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Starting off this bright foggy day in Key West, cheer from today’s weekly (Friday) online edition of Key West the Newspaper (www.thebluepaper.com):

protect and serve 2



by Naja and Arnaud Girard

NajaArnaud Girard

Next in today’s fun house, Mother Nature lover/activist Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s law and disorder, caveman to star wars – Key West continuing legal education credits post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

great white

Sloan: we are so far into the Military Industrial complex we will never get out.!!
Like Eisenhower described–you and I are profoundly counter culture
your dreams will be laced with symbolic conflict… as they seem to be plus whatever other
troubles you are having internally. By the way I guess I never told you or my parents –I become a  Buddhist at age 10; RESPECTER OF ALL LIFE—of course I went through the motions with a Bar Mitzpha — my parents were totally authoritarian ; I was so stressed I was bed- ridden for a week;
then took my bike and explored all the wild woodlands with Audrey an older girl with 4 beautiful sisters;
there was Mimi who I had a crush on forever –but she never gave me a tumble–(age 13)
I secretly invested all my gift money at age 13 and got an early start –saw a Psychiatrist on my own.

Still sweating over my book. —-listening to Rachmaninoff which I play (piano)a lot of. just came from swimming;
(it is very complicated—-can’t talk about it to anyone..) my good wishes for some peace of mind for you.

I replied:

War has cost USA what was left of its soul. That’s how bad it is. “under God”, ludicrous, if that is thought to mean God is on USA’s side. God is on God’s side.

My main dream last night, which I briefly described in today’s post, is about the request I made months ago, now, for an advance of the second half of my second $1,000,000 inheritance from my father, via either his estate or his well-heeled, thanks to him, widow, the born again Christian with the high opinion of her standing with God, similar, I imagine, to how she feels USA stands with God.

My mother was the religious fanatic during my growing up. I might have benefited from a psychiatrist back then, who used talking, if I would have been willing to open up. As is, it started me down a strange journey that would take me away from attending church, to never not being in church, but that church was not made out of brick and mortar, but was everywhere I was, and inside of me, and beyond this realm of existence. Perhaps a pretty fair trade, albeit the “closing of the deal” was a bit rough. I salute anyone who can jump an oppressive religions experience into something else which celebrates life, creativity, following the heart and guts, and not hurting other people.

I’ve known a number of Americans and Europeans who became Buddhists, which tends to be kinder and gentler way than the three Abraham religions. At least in the indigenous Buddhist “tribes”. I have seen American Buddhists do pretty well, and I have seen American Buddhists do reprehensible things, including in Key West. Am reminded of hearing of a celebrity of sorts in Texas, a black fellow who was interviewed on radio, or perhaps on TV, who said going to church had as much chance of making you a Christian as sitting in your car in your garage has of making you an automobile.

Sorry you are still having distress over your book. I had plenty of that with my early books, then I started self-publishing and didn’t have to deal with that kind of stress any more, as I had angels editing what I wrote, and me, and taking me, and the books, places I didn’t particularly feel suited my capitalist programming, nor my sense that I should be famous as well as rich from it.

I used to play music a lot, when I was writing a book. But there was no way to do that when Heavy Wait fell out of me in a county library in north Georgia. I played music when I lived on Little Torch Key, and was getting a daily harangue put together. Maybe there’s a way to livestream music while I’m online, will check that out later today. Right now, am hearing “Close To You”. Been hearing it steady since it started back up about three weeks ago.

Saw the fellow again at the soup kitchen today, who is determine to dispense capital punishment against the two men who robbed and nearly killed him. I told him I was with him all the way, up to that point. He’s seriously Old Testament. Hope he’s not thinking he’s saved by Jesus. Looks like I will try to see the State Attorney tomorrow about it. She needs to know this fellow has friends in the Florida prison where the perps will end up for this crime, who will kill him.

He said the other day that gis brother is the national president of The Outlaws motorcycle club, and that his brother was a Marine in Vietnam, who saw and did really rough things. Chilling, some of what he said about his brother over there. Including running heroine.

Guns are big in this fellow’s life, he has described a number of them over lunch. He was not reachable by me today. I told him what he was putting me to do. He said to forget it. I said I could not forget it, I can’t be silent knowing he intends to have two men killed in prison. And, because I will have published it, and will have spoken to the State Attorney, it will be known he was behind it and he will be prosecuted for murder and put in prison. He was not fazed. Bring it on. He’s going to get his justice. Maybe I get killed, too. Hope it’s quick, bullet to the back of the head, night, night.

Nice dinner conversation, and having a Vietnam vet sitting across form me say the South Vietnamese fighting with the North Vietnamese all had US weapons and ammunition. I’d not heard that before.

