local popular TV journalist Jenna Stauffer interviews Sloan Bashinsky about his 2014 campaign for Mayor of Key West, and other Sloan in Key West video-taped political outings

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By clicking on this link,


you should be able to open and watch local popular TV host Jenna Stauffer

Jenna Stauffer 3

interview me about my 2014 campaign for Mayor of Key West.

Sloan at HH

moi having breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s early this year, photo taken by waitress amiga Cathy Hitchock

By clicking on this link below, and skipping the ad and then sliding the button rightward to the 59 minute mark, you should be able to watch my 2-minute dog and pony show at Hometown! PAC’s Call to Candidates at Salute Restaurant this past April 21. Just before me is Mayor Craig Cates’ 2-minute dog and pony show. You might find Tony Yaniz’ 2 minutes after me interesting. Maybe it influenced him to later not enter the mayor’s race. That, and Margaret Romero then entered the race.

April 21, 2014 Call for Candidates 

Hometown PAC’s “Call for Candidates”, the first Hometown event of the 2014 Election CycleMonday, April 21, 2014All candidates, potential candidates and those merely testing the waters have an opportunity to speak to the voters
By clicking on this link below and advancing to the 1 hour 3 minute  mark, you can watch my 2 minute dog and pony show at Hometown! PAC’s Meet the Candidates at Studios of Key West this past June 20.

Hometown’s “Meet the Candidates” – June 20, 2014 

By clicking on the two links below, you can watch Jenna Stauffer’s interview of me about my having been homeless in Key West, and elsewhere, and homeless issues generally.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAjqOFp7EGA

You will see me rolling my thumbs and first fingers throughout the video. I am not aware of doing this, which started as I was coming out of what came to call “the killer dark night of the soul” in mid-1998. The angels told my sixth wife, whom I met some time later, that the thumbs and fingers rolling is like rubbing worry beads.

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