Kari Dangler bizarre doing time update, and various local, national, international and galactic ripple effects …

Kari at Ft. ZachKari Dangler

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 140 lbs.

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1Y 8M 0D

Just got off the phone with a case worker at the Florida Department of Corrections Ocala Women’s Reception Center. He said he has talked with Kari. She is now due to be released tomorrow morning, put on Greyhound at their expense, with $50 money card for food and other expenses, and should be back in Key West about 10:30 p.m. Her probation has been transferred to Key West probation office. He was very nice.

What is needed is a miracle. For real.

John DonnellyJohn Donnelly, of Key Largo, copied me this morning with this email blast:

From: john donnelly <gaffer12333@bellsouth.net>
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 2:36 AM
To: Dennis Ward; Catherine Vogel; David Goodhue; Naja Girard Editor; Larry Kahn; Dan Campbell; Kay Harris; Alexander Symington; Richard Boettger; Jerome Grapel; Holly Raschein; Ron Saunders; Lawrence Murray; Sloan Bashinsky
Subject: FYI…

Philadelphia Man Exonerated After Nearly 25 Years Behind Bars for Rape, Murder

By MORGAN WINSOR 8 hours ago Good Morning America

After spending nearly 25 years behind bars for a brutal crime he didn’t commit, Tony Wright is a free man.

The Philadelphia resident was just 20 years old when he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the rape and stabbing of a neighbor more than two decades ago. Wright, now 44, walked out of prison Tuesday with his arms raised in the air. He held hands with his attorneys and members of the Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal organization based in New York City …

The text of my email reply to John Donnelly, copied to all:


This is what I begged you to try to do for Kari Dangler, who Catherine Vogel prosecuted for felony gun assault Kari did not commit.

In case Catherine or any else who received this email from you today are interested, here is a link to my Kari update in today’s post at http://goodmorningkeywest.com/?p=40649 reporting at the beginning my being told this morning by Kari’s case worker at the Department of Correction’s Ocala Women’s Reception Center that Kari is scheduled to be released and put on Greyhound tomorrow morning, back to Key West tomorrow night.

Below is a copy of the email I sent to a number of people yesterday, with a blind copy to you, John.


From: Sloan Bashinsky <sloanbashinsky@outlook.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 2:30 PM
To: rramsay@keysso.net; tage@keysso.net; boccdis3@monroecounty-fl.gov; Rep Holly Raschein; pclarin@keysnews.co; boccidis1@monnroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis2@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis4@monroecounty-fl.gov; boccdis5@monroecounty-fl.gov; steely.kenneth@mail.dc.state.fl.us
Subject: Fw: Kari Dangler’s bizarre doing time update

From: Sloan Bashinsky <sloanbashinsky@outlook.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 10:45 AM
To: editor@thebluepaper.com
Subject: Kari Dangler’s bizarre doing time update

Okay, here’s an update on my lady Kari Dangler’s “evolving” doing time saga. 

On Tuesday morning, August 9, 2016, in the Plantation Key, Florida courthouse, Judge William Ptomey sentenced Kari to 20 months in prison, gave her credit on that sentence for 591 days of jail time in Monroe County jails, put her on 2-years of probation, and remanded her to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Using a 365 day a year calendar, that was a 9-and-a-fraction day sentence, after jail time credit. Or, a 10-day sentence

Kari then was transported in the Sheriff’s prisoner van back to the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island, where she remained until the day before yesterday, August 22, even though, by any calendar used to tell time in America, she had completed her sentence on Friday, August 19, 2016 – August 9th sentencing date, plus 10 ensuing days in the Sheriff’s jails.)

Starting this past Monday, August 22, 2016, Kari’s Florida Department of Corrections Probation Officer Cindy Montgomery-Snow, stationed in Key  West, and I started inquiring at the jail on Stock Island why Kari was still in the Sheriff’s custody? We heard back different things from different people in different departments in the jail.

They had not yet received the court docket minutes and commitment signed by Judge Ptomey from the Plantation Key Court House Clerk on Kari Dangler.

They had not received a packet from the Florida Department of Corrections.

Officer Montgomery Snow told me she was talking with the jail’s records department.

I had started at the top by calling Major Tim Age’s office and explaining it all to his executive assistant, who said she was writing it down and would pass it along to Major Age, who is Bureau Commander (the boss) of the Monroe County Detention Centers.