The other evening at Arnaud and Naja Girards’ home, Vietnam came up, and I finally said I could explain why America got into that war. Okay, why? Because it wanted Vietnam’s rubber trees. Why? For tires. Why didn’t America get rubber from South America? Because it decided years before not to go that route, everyone got rubber from Asia, Indonesia. America was pretending to back the French in their bid to retake Vietnam, which had been a French colony before WW II and the Japanese drove out the French. But secretly, American assets (CIA, special forces) were helping Ho Chi Minh defeat the French. Ho wanted to do business with USA, but it wanted too much, so Ho sought help from, not next door neighbor China, but Russia. Ho could have cared less about communism. He would have been happy to ally with America, but it wanted too much.

Charming country, Military-Industrial USA, Inc.


Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: interesting and relevant—–I had several mentors to guide me into Buddhism
once I was there and older—-Peter Matthiessen and Alan Watts at college.
Peter was here in Key West., Allan was the Chaplin at Northwestern,
Yes, we are so far into the industrial -military complex our very fabric is
composes of that –a sorry but inevitable result. Much suffering from Vets –I have
treated– witnessed that. Well perhaps you an get your inheritance —probably overdue.
Religious right are imperialists—-there are thousands of creation stories and only
one right one —-non-religious —NATURAL SELECTION is the driving force;
all the others are false. The evidence for the synthesis of evolution is billion-fold.
the discrimination inherent in religions has killed –hundreds of millions for no good reason.
hope you had a good supper—I am having Yellow-eve
Rockfish from the Bering sea–while it is intact–mines will kill it and
drilling will not help.—Jerry ( unbridled capitalism )

I replied:

Tonight’s biological fare at the soup kitchen was beanie weenie, roasted potatoes, mixed salad and various breads. Some of the physical fare was described in my earlier email. Biological life did not evolve from chemicals, but from spirit dimensions which incorporated chemicals. No way to prove it, or disprove it.

Just returned from an unexpected and most interesting elderly German tourist, who talked my ears off about ETs and directed me to serpo.org, I think is right, which I’m about to peruse. He says the US and other government are having dealings with ETs for some time, but won’t tell the public. I said that would be the end of religion, for one thing. And mass human insanity, for another thing. He agreed, as did another fellow, whom I mentioned in today’s post, who had me research sound wave, electrical frequencies, etc. being used as weapons and mind control agents.

I told them to read The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft, if they wanted to see what enabled Adolph Hitler and his henchmen to get so powerful. As with ETs, most humans ain’t ready for what’s in Ravenscroft’s book.

I said, what fun, a ET spaceship lands in front of the Vatican, and in front of the White House and the Kremlin, and in front of the Louvre in Paris, and in other prominent places around the planet. Instant paradigm shift. No going back. I said I wondered how the Pope, who is really far out for a pope, would speak to humanity about that?

Ciao :-)

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: no aliens have been around recently —that is a good book…
have a dream or so –Jerry.

I replied:

Actually, ETs are around, continually, but they tend to keep out of sight, although when one of their spacecraft gets struck by lightning, that kills their electronics and the ship falls to earth, which has happened a few times over the ages. In the big scheme, humanity has moved just a few millimeters beyond thinking the world is flat and the sun revolves around it :-). Then, there are realms where angels and other non-biological beings roam :-).

Had a nice dream about my daughters last night, and a bunch of other dreams of mixed sentiments. I’ve been feeling poisoned for 3 days now, without relief. Maybe it’s the justice hunter at the soup kitchen. Maybe it’s the situation in Birmingham. Maybe it’s both.

Listening to Baroque online, wonder why I didn’t think of that a long time ago?


As for ETs,

alien with Obama

there are a number of things to read at www.SERPO.org, none of which I vouch for, but it is interesting and just as likely as anything in the Bible might seem to someone who had never read it before. In fact, there is a reference in one of the articles to a part of the Bible, which I found interesting, and amusing.

Excerpted from http://www.serpo.org/update_falcon.php

When the Ebens first arrived, they found Mankind to be in a generally primitive state of being and development. They offered to help many groups of Earth humans with fire and its constructive uses and the idea for tools that would aid developing humans.

Some humans were outwardly hostile and ran the Ebens off while others were welcoming and docile. The Ebens travelled the globe for thousands of years always looking for groups/cities of humans who were receptive to their UNconditional offers of help and aid.

According to the Ebens, Richard said that the Ebens found the ANASAZI Indian culture in the SW United States and the ancient Inca and Mayan cultures were among the most receptive to their offers of aid and technological help and assistance.

While never naming him directly by name, the Ebens noted that during their surveillance of our world over the past 30,000 years, they did point out a “prophet” on their event clock who appeared on Earth 2,000 years ago whom they called an “Earthling deity.” [An obvious reference to JESUS CHRIST.]

