with a little help from my friends / fowl weather gear / a couple of vagrants’ views of Key West’s homeless shelter and the people working and living there

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With a little help from my friends … yesterday …

Sloan I love ya buddy but what is up with the raincoat. Are you going after the Weather Channel endorsement? … and loose the rubber chicken.

Ralph De Palma's photo.
Ralph De Palma's photo.Ralph De Palma's photo.
Yvonne Wielhouwer Talbot

Yvonne Wielhouwer Talbot God told him to wear it so he is..

Steve Clark

Steve Clark i think chris christie started that look for his indoor press conferences during hurricane sandy … now all the governors are doing it… i think it makes you look presidential Sloan Bashinsky 🙂

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Yvonne, if you are able to hear the audio of the meeting, it will be in Hometown’s video when it’s up for viewing, you will hear why I wore the fowl weather gear and brought a rubber yellow chicken to the party 🙂.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky And, the fowl weather gear backstory is reported in today’s post at http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=41568

Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I just now, Wednesday, Sept 28, checked. The YouTube video of Hometown’s candidate forum is not yet available athttp://hometownkeywest.com/ Perhaps by later today it will be up. It will begin with Todd German making a few general announcements. Then, he tells the audience about the anomaly in the mayor’s race: a write-in candidate, Sloan Bashinsky, and how it will look on the ballot: a bubble beside incumbent Craig Cates’ name, and a bubble beside “write in” and a blank space. If they want to vote for Sloan Bashinsky, they color in the write-in bubble and write Sloan’s name into the blank space. Write his name in correctly, to make sure it gets counted. Laughter in the audience. Todd and I both had been asked by people at the event if my name has to be spelled correctly to be counted. I had said that would be best, to avoid any chance of the vote not being counted. Also, Todd told the audience, word has it that there might be other names written in for mayor on the ballot, but those votes will not be counted. Only votes for Craig Cates and Sloan Bashinsky will be counted. Then, Todd called me to the front and said I would be given 3 minutes to speak, since Craig Cates had declined to participate in the forum. I introduced the yellow chicken as Craig “Chicken” Cates’ proxy, the reason the esteemed panel would not be able to have at me like in the past, so sorry; I had gotten the chicken at the Halloween store, and they had said it had been checked for botulism and salmonella, but I thought best to wear my fowl weather gear in case the chicken tried to poop or pee on me, and the fun began, which I leave for Hometown’s YouTube to show when it’s up at that website.

Welcome to Hometown! Key West.

Hometown! is a Key West organization created to promote accountability and integrity in our local government. We…


hydrogen-bomb (1)NOTE:

I had made a list of a number of bombs to drop Trump-like on the audience, and that’s what was on the paper. Time cut me short from delivering the full payload on Key West having hurricane shelters for everyone and letting Uber operate in Key West. The full payload for those to bombs can be read by clicking on this link: :http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=41568

Also in that post is a bomb I did not have time to drop at all at Hometown’s forum: tearing down KOTS, Key West’s disease-infested homeless shelter, and building a sanitary, safe new shelter. That, and related, is what the rest of today’s post is about.

I begin with an email Rick Roberts, aka Raccoon, forwarded from a person named Joy, from whom Rick once rented a room in her home on Cudjoe Key. Now, John Miller, executive director of Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL), which the city pays to run KOTS, rents a room in Joy’s home, according to Rick.

Joy wrote to Rick:

Hi Rick,

Your friend, Sloan, seems to have a lot of false info he is passing around, at least about KOTS. I had a quick visit once and know they are using a lot of bleach and cleaners so should be much better than in the past.


Rick replied to Joy about me and KOTS:

Sloan is basing what he knows on when he was there mainly. They try, but I could submerge it in bleach and that only gets what doesn’t walk right back through the fence every night infested with MRSA, scabies, lice, hepatitis, TB, AIDS, covered in piss, shitty clothes, all kinds of bacteria and filth all over their bags of shit, and fresh from a day of drinking and smoking spice in the mangrove’s primordial soup, which God only knows what is forming new life on them. A shower doesn’t wash any of that off. And once they are in a bathroom they are infected with everything too.

