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Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s zombies, villains, unsuper heroes and other misdiagnosed animated and dreamlike creatures in Key West and beyond post at www.goodmorningkeywest:

Sloan: In my opinion the party on the right (radical republicanism) may well be the biggest treat to our health and survival of any shred of democracy, the supreme court added as the whipped cream on the poisonous, toxic cake.

The fate of the environment is center stage for human survival on this planet.

A vaccine for Ebola is not all that difficult –it will take time for animal and human testing..

cheers –Jerry ( of course all this is my viewpoint )

I replied:

Hi, Jerry –

Time I do not think people threatened by Ebola have.

As I wrote to Christine Russell this morning, replying to what she wrote yesterday to me concerning your and my Ebola discussion, maybe Ebola and MRSA, among other nature diseases which kill human beings, are Mother Nature’s way of defending herself from the invasive species, human beings.

The radical right sure ain’t a thing of beauty. Nor is the radical left. Nor is the current administration in the White House. Nor was the previous administration. I could go back a ways, but it would get boring.

As I also wrote to Christine, maybe quoting Pogo, or one of his friends, we have met the enemy and we are it.

My post today, still being cut and pasted together, probably won’t get me nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize :-)


Christine Russell - Panama

Christine Russell, of Key West, Panama and Uruguay, and other places in America, replied to yesterday’s post:

Hi Sloan –

Your conversation with Jerry Weinstock about pharmaceutical companies, their new drugs and their profits – brought to mind a segment we just saw on 60 Minutes “The Cost of Cancer Drugs’ from Oct 5th.  Google it and watch it.  As a U. S. citizen this one will make your blood boil!  In the interview with doctors from Sloan Kettering, here is an excerpt from the show: ”

“They are making prices unreasonable, unsustainable and, in my opinion, immoral.”
Lesley Stahl: Are you saying that the drug companies are raising the prices on their older drugs.
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: That’s correct.
Lesley Stahl: Not just the new ones. So you have a new drug that might come out at a $100,000, but they are also saying the old drugs have to come up to that price, too?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Exactly. They are making prices unreasonable, unsustainable and, in my opinion, immoral.
When we asked Novartis why they tripled the price of Gleevec, they told us, “Gleevec has been a life-changing medicine ... When setting the prices of our medicines we consider … the benefits they bring to patients … The price of existing treatments and the investments needed to continue to innovate…”
[Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: This is quite an expensive medication.]
Dr. Kantarjian says one thing that has to change is the law that prevents Medicare from negotiating for lower prices.
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: This is unique to the United States. If you look anywhere in the world, there are negotiations. Either by the government or by different regulatory bodies to regulate the price of the drug. And this is why the prices are 50 percent to 80 percent lower anywhere in the world compared to the United States.
Lesley Stahl: Fifty percent to 80 percent?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Fifty percent to 80 percent.
Lesley Stahl: The same drug?
Dr. Hagop Kantarjian: Same drug. American patients end up paying two to three times more for the same drug compared to Canadians or Europeans or Australians and others.
So Sloan, GREED is still and probably always will be alive and well in the U.S.  Why do these pharmaceutical companies charge what they do?  BECAUSE THEY HAVE A DRUG THAT SAVES OR EXTENDS LIVES AND BECAUSE THEY CAN.
The question becomes WHY would an intelligent person subject themselves to these ridiculous government polices and immoral costs.  PLEASE watch the entire 60 Minute segment.  If that doesn’t piss you off as an American what will?  This story is about life and death.  About innocent critically ill people – and about corporate greed!  Our government no longer looks out for its citizens best interest (obviously from this story) life anymore is about protecting corporations and their profits.
Sloan you seem so unhappy.  I think you are a good person who has spent an incredible amount of time asking the right questions, attending meetings, and trying to make where you live a better place.  Might you be happier living somewhere else?  Have you given it any thought?   Right now you seem pretty miserable living in Key West.  Life is short.  Try and find a place that will make you happier than where you are now.  Change does not happen over night, but in time some of us will, help to change the world and will, find a better place.  Your friend – Christine


I replied last night:

Hi, Christine, thanks for the article and your concern for me. I got a somewhat different and a somewhat similar expression from Kurt Wagner today, to which I responded having some fun with it, I imagine fodder for tomorrow’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com. Best as I can tell, it doesn’t matter what anybody does, this place, and I mean humanity, is going to hell sooner or later, some say it’s already happened, and about the best anyone can do is try to not to make it worse and have some fun. Sloan

After a dream about Christine last night, I emailed her this morning:

P.S. My discussion with Jerry has been about Ebola and MRSA, which are serious nature-produced threats to human beings, perhaps Mother Nature’s way of gearing up to seriously reduce the invasive species’ numbers – we, humans, are the invasive species.

