dwarf thinking and behaving ain’t working in Key West, America, or anywhere

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My last dream before dawn this morning was a voice talking about dwarfs and the need to stop making more dwarf children.

Waking, I took the dream to be about dwarf thinking, outlook and behavior – it needs to end, for humanity’s sake.

I took the dream to mean I should not publish today a long email back and forth yesterday with a gun lover living in Key West, who, despite his giant intellect, is convinced guns had nothing to do with the Orlando massacre.

I took the dream to mean fertile people living where Zika is a threat should use birth control regardless of what the Pope, or anyone else, says; and abortions should be freely given to pregnant mothers infected with Zika, whether or not they want an abortion – the shrunken head threat to the unborn child trumps everything else, including genetically modified mosquitoes, the release of which in Brazil was followed by a spike in dengue fever and Zika infections.

Moving laterally …

Sloan & Kari Ft. Zach 3Kari Dangler

Last night, I kept waking up, hearing the rain, feeling badly for Kari and other homeless people in Key West, who sleep outside nights, instead of in the city’s homeless shelter. Kari is banned for life from the shelter, because of her mouth. So she can’t go there even on rainy nights. Other homeless people are banned for life, too. Even other homeless people do not use the shelter, because they cannot stand being in crowds; they do not like being around other people in close quarters; they do not like the curfew, or the rules; they fear for their medical safety; they fear their belongings will be stolen; they fear being beaten up; if they are women, they fear being hit on by homeless men in the shelter, including the man who runs it, Mike Tolbert.

Mike and Patti Jo TolbertMike and Patti Jo Tolbert

Kari told me a few weeks ago of a dream she’d had of Mike and Patti Jo. They were really ugly, withered up, due to the way they lived. I said, yes, that’s part of the dream’s message. The other part is, if you return to your old drinking habit, you will end up looking like Mike and Patti Jo in your dream. Kari said it was her dream and it was not about her. I said yes it was about her. No it wasn’t. Yes it was. It was about her, and about Mike and Patti Jo.

homeless apprenensionIn yesterday’s really strange things are happening, and maybe it ain’t nuttin’ to do with phases of the moon, and maybe it is – Key West, Florida Keys, America post at this website, I passed along two different reports from Kari of her being harassed for loitering (being homeless) by what I could have said are dwarf-thinking Key West police officers. Last night, Kari called me and reported two later incidents yesterday, when she was harassed by Key West police officers for sitting on curbs, bothering nobody but the no sitting on curbs god.

One Human Family 2This morning before dawn, Kari called and reported a very different experience with two KW police officers, who had driven their cruisers into a covered place where she had taken refuge last night to get out of the rain and was listening to her transistor radio. The two officers saw Kari and said nothing to her, and conversed between themselves. Live and let live. We are all created equal members of Key West’s One Human Family (Key West’s official philosophy, formerly adopted some years ago by the city commission).

Kari said she had heard a brief comment from a radio announcer of a new movie, in which the first human on Mars is sent back to Earth. The man being sent back to earth caused her to think of me.

I said that reminds of Robert Heinlein’s novel, in which a young Mars colony human male, trained and adapted (genetically, sort of, but not exactly) by native three-legged Martians, is deported back to Earth, along with all human colonists – the Martians finally had enough and expelled humanity from Mars. The young adapted human is sent to Earth to spy on Earthlings for the Martians – he somehow was rigged by the Martians, so they can use him like a TV, and see and hear through him what what he sees and hears on Earth. 

The adapted human tells his close friends (disciples, he is kinda like Jesus) the very advanced, zero technology Martians are taking their time deciding whether to go into conclave and use their substantial collective psychic power to blow up Earth and destroy humanity, before it becomes a lethal threat to the Martians. In the distant past, there was a planet on the other side of Mars toward Jupiter, which was inhabited by an intelligent native race who eventually became a threat to the Martians. After much pondering, centuries, the Martians went into conclave and focused their substantial collective psychic power on that planet and blew it up and destroyed that species. The aftermath is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The adapted Earthling tells his close disciples that humanity perhaps will develop, get bigger, smarter, and be able to counter what the Martians are moving toward to doing to Earth and Earthlings. He also tells his followers that he will be killed by Earthlings, who cannot grok him, and he is killed by them.

Oh, the adapted Earthling settled in Arkansas. In the church he started, when the collection plate is passed, it is full of money, and the congregation is told, “Take what you need, give what you can.”

