Key West’s psychiatrist emeritus advises fun, rest and fresh air, to get out of our convoluted messes, and I told him I would pass his prescription along to the angels, and the angels laughed and said to write today about canned health food for the masses, which they could use to get themselves out of their convoluted messes

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Jerry Weinstrock, M.D., Psychiatry, semi-retired, of Key West, replied to yesterday’s the karma effect in Key West, and related fun post at

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Sloan: there are some nice things happening;
Phone calls this morning friend leaving
with his girl friend for Bosnia —which I understand
(on the Adriatic ) is the up and coming beautiful area;
another friend –last night attended an amazing concert
at the Red Rock Amphitheater–blown away by the beauty of
the locale and concert—out of Denver—another friend
packing to see their new beautiful Condo in Vail (Colorado).
Breaths of fresh air —out of our convoluted messes.—

I replied:

Out of our convoluted messes I would love to be :-), I will tell the angels an esteemed doctor said for them to relax, too 🙂

Jerry wrote:

Excellent idea!!

bat shit crazycornucopia

Mi backwoods barely educated amiga in batshitcrzay shaman training told me this morning that she dreamed last night of a factory turning out a lot of canned health food for the masses. I then went online and found a reply from “Sister”


at, to yesterday’s the karma effect in Key West, and related fun post, which played off the  Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him”  article in the current weekly edition of Key West the Newspaper – I replied to Sister that I would use hers and my interjected italicized responses in today’s post.

Sister wrote:

Well that was shocking, I have to admit. But, somehow I knew you hadn’t truly surrendered…that’s just not in you.

Actually, I meant it when I said I surrendered. I wanted out of the Eimers case for many reasons, including it was making me feel like shit most of the time inside of me. But for the later dreams about you, and other dreams about the Eimers case and how to respond to your criticisms, I would have adiosed from that case and discussion of it in readers comments in the Key West the Newspaper (

I really had no intention of giving you nightmares…please accept my apologies.

Every rough thing I engage on this world, Sister, gives me nightmares, which give me a read on what I’m engaging, clues how to engage it.

Let me first let you know that I have family in the Keys and that is what originally sparked my interest in thebluepaper. The reason I have not divulged my legal name is not out of cowardice, it is out of respect for those family members.

You could have said that to begin with, after I asked who you are and where you live and what is your interest in the Eimers case and the blue paper, and why you are using a pen name?

Please also accept my apology for not being as prolific a writer as you. I have never been much of a talker and seem to have a tendency to want to reduce things down to their root elements. Probably not a good tendency as I often come out sounding harsh and judgemental. But, I do think that if you do not try to make judgements, you will not know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies. I have not read the Course in Miracles you have spoken of but I can’t help to think that it sounds like another prescription to keep the masses from recognizing, reacting and overthrowing the EVIL which is engulfing the planet.