Jerry brought the pharm companies into the discussion, because I was not convinced there is a medical answer for Ebola; and as the pharm chemical discussion progressed, Jerry brought the pharm companies’ love for money, and Uncle Sam’s love for war, into the discussion.

It is my opinion that most forms of cancer, and most “medical diseases” not produced directly by nature, and even those indirectly, are symptoms of human soul disease, greed being but one of many forms of human soul disease.

It doesn’t matter where I want to live, I live where the angels station me. That’s how I ended up in Key West. In late 2000, the angels sent me here from somewhere else. The angels then kept me here, or up on Little Torch Key, most of that time.

I keep addressing what the angels tell me to address, without any illusion that it will make a difference on this world, because humanity is so screwed up that, in my opinion, the only way to rectify it is for the angels to fix every human being, or simply end that experiment (human beings) on this planet.

Nor am I under any illusion that living somewhere else will be more enjoyable for me. The angels will be wherever I am, and they will use me regardless of how I feel about it.

I imagine the longer you hang out in Panama and Uruguay, the more you will see, Christine, that you did not escape what bugs you, and the reason for that is, what bugs people is inside of them. There is no escaping ourselves, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to escape themselves anyway, using various and sundry escape methods, such as drugs, religion, crusades, politics, sport sex, over-eating, exercise mania, moving some place else … the list of human escape methods may be countless …

In the end, we all die, and then we have no escape method; then we are face to face with ourselves, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, and there is no getting around it. The angels have treated me to being face to face with myself, in this life. It has been heap fun. And, I suppose, there is plenty more of that fun still to come.

As is sometimes said, we have met the enemy and we are it.

Meanwhile, I try each day to find ways to have fun amid the hell I see all around me, and each day I somehow do have fun, and sometimes it’s with another person, or other people, and sometimes it’s like what I wrote back to Kurt Wagner yesterday afternoon. He replied, and I wrote back again this morning, and that was not fun. Nor is this email from me to you, fun.

I learned during four runs for mayor of Key West how many people appreciate the hard work I did to try to “help” Key West. Something like 34 votes in 2003, 64 votes in 2007, 110 votes in 2009, 162 votes this year. That’s the people who appreciated what I did to try to “help” Key West.

I got a lot more votes when I ran, unsuccessfully, for county commissioner in 2006 and 2010, when I lived on Little Torch Key, around 7,000 votes each time, which told me a lot people living up the Keys have a far better grip on reality than people living in Key West have.


Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner, hanging out on St. Thomas, America Virgin Islanda, cut loose on me yesterday:

Subject: Bored!!!!!

Hi Sloan!!!!

I’m a bit disappointed in you. “goodmorningkeywest” used to be interesting to read. Since the election, you have had nothing interesting to say. Now it’s a recap of you and Jerry’s emails. I have no idea what your other readers think, but I find it boring. Did your angels tell you to be boring? Hopefully the angels will give you something more important to talk about!!! Don’t get me wrong, I still read every day, but it seems your fire went out. It seems you keep talking about not wanting to be on this earth any longer. Maybe you don’t!!! We’ll all miss what you do. Hopefully you’ll still be there in Feb-Mar 2016 when I show up on my trip around the country in my RV.

Kurt Wagner
St. Thomas, USVI

PS Here’s a better pic.

Kurt Wagner, 2

I replied yesterday afternoon:

Hi, Kurt –

Maybe you are bored because you aren’t doing anything interesting?

Maybe you are bored because your primary interest seems to be Key West politics?

Although I appreciate your your saying, if I’m not on this earth, “We’ll all miss what you do,” my impression is few, if any people in Key West, the Florida Keys, or anywhere, know what I do, despite my explaining it ongoing in what I tell people and publish to www.goodmorningkeywest and sometimes to the other two gooodmorning websites.

The angels arrange stuff for me to engage and then write about in posts at the goodmorning websites. Personally, I much prefer covering esoteric, far out and outrageous topics.

Just today, I sat next to a male gay couple at Harpoon Harry’s, who live in Denver and just recently purchased a home in KW. We talked about lots of stuff, including the local real estate market, high insurance rates, and how to prepare for hurricanes like Wilma.

But what made my soul sing was telling them Fantasy Fest is really important, because it pushes the local Christians back on their heels. I said, per capita, Key West has more churches, and more bars, than any other city. One of the men asked if that was significant? I said maybe the number of bars is the result of so many churches. He and his partner laughed.

