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Jerry Weinstock M.D., Psychiatry, of Key West, replied to yesterday’s vacation bible school and Key West Resort Utilities reports post at

SLOAN—uncovering many contentious issues -like Socrates;
from the environment to damaging sexuality—Kids
quite a span –and no doubt important.—stirring the pot
is classical journalism——-one has to be a bit cautious.
Kari holding her own–sounds OK ——-Sincerely Jerry

Tim Gratz, of Key West, replied to the same post:

Tim GratzTim Gratz

And your basis for claiming that pedophilia goes on at Fifth Street? The claims of a mad man? This is something he personally witnessed? And yet never reported to DCF or KWPD?

I replied, but it went to Jerry Weinstock instead. How that came about, Outlook stacks emails on same topic and I thought I was replying to Tim:

Jeremy said he saw it, was invited to participate, in a group setting with kids, he declined.

Jeremy described another incident in same church, involving one kid an older man claimed belonged to him, and he didn’t like Jeremy trying to interfere.

Jeremy described another incident in same church, when a mother and her teenage son came over and the son asked Jeremy if he wanted to suck him, the kid, off, and Jeremy declined and tried to get the mother to deal with it and she said she stood behind her son.

Jeremy said he first tried to deal with it in this and in other churches, and was banned. Then came the prosecution, as Tim Vanhorn. He went to the State Attorney, got a couple of lawyers for different parts of it, having to do with getting his identity back and the Vanhorn allegations cleared up. He says that’s still underway, and he has reported all of it to the State Attorney, which is where I told him to go with it right after he started telling me about it, and then he reported a dream in which the State Attorney (a woman) was beckoning him to come see her.

Jeremy Jerome 1Jeremy Jerome

Lots of people think I’m a madman, too. But what I saw in Fifth Street Baptist yesterday reminded me once again of why I do not attend church. I have told Jeremy a number of times to let go of attending church.

I see lots of insane, or demonic possessed, people in my work, Tim. Some of them are viewed in some circles as prominent citizens of Key West and the Florida Keys. Others are less known. You are one.


On realizing what had happened, I resent it to Tim and wrote to Jerry:

Jerry, my previous email to you was meant to go to someone else, Tim Gratz. Maybe that email exchange will be published tomorrow, maybe not.

Jerry replied:

SLOAN: most everyone has a hidden face if not several —
sexuality is prominent —————EVERYONE DANCES
TO THEIR own DRUMMER—assuming they are reasonably conscious
and can hear their own drummer.——–a sage remark for the age …

today I am 82 —July, 28th 1933 —Jerry….

I replied to Jerry this morning:

Morning, Jerry – agreed. Happy birthday.

I’m in a predicament, obviously.

I see Jeremy Jermone has serious personality dysfunction, and I also am looking at my dreams about him, and his own dreams, which he has shared with me, all of which support his pedophelia allegations against the churches.

For a very long time now, I have used dreams to navigate this word’s servings, and have been told in various ways, including my own dreams, that dreams show what is really going on.

A dream last night about an “intercepted pass”, I supposed my email to Tim “inadvertently” sent to you, seemed to like your reply to it.

[I had the dream before I saw Jerry’s reply.]

How this Jeremy and church engagement will all play out, though, I have no clue. I never have a clue how anything I engage will play out.

However, I started thinking before dawn today that this fun “engagement” with some local churches the angels used Jeremy to bring to me sort of resembles the “church energy” in the Birmingham drama I was dragged into last fall, via my dreams, and the two engagements might be somehow related in the tapestry that’s being woven, which is my life.


P.S. When I visited Kari yesterday morning in the county jail, she said she’s now up to 150 pounds. She was 115 pounds when she went into the jail. In the past, she also had large weight gains in jail, but, this time, she said, her boobs are getting bigger, which did not happen before. She said she carefully watches what she eats; from the plate, onto the fork, into her mouth :-). As time ran out for the visit, I asked, “When’s the baby due?” She laughed, said, “It’s a boy.”

Kari and Sloan 2Kari at 115 pounds, before she violated her probation by drinking

In another local sort of “churchy” situation, my interjected thoughts in bold italics …

Father Stephen BraddockFather Steve Braddock

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Hospital drops lawsuit against Braddock
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Lower Keys Medical Center on Monday dropped its lawsuit against the Rev. Steve Braddock, who last month publicly accused the hospital of aggressive and questionable billing practices.

