a moveable feast: Key West homeless man seeks shelter during Christmas holidays, plus drunk homeless man released by Key West police officer after county jail refused to accept him, plus hard ball negotiating for Key West’s new homeless shelter buffered by the city’s symbiotic purchase of the Peary Court residential development for affordable rental housing, plus homeless medically disabled former air traffic controller computer IT magus reincarnated Nikolai Telsa’s true dog star origins of Earth’s invasive species, plus Starkville, Mississippi moon eyes beagle hound symphony orchestra

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Sloan at Sippin

The kind family who have been letting me stay in a spare bedroom need it when their children arrive for Christmas holidays, starting December 10, ending December 26 … If anyone has a spare bedroom, closet, couch, back porch, shed, camper for a non-drinker, non-smoker, chemical-boring, quiet but sometimes  entertaining person during that time frame … Otherwise, he will camp nights in the city’s minimum security facility on Stock Island …


Meanwhile …

drunk mosquito

homeless apprenensionDuval Street drunk

a curious drunk homeless man arrest report in today’s Key West Citizen (keysnews.com):

Homeless man has
seizure during arrest

KEY WEST — A homeless man initially under arrest for violating probation was released from custody Thursday night after he had a seizure en route to jail, according to Key West
The officer was called to Smathers Beach at 10:15 p.m. where he found the 42-year-old man attempting to set up camp on the beach, reports state. The man smelled of alcohol
and appeared to be drunk, in violation of his probation for petty theft.
The officer placed him in custody, but en route to Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island, the man told the officer when he gets upset he has seizures, reports state. The man began to vomit, shake and hit his head against the glass partition, reports state.
The officer called for paramedics, removed the handcuffs and laid the man on the ground so he wouldn’t choke, reports state. The man was taken first to Lower Keys Medical Center
on Stock Island and then to jail, but he was refused at the jail due to his medical condition.
The officer released the man from custody after he was taken back to the hospital.


Although the circumstances were more complicated than usual, kudos to the Sheriff’s jail not letting itself be used by KWPD as a drunk tank for yet another inebriated Key West homeless man. As far as I know, Key West is the only place on this planet where it is legal to drink/be drunk in public, unless you are homeless. Ironically, booze is the engine that drives the Key West economy. That would be crystal clear, if Key West were a dry city.

no problem, if you aren't homeless

Key West spring break scene, above, Fantasy Fest scene, below

Sloppy Joe's

A perhaps even more curious homeless drama was forwarded to my email account yesterday from a Big Pine Key friend who wishes to remain anonymous at this time:

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Colby Fisher <colbyfisher@………> wrote:

Peary Court as a homeless shelter buffer?
Hello Naja,

I received an anonymous lead today from someone who didn’t provide their name, but they did claim to work for the city.

The person implied that one of the real motives for buying Peary Court is to establish a city owned property barrier between the Palm Avenue bus repair terminal and the surrounding residential neighborhoods. They say that the reason for the Peary Court barrier is to allow the city to build the new homeless shelter on the bus repair property after that is moved to its new location (in the shadow of the garbage mountain on Stock Island). The city’s supposed logic is that if there were a 23 acre barrier with 200+ families between the privately owned homes in The Meadows and the bus repair location as a homeless shelter, then the the city could force it through. They went on further to claim that the Easter Seals property, as a homeless shelter, is out.

One would think the same argument could be used when placing the homeless shelter at the Easter Seals property. The golf course and College Road are large enough barriers between the Golf Course homes and the Sunset Marina Condos, but those two are part of home owners’ associations that would be more difficult to overcome. Whereas, there is no organized opponent willing to pay enormous legal fees to oppose placing the homeless shelter on the bus property.

I really don’t think of myself as a conspiracy type of person, and my first thought was to write the idea off as absurd, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. When was the last time we heard anything about progress being made on relocating the homeless shelter to the Easter Seals building?

