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Mary Magdalene ministers to Jesus before his great trial

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My vicious van dweller criminal trouble maker friend Victor dropped this into my Facebook timeline yesterday, probably having no clue, like I had no clue, what all it would set off:

Victor Clarke shared a link to your timeline. 1/26/2015
By: Stephanie Marohn with Malidoma Patrice Somé The Shamanic View of Mental Illness In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth…
  • Sloan Bashinsky I published this about 2-3 weeks ago, an excellent article.
    continued below in the wee hours of today, 1/27/2015
  • Sloan Bashinsky I had a long conversation at the soup kitchen yesterday,
    homeless soup kitchenst-marys-soup-kitchen.jpg
    with a fellow who said he hears voices telling him things, including where to go geographically, and that has caused him to move around a bit. He also said he hears another voice, which is quieter and seems to be the real voice. He told me of a number of times he had been rescued by something suddenly telling him to do or stop doing something. I told him something big was with him, going back a long way. It is good he has come to know when that voice is speaking to him, and that’s the voice he should heed. It is taking him somewhere, and to let it be in charge and to stop trying to figure everything out. I said the different voices he’s hearing are parts of himself and voices from the spirit world, and psychiatrists would have fun with him, probably say he is schizophrenic. He asked if the devil could be the voice that keeps saving him, since he used to do be in the business of making meth and trafficking it, and he was getting rescued back then. I said, that was a good question, the devil can do that for someone it is running, but what was with him, based on what he had told me, was something else, and it had plans for him. I said he probably would be of more use, having gone down the wrong path, done bad things, hurt people, and then realized he needed to stop doing that and walked away from it, and started trying to live right, even though he was having a rough time now, being homeless, than someone who never lived on the rough side, and could not appreciate that side of living, or be able to be used to help people, or try to help people like he had been helped. He was really anxious to get on with wherever he was being taken, and I kept telling him to let that quiet voice he had come to know, which, at times, was really loud and insistent, lead him, and to park his mind and figuring. I told him that, before going over to the soup kitchen, I had dreamed in a nap of being at a dock, and my friend who works at KOTS was there, and there were two king mackerel
    king mackerel
    lying side by side on the dock, which seemed to have been there for a while, and then there was a bunch more of them, fresher caught. The first two were hot. They all were alive. They were lined up side by side, all facing the same way, but the first two were a little distance from the rest of them. The second batch were smaller than the two in the first batch. On waking, I figured mackerel, hmmm, I’d seen an editorial in the Citizen yesterday about the Pope really stirring the pot again, talking about “we” should listen more to women, they have something to say to “us”, they come from a different perspective than “we” do – men, do. I have heard Catholics called “mackerel snappers”. So I figured that editorial was in play for today’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com. I been talking a lot lately about the need for a feminine infusion in to humanity. My friend was not happy with what I wrote about KOTS yesterday about what a former KOTS client had said about it. My friend said he’s been getting unpopular there with the clients, by not letting them bring booze in with them. I said I was really glad to hear that. Booze and other addictions are absence of the feminine symptoms. The fellow at the soup kitchen was chain smoking cigarettes. I told him the angel running him would want that to stop, and to ask for help with that, to finish up the last bad drug habit from his past. He emailed me last night, and his email handle led to my writing back that he needed a big infusion of the feminine. How we started talking yesterday was I was sitting a distance away and I heard him pushing another homeless man I had seen around, who seemed out of it all the time, to leave Key West with him and go to Miami where there were better programs for homeless people. As hard as he was pushing the fellow, it sounded like maybe he worked for the city or some homeless help outfit. So finally I moved over to the same table with them and sat a few feet away and just listened. Man, he was pushing that fellow hard, and finally I asked why go to Miami?, and I got my answer, more opportunities for homeless people, and that both of them were homeless. In a bit, the fellow getting the hard press left, his eyes looked like he was drugged up good, his eyes always have looked that way, and it was just the two of us, and then the soul conversation began. I told him to stop leaning on