giant sucking sounds in Key West – Kali makes her debut

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Diane Bureldsen

Mi Key West amiga Diane Bureldsen, above, founder of International Women’s Flag Football Association, now living in her home country again, Norway, wrote to me on Facebook yesterday:

  • Diane Beruldsen
    Diane Beruldsen

    hey sloan… you are looking good! is this a recent photo of you?

  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky

    If it’s me in the blue shirt, that photo was taken this past April, part of going into the witness protection program was to change my look, so, no beard!

    Sloan blue

  • Diane Beruldsen
    Diane Beruldsen

    Witness protection program. ..ha ha – i appreciate your daily posts. They keep me informed thank you Sloan for being you. You are one of the few honest people on the island

In a dream before dawn this morning, I was with Naja Girard, below, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper –


We were in a large home. In one room was an old dear Birmingham, Alabama trial lawyer amigo, now deceased. He would have loved to take on the federal lawsuit filed by the sons of Charles Eimers against 13 Key West police officers and the city of Key West for, as Naja’s co-publisher husband Arnaud drew it:

Charles Eimer's take down

As Naja and I move though her home, in my nap dream, she tells me Elliot Baron is going on retreat and he knows a lot. I say, when you go on retreat, you forget everything you know, and that seems to be a novel idea for Naja.

Then, a black woman pops into the dream and says Christianity is hip-hop. I start trying to talk with Naja about what Jesus really is about, beyond the religion, and the dream shifts.

Now I am outside Naja’s home.

From the east, also from the left, I see a monster tornado coming. I run from the house toward three large trees in Naja’s front yard. The middle tree is like a poplar tree. I kneel down behind it to brace against the tornado. On the front veranda of Naja’s home are several people I know somewhat in the dream, but only one of them I know in my waking life. A fellow who once lived in Key West and played duplicate bridge at the Key West Bridge Club. He was Lebanese, like Naja’s husband, Arnaud, below.

Arnaud Girard

I shout to the people on the veranda about the approaching tornado, and to get away from the house, to save themselves. Even as I watch the tornado consume a home two doors to the east, the left; and then the tornado consumes the just next door home; and then the tornado looks like it might swerve left and miss Naja’s home, but then it consumes Naja’s home and everyone in it, and the dream ends, with me unscathed behind the poplar tree.

I wake up knowing the tornado is Kali, who comes from the east, India; left is the feminine side of a person’s body.


Kali, holding the severed head (mind) of a fellow who didn’t please her, as she stands with one foot on Shiva’s chest, after he laid down before her, hoping to get her to calm down after she had slain many people who did not please her, in the background – this is a Hindu spirit story, not a human story, but it translates into human affairs

I wrote about Kali in yesterday’s various feminine environmental considerations – Key West, Alaska, humanity post, after receiving this from a Key West amiga, who is firmly in Kali’s grasp:

“Chickpea” wrote to me:

what is your experience with kali?
this popped onto my radar …

Goddess Kali is the great feminine purifier.

When you have prayed for assistance from the Divine; when you have asked the Universe for greater things to manifest; when you have stated that you are ready for the love of your life; when you are clear that you are open to true abundance and wealth; when you are brave enough to show the world your truth, your love, and your light – do not be surprised when suddenly many elements begin to fall away.

It is frequently Kali who enters the lives of those who have offered supplications and sacred requests to be in the flow of Higher Living.The “Dark Goddess” does not pussy-foot around and she will remove from you all that is not serving the unimpeded flow of your spiritual essence.

That means that if you are serious about serving God – and therefore being elevated to a position of giving and being a recipient of more Good that you can possibly imagine – everything that is blocking that channel will be shed.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that what dissolves or disappears will never return – although it might mean that. What Kali does with her fierce and ferociously loving energy is strip you of everything that is masking the real light of your Heart.

Dysfunction and toxicity will be cleared and cleansed. Ways in which you habitually harm yourself or self-sabotage will be put under the spotlight. Defences and barriers to receiving the love that you are worthy of will be broken down.

When Kali responds to your Call to the Divine for change in your life, you had better be ready to have the Truth shoved under your nose. Yes, your ego will plead and complain.

“What, I have to speak the truth about my unhealthy relationship?

What, I have to get honest with myself about why I am going to a job I detest?

What, I have to come out of denial about how I keep myself a victim and suppress my true creative power?

What, I have to make changes in my life that I have been resisting for years?”

