open revolt against criminalizing people who feed homeless people; psychiatrist says there exists no Republic Party; mystic says America doomed by its war addiction and money worship; treating addicts and Vietnam war reparations; allegations of Satanic sex of children in Key West and lower Florida Keys churches update


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Vicious van dweller criminal Victor below dropped a beauty into my Facebook timeline yesterday:

Victor Clarke

Victor Clarke shared a photo to your timeline.
The Hunger Site's photo.

Adding insult to injury. Unbelievable.

July 2

Along similar lines, Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, copied me with his letter to the editor, I added the definition and the pic.

  1. 1.
    (of a form of government, constitution, etc.) belonging to, or characteristic of a republic.
  1. 1.
    a person advocating or supporting republican government.
  2. 2.
    a member or supporter of the Republican Party.


attention: Editor Gary Maitland–Letter to the Editor

On Saturday, July 4, 2015 5:58 PM, Jerry Weinstock <> wrote:

There exists No Republic Party

The supreme court decision upholding the heart of the Affordable Care Act was vital to millions of Americans who need subsidies to bolster their health insurance. Taking care of the widowed, abject poor, disabled and disadvantaged is brutally meaningless as the contemporary ideological presidential candidates press to compete in their degree of expressed repugnance to the Affordable Care Act. Multitudes of bills to disassemble the act have been put forward in congress, both house and senate, in the last week of June to accomplish the shredding of health care and Medicare and Medicaid. Law suits against repealing a citizens right to possess health insurance are working their way through the legal labyrinth. Death, suffering and insecurity for humans is this barbarous, savagery promulgated by the ideological right wing House of Representative. It is a modern day merciless holocaust..

The republican party has been captured by a deformation of reality and has been replaced by an ideology. In summary, unable to think for oneself is ideology, a kind of brain paralysis. It represents, in brief, a systematic bludgeoning of false thinking and non-truth that leads to obedience and conformity. Small government actually means nothing more thandismantling the Environmental Protection Agency and manipulating the strings of voters and public office holders like puppets. Basically it is the prodigious power of money shaped by the overwhelming abhorrent demagoguery of the fossil fuel and mining industries.

Gone is the responsible republicanism of William F. Buckley and the brilliance of the neo- conservative of Irving Kristol. Along with their demise, conservatism and the republican party have vanished from the political forum replaced by a destructive ideology. The poster person is Governor Scott Walker who has dismantled collective bargaining and unions so that workers have no influence. Democracy recedes into oblivion along with the principle of moral equality of all human beings that once defied the oppressiveness of corporations and was the foundation and humanity of America. Voters have succeeded in succumbing to sweet talk and sent us catapulting into serfs and destructive inequality.

submitted by: Jerrold Weinstock, M.D.–. #1 Bougainvillea ave.– Key West, FL.. 305-294-3094 305-304-1563..

I replied yesterday:

Hi, Jerry –

Hard to get through to Republicans today. They tend to be all forted up (wagons circled tight). For me, they are a religion wrapper over another religion. I never had much luck changing Christians’ views of Jesus and salvation through him, by quoting him verbatim out of the Gospels. So what I’m saying is, your editorial mostly preached to people who are not Republicans and mostly, or completely, agree with you.

Democrats’ strike point it is foreign policy, specifically foreign wars. If they don’t stop that insanity, then they missed their mission. So far, they have missed. And America is and will continue paying paying dearly for that miss, which gobbles huge amounts of US dollars which need to be spent on other things, which really are important.

I remain of the view it will take a Force Majuere to turn America, and humanity, around. Meanwhile, we keep trying, and hoping, to bring about change without that.


Jerry wrote:

directed toward Wisconsin –the people were nitwits and voted stupidly mislead by propaganda —there is NO republican Party –a false ideology replaces it. it is metaphorical –most people voted against their best interests
or any interests.–uninformed, unread–so the congress now can take away everything humanitarian and destroy the environment—-plus making working people suffer with slave wages–that is what they voted for.. regards Jerry

I replied:

Reason, sanity, are not very compatible with religion, which political parties are. The Democrats brought America Vietnam, which fractured America’s soul in ways it never could overcome; and it opened the door to future imperialistic (capitalistic) American wars, which likewise had nothing to do with defending America, but had a great deal to do with corporate profits. Still the case. War has become a religion in America. That’s the strike point, if America has any chance to turn around. Like, hmmm, stopping drinking is the strike point, if an alcoholic has any chance of turning around. Old timers in AA have told me the relapse rate in their program is 95 percent. 5 percent ain’t great odds, absent supernatural help, which increased the odds considerably. That seems to be a great deal of where you and I differ, Jerry. I see the mess you see, but I simply don’t see there being a human solution, even as I continue to speak to what I see, when and as directed by my Editorial Board :-). I continue to see my doing that as in furtherance of my own spiritual development, and if it does make a difference, if it does create change, outside of me, then that’s a bonus. But it does not seem to be why I keep being put to engage and speak to different issues, other than I’m trying law cases in a court not of this world, where everyone involved, including me, is on trial.