homeless people like that other fellow, who was beyond human reach right now, and to focus on himself, who needs much help. Turned out he is in the Florida Keys Outreach Program, but is feeling the quiet voice is telling him that’s playing out and he’s to go to Miami, next. I felt that might be right, but not quite yet, he had things to clean up before he leaves, and later as we talked, that became clear. Won’t go into the details, but it has nothing to do with the law. What seemed to get us started in that conversation was he asked me what I do?, and I said I am a priest, going back to the mackerel dream, and that intrigued him, and he kept coming at me about a what kind of priest and where is my church?, and I said wherever I am. And when do I preach?, and I said I’m preaching now. And it’s not like the church Jesus said he would build, which church is not of this world, there are no buildings. I told him a lot of things about me, and he started getting more and more interested. I said it was clearly arranged, and was set up by the mackerel dream.. He said he’d had something similar happen in Texas close to a year ago, with a fellow who told him he prayed for lots of people, but he didn’t see many people getting helped, but this time he saw someone getting helpled. I said I don’t pray much for other people, but tend to talk to people, or write to people, and that’s what is mostly the ministry I have. I suppose some religious people would want to try to cast a demon or two out of this fellow, or tell him to go see a psychiatrist. None of that would help him, steer him toward where what has him in tow wants to take him. It’s been a while since I had someone come along ready for that kind of interaction. He knows he needs help, he’s trying to walk the straight path now. He’s fortunate to have that voice he can recognize; how it goes for him though cannot be predicted. He’s half my age, he has a long ways to go. I may share his and my emails in today’s post, he seems open to my writing about him and our encounter. He’s from the Midwest. Came down this way fully equipped for camping out, nice tactical backpack. Snoozing on a Miami beach, he had everything ripped off and all of his ID, too. He got his ID restored down here. He has job skills and history in the hotel business, but the hotels here are too small, he says, to use him in the way he is good at it, which is providing what the house keepers need. He was making $10 an hour at the Mariott Courtyard. He said the LaConcha won’t let employees like him work more than 29 hours a week, because they don’t want to pay insurance. It’s all about money down here, he said. I said, well, he needed to come down here to get his ID straightened out, and to meet me and we have our talk, and he agreed. He said he wasn’t coming to the soup kitchen to eat, but he was nearby on his bicycle and something basically made him come to the soup kitchen. He kept saying, as our conversation progressed, that I was on top of everything he wanted to talk about, I had answers to all of his his questions. He seemed kind of blown away. If he knew what all I have been through and what all I having going on, he might be really blown away. Maybe he will have much the same happen to him. Don’t meet people like him but every now an then. He told me the fellow he was pushing to go to Miami had confessed to having given up trying so hard to have a few things he liked, and had walked away from everything and here he is in Key West. I said only something like what was running him could help that fellow, and often I had told the city commission that, and Dorothy Sherman, who started this soup kitchen was of the view, “It’s our job to feed homeless people, It’s God’s job to change them.” Different kinds of food, of course; food for the body, food for the soul. That fellow yesterday was hungry for soul food. It’s really early before dawn, I’m tired, aching. I had a terrible dream earlier tonight about a good friend having stomach cancer and needing to get that looked at. My stomach is killing me. Maybe my friend really has stomach cancer, or maybe she represents me; she’s an activist here in Key West, sometimes, gets all wrought up at times. Am still getting a grip on that dream. She is not involved in homeless stuff, so I’m looking elsewhere for insight into that dream, and it might be literal. She has had cancer, she has had stomach trouble. In my dream code, cancer equals evil. A very serious dream any way it’s approached. Priest, mackerels, Pope, stomach ache, more like stomach on fire, waaaaaa!!!! Roosters are crowing, but I would be nice to get some more zzzzz, have a nice dream. I’m not going to copy edit this comment right now. Hope not too many unintelligible sentences.
    Continued after I had gotten some more sleep today, 1/27/2017
