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Dennis Ward

Our next previous State Attorney, Dennis Ward, above, emailed me yesterday about Rick Boettger’s Charles Emiers article in KONK Life, which I hijacked and reproduced in the Post-script of yesterday’s one of Key West’s many dispensable churches once again dispenses with tradition, manners and common nonsense, in favor of, hmmm … post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:


After reading Rick’s article it seems to me he’s a little disappointed in the “more qualified” State Attorney that he supported. Obviously, at that time he was in bed, and may still be in bed, with the corrupt officials the Office of the State Attorney prosecuted while I was in office.


I replied:

Hi, Dennis –

In the same vein, I wonder if Rick voted for Craig Cates or Margaret Romero in the last city mayor’s race? And, if so, has he gotten around yet to prosecuting himself for doing that, since they steadfastly sided with their police chief and his police officers involved in the Eimers case, including the officers who did not make it to the scene of the murder, but then participated in the cover up, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice? I wonder the same about anyone and everyone in Key West, who are upset about the Eimers case, and yet they voted for Cates or Romero. If they didn’t want to vote for me, which certainly would be understandable :-), they could have not voted in that race, for when they pulled the lever for either Cates or Romero, they approved what they were so upset about.

Just my opinion, your state attorney successor, that would be Catherine Vogel, and her two assistant state prosecutors, that would be Val Winter and Mark Wilson, whom she assigned to beguile the grand jury and guide it to return a no bill, instead of all of them doing a real investigation and coming back with indictments, followed by aggressive prosecution, all three should be prosecuted and convicted and put in prison, along with Florida Department of Law Enforcement special investigator Kathy Smith, and KWPD chief Donie Lee and his criminal police officers, and a number of FDLE honchos above Kathy Smith, and, based on what John Donnelly commented at the blue paper yesterday, perhaps the same for some US Department of Justice people.

But, my goodness, where would a person with authority to bring such a PROSECUTION be found, who had the legal authority and the balls to bring it? If DOJ is part of the cover up, perhaps that leaves, hmmm, old-fashioned methods: lynching, shooting, keel-hauling in shark-infested waters?

I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on winning the city council seat up there in the Village, which I still call Islamorada. And I’ve also been meaning to offer my sincere condolences :-).


Dennis wrote back:

I agree Sloan. And thanks for the congrats.

I replied:

One other thing about Boettger’s article. It fails to credit, and thank, Key West the Newspaper for everything Boettger used in his article.

I dropped by Naja and Arnaud Girard’s home yesterday [they publish Key West the Newspaper], to ask if they knew why the defense lawyer in the deposition said the case would never go to trial? Naja said she thought the defense lawyer meant the judge was going to dismiss the case. The Eimers family lawyer then disagreed with the defense lawyer. It’s been my sense all along that the best way to deal with this case is in the criminal justice system, but all due credit has to be given to the Horan law firm and the mainland law firm it associated in the plaintiff lawsuit, for joining Key West the Newspaper is leaving no stones unturned.

Naja mentioned that Boettger didn’t credit her and Arnaud with digging up and reporting all the stuff he had use his article. I said Guy deBoer, who runs KONK Life, is allergic to]anything bad being said about Key West – Guy’s a Conch [born in Key West native]. He’s like Mayor Cates in that regard. At least Guy let Rick’s article run. Naja agreed.

Onward and upward, except in Key West, upward is downward.


That same theme was in this FB thread yesterday:

