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On yesterday’s popular Coconut Telegraph forum,

vote for EleanorDear Citizens of Monroe County,

Early voting has arrived, and I hope that all registered voter will exercise their right and vote in this election, but just think about this before you pull the lever. My opponent has not carried his district in the last 2 elections. He has been pushed upon us by the old guard of years ago. Does he care about the little people, is what you need to ask yourself. He has insisted that the Cudjoe Wasterwater system is the best system for the area, and yet we are seeing that this in not true, Slowly, but surely, the truth and changes that should have been in the original plan are being implemented. So consider this when voting: do you want more of the fiscal irresponsibility that we have seen in the last year or do you want your money spent more wisely? Are you willing to waste more of your hard earned tax dollars on, let say:

The Hickory House which was a 1.1 million dollar loss along with all those years of land taxes not being paid.

Boat pump outs which is costing you $327,000.

Tugboat Tilly will cost the homeowners up to $500,000 to remove from the bottom of the ocean and all the other derelict vessels.

SUFA cost you at least $45,000 for the payout and who knows how much for the County to create its case in manpower hours. Possibly up to $200,000.

Deep well injection $5-8 million additional, when it should have been in the original plan.

Purchasing Rowell Marine for more then assessed value.

If you can afford this much wasted tax dollars in one year, then vote for the incumbent.

My opponent says I know nothing about government. I know this much, the government of this nation was created by the people and for the people. Not just the select few people. He says I never go to the meetings. He’s is right. I work a full time job just like the majority of our citizens and I understand the expense of living here in the county and paying mortgage, flood and wind policies. Most county meetings occur in the middle of the day, so only a select few can attend. He says I took up the same issues as in the primary: Term limits and contract bidding just to name a few. Yes I did, as they are continuing issues and have not been resolved. We need other issues resolved too, like employee housing and affordable housing. Is anyone out their worrying about our water supply with all the development that is occurring? As issues arise I will examine them with the eye of a single mom and ask myself, how does this help our citizens? what benefits does it have for us? what is the best possible and most cost effective way to address the issue?

Commissioner Kolhage should not have to be the champion of our district, but we are grateful that he is. If you want someone with the wisdom and common sense of Mr. Kolhage to work for you, then vote for me, Eleanor McAdams, and allow me to help you save Paradise.


Eleanor McAdams

Eleanor McAdams’ opponent is George Neugent,

George Neugent

against whom I ran in 2006 and in 2010. George now is running for his 5th consecutive 4-year term, after claiming during the 2010 campaign that, win or lose, it was the last time he would run. George’s campaign slogan that year was: PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT

I am not against the county providing pumpout services for liveaboard boats; in fact, I believe that is necessary, but liveaboards should pay for pumping out, just like all Keys property owners pay for sewerage collection and treatment.

As for Tugboat Tilly, I personally saw the email sent by Naja and Arnaud Girard, who co-publish Key West the Newspaper, to all the county commissioners, warning them the Tilly was going to sink in the channel if it was not towed to port. And I read the email George Neugent fired back, beating up on the Girards for bothering him and the county commissioners with the Tilly, which soon did sink in the channel.

I also read a number of emails from George to lower Keys constituents, blasting them for bothering him about grinder pumps, claiming he was a pump expert, he knew all he needed to know about pumps, and grinder pumps were great.

Finally, I weighed into a grinder pump email back and forth between George and Dump the Pumps members, and told George: if grinder pumps are so much cheaper than, and as environmentally sound as, the gravity sewer system, then he and the other county commissioners would have told Florida Keys Aqueduct (FKAA) to use grinder pumps wherever feasible in Cudjoe Regional Sewer District. Not to do that would have been a waste of taxpayer money and malfeasance by the county commissioners.

George’s reply email was interesting; he really wasn’t a pump expert, he was relying on FKAA to advise the county. FKAA already had told the county that it preferred gravity, wherever feasible. But gravity cost more up front, and the county commission wanted a cheaper system, so FKAA designed a cheaper sewer system relying heavily on grinder pumps.

The gravity sewer system, although more expensive to install, has a lot less moving parts, and lasts probably 75 years; whereas, the expected life of a grinder pump is claimed to be 10 years. The president of the Big Pine ARRP chapter told me a few months ago, that he has a home in Wisconsin, as I recall, near a lake. That subdivision has grinder pumps. He said his grinder pump was buried in water, and he was on his third grinder pump in, as I recall, 13 years. Most of the Cudjoe Regional grinder pumps are/will be buried in water. Saltwater.