Sancho PanzaProbably not by any kind of accident, Sancho Panza, a Big Apple resident, already had emailed me yesterday:

 “Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by ‘serving’ your fellow man.” – Walter E. Williams
A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

Sancho wrote:

Everything is a double edge sword, is it not? Seems to me(if we don’t blow it all up) that eventually, technology/automation will replace “labor”,  so that everybody will have to be given stipend wages… some type of baseline living  “credit” to keep the economy moving alone… not sure what people will do with all the extra “free” time… write blogs, maybe?  *>:) devil

I replied:

Maybe, the AI species we created to replace us lets us use computers, the internet, etc. :-). In any event, we can all get drunk or high on this or that favored chemical; have sex orgies if any one will have us; run out into the traffic and bark at and try to bite tires of passing cars; play cowboys and Indians (or aliens) with our fully operational charged lasers; gather in a circle, hold hands, close our eyes, and chant, “What the fuck? What the fuck?”; run for virtual public office on the Trump ticket – so many opportunities, so little time …

Just in case I use this blabber in a post, say, tomorrow, there might be youngsters who never even watched “The Twilight Zone,” or know something looking sort of that nice humanish ET fellow came with others like himself in a spacecraft to earth, and gave earthlings wonderful medicines that cured all of their diseases, and wonderful agricultural compounds that ended world hunger, and humanity got all fattened up and were offered free rides back to the alien planet, only, on entering the space craft (forever), learning they had been raised like cattle to feed the aliens, whose propaganda book, as I recall, given to the humans to sway them to accept the aliens and their wondrous gifts with open arms, was named, ahem, “To Serve Humans”. Where’s that little laughing demon you love so much, when I need him?

Sancho sent:

How’s that old old Puerto Rican saying… “Dios los cría y el Diablo los junta”…  You and Lady K…   *>:) devil

Moving laterally …

coconut-telegraph.jpgDeer Eddoe key deerbigpinekey.com’s “tame” Coconut Telegraph blog now is published a couple of times a week. Back in the day, though, it was a daily, often wild and wooly affair, because its publisher, “Deer Ed”, loved reader comments that stirred the pot, aggravated people. He encouraged it, by letting comments be anonymous.

A posse of anonymous Sloan haters formed on the Coconut Telegraph, and I gave them grief for hiding behind fake names, or no names, and I gave Deer Ed grief for encouraging them to be cowards, by not requiring them to put their names on their attacks, not just of me, but of anyone they lit into on the Coconut Telegraph. I kept telling Ed he was teaching children in the Florida Keys to be cowards.

Finally, I stopped paying Ed a quarterly fee to provide on the Coconut Telegraph daily teasers with links to my daily posts at my own websites, which Deer Ed had built for me, then had showed me how to use them. The Sloan hater posse did not move over to my websites, to attack me, but were content I no longer was on the Coconut Telegraph daily.

A posse, perhaps not the same people, also went after a very politically conservative columnist known as From the Right (FTR), who was paying Deer Ed the same fee I had paid, to be aired daily on the Coconut Telegraph. Finally, Deer Ed stopped featuring FTR’s dailies on the Coconut Telegraph, and provided a link to a secondary page Ed had set up for FTR’s columns and FTR fans and haters. 

Sloan haloComments from recent Coconut Telegraph’s, on Deer Ed’s mood swing, Ed doctored that photo of yours truly:

*After reading the CT and trying to understand the logic of some of the posters rants, it occurred to me that Ed modifies everything to suit his sheepish spin. The old Ed used to be quite hip on topics until the shift change. What really happened, did some pacifistic sheep or a blonde, bimbo, bible-belter take over the helm? Are there any other blogs with balls left in the Keys? (Ed: Don’t you mean any other blog that spews hate and lies? That’s what you want, right?)

*[“Are there any other blogs with balls left in the Keys? (Ed: Don’t you mean any other blog that spews hate and lies? That’s what you want, right)”] Ed used to re-word things, I even gave him grief for it, but he’s doing fine now. Leave him alone. Start your own website. Now, that would be interesting.

Not only did Ed “used” to reword things, he denied he did it, or he said he did it because what had been submitted made no sense, so he changed it to make sense, even though the authors complained it changed the meaning of what they had submitted to Deer Ed to publish. One of those authors was me. It got so anything I sent to Ed to publish on the Coconut Telegraph, I expected he would modify and change its meaning. I don’t have to deal with that at my website, nor do people who send me comments. If I use what they send me, I do not change it.

Even so, there actually is still a good bit of heat in some comments on the “reborn” Coconut Telegraph, but not nearly the heat of old. There is plenty of heat in goodmorningkeywest.com’s daily posts, for anyone who wants heat, whether only to read, or to sling. However, I tend to sling back and to publish names, and sometimes even email addresses, of heat slingers, so as not to encourage cowardism.

