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Elephant in the living room

Yesterday on www.bigpinekey.com‘s popular Coconut Telegraph (CT) forum, re From The Right (FTR), a daily CT contributor, having written in that he was taking a leave of absense because his right shoulder was ailing due to being worn out and having arthritis, which will require surgery. I replied, as reported in the  “We must live together as brothers [and sisters] or perish together as fools.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., quoted by Naja Girard, in Key West, and various and sundry examples of not all getting along post at goodomorningkeywest.com. Part of my reply was omitted, thus the italicized intro by the CT’s owner-operator:

(Ed: I left out part of this post yesterday by mistake so I’m reposting it as written.)

Sorry to hear FTR’s right wing out of commission for a while. Hope he makes fast recovery, and when he gets back, he starts slamming Republicans as much as he slams Democrats, because they both are responsible for the mess America is in, as are the people they voted into office. Saying it another way, maybe if FTR had been more flexible, maybe if he had been more ambidextrous, his right shoulder would not so stove up with arthritis and worn out. Maybe skiing naked, instead of watching other folks do it (the video FTR provided) would loosen us all up a bit.

For FTR, that in italics was the most important part of what I submitted. If he’s as tough as you say, he needs no protection from you. What you are doing by protecting the cheap shooters’ anonymity, is telling every kid who reads the Coconut Telegraph to do the same. Ongoing I deal with people who want me to jump on something that’s bugging them, but they don’t want their names on it. They wave their American flags, they go to church, they curse the establishment and politicians, but they don’t want any of the heat. One or two of them are the brains behind Dump the Pumps, you never see their names in public, they fear retaliation from their employer, FKAA or MC.

A flurry of America was behind 9/11 conversation was triggered by this comment on the Coconut Telegraph a few days ago:

Iraq or bust

[Conspiracy] I just watched a video of an investigation into 9/11. Among other things, these people spent much effort investigating the supposed airplane hijackers. The video claims that most of the supposed suicide hijackers are still alive and working overseas and gave details that several were on the US government payroll being trained and making trouble elsewhere. That one shared an apartment with a CIA operative in Vero Beach. That the airport security camera video of two of them purportedly boarding in Boston was actually of them that morning boarding in Portland, ME (evidenced by the date/time stamp among other things), and much more. They show the government documents and passport applications, follow their credit card purchases, interview an ex-girlfriend, flight instructors, plane rental firms, you name it. America has been so dumbed-down that the masses will believe any nonsense in a news broadcast (or conspiracy video) even if it makes no sense at all; and even when the evidence that is shown contradicts what the talking head is saying. Use your own brain. Make your own decisions. Video

I replied to the CT today:

I watched the 9/11  Video  (click on that link to see it) provided a few days ago on the CT. I hoped it would tell me who done it, if it wasn’t Osama bin Laden and his men. I didn’t come away knowing who done it. Maybe it was Osama and his troops. Maybe they were put up to it by G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld; or by the CIA, or by Homeland Security, or by the FBI. I personally feel Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were capable of doing it that way. As were the CIA, Homeland Security and the FBI. And, I feel they could have done it all by themselves and framed Osama for it. However, I do not see Americans manning B-57’s and flying them into the Trade Towers. That just is not how Americans wage war. It is how Muslim radicals wage war. So, I leave those thoughts lingering.

Here are two links to a letter Osama wrote in 2002. I feel it is important to know how he thought, and how I imagine many Muslims think today. 

Full text: bin Laden’s ‘letter to America’ – The Guardian

The Guardian

Nov 24, 2002 – 

        1. Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America – YouTube

Whether America and Americans like it or not, or believe it or not, they are at war with a religion, the members of which outnumber Americans around 4-1. The war started long before 9/11. Islam did not start the war.