All sewer transport lines spring leaks. Leaks in shallow-buried grinder pump transport lines spew raw sewerage outward into the surrounding environment, and the leaks cannot be detected, thus cannot be fixed. Whereas, gravity transport lines are buried below the water table, and transport line leaks spring inward and sewerage does not escape into the surrounding ecosystem. Gravity line leaks can be and are detected and fixed.

All of the above was made known to George Neugent, the Republican candidate. Eleanor McAdams is the Democrat candidate.

I pulled this from the Monroe County Supervisor of Election’s website:

Active Registered Voters – 10/13/2014

Democrats – 16,994
Republicans – 18,765
Independents – 15,577

Easily, Florida Keys Democrats and the Independents can elect Eleanor McAdams in the November 4 general election. Maybe just as easily, the readers of the popular Coconut Telegraph can elect Eleanor. To follow the Coconut Telegraph, you’d think about 99 percent of its readers do not care for career elected officials.

Also on Cudjoe Regional Sewer District,

dump the pumps

a praise report forward from the President of Dump the Pumps, Inc:

Popeye 10/21/14

To Dump the Pumps, members, associates and friends,

Many of you continue to ask what is going on with the shallow/deep well issue. Below is information that may answer some questions.

Some want to know if this will impact any of the Grinder Pump issues. For now action on the well issue should not impact the grinder issue.


From: balkany@________
Sent: 10/21/2014 8:09:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: shallow sewage wells agreed to for Cudjoe? Not!!!!!! Please read on…..

Dear Neighbors:

You may have seen various newspaper articles indicating that a settlement about the deep well litigation is close to being reached, allowing the shallow wells to be used for sewage effluent until levels of nitrogen and other contaminants are detectable in monitoring wells being built by FKAA. This is totally inaccurate. Almost as inaccurate as monitoring wells. Almost as inaccurate as the newspaper articles. The articles make it seem that the deep well will be drilled, but what DigDeepCudjoe proposed and FKAA took to the BOCC was for a 5 year study that might or might NOT result in a deep well. Other environmentalists I have spoken with about DigDeep’s proposal have called it ‘the Cave in at Dig Deep’ and a total farce scientifically.

DigDeep’s proposal has NOT been approved by the petitioners in the litigation. There IS no agreement.

The so called agreement was the result of a private meeting between Jan Edelstein, for DigDeepCudjoe, and Kirk Zuelch for FKAA which was not authorized by petitioners or their attorneys; we didn’t even know about the so-called settlement until after it was already being touted by Kirk Zuelch to the media and the BOCC.

Rest assured, there is no such agreement. DigDeep doesn’t speak for any of the petitioners or for their counsel. It is not a party to the litigation. I’m sure their intentions were good. I don’t know why they did this, but petitioners’ counsel were not involved and there is no agreement.

We continue to prepare for the hearing. We will attend the formal settlement meeting on November 7 between the parties to the litigation and will do our best to reach an agreement on behalf of all petitioners that gets us the deep well as soon as possible. For those of you who haven’t yet sent in your petitions supporting the deep well, we need them now more than ever. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks. Caron Balkany

Down in the Key West wing of the loony bin, Christine Russell continued our discussion reported in yesterday’s we have met the enemy, and we are it – Key West sweat lodge, and beyond post at

Christine Russell

Hey Sloan –

I only hope you find somewhat of an inner pace one day. It is not an all or nothing thing, but it is possible to have either more or less turmoil in ones life. Today the world is such a screwed up place that it is difficult to find peace of mind and a better life anywhere – but I can tell you it does exist. Don’t go looking for a perfect life – that does not exist, but a better one does.

About the votes you have gathered in past elections – you can lead horses to water and they may just stand there – maybe that is because it is a different looking water trough than they are used to. Maybe that old trough had holes in it and would not hold water, but the horses may have kept returning to it because it is all they knew. Humans are the same way – they keep doing the same thing over and over agin – but expect different results.

Anyway Sloan – have some fun along this journey we call life :-) Like I said life is short and many of us believe you only get to do this once. If we get to do it again, I definitely want to come back as one of my dear friends Harry, my deceased cat, or Black Dog, my long gone black dog – now that would be a good life :-)

The best to you Sloan-

I replied:

Thanks, Christine, hope your life goes to your liking –

If we only get to do this once …

Mine has been a seriously upside down ass backwards getting the shit kicked out of me life, for the most part. Yesterday continued the trend; today seems slated for more of same. I swan, the angels should have gotten themselves another poster child, if they wuz hoping to gain new recruits.

Anyone who voted for Craig Cates, or even for Margaret Romero, in the recent mayor’s race, wanted to see Key West stay much the same, which is okay with me – I might really like this city, if I weren’t so poisoned inside and jaded by its politics. And with little wampum, I’m stuck here, even if there is somewhere else I’d rather be instead.

