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ship of fools
This facebook thread below blew in 19 November 2013 from an amiga in Illinois about whom I sometimes have written in posts at my websites. The soul drawing in the Facebook thread is her soul drawing, which I began several years ago and only completed about two months ago. She was the instigator for the soul drawings via a dream in early September 2002, in which she saw me drawing a beautiful mandala in Key West, which led to my drawing lots of beautiful mandalas in Key West for other people.
Gloria Reiser
It’s not my intent to be bitchy, BUT I’m struggling to understand the mindset of people who claim to be spiritually positive and perhaps generally Christian. Are brains in the “off” position? Is lack of reading comprehension and understanding what has been read the issue? Is the matter that of being too quick to share and repost, assuming a statement being shared is positive after reading only a part of the post? Or do good people feel justified in wishing harm to those who do not do as told?
A post began showing up on my news feed yesterday. The first couple of times, I commented to the individual who shared it, pointing out what the post actually states/infers, and asking if that is truly their intent. Today, the post has appeared 8 times. I’m veering into sorta tired of being threatened that “all will go wrong” due to my refusal to share and promote a post my eye has inadvertently fallen on.
Here’s what the post says:
Do self styled, self proclaimed spiritually positive individuals truly believe they are justified in telling others that IF they fail to repost a religious post that “all will go wrong”? Sounds like an unwelcome threat to me. And one they are exposing hundreds of individuals on their friends lists to, hopefully only unwittingly.
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Randy Keim I have wondered if the person/s posting them actually believe that if they/us push “ENTER” a miracle will happen. If it’s from someone I know I just shrug it off. But haven’t had more than 1 from anyone.
Randy Keim Even if I agree with the statement and support the premise I will deliberately ignore it just because of the ” having to share “
Donna Blackard Darner-Cramer Sometimes I think it’s their fear that if they don’t repost, all will go wrong for them.
Randy Keim Something the old chain letters back in schooldays
Angela Shikany Yeah I got that once today. Found it creepy and stupid so I ignored it.
Phyllis Mast I ignore ALL posts that “require” me to do something, or “else.” No matter how I look at it, it feels childish and silly.
Wafa Love BRAVO ~ Gloria! Have not seen it in my feed yet! I would feel and respond similarly.
Peggy Scarborough I just ignore and go on other wise we keep it going
Amanda Schaaf White i ignore posts that tell you to share or else…i also ignore posts that say facebook will donate $1 for every share because those are all false facebook does not do that…and i only share missing kids if they are from a news site or missing kids site too many people create missing people posts as sick jokes
Nana M Denny Charlton You are allowed to be bitchy. I hate these kinds of posts and pay no attention to them. I think they are just plain silly and something I might expect from my 15 year old granddaughter. If my granddaughter tried it I would tell her to stop being stupid. I can’t tell her to act like a grown up because it seems grown ups don’t know better
Beth McDonald BLOCK THEM or UNCLICK “show in news feed” I’ve done that myself. They know how to call or inbox me if they need something!
Gloria Reiser If this kind of individual wasn’t so fast to decree those not of their religious mindset as somehow suspect and dangerous, I would and could ignore. But while I frequently receive messages from people like this warning me that this individual or that one is (to the self styled spiritually positive reporter) suspect of being involved in something dark…. black magic… maybe ….. satanism… whatever trips their fear turkey…. it is they who are circulating something akin to magical curses with their “if you don’t do this … something bad will befall you.” Of course their curses are totally impotent …. but all the same…. it’s totally hypocritical. And if I remain silent, then there’s not much chance they will learn better.
Kay Nichols I don’t respond well to emotional blackmail or threats. Therefore I don’t share things like this or things like the “97% won’t share this. Share if you aren’t a horrible person who tortures baby kittens” crap.
Kara Avelli it’s a bunch of bullshit
Garry Lewis That’s exactly why I return to my Wiccan faith, they don’t guilt you to death for not believing as they do.
Louie Louis Some people just can’t be changed no matter what you say to them. The person passing this post around will keep doing it. The people who get this post and pass it along will believe it too. I agree that it is an insane kind of reasoning. I refuse to believe messages like this and I delete them.
Garry Lewis I got tired of being made to feel not good enough, or not acting a certain way, or living my life a certain way, I just felt guilty all the damn time , never did feel as though I would ever measure up to other peoples expectations, having your faults pointed out to you all the time, no matter how well you tried to live your life I just was always made to feel it would never be enough to make the grade, hit the mark. My soul just got completely drained and worn out trying to be something I wasn’t, trying to follow the rest of the herd. And I finally just decided enough is enough, I’m done following the herd, I’m taking the path I choose to take, I’ve tried it their way, and I’ve been miserable just trying to be one of the crowd so to speak.
Patty Gallagher It’s just nothing more than a virtual chain letter. Ignore them. I always have. I don’t think it has anything to do with religion. I think people run scams like this just to see how gullible people really are. When you run across them delete them from your news feed and you will have done your bit.
Robbie Flaherty I would block them. I don’t need someone else to confirm my beliefs!
Garry Lewis I’m for anything that defends Mother Earth, and wildlife, I just feel everyone has a right to their own religion, as long as that don’t brow beat you into following their specific path, Wicca doesn’t do that, and most the others don’t as well. But some try to make you feel like a dirt bag if you don’t follow their path.