Yes, once you call in the Divine to ‘change’ your life for the better, the Divine will get to work immediately for you. And if Kali is the Divine Emissary who is sent to you – be prepared for the fact that everything is about to shift.

Reading this message is a sign that Kali is working in some form around you and your circumstances right now. You know deep inside what She is doing. You know in your heart what needs to change. And you know that you cannot resist it because it is the Call of your Soul that led you to Kali and her fierce roar of transformational light.

Kali never, ever apologises for ripping up the agenda and getting right to the core of what is going on in order to burn falsehoods, deceits, denials and shams right to the ground.

Nothing but the pure, fiery truth of sacred wholeness interests Kali, and she has the power to reveal your own Divine Magnificence to you like no other spiritual guide.

Be glad if Kali is entering your aura, as it is a sign that your Spirit is ready for profound changes and deep revelations.

Kali is the mistress of the unknown and the keeper of all the cosmic secrets. You will have no choice but to allow her full ingress into your life because she is only sent to those who can handle her, and are spiritually ready to experience purification, rebirth and renewal on massive scales.

Thank you Kali Ma, for revealing to us your unabashed, unashamed and infinite feminine sacred power, and for showing us that we possess the exact same frequency inside of us.


Several times, now, I have submitted comments to blue paper articles, which Naja has rejected without any reply back to me. She did it again yesterday, with two comments I submitted under the MONROE COUNTY’S SECRET ROAD-MAP TO RE-SEGREGATION article.

I published those two controversial comments in yesterday’s various feminine environmental considerations – Key West, Alaska, humanity post at You can open that link and scroll down to the blue paper part of my post yesterday and see those two comments, which showed they still were in moderation at the blue paper.

Naja also has not liked my stance that the Eimers children should should not seek revenge in the federal lawsuit, and should pledge to give to charities any damages they might receive from the lawsuit. I recently told the younger Eimers son, Josh, after he wrote directly to me about God, that he should withdraw as a plaintiff from the litigation, wash his hands of it completely. I told Josh the litigation is not Jesus and God’s way – hip hop.

Nor has Naja liked my getting onto her about selectively reporting the parts of cases she and Arnaud cover, in that some of the most volatile information is not reported, if it does not favor the victims Naja and Arnaud have bonded with and are trying to help and defend, even though the victims did plenty to cause themselves to be victims.

I told my north Georgia amiga in shaman training this morning, that Naja gets so emotionally close to the victims she writes about, that she cannot be objective, and that is causing a great deal of trouble in the cases she covers and reports, in the spirit sense, and in the human sense.

Another of Naja’s miscalculations, deleting the audio from the bystanders’ video of the police apprehending Chareles Eimers, and then fighting with me about her needing to correct that, resulted in her and Arnaud’s daughter contracting and nearly dying from appendicitis.

As far as I know, I am the only person in Key West, and even in the Florida Keys, who understands what I am explaining here, again. Many times have I explained this very problem, in various contexts -“cases”. Several times now, I have explained it in Naja’s context.

The human realm and the spirit realm are linked: what happens in either realm affects the other realm; there is no separation. Saying it another way, for every action, or inaction, in the human realm, there is an equal response in the spirit realm, which comes back into the human realm in some way or another. As we sow, we reap – hip hop.

The way to deal with the re-segregation in Key West schools is not through civil rights litigation, but through peaceful resistance, al la Dr. Martin Luther King, below – hip hop.

Martin Luther King

Peaceful resistance was the thrust of the two comments I submitted to the re-segregation article, which Naja deleted.  And then came Madame Kali, whom I have long viewed as a female version of Jesus – hip, hop.

To whom much has been given, much is asked in return – hip, hop.

Running parallel is Elliot Baron, 

Elliot Baron sniper

who founded Last Stand but is no long involved in that environmental defense outfit, for which Naja Girard now is president. Elliot commented under Rick Boetgger’s AIN’T NO SUNSHINE… article in the current blue paper edition. Click on that link to see what nice things Elliot wrote, and then what Boetgger responded, and the ensuing pleasantries back and forth.

Although I stayed out of that article’s reader discussion, I found myself agreeing with Elliot’s criticism that Rick’s article is too much about Rick, below.

Rick Boettger

The target of Rick’s article is County Commissioner George Neugent, below.

George Neugent

During last night’s forum in the Tennessee Williams Theater lobby at Florida Keys Community College, panelist Bill Becker, below,

bill Becker

News Director of US 1 Radio – 104.1 F.M., asked George Neugent if he wanted to speak to the ethics complaints, which had been filed against him?