You are harsh and judgmental, and you sometimes speak to what you know nothing, has been my observation, and you often make assumptions, which are incorrect. I make judgments ongoing about what I’m engaging, and unless it’s an emergency, which requires immediate action, I tend to sit on it, let it incubate, see what time and dreams bring, before I tear into it. If the masses, including you, Sister, did the A Course In Miracles program, that would change humanity. As would human beings, including you, Sister, being stood in front of a mirror for a year, and be shown everything about themselves they don’t want to see. As would human beings, including you, Sister, being shown everything about their family and friends and everyone important to them, which they don’t want to know. Evil engulfed this planet long ago. Evil thrives on people trying to stomp it out, to use a phrase you used maybe a month ago, Sister. Based on what I have seen in your many comments at the blue paper, beyond recognizing evil-doing humans do, you have no understanding of Evil.  I engage Evil in every shitty assignment I am given to engage. Given. I don’t go looking. That’s what Evil wants me to do. It also wants me to react, lash out, fight fire with fire, so to speak. It also wants me to cut people slack, who are trying to fight Evil, but unwittingly are doing things that feed and increase the Evil they are trying to defeat. The angels taught me different ways to engage evil-doing and Evil driving it. That’s what I do. That is not what A Course In Miracles prescribes. That program was provided for the masses, to change them, so they would do considerably less Evil, knowingly or unknowingly, and do considerably more Good. You don’t have to read A Course In Miracles. I described the basic program in yesterday’s post, and in earlier posts. Whatever punches your buttons, don’t react to it; sit in the discomfort, for a year. But if you see a child wandering into a street, rush to save the child. If you see a woman being attacked by men in an ally, rush to help her, while you dial 911 on your cell phone, if you have one. Those are emergencies requiring immediate response. If you are a journalist, report the facts, regardless of the fallout. I was put on a different program, which was a blend of several methods. What I was given to engage externally was designed to change me through the response I used to engage it, even as how I was trained and directed to engage it was designed to offer the situations and people I engaged a chance to change. A chance. They had to make their own choices. It was not my role to beat them up about what they chose. It as my role to give them a choice. How they chose was on them; how I engaged and presented was on me. Same today. The masses, as they now are, will not change voluntarily. Nor do they have the ability, not to mention they dont’ have the will or know how, to overthrow Evil on this world. Nor do you have the ability or know how to do that, Sister. Nor do I. I know how a person can do that inside him/herself. And I know how a person can engage Evil externally, to evolve her/himself and give the external situation a chance, at least, to resolve not to Evil’s liking. I do not, however, behave as if the sky is falling!, woe is me!, when bad shit happens in Key West, and on this world. I do not identify with the “victims”. Unless its an immediate emergency, like a race riot at friend’s coffee shop in Key West, which I described again recently, I do not rush in to save them, thus to save myself. I have no illusion that humanity will change, that Evil will be defeated on this world by human methods. After all I’ve seen and heard and endured, I look forward daily to not being on this planet. I do not fret over what might befall humanity, or anyone I know. There is nothing I can do about any of it, but engage what is dead in front of me, as I am trained and directed to do. Right now, Sister, I’m engaging you. How other people respond to what I do is out of my hands. I am not measured by their response. I am o measured by how I engage what is given to me to engage. Do I wish things were different for humanity? Sure. But things are not different. Things are all fucked up, based on what I’m being given to engage. I’m grateful for friends I can visit and cut up and joke with about stuff I do not view as work given to me by the angels. But for those friends, but for novels and movies and wide-screen sports to watch, and unexpected “chance” fun encounters with someone or someones, I imagine I would be psychotic. Or I would shoot myself in one way or another. Perhaps you will feel the same when you are nearly 72, Sister. Perhaps not.

You are right about my maturity level…I’ve always been a late bloomer.

As was I a late bloomer all of my life. Then, the angels got ahold of me in early 1987. Then, I was on a different trajectory from everyone I knew, other than some of the women I was put with; but even then, except for one of the women, I still was on a trajectory that was more accelerated than the women’s trajectory. You would have cared less for my 6th wife, than you have cared for what you have seen coming out of me, Sister. The angels converted her at warp speed; there was no other way, given what was lined up for us to experience together. As time passed, I grew out of the judgment that having more than one wife was bad. I came to see that each of those seven very different women were used to open, or awaken, parts of me, which were dormant, or asleep. But for those women, the person I am today would not exist. But for the angels, he would not exist, either. If the angels did to humanity what they have done, and are doing, to me, you would not fret about anything you now fret  about, Sister. You would fret about what the angels are doing to you, and you would have lots of people fretting with you. Billions. As you, Sister, and they, learn the only way for people to change the world is to change themselves; nothing else has a chance of working – human history has proven that over and over and over again. The external jihad has always been far more popular than the internal jihad. The external jihad is exciting, fun, ego-pumping. The internal jihad is awful.

As others have also alluded to, Key West is a microcosm of our larger world. I stated in a much earlier post in thebluepaper that if the citizens of Key West were not willing or able to correct the corruption and police brutality that appears to be infiltrating your tiny little island, how can we have any hope out here in the big world? I feel the same way that Charles’ family member wrote the other day about no one listening. Like he’s running in quick sand. I mean for shit’s sake…there’s a video of the cops killing his dad and the editors of thebluepaper are putting their lives at risk with their reporting and still no one seems to be outraged enough to get a large group together and go to a city council meeting and ask what the fuck! How can you stand to live in such close proximity to so many liars? The karma you speak of is going to haunt the entire city of Key West if the citizens, black and white together, don’t take a stand against the bullies that are threatening your paradise. Why is everyone throwing their hands up and accepting this?