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  • Dan Tomassi Who are we at war with? Did we bomb China or Iceland and I didn’t see it? You post Lies
  • Rich McKay Yeah Dan, I’m a big lier. Don’t take it so literally dude – the point is if it doesn’t have a central Rothschild bank, they tend to be our enemy – I know, it’s just coincidence, forgive me.
  • Bert Lee Sorry Rich. We’re not at war with China. We’re in the middle of gigantic trade deals with them… deals that overlook pollution and product toxicity.
  • Richard Whitesides we are in a political sense
  • Bert Lee As words placed side-by-side political and sense don’t work for me.
  • Bert Lee …and anyway, since when?
  • Richard Whitesides we been in political war with china since the 70’s
  • Bert Lee There’s some weird stuff going on with the updates of this post.
  • Bounce Margil why would anyone want to live in most of those countries…iran…syria…n korea…russia…venezuela….like their monetary system is not much better for their population
  • Dan Tomassi Rich you make these countries out to be desire able to live and a model for us to abide by. It might be inconsequential but it is the end affect
  • Robert Odell A goodly portion of the economic, and political problems that exist in some of these nations, is due to their unwillingness to comply with banksters demands.
  • Richard Whitesides thats all countries thay deal with rothschild bankster gangster
  • Rich McKay Dan, it’s not that I find them desirable as much as I applaud them for standing up to the Rothschild world banking monopoly. It is undeniable that, with this kind of economic power, they control the people – it is this power that I distrust.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Why, then, live in USA? Why not move to one of the brave independent countries? For a real fun tryst into Rothschildom, get a copy of the book, World Without Cancer. Don’t let the beginning turn you aside as seeming perhaps off topic. Keep reading; by the end of the book you may already have moved to one of the free world countries.
  • Robert Odell So Stan, you are saying you believe Fiat currency, and having your economy leached upon by bankers is a good thing for the population at large? That without banks draining the economy, civilization it would some how be less better off. I challenge you to show me how. Using those nations being held by hostage by bankers, and the international community, is not proof of your theory. It rather disproves it, IMHO. Would you rather stray off subject, and read a book on another subject.
  • Gweko W. Phlocker They Must BANK.


  • Sloan Bashinsky Robert Odel, who is Stan?
  • Robert Odell Sorry Sloan, I meant you. I was talking on the phone to my friend Stan while writhing this…LOL
  • Sloan Bashinsky Robert, I wondered if you meant me. I was sitting here bored this afternoon, so I scrolled down my through my FB and saw this from Rich McKay and, feeling a bit impish, I chimed in. The book I recommended because Rich’s thread seems to be rooted in and driven by the Rothschilds. Nice people, among other things, I read they financed Hitler and his goons and the Third Reich. But that’s not the most interesting part in the book, which is how the good old US of A was in on it up to its corporate chinny chin chin before, during and after the war. Quite good bedtime reading for Americans who actually still believe they can trust their government. Personally, even with a major in Economics in college, I have about zero interest in what banks are doing, or not doing. Perhaps because it’s all fucked up anyway and I don’t see anything can be done about it, or about anything else that’s all fucked up about national governments, US of A, or otherwise. The Roman Empire lasted a few thousand years, yes? And the Greek Empire about that, earlier? And the Persian Empire before that? And US of A has only been around about 250 years, and looks to me headed for implosion a lot sooner than those dynasties were a force on this planet. Hopefully, I’m age 72, I will be dearly or otherwise departed before that big shit hits the cosmic fan. Saying all this another way, I have more fun being an imp than trying to fix what I don’t see anything can fix, except perhaps a planet killing asteroid or comet strike. There are those who hold out for the Second Coming, or something kindred. Perhaps they will get their wish before they leave this life, and perhaps if they do get it, they will wonder why they wished for it in the first place?
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  • Robert Odell The way the bankers, set up Hitler, and the Bolshavics they are now doing in China. You are correct I am sorry to say. The US will be a shadow of it previous glory ,in the not too distant future..
  • Sloan Bashinsky I think the US already is a shadow of its former glory, which perhaps was over-estimated to begin with, given its kindness to African slaves and indigenous Americans – the phrase, “Karma’s a bitch”, could not be ringing more true today in US of A. And somehow the pinheads in charge in US of A, or who think they are in charge, actually the Rothschilds and their ilk, some might say the Illuminati, are in charge; but actually it’s a bit more cosmic, but that’s another matter altogether … Anyway, the pinheads who think they are in charge in US of A still view going to war as the holy grail of economics. The Russians got clobbered in Afghanistan over that notion, and later in the lower Soviet states, but now are coming back to what seems slightly more sane modus operandi: nibbling away at choice morsels of adjacent former Soviet states, while promising endless (seemingly) supply of oil and natural gas, while threatening to cut off same if the nibbling is not allowed, plus same threat to Western Europe, if it makes much fuss. Western Europe and NATO apparently are unable to function without Russian oil and natural gas, and now the Russians just made a mega deal, two mega deals, yes?, with China to sell them oil and natural gas for a long time? Or did I read that in a spy novel last night? I get spy novels mixed up with real spy stuff; sometimes there isn’t a whole lot of difference. Anyway, China has, what?, 5 times as many people as US of A? Stands to reason they are going to inherit the earth, if the Indians don’t beat them to it. I mean India.