George said he’d been accused of lots of things since he became a county commissioner over 15 years ago, and if someone went off his meds and filed an ethics complaint against him, then that would be dealt with in the course of affairs.

During last night’s candidate forum, I told Rick Boettger that Elliot Baron thinks he knows everything.

I then asked Rick if he had looked into the rumor that Sombrero Country Club, in Marathon, was comping George Neugent’s membership?

About two months before, a fellow on Big Pine Key had told me that he was told by a friend, who had worked at Somberrro County Club and had access to their accounting records, that the club was comping George Neugent’s membership. When I later told Naja Girard what I’d heard, she said she had received the same rumor, as had Rick Boettger. That was why I brought it up with Rick last night. That, and he already had filed two different complaints against George Neugent, with the Florida Ethics Commission.

Rick said Sombrerro Country Club was his third ethics complaint against George Neugent. Rick said he did not have any evidence for the third complaint, like he had for the first two complaints, for which he did the investigation. So, in the third complaint, he asked the Ethics Commission to investigate whether or not Sombrerro County Club was comping George Neugent’s membership. I said George could defend that by producing copies of his checks paying for his club membership.

After the forum ended, I went back to Rick and asked, did he, for a fact, file the third complaint regarding Sombrero comping Neugent’s membership? Rick turned and walked away, muttering something I could not hear. I followed him a ways, asking if he really had filed the third complaint? He kept walking, and increased his pace, and left me behind.

I sort of shouted to Rick, as he was making his getaway, something like, “I understand why George said that about you.” Even as I myself still wondered if, in fact, Rick’s allegations of ethics violations are based in fact?

I walked over and told Todd German, below,

Todd German

and told him what had just transpired between Rick and me.

Todd is Chairman of Home town PAC, which had sponsored the well-done forum, for which he had been the moderator. In dream around dawn yesterday morning, Todd had made it crystal clear that I needed to attend that candidate forum, if I knew what was good for me. I had been hoping to get out of being there.

In reply to what I’d said about Rick’s and my conversation, Todd said people make similar complaints to him about what I write, and they compare me to Rick, and he tells them I can go on about stuff, I write a lot, but he enjoys reading what I write. Todd said Rick needs to hone down what he covers, get himself out of it. He said Rick has lost credibility even among his own fans.

I can’t say Rick has lost credibility among his own fans, and I cannot say Rick went off his meds in the ethics complaints he filed against George Neugent. Whatever happened is what happened. On whether the Ethics Commission will do right, if, in fact, there are ethics violations, I will not hold my breath, however.

After speaking with Todd, I wandered over toward Bonnie Helms, below, a judge candidate.

Bonnie Helms

I motioned for her to mosey over to me. She was talking to someone else. I kept motioning for her to mosey over. She kept talking to the the person. I kept motioning for her to mosey. She slowly moseyed, as I kept motioning and backing way from her, to get her way from other people, because I wanted to speak to her alone. I told her that was my motive.

I said there was something I wanted to say to her. She said why not to her opponent, Jack Bridges, too? I said, because I think she will win that race, but if Jack was there with us, I would tell him the same thing.

During the forum, panelist Bill Becker had asked them both, which they felt was more important, if they were elected: to be feared, or to be loved? They both had wavered all around the question. I said that’s what I wanted to say to her, about being feared as a judge.

Then began a curious dance. When I started to say something, Bonnie completed my sentence, she knew already what I was going to say. I kept saying she did not know what I was going to say, let me say it. I started again, she completed my sentence for me. This happened several times.

Finally, I told Bonnie that I had been places and had things happen she could imagine, and I’d had experiences she had had. She tried to speak for me again. I said to let me finish speaking. I’m wondering what is wrong with her? Is she afraid of me? Or is she this way all the time with people. But I don’t say that.

I said I tried some awful domestic relations cases back when I practice law. Terrible cases. We called them domestic relations cases, not family law cases back then. I said, she tried to speak for me again, I said to let me finish.

I said, as judge, she very much wants to be feared in those kind of cases, especially when a child and/or spouse has been abused. I said she wants people who come before her to be terrified of what she will do to them, if they have abused a child or a spouse. I said she wants to be known in this community, as that kind of judge. It might might even have a prevention effect, if she is known at that kind of judge.

But that time, Todd German had drifted over and was listening. He said that was a very good point. I said to Bonnie, she should have been making that point at every forum, and she needs to make that point from now on. Todd said again, that was a very good point.