Had a lovely conversation yesterday with a homeless woman I know pretty well. Not unlike some other homeless people I have known, she doesn’t get on well with other people in close quarters, never has stayed at KOTS, is terrified by stories she hears from people who do stay there. When she doesn’t have shelter provided by people who live inside, she sleeps outside. Yesterday, mostly rain all day, was a great day for her and other homeless people.

Anyway, she said she’d been sleeping outside for 6 weeks under a tree on a city right of way in Old Town. Around 1 a.m., she was awakened by flashlights in her face. Two KW police cruisers, two police officers. What was she doing there? Sleeping. She can’t do that. Why not? She’s not on private property. She’s not bothering anybody. She can’t sleep there. Okay.

She struggles to get up, she still is recovering from hip surgery. She reaches for her walking cane hanging on the handlebar of her bicycle. One officer pulls his gun, aims it at her, says not to touch that stick. She says its not a rifle, it’s a walking cane, she needs it to walk, which is true. Dripping wet, she weights maybe 90 pounds. I guess she’s around 60 years old.

They tell her to go to KOTS. It’s 1 a.m. She tells them that, and she cannot get in there that late, and, due to her hip, she cannot pedal her bicycle that far in any event. She leaves, wondering where she will now sleep at night.

It rains all day yesterday. She has the rainsuit I gave her, which I found at Home Depot. She says it does okay until it gets really wet, then it starts leaking, which all rain gear, which breathes, does. But she’s glad she has it.

She says, earlier yesterday, she saw a homeless man with no shoes. She asked where were his shoes? He said he spent the previous night a KOTS. In his sleep, someone stole his shoes. The only shoes he had. She says no way she will ever stay at KOTs.

She said the last car she had was destroyed in Hurricane Wilma’s tidal surge, which killed about 10,000 cars and trucks in Key West. She decided after Wilma not to get another car. So she didn’t renew her driver’s license, but she kept it as identification, the only identification she had.

She says, not all that long ago, she was accosted by a Key West police officer for simply being alive, is how it sounded. He asked if she had any ID? She said just an expired local driver’s licence. He asked to see it. She pulled it out and handed it to him. He called it in, the police station ran it, did not find she was a wanted criminal or escaped convict. She asked for the driver’s licence back. He said he wasn’t giving it back. Why not, it’s the only ID she has. He said they can keep expired driver’s licenses. Go get a new one. She said that will cost her $60. He kept the license.

She asked what was the deal with that cop? I said he is an asshole. Garbage, she said. Yeah, he’s garbage, I said.

She has told me lots of stories like that, involving city cops. She does not say they all are like that, but she seems to draw the ones who are.

I left her thinking, well, I’m running out of money. Maybe what I need to do next is be homeless in Key West, again. Start hanging out with homeless people part of each day, again. Gathering up these kind of stories and publishing them. Maybe it will get my dander up, cause me to want to be here, just to keep reminding people what their mayor and city commissioners and city really are like. It’s the citizens and those elected officials’ police doing that sort of shit to the city’s homeless people, so it’s them, too.


Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s we have met the enemy, and we are it – Key West sweat lodge, and beyond post at

psychiatrist interviews

One never knows what prize —some are unlikely candidates and win like James A Michener for Tales of the South Pacific –no one knew him or even read the slim volume. yet one women loved the book on the board –“National Book award” 1111 she pushed it through.–on the Durante’s should have easily won the Nobel but did not— (the author in a dead faint)

Not to worry –when there are promising medications like a vaccine before all the testing is done—they are labeled experimental and if the patient signs a waver form usually they can receive the med. under testing conditions.—this saves the company money and maybe the patient’s life.————-you are up early buzzing around—have an interesting day—-Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry –

I’d be in a dead faint if someone emailed that something I had written was in the running for the Nobel, for literature. Can’t imagine writing a better novel than HEAVY WAIT, for which I’d have to give heaps of credit to angels, which might be its death knell in the final Nobel tally. Ditto, if got nominated, I’d have to drag the angels into it.

After Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, while still waging G.W. Bush’s two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, my bowel shut down for a month. I figured Obama got the award for his father being African. Only after a violent poem erupted out of me during a Key West Poetry Guild meeting, ripping Obama to shreds, did my bowel resume operations. I wanted to do an operation on Obama, like vaporize him.

Over breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s a little while ago, I struck up a conversation with the fellow sitting beside me about a FOX News interview with the US Surgeon General under the G.W. Bush administration, which I was watching on Harpoon Harry’s TV.