Further continuing the upward is downward theme was email banter yesterday with Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, who continued our conversation reported in yesterday’s post about the local religious fanatic who has been having yet another go at me:

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan—definitely on Target——-double Cheers–Jerry

I replied:

I imagine, Jerry, were I to publish all of his and my recent back and forth emails, you might be inclined to put a label on him, which is in keeping with your long time practicing psychiatry. Fortunately, this is Key West, an open locked ward. More fortunately, Florida got rid of its public psychiatric hospitals. Alabama, too. Otherwise, you and I might never have met :-), cause I would be locked up elsewhere.

He seemed to come unhinged in his last email to me, after it had occurred to me “out the blue” (certainly angels had nothing to do with that :-), to bring up the lady who probably had first told him about me, his wife, or maybe his girlfriend, a talented artist, one of whose marvelous paintings I had purchased. I really liked her, she’d been reading my ravings since we first met, before I even knew of her husband, or boyfriend.

Anyway, she got onto me once about publishing some of his and my conversations, she said I wasn’t kind, criticizing his spiritual path. I replied to her that I called them as I see them, and given how he thought and related to me, I was surprised she was with him – wasn’t it a strain? (Short version of what I actually wrote to her.)

She and I kept bumping into each other as time passed, and she was always pleasant and said she still read me daily. Then one day I bumped into her and she was with another fellow, whom I never got to know. I think maybe she still is with him.

Anyway, when I wrote that to the fellow who was cyber stalking me was when he seemed to come unhinged, given how he replied to me.

I feel badly for him. He said he had an idyllic childhood, and replied that I wondered how he could have had that and be such a fanatic today? That seemed to unhinge him a bit, too.

I told the angels yesterday that I know they can help him, but will they? Do they have permission? Do they want to, if they have permission?

Like I said, it’s a good thing there are no locked wards; I’d be in one.


Jerry wrote back:

Sloan: you underestimate yourself —-that is problematic. There is no indication that you qualify for institutional care —unless it would be for a break from this semi-insane world we all experience—-Thoreau used Walden pond as his reclusive healing maneuver —-You and I could use a Walden Pond—delightful thought—-more truth than jest.
Have a decently good rest of the day !!—-good wishes ——-Jerry

I replied:

Well, Jerry, I don’t underestimate other people who are convinced I should be locked up, or at least muzzled, for their own good :-). And, in the past, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of people in your profession, who were of that same persuasion. I sometimes wonder how their karma turned out, or if they were allowed to skate?

I had a wonderful one-way conversation in my thoughts yesterday with my father’s widow about her high and mighty Christian she be nearer to God than any theeness and what a big surprise she is in for after her roll is called up yonder, or maybe it will be down yonder, but and despite her strong belief, in which perhaps billions, combined, of Christians, Catholics, Mormons and Muslims also believe as she does, my sense is God is love, not hate, and they have remade God in their own image, and fortunately for them God has not gone along with it.

Fortunately for me, too. For that very unhappy, injured lady, my stepmother, for quite some time has viewed me as the devil incarnate, as the result of my being the happy camper the angels seemed to take great delight in putting up to calling her on what turned out to be a multitude of not exactly Jesus-like behaviors is about as kindly as I can say it right now.

After which one-way conversation, I told the angels that surely was insane, me talking to her in that way, as if she was sitting right dead in front of me. I mean, that’s what crazy people do, yes? Talk to imaginary beings? But perhaps I overestimated my madness, because in a dream last night, an old fishing friend from Birmingham seemed to be chomping at the bit to skin and filet a kinda gnarly not all that big of a fish, rather small actually, which, on waking, I supposed might be my self-righteous Christian stepmother.