Sloan Bashinsky does butting your head against a concrete wall come to mind, Gloria? Some of the forwards I get from the Christian quadrant seem pretty okay to me, but when they add the if you forward it, or if you don’t forward it, then … , well, that’s pretty much all she wrote for me. Hell, if I really like the content, I just might forward it, and I just might even use it in a post as my websites the next day, and if I don’t like it, well that’s all she wrote. I sometimes wonder if what motivates the aggressive forwards is the authors are still trying to convince themselves of the truth of what they are preaching, and that’s what drives them.
Gloria Reiser Certainly, I am known to ignore posts, or to opt to not allow the posts of certain individuals to appear in my news feed. That’s not what this rant is about. Obviously I’ve not presented my thought clearly. (Though it seems Sloan Bashinsky may have a handle on what I’m getting at) There is a type of individual, generally self styled “good Christians” or the self proclaimed highly evolved love and light set, who tend to be righteously and vocally suspicious and critical of those of other paths. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been warned by those type individuals that this person or that person is suspected (to their mind) of evil involvement. OMG they are magicians…. or did I know that this person is into ritual ?(doesn’t traditional Christianity involve ritual?) this or that one is into the study of metaphysics which OMG = occult = black magic or satanism. And yet this holier than thou type invariably fails to recognize the Power of the Word (and thought) and will casually dash off something that if coming at them from one of another path would be judged and decided to be a big black nasty magical CURSE or crossing spell. How can a self styled holy one ever wish on someone “all the worst” in response to something as inconsequential as failing to share a post? That is my point. And allowing the ignorant to go blithely on their way without pointing out to them that they are doing what they are often way too prone toward accusing others of…. well, that just ain’t me. My style is more that of asking: Do you realize you’ve just dashed off what you would consider an evil working had it been posted by someone not of your religious bent? To my mind, it’s a valid point.
Sloan Bashinsky I don’t imagine people who put online what you describe have much power in their word. Otherwise, they would not tag their message with threats. Real power speaks for itself. It needs no if you forward, or don’t forward, this, then … Seems to me lots of people forward stuff they did not write; even seems they go looking for or eagerly await to receive stuff they did not write, so they can forward. Mostly, what I receive in that way is from the Christian right or from the Republican right. Sometimes I engage the sender with a reply, and if the sender did not suppress the email addresses of the other recipients, I engage ALL with the reply. Sometimes I just engage the sender. Sometimes I publish the engagement on my websites, sometimes not. Depends on my mood, spiritual guidance, etc. What I really like seeing is original writing and thinking of the sender, not parroting, which pokes into tender areas, even forbidden areas, including the sender’s. I enjoy good jokes, too; especially if a little raunchy. The thing about Facebook and the Internet is people can publish or republish just about anything they wish, and send it to anyone in their email contacts and Facebook contacts, and to the public on Facebook. I do it. Gloria, you do it. Lots of people we know do it. While sometimes I enjoy tweaking, or bashing, a fanatic, I don’t do it thinking it will make any difference in how the fanatic thinks or behaves. I have a dear friend, who probably views the Tea Party as communists, who sends me all sorts of bash Obama stuff. I sometimes tell him when I see him that I’m so far left, Obama is a Nazi. We both view America and humanity as totally fucked up, no solution to it; we hope we are not still here when the train jumps the tracks. I keep telling him it will take an act of God, or an ET invasion, or a comet clobbering planet Earth, for examples, for any real change to occur. Meanwhile, he and I are watching America and humanity self-destruct. He nods wanly. He and I really aren’t that far apart, even though he is so right-wing that he doesn’t know he is about as left as me, if you view it as a big circle, or merry go round, or dog, or snake, chasing its own tail.
Pearl Annie Looks like a chain letter…! In the past they all ended at friends were too scared not send them on…and yes, I have had some pretty bad luck, but I believe they were lessons I was meant to learn………..
Sloan Bashinsky For me, saying, “God I love you”, would be a serious stretch because of just how tough a regimen God has me on. Yet, I am grateful for being cut out of the herd and taken down an entirely different road, which I would not have gone down if I had not been cut out of the herd and taken down that road. I imagine if the author of this particular chain letter was having my experience with God, he/she just might wish there was no God. I don’t imagine if every person I know, and all people, were having the same or a similar experience with God, which I am having, this would be a very different world. So, ironically, I am sympathetic to that part of the chain letter. But I have no sympathy with the threat, although I know from my own personal experience that, without God’s angels leading and correcting me daily, I would be up shit creek without a paddle, or a canoe, which is where humanity is, and it looks to me where most people I know are, but they don’t see it. I had pretty much this very same discussion early this year with Gloria and some people she knew, to whom she had introduced me online. My views and opinions were not well received and eventually Gloria blocked me out of that discussion because I was an energy vampire, she wrote to me. I told her she was blocked, until she asked God to help her. She told me she could not do that, because God was not part of her frame of reference. I told her to ask God for help anyway, as an experiment, just to see what would happen. She said she could not do that. So, she gets a chain letter telling her much the same as I told her early this year, and she reacts to it. Her reaction tells me the advice in the chain letter, sans the threat, was dead on the money. Being led and corrected by God is a wild ride in my experience, and in the experience of a few other people I knew well, who were cut out of the herd. Sort of like riding a big shark in uncharted waters known only to the shark.
Mustang Sally