The voluntary dismissal at the 16th Judicial Circuit Court means the hospital won’t pursue the $1,975 it claimed Braddock still owed for a 2013 shoulder surgery, for which his insurer later paid more than $36,100.

“I was looking forward to it,” Braddock said Monday of fighting the case in Judge Wayne Miller’s court, where a hearing had been set for Aug. 4. “We were ready to subpoena a lot of people. This is not just about me. This is a huge problem.”

I wish this article had reported statistics of Lower Keys Community Hosptial having a practice of overcharging patients. It’s one thing to charge more than what private insurance carriers and Medicare cover and pay; it’s something else to pad bills.

Calling it a show of gratitude for the health care he received, Braddock last week donated $2,000 to local charities — $500 each to the Zonta Club, the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, the Metropolitan Community Church’s “Cooking with Love” program and the Kevin Piper Jr. Memorial Fund, which supports opening a local hyperbaric chamber.

But Braddock legally doesn’t owe another cent to the Key West hospital, owned by Community Health Systems, which according to a report in June owns 25 of the 50 U.S. hospitals that charge at least 10 times over Medicare-allowed costs.

A report by whom?

I had two surgeries in Marathon’s Fisherman’s Hospital in the past few years. The hospital and the surgeons were excellent. The total hospital bills were over what Medicare would pay. Fisherman’s collected from Medicare, billed me a much smaller amount, which Medicare allowed them to do, which I paid. The surgeons accepted what Medicare paid them. I don’t think they had to do that, though. More recently, two Key West doctors accepted what Medicare paid them for treating me, but there were no surgeries.

On Dec. 26, 2013, Braddock underwent shoulder surgery at Lower Keys Medical Center, the only hospital within 50 miles of his Key West home. The procedure went well, he said, and his insurance received the bill: $62,527.42.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida ended up paying $36,141.59, according to Braddock’s medical records.

Braddock, president of the nonprofit Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, had been asking the hospital for an itemized bill ever since he received a $3,875 bill in February 2014.

Last week, he received the bill, which charged him for two slings at $64.13 each when he only got one, and charged him twice for checking his blood sugar, at $35.74 a test, when he says he did himself.

Florida law requires a hospital to provide an itemized statement “detailing in language comprehensible to an ordinary layperson the specific nature of charges or expenses” within seven days after a patient is discharged.

Does failure to timely provide the itemised statement constitute waiver of right to collect same?

Braddock proceeded to make 11 payments as a sign of good faith, but refused to budge until the hospital turned over an itemized bill.

If it were me and I felt I was being overbilled, I would have told them I would pay nothing further until I had the itemised bill.

On June 9, Braddock was served with a small-claims lawsuit by the hospital’s attorneys, Vance, Lotane & Bookhardt, of Cocoa, Florida, seeking $1,975.

On Monday, Braddock shared a recording of a June 19 phone call he had with one of the firm’s attorneys, Jessica Klein, who offered to email him the itemized bill he had been asking for since February 2014.

The same day, June 19, a story on the billing dispute appeared in The Citizen, and Klein told Braddock the firm had received an email and phone message seeking comment from a reporter, but that they had ignored both as to not break patient confidentiality.

The law firm could have had the courtesy to explain that to the reporter.

This article reports two small perhaps intentional, perhaps inadvertent, charges which were not proper. What about other charges Braddock did not pay? For me, this is a confusing article and a confusing settlement. I hope the Citizen will will invite Braddock to submit his own report of what all happened, which the Citizen publishes, in full. If Lower Keys Medical Center is padding bills, that needs to be dealt with more thoroughly. I have in mind the State Attorney.

Sort of continuing in the “churchy” bayou, received a fun email this morning from Rick Roberts, which he copied to a few other people, including his probation officer, under the subject:

“The life of Reilly, I mean Ricky …”

Rick and Anil

I swung by the Sippin really early on my hospital bracelet as a way to get on the bus!

That caused me to have to walk from Sippin to Publix Key Plaza and after this the cardiologist in BB&T/Comcast across the way.

