a few happy birthday Sloan stanzas from “The Ballad of Kari Dangler” – Key West jail recording studio

Kari at HiggsKari Dangler, spring 2015, Higgs Beach, Key West

Kari and me at Higgs

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Sloan at wedding

2012 photo, at a Big Pine Key friend’s wedding reception

Okay, today I turned 73 years on this planet, this time around. Thanks for all the many “best wishes.”

For many years, the angels have tended to spice up special days, like my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, the 4th of July, etc. Spice up = load me up with heavy spirit stuff, so I feel like I’m wading through mud, and manure, and toxic waste dumps. The angels did not surprise today, so far. Waaaa!!!

Mud Dawg's guardian angel

Well, Waaaa-ing never caused the angels to relent before, so I trudge, er, talley ho forward.

work mule

My lady Kari in the county jail is suffering horribly with bumps and little open sores all over her body, which itch like crazy and hurt plenty. Her skin burns, feels like it’s about to pop. Her G.I. tract hurts torments her, she could keep several dirigibles in the air, if they were filled with methane. She gets very little sleep. I  imagine she feels like she’s being burned at the stake.

witch burning

Kari told me, the other night, when she was sleeping, finally, a nurse came into her room at 3 a.m. and woke her up to draw blood to send out to a laboratory, she was told to determine if she has soy allergy. Is there a scientific reason to draw blood at 3 a.m., instead of during normal waking hours? Or was that part of the burning at the stake program?

When I visited Kari last night in the jail, I asked her to show me her feet, I wanted to see how broken out they are. She said she wasn’t going to show me her feet, it was too gross.

When I visited Kari this morning in the jail, she said a guard finally got a nurse to agree to give her some benadryl last night, to alleviate the awful itching for a little while. When the guard and Kari reached the infirmary, a male nurse handed Kari a dose of benadryl and then gave her the third degree.

The third degree was, the nurse said it is in Kari’s file that her boyfreind went online and diagnosed that Kari has soy allergy; it is very dangerous to use the Internet to make a medical diagnosis; it can get you killed.

Kari told the nurse, what someone did was go online and find photos of soy allergy, which looked similar to what was breaking out on her skin. The person did not make a diagnosis.

soy allergy 1soy allergy rashsoy allergy 3soy allergy 4soy allergy 2soy rash 2

The nurse said there is no record in the infirmary of them having drawn her blood. Kari said it was drawn at 3 a.m., the morning before. The nurse said there is no record of it, he was not there. Kari told me the nurse did not come in until the evening of the early morning the blood was drawn. She said she wondered if they lost, or threw away, the blood they drew, to prolong her agony?

Kari said the nurse asked her if she knew what day is was? Kari answered, Tuesday. The nurse asked Kari if she knew who is president of the United States? She answered, Barack Obama.

In other words, was Kari insane?

I asked Kari why she did not tell the nurse that she had made the diagnosis herself? And that she had made the same diagnosis the other two times she was in the jail, when the same thing happened to her? But this time it’s worse, because her intolerance to soy is increasing.

I said she told me before she went into the jail last June, what was going to happen to her in the jail. Her skin would break out, she would itch like crazy, she would not be able to sleep, her digestive tract would be all torn up and in pain, and there would be a lot of gas, and she would gain a lot of weight from eating a lot of carbohydrates, because she was not getting enough protein because she is intolerant to soy, and the meat the jail serves is soy meat substitute.

She told me that many times, before she went back into the jail.

And she told me when she was reacting to soy in the food at the soup kitchen, and many times I saw her not eat a meat dish, because she believed there was soy in it.

She also told me back then that she was intolerant of all beans, but soy is far worse on her.

She has so much gas, that this time around in the jail, they finally gave her own room, without a roommate.

That’s how I “diagnosed” Kari has a soy allergy.

When Kari showed me the palms of her hands the other day during a visit, I later went on line and found the soy allergy photos above, which looked like the palms of her hands. The first photo, especially. She has it on arms, some on her face. She says it’s more or less all over her body.

soy allergy 1

When I visited Kari this morning, she showed me her feet. She said she can barely walk. I believed her, the way her feet looked – worse than the photos.

I said she is being tortured, and that violates the United States Constitution prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, and it’s happening right here in the United States.

I said she is an anomaly, and they cannot blame any of this on her mental state, because it is happening physically, on her skin, as well as in her digestive track, and the weight gain is obvious. She was around 115 pounds when she went into the jail, now she’s over 150 pounds.

I said their problem is they do not like change, so they try to fit her into some hole which is familiar to them. But she does not fit into that hole, and she will not fit into that hole, and if they keep trying to fit her into that hole, she will break down, she might very well go insane, simply because of the massive physical distress. Then they can forget all about what happens to her when she gets out of jail, she will be insane and it won’t matter to her.

Her time in the JIP program won’t matter, that’s the in-house inmate program. Her time in a rehab center after jail won’t matter. Nothing will matter. They will have destroyed her, because she is an anomaly, and they can’t, or won’t, allow an anomaly, because the only way to deal with an anomaly is they change, in this case, they give her a different diet, without soy, and without beans of any kind.

I said plenty more, maybe the jail recorded it.

Kari began our conversation this morning, after the recording on the phone said this call is being recorded, with, “I certainly hope so,” to which I added, “And broadcasted,” to which Kari added, “Far and wide.” We laughed.