I will probably send notes to the city leadership to receive their reassurance that this is nothing but a ridiculous rumor. For what it’s worth, if they go on record and state that under no circumstances is the bus repair property being considered as the new homeless shelter home, then this won’t go any further, but if they don’t then….

I replied to the forwarder and Colby, with a copy to Naja Girard, who, with hubby Arnaud, publish Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com) online each Friday:

I think it was Tom Milone from whom I first heard about putting a homeless shelter on the city transit property. I gleefully jumped on it, and it was discussed at at least one city commission I attended, along with several other potential locations for the new shelter. I thought it would be a howl to have it right next to the new ritzy Peary Court, and Jim Hendrick sent an email, which was later forwarded to me, to one of the people living in the Meadows actively opposing Peary Court, who lives on Angela Street, which boundaries Peary Court, saying, see what they are trying to do to you in the Meadows, hoping the Meadows community would rise in in outrage against the new shelter being into the transit property. The idea went nowhere before the city commission. I attended quite a few commission meetings thereafter, and the focus was on other locations, most focus on the Easter Seals property, although Margaret Romero kept bringing up the city’s 1+ acre of land in front of Ed Swift’s Steam Plant condos bounded by Trumbo Road, and I loved that idea, too, but the city commission was not in the least interested in that location, as it has visions of a big real estate development deal some day, after the school district moves its offices. I can’t imagine the city spending $50 million to create a buffer for a homeless shelter across Palm Avenue from Peary Court and Eisenhower Avenue. What would be the point? If the developer keeps Peary Court and continues to rent it out, or if the developer redevelops it, or if the developer sells the existing units and builds 48 “affordable” pygmy huts, the buffer is still there. I’d love to know the name of the person who told you this, Colby. That might be really interesting to know. Personally, I think the transit property is a better place for the new shelter than the Easter Seals property, but the mayor and commissioners don’t want the new shelter in the city; they want it on Stock Island, and the soup kitchen, too, hoping that will reduce the number of homeless people hanging out in Key West.

This morning P.S. to ALL:

This email thread got local real estate and business mogul Ed Swift elected to the Key West City Commission in a dream last night, beating me out for the position, which, on waking, I concluded meant I was to publish this email thread, instead of ignore it, as I had intended to do when I turned in last night. It keeps nagging me that the 48 400 square feet new units the developer intends to build in Peary Court, regardless of whether or not the city buys Peary Court from the developer, are not going to be “affordable housing”, as has been reported recently in the Key West Citizen, but will be market rate housing. It looks to me the Citizen is going all out to try to get the referendum passed, for the city to buy Peary Court, and the Citizen is shading, spinning, and even changing the facts in what it reports, to persuade the public to pass the referendum. See the Peary Court part of my post yesterday at Key West’s Peary Court workfarce housing referendum and various other fool wiseassings, lamentations and prayers goodmorningkeywest.com, which also contains a link to an earlier post, Key West Old City Hall Comedy Theater , in which I detailed what really did go down about Peary Court at the most recent city commission meeting, as opposed to what the Key West Citizen reported went down.

The original forwarder, who presently wishes to remain anonymous, replied:

I still think the navy would veto the shelter so close to Trumbo somehow.

I replied to ALL:

Not sure the Navy has any jurisdiction over the city transit land, but perhaps the local politics would grant the Navy jurisdiction. That is as good a location as any for the new homeless shelter. Imagine the negative impact on the present Peary Court owners’ plans for making heap wampum in one way or another off of Peary Court. Imagine the city putting a homeless shelter in across Palm Venue from that upper end of Peary Court giving the city leverage to bring the Peary Court developer back down to sea level, and maybe the city buys Peary Court for $35 million, which the developer paid for it 2 years ago, and the developer gets to build and do whatever with the 48 market rate pygmy housing units.