Sig Sauer MXMoving to  the F.B.I’s reborn public relations response to the Orlando massacre that happened right under the F.B.I’s nose, some of this syndicated article below is in today’s Key West Citizen (keysnews.c0m):

Comey’s refusal to name gunman marks change in terror talk

FILE - In this May 19, 2016 file photo, FBI Director James Comey, calls on a reporter during a news conference in Chicago. When Comey discussed on national television the massacre at an Orlando nightclub, he made an off-the-cuff policy decision not to speak the gunman’s name. The name Comey was refusing to say had already been known for nearly 24 hours: Omar Mateen. Forty-nine people were killed in the attack, the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

FILE – In this May 19, 2016 file photo, FBI Director James Comey, calls on a reporter during a news conference in Chicago. When Comey discussed on national television the massacre at an Orlando nightclub, he made an off-the-cuff policy decision not to speak the gunman’s name. The name Comey was refusing to say had already been known for nearly 24 hours: Omar Mateen. Forty-nine people were killed in the attack, the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File) (The Associated Press)

When FBI Director James Comey discussed on national television the massacre at an Orlando nightclub, he made an off-the-cuff policy decision not to speak the gunman’s name.

“You will notice that I am not using the killer’s name, and I will try not to do that,” Comey said during the live news conference.

I also notice, Mr. Comey, that you say nothing about your F.B.I. having this terrorist dead in its sights, and you did not pull the trigger.

By then, the name Comey was refusing to say had already been known for nearly 24 hours: Omar Mateen. Forty-nine people were killed in the attack, the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Comey’s pronouncement reflects a change in how federal officials discuss terrorism cases, and it opened the door to questions about whether the intense focus on terrorists since 9/11 has unintentionally glorified them.

It was also the latest turn in a renewed debate about the way politicians talk about terrorism. The same day, Republican Donald Trump urged President Barack Obama to resign for refusing to use the words “radical Islam” in his response to the attack. Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton inched closer, using the term “radical Islamism,” but stressed action over words. Obama dismissed such criticism as “yapping” and said focusing on the gunman’s Muslim faith, not his self-described allegiance to a terror group, “suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence.”

The FBI director said his intention was to avoid contributing to the gunman’s infamy.

Thus to the F.B.I.s infamy?

“Part of what motivates sick people to do this kind of thing is some twisted notion of fame or glory, and I don’t want to be part of that for the sake of the victims and their families,” Comey said, “and so that other twisted minds don’t think that this is a path to fame and recognition.”

Some local police officials have already started refusing to publicly mention the names of mass shooters, but none with Comey’s reach or influence. Other officials quickly followed Comey’s lead, with Trump vowing never to use Mateen’s name, and Obama never mentioning it. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it was an intentional effort to avoid elevating the gunman and focus instead on victims, who have long pushed reporters and officials to stop referring to mass killers by name.

Now while I actually do understand and appreciate that reasoning generally, apart from this massacre the F.B.I. could have prevented, I also can see this new policy might take the heat totally off, for example, Muslim terrorists’ parents, spouses, friends, Mosque clergy and congregations who might have known they should but did not blow the whistle, and still are claiming utter and total shock and ignorance, maybe genuinely, but then, maybe not. I also can see how this policy can spawn a view of such massacres being kinda like the flu, impersonal, instead of what it is: massacres by bad people using weapons of mass destruction. 

The FBI said there has been no formal policy change, but Comey’s move was a calculated decision that reflects a growing concern among law enforcement that too much publicity for lone-wolf attackers will inspire more violence.

There’s little research to suggest that withholding names thwarts copycats. Marc Sageman, a psychologist and a longtime government consultant, said Comey’s move seemed more political than a strategy aimed at preventing violence.

The FBI later went as far as to redact Mateen’s name and that of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader to whom he pledged allegiance, from transcripts of 911 calls, drawing fire from Republicans who accused the Obama administration of trying to downplay the shooting’s connection to radical extremism. The Justice Department eventually reversed course, but officials said the omissions had been intended to avoid giving extremists a “publicity platform for hateful propaganda.”

“I think there’s a view that we don’t want to glorify people who are so clearly seeking attention because we don’t want to let others who may be thinking about this think, ‘Oh, gee, even if I’m killed in a hail of bullets, my name will live forever on the lips of the FBI director or attorney general,'” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in an interview with The Associated Press. Lynch acknowledged she still sometimes uses Mateen’s name.

By contrast, officials made no such distinction as recently as last year, after Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, shot at a Chattanooga military recruiting office before driving to a Navy reserve center and opening fire, killing four Marines and a sailor. The Boston Marathon bombers’ names were also widely publicized.

