The pen is mightier than the sword, thus the sword defends the pen – world hero WikiLeaks fugitive from American “justice”, Green Party candidate Jill Stein on Clinton and Trump, new stanzas in the Ballad of Kari Dangler, Golden Flake heirs win-win proposal, and other endangered remnants of truth, justice, fairness, common sense, decency and honor

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Well, let’s see how to hold forth today, as if it matters. But it’s something to do. Let’s start with links to 2 videos agitating the Ms/Mr America who’s the ugliest in the land pageant:  (Michael Moore on world hero WikiLeaks fugitive from American “justice”) (Green Party candidate Jill Stein on Clinton and Trump)

Kari at Ft. ZachNow let’s drift over to my enigmatic girlfriend Kari Dangler now vacationing from living on the streets of Key West and her favorite habits, cigarettes and vodka. She’s in the Monroe County Detention Center (county jail) on Stock Island, the next island above Key West. She is in there for drinking vodka – a term of her probation is she not drink alcohol. This is the 3rd time she has been in the jail for drinking vodka.

Yesterday afternoon, Kari called me using her inmate telephone account into which another person and I had put some money, to read me a letter she had just written to Judge William Ptomey, before whom she is scheduled to appear on August 3, for him to decide what to do with her. Her letter advised Judge Ptomey that she wished no longer to be represented by her public defender lawyer Matthew Matteliano, and she wished to speak for herself in her case. Her stated reasons for dismissing Matteliano were she and he had never seen eye to eye, and she did not feel he is representing her now.

Matthew MattelianoMatteliano

I told Kari to add a P.S. to the letter before she sent it, telling Judge Ptomey that she will call Matteliano’s office and advise him of her letter to Judge Ptomey, but she cannot send a copy of the letter to Matteliano because she doesn’t have the money to pay for the letter to be copied or for the envelop and postage. Kari told me she would add the p.s., and she would call Matteliano’s office with that news.

Perhaps what prompted Kari to finally take that action was a sister inmate, who had Mattelanio for her lawyer, told Kari she did not like the way Matteliano spoke down to and treated her, and without any doing on her part she was assigned a different public defender lawyer.

John DonnellySomething else going on in Kari’s case can be somewhat understood by reading USMC Vietnam combat veteran John Donnelly’s email to me yesterday, replying to two emails from me to him. John lives on Key Largo, which lies just above the Tavernier courthouse where Judge Ptomey presides.

Kari lived on Key Largo when she collided with the Monroe County Justice system in 2013, as I recall, which collision, this former practicing attorney says, was a gross carriage of injustice, about which I have written many times at this website, and have explained in excruciating detail to John Donnelly, because of his many online reports of the hard work he and other people are doing to help inmates who were convicted of crimes they did not commit, or who had inadequate legal representation, get out of prison and have their names cleared and their rights restored.

Here is John’s email to me, under which, in reverse time order, are my two emails to him:

john donnelly ß———–>


Wed 1:56 AM (yesterday)


I received your July 23rd  e-mail…

A phone number transfer and phone conversation are not going to occur.  Any further e-mail exchanges between you and I, concerning this matter, are not going to take place.

I’ve given relevant and specific guidance to Kari. She is in possession of the letter I’ve written on her behalf. If you speak with Kari, please urge her not to ‘take counsel with her fears’.

Remind her that there is nothing to be rattled by. All parties have been presented a positive, humane and well-thought out alternative that addresses her upcoming sentencing. A tried and true intervention that has found favor with the judicial system, which emphasizes treatment for a sick person, rather than imprisonment.

Many individuals need assistance in energizing the courage and goodness that resides within them. Kari is not alone. She needs to know that the abundance of good will set in motion for her, may reach critical mass.

Whatever lessons she needs to learn, it is in the hands of a Power greater than herself. Acceptance will be an integral ingredient, as she moves forward. This quality triggers enormous reserves of strength and sustenance, which will allow Kari to effectively handle whatever outcome awaits her.

Many circumstances in my life, which I initially thought I could not bear; in a short time turned into ‘true blessings’, once I accepted the reality of said situation and began to work with it for my betterment.