Sister, I have lived in close proximity to liars for all of my life. Key West has been messed up for a long time – it has plenty of company, as far as being a city. I live in Key West because angels stationed me here. I told Naja Girard the other night, during a very long conversation we had about lots of things – Arnaud and their son are in France, where the lad will live for the next year, Arnaud is helping him get situated – that I am completely jaded with Key West. It’s stuck, and it wants to be stuck, as the recent mayor’s election demonstrated. Not that I wanted to be mayor, I didn’t, but the election gave the voters a clear choice, and they chose what they already had. I published numerous times over the years that the angels chose Key West as a proxy for humanity, because of how diverse Key West’s residents are, it’s an international city, and because of its official “one human family” creed, and because the city sits on top of the lower end of a planet energy vortex which runs up the Keys into the mainland, the energy from which runs all the way up into Canada; an earth vortex similar to the Andes and Himalaya earth energy vortexes. I published numerous times over the years, as Key West goes, humanity goes. I published there are other humanity proxies scattered around the planet providing the same function. As those proxies go, the angels are making decisions and implementing interventions, some visible, others invisible, others visible if you have eyes to see, targeting and impacting humanity and its future on this planet, which future is not guaranteed. If you are that convinced Key West is a microcosm for humanity, you should be here, participating head-on, in plain view, regardless of the impact on your relatives living here. Naja and Arnaud Girard are participating head-on in their blue paper articles, which are rocking the Key West boat plenty; Naja and Arnaud are doing that despite the risk to themselves and their children, who attend Key West schools – now their son is away, but he was here until very recently. Naja and Arnaud don’t play, “Let’s you and them fight.” They fight in plain view, directly, exposed to real danger. You, Sister, so far, are a “Let’s you and them fight” person down here. Maybe in a lot of places, if you are using an alias instead of your legal name. I was stationed in Key West for two reasons: I had a deep love for the Keys from age 14, I was born in 1942; and I was the nearest of my “kind”, as far as I know, to the Keys, who would be okay being stationed here. I’m no longer okay being stationed here, but I don’t get to make that call. I will be here until I’m told to leave; just as I was somewhere else, Maui, when I was told to leave there and come here in late 2000. I had no money, no means to get here, but that was overcome by nothing I did. I was transported and en route was told I would get into politics when I got here. I was not thrilled to be told that, and I knew it didn’t matter a hill of beans how I felt about it. Key West will not care for its karma, which it earned the hard way. Humanity will not care for it’s karma, which it earned the hard way. Yet who knows what the angels have up their sleeves?

So many points you’ve alluded to Sloan, I just don’t have the time to address all of them. I would have no right to judge you for what you did as a 15 year old and it seems to me that you corrected your actions pretty quick. My only question is, have you ever told her that you were deeply sorry? I think a true apology goes a long way in healing negative karma.

I apologized to my sister for molesting her. I took full credit for it. I blamed myself. I told her it was not her fault. That didn’t help her, though. She denied she was affected. She declined my several attempts to persuade her to get help with it. She buried herself in her mother’s church, as her mother had done to avoid dealing with her failed marriage to my father. Both my parents were alcoholics; they got up drinking and went to bed drinking. Both were Christians. Both had lots of friends and were respected. Both did a lot of good. Both did a lot of bad. Neither had a clue where I was headed, nor did I; but my mother wanted me to be an Episcopal priest, and she probably had the better handle on where I was headed, but not the route I would be given, which was not though a church system. I often have written that humanity might be a lot better off if there had been no religions. Religion did not sure my father, nor my mother, nor my sister. Humanity had no cure for them at all. My sister would not have been cured by a psychologist or a psychiatrist, nor by a minister versed in that kind of therapy; but going that route would have opened a door for her, it would have ended the denial, and it might have resulted in the angels ministering to her, as they had ministered to me, when they healed me of my mother molesting me when I was an infant. The angels could have used me to counsel my sister through the angels healing her; she would not likely have found a mental health practitioner who could have done it. I had been through the healing, I had shepherd my 6th wife to be through the same healing the angels did on her, after they told her she had been molested by her father, and then they proved it to her. She was not religious; her family was not religious. She was best described as a New Age healer. She became something else very quickly, which I doubt the New Age could possibly fathom. The New Age is as lost as Christianity, as are all other religions, in their own way, lost.