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: I totally agree with everything you very lucidly stated —-however the supernatural is your domain—I know with psychotherapy and commitment and involvement—my alcoholism termination rate is not 5% but closer to over 50% –I know I am still in contact with half dozen 20 years plus they are still sober.—and they were difficult —at 5 % I would have gotten discouraged..—

my article is addressed to republicans —who think they are voting Republican and they are NOT

HOPE– you have inspirational dreams tonight –at least pleasant…!! Jerry.

I replied:

I understood the target and meaning of your article; perhaps some Republicans will hear you, be affected, who are not so forted up and sure of their beliefs and dogma. The drunks I know cannot afford that kind of psychotherapy, nor, I doubt, would they use it if they could afford it. An addict really has to want to stop being an addict to pull it off, and, right now, and for a long time, treatment programs have very high relapse rates in graduates; AA was but one example of that. It’s one thing to enter AA, or NA, or rehab, it’s something else altogether to be taken over by your “higher power”, which becomes your sponsor and you no longer are in charge. I attended many AA and NA and ALANON meetings in 2003, when I was in Florida Keys Outreach Coalition’s shelter program; it was required of all of their clients back then to attend daily, whether or not you were an addict, and it seemed, from what I heard said in those meetings, I was the only person in those rooms whose “higher power” was directing traffic. Of course, having such direction is not free; I am worked to death, given all sorts of grubby stuff to engage ongoing: politics, homeless people, Satanic child sex churches, ravage of Mother Nature … a very big dance card …

One of my dreams last night seemed to like the email I sent to my father’s lawyer, which I included in yesterday’s post at Other dreams pointed toward other things I’m engaging, including your letter to the editor and our emails about it. The last dream, about a “roadster”, pointed me toward what will be the lead into today’s post at, but I did not understand the dream until I got up and went to the public library and got online using their Wi-Fi and saw something a vicious van dweller criminal amigo (roadster) had dropped into my Facebook timeline yesterday, which I felt was spectacular and wanted to comment on, but in that moment last night I was not able to make a comment under Roadster’s contribution, which I imagine you will like and lots of Republicans won’t. They seem to be inclined (perhaps understatement) toward damning anyone who doesn’t meet their “work ethic”, which I have found more often than I care for to actually be the worship of money.
Ciaosky, Trosky

PSsky –

The brother of my friend in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach called me last night. His brother had double pneumonia. He had to give the hospital permission to do a bronchotomy. His brother was put on a respirator in the hospital here, before he was helicoptored from Key West to Mt. Sinai. He’s still on a respirator. I asked his brother if a machine is keeping him alive artificially? Yes. Maybe he will come out of it.

His brother said he had called the Housing Authority in Key West and they agreed to let him pay a month’s rent. His brother said he had called Mt. Sinai many times, to try to speak to a doctor, but had never reached a doctor. I told him to call Mt. Sinai and talk to the hospital director’s office and try to get them to have a doctor call him about his brother.

With his drinking and smoking cigarettes, my friend brought this on himself, is my view. The costs of trying to save him will be huge. If he is saved and goes back to drinking and smoking, it will be a huge waste of time, money and resources, which even a Democrat ought to rail against, in my opinion. However, there is another thing in play here.

My friend, when he was 18, was put into a federal prison because he would not be inducted and sent to Vietnam by President Johnson, who was a Democrat. 3 years my friend did in prison for not fighting in that evil Democrat war, in which Republicans were glad to participate. As far as I’m concerned, my friend should have been given the Congressional Medal of Honor for refusing to be inducted and sent to Vietnam. As far as I’m concerned, every penny spent on my friend to try to save him is reparations for what his country and its Democrat president did to him.

veterans against war 3

So far, Jerry Weinstock is the only person who has replied to the recent posts about Jeremy Jerome’s accusations of Satanic sex with children going on in Key West and lower Keys churches.

SLOAN—-depressing news about church sexual involvement ;
glad religion was never part of my families’ life–(-sexuality will always be problematic)

Yesterday was the 4th day running I talked at length with Jeremy at the soup kitchen. I was saddened to hear him say that my de facto godson, who now perhaps is 17 years old, has become one of the ringleaders in recruiting children into churches where this is going on, Today, I will call his mother and tell her to read my recent posts at

According to Jeremy, he and the boy’s mother are close friends.

Also according to Jeremy, people in these churches have accused him of doing what he accused them of doing, and he had to fight that in the local criminal justice system, and he won there, after an assistant state attorney and a local judge came around to seeing he was being falsely accused by a sheriff deputy and other people.

The fun things the angels drag me into.

work mule

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