The doctor said Dallas Presbyterian really messed up by not using the full protective regimen for its medical staff tending to the Liberian Ebola patient. What didn’t get done was the two women medical staff, who later ended up with Ebola, were not told, or required, to protect their skin when they were tending to the Ebola patient. That sounds incredible, but that’s what the former Surgeon General said.

And, he said, of course that opened the hospital up to serious lawsuits for damages to those two women. But even worse, he said, the hospital failed to provide safety for its own people, which should have been done without even thinking of getting sued for not providing the safety.

Then, it got interesting. Asked about Ebola being weaponized and brought into America by infected terrorists, the former Surgeon General said they (he and the Bush Administration) had talked about that ten years ago, and how they might head it off. Ten years ago, they talked about it. Ten years they did not try to head it off by creating a vaccine.

I told the fellow sitting beside me that, two weeks ago, I wrote in my website about terrorists being infected with Ebola, and getting on an airplane before symptoms began and flying to America, landing in New York City and, after symptoms began, they started walking the streets, eating in restaurants, riding subways.

The fellow said he’d had much the same thought when he first heard of Ebola being allowed into America by CDC.

I asked the fellow if he knew how long the Ebola incubation period was? He said he thought seven days.

He said he’s glad he’s in Key West. I said an Ebola terrorist could get on a cruise ship before symptoms began, be in Key West the next day, get off the ship and start walking around and infect lots of people, who would carry it all over America, and then are the cruise ship passengers who do not show symptoms for seven days, by then they are home, wherever that is.

The fellow was not looking all that thrilled.

I said it’s worse than that. Instead of getting infected overseas, terrorists come into America carrying a vial of Ebola, which they drink after getting situated in America. I suppose such a thing could be done. Then, the terrorists head to the selected place to start infecting other people after symptoms begin. No seaport in America is safe from that kind of attack, nor any city with an international airport.

The fellow said he sure was glad we’d had that conversation. I asked, are we having fun yet? He smiled, then beat it.

Perhaps the Nobel honchos should go to the west African countries and meet people who actually deserve the Nobel, people in the trenches, trying to save people already infected with Ebola. People who are there because they are called to be there, or because they were born there and did not run away. That excludes US troops sent there by President Obama, who should have led that charge, physically. As she should have led his troops, physically, in Iraq and Afghanistan. And in Syria. Turkey. Etc.

Nap time.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: a vaccine should have been governmentally sponsored years ago; plus a team from the CDC sent to the Dallas hospital or where -ever Ebola is appearing –teams should be ready. on stand by—- if I were running things that would be my plan !!! Jerry
I would definitely help west Africa with teams and aid.

I replied:

And you already would have the vaccine in plentiful supply :-)

In Key West’s plentiful supply department yesterday:

ugly chicks think

I Love my new Wyatt Hurts T shirt….

A really nice guy told me she was his wife ….
So I asked if I could get a picture!
I’m SURE, I wont be the last..
PRICELESS ! — with Robert James Mathison at Viva Zapata.

Back to the beauty parlor (dirty old man) department,


I didn’t shave yesterday or the day before. Clean-shaven for the past 13 months don’t seem to have changed a thing in my life. I hate shaving. I like having a beard.

SloanSloan at Smathers BeachSloan and balloons smallerSloan the bad

I wonder if the angels will beat me up about this, too?

Meanwhile, a bit more Facebook Racebook beauty parlor frolic yesterday.

we have met the enemy 2

“we have met the enemy, and we are it – Key West sweat lodge, and beyond”

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Sloan Bashinsky

  • Bradley Donn Bonifield Sloan,so do you have any body paint left ? beaR
  • Brenda Garcia Body paint Sloan do you paint your body lol I like the picture that is so true.
  • Sloan Bashinsky never had body paint, that I recall
  • Sloan Bashinsky but I have a mask and a dress – I bought the mask off a Fantasy Fest artist in 2007, and the dress at the Salvation Army in 2008 so I could attend a “Girls Night Out” event with Sandy Downs, whose idea it was for me to get a dress and attend.

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
  • Sloan Bashinsky The mask-in-dress and other photos werre taken by Richard Watharwax, a noted KW photographer, in 2009, which Sandy arranged and paid for. She also did this mischief, which she ran on her dime for a few weeks in Key West the Newspaper that same year.

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.

Meanwhile, rain is forecast until the weekend, and that ain’t making the folks counting on Fantasy Fest making wampum for them happy.

mary-jane.jpgmarijuana plant

I bet marijuana growing all over everywhere in Key West would love this rain, if marijuana was growing all over everywhere Key West.

Sloan angel

Sloan Bashinsky

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