I know Tolbert tries, but it’s not going to work. That place was built way out of code, and until Tolbert it was even far worse. It needs to be tore down and a facility that drug and alcohol tests for entry put up. And it has to be only for people that work or are trying to, disabled folks, and retired only until they find housing. The infected and filthy, the drunks and druggies, they all need to be turned away, or penned up in a Marchman Act fashion and locked in until morning. They do that at the jail. The city would have to pay the county for that.

Those that work or can should be limited to a 5 day stay. If they can’t find a living space. They need to leave the Keys and go where they can afford to live. The maximum stay would be 10 days a month. It is a TEMPORARY OVERNIGHT SHELTER. Not a nonstop entitlement. The ones that require assistance that work might be offered a $125 a week overnight stay. In a separate facility like they do at the Patterson house. Drug/alcohol testing nightly.

Now is the time of the year 50 – 75 more people a night will come from the north and go there for their winter party vacation. With all the same problems. It will be overrun and people will spread all the problems between them faster.

I replied to Joy, copying Rick; Rick’s replies just to me in bold:

A quick visit, Joy, and you are an expert on KOTS?

They were using lots of bleach in the dorms when I stayed there last year, a lot of nights. You really do need to spend a few nights there, or a lot of nights, before you speak to anything going on at KOTS.

You need to see the combo bathroom/showers at night.

You need to see the people who are staying there at night. You need to hang out with them in the yard and outside the dorms. You need to be in the shower/bathroom with them. You need to sleep with them right next to you.

That document John Miller presented to the City Commission extolling KOTS was filled with outright lies, and either Miller knew it, or he is nuts, or maybe he is an addict, perhaps not using, but has a brain that works like an addict’s brain works, believing whatever his brain wants him to believe. Miller is Southern Assistance Homeless League’s executive director. I listened to him present to the city commission the other night. His affect struck me as someone who could have done a lot of booze/drugs in the past. Perhaps he hasn’t, but he did not seem to me to be all there. Kinda reminded me of an old hippie which would explain how he and Joy hooked up and fit together in her wanna be retired hippie commune complete with the shunning of most modern technical conveniences and the ever growing massive compost pile ], who maybe had done a great deal of marijuana and maybe LSD or peyote at one time. marijuana is a definite at the hippie commune ]

Here in Key West I have run into many people who have that affect, a brain, a way of talking, a way of thinking, that says this person has brain damage from doing way too much of something for way too long, and it’s never going to come around, even if this person no longer is not using anything. Plenty almost all are far worse than that and are still doing it far more than your basic addict ] of that kind of people use KOTS, and plenty far more, I see tons every day on the streets] of that kind are homeless and don’t use KOTS. They are easy to find around the bus stops and shopping centers, and they were plenty of them using the soup kitchen on Flagler, when it was there. that’s all that is there ]

I heard a man tonight at the Hometown candidate tell someone, with some amount of airs in his voice, self importance, that he was on Southern Homeless Assistance League’s board of directors. He turned and told me I really added a lot of levity to the forum tonight. I said, yeah, sometimes I do that, but often what I talk about is grave. I said I heard you say you are on SHAL’s board of directors. Yes, but don’t want to talk about it, we stay out of conflict, do what people need help with, got to run. Fine, I said, but have you ever spent the night at KOTS? No. Then you need to do that so you will know what goes on there. He was skiddaling warp speed away from me. Nothing in him wanted to spend a night at KOTS, actually know what goes on there.

KOTS has changed very little since FKOC took it over after the city realized it was in way over its head in 2004. Anyone touting KOTS as a good place to stay nights needs a psyche work up, or is defending his/her job there. agreed ]

You also need, Joy, to get on the streets and start talking with homeless people, they are easy to spot, about KOTS and Mike Tolbert. she is an old retired hippie living in her commune in Cudjoe. She is so far removed from having any effect on this she might as well be living on Pluto. ] Hear what they have to say about KOTS and Mike. Surely you don’t believe everything Mike and SHAL say about KOTSno, I  don’t care what they say. I know what I experienced and paid the price for at the hospital 4 times ] Surely you don’t think you know, from one brief visit, what staying at KOTS is like.


