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My own personal Thanksgiving Day comic relief, in the cosmic humor sense, is a compilation of recent email banter with my friend Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Key West’s Psychiatrist Emeritus and ardent lover of an activist for Mother Nature. Here’s the link to that moveable feast :-).

the old psychiatrist and the old mystic discuss dreams, religion and life

psychiatrist interviewslady dolphin

Excerpts from one of our many email exchanges reported in that article.

Jerry wrote:

honesty with oneself –is not easy–(-socially and or in the
interpersonal dimension –DISCRETION is the criteria–)
non-discretion leads to all sorts of bad stuff–endless repercussions..

I replied:

Agreed re discretion; my experience, denial, cowardice, political correctness, wanting to be liked, often replace discretion; wisdom loses out, truth loses out, love loses out.

Next, and the only other thing this Thanksgiving Day, the 1st anniversary of the murder of Charles Eimers by Key West police on South Beach, was prompted by an email from Naja Girard yesterday.


Naja and her husband, Araud,

Arnaud Girard

publish Key West the Newspaper ( They investigated Charles Eimer’s death and broke that grim story, and they continued to investigate the case, and continued to break more the growing even more grim story, putting themselves and their loved one’s at grave risk to retaliation.

Here are links to Naja and Arnaud’s most recent devastating articles, which contain links to their prior devastating articles:




Here are Arnaud’s “cartoons” about the case.

Charles Eimer's take down

Eimers coverup

Eimers police investigating self

Eimers one humanEimers Mr. and Mrs. Smith

But for Naja and Arnaud, there would have been no Charles Eimers story, and there would have been no candlelight memorial for him at 6 p.m. tonight on South Beach.

Charles Eimers memorium

That said, here is what passed between Naja and me yesterday.

She wrote to me:

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 15:43:52 -0500
Subject: DOJ


Hi Sloan,

I see nothing in John Donnelly’s comment to indicate that the DOJ is “part of the cover-up” as you put it.  How did that make its way into your comments?  Inquiring minds want to know.
Naja Girard

Key West The Newspaper
[The Blue Paper]

I replied:

Hi, Naja -
If you had asked me this sooner, it would have gotten dealt with sooner :-). 
At bottom of John Donnelly’s comment to your and Arnaud’s article, emphasis added by me.

“I’ve been apprised that the continued festering of this wound has become a source of embarrassment, rendering a ‘black mark’ upon the Justice Department. Although undergoing a change in leadership, they’ve described the ‘criminal negligence’ implicated in this matter, as having reached a ‘tipping point’.”

If this does not refer to a cover up in the Justice Department, then what does it refer to?
In common legal parlance, Justice Department and US Department of Justice (DOJ) are one and the same.
However, knowing John tends to write in ways that are not necessarily literal, I put this to John in my comment, which contained more which was not about what John commented. I added emphasis.
As for your comments, John Donnelly, if you have personally asked officials in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate this case, and through your own investigation of this case and of the DOJ you have learned DOJ officials and State Attorney Catherine Vogel and the two assistant state attorney prosecutors she assigned to the grand jury also were in on the conspiracy you outline, then those DOJ officials, Vogel and her two prosecutors are as guilty in the cover up and destruction of evidence as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the KWPD. Meaning, I’m asking you to tell us the names of the DOJ officials, with whom you seem to have spoken, and the names of any DOJ officials you say are part of the conspiracy. As to anyone being at risk to the death penalty in this case, this ex-lawyer thinks that at the very least would require premeditation by the person or persons who actually did the killing, and the death penalty would not apply to people who after the fact participated in cover up and destruction of evidence and refusal to prosecute, etc. I agree, however, anyone who did participate after the fact, as you described, should do hard prison time for a good while.
Excerpted from John’s reply comment. Note: John does not say we are not talking about DOJ officials, about whom I had specifically inquired.