Blessings & Respect,


Sloan Bashinsky

Tue 3:07 PM

Hi, John,

Did you get this July 23 email just below, from me to you?

Kari called me from the jail today, she would like to call you, if you can give me a telephone number where she can reach you at no cost to you, which I will give to her when she calls me tomorrow.

Kari said her lawyer was rattled by the motion you filed with Judge Ptomey. Her lawyer, Matthew Matteliano. He wanted to know how Kari knew you. She made up some story about having met you back when on Key Largo. She was worried about really pissing Matteliano off, if she told him I am involved. I’ve published several times he should be disbarred and put in prison.

He told her she probably will get 2 years in prison.

I have told her many times to fire Matteliano and represent herself, so she call talk straight to the judge. I told her that again today, to no avail. I told her I was done telling her to do that.



From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2016 4:13 PM
To: john donnelly
Subject: Re: New Stuff…

Hi, John –

Kari called me this morning to say she had received in the mail from you something addressed to Judge Ptomey/The Court requesting she be sent to a rehab center in Homestead instead of to prison, that would be humane. Thanks for doing that. Can you send me by email a copy of what you sent to Kari and Judge Ptomey/The Court? Thanks. Kari said her daughter is not interested in the two of them living together.

I don’t know if you will be at that court hearing. A lady in the clerk of the court on Tavernier told me the other day Kari is scheduled to appear before Judge Ptomey on Aug 3. When I told Kari that in the jail, she said she was told she would be before Judge Garcia at an earlier date. I told her she needs to get them all on the same page.

Kari told me a good while ago that she did rehab 7 times before she was arrested and prosecuted, and she did rehab in the JIP (in jail rehab) program for six months, before she was released the last time by Judge Ptomey, who had approved her being in the JIP program. Info you probably need to have.

They railroaded Kari up there. In her shoes, drinking or sober, you, and probably anyone I know, would have done the same thing, but after loading the Colt Python, which Kari did not do.

Humphrey Bogart rolled over in his grave.


Kari also read to me yesterday, what she had received from John. A letter to her, which included a letter from John to State Attorney Catherine Vogel, with copies to Judge Ptomey and the Public Defender, stating his view that Kari has an illness (alcoholism), which should not be treated by incarceration, but by professional treatment. To treat such an illness with incarceration is cruel and unusual punishment. He knows of many recovery centers in south Florida, including one in Homestead, with which he has worked many times helping people like Kari turn their lives around. AA and the 12 Steps are the cure. He has seen the cure work many times. He is willing to walk Kari through it, transport her to a recovery center, if she is released by Judge Ptomey for that purpose.

John did not indicate in either letter that he will be in court for Kari’s hearing. He did not say anything about her being railroaded and her conviction should be set aside and expunged from the records.

I told Kari I was not surprised John did not offer to attack her conviction itself. He lives with those people up there. Dennis Ward, who was State Attorney when Kari was railroaded. Judge Ptomey and Judge Garcia, both of whom Kari has been before. Matthew Matteliano and the Public Defender’s office up that way.

I told Kari, if Judge Ptomey lets her go into rehab, will that stop her from drinking vodka? I doubt it. Kari said, maybe the professionals can help her. I said, they will give you a brain transplant? Ha, ha. They have a magic wand? Ha, ha. Only Kari can stop Kari from drinking vodka. But rehab is better than prison. Rehab is better that living on the street. Perhaps rehab will open something up, which leads to you living somewhere else, getting a job, a place to live inside, instead on the street. But will you stop drinking vodka?

Kari asked if I could put $10 into her inmate commissary account, so she could buy coffee in the morning? She needed her coffee. I said, no; that’s just another drug. I’m not going to support that. Then, for potato chips, she said. No. Nothing for commissary, that’s not critical, I said. It is to me, she said. Not to me, I said. Telephone is critical, so you can call your daughter, mother, the Judge’s office, the Public Defender’s office, and me.

Golden Flake clownNext today, the text of an email this morning from me to the lawyer representing my deceased father’s affairs. My father passed away in August 2005. I attended law school and tax law school with this lawyer. He and I have had many conversations about my father and Bashinsky family affairs. It took me months of pondering and asking the lawyer questions, and dreams on same, and then the unexpected agreement, in principal, to sell my father’s company to long-established, well-respected, privately-owned Utz potato chips and snack food company, to boil it down to this email.

