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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired (sometimes), responded to yesterday’s post at

SLOAN:———–Florida Outreach coalition—or Samuel’s house—best disposition for
Kari –Yes drinking will destroy the future for you both—the relationship—- disintegration–
I have swam and conversed with the director of the Coalition—–she is strong willed and
experienced and bright—-appeal to her –tell her you know me and I referred you for Kari.

try and work something out as the stress will turn her to drink—-and destroy what chance
she has.——best of luck—Jerry

I replied today:

Morning, Jerry –

I already spoke to Sam Kaufman about Kari some months ago. Sam is Chairman of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition’s Board of Directors. He said he felt something could be worked out, if Kari completed the JIP program successfully. However, going through FKOC’s program, or the Samuel’s House program, will not help Kari, if, due to her felony record, she cannot find paying work in Key West, during the day time. FKOC does not allow its clients to work at night; Samuel’s House might not, either. Even if Kari can find paying work in Key West, she will not earn enough money to be able to pay Key West rents after she is out of FKOC or Samuel’s House. Going into either program will only delay the return to society disaster, if I don’t somehow produce a wad of money.

Meanwhile, Kari is really suffering in the jail due her allergy to the soy meat substitute diet, and perhaps due to scabies. She told me the other day, after dinner, she had an immediate reaction to the “meatballs” she’d eaten in the jail cafeteria. You are a physician in good standing in this area. Can you call Sheriff Ramsay and speak with him about Kari and any other inmates who might be reacting to a soy diet? Kari has dragons galore to try to come to terms with, to complete the JIP program in good standing. She does not need soy and scabies dragons on top of that dragging her down.



Jerry wrote:

The actual coalition director is a woman —–she gave me her phone and address
and name at one point but I was swimming and put it somewhere and apparently lost it.

She was in the process of making the coalition viable…..

I would think the scabies may be causing Kari her most troublesome symptoms or adding to an already highly annoying symptom complex. It is treatable

with money you could get her food.–solution to that problem. $$$$$$$

my sincere best wishes to you both—-Jerry ( I realize I am not solving the problems)..–SORRY SORRY !! Jerry

I replied:

Jerry, scabies is not causing Kari’s big weight gain, her awful indigestion, her feeling she’s about to pop; soy meat substitute is causing that, and, from what I read online, her soy allergy could be causing her skin sores and itching; she is adamant it is not scabies, and the jail nurse and doctor don’t think it’s scabies. I cannot get food to Kari in the jail; that is not allowed, just as it is not allowed for me to give her prescription drugs, even her own; they have to be approved by the infirmary doctor, or by an outside physician to which she is referred and taken. If she had meds when she went in, she did not, the meds would have been taken from her and put in her locker, to be returned to her when she was released.

I wonder how Father Steve Braddock might feel about FKOC being so mismanaged and in need of the new director’s help? He runs the operation. He is its CEO. She works for him. Maybe you have FKOC mixed up with Southern Assistance Homeless League, which was a mess for a long time, and some years ago Steve stopped having dealings with SHAL and was in on the starting of the Continuum of Care, from which he and FKOC recently pulled back having an active interest, due to internal politics reminding of the SHAL internal politics.

Maybe it’s time for Archangel Michael to pay folks a personal visit.


The more I read on Facebook and elsewhere about the wannabe future US Presidents, the more I like the idea of voting for Kari and me in 2016.

Kari and Sloan

Kari's feather people

Further encouragement for voting for Kari and me showed up in my Facebook account yesterday.

Take a real good look at this lady, this is what a two face liar looks like, remember her for she want to be the President of these United States!!!

It’s up to us to stop her, for we have the power!

The Political Insider's photo.

Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL…

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  • Anne Bowers Great advertising! I’m voting for her…
    • Andy Saunders you would thanks Dumb ass for another lying, corrupt and incompetent piece of shit
  • Ray Holder VOTE TRUMP 2016 !!! No More Politically Correct Bullshit & Lies Like The Givemocrats Tell

    Ray Holder's photo.
  • Andy Saunders Yes Anne because you have no ethics no morals and no sense of right or wrong. Just like the other lying skumbags Obama and Hilary And the rest of us with brains ethics and morals end up with your piece of shit candidates Thanks
  • Keb Leeman The last two faced liar after Actor President REAGAN was bush; but that is a family value for them.
  • Rand Dillon At least we know for sure she won’t get down on her knees for anyone!
  • Sloan Bashinsky Where where you Hillary haters when G.W. Bush and his gang were wrecking America? Now you complain about Obama and Hillary wrecking America. Hilarious. Trump and Palin for Pres and VP, they will finish fucking up what G.W. Bush, Obama and Hillary didn’t yet fuck up. Yahoo, Mountain Dew!