I wrote to Rick,  Rick’s reply in bold:

Joy is John Miller’s girlfriend?

[ I highly doubt that. He is renting from a tree hugging turtle kissing compost piling northeast democrat liberal. They tend to flock together in communes. ]

Then, I replied to Rick’s email to me, which I copied to Joy; Rick’s replies just to me in bold:

Rick, I don’t see the city paying the sheriff, or the county, for locking Key West’s drunk/druggie homeless people up at night. The city already is using the sheriff’s jail as the city’s drunk tank for homeless people. That came up during the public defender part of tonight’s Hometown candidate forum. Key West is putting a lot of homeless people in jail, and it’s costing the sheriff a lot of money, which the taxpayer actually pay, as the sheriff gets his budget funded by the county commission. From all I’ve seen, the city has zero-minus interest in building it’s own drunk tank to use in Marchman fashion. Why should the city do that when the Sheriff does it for the city?, is how the city officials think. And, as you know, if the sheriff declines to let his jail be used that way, KW police aggravate, or just make up, state charges against homeless people, so the sheriff will have to accept them from KWPD.

[The latest I heard, and maybe it isn’t true, the jail was turning KWPD away on ones that are habitual and that have medical issues.]

That’s why, Sheriff Ramsay himself told me maybe 2 years ago at a county commission meeting, he does not refuse to accept homeless people brought to him by KWPD, charged with violating city misdemeanor ordinances used against homeless people, but not against anyone else. State charges bring in the state attorney, the circuit court, the probation office, and require far more effort by the public defender office.

[They are using battery on a LEO (felony 3) as a way to force the issue and keep them in jail longer.]

Homeless people end up with felony convictions, then are put on probation [keeping cronies employed ] , and then it’s even harder for them to stay out of trouble, much less get turned around. Aggravating, making up offenses, Sheriff Ramsay told me is far worse all the way around for homeless people and for society. What is needed are two different homeless shelters,  one for active addicts, one for homeless people who are clean [ yes, and none for anyone that isn’t disabled or TEMPORARY – the rest should only get to visit 3 times a month like Miami ] .

I imagine about 90 percent of homeless people here are active addicts, and as long as they keep using, they have little, to no, chance of being turned around. And if you mix them with homeless who are not using, it makes it harder for the non-users to turn around. Florida Keys Outreach Coalition knows this all too well, and that’s why they require clean urine to enter their shelter residence program, and to stay in it.

County Commissioner David Rice, by trade a clinical psychologist, PhD, ran the Guidance Clinics of the Florida Keys for a long time. Many homeless people came though those rehab clinics. Rice told me and everyone present at a county-city homeless summit in the Harvey Government Center in Key West maybe 3 years ago, that he agreed with what I had said during citizen comments about the city getting its own drunk tank for Marchman Act cases, and not sending those homeless people to the sheriff’s jail, and he also agreed with me that you don’t want to mix homeless addicts actively using with homeless people who are not using, if your goal is to try to turn around the homeless people who are not using. But if that is not your goal …. He let that hang mid-air, knowing full well that is not the city or the county’s goal; knowing full well that KOTS is a place for addicts actively using to sleep nights years ] for free, because Key West doesn’t want them sleeping outside at night.

That’s the only reason KOTS exists. That’s the only reason it was built in the first place. To stop homeless people no, drunks and addicts and a combo zombie pool too. And now from the north come the snowbird zombies ] from sleeping outside at night. KOTS was never intended to be a temporary shelter oh, it isn’t one ]. It was called temporary because that was politically correct, or politically expedient. It sounded better, than what it really was. Miami is 3 days a month, that’s partly why they come here ]