Cindy Berridge I just delete this crap.
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Gloria Reiser For the record: Sloan was removed from the Facebook group “Dream Explorers,” for preaching and turning every thing into a religious conversation in which he would insist we ask “God” (as Sloan defines God) for guidance. Dream Explorers was then, and remains still, a group for discussion of Dreams, Coincidence/Synchronicity and Imagination. (if anyone reading this would like to join Dream Explorers, simply PM me. It’s a secret FB group) Open to individuals of any, or no, specific religious persuasion. As for me, I’m aware there is a seemingly conscious transpersonal intelligence/wisdom source available for any of us to dialog with for guidance, direction, information…. perhaps even for answers to complex mathematical problems I don’t claim to have full understanding of what that wisdom source involves, and tend not to reference it as “God” (or even Goddess) because of the many assorted idea forms associated with the word “God” in our current, various cultures.

Patty Gallagher The divine is within us, it’s not an external force leading us. God is a concept that eliminates the need for personal responsibility and the random nature of the world. Random things happen. Illness and accident are not always brought on as retribution for behavior. People can train and direct their will to manifest results……I get what Gloria is saying, some god fearing goodie two shoes shows up with a letter threatening dire consequences if such and such isn’t done. I say kiss my ass. why are the holier than thou so holy? It’s Smug superiority presented as simpering humility.

Sloan Bashinsky belief v. direct experience … It might take me several hours to reproduce from my facebook files, perhaps less time for you to read, what all transpired between Gloria and her dream group and me. A small summary:

Gloria approached me about making input into the dream group after once of its members asked about the dark night of the soul, which Gloria knew I had considerable personal experience, as well as having read up on it and written of what I had read, as well as what I had experienced. I did not know before that of the dream group. Right away, I saw nobody in the group, including Gloria, knew anything about understanding their own dreams, much less other people’s. Something I also had a great deal of experience with. I kept telling Gloria and the other members to stop asking for help with their dreams, but to ask God to explain their dreams to them, either through revelation, or through later dreams. I made it very clear, many times, that I was not talking about a religion; nor about what Christianity views as God, which is mostly superstition. I told them to stop reading books and listening to Gloria about dreams. I told them she knew nothing of the subject and the books would not help them. I told them they were still in diapers, Gloria, too, and I did not care to run a diaper service.

There is an unfathomable difference between belief and direct experience. A difference only understandable by having direct experience. I wrote into the dream group, and into this group, from direct experience, not from belief. My direct experiences eliminated belief for me. I am led, and corrected, often the corrections are brutal, by something vastly bigger and smarter than my mind. It is outside of me. It can do, and has proven it many times, that it can do just about anything it wants to do with me. Usually, it has proved it in quite unpleasant and often terrifying ways. Yet without it, I would still be blind, deaf and dumb, in the spirit sense. It is not something I recommend anyone else experiencing, but I have seen a few people experience it to some degree. A Jewish, New Age, Taoist yoga man friend experienced it to a huge degree, and one of Gloria’s clients, to whom she referred me and we became an item after the angels had healed her of having been her father’s lover from her age 3 to her age 18, none of which she remembered, but she had no doubt after the healing, which was deep, violent and often terrifying for her. I had already experienced the same healing, relative to being molested in infancy by my mother. Impossible to fathom such healing, if you have not experienced it. Angel-directed all the way. No stopping it short of killing yourself, or drinking or otherwise drugging yourself into oblivion, and even that the angels just might block you from doing.

In 1994, the angels gave me this poem, which pretty well sums up “God” in my experience.

The sacred prism
thought which souls are refracted
into their elemental parts,
purified in Holy Fire,
then one-forged
and sent on their way
to not even God knows where,
simply because they are all
unique emanations of God,
evolving …

Not long before, the angels gave me this related poem.

Rosa Mystery
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living water
with which God is dead,
and their are no rainbows.

I don’t think I ever met a Christian who could relate to either poem, nor to anything else above, other than one of my other wives, who started having the direct experience while she was with me. The wife before the woman who had been her father’s lover, Gloria’s client, who was raised in a non-religious family. The Christian wife before was turned every which a way but loose herself, and she did not care for it, and it proved more than she was willing to take, even though she had asked God to bring her a man who ran with God, and she had been told, she later told me, that a man would be brought to her who would put God first, her second, and after he was brought to her, she tried many times to try to get him to put her first, God second. It tore us both up, and terrified her, when we were busted up by God, she told me, after she was told in her sleep, “You are not the one.” I had warned her many times, if she kept trying to turn around what she had been told about me, God would bust us up.