That fun aside, re the land in front of Ed Swift’s upscale Steam Plant condos now, I think, being maintained by the condo association as an informal park for the condo association members, Swift from time to times comes to city commission meetings and has letters to the editor and guest columns in the Key West Citizen urging the city government to do all possible to create more affordable housing in Key West. Mayor Craig Cates and some of the city commissioners have been promoting the city’s new homeless shelter as affordable housing, which, they argue, makes it available for Monroe County Housing Authority funding. In that light, and given Key West’s official creed adopted by a past City Commission, WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL MEMBERS OF ONE HUMAN FAMILY, it only stands to reason that Swift should be pushing the city hard to build its new affordable homeless shelter right in front of his upscale condo development, to give him and his rich upscale condo owner clients a great chance to practice the city’s official creed.

Peary Court

The part of Peary Court today facing Palm Avenue, at the top of the photo on the left-hand side of Palm Avenue is the city transit bus terminal; under Ed Swift’s photo below is a view over the city’s land from his upscale Steam Plant condos:


steam plant park

Amigo Rick Roberts, a former FAA air traffic controller and successful computer/IT business owner, who developed life-threatening low blood flow and other bad medical problems, which led to him being homeless in Key West, added to his and my email frolic reported in yesterday’s Key West’s Peary Court workfarce housing referendum and various other fool wiseassings, lamentations and prayers post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

rick roberts <s3@simplysolidstate.com>
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky’ <sloanbashinsky@outlook.com>; Sun 11/22/2015 12:33 PM
Rick the Raccoon speaks, not with forked tongue…


Sirius Sloan,

Nice job on that blog you got going on… makes me laugh even thinking about it.

I think you did a real nice job of showing the interesting banter we had. To me it’s all in good fun. However…

If those alleged “angels” are giving you the run around, I could introduce you to some of my kin that live inside the dark side of the moon. Those pesky little buggies NASA was using on the bright side really ticked them off. That’s when the whole “landing on the moon” fiasco was prohibited. Nyet Comrades. Knock it off Rednecks.

They had a real nice stopover there on the dark side when they came down to rob Earth of some stuff they needed, and to have good fun writing Hebrew, Muslim, and Christian owner’s manuals for the humans they created to work for them in “their own image”. That pageantry of getting prayed to and worshiped was a riot to them…

They came from where they lived inside Mars, Most of them coming here were basically gypsy vagabonds. Every night’s a party and every day is New Year’s Eve to that bunch.

Like I said, those kin of mine liked visiting folks here back then. The bleating masses all took up worshiping them and drawing wings on pictures of them and calling them “angels that could fly”. That still gets barrels of laughter to this day…

Of course they could “fly”, the Sirius had that all figured out way back. Anti-Gravity – please! , that’s a toy they give to their kids…

They first came down here to have those monkeys do the work mining gold. It’s the metal they needed to use partly as radiation barriers, i.e. non corroding wave filters, and as plating and conductors in their interdimensional portals bending space-time. They had some antique (about 5 million light years ago, not away) discs spinning liquid mercury around to scurry around the atmosphere here with and known means of doing so. They started taping on wings just to befuddle the “worshipers”…

Well, those apes didn’t work out. Too damn dumb and mischievous. My Anunnaki relatives (google them) got the bad idea of updating the ape DNA, thereby bypassing a “missing link” between apes and their homo sapiens. These ancient retards made that new ape “in their own image”. That was a real bad idea. They created a whole genus species that only had the Anunnaki’s bad traits…

I can still remember the cosmic holograms of my ancient kin folks laughing their ass off about all that Allah and Jesus and Jews and Buddha’s and all that the Anunnaki clones had come up with! That was rib tickling, in fact it tickled them into taking ribs out of the code for male humans as a tilt to the comedy these critters caused…

But in a real screw up, emphasis on “screw”, some dumb Anunnaki’s mated with human women. Real bad idea, just look at all the problem that upgraded modified ape has caused. That “upgraded/modified” DNA is still around today. These mutts typically exist only for absolute power, dig people worshiping them, get into genocide for a decade or of “fun”, it’s their “X-Box. Just look at the trouble they caused, like Hitler and Stalin. Hirohito, Or Pol Pot…

They even used antigravity and precision lases to get those humans to build pyramids as power plants with wireless energy grids. One of those mongrels that brought improvements was Tesla.