Today, the city, SHAL, try to make KOTS out to be something holy. They are trying to help homeless people. FKOC and Samuel’s House were doing that before KOTS was ever imagined. But FKOC and Samuel’s House would not accept people who were using. KOTS accepts people who are loaded to the gills, high as kites. It’s always been that way at KOTS. It’s that way now. And it’s not going to change, unless something unusual happens. [ they do have breathalyzers and do turn some away ] That SHAL board of directors members tonight also said FKOC has agendas, SHAL does not. Shit, Rick, I never met a person or an organization without agendas. agreed, they exist for them ] FKOC’s agenda is to try to help down and out people, usually addicts, turn their lives around. That is not KOTS’ agenda, it cannot be KOTS’ agenda, because the city’s agenda is for homeless people to stay at KOTS, instead of outside at night away from tourists ]. The city will never go along with SHAL requiring clean urine to get into KOTS.

So SHAL is the city’s booze and drug whore, by running KOTS, while SHAL’s alleged ] mission is to help homeless people turn their lives around. But for KOTS, would SHAL even exist today? no ] It lost a great deal of ground when FKOC pulled out of SHAL and lined up with the Continuum of Care. FKOC got to where it could not stand being in the same room with SHAL’s people. I got that way, too. I sometimes have had rough sledding with FKOC, also. But they know you cannot turn around homeless people who are using; it’s a waste of time and money to try to turn them around when they are using.

Just house them in a shelter. Have a soup kitchen for them. A clothes pantry SOS – Salvation Army ]. Basic medicine DePoo? ]. Put the real effort into trying to help the ones who are not using. And even then, the recidivism rate is high, just like rehab clinics’ recidivism rates are high, just like AA and NA’s recidivism rates are high – 95 percent, old timers at AA and NA have reluctantly told me from time to time. They didn’t want that known, bad for “business”. just close them down, then the needless employed can work at a productive job, like Winn Dixie ]

KOTS needs to be razed and two entirely new homeless shelters built, which are designed so they are much easier to clean and keep sanitary. the King Ranch in Texas uses completely concrete enclosures and walls / floors with covered outlets so they can be sanitized, tented, and pressure washed ] Put the addicts in the bigger shelter, because most of the homeless are addicts for only three days a month ] . And put the non-users in the other shelter. Or try to get them into FKOC and Samuel’s House. If they won’t go there, then maybe they still are using, or soon will be using.

Right, this is circular. A continuous loop. That’s because the problem cannot be fixed. It can, as County Commissioner David Rice agrees with me, only be tried to be managed no, incarcerate them away from booze and drugs ], and how much money do you want to spend trying to manage it? People consumed by the “rescue syndrome” cannot even think in that way. They cannot imagine something in distress cannot be rescued. They are compelled to try to rescue it, because they have identified with it, in it they see themselves and actually it is they they are trying to rescue, thinking it is a drunk homeless person, for example, they are trying to rescue.

Seasoned AA and NA and rehab people know all about the rescue syndrome and how insidious and clever it is at drawing in rescuers who do not understand, perhaps never will, that rescuing is their addiction turtle hugging tree kissers with a save the whales complex ]. SHAL is ate up with the rescue syndrome. FKOC suffers from it, too, but not so severely, because FKOC will not accept active addicts. Nor will Samuel’s House they won’t accept disabled either, you have to be a drunk addict ]. More continuous loop shit. Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result, some might say. And, yeah, occasionally, a person breaks free, is turned around, and even stays turned around. But it’s rare, I imagine.

Meanwhile, we have KOTS, disease central, sending forth sick homeless people into the local community every day, who sit on toilet seats and benches and bus seats, and touch other people and spit and cough and grab door knobs… ] , and so forth and so on. Which is why a bejillion doctors and their staff have told you to stay away from KOTS, Rick. I can’t imagine even a single doctor down here being comfortable with a patient staying even one night at KOTS. Yawn. Zzzzzzz …

I wrote just to Rick, his replies in bold:

“To stop homeless people no, drunks and addicts and a combo zombie pool too. And now from the north come the snowbird zombies ] from sleeping outside at night.”