As I wrote earlier, the direct experience eliminated belief for me.

Patty Gallagher 1. not interested. “glorias group” says it all…her group, her decision on what goes on there. 2. plenty of first hand experience with psi. been practicing for quite awhile…different forms of divination, written, taught, studied…3. MSW degree with plenty of clinical experience and individual/group/family therapy. i’ve had plenty of direct experience, and as my dad used to say, “i heard you when you drove up.” (it was a funny little expression of his, that means no bullshit here.)

Sloan Bashinsky If you lived in my skin for a day, you would have a psi experience of a different kind; I didn’t drive up, drove [Gloria] parked this thread in my drive way, and her soul knew I would respond. I was married to a lady with an MSW degree, she also was a Sandplay therapist, trained directly under Sandplay’s founder, Dora Kalff, who became my dear friend also. That wife, Betty, was pretty tuned in, but what she experienced with what you call psi, she called it angels and God, although she was decades past church going and bible reading, was far lighter fare than what I experienced when she and I were together. When I was with her, I was given new eyes, ears and senses, on top of the human eyes, ears and senses. She often wondered how I arrived something, when she asked me what I thought, or I just told her. She didn’t argue that it was incorrect, but how did I arrive at it? I said I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t know, then I knew. During that time with her, I was given a new book to write about practicing law in a new way. It, and its sequel, turned out to be about reading what life serves up to us, a legal situation, a medical situation, a social situation, a relationship situation, any situation which is significant, stirs us, as a waking dream; what did it reflect back to us about us? The irritating Christian forward was a waking dream for Gloria; full of meaning for her, if she worked through her adverse reaction to it. A Course in Miracles has the same perspective, but advises not to look for meaning in sleeping or waking dreams, but to simply marinate and broil in whatever stirs us to react, and not react, not project; a different way of going at much the same thing, soul alchemy, except the way I was taken through it was for me to be shown the meaning for me, and for other people. Took all the fun out of causes, crusades, righting what I perceived to be wrongs. Same for other people who tried it on. After some time passed, I was given more latitude to respond to life’s servings without pondering the reflection back. I was advised and corrected in dreams mostly, but the angels had other ways in my sleep and when I was awake of steering me. I don’t blame anyone for wanting no part of what I am trying to but cannot possibly explain. I have known only a few people who have experienced it, or something similar. I have read of a few people, or heard of them. It apparently is really rare.

Next morning, Sloan Bashinsky I’m being steered by dreams through this discussion. Last night, dreams suggested I share a debate wife Betty, the MSCW Sandplay therapist, and I had for a while, which led to her finally agreeing with me.

Her teacher and Sandplay’s founder Dora Kalff


kept telling her students that Sandplay was a way of life. Betty felt that meant continuing her own Sandplay process and training, and being involved with Dora and other Sandplay therapists, and being a Sandplay therapist. 

Sandplay is a non-cognitive therapy; there is no discussion with the client of what the therapist sees in the sand pictures the client makes in the sand trays with miniature objects representing any and every thing. There is no analysis discussion.

Sandplay sandpicture

There is no dream discussion. Whatever the client says to the therapist, the therapist’s opinions are not shared with the client. Ever. The entire process is subconscious as far as the client is concerned, although the therapist sees in the standtrays various movements in the client’s psyche, and the therapist sees when the process is peaked, and when it is winding down and should be stopped.

If the therapist is competent, that’s how it goes.

Sandplay bookshelves
part of one Sandplay therapist’s miniature collection, from which clients are freely able to select whatever objects they wish to use to make a sand picture

Dora often told her students that they must continue doing their own inner work, for they could only take their clients as far as they themselves had developed internally. For many of Dora’s students, that meant to them to continue doing their own Sandplay process with their Sandplay therapist, either Dora or one of her more advanced students. But Dora also meant more than that; she meant spiritual development generally.

The debate Betty and I had was, I became convinced all of life is like a Sandplay process, and therefore Sandplay was not limited to its therapy definition. Whatever life served to us and how we responded to it was a Sandplay session. If we responded to it by rote, automatically, nothing changed; but if we responded to it differently, out of our normal habit and routine, change occurred.

Betty sometimes accused me of trying to put psychotherapy and Sandplay out of business. I sometimes said that was precisely what I was trying to do, because nobody needed a human therapist if they engaged life’s servings the way I was being taught and was putting into books and tracts. As long as we kept engaging life in that way, instead of in the rote, habitual way, we continued changing, growing, deepening, expanding. And, we didn’t have to pay anyone for it. It was free, in the money sense. The cost was giving up our habits, beliefs, ways of engaging and responding to life, in exchange for being changed.

As in Sandplay therapy, there was no way to predict the future, how the changes would go. Only predictable, there would be change. Also predictable, relationships would change in response to a person changing.