Mid-afternoon Monday, I received a telephone call from a Sergeant McCloud in the Stock Island Detention Center, saying she had been told by Major Age’s office to call me and tell me Kari would be released that evening, after the afternoon lock down had ended. Sergeant McCloud said she would put a note on Kari’s file containing my name and telephone number, and that Kari could have one phone call, so she could call me. I thanked Sergeant McCloud and asked her to thank Major Age for me. She said she would do that.

I waited. And waited. No telephone call from Kari.

Around 8 p.m., I received a telephone call from an inmate in the Monroe County Detention Center, the computer operator said; I could accept the call by saying or entering 5 on my telephone. The same thing I had heard every time Kari had called me from the jail using the inmate telephone account I had set up for her.

I pressed 5 and heard a woman I did not know say her name, M, and that she is in Bravo Unit, which was Kari’s unit, and she is calling to say Kari was put onto the prison van and taken to the Plantation Key jail that evening.

I told M what Sergeant McCloud had told me mid-afternoon, that Kari would be released after lock down. M asked if Kari had called me? I said no. M said Kari could not call me, she was put on the prison van and taken to Plantation Key.

From there, M said, Kari will be transported to Ocala, where the female prison reception center is. She will be booked in, then the next day she will be brought back to the Florida Keys. M said she has been in prison 5 times, she knows how it works.

I thanked M for the heads up, calling me on her nickel to tell me what was going on.

Maybe an hour later, Kari called me from the Plantation Key jail, said she indeed had been brought up there on the prison van with a female inmate who definitely is headed to Ocala. And with the female inmate, Mary Love, who had attacked Kari in the van some time prior, and had tried to bite off Kari’s thumb, during a transport to the Plantation Key jail the day before Kari was scheduled to be in court before Judge Ptomey, which hearing would be continued to the following Tuesday, August 9.

I asked Kari if Mary Love was in the same part of the van with Kari? No, in a different part. Good, I said. Kari said women in the jail were unhappy with her because she was prosecuting Mary Love, the women inmates said Love is mentally impaired. Kari said she told the women inmates Love did not try to bite off their finger, and she though Love was not crazy and knew what she had done. Kari told me she had been observing Love, and she had seen Love behaved when she wanted to behave.

Kari said she did not know if she had been taken up to Plantation Key because Mary Love’s assault and battery against Kari case was set  for a hearing the next day in the Plantation Key courthouse? Or was she taken to Plantation Key because that was where her probation had started, in that Probation Office, to which she had 24 hours to report after being released? Or was she headed to Ocala?

I called Officer Montgomery Snow the next morning and brought her up to date. “Are you shitting me?”, she asked. No, I said.

That led to her and me both trying to get a straight answer out of the Stock Island jail.

I called Officer Montgomery-Snow back and told her I was getting conflicting stories from the jail. She told me how it was going for her, the same as it was going for me. She said she was on fire. She had been a probation officer a long time, she was the Department of Corrections! She had never in all her time as a probation officer heard of anything like this happening.

Officer Montgomery-Snow said she had been told by the jail that they had not received court minutes and commitment order from the Plantation Key Court Clerk, nor had they heard anything from the Florida Department of Corrections, and they could not release Kari without Florida Department of Corrections permission, and they could not do anything about that until they received the court minutes and commitment order from the Plantation Key Clerk’s Office.

Officer Montgomery-Snow  suggested I call the Clerk’s Office on Plantation Key, to learn when they sent the court minutes and commitment order to the Stock Island Detention Center. Maybe that was where it had gotten hung up.

I called the Clerk’s Office. The nice lady who answered said she had prepared the court minutes and commitment order on August 12, 2016, put them in a sealed envelope, and a sheriff deputy had come by same day and picked up the envelop and signed for it, to take it to the Stock Island Detention Center. That’s how it is done, that’s how correspondence from the Clerk’s Office is gotten to that detention center, she said. I thanked her.

Kari called me from the Plantation Key jail. She said she had been told by a superior officer in the Sheriff Department that she was going to be leaving for Ocala within the hour.

Kari said she had been told she will be released in Ocala. She has no money. No inmate money account in the Ocala facility.

Kari said she had called the Public Defender and had been told they could not get involved because she had fired Matthew Matteliano. Yet, when Kari was before Judge Ptomey on August 9, trying to persuade him to let her fire Matteliano, Judge Ptomey had told Kari she could not fire Matteliano just because she did not like him.

I called Officer Montgomery-Snow back with that news. She sounded livid. She asked if I had any idea why this was happening?

Think Adolph Hitler, I said.

What does that mean?