I think if Gary Lee Lovette would have said “Oh my God, I’m a moron I didn’t mean to kill him, I am so, so sorry!” we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Well, I could not agree more. But Gary Lee Lovette did not say that; and his fellow police officers and their police chief circled the wagons around him, to protect him, and here we are. However, I’m not convinced Gary Lee killed Charles Eimers all by Gary Lee’s own self. I’m convinced what killed Charles Eimers was he had several police officers on top of him in various ways, and he was unable to breathe, and that’s why he was “resisting” and kicking his legs and trying to move his arms and body – he was suffocating, and I assign that to all of the cops on top of him. I don’t think they meant to smother him to death, but they smothered him to death nonetheless. Was Charles Eimers tased? Maybe. Was he hit in the back of the head by Lovette? Yes. Did that, and maybe being tased, kill Charles Eimers? No. Not being able to breathe killed him. That’s what I would go after, if I were the plaintiff lawyers, if the federal judge denies the defendants’ efforts to throw the case out of court. I would use a reenactment to try to prove it was death my suffocation. Would I introduce the blow to the back of the head? Yes? Would I introduce tasering? If I felt I could prove it. But I would not hang my case on either. I would do all possible, via reenactment based on the bystander’s video of the police apprehending Charles Eimers, to prove Eimers smothered to death under those cops. That’s the only way I would feel the jury could not blame Eimers’ death on his bad heart condition and thereby let the cops off, just as the medical examiner, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the grand jury let the cops off – Eimers’ heart failed because it was diseased and could not cope with the rigor of the arrest. Death by smothering is crystal clear to me, and I think it is crystal clear to Naja and Arnaud, and I simply do not grok why you, Sister, and perhaps others, are trying the case from the tasering and blow to the back of the head angle, which approach will give the jury just what you don’t want the jury to have – the same excuse the medical examiner, the FDLE and the grand jury used. FDLE and the grand jury knew what Lovette did and said about it. They knew a taser might have been used. But they concluded it was not asphyxiation, but was a diseased heart failing under the rigor of the arrest. That, Sister, under the law as I understand it, is not homicide. Smothering someone to death is homicide. That’s how the angels see it, as well.

Of course, this entire “presentation” is canned, in the sense that it has been presented time and time and time again to humanity during its time on this planet, and humanity has yet take the presentation to heart. Which leaves me telling the angels once again, either use your magic wands fix this species, or do to them what you did and are doing to me. Otherwise, as an act of compassion, take them off this planet and put them somewhere they have a better chance of moving forward. Meanwhile, any chance you can give me a vacation, which I will enjoy, as opposed to a vacation, which actually is just another really hard work assignment?


Sloan angel

Sloan Bashinsky


About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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6 Responses to Key West’s psychiatrist emeritus advises fun, rest and fresh air, to get out of our convoluted messes, and I told him I would pass his prescription along to the angels, and the angels laughed and said to write today about canned health food for the masses, which they could use to get themselves out of their convoluted messes

  1. sister says:

    There is no proof at this point that he died from asphyxiation.
    There is proof however that he died from heart failure…unless you can prove that the medical examiner is a moron and/or liar, and are able to perform another autopsy.
    Taser International cautions to not tase in the heart area as it can cause heart failure.
    There have been many instances of young healthy people being tased in the heart area and dying from heart failure.
    There were multiple witnesses who claim that they witnessed Charles being tased.
    It states on the fire/rescue log that “he was tased”. I’m not buying the bs about how the dude meant “taser point”.
    Just because the medical examiner states the ‘his’ autopsy showed no signs of taser use doesn’t mean there were none.
    Ms. Wanciak’s testimony practically screams that Lovette tased him.

    So, tell me Oh Great Sloan…how would you convince a jury that he died from asphyxiation?

  2. sister says:

    Also Sloan, the encroaching police state and genocide people of the world are faced with today is AN EMERGENCY SITUATION! Charles Eimers’ murder is just a piece of that bigger puzzle. But I guess you are too enlightened to see that.

  3. sister says:

    Sorry, I just reread the part where you explained how you would use the bystander video of the actual account and a reenactment video of what you ‘imagine’ happened. Neither one of those two videos prove asphyxiation…in my harsh, judgemental know-nothing opinion.

    Do you have an extra binky Sloan? I seem to have lost mine.