Jim Davis, a former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Denver office, said there was no discussion of names years ago, including after the arrest of Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-American cab driver convicted in a thwarted plot to blow up New York City’s subway system in 2009.

“We have no idea if it’s going to prevent these kinds of acts by others,” said David Schanzer, a Duke University public policy professor who runs a center that studies terrorism. “But denying them that level of notoriety in an age in which individuals want to bring attention to themselves, I just think it makes sense.”

THE ELEPHANT IN THIS LIVING ROOM is American Muslims are not rising up and screaming for Muslim terrorist attacks to stop; for Islam to grow up, become an adult religion. Alas, is Christianity in America a grown up, adult religion? Is Judaism? Is the National Rifle Association? The Republican Party (and the Tea Party)? The Democratic Party? The Trump Party? Looks to me they all are sects of the Three Year Old Party.

Associated Press writers Eric Tucker, Kevin Freking and Eileen Sullivan contributed to this report.

Recent commotions in the wannabe U.S. president version of the Saturday morning cartoons …

Adolph TrumpHillary

Syndicated editorial in today’s Key West Citizen:

Can’t we do better than Trump, Clinton?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, last week. Given the way Trump operates, he’ll probably rehire Lewandowski, and then deny he ever terminated him. 

While we wait for that, The New York Times has suggested Lewandowski was let go because he had run a one-man blockade that inhibited the long-awaited Trump “pivot” toward tamping down the Trump we’ve seen so far in favor of a version that offers a more viable, electable national candidate in the fall. 

That sounds plausible, and if so, Lewandowki’s departure was surely an attempt to calm the already-quaking Nervous Nellies within the GOP establishment. 

Consider: Recent media reports indicate that Trump’s shooting from the lip is causing deep-pocketed Republican donors to keep their checkbooks closed. Campaign pros express concern that Trump’s skeleton organization, glued together by his own charisma, stands no chance against Hillary Clinton’s well oiled, well organized machine. The Hill, a publication covering Congress, reports that 1,000 Republican hotshots, including an estimated 250 delegates to the party’s national convention in Cleveland, were recently plotting a rules change coup to deny Trump the nomination in favor of a candidate to be named later. Gleeful liberals are now not only preparing for Clinton’s coronation, but also showing cautious optimism that the voters’ rejection of Trump will be so thorough that both houses of Congress may flip to the Democrats. 

Throw all of that on top of the constant media drumbeat about how Trump hates minorities, Muslims, women and so on, and many in the GOP cannot be blamed for believing the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a train, with Hillary at the throttle. Yet because Hillary Clinton is at the throttle, that train looks less like the Shanghai Maglev and more like the little engine that could — and maybe can’t. 

That’s because, believe it or not, the Democrats are in the same position as the Republicans: That is, they have a terribly flawed candidate whom a huge swath of the American public neither trusts nor wants to become president. Unlike Trump, who eventually vanquished 16 contenders, almost all of whom were serving in or had been elected to high public office, Clinton mostly had to deal with a little known backbench senator from one of the smallest states in the country. And for all her name recognition, money and supposed accomplishments, she still cannot make pesky Bernie Sanders go away. Yes, Clinton ran 3.8 million votes ahead of Sanders; still, more than 12 million Democrats rejected her. 

One reason for that might be Clinton’s handling of emails while serving as secretary of state. Politics or a lack of evidence will likely cause the FBI to close the case without any action against her, yet the episode spoke volumes about her own haughtiness and trustworthiness — issues that have shadowed Clinton since she became a national public figure a quarter-century ago. 

Clinton spent eight years in the Senate before she became the nation’s top diplomat. She individually sponsored 363 bills in that time. Exactly three became laws — and all three were for ceremonial honors, designating a historical site, a post office and a highway. 

Politico Magazine last year asked exactly what Clinton’s accomplishments were after GOP candidate Carly Fiorina raised that issue. The prominent Democrats who responded mentioned a couple with actual meat — that, as secretary of state, Clinton authored the sanctions that prompted Iran to cut last year’s deal on nuclear weapons, and that she rebuilt America’s tattered reputation overseas. 

When — or maybe the better term is if — the media, and not just the right-wing variety, begin scrutinizing Clinton’s record as thoroughly as it does Trump’s Twitter feed, we’ll understand her achievements run as deep as Trump’s reservoir of patience and thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, we can only ask: in a country of 320 million people, is this the best we’ve got? — 

Lakeland Ledger

tangled web 2Meanwhile, recent commotions in Hillary’s email web …


And …



Sloan Zach 2

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