My real thinking is, Christianity is psychotic, or, if you will, a Satanic cult. You can see both of those features at the same time during Fantasy Fest, by hanging out around the gang of rabid, frothing at the mouth, you sex sinners and sodomites are all going to die and burn in hell forever Christians toting homemade crusader signs and bull horns, who tend to gather on Duval Street between Southard and Eaton Streets each Fantasy Fest. Emissaries from the loony bin, or, if you will, the Satanic cult.

Also amusing, the KW police let these zombies carry on like that, but do not let Fantasy Fest revelers, who wish to do so, have equal time preaching back to the zombies.

That aside, I sometimes get feedback from people, who say they like reading Jerry Weinstock’s and my written exchanges.

As a psychiatrist, meaning he is a medical doctor, and as an environmental scientist by passion, Jerry provides a viewpoint I cannot provide. As a former lawyer and a shaman, I provide a viewpoint Jerry cannot provide.

To be frank, I wonder why Jerry’s and my discussions have not been picked up by the national and international news media? I wonder why Jerry’s and my discussions have not gone viral online? For where on this world do you find a psychiatrist and a shaman discussing anything, unless it’s the psychiatrist trying to convince the shaman he, or she, is delusional and needs to be on meds?

For a fact, Kurt, after nearly 14 years of it, I am burned out on Key West and the Florida Keys politics. Who wouldn’t be burned out, who’d been banging his head against that fossilized coral wall all that live-long time?

If this year’s Key West mayor’s race, and the three previous times I ran for mayor (2003, 2007, 2009), and the three times I ran for county commissioner (2006, 2008, 2010), and the time I ran for the school board (2012) didn’t prove to you and everyone else, crystal clear, that being involved in politics down here is a waste of perfectly good time, energy and money, then I don’t suppose anything ever will convince.

Who, in right mind, would not be screaming to leave this planet, who was made by angels to remain involved in Key West and Florida Keys politics, even if he is in perfect physical health, rolling in money, has lots of friends on his same wavelength, and a great love life? None of which fringe benefits I have.

Who, in right mind, would want to be alive, who feels as bad physically as I feel most of the time with no end in sight? Nothing doctors can do about it. Part of it is my karma for bad shit I did, and the other part of it is bad shit I absorb from other people, Key West, the Florida Keys, America and humanity, and, I am pretty sure, bad shit going on in the spirit realms.

There is yet another wee jubilation, a rogue planet from deep space, which somehow made its way back into our solar system and now is on a direct collision course with me, again.

As things now stand, before the end of this year, or sooner, as I am figuring, I will run out of money and be homeless, again. I can’t begin to explain how that prospect thrills me, doubly thrills because of how physically bad I feel most of the time. If the angels don’t provide a fiscal bailout, it will be interesting to see how people who like what I do down here respond to my being homeless.

I tell the angels often, “It’s no damn wonder human beings don’t want to hear from you, if how it is between you and me is a guide for what it’s like to be run by angels.” The folks in the Bible, who were run by angels, sure had heaps of fun, but today they are not accused by Bible folks of being boring – to the contrary, they are revered by Bible folks today, and, ironically, are ignored.

What really might prick my interest is alien spaceships landing on the front lawn of the White House. I bet that would change what interests you and everyone one else living on this planet.

But then, I imagine plenty of people would pretend, even to the point of convincing themselves, that it isn’t happening.

While other people will believe the ETs came to save humanity.

While other people will believe the ETs came to help them defeat their enemies.

While other people will believe the ETs came to feed the poor and heal all the sick people.

While other people will believe the ET leader is Jesus, and it is the Second Coming, and they are going to be taken up in the Rapture.

While other people will believe the ETs are going to either fix, or rid this planet, of all homeless people.

When instead, the ETs are here to use humans as slaves, or for food, or for laboratory experiments; or to exterminate humans, to insure they never get off this planet and contaminate the rest of the creation.

Or – yikes! – so the ETs can have this planet for themselves, having destroyed their own once beautiful home planet.

I suppose any of those scenarios are more likely than the Key West city government changing its spots, the Monroe County government changing its spots, the Florida government changing its spots, the US government changing its spots, and humanity changing its spots.

Meanwhile, it was my dream and hope for quite a long time that I would write and sell eclectic books to a wide enough range of people and make myself a decent living from it, and have interesting people to chew the fat with, and have an interesting, passionate woman in my life, who likes having me around, and vice versa, and have reasonably okay physical health, none of which panned out.

What did pan out, there are now 2,648 chapters in a book entitled “goodmorningkeywst.com”, and probably 1,000 different chapters in two books entitled “goodmorningfloridakeys.com” and “goodmorningbirmingham.com”, which, combined, might be viewed as an Aquarian Age bible, or simply a crazy person’s bible, which should even keep the invading ETs busy (diverted) for a very long time.