You are mistaken. no, it’s the zombies and the pan handlers. You are a far away observing with your nose up the ass of the political scene. I been in that jail. That’s the arrested. Cates’ daughter killing that bum set it all off. They don’t want people panhandling and sleeping in front of $400 a night tourists. ] It was to stop all homeless people, ALL, regardless of who they were, what they did, what they imbibed, or not, where they were from, from sleeping outside at night maybe, but it wasn’t from sleeping outside. They want them out of the tourists way from 4:30 PM line up until 7:00 AM release. The Keys Overnight Temporary Jail – 14 hours each day ].

Where do you get you know what that was about? Were you here then? I was here when it was tent city and I lived on Smather’s Beach after the run off on a beached Hobe Cat every night. And worked for Home Depot and Hard Rock Café at the same time ] Were you homeless here then, living outside? I was. I was the fucking reason they built KOTS, because I convinced them they were headed for federal court under the Pottinger case, if they didn’t stop their police from persecuting homeless people for sleeping outside at night. Their answer was to build KOTS.

I was in steady dialogue with city hall during that time; it was mostly friendly, the city manager and assistant city manager and mayor, Jimmy Weekley, liked me; as did the chief of police, who was doing serious reigning in of his cowboy cops who were making homeless people miserable; that police chief and I were very good friends, and he initiated it after hearing me speak at a city commission meeting. He hated the city using his troops to enforce the city’s homeless policy. Gordon “Buz” Dillon was his name. In all my time here, he was the only police chief I felt was a really good cop. He got in trouble by having the then publisher of the blue paper arrested for breaking a story still inside Internal Affairs, which he felt had compromised the investigation. That’s another story entirely, but it led to his eventually being fired, which, in my opinion, was tragic for Key West, which, ta da, has not had a police chief since, which the blue paper liked. sounds like McPherson ( was that his name? ) wasn’t the problem. It was good old Cates daughter running over a homeless guy that set off the task forces ]

Right after 9/11 there was a distinct shift in the way KW cops treated homeless people, however that shift did not transfer into city hall or the mayor or city commissioners.

I was the reason Jimmy Weekley got elected mayor without a runoff in 2003. He knew that and was grateful. I entered that race at the request of Father Steve Braddock and city planning commissioner Bill Verge, after I dreamed Steve was supposed to run for mayor that year and he told me, after he heard my dream, that he had too much on his plate. Then I was told in a dream to run for mayor, and Steve and Bill gave me the money for the filing fee and I filed to run. The next night, I was told in my sleep, “If you know what’s good for you, you will do everything you can to try to get Jimmy Weekly reelected.” I later understood why. He was friendly toward homeless people. I buried his opponents at the first candidate forum, when I was the lead-off mayor candidate after drawing straws to see who went first. I had ridden a city bus up to the then Holiday Inn, where Beachside Mariott now is, where the forum was held. My butt and groin were still recovering from bad surgery to remove 3 large MRSA abscesses, and I was not able to ride my bicycle yet. Jimmy gave me a ride back to Patterson House, where I was living: FKOC’s entry rehab shelter. you got in without being a drunk? ] 

I told him to hold a true course, do God’s will, he’d be alright with God, regardless. I’d already told Buz Dillon the same thing, and he said that was what he intended to do, and he thanked me. He seemed really relieved to have someone, who did know the law and about God somewhat, being his friend and someone he could talk with about what was bothering him about the way his cops were being used, and how some of his cops were simply out of controlthey had some really bad “plant the evidence” types ] The city attorney really liked me, too. They all really liked me because I had beaten the living shit, with stuff I was writing, out of Dennis Reeves Cooper, then publisher of the blue paper, who was allergic to publishing any shit on Dennis or anyone close to him, but was a flaming attack the KW blue crusader because his very good friend Buz Dillon had had him arrested.

Up to then, Buz and Dennis was ganging up on the Citizen and the Keynoter, which they both despised, by Bud feeding Dennis cop shop stories to break and scoop the Citizen and the Keynoter. Dennis never published that, or that he and Buz had a deal that Dennis would not publish cop shop news until Buz gave him the okay. Buz felt betrayed by Dennis breaking the IA investigation while it was still underway. He lost his cool, got a judge killer ] Miller, to issue the warrant for Dennis’ arrest. Then, I years later learned from a mole who would never ID himself, Miller went to Dennis and begged to be kept out of it, and Dennis never went after Miller for issuing the warrant for Dennis’ arrest. That was left for me to pound Miller with several years later. Maybe 2013.