Another thing America and Americans should know about Islam, is it views itself as the chosen people through Abraham’s son, Ishmael, as told in Genesis, in the Bible; a similar story is in the Koran. God tells Abraham that Ishmael’s seed will become a great nation and will cause Isaac’s seed trouble. Isaac’s seed became the Jews and Christendom. Ishmael’s seed became Islam. Islam views that story, and what is happening today, as fulfillment of that prophesy. 

In the Gospels, Jesus offered a different path from what I understand Muslims and Jews believe they were given by God. Jesus told his followers to set aside an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth, and to resist not one who does evil, and to pray for and do good to those who persecute them, and to turn the other cheek. In the Gospels, Jesus lived that path, and he advised his followers to do likewise.

In that regard, the night of 9/8-9/2001, a voice I knew well asked me in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” I awoke, startled, wondered what that heralded? I made the prayer. On 9/11, I knew why I had been asked to make the prayer.

I hoped America would make a Jesus response: do nothing, and let that play out. I very much hoped America would not go to war overseas. I knew that would be as bad as or worse than America’s war in Vietnam.

A few days after 9/11, I was told by the same voice, but this time I was awake and I heard it in my thoughts, “America should get out of the Middle East altogether, and stop all US aid to Israel, and let Israel and Islam work it out or fight it out, and in that way see which of them is God’s chosen people.”

I published all of that many times, and so far only person responded. He thanked me, said I had gotten darn good advice for America. Same advice Osama bin Laden gave America in his letter.

Moving laterally …

Feather Talk

I have been publishing lately that humanity is doomed, if does not receive a massive infusion of Eve, the feminine, the Holy Ghost in the Christian Trinity. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. However, the same result would happen in Christendom, if it took to heart Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels.

Yes, that would put Christian elected leaders in America, for example, in a tough spot. President Obama has said he is Christian, but he wages war, which goes against Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels. Likewise, George W. Bush, who was Christian, waged war. As did his father, who was a Christian. As did Ronald Reagan, who was a Christian, As did Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was a Christian, and he authored America’s war in Vietnam. I give Bill Clinton, who was a Christian, a pass, as he didn’t start an American war (as far as I know). His wife, Hillary, however, seems hawk through and through.

It’s a tough job, being a Christian; and Jesus said in the Gospels that it was a tough job. Summarizing somewhat loosely:

Steep is the way and narrow the gate and few enter therein. Many are called, but few are chosen. The work is great and the laborers are few. A man who hears my sayings and does them is like the wise man who built his house on a rock and when the flood came, the house stood fast; but a man who hears my sayings and does not do them is like the foolish man who built his house on sand and when the flood came the house fell down and the fall was great.

Perhaps for Christian Americans, that scriptural review is as important as getting to the bottom of who was behind 9/11.

Meanwhile, people who read my daily musings might have noticed I have not used articles in The Key West Citizen for a while. That’s because I stopped taking The Citizen online, due to my reduced cash flow. I still read the paper copy delivered to this home every morning, but it’s far too much work and time-consuming to manually type out articles in The Citizen, to use in posts at this website.

Something was in the Citizen yesterday, however, which caught my eye and bears mention. A Key Largo man, who worked for Monroe County, beat his wife to a pulp with the butt of a shotgun. Then, sheriff deputies came. I pulled this from the Sheriff’s website this morning:

JANUARY 21, 2015

Key Largo man charged with multiple attempted murder counts

A Key Largo man who beat his wife with the stock of a shotgun then shot repeatedly at law enforcement officers is in custody at the Monroe County Detention Center.

57 year old Robert Schminky has been charged with attempting to murder his wife, three counts of attempting to murder law enforcement officers, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, discharging a firearm in public and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer.

Deputies Angelina Lubin and Diosvel Fumero responded to 52 Buttonwood Drive in Key Largo just before midnight after receiving a call about a domestic dispute involving a firearm. When they arrived, they could hear a woman’s voice calling for help. They found Schminky in the front yard of his home. He was walking away from the deputies and failed to comply with their orders to stop. That is when they saw he had a shotgun in his hands, pointing it at the ground. They ordered him to drop the weapon, but he fired it twice into the ground, then got into a white Lexus and drove away from the scene.

