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martin-luther-king.jpgI simply cannot wrap my mind around President Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in the face of his own admission that he had done little to deserve it and others deserved it far more (see article on back page of Today’s Key West Citizen).
I simply cannot wrap my mind around President Obama saying peace means fighting evil, the same thing his Bush predecessor said. The Bush predecessor President Obama said he was going to replace with something different. With change.
I simply cannot wrap my mind around President Obama comparing al-Quaeda to Hitler’s armies. Hitler’s armies had no justification. Al-Quaeda had huge justification. America and Israel were its justification. America and Iraq were its justification. America and Lebanon were its justification. America and Lybia were its justification. Islam was provoked by America. Al-Qaeda retaliated. It’s religion sanctions retaliation to attack. President Obama’s religion does not sanction retaliation. This is the dilemma he and all of American Christendom face. That, and this war was provoked by America’s foreign policy and military actions in the Middle East region.
Do I sanction al-Quaeda’s retaliation. Hell, no. But I understand it, and I understand its chosen form or warfare, because it is the most effect form of warfare it can use against a militarized nation that is geared up to the nth degree for nuclear, biological, chemical, drone, satellite and conventional warfare. Al-Quaeda uses guerilla tactics. Nothing new. The American colonists used guerilla tactics against the British troops, many of whom were Hessians — hired German mercenaries. If the American colonists had used what then was considered appropriate battle tactics, the British would have won and America might still be a member of the British Commonwealth, like Canada.
Does President Obama not yet understand radical Islam will never give up? Does not President Obama not yet understand radical Islam takes literally God’s warning to Abraham in Genesis that Ishmael’s seed would cause Isaac’s seed trouble? Does President Obama not yet understand radical Islam takes that Scripture as God’s approval of its war against Israel and against any country that supports and protects it? Does President Obama not yet understand radical Islam believes God has authorized it to retaliate against any non-Moslem country that attacks a Moslem country?
Actually, President Obama understands all of this; he often quotes scriptures, including Moslem scriptures. Actually, President Obama is running for reelection, by doing what will get him the most votes: waging war against America’s enemies, even as he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize “with great humility.” Incredible, the gall. Incredible, the hypocrisy. Incredible, sort of rhymes with debil. Far more palatable, President Obama declined the Noble Peace Prize, instead of using waging war against evil to gain peace as justification for accepting it. Far more palatable President Obama says his war policy never was any different than his Bush predecessors. President Obama proved it, by following right in his Bush predecessors’ war footsteps.
I do truly hope I am not still on this planet when the karma Presidents Bush and President Obama have created comes to America. I do truly hope I am no longer alive when those chickens come home to roost. When they arrive, it very well could be in such a way that most Americans won’t even connect the dots; they will not see the linkage back to the cause. They will react as if it had no causation or justification. They will start yet another war of some kind to combat it, whatever it is, however many different facets it has.
And, I suppose, they will do it in God’s name, to fight evil, as they have been brainwashed to do, despite the efforts of truly great leaders, Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, to take a very different road. The road of “peace.” Ha! Look at the mayhem those four men of peace catalyzed all around them. Just look at the mayhem they catalyzed. And not once did they fight back. Not with weapons. They fought back with words and passive resistance. Their words and passive resistance were their swords.
President Obama, you really do need to stop calling yourself a follower of Jesus. You follow the ways of Moses and Mohammed. Admit it. Put the charade behind you. Come out of the closet. Be honest. Be a man. You are a Jew and a Moslem. Likewise, your Bush predecessor and his father, and all Americans who supported your and their war policies.
Sloan Bashinsky

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