Anyhow, I am just bleating on and on.

You know Sloan, we’re really living the dream here in Key West. I was the first to say it:

We’re all here, because we ain’t all there… and welcome to the world’s largest open air “Insane Asylum”…

So, like I have told you many times: “everybody in this world is fucked up except me and you. And I wonder a LOT about you…

Like my parents said, that place is like wiping your ass on a wagon wheel, the same old shit keeps coming around…

Your concerned pal…

Ricky Raccoon…

Rick's business card

Sloan Bashinsky

To: rick roberts <s3@simplysolidstate.com>; Sun 11/22/2015 1:32 PM

Many thanks, Rocky (Raccoon), your origin of the invasive species and its religions review is far superior in making sense than anything taught in grammar school, high school, college, medical school, churches or anywhere else on this planet. However, I think the Pleiadeans be my relatives. They be different from but know pretty good about angels, which I have seen in dreams wearing wings when they wanted me to know for sure they wuz angels and not something else I might imagine, but I have seen them without wings when I wuz wide awake, which all told me wings is something they adorn when they want people who grew up thinking angels all have wings to know they are being visited by angels. If Nikolai Telsa was a mongrel mutt, what does that make you, Sirus (dog star)? Mutt may be man’s best friend, but I prefer sleeping with the seven sisters, as the Pleiades are called by astronomers.

Seven Sisters

Also yesterday, a moon eyes beagle hound dog email thread started by my older daughter, whose husband is the Mississippi State Bulldogs head baseball coach:

Nelle Fish House
Nelle in the stern of an offshore charter boat off of Islamorada, circa 1976

Winter is coming.

Nelle Cohen's photo.
You, Leo Sullivan-Bashinsky and 83 others like this.
Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin The dog looks sad.

Nelle Cohen

Nelle Cohen she’s faking

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I beg your pardon!

Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach Tess is greater than every human to ever exist, period.

JL Serkes

JL Serkes Omg that poonim

Dianne Lawson Baker

Dianne Lawson Baker That dog is gonna pay you back. ?

Nelle Cohen

Nelle Cohen She peed on my rug twice this week – so this is MY payback grin emoticon

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky is that beagle wearing Mississippi State colors?

Nelle Cohen

Nelle Cohen She sure is! Hail State!

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky The razorbacks up there in Arkansas are moaning today after State snatched the hogs’ victory into the jaws of defeat, 51-50.

Margaret Farley

Margaret Farley I will kill your wife, I will kill your son. I will kill your baby daughter.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky that ain’t the style of any beagle hound I ever met; they liked to lick and howl their loved ones to death

Dianne Lawson Baker

Dianne Lawson Baker Uhh….Tess is a cranky, bossy old broad. I think she may be channeling Cha. [Dianne is my first wife, Nelle’s mom.]

Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky Well, whenever I did something I should not have did and Cha caught me at it, she would kinda tilt her head down and her eyes up and look sad dog eyes at me and say, “Ain’t you shamed” – and it tended to have the desired effect, although I didn’t always admit it.
Dianne Lawson Baker

Dianne Lawson Baker She was the best. I’m richer as a human being for having known her, and I still hear her voice in my head.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky For people in this thread who did not know about Cha: Charlotte Washington, the daughter of American slaves, raised me and my brother and sister as her own. Hers is the 2nd portrait, “She Works Behind the Scenes”, in a little book called A FEW REMARKABLE PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN, which fell out of me amidst oceans of tears in the fall of 2004. This link should get you to that little book:


Nelle and me, Fish House
Nelle and me, circa 1976,  off of Islamorada
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