She once was just an unhappy, unpleasant woman without the religious infection. One day, though, she was getting into her car in the garage of my father’s home, and something happened, she slipped and fell and the car started rolling, maybe she had gotten in and started the engine, and then she remembered she had forgotten something and got out of the car to go fetch it and didn’t think to put the car into park. Anyway, she wad lying on the concrete and the car was rolling toward her and, shazam!, she knew the devil was doing that and trying to kill her and in that moment she had a flash conversion and was saved by Jesus, somehow, from the devil now driving her car, and she must have thought herself really special to be saved by Jesus from the devil in that way, and the rest, as they say, became history.

I once met a psychiatrist in Birmingham, a fellow author, who was born and raised in India in his previous life before coming to the States. He had written a book based in his experiences treating people who were afflicted with what he termed “religiosity”. Perhaps I should have paid him to pay my stepmother a visit, but then, that might have not been a kind thing for me to do to him, since he seemed like a pretty okay guy.

Based on what I’ve heard plenty of from people who worked many years for my father’s company, then they retired, and then my father passed over and my stepmother took over running the business, she is loathed and feared by the company management and rank and file employees today. And she is oblivious of how they feel.

When someone down here asked me about her the other day, I said, as far as I have seen over the years, the only people who like her are people making money off of her. He said, pretend to like her, and I said that’s my sense of it. I heard heap earfuls about her from people living in Isalmorada, where my father had a second home. The only people who had anything kind to say about her were being paid by her or my father for various services rendered.

And yet even she is loved by God.

And that’s my dilemma :-).

Well, I wonder what the angels now will serve up to me for their amusement?




I did have my own Walden, on Little Torch Key. I lived there from March 2006 through through March 2007, when I was reassigned by the angels to Key West. And again from March 2010-August 2013, when I was reassigned to be there again, before yet again being reassigned to Key West.

Although I loved my Walden in the woods next to a state wildlife refuge in a condemned subdivision where no more new homes could be built, because the area was too environmentally sensitive to have been developed in the first place, it was not a healing time as far as I could tell. At least, I did not feel I was being healed while I was there. I felt I was being worked to death by the angels and by the shit of this world they dished up for me do deal with ongoing, and by my own karma, mostly well deserved.

It didn’t, and still doesn’t matter where I am located, the angels give me no rest beyond a brief breather at some point in time during each 24-hour span. A nap and dreams yesterday afternoon provided yesterday’s breather. I awoke in a state of grace, then it wasn’t long before the shit started getting shoveled my way again.

The irony on top of the irony is, if I had not bought Walden, for which I paid way too much, then took a huge loss when I was forced to sell it in August 2013, to have money to live on, I would be flush with money right now. So, all in all, right now, in this moment, I’m thinking yet agian that I was insane to buy that land and trailer, even though when I bought it, I was positive that was precisely what the angels wanted me to do.

Putting me on the razor’s edge is their modus operandi with me going back to shortly after they came calling in early 1987. For telling that story once, I got locked up in a psychiatric ward and would have stayed locked up but for the angels finally mounting a rescue operation.

They also gave me a younger spirit-gifted, work-disabled woman, about whom I write from time to time, to look after and keep from being homeless. Had I declined that, I also would be flush with money today, but all along it was my view that I needed to do it, if I knew what was good for me. As in, or else, I would not like the consequences of not supporting her. Rest assured, I have friends who view my supporting her as insanity on my part. And I bet it would be easy to find an unlimited supply of psychiatrists who would readily agree.

Just as readily, I imagine, they would diagnosis Jesus in the Gospels as insane, if they put aside their religious views, if they are Christians, and if they put aside their political correctness. So the dilemma continues. How to be in this world when I apparently no longer am of it but am still doing time on it?


And to add to the waaaa!, hoping it just ain’t so, I’m wondering if I’m to summarize yet again for all the world to see, or ignore, my stepmother’s most accomplished tramplings of Jesus and God, which I personally witnessed and was used by the angels to call her out on even before I knew angels were pushing me to do it? And then after I knew? I might let that slide today, hoping it just ain’t so that I have to do it yet again.