Heroic effort, way beyond the call.

I was at the hospital because KOTS was full and accepting only outside people to lie on a slab and ingest constant chain smoking and whatever sickness the cough up constantly all night.

I took a pass on that twice. After the hospital ran a bunch of tests on me, including blood draws and x-rays (and even put in an IV rig in anticipation of having to pump some chemicals in me), they came to the conclusion that I was dehydrated (I am kind of supposed to be – lasiks), I was way over where I should be on an INR (3.5 versus should be 2.5), and that I was probably experiencing the low blood pressure events that I described. The worked on that too when I was in the hospital for 11 days.

So off I went to KOTS after a few hours of that, only to be told the same thing. Lie with the other lepers on the concrete slab, despite me having a “get into KOTS” pass from the doctor. Is it me, or does spending 8.5 million on a bus depot, another 2+ million on buses, 16.5+ million on a city hall, 8 million on a firehouse, and now 55 million on Peary Court kind of botched when the homeless shelter is a disaster area that even doctors recommend against?! The god damn stray animals get a new place too, but not the damn human ones and a couple of us aliens…

BTW Cindy, I copied you just in case the state folks wondered where I was. That above is where I was, unsafe and unsound, but absolutely walking the line and behaving myself…

Now, if I only had $5 to get a bus pass. Friday night is the disability for August day, and I am willing to pay usurious interest on that 5 spot. Learned that from the Jews, they said it was OK despite one of their top Jews saying it wasn’t. They should have done the right thing for his (Christ’s) sake. Just sayin’…

Rick Roberts

simply rick

I replied to Rick, copied to ALL:

Well, Rick, you are looking more and more like a reincarnated commie Telsa – from another planet, of course. I’ll give you $5 for a bus pass, but you gotta stop spending your monthly check as soon as you get it on electronic widgets. That probably beats spending it all on booze, tobacco and other narcotic treats like lots of homeless people do, but it don’t help your food addiction nor your feet having to walk your low pressure heart and fossilizing carcass all over this dead asteroid. I wonder if our local probation officers themselves spent a few night at KOTS, would that help them be more inclined to think maybe their probationees might be less inclined to get sick and die, and less inclined to get messed up in something they ought not be messed up in, if they were living outside like people once did, before they got all civilized and living outside became gauche? I was intending to sleep at KOTS tonight after visiting Kari in the nearby club med behind bars, now I’m wondering if that inn will be all full up? Maybe not, if it ain’t raining.

P.S. Rick has a probation officer because Tim Gratz prosecuted Rick for aggravated assault on a person over 62 years of age, even though Tim showed no signs of being physically assaulted and Rick looked like this when he was booked and his mugshot was taken. Rick told me that Tim was the cause of Rick’s face looking this way.

Rick Roberts mug shot

Rick told me he finally pled no contendre (no contest) because the case Tim brought against him kept getting continued, in part because the judges wanted to speak to Tim about letting Rick out on his own recognizance or into Pretrial Services, he would not afford bail, but Tim never was at court. Rick said the medical treatment he was receiving in the jail was killing him, and if he stayed there, it would have killed him, so he took the plea, so he could get out and get proper medical treatment, which he did upon getting out.

I’ve known Tim many years. He’s a disbarred mainland lawyer, due to having stolen a client’s money. He told me a few months ago that he is a real born again Christian, and only real born again Christians die and go to heaven, and all other Christians and everyone else die and go to hell, forever. I learned from Rick, after he got out of jail and we met, that Tim also is homeless. I don’t think Tim ever stayed at KOTS. He hangs out around Overseas Market and Keys Plaza. He works at Domino’s Pizza in Overseas Market. He has repeatedly challenged to me that Rick has serious medical problems, and I have repeatedly explained what Rick’s medical problems are, and that but for his cardiologist, a Dr. McIvor, I think it’s spelled, Rick would be dead. I think Tim is having a very rough time accepting that he put such a sick man in jail for 117 days, I think it was Rick told me, where he nearly died because of lack of proper medical treatment.

Sloan Bashinsky, J.D., LLM (in Taxation), ex-practicing lawyer, who quit because practicing law was killing him, and his soul

Sloan at Coco's

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