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Some things simply cannot be recounted in a straight line, and some things are just ugly and there is no way to tell it pretty.

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In yesterday’s red-headed stepchildren are kinda like elephants in the living room, Key West and U.S. wannabe president race post at, I provided a history of KOTS, Key West’s  homeless shelter, which never will be told by Key West city officials, who even to this day claim the city built KOTS to try to help homeless people.

KOTS Sheriff's viewKOTS2KOTSKOTS dorm

Later yesterday, I recalled more juicy morsels I should have included in the KOTS history, and I added them to what I had written and made all of that into a “Somewhat Different Documents History of Key West’s Homeless Shelter” static page at

Here’s the backstory to those posts:

Friday last, a Key West amiga – W – asked me how my lady Kari was doing? W keeps up with my ravings at, where I have reported many times about Kari, and about Kari and me.

Sloan & Kari Ft. Zach 3Sloan Zach 2

I said Kari was mostly over her colon surgery and faced moving out that day of the church where she was being allowed to recuperate, and living on the street again. W knew Kari was banned for life from KOTS, Key West’s homeless shelter, meaning Kari would be sleeping in the wild at night, again, something no woman ever wants to do in Key West, if she is still in her right mind. 

Besides the usual predators – mosquitoes and other bugs; mice and rats; inclement weather; harassing police officers; people out walking their nosy, or aggressive, dogs; people who enjoy harassing homeless people, or worse – homeless women endure homeless and non-homeless men hitting on them, or worse.

W then said Mike Tolbert is an asshole. (Mike manages KOTS.) W said Mike’s wife Patti Jo also is an asshole. Before they ran Daddy Bones BBQ, Patti Jo stole from the place she then worked; then Patti Jo and Mike stole from the fellow who owned Daddy Bones.

I said I’d heard the same. However, Mike and Patti Jo were that fellow at Daddy Bones’ business partners. They put up the sweat equity, ran the restaurant, he provided the money, until Daddy Bones went out of business after all of the hotels closed on North Roosevelt Blvd, because of the long complete redo of that road. I knew that from Mike and Patti Jo, and from eating a lot of meals at Daddy Bones.

I did not tell W a former male KOTS client had told me it was known all over Key West Mike and Patti Jo had stolen from the business partner and Daddy Bones, and after being hired by KOTS as a monitor, Mike had made up stories about the manager of KOTS, to get him fired so Mike could be the KOTS manager.

Below are photos of Daddy Bones and Mike and Patty Joe out front.

Daddy Bones

Mike and Patti Jo Tolbert

Last Friday, seven days ago, Kari moved out of the church. 

A couple of days later, Patti Jo came to me in a nap dream, mad as hell, screaming at me like a banshee, but no sound came out of her mouth.


Banshee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a member of one of the prominent Gaelic families, usually by shrieking or keening.

The next day, May 24, I wrote in the What America most needs is a whole lot more pussy, and I don’t mean the kind foremost on Donald Trump’s little teenage boy mind, nor do I mean Hillary post at

“Leaving out the details, Kari is sinking, and because of the details, or my not being able to sort them all out, and she’s really strapped for money right now, cannot afford to pay for showers, she declined my offer this morning to buy her a shower card for a month, because I won’t give her money for anything else. She gets enough money per month from her mother, with a good food stamp card allowance, and a food bank and a soup kitchen to get by, if she is conservative with her spending. It’s ripping me apart inside and my soul, and seems to be tearing her up, too. I’ve been with several extraordinary women, one at a time, the angels arranged for me to meet, starting late 1986, after I moved away from Birmingham. Kari is the most extraordinary of them all. I do not mean extraordinary in just the human sense, of course.”

That night, I saw this reader reply in moderation at

Jack off

Hey Sloan , I hear kari got juiced up and attacked you . NOW YOU KNOW WHY SHE IS NOT WELCOME IN THE SHELTERS!

I musta been brain dead not to recognize the Jack off “logo” and the sender’s name.

I did not clear the comment from moderation, but drafted a reply in a private email. Then I called Kari and read to her Stephens’ email and my  tentative response. Kari said Mike Tolbert had to be behind Stephens’ email. I agreed. Kari said it was okay for me to send my email to Stephens, which did, with a blind copy to myself.

sloan bashinsky <>


BCC Sloan Bashinsky

May 24 at 9:50 PM

Kari has never attacked me physically, nor has she ever acted like she as going to do that, nor has she ever threatened to do it. Sorry to disappoint.