The Ebens took special note of him because of the “huge following” he had garnered and developed AND he could see and predict FUTURE events accurately, an ability and skill that the Ebens themselves still do not possess even to this day.

Richard said that the Ebens were “fascinated by this prophet” because of an ability they they did not have AND how far advanced this “Earthling deity” was in relation to his counterparts and fellow man of the day.

The Ebens still believed that all sentient life had a soul/spirit [bio-plasmic body or “shadow matter”] and it continued to evolve into future lifetimes in other “containers.” They did NOT find this at odds with what the “prophet” stated on the historical record at the time.

The Ebens made NO reference one way or the other as to whether they believed this “Earthling deity” was actually a human manifestation of the Creator of our universe OR was an engineered hybrid-human-alien planted on Earth by another intervening alien species to serve as some kind of evolved being and a “role model” to other Earth humans.

Moving sort of laterally,

Garden of Eden

just another Key West roadside attraction

yesterday I noticed a fairly recent reply to an old comment I’d made under the http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=27707 “further adventures of Key West’s Super Cop” article:

My comment:

This is an amendment to my reply yesterday to Sister, caused by my being mangled in dreams last night. In my dream and spirit code, a snake is female gender. In the context of Christendom, Judaism and Islam, the snake represents the fall from Eden, which all three religions blame entirely on Eve, even though Adam also knew he was not supposed to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That story resulted in the destruction of the feminine in all three religions, which lies at the root of all three religions being testosterone-driven and demonically possessed. Many times I have published that destruction of the feminine in human beings is the cause of all of humanity’s ails, including all wars. If I received further corrections from my spirit handlers, who are Magdalene Melchizedek, Jesus, Archangel Michael and Kali, I will report those corrections here.

The reader wrote:

Hi Sloan
I think the snake is not female gender. It’s male’s gender and his sexual organ. I think you should read Henoch’s book in order to understand why god blamed Eve, and why Cain killed his brother, Adam`s child . I think the religions you have mentioned doesn’t blame only on Eve. Remember Islam was created because of Abraham’s fear of not leaving descendants. And Christendom was created from a messenger “sight and revelation”, something Joseph never forgot…

It think you must know, the bible always refers to a religion as a Woman. When I think so, I always remember greek mithology, and there I found about all the existing religions in the world.

Be with God

I replied yesterday:

Thanks for writing, Clara. Sorry for not replying sooner, I don’t get many comments directly to this website and sometimes I don’t see a new one for a few days, or sometimes longer, which is embarrassing but how it goes at times.

There are different views of that part of Genesis (Adam and Eve), and the view I present was given to me by (1) reading the story and (2) listening to what Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek told me about it. Same with the Abraham/Sarah/Hagar/Ishmael/Isaac story later in Genesis.

Since there were only Adam and Eve, and they had Cain and Abel, and after killing Abel, Cain went to the land of Nod to get himself a wife, must be something missing in the Adam and Eve story? Or did Eve nod off and Cain took her as his wife, and thus began reverse polygamy? A woman with two husbands?

Yes, religion can be viewed as a woman receiving from God above. Sadly, not very well. So let’s blame her, woman, for that, too. And let’s blame her, woman, for all of humanity’s woes, since she lay with the snake, either actually or figuratively. As I read Genesis, God blamed them both for eating the forbidden fruit, but later generations let Adam skate, after all, he was deceived by the woman, even though God had plainly told Adam not to eat that fruit.

In India, yogis, the Hindu religion, the snake is associated with the kundalini, the serpent energy, also sometimes called “shakti”, which is feminine, which lies inherent in all human beings, and in its natural state awakens in stages in a person up to maybe age 22, when it is supposed to be fully in play, but it hardly ever happens that way now, because of the psychic trauma inflicted on children by parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, religious teachings, school teaching methods, etc., which are totally out of sync and adverse to the natural development encoded by God’s angels into human beings’ DNA and also in their souls.

You speak as if the Bible is the final authority on God. it isn’t. God is the final authority on God. The Bible, except for the Letter to the Hebrews, was written by men. Hebrews was written by Mary Magdalene, as reported and explained in today’s http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=28880 “law and disorder, caveman to star wars – Key West continuing legal education credits ” post at this website. Right, I cannot prove that is so, that Magdalene wrote Hebrews, nor can any human being prove it isn’t so.

A bit more discussion in that post about her and Jesus and Paul also don’t gee or haw in the least with Christendom’s view of them, as people. Christendom don’t gee or haw all that good with Jesus in the Gospels, either, as mentioned in today’s post. But if they did gee and haw with Jesus, oh would they get in touch with their inner feminine. Oh would they get in touch with her, and they might even have some fun with the kundalini being released in them, finally. What do I know, maybe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Kundalini?