Retaliation, because of all the things I had written about the jail when Kari was in it the time before, and she was not treated for scabies, the worst case of it I had ever seen when she was released. And she was being poisoned by the high soy fake meat diet, she is soy intolerant, and the jail would not change her diet, even though the professional stripper and escort April Thomason, who ran her Mercedes over and killed a woman pedestrian, from the jail called a local Rabbi, whose telephone number she’d had for years, and he came to the jail and got her on a kosher diet same day, even though April had never attended synagogue in her life. And because I had beaten up Judge Ptomey and Kari’s public pretender Matthew Matteliano many times on my website.

I told Officer Montgomery-Snow what Kari had told me she had been told in the jail back then about Judge Ptomey’s drinking and marijuana habit. I did not think to tell Officer Montgomery-Snow about the Key West Citizen outing Matthew Matthew Matteliano’s drinking habit.

I called Sergeant McCloud and told her Kari was being transported to Ocala, and asked her to pass that along to Major Age. Sergeant McCloud called me back later to say, well, what really had happened was the Florida Department of Corrections had not released Kari. She, Sergeant McCloud had been told, the Florida Department of Corrections had said Kari has a little more time to serve. I said that is not possible; at the most Kari had 10 days to serve when Judge Ptomey sentenced her, and that 10 days ran out last Friday.

I told Sergeant McCloud there are people in the jail who are lying, and although she had nothing to do with it, she should know about it.

I called Major Age’s office and left a voicemail that Kari was being transported to Ocala.

I did not speak to anyone yesterday or the day before about this former practicing attorney’s view that Kari had a good defense, two good defenses actually: self-defense and Florida’s stand your ground law; that the gun she used to try to defend herself, her boyfriend, and his home where she lived was not loaded; and she never even should have been charged with felony assault, nor should she have been prosecuted for it, even drunk people in Florida have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones and their homes from a drunk, threatening, loud, abusive man; and Kari’s public pretender Matthew Mattaliano never mounted those defenses, but tried to persuade her to plead guilty and take probation, just to get out of the Stock Island jail, where she had been for many months because she was indigent and could not make bail. So that’s what Kari did to get out of the jail and be homeless in Key West.

I also told no one yesterday of a brief conversation I’d recently had with someone who knows Judge Ptomey and Matthew Matteliano. When I told the person I have been beating up Judge Ptomey and Matteliano on my website, the person said, “Good.”

Judge Ptomey did not run for reelection this year, I have heard that is because his health is poor.

Beyond all of that, I told Kari yesterday that it looks to me like she needs to say out of jail in the future. She said she did not need to be preached to. I said okay, but Officer Montgomery-Snow had told me the same thing earlier in the day.

A condition of Kari’s probation is she not drink alcohol. In the past, if Kari drank alcohol, then failed a drug screen administered by her probation officer, Kari went to jail. If she drinks alcohol again and fails a drug screen, she goes to prison, perhaps for 5 years, the full sentence.

Beyond all of that yesterday, I told the angels who run me ragged and worse, it looks to me what this really is all about is God is trying to tell Kari she really does need to stop drinking.


Sancho PanzaFrom Sancho Panza yesterday:

Trump often says that the US would have been much better off if the last four presidents had just gone to play golf instead of getting us involved in Nation Building and other great ideas to make the World and our country a better place… I agree with him, “the road to hell is often paved with good intentions”…. as the saying goes!

I wonder where Kari would be now if you were not a lawyer but a sort of street hustler with seedy connections, etc….  maybe dead, maybe better off… wonder what she really thinks about that?  Anyway, we all gotta do what we gotta do, no point regretting, in the end, it all gets equalized!

I replied:

If that is what Trump often says, IF, then I agree with him, but I think I read somewhere that he favored the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq? And isn’t he talking about bombing ISIS and radical Islam back into before the Stone Age? And letting Putin make the world a better place?

Giving how Trump made the Trump world a better place, I think he should have been playing golf all that time, too.