Gloria Reiser I find the concept of sandplay therapy fascinating. I would love to set up my own tray in my office to work with as the spirit guides me. However, it seems a layperson has no access to some of the best sand play props which is unfortunate. I don’t know if the items featured in Lon DuQuette’s “The Great Work” DVD series are official sand play props or not. But they are exquisitely wonderful. Tinker bell in jail always got a laugh from our local discussion group as we worked through that series. I am always on the lookout for suitable sand play items… Just not having much luck finding what I want

Gloria Reiser And btw, laughing at tinker bell behind bars was not an indicator that anyone missed the meaning/symbology

Sheila Mcgraw I look at those as a type of chain letter. I really think some folk think they are being spiritual by posting these types of things…needless to say I am one who just keeps on scrolling…lol
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Jennifer Chase I think it’s both people not thinking and also the belief that many have that MY WAY is the only way. Please take note that your example text that has been going around is actually a threat. Sick, but true.

Patti Laning-Meade It reminds me of the old school chain letters…I used to get those as email too…I told the sender how negative they actually are and I don’t get them any.more….love to you Gloria

Gloria Reiser There are a number of Sandplay and Sandtray books available at Amazon, if anyone is interested in learning more about that. Also info at … Each time Sloan mentions Sandplay I’m drawn to the notion of it….

Sloan Bashinsky Doubt being your own client and Sandplay therapist will have any effect; a fundamental principle of Dora Kalff’s Sandplay is the therapist is the witness to the client’s sandplay process; the therapist is indispensable, and the spiritual development of the therapist determines the potential of the client’s therapeutic benefit. I imagine a lot can be read about Sandplay online; my knowledge of it is both experiential, I did Sandplay with one of Dora’s first students in New York City, and also with Dora’s son, Martin, when I was in Zurich. Not a full process with either. I heard Dora speak several times at Sandplay forums in USA and in Zurich. This si not something a person can just up and do to him/herself. More coming in next comment.

Sloan Bashinsky I sometimes told MSCW wife Betty that a Sandplay process is far less stress than treating each drama life presents as a living sandplay opportunity, and responding to it in a way different from how you want to respond to it, which is soul alchemy, as opposed to repeating past habits. Inner castles work, which Gloria mentioned in her dream group, which came from Teresa Avila, is soul alchemy. After I was ousted from that dream group, Gloria private messaged me asking if I would be open to her conversing with me about her doing inner castles work? I told her that seemed strange that she would ask an energy vampire to do that. The mirror waking dreams provide is not particularly fun to engage in most cases. It points at the inner castles, the inner room, much of which is not known to the conscience mind; dreams operate similarly for most people, which was the core of Carl Jung’s work. Dora Kalff was one of Jung’s early students and he told her to do Jungian Analysis on children, which before that had not been done. Instead, Dora ended up developing Sandplay Therapy, and how that came about is an interesting story also, which can be learned by googling Dora Kalff and Sandplay Therapy. Waking dreams are as revealing of a person’s psyche as are sleeping dreams and sandtrays. The irritating Christian forward was a waking dream for Gloria, perhaps for others now in this thread. It provides rich potential for spiritual acceleration, but only if the dreamer turns inward and accepts the dream as part of the dreamer.

Garry Lewis Why can’t people just be content with their religious beliefs with out cramming it down others throats??

Garry Lewis They turn people away from their faith instead of draw them in, don’t they realize this, no one wants to be brow beaten to death.

Garry Lewis Just let people explore them selves, they’ll find the path that is right for them. Without threatening them. I don’t think that is what Jesus would do!

Gloria Reiser Client? Therapist? Did I say anything about that Sloan? Figures involved in sand tray work – and which of them one may be drawn to at any particular moment – can also function as an interesting spiritual exploration. Free flowing. Just as can be items one may be drawn to again and again in decorating personal space. I’m often drawn to wizards and witches and magicians and mad scientists and fairies and genies and 5 and 7 and 10 and 11 pointed stars and hearts and Santas and Santa-like figures from many cultures. There’s wisdom to be extracted from noting this. Similarly for others in recognizing their own favorites. And even what repulses us contains meaning.