Jerry wrote back:

SLOAN: 2 books I would recommend to you : “WHAT DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK”, by Richard P. Feyman—not an ordinary person–beyond brilliant–the one closest to EINSTEIN in absolute intellect–a Physicist –absolutely essential to the success of the Manhattan Project—-I tried to get his lectures at CAL TECH —Amazon has them for $134 bucks–
I will still try—the most classic ever written—–Then THE MEANING OF HUMAN EXISTENCE—E>O. Wilson Professor emeritus–at Harvard (Pulitzer prize winner) wrote at least 40 books –most respected biologist on the planet—RAISED IN ALABAMA raised Baptist —–aged 92 —–DENOUNCES organized religiosity —-in a sophisticated —fierce way—arguments are unassailable !! these will enrich your life and get my message to you across.. Horribly busy day CHEERS, CHEERS Jerry
( take my advice ) –last message untill 3 AM ________________Jerry

I replied:

Thanks, Jerry –

Years ago, the angels cured me of worrying about what other people think of me. It was a hell of a transition, especially regarding how my father thought about me. But I was gotten over it.

Kudos for the esteemed biologist raised Baptist in Alabama. My father and his father were Baptists. Not sure being in on the Manhattan project turned out so well for humanity. The angels told me Christianity is the Anti-Christ, because it claims Jesus as Lord, but does not live as he told people to live.

It appears the meaning of my existence is trying to stay in the good graces of Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek. All the rest might be glitter that is not gold, even though I still think I might like some of the glitter.

I will see how it goes in dreams re my reading the two books you recommended.




Lucy and football

this past Friday evening, I was treated to a lovely dinner at upscale fine dining Camille’s in Key West, by a fellow I sometimes feature in my daily ravings. I was reluctant to accept his offer, because he is not easy to deal with much of the time and there have been times when I wished he would simply forget I exist. But the evening went splendid, we had great and fun conversation for about an hour and a half, which may or may not have  the nearby other diners and the wait staff.

This fellow never heard of politically correct, he is rich as creases, he is uncanny at figuring out how to make a lot of money really fast, and he is paid a handsome salary by the US Department of Defense to not come to work and to not blow the whistle on the local Navy base again, where he worked many years fixing their broken radars. His life story should be written down and published. I pick him to do it, since it’s his life story. I’m writing down my life story, at www.goodmorningkeywest,com, www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com and www.goodmorningbirmingham.com.

That said, this fellow can be a total jerk, and when the wonderful meal and conversation ended, he proved it, by saying I should go talk to the owner of the bookstore on Fleming Street about making arrangements with him to let me sleep in the front doorway and protect his bookstore at night, after I run out of money and have to live on the street again. I said the cops don’t let people sleep in doorways any more, but that bookstore’s doorway is where I slept when I did live on the street. He said he knew that. I said, yeah, and we could do booksignings for my books which never made me a living; I don’t seem to know how to make money, and our conversation and evening are finished, I’m out of here. Bye. I got up and left.

Jerk is too kind. He is malicious, and God loves him anyway, and that’s my dilemma. And everyone’s dilemma.

Meanwhile, and he knew this when he made that suggestion, my landlady says she doesn’t want me to leave. She has a small bedroom I can rent for $300 a month, instead of the larger bedroom I am renting for $850 a month, which has its own private bath and is the choice rental in her home. Using the small bedroom, I will have access to the common full bathroom and the common half bathroom, and the common outside shower, which has hot water, and the kitchen and the rest of the home and grounds, which are lovely.

My Social Security retirement benefits, after Medicare is deducted, is a little over $700 a month. I can get by, barely, paying $300 a month rent and using the other $400 on food, soap, tooth paste, ibuprofen, toilet paper, the public laundry, etc. A far sight better than having no money and sleeping in doorways and on piers, park benches and beaches again. And a far sight better than spending nights at KOTS and being in Florida Keys Outreach Coalition’s residency program, both of which I did in Key West as part of getting my field residency in homelessness and city politics and one human family hypocrisy. I did my psychiatry residency in much the same way. That’s how I learn best, by experiencing what I’m to learn. Reading books and talking to people is a way to get information, but it is not the same as learning, in my opinion.

I know there are people who are itching to tell me to get a low-paying real job. If they lived in my skin, they would know I could not do any low-paying secular job they dreamed up for me to do. I am doing the work I am able to do, for which I am paid no money. This job taxes me to my limits, and there is no way I can stop doing it while I am still breathing. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Peter had the same predicament in the Gospels and thereafter.


work mule

Sloan Bashinsky


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