What Kari needs is someone with enough money to get her off and keep her off the streets, whether she’s drinking or not. Since she likes Trump for making America great again, maybe I should send a copy of her part of today’s post to Trump, and see if I get a reply? Maybe Trump’s new lady campaign wizard will see Kari as a street hustler with lots of seedy connections who can round up a heap of votes for Trump. Maybe Trump will pay Kari to do just that! 
I made up a copy of Kari’s part of today’s post to send to the Sheriff and the Detention Center Commander, the five county commissioners who fund the Sheriff’s annual budget, the Florida House of Representative lady who lives on Key Largo, the General Counsel of the Florida Department of Corrections, and some local journalists, but I’m gonna mediate a bit longer on actually pressing SEND …
Sancho wrote:
Really Sloan? I am no rabid racoon! NOBODY KNOWS ANYBODY, I have no idea who Trump or You really are… not even sure who or what I am… I am simply telling you what I actually heard Trump say time and time again. The main stream media is definitely biased against anything Trump…  just like they would be biased against anything Sloan… if you had a chance of becoming POTUS. If the MSM were to take snippets of things you’ve said and written about and strung them together w/o proper context and timeline, you could easily be portrayed as a babbling fool and much worse. 
My point about Kari is that you seem to be incapable of seen how your involvement with many women have ended up badly for most of them… for some strange reason they seem to get consumed by whatever is eating you…. so you might weep with Poe as you let go of yet another grain of sand….
A Dream Within a Dream
Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?  
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.
I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand —
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep — while I weep!
O God! Can I not grasp 
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

I replied:

Nobody has to gather up anything to work me over, I gather it for them and publish it daily on the world wide web.

When I first ran across Kari in a public park here, I said hi, she said hi, I was passing through the park on my bicycle, she was sitting on the ground with her bicycle parked nearby. I asked her name and told her she was not supposed to be living on the street. She asked me how I knew she was living on the street? I told her it was obvious. I didn’t then know she was main-lining vodka day and night. I learned that later. She was dying, that was obvious. Maybe by now she would be dead, if I had never spoken another word to her. 

I suppose the merciful thing for me to have done after I fell incurably ill in one day’s time in 1969, would have been to kill myself, for that was the only way I could have turned off trying to keep trying to have a life. I still give that move plenty of thought. What a weenie I have been all these many years? 

Donald Trump is a very bad man; he is his reputation, as we all are. He made his reputation, just as I made my reputation, just as you made yours. He cannot blame any of it on the Democrats, nor on the “liberal media”. Republicans who still have some remnant of their soul attached to them are in spiritual crisis over Trump being their presidential nominee this year. Republicans grinning and bearing it and standing by Trump are actually losing what’s left of parts of their souls. 

Unfortunately, the same is happening in the Democrat encampment. Hillary is her reputation. She made it all by herself. Trump did not create Hillary’s reputation. The Republicans did not create Hillary’s reputation. The media did not create Hillary’s reputation.

Going back to Kari. She knew pretty much what to expect if she got caught drinking again, by her probation officer. I was the only thing in Kari’s life offering her an alternative to drinking. I was the only thing going on that gave her hope. But I had no money, and after a while she lost hope. And she went back to drinking. And she got caught.

And, like you do today, Kari blamed me many times for her plight, because I never came through with the money it would take to get her off the street and us a place to live. Her mother blamed me for that, too. According to Kari. I blamed myself for it. And I still blame myself for it. But something unfamiliar to you, which is supernatural, has me in its grip, and is having its way with me. If that were happening to you, and to every other human being, this sort of discussion never would happen. Everything would be different for humanity. Everything.

Sancho wrote:

You do care that people tell the truth about you… you write things down because  deep inside you are a lawyer, you want to accurately document what is happening, what has happened and how it all relates… you do care that people view you as the holder of a life “contract” for indentured servitude.. in your case, the contract is executed via your body of work and the consistency of your position as an oracle and lightning rod for the supernatural forces that are using you. Anyway… it’s all too sad… regardless of whether you’re visited by demons, angels or love, life can be lonely, frustrating, sad and mostly meaningless!

I replied:

I correct people when they do not tell the truth about me, yes. I correct people when they do not tell the truth about other people, or about themselves, or about something that happened, if I know what the truth is, or think I know. I write because that is what I do, it is my job, the angels gave me that job. They also have me speak at times, in public gatherings and to people, alone, or with other people. That’s on top of casual conversations.

I had a not at all casual today, with a younger man named Jacob at the soup kitchen. He is super talented in science and in physics, but not sure how stable he is. He is nice, though; does not act out, stays clean, and he’s homeless. Been here in KW maybe a year. Have had several interesting talks with him at the soup kitchen. He is also wired into the spirit realms. So he is RARE.