His wife, Honour Schminky, was found covered in blood in the front yard of the home. She had been severely beaten. She later told detectives he beat her repeatedly with the stock of the shotgun. The stock of the shotgun was broken during the beating. She sustained severe injuries including a broken arm, a broken wrist, broken ribs, a head injury and other internal injuries. She later told detectives she believes he would have killed her if deputies had not arrived when they did.

Sgt. Sydney Whitehouse pursued the Lexus northbound on U.S. One, then onto State Road 905. Suddenly, at Valois Drive, the suspect did a U-turn and, as he passed the patrol car in the other direction, he fired a gun at the sergeant who returned fire from his vehicle.

Sgt. Whitehouse turned around and continued the pursuit southbound, back to Highway U.S. One where the suspect pulled into the parking lot of the Circle K store at that location. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper C. Gracey was in her marked car in the parking lot. Schminky rammed the trooper’s car with his Lexus, then fired several gunshots into her vehicle. Sgt. Whitehouse got out of his patrol car to take a tactical position to engage the suspect. He heard a gunshot and felt pain in his upper right leg. A bullet from the suspect had grazed his leg. Trooper Gracey sustained a minor arm injury from the collision.

Schminky then pulled out of the parking lot southbound. Deputy Nestor Argote pursued him to Saint Justin Church at the 105 mile marker of the highway where the suspect pulled off the highway. Schminky pointed his gun at Deputy Argote, who fired several shots at him. Schminky fled the area on foot with deputies chasing him. He dropped his weapon along the way. He was apprehended by Deputy Argote and Detective Barney Sajdak.

Investigations revealed a Smith and Wesson .44 magnum revolver with six fired shell casings in the suspect’s vehicle. Six .40 caliber fired shell casings were also found in the car and the gun dropped by the suspect when he fled on foot was a .40 caliber Springfield semi-automatic handgun.

Schminky was transported to the plantation key jail and later transferred to the Key West jail where he is currently being held

Note: An FHP trooper involved in the pursuit of the suspect was also shot at. Suspect will be charged with three counts attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. There will be other charges as well.

Please note: this is preliminary information. I am still waiting for more details and exact charges.

Deputies responding to a domestic dispute were shot at by the suspect early this morning. The man fled from the scene of the domestic dispute in his vehicle and then shot at deputies chasing him. There were no major injuries sustained from the incident and the suspect was apprehended.

The incident started with deputies responding to a domestic dispute just before midnight on Buttonwood Drive in Key Largo. When Deputies Diosvel Fumero and Angelina Lubin arrived, they found a man standing behind some bushes. He had a shotgun in his hands, pointing at the ground.

As the deputies took cover and were ordering him to drop the weapon, they heard two shots and saw the muzzle flash as the man apparently fired the gun toward the ground. Before they could stop him the man – later identified as 57 year old Robert Schminky – fled northbound.

Sgt. Sydney Whitehouse and other officers pursued Schminky as he drove first northbound on State Road 905 and then back southbound back to highway U.S. One. He reportedly fired at deputies twice, once when he turned around at Valois Boulevard on State Road 905 and again at the Circle K convenience store at the 106 mile marker of the highway.

Schminky was apprehended. Sgt. Sydney Whitehouse sustained bruising on his leg from a possible graze from a bullet.

Detectives ae still processing the crime scenes and determining the exact charges against Schminky. More information will be available later in the morning.

I told someone who mentioned that incident to me yesterday at the soup kitchen, that I was amazed the deputies didn’t blow that fellow away. My goodness, look at how Key West cops roughed up Charles Eimers, who had not taken the butt of a shotgun to anyone, and who had not shot up a police cruiser, and who had not shot at other police, and who was not armed, and who had surrendered and laid face down on the beach, to die it soon turned out.