  • Sloan Bashinsky Okay, it’s later, I went though the above and made a few small corrections. It took me a while to fall back asleep, but finally it came after I asked for help with that. I wake up a lot in the nighttime, and have trouble going back to sleep, and I imagine a woman or women I once was with and jerk off and that puts me in a mood to sleep. I told the angels last night I was fed up with doing it that way, it wasn’t right, and would they please help me sleep, and give me softer dreams and help me get to the bottom of the stomach cancer so I could start feeling better? Then came a dream in which my woman friend with the stomach cancer, who is Christine Russell, and a little boy and my lawyer and friend, Sam Kaufman, were with me. And there also was a nasty black poisonous snake, which I grabbed and threw to Christine and Sam, and there was a mostly black cat, with some white, which was mine, or I liked it anyway, but she kept trying to turn into that black, poisonous, nasty snake, and I was trying to contain her without killing her. Not sure yet who she was, is. Maybe part of me, maybe a woman I know in Key West. Has to be in Key West, given the other people in the dream are Key West people. And then there were various 2s and references to Jesus in the dream, 2 is my spirit code number for Jesus, and there were scenarios with Christine and Sam sort of not entirely telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as the young boy was just sitting there, and the fire in my belly began to lay down some by the time I finally woke up and was thinking, hmmm, the biggest thing that happened during my talk with the fellow at the soup kitchen came after he told me he had not told FKOC he had quit his job at the Mariott Courtside, and he was behind on his rent there, and he was planning to keep that to himself until he got paid by Mariott Courtside, then he was headed to Miami. I told him he needed to level with FKOC about his situation. He wanted to leave Key West clean, or he would take that with him and it would screw up what he might have going in Miami. That’s now not telling the truth and karma work, I said. He said, they would make him leave, then he would have to stay at KOTS, and he really didn’t want to do that. I said not telling the truth causes all sort of problems, because the truth will come out in some way: mental illness, cancer, addiction, etc. The fellow and I kept coming back to that, and finally he said he was feeling I was right, he felt the big thing with him agreeing with me, but he really didn’t want to sleep at KOTS, yet he was going to go back to FKOC and level with them. I said that would take him a little while to get there, and to stay tuned into that big thing with him, and by the time he got to FKOC, he would know what to do. He said he already knew, there was no doubt. I said honesty is always best; its a part of the job description of what I do. And I got to thinking about Christine and Sam in my dream, two of the fresher king mackerel. Christian bellyaches ongoing about how the city is being run, and about the Charles Eimers case, but she keeps voting for people who are the reason for her bellyaching and for the city taking the stance it has taken in the Charles Eimers case: our police did nothing wrong, they are great cops, period the end. And she also declined my many efforts to get her to confess at the blue paper who she voted for, for mayor last time (she had company in that regard), and to put her real name on her comments to blue paper articles, and she had lots of company there, too. Nothing peeves me more in Key West than citizen watchdogs and political activists hiding behind pen names online and bellyaching about their elected officials, and still they vote for them. Sam, who is Chairman of the Board of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, has announced he is going to run for City Commissioner Mark Rossi’s seat this year, which he decided to do after talking with Mark and learning Mark was not going to run again and that Mark seemed glad for Sam to run. I have yet to hear Sam, or FKOC, or its CEO Father Stephen Braddock, come out publicly against KWPD and the city over the Eimers case. Eimers was thought by the police to be homeless, living in his vehicle, and that’s why the police roughed him up so badly. The police are under orders from the mayor and city commissioners to be as rough as possible on homeless people. Yet I don’t hear Sam or Steve Braddock getting onto the mayor or city commissioner about that. Sam is attending city commission meetings as part of his preparation to run for Rossi’s seat. Sam speaks during citizen comments. Sam is nice, he does not rock the boat. He does not put the heat on them. Mark Rossi melted down when I told him and the other city commissioners and mayor that their police had murdered Charles Eimers, because they believed he was homeless. If Sam melts Mark down, what does that do to Sam’s hope to replace Mark on the city commission meeting? That’s what I do. That’s what Christine Russell used to do, before she stopped hanging out in Key West so much, but even when she put the heat on them, she usually then threw in something to soften it, to keep them liking her, perhaps. Perhaps to maintain the facade of we are all one human family, which any homeless person in Key West knows is a baldfaced lie. The small fellow in the dream with Christine and Sam most likely is the homeless fellow I talked an hour with yesterday at the soup kitchen. The fellow who left me resolved to be honest with FKOC. I told him toward the end of our conversation that what we were discussing about how to live is how Jesus in the Gospels lived and told people to live. Try to do the right thing, be honest, be brave, and in that way walk with God That’s the sum total of Jesus in the Gospels, I told the fellow, and the churches and Christianity made him into something else entirely. Just living that way goes a long way toward fixing a lot of things which bother people. It goes along way toward fixing humanity.