Kari said they are retaliating against her because they don’t like what I am publishing at my website. I said, perhaps. But even if I did not exist, they would be torturing her; they would not be giving her a different diet, because they don’t like anomalies; they have their routine, that’s how it is.

I reminded Kari of a dream she had before her probation was violated because she was drinking vodka, again, and a term of her probation was she not drink booze.

In the dream, Kari was a female guinea pig running on a treadmill, her tongue was hanging out, she was exhausted, she was being experimented on and experimented on and experimented on. That was the angels’ way of showing Kari and me what was going to happen to her in the jail.

Kari had zero control over that dream. She has no control over any of ther dreams. Nobody I know has control over his/her dreams, not even me.

Two mornings ago, a few hours after Kari had been woken up at 3 a.m. to have her blood taken, she called me and described a dream she’d had after dozing back off, in which she received a package in the jail, in which was paper on which there were chicken scratchings, which she said reminded her of my handwriting. On the outside of the package was a long list of names with check marks beside them. Also was on the outside of the package was her case worker’s name, who is also her JIP counselor, and her name did not have a check mark beside it.

I said the dream was for me, telling me there was something I needed to write about her and the jail and perhaps more. I didn’t know what all I was to write, I’d have to rest and sleep on it.

After I published yesterday’s post at my website, I started writing about Kari. I wrote a long time. Later, I went back and rewrote it. After visiting with her last night in the jail, I wrote even more. I was calling it “The Ballad of Kari Dangler,” but I didn’t know what to do with it. It mostly is about her time in the local criminal justice system, and her time at KOTS, the city’s homeless shelter. I still don’t know what to do with it. So I am sitting on the parts not reported here today.

Meanwhile, Kari told me last night that her case worker/JIP counselor told her that she, Kari, had given up, and she needed to stop complaining, and she was making stuff up about what inmates do to other inmates. And her case worker/JIP counselor has come to really not like me, which, really not liking me, Kari repeated this morning.

I said of course you have given up, you are being tortured to death and are getting no help from it in the jail.  I seem to be the only person who is on your side, really trying to help you. I said  everything is moot, irrelevant, if the physical hell the jail is inflicting on you is not stopped; you will break, you will go insane. Yeah, I’m repeating myself, for Kari’s caseworker/JIP counselor’s benefit.

I told Kari, if I was her caseworker/JIP counselor, I would be doing all I could to protect Kari, get her help with what is causing all of those horrible symptoms. I would go to the State Attorney, the ACLU, the local newspaper, the US Department of Justice. I would be raising hell, in public, about Kari being tortured in the jail. I bet if Dr. Martin Luther King were alive and in Key West, I would be able to interest him in raising hell about what is happening to Kari in the Jail.

Kari told me last week that her case worker/JIP counselor had told her that she was not able to find housing for Kari in any sort of released offender program in Key West. Because of Kari’s firearm convictions, neither Samuel’s House nor Florida Keys Outreach Coalition would take her into their turn around residence programs. Kari said her caseworker/JIP counselor was trying to get her to agree to go to a rehab center in Miami, which worked with felons like Kari, after she got out of this jail. Kari told her case worker/JIP counselor she knew about that rehab center, it was in a really bad part of Miami, drug central. She was not interested in going there, or to Miami.

When Kari brought that back up this morning, I said, again, they are trying to export you, get rid of you. Kari said, yes, and if she goes to the Miami rehab center, and if she ever gets out of there, she will be homeless there, far worse than being homeless in Key West.

I reminded Kari that my friend and my attorney, Sam Kaufman, who was elected yesterday to the Key West City Commission, beating prior 2-term mayor Morgan McPherson, told me two days ago, when I bumped into him campaigning at the corner of North Roosevelt Blvd and Kennedy Drive, what he had told me several months ago: if Kari really wants it, he probably can get her into Florida Outreach Coalition’s women’s program, if she only has the aggravated assault with a deadly (unloaded) pistol and shooting a pistol at a loud frog gun charge on her record.  But if she had repeated violence convictions, he could not help her.

Sam Kaufman, candidateSam Kaufman candidate 2

Sam Kaufman

Sam is Chairman of the Board of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition. Has been, I think, since 2000. I met him in 2001, in 2002 he became my personal attorney and my friend.

Maybe it sometimes does matter who you know. Maybe Kari’s case worker/JIP counselor will call Sam’s law office and leave her name and phone number, and a message that she is Kari Dangler’s case manager and JIP counselor calling about Kari Dangler getting into Florida Keys Outreach Coalition after she is released from the county jail later this year or early next year. Sam’s office phone number: (305) 292-3926.

But and again, that very well could be wasted motion, time and effort, if Kari does not get relief from what is tearing her up physically in the jail. If she has a psychotic break, if she goes insane, the jail will have to find some place else to export her.

I would hate to see the karma from that visited on me, if I were connected to the jail and had any role in what is happening to Kari in there.

I would hate to see visited on me the karma for not doing all I can to help Kari get relief in the jail, even if we never are together in this life.

What a nice birthday present. But then, the day is only a little over half gone. Maybe something I like better will show up before midnight.

Kari and Sloan

Kari and me at Burger King, last spring, above,

on Higgs Beach later last spring, belowKari and me tattoos


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