Anyway, in July 2005, I heard in my sleep, “No more weeklies.” I woke up, wondered that was about Jimmy Weekely. I was summering in north Georgia. I went to a public library and went online and looked at the Key West Citizen, which back then you would read online without having to pay or it. I saw an article about Morgan McPherson running against Jimmy  Weekley. I wondered if Morgan was going to win. Not long after, I went online and read in the Citizen that Morgan had won, a major upset, he was KW’s new mayor. He had been a minister, had started a church in KW. He was not down on homeless people. Neither was city hall.

You are right, city hall turned against homeless people after Craig Cates was elected in 2009, after he thanked me for getting him elected without a runoff. During that race, I had told people, if they didn’t want to vote for me, then vote for Craig, but not for Morgan or the other candidate, Mike Mongo who is a child pervert that claims he teaches them to be astronauts – ASS tronauts. He wanted to hire Anil before I met him to do IT work. He told Anil he was a cock smoker and it was obvious to Anil he was a child molester too. The guy knows less about digital and computer technology than you do ], whom I knew had a big problem with homeless people. Craig asked me to be on his mayor’s homeless advisory committee in the next breath. I said, sure. Shortly after, his daughter ran over and killed a homeless man as she turned right onto North Roosevelt Blvd in front of the old Sonic [Checkers too?], now a Starbucks a very successful corporate one ].

As I recall, based on what Mike Tolbert told me, Craig’s daughter was cited for not looking before she made the turn, not yielding to a pedestrian with a bicycle. I think I also then read something to that effect. The dead man’s family, according to Mike, asked just for their dead relative’s funeral expenses to be paid. No dice. So they sued for that and I think it was settled and the funeral expenses were paid. Craig seemed permanent altered by all of that. He never followed through with me being on his mayor’s homeless advisory committee. City hall turned mean toward homeless people. that’s the version I have been told too, might have been Tolbert ]

I was one of the homeless living in a tent across from Smathers Beach in 2004. I must have seen you leaving the airport when I first got here. I asked my brother in law what the fuck? He told me there was no law against it. I was homeless after that and lived on Smather’s Beach on a beached Hobe Cat across from the Sheraton] That came about because the city stopped letting homeless camp in the mangroves, because some homeless were really trashing their campsites I think a law was passed I was told and they kicked everybody off that row and out of the park at Higgs Beach too ].

Frisbee Dave was the worst of the lot, in that regard. His campsite was atrocious. A big pile of trash beside his tent, filled with his own shit. He moved his tent right beside mine on the Bridle Path. That’s when I really started getting to know him, and that he is bipolar. He told me. He was still kinda okay back then. But years of cigarettes, marijuana, booze and then spice made a mess of his brain and metabolism and his soul. When I see him now, when I saw him at KOTS nearly every night I was there last year, until he got banned after I reported him for physically threatening people, he was seriously fucked up mentally. [ times I have seen him was the same – a couple times at Brother Omar’s breakfast ] Same when I would see him in Bayview Park, on his bicycle on North Roosevelt Blvd sidewalk. Totally out of touch with reality as late as just a few months ago. He was banned from the soup kitchen, too.

What triggered the total collapse, in my judgement, several of Dave’s old friends and a woman he had met in Key West mounted an attempt to rescue him and bring him back to his hometown and get him a place to live and a job, on their dimes. He made the trip, had a great time, but declined the rescue and came back to KW with a pocketful of their money. My sense, he was not able to cope with them seeing him like he is, a failure. So he could not accept the rescue. [sounds like 90% of the KOTS homeless with most not being violent I tried my darndest to talk Dave into going with it. He went down fast after coming back to Key West.

