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I had such a wonderful mangling in dream time last night, that I’m going to try to take today off, celebrating my slavery to angels who don’t seem inclined to take their feet off my neck. However, before heading to the laundry to wash my week’s supply of dirty clothes, I’ll leave you with a few 4th of July fireworks displays to tide you over until I’m feeling more down to snuff …

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Reports of Key West gunman, hostage taker, unfounded; Caller claimed to have hostage after stabbing another woman

acave@keynoter.comJuly 2, 2015

Key West policemen attempt to make contact with a man inside the Duval House Bed & Breakfast.


Reports of an armed man holding a hostage inside a Duval Street bed and breakfast appear to be false — or at least Key West police never found a caller who phoned them saying he stabbed a woman and was holding his teenage niece captive.

The Key West Police Department took the reports so seriously that officers engaged in stand-off tactics for more than five hours Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. Officers conducted a room-by-room search of the Duval House Bed and Breakfast at 815 Duval Street for the man, but by 2 a.m. concluded he was not there.

Alyson Crean, spokeswoman with the Key West Police Department, said earlier in the evening Wednesday that a suspect was inside the b&b claiming to be armed and have a hostage. He said he stabbed a woman in the chest and abdomen and was holding his niece at shotgun-point.

Around 11:17 p.m., for about five minutes, a Key West police officer with a bullhorn tried to communicate with the then-thought-to-be barricaded man.

“The area is surrounded, come out slowly with your hands in the air,” the officer said. “No one needs to get hurt.”

During this time, the caller contacted police several more times responding to the officers on the bullhorn.

Crean said that after making no progress with the caller, police sent in the Special Response Team to tactically clear the remaining rooms.

“The team found no evidence of the caller or his alleged victims,” Crean said. “The hotel was deemed safe, and around 2 a.m. guests were able to go back to their rooms.”

Detectives are trying to determine who the caller is and from where he called, Crean said. She said police are almost certain the whole situation was a hoax similar to a bomb threat.

“We are confident there were no victims,” said Crean.

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[I was alerted in dreams last night to look to Marathon today, which is where the Keynoter is headquartered. Too bad the Key West Citizen stopped providing for reader comments to its articles.]

  • Sloan Bashinsky · Top Commenter · Janitor at God

    I’ve been told by someone who knows a bit about such matters, if the perp used a cell phone, then the police could have used GPS to track the cell phone’s location. Was this done? Anyone can buy a cheap cell phone and time card for cash, and make a bogus 911 call, then destroy the cell phone, or probably just remove the battery, I was told, and GPS will not find the cell phone. What I’m wondering is, was this more than a prank? Was it retaliatory for something the caller did not disclose? Perhaps the caller was upset with perceived KWPD conduct unbecoming, which was resolved in favor of KWPD. Perhaps the caller was upset with city hall and the city commission’s handling of allegations of KWPD wrongdoing. Perhaps the caller was upset with the city’s Citizen Police Review Board’s handling of allegations of KWPD misconduct. Perhaps the caller was upset about the rainbow striping on the corner of the 800 block of Truman, and with the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Perhaps this now will happen again, now that the door has been opened. Imagine anyone mad at KWPD making a fake 911 cell phone call, claiming something awful going down somewhere, using a throw away cell phone. What will the cops do? Ignore a “suspicious” 911 cell phone call? Respond to it? How long will the cops keep responding to suspicious 911 cell phone calls? And when will a suspicious 911 call be for real, and the cops did not respond, like the story of the little shepherd boy who kept crying wolf, and when the wolf really did come the townspeople did not believe the shepherd boy’s cries that the wolf really had come. Some might view such an outcome in Key West as karma for how KWPD is perceived by some, or by many, to misbehave and nothing ever comes from it, and the city manager and city commission back KWPD all the way.
  • Robert Rioseco · Liberty University

    Jade Helm 15 , Boca Chica style … COMEGETSOME
  • Mark S. Watson · · UNC

    WTF??? I can’t believe an evening of commerce was wasted because of a crack pot story…you’d think it was the ’80s all over again
  • Karen Lane

    Thankfully it was just a hoax
  • Jeffrey C Levin · Owner/Managing Director at Owner-Town Crier Street Concierge

    There are 3 types of communication telephone, posting on internet and telling somebody…
  • Indigo Rain · Top Commenter

    This should not be too hard to figure out. Trace the origin of the calls and make sure you know what building/line it came from (probably Caller ID is enough, which I assume 911 has). If it’s a cellphone, that tells you plenty. Take the recordings of the person, who you can probably identify as being a man or woman or child, and then ask people in that building to ID the voice, or check every person there for voice match. Most people I would think would want to be cooperative in nailing whoever did this, or discovering if perhaps there is a reason for concern of violence from that person. It sounds like the person was indeed somewhere near that building, since they kept calling and responding to what was happening outside. Key West is enough of a small town that you can figure this out without too much more wasted money.
  • Jeanette Sweeting

    If found, at a minimum he should be required to pay all costs the city of Key West had to absorb during the situation!
  • Will Arias · · Key West, Florida

    On the plus side, tourists stuck on upper Duval had to eat or drink there instead of going downtown…
  • Kevin Fogarty · Top Commenter · Pennsylvania State University

    This is what a loser does. Affects peoples lives, they don’t even know, all for their own twisted enjoyment. Let’s hope Karma is real.
  • Shannon Gaytan · · Owner at Porter Village Welcome Center

    I was one of the businesses who were shut down during the 7 hours and I have to give a big thank you to the KWPD for a very professional job, not only in regards to the situation but to how they also handled the public. Thank You.
Moving laterally
Victor Clarke
Victor Clarke shared a link to your timeline.
July 4, 2015

A homeless man has seen a change in his fortunes after he was filmed by a passer-by playing a communal piano in Florida.