Brother Sloan,
As you know, successfully infiltrating and penetrating a murderously corrupt paramilitary operation, can be an extraordinarily difficult and dangerous task. Life threatening risks are regularly taken on by those engaged in such activity. The data, intelligence and transparency that they are willing to share with the outside world is a valued source of information. These individuals are comfortably cognizant that their identities will be forever safeguarded. It kind of falls in with the old adage: “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you”.
We don’t do violence anymore.
Therefore, it’s incumbent upon me to recognize, respect and protect the trust that I’ve been given. Violations of this trust have cost people their lives, careers and a chance to live free and earn an income. In many instances, a breach of this trust has caused lethal harm to innocent family members.
It’s a high stakes and deadly enterprise, that should not be toyed with…
Patience is a required virtue that will manifest itself during a deliberative legal process. Rushing to judgment isn’t necessary, as the evidence will identify, prove beyond a reasonable doubt and convict the guilty.

My comment to John’s comment to me, which you did not clear from moderation. Emphasis added.


Okay, John, I know convict cops don’t fare well in the longevity department. And I know the risks of DOJ folks ratting out their organization. Even so, I hope the DOJ folks don’t stay quiet. Semper Fi, Arnaud and Naja and the Horan law firm took just as if not even more dangerous risks – they and their loved ones are sitting ducks in Key West to KWPD retaliation.
I agree, the blue paper and the Horan law firm’s work is the best information for building a case, and all else is mostly noise, although Rick Boetgger wrote a darn good Eimers case summation in KONK Life the other day, without giving the blue paper any credit, although it appeared in Rick’s article that he got all his information out of blue paper articles, without which there would be no case, nor a federal lawsuit.
This might interest you and others, John.
Our next previous State Attorney, Dennis Ward, emailed me the other day about Rick’s Charles Emiers article in KONK Life
After reading Rick’s article it seems to me he’s a little disappointed in the “more qualified” State Attorney that he supported. Obviously, at that time he was in bed, and may still be in bed, with the corrupt officials the Office of the State Attorney prosecuted while I was in office.
I replied:
Hi, Dennis –
In the same vein, I wonder if Rick voted for Craig Cates or Margaret Romero in the last city mayor’s race? And, if so, has he gotten around yet to prosecuting himself for doing that, since they steadfastly sided with their police chief and his police officers involved in the Eimers case, including the officers who did not make it to the scene of the murder, but then participated in the cover up, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice? I wonder the same about anyone and everyone in Key West, who are upset about the Eimers case, and yet they voted for Cates or Romero. If they didn’t want to vote for me, which certainly would be understandable :-), they could have not voted in that race, for when they pulled the lever for either Cates or Romero, they approved what they were so upset about.
Just my opinion, your state attorney successor, that would be Catherine Vogel, and her two assistant state prosecutors, that would be Val Winter and Mark Wilson, whom she assigned to beguile the grand jury and guide it to return a no bill, instead of all of them doing a real investigation and coming back with indictments, followed by aggressive prosecution, all three should be prosecuted and convicted and put in prison, along with Florida Department of Law Enforcement special investigator Kathy Smith, and KWPD chief Donie Lee and his criminal police officers, and a number of FDLE honchos above Kathy Smith, and, based on what John Donnelly commented at the blue paper yesterday, perhaps the same for some US Department of Justice people.
But, my goodness, where would a person with authority to bring such a PROSECUTION be found, who had the legal authority and the balls to bring it? If DOJ is part of the cover up, perhaps that leaves, hmmm, old-fashioned methods: lynching, shooting, keel-hauling in shark-infested waters?
I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on winning the city council seat up there in the Village, which I still call Islamorada. And I’ve also been meaning to offer my sincere condolences :-).
Dennis wrote back:
I agree Sloan. And thanks for the congrats.
I am copying John Donnelly ( with my reply. Please pass ALL of the above along to any other inquiring minds :-).

Naja wrote to me:

Hi Sloan,

My delay was not purposeful.  Just super busy – and behind on everything.