Sloan Bashinsky <>

Today 8:17 AM

John P. McKleroy, Jr. (;

Paul Leonard


I propose and alternative: redeem or by back (great spelling) SYB Inc.’s preferred stock with a portion of the after taxes Utz purchase money

Hi, John –

Thanks for answering my various SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust questions.

From your July 21, 2016 email to me:

Note:  If dividends are declared by the Board of SYB, Inc. for payment in excess of the 15% annual preferred dividend, the Articles of Incorporation require that the Preferred Stock and Common Stock both participate in the excess dividends.

  • The 15% annual dividend on the Preferred Stock is “non-cumulative.” 

  • SYB, Inc. owns 5,283,126 shares of GE stock.  If the merger is closed, SYB, Inc. will receive 5,283,128 X $12.00 = $63,397,536.

  • SYB, Inc’s tax basis in the GE common stock is virtually zero.

  • The 15% annual preferred dividend is computed on “current and accumulated earnings” as required by the Articles of Incorporation.

  • The sales proceeds for the GE stock will be a capital asset and after payment of capital gains tax and expenses, the net proceeds will be reinvested in other capital assets, i.e., corporate stocks, bonds, etc.  The sales proceeds will not be constitute “current or accumulated earnings” for determining dividends.

I propose an alternative.

When, on March 15, 2016, you emailed my father’s children and surviving children that Owens Sims had passed away, you said SYB, Inc.’s assets were worth $68 million as of the end of 2015. I was told by a Birmingham stockbroker that Golden Enterprises common stock was trading at a little over $4 a share back then. Utz has offered to buy that stock for $12 a share. Even after, say, 20 percent taxes are paid, that is a substantial increase in value of SYB, Inc.’s GE common stock since late 2015.

1990 was the only time the SYB, Inc. preferred stock received its full non-cumulative dividend, and the only time SYB, Inc.’s common stock received any dividend, which passed into SYB Trust and to my father’s four children, in equal shares.

Protecting Golden Flake and its valued, dedicated employees, his wife Joann Bashinsky and her daughter Suzanne, whom my father had legally adopted, and my father’s favorite charities from his heirs and the IRS, was why my father set up SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust and his estate the way he did.

If the Utz purchase, for cash, of Golden Enterprises’ common stock goes through, SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust are out of the Golden Flake business. .

In which case, I’m sure my father will be delighted to see a portion of the after tax cash proceeds from the sale of SYB, Inc.’s GE common stock (capital asset) used to retire SYB, Inc.’s capital debt (its preferred stock). I imagine that move also will delight the preferred stockholders, including Joann, who owns about 40 percent of the SYB, Inc. preferred stock, as it will be a tax free bundle of cash to them, and they only have been enjoying a part of the total non-cumulative dividend allowed to their preferred stock.

Using a portion of the after taxes Golden Enterprises common stock sales proceeds, the Class A Preferred can be called, while the Class B Preferred, which cannot be called, will have to be tendered by those shareholders and bought by SYB, Inc. That will not be a taxable event if the preferred is redeemed or bought back at par.

SYB Trust then will own all of SYB, Inc. and will receive all of SYB, Inc.’s dividend, which, as per SYB Trust, will be paid out in 4 equal portions to my sister Sis, me, our deceased brother Major’s Revocable Trust, and our deceased stepsister Suzanne’s son Landon. The dividend will be taxable income to the recipients.

As per SYB Trust, that arrangement will continue until December 31, 2020, when SYB Trust dissolves and its then beneficiaries become outright owners of their respective shares of SYB, Inc. common stock.

That new arrangement will continue until such time as SYB, Inc. is dissolved by agreement of a majority of its common stockholders, and its assets (common stocks, bonds, etc.) are distributed to SYB, Inc.’s then common stockholders.

Please forward this email to Sis, Major’s children Sloan and Brooks, Major’s second wife Leslie, Major’s trustee, Landon and Joann, and the other SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust director(s) and trustee(s)..