Donald Gould, a former member of the US Marine Corps, was filmed by a passer-by playing a communal piano in Florida and the video has been viewed by more than 4m people.

Gould (51) ended up homeless after his wife died suddenly in 1998 and he began a cycle of substance abuse.

But since playing the piano he has appeared on local TV stations, including ABC News 7.  He told the channel that he likes to play songs from his childhood including Billy Joel’s Piano Man to Bach’s Toccata.

“I was thinking I could just put my hat on the piano and make a couple dollars and get tips,” Gould said. “I didn’t expect it to jump out to this.”

Since the video of Gould playing the Sarasota Keys Piano Project piano went viral Gould has been offered a job.  A local piano bar offered to try him out for a regular performing role.

The people who filmed the above clip went back to talk to Donald the next day, where he told them about his other musical talents and his past as a US Marine.

“I play the clarinet, actually – I played the clarinet in the Marine Core”.

Moving laterally …

Another Republican voter

moving laterally …

Who Remembers ?

DON’T ASK – Don’t Tell ?

Fox & Friends First's photo.

?#?BrewOnThis?: Outrage over this photo “recreating” the iconic Iwo Jima photo of Marines raising the American flag during WWII — comparing it to Friday’s Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage. What do you think about this??

  • Marie Rysak and 27 others like this.
  • Richard Fober Like the gays wld even think about goin in a war, they’d be worrying about smearing their nail polish… How cld they even put a pix like that. Sacrilege….
    Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs
    • Kimberly Ky A. Greene replied · 1 Reply
  • Richard Winters Hatch IV I’m all for same sex marriage and gay rights and I definitely think that most commentators on here are homophobe bigots based on what y’all have written but this photo trivializes the incredibly brave and galant efforts of our US soldiers.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs
  • Gweko W. Phlocker In response to concerns that people might be grossed out and stop eating at McDonald’s, Thompson said the American public doesn’t care what they eat as long as it’s cheap.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs
  • Richard Fober @Kimberly Ky A. Green I don’t reside in fla… I use to live in fla but fla sucks and I moved back up north…. You threatening me??? You hope I don’t reside in key west, gonna do something about what I said, GO FOR IT…. I wld never live in key west to many gays and that ain’t kool…. So Kim 2 things for you..1). God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
    2). The gay flag shld be used for toilet paper… That’s one flag that shld be steped on or burned…. Have a save 4th…..
Moving laterally …

“Key West: grinding Uber into dirt … hostage hoax not what it appears to be … Frisbee Dave and Sloan quality of life up dates … homeless man returns found money, wants paying job … pastors, churches and Jesus”

“I was the first to qualify as a Uber driver in Key West,” says Hank Allen with a look of disillusionment. We caught up with him on the steps of the Monroe County…
  • Susie Rodnon likes this.
  • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Upset to hear David is not doing well.
  • Sloan Bashinsky It upset me to see it; I don’t know why he got kicked loose so fast, in the state of mind he was in; maybe he behaved for the hospital, but he’s close to nuts elsewhere.
  • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Why was he in the hospital?
  • Sloan Bashinsky I explained that in yesterday’s post, he was behaving weird, or worse, at the soup kitchen; the kitchen, or someone, called for “back up”, and cops and an ambulance came and took him away, according to what I was told by someone who knows Dave a long time and was there when it happened; I arrived just after it happened.
  • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Oh no. I worry about him all the time. Thanks for keeping me posted Sloan. Hoping you are well.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, is relative. I have very little money, Social Security retirement mostly. I have no place of my own. I’m tired as hell much of the time, partly due to not enough naps, which I need to recharge from all the rough spirit work I do in my sleep at night, in naps, and when I’m awake; and partly due to the rough spirit work. Stress is ongoing; so far, no end in sight.
  • Kurt Wagner Sloan, you should be happy with what you have instead of whining about what you don’t have! You have more than many others.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Morning, Kurt. I answered Jaqueline’s “hope you are doing well”. If you lived in my skin 5 minutes, you would go insane, and then, if you were fortunate, you would die.
  • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Well, thank God we have our freedom in America to do what we choose.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jaqueline, Kurt’s been put out with me ever since he donated to my impoverished situation, and then I met Kari Dangler, and then I was able to sell my car, and then Kari and I spent a night in a motel, and Kurt went off on me about it. He’s right, thanks to Kari being in my life, I do have more than many others. Same could be said for me having angels beating me black and blue, ongoing. If everyone had that, this would be a very different world. But everyone does not have that, and this is a really screwed up world. Meanwhile, I have more money than homeless people who are not on Social Security or VA retirement or disability benefits. Am hoping that will change sooner than later, as I’m truly tired and aching physically, mentally, emotionally and in my soul from all the stress, some of which is due to my being homeless, most of which is spirit-caused and incomprehensible to Kurt, or to anyone I know but a couple of people.

upside down American flag

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