I replied (Sylvia Murphy lives on Key Largo,

Sylvia Murphy

she is one of our five county commissioners):

Hi again, Naja –

I imagine you are very busy, overworked; KWPD gives you and Arnaud plenty of time not off :-).

Sylvia Murphy called me today, wanting to know the time of the candlelight ceremony. I told her 6 p.m. She said, dang, she was having dinner with with someone on Key Largo, she had accepted the invitation a couple of months ago, I think she said. Her host had invited her other Thanksgivings, and this was the first time it worked for Sylvia, and she wouldn’t feel okay cancelling at the last moment, but she will be there in spirit. I said a lot of people will be there in spirit, and I hope a lot of people are there in body.  I said I had felt all along that the ceremony was for Key West people, and perhaps the time for it was set so it would be in between other engagements they have on Thanksgiving Day.

Sylvia praised you and Arnaud for you efforts in the Eimers case, and the Wisteria Island case.

I mean she praised you two.

I said you two deserved the praise.

As for John Donnnelly, he frequently publishes stuff about his work in the criminal justice system, particularly trying to help prison inmates wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. He talks plenty of his interface with various law enforcement agencies. Personally, I think he overstates a great deal of his opinions as if they are facts. I have seen many times of him writing of the US Government intervening in the Eimers case. I hope that happens. Perhaps the recent depositions will incite DOJ to intervene. I hope DOJ has not already looked at the case and decided not intervene, but that’s what John’s comment looked like to me, and some people in DOJ were not happy about that.

Gary Ek is going in two opposite directions. His most recent Facebook declaration promotion of the memorial began with:

A Black Gang Member ripped off a convenience store clerk for a cigar blunt wrapper crossed the street, got busted and killed by a Mo. Cop~
But on the other hand –
No One wants me to speak on the Radio About a White Tourist retiree from Michigan that was murdered on the Southernmost Beach last Thanksgiving by the 13 officers of the K.W.P.D. Then Covered up by the Hospital Staff, County Coroner, Cheif of Police, and Mayor of Key West…


And after that attracted a lot of comments and pretty much a shit storm against KWPD and its accomplices, and a lot of discussion about Ferguson and comparing it to the Eimers case, which I tried to diffuse, and most it I published today at, In memory of Charles Eimers, murdered by Key West police on Thanksgiving Day, 2013, because they thought he was homeless Gary commented a little while ago:
  • Gweko W. Phlocker OK Most of you are Making this way to political, The Vigil is to Remember Charles Eimers as a Human, not a Martyr.
    A Human that lost his life here on our Island….
    Personally I dont give a crap what happened in Ferguson, Mo. Nor do I care which KWPD officer delivered the fatal blow to Mr. Eimers, Or who in the Mayors Office, States Attorney’s Office or Police Department help cover the Murder up.
    I want his Soul to Rest, and His Family to know that the PEOPLE of Key West gave a shit.
    1 hr · Like · 2
  • Sloan Bashinsky If that’s true, Gary, why did you lead off with Ferguson?
    1 hr · Like
  • Sloan Bashinsky And then why’d you say a white tourist was murdered in KW by police, and then it was covered up by … ?
Just my asshole opinion, Naja. I think Gary Ek (Gweko Phlocker)  is a lot more upset than is Charles Eimers’ soul, and I think Gary has a good bit of company in his FB circle, both about Eimers and Ferguson. I think such cases shattered their sense of safety and trust. I think they were brought out of whatever diversions and smog they were using to try to cope with life, and for now they are really on edge. And they are showing the Eimers family they do give a shit.

It’s too damn bad FDLWhoreE and our state whore attorney and her assistant state whore attorneys didn’t do it the right way; and I ain’t yet convinced the grand jury wanted it done the right way. Nor do I think a federal civil lawsuit will do it the right way, but perhaps it will backdoor the FBI and/or DOJ into prosecuting the perps and their cover it up accomplices.

Ciao maim (the beatings will continue :-)


Sloan the bad

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