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gwekoThe Right Reverend Gweko Phocker, aka Gary Ek, second from right, replied to this post yesterday in the Sloan for Mayor Facebook group:

Gweko W. Phlocker

Gweko W. Phlocker Last Time….. That I spoke with the native son incumbent Mayor Craig “Chicken” Cates, was in the men’s room at the Southernmost Beach Cafe, for Sir Peter Anderson’s Memorial Services….. He asked me “Why did you call me a Drunkard in Sloan Bashinsky‘s Blog ?”

There I was with an Very Angry Mayor, and my “Dick In My Hand”, and all I could say was…. “You Read Sloan’s Blog ?”

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know what Craig’s drinking habits might or might not be. But given how many drunkards there are in Key West, it’s widespread, being called a drunkard here might not necessarily be a bad thing. My American novels professor at Vanderbilt told our class you know you have met the bad guy in one of Ernest Hemingway’s novels when he says he does not drink. I loved it. Alas, now I don’t drink at all, can’t, it makes me sick pronto, my guts get on fire, my liver tells me it’s dying. Hemingway would not like me if he were here today. One of Craig’s children and the child’s spouse own a bar fronting North Roosevelt Blvd where you turn in at Wendy’s to go to Regal Cinema and Publix. Todd German told me that bar allows smoking inside, because it does not serve food. Todd told me that’s where Craig held his victory party after winning the August mayoral primary without a runoff, and where Craig announced he was not going to participate in any more candidate forums. Todd said that was where where Craig held previous victory parties

raccoon-speaksRick Roberts, aka Raccoon, responded by email to this part of yesterday’s post at

Craig CatesActually, the mayor part of the forum was cancelled after incumbent Craig Cates, left photo, declined to participate, which the Citizen well knows, so why did it not report that? Hmmm, could the Citizen be in Mayor Cates’ pocket and does not want to make him look to the Citizen’s readers like, hmmm, a self-centered, arrogant, we are indeed not all created equal members of one human family elitist bubba Conch coward …

Fuck. Don’t sugar coat it – tell us how you really feel….

I replied yesterday afternoon, about an hour before the Hometown candidate forum started:

I was trying to be restrained. A bit ago I was able to locate a yellow rubber chicken at the halloween store in the Winn-Dixie shopping center, where Kari thought she had seen rubber chickens hanging out. The chicken and I might be having a conversation in a little while at Hometown’s forum.

Rick wrote:

Perfect. Tell them you brought along Craig Cates so they could see his side of the fence…

Make sure you practice the “funky chicken” before you go…



 I replied after I’d done the funky chicken at the candidate forum:

No time to practice it, other than mentally; it came to me on the wing, so to speak. I just watched a Facebook video shot from the audience of perhaps 98 percent of my skit, but the audio is awful, not intelligible in most parts with my audio turned up all the way on my lap top. Perhaps you can enhance the audio? Here’s a link:

I emailed Rick this morning:

Hometown’s video should be available by tomorrow or the next day, it should have my entire skit in it, which led off the wannabe electeds parade yesterday evening. Am reluctant to say more about my part, as the Hometown video, and perhaps the video Arnaud Girard shot, which I also have not yet seen, tells it better than I ever could in words. Today’s Key West Citizen has a long front page article about the forum, the different races and candidates, but not a peep or a cheep about the mayor’s race or my skit. The Citizen is not protecting Craig “Chicken” Cates? The Citizen is not in his pocket? The Citizen is a real newspaper? Perhaps the Citizen should change its name to Pravda West?

ship of fools largeLeaving the tiny kingdom for the big top, a former Key West resident, who had to move to where she could afford to live, put this onto Facebook yesterday:

June 21 ·

Thanks to for producing this fantastic video. Elizabeth Warren sums it up perfectly: it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to Donald Trump….but let’s focus on his taxes. He is the first presidential candidate in 40 years to not release his tax returns….and he’s proud of it. Tells you everything you need to know about him.

Peggy Butler

Peggy Butler Elizabeth Warren is right. Did you listen to her?

September 25 at 5:48pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky If this is the same E. Warren who said Hillary Clinton was not fit to be president, and then that E. Warren did a back flip full court press saying she really wanted Hillary to be president? That E. Warren lost me, and she looks a lot like the E. Warren in this video. Maybe Hillary and Donald will be abducted together by aliens during tonight’s debate, and then they are returned welded together, like siamese twins, so that which ever of them wins on Nov 8, the other is always there to keep the winner honest, or maybe dishonest is more apt. The Democrats, including President Obama, should have backed Joe Biden. I have heard Republicans say they would have voted for Biden, if he were the Democrats nominee. Republicans totally freaked out about Trump being their party’s nominee.

Peggy Butler

Peggy Butler Sloan, I heard Joe say he and his family had decided it wasn’t in any of their best interests for him to run for President, unless I missed something after that.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Here’s an October 25, 2015 New Yorker article on Bidden’s decision not to run:

I watched only a small part of the “great debate” last night with several other people. For me it was a disgusting, childish brawl; frightening that one of those two will be the next president. The moderator was just as bad. Zero control of what I saw and heard. A young man watching with us, maybe 20 years old, later told me it made his stomach hurt. His girlfriend thought it was disgraceful. The two adults with us, who cannot stand and are terrified for themselves and for America of Donald Trump being president, were seriously distressed with Hillary’s performance. They had been Sanders fans. I can’t imagine what it was like for Joe Bidden to watch, if he watched it. I kinda think Obama and the Demos thought they had made a deal with Bidden back in 2008. If he was VP, he would not later run for president; that was Hillary’s prize, that’s why Hillary was offered Sec. of State, to get her ready to run for president. Nobody anticipated Bernie Sanders meteoric rise back then. The Democratic National Convention was so unhappy, Hillary, too, they ganged up on Bernie behind the scenes, apparently never figuring they would get caught. It’s not going to surprise me if Donald Trump beats Hillary, despite my amazement that any woman, black, brown, yellow or red American would even consider voting for Trump.

Why Biden Didn’t Run – The New Yorker


Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky As for Trump not releasing his tax returns, there is no legal reason he cannot do it; being audited has nothing to do with it; what has to do with it is he doesn’t want the public to see his tax returns, that’s all there is to it.


Peggy Butler

Peggy Butler Sloan Bashinsky I totally agree, Sloan.


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