Sloan Bashinsky Sandplay is not a notion, Gloria. It is a form of soul healing and development. It works to the extent the therapist is healed and developed. If you want to get a sandbox and miniatures and make sand pictures, do it; but that is not Sandplay, it is akin to your getting a drawing pad and a pencil and pen and color markers and making pictures on the drawing paper. Reading about Sandplay will not enhance your playing in a sandbox with miniatures. The drawback to Sandplay, other than the limitation of the therapist, is transference and counter-transference, which occur in a Sandplay process. Transference and counter-transference occurs during psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. It occurs between gurus and their students/disciples/sanyasans. It occurs between spiritual healers and their patients. Transference and counter-transference can be really tricky, it can lead to projection and cross-projection; it can lead to very serious soul injury; but if the process is clean, the transference and counter-transference tend to resolve during the course of the therapy. The limitations of the therapist, guru, minister, etc. and transference and counter-transference are not present when a “patient” is being led directly by the Spirit, which is unlimited and not hindered. Jesus had to deal with all of that when he was teaching his disciples, but after he turned them over to the Spirit of God, it was not in play any more for the disciples. I know I’m wandering a bit, but Gary asked about Jesus and he’s right, Jesus did not treat people the way the Christian forward and its forwarders treated people. He did say, though, better never to have heard his words, than to have heard them and ignore them. Well, in the Gospels he said that. I continue to believe the reason people create forwards like that, and the reason sympathetic people to those forwards pass them along, is they are still trying to convince themselves that what’s in the forward is true. Whatever, the real work for you, Gloria, and for anyone in this thread whose buttons were pushed by that forward, is to treat the forward as part of yourself. It is you, you are it, otherwise it would not have punched your buttons. That’s where the inside work must begin, that’s where the soul alchemy must begin. That’s where the soul healing must begin. Or, you can not go down that road and this will only have been an academic discussion, interesting perhaps, but nothing changed from having had it.

Cindy Berridge Gloria, it’s pointless to have a discussion with a zealot.

Sloan Bashinsky Starting slowly in the early 1990s and increasing in pace and finally tapering off in 2005, I was given many assignments in which I was to try to have discussion with Christians. I found across the board that they cannot be reached; theirs is a closed system, their cups are full, there is no room for more or new.

I suppose the kickoff for that assignment was a somewhat bizarre novel which started falling out of me in 1992, about childhood sweethearts who grew up in an unusual community a little south of Birmingham, Alabama, where I was born and raised. The community, and the young couple and their kin defied definition by human mainstream and off-stream standards. They were in the human world, but very cleary in another world at the same time. The tale is now out of print, but from time to time I see it in used bookstores online. Gloria read the book and reviewed it for Intuitive Explorations. KUNDALINA, ALABAMA: A Strange Tale. I used a pen name, Jake Carruthers.

About ten years later came what probably heralded the winding down of my foray into trying to have discussion with Christians. The same young couple, but not the same, now older couple from Birmingham, and another woman, who is the woman in the couple but is not her, have themselves experiences in this world and not of this world, but of a different kind than in KUNDALINA.

Perhaps it might be fair to say KUNDALINA is mostly a magician’s tale, while HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, is pretty much a mystic’s tale. Both tales are about soul alchemy; HEAVY WAIT also is about soul healing.

Both tales simply up and fell out of me, as if the storyline was already written before the words came through me. I had no clue where KUNDALINA was headed as I wrote it; I had some clue where HEAVY WAIT was headed, because the storyline was given to me the day before the tale started falling out of me.

I sometimes see has used copies of HEAVY WAIT in stock. Also, in Kindle. The publisher, produces the trade paperback version to order, takes 3-4 weeks to arrive after ordered and costs more than the used paperback or Kindle.

Both tales are rides with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Both tales are told quickly, without much in the way of sideshows. Lovers of literature probably would not view either tale as literature. Nor do I. I view them as tales, and as poems.

I was nudged in a dream just at dawn this morning to mention both tales today. I did not see that coming either. I seldom see anything coming. It’s not there, then it’s there.

Gloria Reiser LOL! Cindy, I’ve known Sloan, since 1989 when he began occasionally submitting articles for publication in I.E. He admits to being “Bat Shit Crazy,” and yes, I’ve had to bounce him from a discussion group or two, but I also tend to learn something from his ravings and ramblings.

Sloan Bashinsky Yep, been accused of that many times; a long line. Not news to Gloria. She’s heard it from lots of folks since she and I were introduced by a third person in latter 1990.

bat shit crazy
Gloria Reiser Sloan …. so which is it? You have stated: ” The debate Betty and I had was, I became convinced all of life is like a Sandplay process, and therefore Sandplay was not limited to its therapy definition. Whatever life served to us and how we responded to it was a Sandplay session. If we responded to it by rote, automatically, nothing changed; but if we responded to it differently, out of our normal habit and routine, change occurred.” and (see next comment)
Gloria Reiser Comment two (in part) ” Doubt being your own client and Sandplay therapist will have any effect; a fundamental principle of Dora Kalff’s Sandplay is the therapist is the witness to the client’s sandplay process; the therapist is indispensable, and the spiritual development of the therapist determines the potential of the client’s therapeutic benefit.”
Gloria Reiser Your first comment is in line with the practice of noting symbols, figures/characters, and archetypes one is drawn to over and over and over again that I’ve alluded to above.
Wafa Love Oh dear, “Bat Shit Crazy,” is an understatement here! LOL!