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
    • Andy Saunders So Sloan you are okay with all the scandals all the corruption all the lawlessness of Obama violating our Constitution/separation of powers by making, changing and ignoring existing laws? ; and all the blatant lies about Obamacare , the stimulus package, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Al queda, ISIS Mitt Romney, the IRS, VA , NSA, Bo Bergdhal scandals? The fact that we now have millions more in poverty & on food stamps, lower household incomes, higher taxes, Obamacare doing just the opposite as promised by raising deductibles and premiums; a wide open border, a Middle East in total ln chaos with ISIS beheading people, Iran getting billions more to fund terrorism get missiles and eventually a nuke; Russia starting the Cold war up again? Al of that is on Obama and his bone headed unilateral decisions failed liberal policies and lawlessness. Not Bush Nice try

    • Andy Saunders and Sloan while you are busy blaming Bush for wrecking America lets look at just what led up to the housing marked crash that you, Obama all the liberals and our wonderful lame stream blame on Bush and the Republicans Again, let’s review:

      -President Bush went to Congress repeatedly for years warning them that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to destroy the economy (17 times in 2008 alone). Democrats continuously ignored him, shut down his proposals along party lines and continued raiding the institutions for campaign contributions on their way down.

      -John McCain also co-sponsored urgently critical reforms that would have prevented the housing market collapse, but Democrats shut that down as well, along party lines, and even openly ridiculed anyone who suggested reforms were necessary…to protect their taxpayer-funded campaign contributions as the economy raced uncontrollably toward the cliff.

      -No one was making bad loans to unqualified people until Democrats came along and threatened to drag banks into court and have them fined and branded as racists if they didn’t go along with the left’s Affirmative Action lending policies…all while federally insuring their losses. Even the New York Times warned in the late 1990s that Democrats continuing to force banks into lowering their standards would lead to this exact catastrophe.

    • Sloan Bashinsky What do you figure, Andy, the Bush wars did to the American treasury? There is plenty of blame to pass around. You don’t seem to be reading what I write, or you are a fanatic, as in the Republican Party is your religion, which can do no wrong. Reminds of Islamic fanatics, Christian fanatics.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, Andy, mea culpa. I called myself saying G.W. Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all three fucked up America. I didn’t vote for Bush, because I knew he was going to fuck up America. I didn’t vote for Obama, because I knew he was going to fuck up America. I won’t vote for Hillary. What the Republicans need to do if field a candidate who will not fuck up America further, and, so far, the Republicans have not done that, again. Same advice to the Democrats. The Bush Presidents created the war with Islam, starting with the Persian Gulf War, which was only about Kuwait’s oil, that President Bush could have cared less about Kuwait, but for it’s oil. He said on national television, he had to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, because he could not let the American way of life be threatened. Well, invading Kuwait led to the American way of life being threatened in ways that President Bush, and his idiot son, and probably 99 percent of Americans, could not begin to fathom. America needs to get its troops and itself out of the Middle East altogether, yesterday. Including, no more aid to Israel. America had many serious problems inside its own borders, which need addressing: the many beams in America and Americans’ own eyes. America’s foreign wars divert away from what needs to be addressed inside of America. America itself is a terrorist nation; just ask the people living in Iraq or Afghanistan, or for that matter, Vietnam.
    • Andy Saunders Thank God guys like you were not in charge in WW2 we might all be speaking German today
    • Andy Saunders Yes lets just sit back and let Saddam take over and attack country after country and torture gas and kill his own people. Maybe if it was you or your family being tortured gassed or killed you might see getting rid of a vicious dictator a little differently?
    • Andy Saunders and for the record the war with Islam was Carter not Bush. Carter’s policies is where Iran became an Islamic fundamentalist terror state
    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, Andy, did you rush over to Kuwait to fight Saddam and his thugs, and save the Kuwait people? Did you rush over to Iraq to save the Iraq people from Saddam? Did you rush over to Afghanistan to save the Afghanistan people from the Taliban? Look at what happened when American soldiers rushed over there and tried to do that. What a waste: human, money, souls. Practice what you preach, Andy. Get yourself a rifle and go over there and start shooting. Don’t behave like the Vietnam draft dodger George W. Bush did. Don’t sent other people to fight wars you don’t have the guts to fight yourself. You have a myopic, narrow view, Andy. You have lots of company in both the Republican and the Democratic Parties. On WW II, I recommend you, and all Americans read THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, by Treavor Ravenscroft, a real Grail Knight, nothing like the wannabe da Vinci Code.
    • Andy Saunders I guess saving millions from brutal dictators, tyranny and oppressive governments is terrorism? Shame on us terrorist for fighting against Hitler 
    • Sloan Bashinsky Read THE SPEAR OF DESTINY. Learn what Hitler and his henchmen really were about. The same thing that ran them, ran G.W. Bush, and now runs Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, clean your rifle and got yourself over there and start shooting.
  • Andy Saunders there you go with your left wing hate GW talking points calling an idiot and a draft dodger . Your biased and cheap insults do not help your argument
    Andy Saunders yes Sloan lets be isolationist and let Saddam take over the whole Middle East and all the oil. let Iran and any other radical Islamic nutty country get nuclear weapons then quit funding and defending Israel and just let the chips fall where they may; and lets see how that works out for you?
  • Sloan Bashinsky Works out for me? Understand, Andy, I am not afraid to die. Often, I have hoped I would go to sleep at night and not wake up in the morning; or that a sniper would take me out, who was pissed off at what I published somewhere, or said in a public meeting. I am left wing and right wing and no wing. Yesterday, in a post at, I advised Bernie Sanders to pledge to pull all American troops out of the Middle East, and to cut off all aid to Israel, and to apologize to Islam for America meddling in its affairs, and to warn Islam, if it attacks America again, I just might drop an H-bomb on Mecca. Can you imagine the commotion that would cause in Islam, thinking an American president would actually do that? I’m wondering why an American president didn’t already tell Islam to back down, leave America alone, or kiss Mecca and all Islamic holy places adios.