The back story is, this particular judgeship traditionally has been where family law cases tend to go. Bonnie has throughout the campaign said that, and that she has the experience in family law, and as a mediator, to be the best candidate for that particular judgeship. She has promoted and promoted mediation, and being sympathetic to people in enormous distress, who come into family court. But she has yet to convince me that she has the steel in her spine to deal effectively with the truly horrible facts family law cases are known to contain.

Moving laterally,


KOTS, Key West’s homeless shelter, left, and evening check-in, right

in Citizen’s Voice today –

“A homeless shelter? That’s easy. Take a lesson from the ‘meanest’ sheriff in America, Joe Aparro. Get Army surplus tents and cots, then all you need is an empty lot and outdoor showers. It has been working for his jail for years.”

Actually, KOTS is pretty close to that, except, as I recall, Aparao makes his inmates work, which you cannot make homeless people do. Florida Keys Outreach Coalition makes its clients get jobs, and they have to be drug-free to even get into that program, which you cannot make homeless people using KOTS do.

Next Tuesday night’s city commission meeting, when the city takes up whether or not to put the new KOTS at the Easter Seals property on College Road, next door to a county assisted living facility for elderly people, ought to be interesting.

How about putting the tent city on the acre and a half or so of vacant city land right in front of Ed Swift’s Steam Plant multimillion dollar condominum development on Grinell Street? That vacant lot isn’t being used for anything and would make a nice edition, er, addition, to Swift’s ambiance, in keeping with Key West’s official philosophy, “We are all created equal members of One Human Family.”

Mi amiga Sandy Downs, of Cudjoe Key,


sent this last night:


If i remember correctly, when I was researching homeless problems in cities, and researching where homeless shelters were supposed to be able to be built, it is on military land. So why isn’t the homeless shelter being put in Big Coppitt somewhere on Navy owned unoccupied land? Or better yet, on Wisteria Island which the Navy still owns? The county could supply one boat which ran 2 times a day, in the morning and at evening. One so people could get off the island and go shop or go to the doctor, etc…. and one to get back to the island in the evening. There…problem solved…no more homeless in Key West with the night tourists.

I think I asked Jim Scholl about this….and I can’t remember what he said or if he replied. But it is true…homeless shelters are supposed to be built on military owned land if my memory serves me right. Of course no one will admit to that, except maybe your military friend up the Keys. I believe it is John Hammerstrom. And maybe ask Todd German to check on it. I am sure it is not information they train you in, but they would know how to find out. Hope this is helpful to someone!!.

Sandy Downs

After Sandy told me about that a few years ago, I think I recall mentioning it to Jim Scholl, and I think I recall he said he would have to look into that. Sandy had furnished me with printed US Government regulations of some kind, which suggested unused military land and/or buildings could be used for civilian shelters. I’m vague now, but perhaps some enterprising person, say, City Commission Tony Yaniz, below,

Tony Yaniz 2

who has talked about moving KOTS to Rockland Key, which idea the Navy nixed, and later Tony talked about moving KOTS up to unused Navy land on Big Coppit Key, can dig into that. Even though I doubt either location will work, because I doubt homeless people will travel that distance on their own to use a shelter, and I do not think they can be made to travel that distance to use a shelter.

I saw County Commissoiner Sylvia Murphy, below,

Sylvia Murphy

at last night’s candidate forum in the Tennesee Williams Theater lobby at Florida Keys Community College, situated maybe a half mile down College Road from the Easter Seals building, where Mayor Craig Cates, below, wants to locate the new homeless shelter.

Mayor Cates

I told Sylvia that I was looking forward to her getting the county government to help Key West build its new homeless shelter. Sylvia laughed, as in, over her dead body. She said it looks like Mayor Cates hanged himself over homelessness, or something to that effect. Sylvia has repeatedly said Key West’s homeless problem is not the county’s homeless problem.

The fact is, Key West made its homeless program the county’s problem, by using the sheriff’s jail and the hospital on Stock Island as extensions of the city’s homeless shelter. The city has no regard for the financial burden that places on the sheriff, the hospital, the criminal justice system and the courts. The city’s only regard is for itself.

I told the county commission in late 2003, three years before Sylvia ran the first time for county commission, three years before I ever heard of her, that the county should not let itself get sucked into getting involved in Key West’s homeless program. That giant sucking sound continues, so far.

tornado ocean

Sloan Bashinsky

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