  4. Sloan says:

    Good Morning Sister/Hanna Belle,

    As I recall the Medical Examiner’s autopsy, Eimers suffered brain death due to lack of oxygen, but the M.E. assigned that to his diseased heart failing under the rigor of the arrest. I know from talking with Naja and Arnaud Girard before they did the reenactment video, as did I already hold the same view, that just as easily, Eimers could have smothered to death, and that stopped his heart and blood and oxygen flow out of it. Naja and Arnaud’s subsequent video reenactment convinced me Eimers smothered. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement not doing a reenactment convinced me they were concerned a reenactment would suggest asphyxiation, and that would not bode well for the police officers they were trying to protect, who were on top of Eimers. The State Attorney had the same concerns and reasons for not doing a reenactment for the Grand Jury. That’s how I would go at it, if I were trying the civil case in federal court. And there is another reason I would go at it that way, which is I am convinced Eimers did smother to death under the cops, and to argue a different cause of death to a jury would be me lying to the jury.

    I also still am of the view that your theory of trying to win, and that’s what we are talking about, is trying to win the case, will give the jury the same out the M.E., FDLE and the State Attorney took. Whether or not a taser was fired into Eimers, the jury still would have to consider Eimers’ heart, which for a fact was seriously diseased and could have failed at any moment, even when he was asleep, or driving his car, or sitting in a lounge chair on South Beach, could have failed under the rigor of the arrest; whereas a person with a good heart probably would not have died under the rigor of the arrest. Or, the jury just cannot make up its mind as to cause of death, so it comes back with a defendant’s verdict due to insufficient proof that the cops killed Eimers.

    The jury will make that call, not you, not me, not the Horan law firm.

    That’s also the problem with what I am convinced happened. A jury could well ignore the reenactment, which I found compelling as to cause of death, and blame the death on Eimers’ diseased heart failing under the rigor of the arrest. Or, the jury just cannot make up its mind as to cause of death, so it comes back with a defendant’s verdict due to insufficient proof that the cops killed Eimers.

    All of which assumes the judge does not throw the case out of court, and the Horan law firm is allowed to try to prove the cops killed Eimers.

    As for Officer Gary Lee Lovette, I think there is abundant evidence, out of his own mouth, that he used excessive force on Eimers. I think there is abundant evidence that Lovette thought Eimers was homeless and Lovette had it in for Eimers, because Lovette hated homeless people. And I think a case could made against Lovette that he hit Eimers in the back of the head with the intent to kill him. And if Lovette also tased Eimers, that he tased him with the intent also to kill him. And, I think the jury also will be looking at a heart that could have gone out when Eimers was sleeping, driving his car, sitting in a lounge chair on South Beach.

    The law professors at the University of Alabama School of Law drilled into us the hazards of litigation, the vagaries of juries, and even of judges. The law professors strongly encouraged us not to promise our clients how litigation would turn out, because if we promised victory, and there was no victory, we could be sued for malpractice, false representation, etc. When I later practiced law, I saw just what good advice our law professors had given us.

    I personally don’t see a jury coming back with a verdict against the police officers in any kind of case. I think a jury will latch onto and never let go of the diseased heart, which could have gone out at any moment, even while Eimers was asleep, or driving his car somewhere, or sitting in a lounge chair at South Beach. I just don’t see a jury getting around that diseased heart, which could have gone out at any moment. I hope I’m mistaken, of course.

    For some time now, I have said I see America becoming a police state by and by. Have you considered moving to Montana and living in a militia community who are geared up to defending themselves from what they see as the coming police state? It’s not something I worry about. My worries are immediate, daily.

    Such as, how to respond to your various assaults in a way God and the angels are okay with. Such as, just getting through each day under the huge spirit and physical load I carry. You will not enlist me, Sister Hanna Belle, to wage your wars. Those are your wars to wage. And since you continue to write as if the Eimers case is crucial to how you see the greater war turning out, I continue to say you should be physically on the front lines down here, with your name, rank and serial number in plain view.


  5. sister says:

    I would argue Excessive VIOLENCE and argue ALL the contributing factors.

    Violence is an action against a victim; force is an action to quell the violent act. Passivity breeds violence; force regulates violence.” ~~ H.S. Gunnie Reagan, Ph.D., D.D.

    Ps…that wasn’t very bright of you to broadcast that Naja’s husband and son were out of town…your unchecked verbiage could have consequences.

  6. Sloan says:

    Everything I do has consequences.

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