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Might be Christine and Sam are the two older mackerel. Also, there is a woman eating at the soup kitchen, who told me her story about 2 weeks ago, and I reported it, but left out one part. She was living with a fellow on Key Largo, and they took in a boarder who was a fisherman, who was supposed to pay his rent in fresh fish, but he didn’t come through, and the woman’s fellow told the fisherman to leave, he wasn’t carrying his weight, and the fisherman refused, and they got into an argument and she was drinking and went into the bedroom and got a pistol and came out and waved it in the fisherman’s face and told him to leave, so he went outside and called 9/11 and deputies came and arrested her and to jail she went in her pajamas. And before she got out 9 months later, on probation, her fellow died and she had no place to live, and when she was released she was homeless. But what maybe have really messed her up, was she never admitted she pulled a gun on the guy, it was he said, she said, she said, and she had a lousy public defender lawyer, who didn’t want to try the case and “made” her take a plea. I said no way he could make her take a plea, only she could make her take a plea. She kept coming back around to she never confessed, and it was he said, she said, but she did confess when she took the plea, and maybe if she had just told straight up what had happened, she might not have even been taken to jail, or she might have gotten a lighter sentence. As is, she got a 3rd degree felony, because the charges were aggravated because she was drinking when she waved the gun at the fisherman. Two more fresh mackerel showed up even before I dreamed of mackerel yesterday. A young fellow outside the post office in the Winn-Dixie shopping center on North Roosevelt Blvd in Key West, had two large pieces of soft luggage. He was writing a letter, so I chatted him up. From Louisiana, he hunts and traps alligators and sells them live or dead. I really liked this kid. His story, he and his girlfriend came from Louisiana to see and check out the Keys. They were staying in Marathon. She got into a fight with another young woman, and they both got attested and put in jail, where they both are waiting for their cases to play out. He was out of money almost, didn’t want to stay at KOTS. He had a tent in one of the pieces of luggage. Most of the stuff in the luggage was hers, he was trying to save it. I told him where he might be able to pitch a tent at night and not get caught, if he went in after dark, and came out before daylight. He lives in the backwoods in Louisiana, that ought to be a piece of cake for him, but he’s going to walk a lot getting back and forth from his camp. He wants t o wait here for her to get out, if she gets out, if she can pay the fine. I wondered if he had told me the whole story? The deputies put both women in jail just for fighting? My goodness, what will that cost the sheriff in room and board, and the public defender, and the State Attorney, and the judicial system? Makes no sense to me, to put people in jail just for fighting. Even if they are drunk. Maybe they had illegal drugs? Who knows? One other case, I heard this in passing at the soup kitchen yesterday. A homeless fellow who got hit by a truck was let out of the hospital yesterday, and was arrested by KWPD officers for disorderly conduct, trespassing and open container and taken to the sheriff’s jail. How much will that cost the sheriff, the public defender, the city attorney, and t he court system?
  • Sloan Bashinsky Last night I bicycled over to Harpoon Harry’s to listen to open mike, which would be quite good. Arriving there, I saw Tom Milone outside. He lives in one of the upstairs apartments. He is vice-chairman of our Citizen (Police) Review Board. He said he had just gotten out of a CRB meeting, and I said, shucks, I probably should have been there, what went on? They are having trouble getting medical records out of the hospital on Stock Island in the Matthew Murphy taser case, even after issuing a subpoena, so they are moving toward asking a judge to enforce the subpoena, if the hospital doesn’t come around. I said, what, the hospital is trying to protect Murphy’s rights? Murphy was tasered and fell and busted his head on a sidewalk and has been paralyzed ever since. Later, I wondered if the hospitial isn’t coming around because of pressure from KWPD and city officials? Tom also said the CRB approved the letter to the F.B.I. and the US Department of Justice, asking them to investigate the Charles Eimers case. I said I was glad to hear that. Nothing about either of those cases before the CRB in The Key West Citizen today. Maybe tomorrow The Citizen will cover it?