Trump werewolfLast today, a syndicated New York Times Op-Ed column in today’s Key West Citizen, which I used Google to find online:

Trump and the End of Truth

Roger Cohen

July 25, 2016

Tolstoy wrote of “epidemic suggestion” to describe those moments when humanity seems to be gripped by a kind of mass hypnosis that no force can counter. The resulting movements, like the Crusades or the 17th-century Dutch tulip craze, cannot be controlled. We find ourselves in such a moment.

To imagine that the words I write, or those of countless others lamenting the world’s lurch toward the politics of violence, may stem this “epidemic suggestion” is to indulge in fantasy. It is part of the infernal nature of such eruptions that everything feeds them, including outrage. The slouching beast is insatiable.

Warnings of danger are just the self-important whining of those in whose favor the decadent, soon-to-be-destroyed system has been rigged. The movement is the answer. Mendacity is the new truth. Choreography is stronger than content. The world is upside-down.

Writing into such an environment is like directing a canoe into a gale. Still, here goes, while words still have some meaning.

Goodbye to all that. This looks like the end of a brief interlude that began in 1945. The interlude was relatively peaceful by historical standards. It saw the construction of a rules-based world order undergirded by visceral knowledge of destruction and acute awareness of potential Armageddon. The postwar order involved new institutions, treaties, alliances, and even a union of the very European nations most given to repetitive bloodshed.

Its end was signaled in 2014 by the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea, a move that ripped to shreds the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine in direct violation of Article 2 of the United Nations Charter.

But it was not so much this act itself that presaged the unraveling. It was the lies that accompanied it. The Soviet Union, in 1931, used the slogan that two plus two equals five. Putin, a pure Soviet product, traffics in lies — the supposed Western encirclement of Russia, the preposterous notion that all the Russian forces and materiel in eastern Ukraine have been figments of the world’s imagination.

As George Orwell observed, “From the totalitarian point of view history is something to be created rather than learned.”

Enter Putin’s pal, Donald Trump, who declares that “there will be no lies” as a prelude to shrieking unvarnished untruth for 76 minutes from a gold-limned podium. Where was Leni Riefenstahl when she was needed last week in Cleveland?

Trump is not alone. There is a global movement of minds. As John Lanchester has observed in The London Review of Books, “I don’t think there’s ever been a time in British politics when so many people in public life spent so much time loudly declaring things they knew not to be true.” The successful arguments of the “Leave” campaign for Britain to quit the European Union “were based on lies.” The charlatan trafficking most vociferously in these untruths, boorish Boris Johnson, has just become Britain’s foreign secretary.

Facts are now a quaint hangover from a time of rational discourse, little annoyances easily upended. Volume trumps reality, as Roger Ailes understood at Fox News, before a downfall that coincided with the apotheosis of his post-factual world.

A red-faced bully, adept in the choreography of collective hysteria, arises. He promises that he alone can set things right. He is the voice. He stands against a great tide of menace, from ISIS to immigrants, and only he understands the vast dimensions of the danger.

We have been here before. Fascism was a backlash against dysfunctional democracies. It invited belief in the leadership of the strongman against enemies within and without. Its currency was untruth and its culmination bloody unreason. It was decried and dismissed by those it would devour.

It is inevitable, given what he represents, that Trump looks to Putin. Orwell again: “Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth.”

Putin is not a totalitarian, but he has totalitarianism in him, and the conditions of today are not those of the 1930s. But in technology’s disorienting cacophony, the disaggregation of increasingly unequal societies, the frustrations of the many millions for whom life has become an exercise in precariousness, the pressures of globalization and mass migration, the stirring of racism, the spread of terrorism, and the steady undermining of truth, the seeds of a new authoritarianism have been sown. This is the wave Trump rides.

Trump’s strongest argument is that he represents change and Hillary Clinton does not. He will see Clinton’s charges of mendacity with accusations that she is untrustworthy. He may well win. Anyone denying this has not grasped that “epidemic suggestion” tends to be unstoppable.

Brexit illustrated a thirst for disruption at any cost. It was the supporting act for a possible American leap in the dark that would place Trump’s portrait in United States embassies around the world. Perhaps that’s the least of it. Still. That face so displayed would signal the end of an era and imminent danger to the Republic and the world.

Sloan Zach 2

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