Sloan Bashinsky A batshitcrazy excerpt from today’s post [11 November 2013] at follows
Good Morning Key West | Where folks accused of being weirdos some place else can come mingle with real weirdos
Sloan Bashinsky I told Todd and Leslie that I had a dream recently, which caused me to think I would not get into the mayor’s race next year. I said for me to want to run, the angels will have to get me to feeling better, so I can physically do the work, and the angels will have to make me financially independent, because there is no way I can take on something like that if I’m wondering how I am going to make ends meet? I said there was no way to describe being homeless; it altered me terminally.
I chuckled, said something funny happened earlier this year. Though Sandy Downs, I met Jerry Weinstock, M.D., psychiatry, retired, who shared my interest in ridding Key West of cruise ships. The funny was Jerry and I developed a friendship, he often replies to what I post to, and I often publish it. I said that must be really wigging out the people who are convinced I’m insane.
Todd said there are people who need for me to be insane. I said, yeah, for if I am not insane, what does that make them? Right, it makes them insane. I said I had learned to look at it that way years ago. For a long time now, there have been people who need for me to be insane.
Sloan Bashinsky Todd sits on the Key West Citizen Newspaper Editorial Board, is Chairman of the Board of the local charter high school, is Chairman of Hometown! PAC based in Key West which promotes calls to candidates and candidate forums and puts same up on U-Tube, he was the first Chairman of the Key West Citizen’s Police Review Board which the city fought tooth and nail before it was approved overwhelmingly in a public referendum, he serves on probably two dozen local public service committees, he is the trouble shooter for Centennial Bank’s extensive operations in the Florida Keys, he is former Special Forces and he saw combat in Central American jungles. Leslie has a PhD in Special Studies, runs that department for the Monroe County (Florida Keys) Board of Education). I told her yesterday that the School Board were whores. Whores in the soul prostitution sense, no spines, wishy-washy, saying one thing then another, selling out their own souls.

Sloan Bashinsky About a year ago, another Key West friend, Erika Biddle, a German ex-pat, was down in Colombia with her husband seeing this and that, meeting various people, they love to travel like that. I was getting pounded by a school board member who said I was batshit crazy. I had run for the school board in 2012 and had for sometime been beating up on them on my websites. Erika sent me a lady angel photo to soothe my nerves, and wrote that she had learned down there in South America the bat shaman is revered because, unlike other shamans, he can see in the dark. With that email, or maybe it was a FB message, Erika sent the batshitcrazy toon I shared with you folks a few days ago. Erika said the lady angel was in a public place down there, she took a picture of it. I’ll put up a pic of Erika shortly.

Sloan Bashinsky Erika is the person who was inspired to create and mother the Hidden in Plain View homeless Art, Music, Poetry exposition in Key West, which I took Gloria and Marty to see when they were down here last November. I had a soul drawing in the “Lobstertrap Book”which Erika viewed as the centerpiece, the anchor for the entire show. On the soul drawing was, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but there are far worse things than being homeless.” Such as, hmmmm, accepting a Nobel Peace Prize while waging the two stupid evil wars of your predecessor in office. Such as, voting for him after he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Such as, well, in my sleep just after he won the Democratic nomination in 2008, I was told Barack Obama had the potential to be the Anti-Christ. After he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, I almost did not shit for a month, and only after very rough poems burst out of me about his good deeds did my bowel started moving again. Batshitcrazy is America, folks, and it don’t matter which religion or political party you belong to. The curator of Studios of Key West, where Hidden in Plain View ran for a month, told me it drew far more people than any prior showing there. Gloria said she loved it. Here’s Erika in one of her more subdued batshitcrazy moods.

Erika Biddle 3

Sloan Bashinsky And here she is in one of her other moods during Fantasy Fest, which is when lots of people get sort of almost naked and their bodies painted or otherwise thinly draped and go batshitcrazy happy nuts on Duval Street which is the main attraction in Key West for most visitors.

Erika one zombie family

Mary Poppins

Sloan Bashinsky Sandplay Therapy, Gloria, is a molecule compared to the sandplay life puts before us. That’s what Betty finally conceded, but only after she said she did not want us to be together any longer. To deal with waking dreams, you have to be awake. That’s what my first two books after the angels grabbed me were about. You promoted both books on Intuitive Explorations. You warehoused the second one in your basement as a favor to me, until I realized there was no commercial market for either book, and you and the publisher for the first book sent most of them to the Prison Library Project in Clermont, California. Prison inmates seemed to like the two books, based on letters I received from them. Quite a few books went to a local bookstore in Birmingham, which gave them away to customers. Heavy Wait is a very different book. It is about being taken over by what I call God and turned every which a way but loose, like what happened to me, and then to the woman you referred to me. It is not something imaginary. It is very real, but it does not happen to many people. Now that Heavy Wait is an E-book, as well as a trade paperback, it can be previewed, at no cost, though the first two chapters at An outward bound romp with many inward bound opportunities.

Product Details

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky (Oct 28, 2013)

Gloria Reiser I purchased “Heavy Wait” a few days ago in the Kindle format. Am enjoying reading it again, Sloan! I’m unsure where the first copy is that I read when you first completed writing the book. Can’t recall if you emailed me a PDF file of it or if it was in manuscript form and perhaps you had requested I return it to you after reading. The Kindle version won’t ever get lost. When I finish reading, it will hang out in my Kindle Cloud.