Wiley Coyote

Using the email handle, bigdwick@_______ , the fellow from the soup kitchen wrote to me last night:

Mr. Bashinsky,

We had a very nice chat today, I indeed will stay in touch with you.
The things you told me are are in the works is ironic because I’ve
told a select few about the stories I shared with you, and have never
seen lights come on like when I told you. I am excited about that
because it simply means you GET IT, and the things I know and have
experienced you relate to. You speak of big things that are going to
surface in my walk, I look forward to it.


I replied:

Something big is with you, what it has in mind for you, I don’t know, but I imagine it will be different, and I imagine it will stretch you in ways you cannot yet possibly imagine, and I imagine it will cut you out of mainstream (the herd), and you will find most people don’t have a clue nor can they relate to your experiences. Your email handle causes me to chuckle, suggest you need massive injections of “estrogen”, the feminine vibration, the absence of which vibration in men and women alike is the root of humanity’s ails. I imagine what has you in tow has in mind taking you into her clutches, which can be rather interesting and ecstatic and excruciating, but her restoration in you is crucial to your journey, wherever it’s going. She loves mystery and surprises and twists and turns and sideways and subjective thinking and poetic encounters, and cosmic humor, and creative expression. She’s really different from the male vibration. Really different.


He wrote again:

The handle is just something I quickly came up with but your take
peaks my interest, for what is in store for me. If you do a write up
regarding me in the morning I will look forward to reading it.

Here’s the editorial about the Pope in yesterday’s Citizen:

Pope Francis

When Pope Francis talks, people listen


Forget E.F. Hutton. It’s P.F. (Pope Francis) these days who, when he talks, people listen. And then they get busy trying to figure out what he was really saying. Even nonCatholics are keen to study his words, so surprised and delighted are they to hear  a pope say things that suggest to them a more enlightened view of the world, even if those views are attitudinal rather than tangible.