And all those chapters are free, which might not be said of any other Key West author, present or past.

Maybe those three books are my “last will and testament”.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, those three books will be just that, since I already bequeathed my earlier books the old fashion way, in paper, some of which can be found online, the rest perhaps the ETs will have technology to locate.

Perhaps my epitaph will be:

“Starving writer starved to death”



Kurt wrote late last night, after I had turned in:

Wow I never thought i would get such an answer from you! You are an amazing man Sloan. I can’t wait to meet you face to face. Feb 2016????? I’ll buy you lunch or breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. You are one of the few people who can have a debate without letting personalities get in the way. I agree on most of what you publish, but disagree on your thoughts about the homeless. Some are true, but some are way off base. You are very correct about 90% are addicted to some kind of drug. But those drugs are legal! Tobacco and alchohol are legal. Why not focus on the illegal drug use? how about the homeless who smoke that “CUSH” When i was there I tried my best to stop them from smoking that poison. I was told, “fuck it, I’m gonna die anyway. I might as well die happy” How do you fight this? You can’t fight it! If they want to die, you have to let them die!!! We have no business keeping them alive. I’ve spent my time killing gooks, ( JuLy 2002 to Aug 2004) doing what the government wanted me to do. Killing anyone who apposes who ever was against our government. And I finally realized I was fighting for the wrong reason. I then started a biz… making money. I Thai sticks i f the gov can do it,why can’t I ? we had over 7 Million dollars when we were busted. We were discharged not honorably. We have no benafits, we have no health care, we have nothing. Maybe we should have been honest! Maybe we should be allowed VA healthcare. Maybe we should have sold every dime we held!

After a rough dream about Kurt’s state of being, I awoke this morning, saw Kurt’s reply, and responded:

Morning, Kurt –

Face to face, discussing serious matters, you might not care for me.

You have many deep soul problems, which you do not appear to be trying to do anything about. Instead, you seem to be projecting what is messed up inside of you onto what you don’t like outside of you; and you seem to like having people help you fight the bad guys you don’t like. What you should be doing is nothing but fighting the bad guys, and bad girls, inside of yourself for a very long time, which will cure your boredom, or cause you to return to it pronto, because you really don’t like the internal work. To really make progress with the internal work, you will need the angels’ help, if they are willing to provide it.

It is irrelevant whether drugs are legal or illegal. Booze is legal, and is horribly destructive. That, too, is irrelevant in discussing homeless addicts. As long as they are using, homeless addicts cannot be reached. There is nothing that can be done to help them, other than see to it they don’t starve to death and, in more northern climes, freeze to death in winter.

It long has been my opinion that homeless addicts would be better off dead, if there was no Divine Intervention to change them.

I also know homeless people who are not addicts, who are in a terrible way and, in my opinion, would be better of dead, if there was no Divine Intervention to change them.

My opinions were formed by being homeless myself, dealing with homeless people ongoing, up close and personal – not as a “social worker”.

I have the same view of mainstream addicts, and of mainstream people who are not addicts, but are seriously screwed up in their souls and in their minds. They all would be better off dead, if there was no Divine Intervention to change them.

These are my views. I do not say the angels share my views entirely, but I am satisfied the angels share my view that there is no human help for an addict, who is using, other than to see to it the addict does not starve or freeze to death. And if there is a serious medical problem, which is life-threatening, MRSA for example, or serious bodily damage, being run over by a car, for example, to treat that problem medically.


Sloan on the beachSloan angel

Left photo taken mid-2009, Smathers Beach, Key West, then doctored a bit by my friend, Deer Ed, owner-operator of www.bigpinekey.com’s popular Coconut Telegraph daily forum. Deer Ed  built www.goodmorningkeywest.com and www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com, and showed me how to use them.

Deer Ed also doctored the right photo, after it was taken mid-2014 in front of The T-Shirt Factory in Key West, for my mayor campaign T-shirt. The slogan, “He confounds the Empire”, was dreamed up by “Love Lane Jack,” aka “Mad Jack Gunn”, now seriously ill with cancer.

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

The back of the campaign t-shirt was my soul drawing of Aphrodite, who was on the back of the 2009 mayor campaign t-shirt.


Here is the front of the 2009 mayor campaign t-shirt.

Sloan's T-shirt

Here is the art work, dreamed up by the mischievous Sandy Downs of Cudjoe Key, which she ran several weeks, as a campaign ad, on her dime, in Key West the Newspaper.

Sloan_for_Mayor_And here is what I think about politics.

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