He said, as I understood him today, and paraphrasing what he said, humanity is lost because science and religion are going different directions, are separated, but in reality the two are the same, and this is a disease of the species, and that disease is  why the species is not allowed space travel, because it will infect every where it goes with the disease. Aliens are already among us, but do not show themselves. We are them, actually, but not aware, evolved. They have put messages into our DNA. He is sensing he is to try to straighten that out, somehow. First with a book. Then, on the web. Since he said he was headed to Arkansas next, I told him maybe he should find a copy of Heinlein’s STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, and read it; about a human colony on Mars being expelled by the Martians, and one of the humans the Martians had trained and sent back to Earth and he ended up in Arkansas.

In my reality, that entire conversation was arranged to happen, I was at the soup kitchen today just for that conversation to happen, I had eaten and was leaving when I saw the fellow and he saw me and I sat down and talked with him about 10 minutes.

I write because my perspective is nearly always different in some respect, or a lot, than what else is being held forth. Unfortunately, I am not a scientist. So I have no credibility there. Ironically, I have no credibility in religion, either, even though I am in ongoing engagement with angels and demonic forces, and perhaps with ETs, who come across like angels because they are so different from Earth humans.

Sad it truly is, this species is so cut off from its own soul. And a great deal of the reason is, the species is pretty much operating in the masculine, pretty much cut off from the feminine. And, yes, I do feel what you describe; it all seems so useless, hopeless; but here I am, still trying to do what I was trained to do, while wishing I were not on this planet. The compensation is simply not nearly enough for me to want to be here. The compensation I feel I receive. I have no clue what really is in play for me, for humanity – ie. the future, though.

It was arranged that you and I meet, old friend, on the Internet. We have never talked other than online. Perhaps that’s all was supposed to happen. Online. I think we’d have made a great team in the White House, though. The scientist and the mystic. Taking turns being president and the fool. Day by day. Ha, ha, ha.

Paul RevereFrom St. Paul Revere yesterday:

Ocala sounds too damn grim.

It is not as though she has been uncontrollably  walking round – ok, staggering around – and robbing people at gunpoint, uncontrollably,  with an unloaded Colt, just to get money for more vodka. ( this child does Not appear to have an unloaded revolver, death to tourists fetish). But, apparently, she’s got a mouth.

Ocala just sounds: too – damn – grim.

You know, Dickensian?

If you MUST!!!

Duct tape her to an Australian Pine , mouth taped, deep in the shrubbery off South Roosevelt for six months. Maybe that’ll loosen John Barleycorn’s formidable grip.

But X years in Florida’s Sing – Sing?

For her? No.

It just seems a little, NO, a Lot, too much.

In Ocala, the possibilities for severe, grotesque “collateral damage” are too damn rife.

There’s got to be a better way.

This is an election year, Sloan.

I vote “No” on Ocala.





  1. of or reminiscent of the novels of Charles Dickens, especially in suggesting the poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters that they portray.

    “the back streets of Dickensian London”

PS. from St. Paul:


On a lighter note,

I have some friends who just happen to be interspecies daters.

They would really like to meet that RACOON.

Not so much “the”  Rick Roberts – unless, in fact,  Mr. Roberts strongly resembles the pictured Raccoon, in both preference and appearance. (and scent)

They just want: That! , exactly, that Raccoon.

Raccoon Nazi

Yo!!!  They’re looking for a good time, down here, not Force 5 acerbity.

Tim would have replied to Rick also, but he is too busy quietly meditating on the real meaning of the Republican Party today… and tomorrow.

Good luck Tim! Even decent, G-d fearing Democrats are with you, there.


I replied:

