaz presents it, this bill Raschein sponsored bypasses the building rights limits Tallahassee imposed on the Florida Keys, when they were declared an area of critical concern.

    I ran for county commission 3 times (2006, 2008, 2010). If what Diaz wrote is accurate, this bill Rashein sponsored don’t pass any smell test known to me. It looks like it was written by developers.

    Reminds of Key West elected officials calling Peary Court apartment complex, with 2-BR units renting at $2400 a month, plus utilities, affordable housing.

    Sloan Zach 2



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