My dreams that night left me feeling I was to address this in a heavy way with Stephens and Tolbert, in a post at – but how? The next morning when she called me, Kari described a dream of the same night, in which she was looking up at lots of faces staring down at her, very old faces, saying among themselves, “What are we going to do with her?” Then they spoke in languages she did not understand, and then the dream ended.

Later that day, I remembered Jack off was a “logo” I had seen used by a woman friend of Mike Tolbert to attack Kari and me in reader comments at I went to my website and found those comments still in plain view, from Jay Stephens, who had claimed to be a woman friend of Mike. Jay Stephens came at me on Facebook and at like a banshee. Another woman, claiming to be Stephens’ friend, followed suit. Mike welcomed them with open arms.

Yesterday afternoon, I bumped into City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, a local lawyer, also my personal lawyer and good friend. Sam had received considerable favorable mention in the KOTS part of yesterday’s red-headed stepchildren are kinda like elephants in the living room, Key West and U.S. wannabe president race post at

Sam Kaufman candidate 2


Sam tells me from time to time that he reads my ravings at Yesterday, I told him to be sure to go there and open and read the new page about KOTS, in which he gets considerable mention. He said he would do that, and he is still really not happy with what’s going on at KOTS.

In a wee hours dream this morning, Sam came to me and said Kari and I had gotten together, and to proceed. On waking, I took that as a GO from the angels, for me to PROCEED.

Mud Dawg's guardian angel

As for Kari and me, I have not seen her, her choice, since Friday a week ago, the day she was made to move out of the little church in which she was allowed to stay in a rear efficiency apartment while she recovered from having 10 inches of her colon removed. There were serious complications arising out of the surgeon having to cut through Kari’s stomach muscles, which resulted in a large and painful hematoma forming over her colon area. The surgeon had to eventually massage and milk the hematoma through one of the surgical wounds, to drain it. Only then did Kari start to mend and regain her appetite. Then, she was run out of the church.

Plenty of things were going on in the church, which should not be going on, and Kari was reporting every bit of it, as was I to a lesser degree, from an exorcist priest’s perspective, to the woman who owned the church; the deed was in her name, and the church’s business license with the city was in her name. It was crystal clear to me Kari was being used by the angels as a lightning rod in that church, and when the congregants and the ministers had taken all the lightning they could stand, they leaned on Kari’s friend and she caved in and told Kari to leave the church and never come back there.

That happened about a week after I went into the church and prayed out loud, in the name of the Christ, for a will of God intervention into everyone using that church; they all needed it. Then, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, with their faces on fire, came to Kari in a dream. Then, all hell broke loose in that little church. Everyone using it got to choose between God and the Devil, and they all chose the Devil.

Three days ago, I prayed in the name of the Christ for a will of God intervention into Mike and Patti Jo Tolbert, Jay Stephens and the other Tolbert female disciple; KOTS; the city mayor and six city commissioners and city manager and police chief and his entire police force; the sheriff and all of his deputies and jail staff; any and every person who had dealings with Kari Dangler after she moved to Key Largo many years ago; and myself.

Around 9 a.m. today, while I was out and about on my bicycle, I bumped into W, who was introduced early in this post. I asked her if there had been a special reason the other day for her to blast Mike Tolbert like she had done? Had something happened to cause her to do that? She said, no; just that he’s an asshole and she really doesn’t like him – and he and Patti Jo are swingers, and they try to get women to come over to their place and have sex with them.

When I spoke with Kari on the telephone yesterday, briefly, she said she had been in the dollar store the night before, and Patti Jo was in there running a cash register in the checkout line, which I had seen Patti Jo doing many times I was in the dollar store. Kari said when Patti Jo checked out customers, she handed them their change in bulk, instead of counting it out to them. Kari said she wondered if Patti Jo was shortchanging customers?

I once considered Mike and Patti Jo good friends. But after meeting Kari, and then myself staying many nights at KOTS, starting last summer, I heard lots of people, including many KOTS clients and a couple of KOTS monitors, and Key West city employees speak poorly of Mike. The only people who spoke well of him to me were Patti Jo and the two banshees. Banshees, or witches.

In all fairness to Mike, many times have I heard Kari speak far worse of me than I ever heard her speak of him and Patti Jo. But not once did Kari physically attack me, act like she was going to physically attack me, or threaten to physically attack me. Her mouth hurt me plenty. Death I would have welcomed. Still welcome. Alas, the angels ain’t cooperating.

 Mark Twain on lightning

struck by lightning

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