Back in June 1995, I went into a trance and had a vision, as follows:

A young man dreams he is watching a young yogi from behind. The young yogi is sitting in the lotus position, meditating. Before the young yogi appear two cobras, one white, the other black, raised up, hoods flaired. The white cobra tells the young yogi, “We came to you once before, because you were innocent. You knew we brought a gift, but you thought you had to choose between us, so you chose me.” The black cobra says, “We come to you again because you now are wise.” The young yogi, now an old man, weeps, chooses them both. The dreaming man, now an old man, wakes up, weeping.

Jesus, Michael and Magdalene gave me that experience.

Just the other day, Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), told me that, in Arabic, her father’s spiritual tradition is Islam, Naja means cobra. I told Naja, advanced yogis long to be bitten by a cobra in a dream, it is like dying and going to heaven for them.

You found any of that above in Greek mythology? Or that myrrh is a potent infection fighter, it raises white cell count, and aloe is a potent wound healer, and new linen is a sterile bandage, and that’s what Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithaea swaddled Jesus with and in after getting Pilot’s permission to take Jesus down from the cross quickly, risking their own lives – before, those two men were secret disciples, but no longer – all to try to save a dead man?

Yes, Jesus did die, but so have many people died, seen the other side, and been sent back – today that’s called a “near death” experience. And after Jesus had wound down his work with the men disciples, he left them and headed east, to India.

None of that can I prove either, nor can anyone disprove it. That’s the problem with religion, it can’t be proven to be true. Wow, Muslim suicide bombers end up with 72 virgins in paradise. Are they surprised to learn otherwise when they leave this life. Just as Christians are surprised after leaving this life to find Muslims and Hindus and Jews and Newagers and witches and sorcerers and shamans and Taoists and Shintos and atheists and so forth and so on in heaven. Can’t prove that either, nor can any person disprove it.

My trouble, also my good fortune, is I am having direct experiences ongoing with supernatural beings who are worshiped by many people, but whom I simply view as my slave masters/employers in service to God, and I view me as their stupid, ignorant, stubborn, problematic ward, who is trying to do it their way, but my goodness are their ways and views different from people’s ways and views. My goodness.

Our friend Paul, who was Saul of Tarsus, did terrible damage to the human soul with his teachings on women and men, and on sex. Terrible damage. The misunderstanding of the Adam and Eve story did a great deal more damage, because it is the progenitor of 3 religions: Judaism, Islam and Christendom.

Christendom’s beloved Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, the female side of God, but since Christendom does not know that, its God is all male, thus is, what, homosexual? But Christendom doesn’t tell anyone its God is homosexual, like Paul didn’t tell anyone he was homosexual, well not straightforward, but every woman near him knew what was his thorn in the flesh God would not remove.

Paul reached all the way back into Leviticus to say homosexuality was an abomination, but it didn’t matter to God, apparently, that Paul was gay. Nor to Jesus did it apparently matter. Nor, fortunately for Christendom, does God hold it against Christians for not believing Genesis: people were made in God’s image, male and female alike were they made.

You know, don’t you, Clara, that the Bible came into existence hundreds of years after Jesus was on this planet, in the flesh? And how that came about?

A Roman Emperor had a man gather various religious texts of the time, related to Judaism and Christianity, and put them together into a book, which is the Bible today. Many texts were excluded. I hear the Vatican has a horde of old texts buried in its vaults, which probably never will be released to the public. Some old texts are found from time to time, which rattle the Vatican’s cage a bit. And Christendom’s cage. Too bad Jesus didn’t write down his experiences, instead of us relying today on stuff written by people who never laid eyes on him, apparently, except for Magdalene – Hebrews.

The Devil is very real, though. Like Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, Lucifer has been around a whole lot longer than human beings on this planet, and a whole lot longer than this planet, too. The Devil loves religion, because it’s so very easy to twist and distort, and the believers have no clue it is twisted and distorted.

God is in all religions, too. There is only one God, who has countless assigned names, and on which no religion has a lock (monopoly). God is God. Religion tries to explain and represent God, and not all that well most of the time. Jesus had himself a fine time trying to explain what he knew of God. A fine time. I wrote about about that, too, in today’s post, and how his steep teachings are honored today mostly in the breach in Christendom.

Jesus with leper

I wonder what Jesus and the Ebens would think of the people featured in a documentary provided this morning by a vicious van dweller amigo who heard the ET conversation last night at Higgs Beach? Reader comments under documentary are interesting, as well. Bon appetite.


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Meanwhile, back in “civilization” …

about time

Higgs Beach party

Sloan at Smathers Beach


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