  • Andy Saunders Sloan, Wars cost money but some are justified and necessary. the nanny state of liberal/ socialistic. communistic. democratic/ policies are going to destroy and bankrupt our country not the military
  • Sloan Bashinsky The American wars in Vietnam, Central America, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq were not justified, but were driven by the US military industrial complex, and if you think they otherwise, you really do need a remedial course in reality. You also need a remedial course in America’s true role in the Middle East. As for my supporting Bernie Sanders, he makes more sense to me than any other candidate, however, he is too right wing for me in his foreign policy, so far. As I wrote in yesterday’s post at my website, and again in today’s post, which includes this FB thread, I’m going to vote for me and my lady Kari in 2016. I figure between me, the undisputed llunatic, and her, the convicted felon doing another stint in the county jail, for drinking and violating her probation again, we at least offer America a ticket that is honest: what you see and hear, is what you get.

  • Andy Saunders fighting the spread of communism and brutal dictators to many Americans was very justified
  • Andy Saunders Rand Paul? he tends to be more of an isolationist
  • Andy Saunders so you are a Middle East expert too huh? lol i guess you will rewrite history and say that Carter had nothing to do with present day Iran?
  • Andy Saunders As far as remedial classes go you need one in basic economics, If you are going to vote for Bernie Sanders. To think that socialistic polices are going to work here; go to Greece Spain Italy France, Venezuela and many other countries throughout history and ask them how it has been working out. We saw under Carter and now Obama how bigger government works out and we saw what less govt under Reagan and then Gingrich/Clinton years did compared to them. Its a no brainer; but i guess you want another president to put more people in poverty and on govt assistance?