Yes, Kari’s mouth has caused her a great deal of misery, as well. Razor’s edge, because sometimes not speaking is the worst possible action; but she can, and does, get really carried away with her mouth, even when she’s not drinking, but especially when she is. Probably not nearly enough duct tape to help that.
Kari has told me many things about herself, and never has she told me anything remotely close to her actually wanting to physically injure someone else, except her ex-husband David Dangler, who, after realizing she had figured out he was stealing from his employer when they lived at Cocoa Beach, drove her down to Key Largo and dumped her and her cat out on the side of the road, with only a few dollars, and then left her there and drove back to Cocoa Beach.After that, and a nasty divorce, and Kari got primary custody. David didn’t like paying child support, so he went back to court on Plantation Key. One of those judges died along the way, then Judge Garcia became the judge, gave David full custody of their daughter, and Kari was only allowed supervised visitation, despite strong evidence David was playing shower sex with the child. Kari stopped drinking, hoping to get better visitation with her daughter, even get her back, but Dangler was on the lam by then, moving around, and Kari lost contact with them altogether.Then David got to be a person of interest by the FBI, for getting $33 million out of FEMA for hurricane relief work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, allegedly by buying a FEMA employee, who got prosecuted while David fled to Honduras with the loot, got married down there, then died in some way or another. Kari told me several times she felt robbed because David Dangler was the one person she really had wanted to kill.
I left out, when their daughter was about to be born, David was working in California on some kind of disaster deal, and he came home, the baby was born, he left them in their home at Cocoa Beach and went back to California. Kari was not making milk, she was hemorrhaging, she got so weak she could not get out of bed and feed her child, or get to a telephone, and they both would have died but for Kari’s mother and father arriving to see their new granddaughter and they had to break down the door to the apartment to get in and found their grand daughter grey and dehydrated and Kari about the same, and they called 911 and just in the nick of time. Kari’s father wanted to kill David, still in California. Kari’s mother tried to talk Kari into packing up and she and the baby go back to Missouri and live with Kari’s parents, and Kari declined, she loved David, could not leave him. I never did understand that, but I imagine if Kari went back to Missouri to live with her parents, she could not drink, which she and David did a lot of, she told me. I don’t know if that was after the baby was born, though. 
I copied what I wrote today about Kari, and added a paragraph about the unloaded gun, and sent it all, email addresses showing, to Sheriff Ramsay, Major Age (who runs the jails), State Rep Holly Raschein, the 5 county commissioners, Paul Clarin, Publisher of the Citizen, the General Counsel for the Florida Department of Corrections, with blind copies to a couple of Citizen journalists. It showed having previously been sent to the blue paper. 3 of the county commissioners copies were returned, blocked I suppose.
You focus on Ocala being very bad. Paul, this was a hit job. Focus on the gangsters who arranged the hit, which the Department of Corrections may well have aided and abbetted, as a favor to the gangsters. I may not be finished broadcasting what I emailed to the Sheriff, et. al. earlier today. Flat would not want the gangsters’ and their associates’ karma, which is not mitigated by their being used to send Kari a message that she really does need to stop drinking. 
Drinking has been the common denominator of just about every bad thing she has experienced since she first started drinking in high school, and she got caught drinking, and she got caught smoking a cigarette another time, and that got her kicked off her high school basketball team and cost her both a basketball scholarship at the University of Missouri and a rodeo cowgirl scholarship there – in high school she was the state rodeo cowgirl champion one year.Unfortunately, that raccoon is a system of multiple personalities; perhaps if your friends come down here and, if Kari is back by then, they can pay her a bounty to sneak up on the orbiting personalities and lasso the raccoon and drag him loose from the rest and hand him over to your inter-breeding species friends, and perhaps save that poor raccoon a great deal of grief, or happiness, who can say which a way this roulette is gonna end up?

St. Paul Revere wrote:

That business about trying to separate what we can affect from what we cannot.

It may be wisdom but it’s little consolation.


I cannot (reliably -routinely) operate this new  e mail thing.

So if you get 1 message, 4 times in your inbox, I didn’t do it on purpose. They gave me Windows 10.

I was utterly okay with windows 98se con office 95.

Perfect. It has more commands than I needed or need.

But then they started moving all the buttons around, like Winn Dixie or Publix …

I can’t find xxxx!

Anyway, now I got this ‘new’ 10 thing and I can’t find half the old controls.


I’m not mis- or over- loading your e mail thing on purpose, Sloan.

It’s overloading me.

For real

I replied:

Raccoon sternly warned me not to download Windows 10, but Microsoft was banging me daily to do it, and I figured eventually they would just do it anyway, if I didn’t, and I ain’t felt comfy in the Windows saddle ever since; you can remove Windows 10 and go back to something older; Raccoon knows all about how to do that.


Here’s what I added to what I emailed to the authorities yesterday, just to put it on “the record” …

“I did not speak to anyone yesterday or the day before about this former practicing attorney’s view that Kari had a good defense, two good defenses actually: self-defense and Florida’s stand your ground law; that the gun she used to try to defend herself, her boyfriend, and his home where she lived was not loaded; and she never even should have been charged with felony assault, nor should she have been prosecuted for it, even drunk people in Florida have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones and their homes from a drunk, threatening, loud, abusive man; and Kari’s public pretender Matthew Mattaliano never mounted those defenses, but tried to persuade her to plead guilty and take probation, just to get out of the Stock Island jail, where she had been for many months because she was indigent and could not make bail. So that’s what Kari did to get out of the jail and be homeless in Key West.”

Kari & Sloan Zach 4


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