Sloan Bashinsky I emailed some people the manuscript by attachment before it was finally published in late 2006 by PublishAmerica. I also put it into a file, perhaps on, before it was published, and people could open and read the manuscript. After it was published very little happened and I wondered why I had gotten it published. PublishAmerica is not a vanity press, it covered all the publication costs, but it relies on its authors to do the PR work, get their books to selling. That was back before I knew anything about e-books. Maybe it was back before e-books. I personally don’t care to use a Kindle, I like the book in my hands when I read it, but it seems lots of people are going to e-books. Someone down here telling me he only read e-books now and would have ordered Heavy Wait if it was in e-book caused me to think I needed to do that, and the next day, or maybe later the same day, I received an email from PublishAmerica, no, it was a phone call, about them doing stuff to help their authors’ books sell, and one was e-book conversion. Another was putting books into another language besides English. I was getting all sorts of Spanish signals, so I told them to convert it into Spanish. I had to pay them the cost of both conversions, and for a review, which I have not yet seen, and for them taking the book, along with many of their other titles, to the Miami international book fair about ten days before Thanksgiving, with press releases for each of their titles. I then had a dream of PublishAmerica then being all walled up big building block by big building block, like a giant early English castle, and I came to think that dream meant I should spend no more money with them on Heavy Wait. Then, I started receiving lots of solicitations from them, inviting me to pay them to do this and that, to further promote the book. I have been represented in the past by Simon & Shuster and Prentice-Hall, and the publishing world is not entirely new to me. I thought maybe that’s how PublishAmerica really makes its money, and not on its titles taking off and doing well. It appeals to its authors’ love for their own work, their hope, or desperation, for it to sell well, and they buy the flutes and whistles. I felt the e-book was right on, and that was reinforced when I saw it allows people to preview the first part of the book at no charge to the reader – a great and actually really fair and smart marketing approach. I felt the translation into Spanish was right given how big the Spanish reading market is in the Americas and Spain. Spanish people are still romantics and there is a romantic thread in Heavy Wait. Spanish people also seem open to not entirely of this world themes in stories. Time will tell about all of it, though. I feel I have done what the angels set up for me to do. I don’t make predictions. Could produce a jinx. Could make me out to be an idiot. Could get me too wound up and then feel like I was dropped off the Empire State Building onto the sidewalk below. It would be nice, however, to earn a living wage from what I like to do. Earning more than that probably would not break my heart. Certainly, Kindle/e-books are a vehicle for worldwide readership of any book, very quickly. I think that is referred to as “going viral”.

Sloan Bashinsky What is a Kindle Cloud? Do ETs hide their space ships behind such?

Gloria Reiser Some folks store the Kindle titles that they purchase and download “in the cloud” rather than on one of their devices, such as a kindle, iPad, smart phone or computer. That way it’s not on the device but available to access whenever they want. You just search for the title then zap it to whatever device when ready to read.

Sloan Bashinsky So, I suppose ETs can download it too, never before considered Kindle could take books to the stars. Not sure, if I were a contented Martian or Pleiadean, I’d want to be visited by dramas from Planet Earth, but then, perhaps they are bored. Perhaps the angels are bored. Perhaps we are their HBO Showtime.

Am reminded of one nice April day, MSC Sandplay Therapist wife Betty, her 10-year-old son and a man who hung out with us, he, too. was MSCW, once had taught psychotherapy to psychiatrists at Baylor Medical School. He was who had told me I needed to read about St. John of the Cross, and I did, and a few months later I had a dream about him which left me thoroughly ego inflated and just as thoroughly terrified. Anyway, we are sitting out on the side patio of Betty’s and my home and I look up and see a space ship parked beside a cloud on up there a ways. Not all that big a cloud. Maybe 100 times the size of the saucer, which is what it looked like, but no bubble top or bottom. Whitish color. So just naturally I tell Betty and her son and our friend to look up at yon cloud and the space ship parked beside it, and they say, yeah, right, Sloan, ha, ha, and I say, I’m not kidding, look up at the spaceship by the cloud, and they say, yeah, Sloan, ha, ha, and I say, darn, it darted behind the cloud, which it had done as I looked at it, and they say, yeah, right Sloan, ha, ha, and I say, I’m watching this in amazement, you really ought to see what the space ship is doing with the cloud, it’s stretching the cloud across the sky like a jet vapor trail, but wider, and they say, sure, Sloan, ha, ha, and the ship stretches the cloud across the sky and out of sight, and they never once look up. That night, the boy came to me privately and asked if I had really seen a space ship, and I said, did he ever know me to lie about something like that?, and he said no, and I said he didn’t look up because he was afraid his mother and our friend would laugh at him, and I said it was for him that it had happened to help him open to more than his parents and everyone else but me was trying to teach him, and I bet the next time I tell him to look up at a space ship, he will look up, and he said yes, but there was no next time while I was trying to help raise him.
There is nothing in Heavy Wait about ETs, that was Kundalina, Alabama. Heavy Wait is about angels.

a mind opened by wonder


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