Jesus and Eve both were absent from that transaction. As was God. Good job, though, by the deputies apprehending the fellow who bludgeoned his wife with the butt of a shotgun, and then shot at deputies and a state trooper.

As for the Eimers case …

Charles Eimer's take down

More not all that tasty (for KWPD and the City of Key West) news in the Charles Eimers case is reported in two articles in this Friday’s weekly edition of Key West the Newspaper, www.thebluepaper.com, which broke the Eimers case and continued to dog and break the case. Here are teasers with links to those two articles.

Eimers Case: Accusations of Perjury and Destruction of Evidence Could Land Default Judgment In Favor of Eimers Family

January 23, 2015 – * Featured Story *Issue #98 – Tagged: Charles EimersExcessive ForceKey WestKey West Police DepartmentKey West The NewspaperKWPDpolice brutalitypositional asphyxiarestraint asphyxiaThe Blue Paper – no comments

by Naja and Arnaud Girard [SEE VIDEO DEPOSITIONS BELOW] Attorneys in the federal wrongful death case filed by the Eimers family against KWPD officers and the City of Key West were heard for the first time before Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman on Plaintiffs’ Motion For Sanctions. In their motion the family accuses Defendants of perjury and destruction of evidence. The City filed a 24-page response to try to curb the damage done by an unexpected video that appears to contradict sworn statements made…

Read Post ?

Mortgage Fraud Investigation of FDLE Agent Kathy Smith Ongoing

January 23, 2015 – * Featured Story *Issue #98 – Tagged: FDLEKathy SmithKey WestKey West The NewspaperScott SmithThe Blue Paper – no comments

by Naja and Aranud Girard The home which landed FDLE Agent Kathy Smith in the center of a mortgage fraud investigation is now being foreclosed on. We learned this week that on December 15, 2013, Capital One N.A. filed a foreclosure action against the home on 1 Emerald Drive in Big Coppit. According to a local financial analyst [who asked to remain anonymous] any potential charges that may be filed against Agent Smith could become more serious if the lender ends up…

In the goodmorningkeywest.com infrastructure department yesterday …

light bulb

With the help of the friend of a vicious van dweller friend yesterday, I downloaded a free Apache word processor program, which is getting a first try today. I never did install MicroSoft Word in this laptop, because I grew tired of the games Bill Gates was playing with new MicroSoft products, which obsoleted perfectly good operating systems and accessory equipment, which caused a lot of people trouble and money, and made Gates a lot of money. I already was not thrilled that Gates had partnered with IBM, to try to drive Apple out of business, instead of partnering with Apple, which I was told by computer pros had the superior product. I told the fellow who helped me download the Apache program yesterday, if Gates had partnered with Apple, we might have cold fusion and star drive by now. The fellow agreed.

He said he is a mechanical engineer, and no way did those two airplanes, alone, bring down the trade towers, and no way were any people in those two airplanes; they were remotely flown into those two buildings. He said he has been investigating that situation for years. I asked him if he was willing to bet his life and his soul that he was correct on all of that? He said he was correct. I asked again if he was willing to bet his life and his soul? He said he didn’t do that. I said I bet my life and my soul every day on stuff I do and publish.

He not only downloaded the Apache program, but also a Trojan, which my McAfee virus protection detected and kept letting us know that. He tried to fix it, but it was still in my laptop, according to McAfee, after he left. Finally, McAfee notified that it had quarantined the Trojan.

I called my vicious van dweller friend and told him all of that, and that my view of it was it was a demonic attack because of stuff I published recently and was going to publish today about 9/11. And, it told me that his friend’s take on 9/11 was as good as his download of the Apache word processor. But not to fret, it was sort of funny to me, but it would not have been funny if I had not had McAfee, and if McAfee had not detected and quarantined the Trojan.

Sloan at protest march


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