Each time Francis speaks, his words are as shiny objects on a desert floor. We scramble to examine them, turning them over, looking for hidden meanings, holding them up to the
light in search of codes and encryptions.
Perhaps Francis finds this amusing. Then again, perhaps he is as shrewd as he seems to be guileless. He says what he means to say, and if people want to argue over the implications of what he says, well, so be it.
Once he has said something, the light he sheds travels with the speed of a meme.
Many examples come to mind, but one of the most recent was about women, always treacherous territory for a pope — or any man.
Speaking to a crowd of students at the University of Santo Tomas during his visit to the Philippines, Francis noted with gentle disapproval that there weren’t many women in attendance. Then he said a series of things so simple and true that they were at once obvious and sublime.
“Women have muchto tell us in today’s society. Sometimes we’re too macho, and we don’t
leave enough room for women.” And, “Women are able to see things with different eyes than us. Women are able to ask questions that men can’t understand.”
Well, now, that’s a mouthful. But what was he really saying?
On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-anchor Mika Brzezinski postulated that Francis was hinting at changes in the church that might allow women to become priests. Many people, including Catholics, think it’s time, but it’s not likely to happen under Francis’s watch. The pope has said that the issue is settled and “that door is closed.” But, wait, what does that mean? Didn’t he say “door”? See how fertile the pope’s words are?
Robert McClory, a professor of journalism at Northwestern University and the author of “As It Was in the Beginning: The Coming Democratization of the Catholic Church,” explored the door as metaphor in an article for the  National Catholic Reporter.
Francis didn’t say the issue is behind a wall or a barbedwire fence, McClory wrote. A door can be opened. Might Francis have been hinting as much?
In the same vein, writer Lorena O’Neil said in her article “Catholicism, Women and the Winds of Change” that Francis is “touching the doorknob to see how hot the fire is on the other side.”
Perhaps they are right. But while we’re speculating, there’s yet another possibility. Maybe he was signaling to followers of Islamic fundamentalism, which subjugates and dehumanizes women. I doubt he was, but I like this idea. Do the Taliban pay attention
to what the leader of the Catholic Church has to say?
To those who would suggest that the church also dehumanizes women by keeping them in subordinate positions, there’s the problem of Mary. She wasn’t just the mother of Jesus but the mother of God, no secondary role. In the church, Mary is the mediator of all grace and, in the hierarchy of heaven, she is higher than all men.
Even nonbelievers believe this, or so goes the joke (wit unknown) beloved by Catholics: “There is no God and Mary is His Mother.” This is to say, Mary holds an exalted position in the church that can never be compromised.

Herein lies the conflict for modern feminists, who long ago renounced women’s status as the revered object on a pedestal and traded the favors of chivalry for the mundane privilege of full participation in the machinations of “mankind,” for lack of a better word. And, though Francis wishes to soften the language of the church and welcome all to the pew, he isn’t likely to budge that door.

Whatever his intent in Manila, which, someone has to say, may have been only an observation intended for his immediate audience, Francis got people thinking and talking about a subject the larger world still needs to hear: Women have much to say.

Kathleen Parker is
a columnist with The
Washington Post and winner
of a 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

cracked egg

What a crock. What kind of insanity would elevate a mere human woman to being the mother of and above God?

In the Gospels, Jesus spoke brusquely to his mother, and once, after declining to stop teaching an audience and go and greet his mother and his brothers who had come looking for him, he asked his audience: Who were his his mother and his brothers? They were those who did the will of his Father in heaven. Imagine how his audience took that. Imagine what they thought Jesus thought of his mother and his brothers.

In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples they could blaspheme him, and they would be forgiven, but if they blasphemed the Holy Ghost, they would not be forgiven. He put the Holy Ghost above himself.

In Jewish theology, the Spirit of God is Shekinah, gender female. Jesus was a rabbi, according to the Gospels. He was Jew, according ot the Gospels. Yet, Christendom gave the Holy Ghost a sex change operation, and turned its entire godhead into a man, made in the early Church’s image. What a crock.

I look forward to Pope Francis using the Gospels to melt down his XY chromosome church. His testosterone church. His steroid church. His stupid male supremacy club.

Perhaps Pope Francis starts by asking his church, if Mary Magdalene publicly washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears, and anointed his feet with precious oil she scarce could afford, what did she wash and anoint him with when they were in private?

And why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene outside the tomb, and not his mother, who also was there, to go to the men disciples, who were hiding out, and tell them she had seen him and he would be with them shortly?

Duh, Mary Magdalene was his wife.

Maybe what Pope Francis and all others in Christendom also should be asking is, why did Jesus speak brusquely to and pejoratively of his mother in the Gospels?

Maybe Jesus and his mother will come to them, like they came to my sixth wife and me, and tell them the mother of God sexually molested Jesus when he was young, and that being kept secret has a great deal with why Christendom is so screwed up.

Didn’t Jesus tell his disciples in the Gospels, if they abided in him, they would come to know the truth and the truth would make them free?

Maybe the two older bigger hot mackerel are Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. Maybe the poisonous black nasty snake and the mostly black cat with a little white, which kept trying to turn into the snake, are the devil and Jesus’ mother.


Sloan at Smathers Beach

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