  • Andy Saunders Anyway we are not gonna agree on much. I think I stated and defended my case pretty well. Have a nice day
  • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, the problem in Iran was the Shah, backed by America. When the Shah got overthrown and run out of that country, America lost its ally over there, so it turned to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, and beefed him up to replace Iraq and be America’s ally against Iran, who had viewed the Shah as an American puppet. Then, Iran viewed Saddam as an American puppet. Then, of all things, President Reagan did Iran-Contra, with Israel being the middle man for the weapons exchange, which beefed up Iran’s arsenal. You have a seriously naive view of the American government’s foreign policy, in which every American president going back to Roosevelt has had a not nice hand, to stop this flashback at America’s entry into WW II, which Roosevelt orchestrated by not warning Pearl Harbor of the Japanese attack, because Roosevelt wanted America to declare war. He was a Democrat. Truman dropped the 2 a-bombs, he wrote in his dairy, not to cause the Japanese to surrender, they already were t trying to surrender, but to intimidate the Russians. I read that part of Truman’s diary in a US national magazine several years ago. President Eisenhower, before leaving office, warned America to beware of the military industrial complex. President Kennedy started talking about his reservations about Vietnam, and shortly after was assassinated. Dr. Martin Luther King came out against Vietnam, and then he was assassinated. You cannot trust anything American presidents say about American war, be they Republican or Democrat presidents. You should know that. Imagine the good that could have been done in America with the massive amounts of money wasted in America’s foreign wars, starting with Vietnam, which was fought to get Vietnam’s rubber trees and other natural resources, after the CIA helped Ho Chi Minh beat the French. Ho wanted to do business with America, but then America asked for too much, so Ho, not trusting China, turned to Russia. You did not get taught that in history courses, in school, nor did the American news journalists report it. Nothing changed since then, other than geographic locations and faces
  • Andy Saunders Carter caused the shah to fall the rest is history
  • Andy Saunders Iran contra was about Reagan fighting the spread of communism which you seem to dismiss as not a big deal or threat
  • Andy Saunders so in Vietnam an now Iraq thousands of brave American soldiers died for nothing because liberal pacifists refuse to let is win the wars by giving in , giving up, or pulling out before the job is done We can argue about the merits of the war but you don’t just quit and have them all die for nothing
  • Andy Saunders I do agree We should seriously look into not giving aid to those who hate us and are our enemies and use that money here
  • Sloan Bashinsky Andy, you view history in a way that agrees with your comfort zone. That is not allowed to me. For example. all those American Vietnam vets went over there and died, or were maimed, or were mentally and spiriually destroyed, or somehow came back half okay, because America wanted Vietnam’s rubber trees and natural resources. It was capitalistic greed. It also was the American military wanting to flex its muscles, try out its new weapons, against the Russians, who were supplying Ho his weapons. Ho was not a communist. He never was. He did what he felt was the best way to win. America’s greed drove him to the Soviets. I feel about the Soviet’s brand of communism about like I feel about America’s brand of imperialism.

Last today, another round of Facebook chat with a Big Pine Key resident, who has told me several times that God told her she is a member of the Elect.


By: Brandon T. Ward Who are the Saints and what will happen to them during the Tribulation? The answer to…
  • Sloan Bashinsky So far, Jesus has never mentioned The Elect to me. Maybe because I am not among them. Maybe because I am among them and he doesn’t want me knowing that to go to my head. Maybe because they do not exist in the sense some Christians today believe. Maybe Jesus wants me to work it out on my own. The author of the article seems sincere, he certainly has done his homework and thought a great deal about it. I wonder, though, what is going on in his daily life; how does he face, engage, deal with the tests living on this world presents ongoing? If I knew that, I would have a better sense of him. Meanwhile, I wonder if his Bible study and figuring, and his looking to the future, is a way he escapes from what is going on in his daily life and inside of him? I wonder if his Bible study and looking to the future is like a drug for him, making his daily life easier for him? I recall Paul, who is quoted many times in the article, told his followers to stop having sex and producing more children, there was not point in it, because Christ’s return was imminent. If Christendom had followed Paul’s advice, it would not exist today and there would be no Bible. If Paul missed that prophesy, how do Christians today have any way of knowing they are doing any better than Paul did about predicting the future? Well, when Paul lived, the New Testament did not yet exist. Jesus told his followers to take no thought for the morrow, for each day has enough trouble of its own. He told them to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” I have more on my plate each day than I can say grace over. I may go to sleep tonight and not wake up tomorrow. I don’t have the juice, or the interest, in what many people think lies ahead, as per Revelation, which Jesus and Michael told me John did not understand when it came though him, and they never schooled me in it; they had me deal with what was dead in front of me, and that’s still how they do it. In the Gospels, Jesus said no one knew the time and hour of his return. Maybe he did not even know. However, I have seen him in dreams; I think he’s back. And, I don’t think, he ever left. I like the 12 tribes treatment in the article, and the Elect being scattered all over this planet, and not being confined to any one spiritual tradition, not Judaism, not even Christendom, thus many of the Elect, if such exist, are not using the Bible. They may be using the Koran. Buddhist scriptures. Hindu scriptures. Shinto scriptures. New Age scriptures. No scriptures. At some point, and I imagine if the Elect exist, they are beyond scriptures; they don’t need scriptures; they are indentured to God, are being led advised and corrected. Scriptures are, I think, for people not having the direct experience, which is very different from studying the Bible.

sloanbashinsky@outlook.comSloan at wedding


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