Imagine my bile to get an email from Mike Tolbert after he had let Dave back into KOTS, after having banned Dave for life, saying Dave was back on his meds and doing great I remember that ], and every morning I was seeing Dave in Bayview Park, wasted, zombie for real, barely able to walk in a straight line, mumbling, bothering even other zombies, his belongings strewn on the ground, putting every homeless person using Bayview Park to hang out, and its public bathrooms and drinking water, at risk to being driven away by KWPD because of Dave’s behavior, as if their behavior was much better than his. I knew then Mike Tolbert was either a pathological liar about KOTS and its operation, or he was insane I think Tolbert probably kicked Dave out again, or only let him in because the cops took him there and told him too ]. Either way, very bad. Sometimes, Rick, you told me of Mike telling you something, and then when I ran with it at my website, and Mike then said he was just joking, you tried to make light of it Mike does joke to see how gullible folks are ].

Well, it’s all a big mess right now. Craig Cates could care less about what happens at KOTS [ in a way, I don’t blame him or the others that think that way. It is like I say, a Temporary Overnight Jail. They now are going to have to go there for their feeding at 3 PM and stay until after breakfast at about 8 AM. 17 hours out of a day. You don’t see nearly as many on the streets because they are in jail or leaving, or out at Smather’s and then at KOTS ] Craig says KOTS is being run well. He said that at the recent city commission meeting, when John Miller and commissioner Sam Kaufman were going around about how SHAL was spending the money the city was paying SHAL. The city manager and city attorney were sitting there giggling with each other, against Sam, siding with Cates and Miller, who had lied through is teeth in what he had written to the city about KOTS being a veritable homeless Shangri-La. [the guy appears to be a piece of work. Maybe I will meet him this week when I can get my stuff ]

Even Sam Kaufman has missed the real point. He was only focused on the money, not on how KOTS was being run. Sam no longer seems concerned about how KWPD is treating homeless people like yourself, whose medical condition precludes them from using KOTS, and homeless people like Kari and me, who are banned for life from KOTS, because some tyrant at KOTS declared it. you might have a lawsuit, I don’t see what legitimate basis they have to ban you ] All, yes, I think, stemming out of Craig Cates, ultimately. His karma I would not want.

I wrote to Rick:

You don’t have to be an addict to get into FKOC, but if you are, or are not, an addict, you have to furnish clean urine with your application and you have to then pass random urine screens. That’s why so many homeless people around here do not go to FKOC, or Samuel’s House, which has same requirement for clean urine. They don’t want to give up their drinking habit.

Suing the city for the way Mike Tolbert, John Miller and SHAL run KOTS  does not appeal to me, because it will be a heap of work and I’m 13 years older than I was when I was ready to sue the city in 2003. But if that’s what the angels tell me to do, I will do it. My preference, of course, is the angels simply deal with Tolbert, Miller and SHAL directly, like they deal with me directly. I kinda don’t imagine Miller, Tolbert and SHAL will care a bit for it going down that way. Nor, I don’t imagine, will Mayor Cates care a bit for angel justice.

You seem either not mentally wired to understand, or just plain mule-headed, in going back to and going back to making KOTS a short term, even 3 days a month shelter.

It was never intended to be that, and there is no sign from the city it ever will be that. If homeless people can only stay 3 days a month, for example, then, by law, the city has to let them sleep outside at night somewhere in the city. That’s the Pottinger case.

Your solution is to incarcerate them for various reasons, if they are not working. Perhaps a President Trump would okay it.

Or a president Hitler, or Stalin. Or even the KW city commission. Wouldn’t surprise me.

But that’s got zip to do with KOTS. And Miami is not KW. Up there, a federal judge is running the city’s homeless policy.

Homeless who cannot get into a shelter in Miami, get to sleep outside at night.

They built gobs of cheap subsidized housing up there for homeless people, until that program ran out of money for even more of that kind of housing, and they still have a massive homeless problem, which dwarf’s Key West’s. If Miami’s homeless people were coming to Key West because of its homeless services, there would be a whole lot more homeless people here. Same if other Florida cities’ homeless were coming to Key West.



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