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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstrock, M.D., Psychiatry, semi-retired, of Key West, replied to yesterday’s Key West Labor Day minority autopsy report: Charles Eimers death in “paradise” post at, in which I “assyaed” Key West the Newspaper’s recent  Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him”  article, and reader comments thereto, re the killing of suspected homeless man Charles Eimers by the KWPD on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day:

Sloan; It would seem you covered the Charles Eimer’s
tragedy in a highly responsible, complete manner–from the onset to the present day —most every aspect imaginable. top notch journalism..!! cheers —Jerry

I replied:

Thanks, Jerry.

I did my darndest to report the whole of it, including the parts I knew would piss people off. The going for me internally was, still is, awful. The Evil in the Eimers case is huge, and the angels ran, and are running, plenty of it through their captive human sewerage treatment plant – me.

Sister is very young spiritually and emotionally, she is very injured in her soul, and she is headed, if she is not careful, for a collision with insanity or something just as life-upending, perhaps a terrible accident, physical disease. I hope the angels steer her in a different direction.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: I hope what you hope !
this whole thing has been
an ordeal—-some R and R for you–best wishes ! Jerry

Grand Ole Opry

Nashville J replied to yesterday’s Key West Labor Day minority autopsy report: Charles Eimers death in “paradise” post at


Hope you have a restful LABOR DAY holiday and the angels will give you a day off!

Imagine for a minute that the person killed on the beach in KW had been a 18 year old black – the hell and outrage on KWPD and KW would have been 100% opposite of how it has played out with Charles Eimers. Obama would have weighted in, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, FBI, State Troopers, Governor, etc. Yet, he was an old white man, targeted as homeless and none of the above have been seen or heard of in KW.

With the way KWPD appears to handle things, one of these days something will happen to make it like Ferguson – that is the KARMA!


I replied:

For me, Ferguson and Eimers case are very different cases.

I know what happened to Eimers, and I see no reason for the black Washington D.C. honchos to get involved. Eimers is not the kind of case that threatens US national security. Ferguson is such a case, as were Rodney King and Trayvon Martin’s cases, for examples.

I don’t know what happened in Ferguson. I hope I’m eventually persuaded the white cop had reasonable cause to shoot and kill an unarmed black teen. If not, the black honchos in Washington D.C. might end up with more on their hands than they can say grace over.

Historically, the angels have used national holidays and other “special” days, Valentine’s, my birthday, the solstices and equinoxes, Thanksgiving and Christmas, to load me up. So far, my labor today is intense. Perhaps I will give birth later today (take a big dump) and feel a lot better.

Key West’s karma for the Eimers case will not be pretty. I hope it’s not a Ferguson-like event, but it could be that severe in its own way.

FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] proved it’s joke, as did State Attorney Catherine Vogel and her Red Ryder popguns, Assistant State Attorneys Val Winter and Mark Wilson. The Grand Jury failed the good steward test, too. I doubt Governor Scott took a moment away from admiring hisself in the mirror.

Maybe something will surface in the federal civil rights litigation to set some of the karma debtors on fire. However that case goes, though, they gonna be set on fire one way or another, and maybe they will connect the dots back to the Eimers case, and maybe they won’t. I don’t know what’s the worser: knowing bad shit happened to you because of bad shit you did, or not knowing.

J wrote:

Either way – they deserve some bad shit!


I replied:

They earned it, the old-fashioned way.


Although the cause of Charles Eimers’ death is clear to me, he was smothered, secondary to being profiled as homeless, it might be difficult to prove that in a courtroom to the satisfaction of a judge and jury.

That, I suppose, is as good a reason for karma as any, so nobody gets away with anything.


Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson of Big Coppit Key wrote re the Grand Jury proceeding in the Eimers case:

Follow the money….
Who paid for the witness???
Police? City? Vogel?
Who Paid??
Follow the money???

I replied:

What witness, the “law and order” expert who exonerated KWPD?

Whoever brought that witness before the Grand Jury paid for that witness. I imagine the State Attorney’s Office brought in that witness. If so, you and the rest of the county taxpayers paid for that witness.

Is that what you had in mind when you wrote, “Follow the money”?


Nick wrote:

Dearest Sloan,
As I quired, Who Paid. Did this Witness just happen to Be in Key West on the Day of the Grand Jury?? Did the witness happened to be on the witness list.
Follow the money.

I replied:

As I wrote, you and the rest of the county taxpayers paid for that roving whore, who goes around the country testifying what he is paid to testify on behalf of police officers accused of doing things police officers ought not to do.

That’s right, Nick, the buck (money trail) stops with you and the county taxpayers for that roving professional witness being brought down here from the mainland by your and the other county taxpayers’ State Attorney Vogel, who had no intention of doing a real investigation or prosecution.

What makes me say that? Vogel and her assistant state attorneys did not go after the blatant cover up, and they did not do a reenactment of what happened to Eimers on South Beach, which would have shown Eimers could not breathe underneath those police officers.

the blue paper’s depiction of Charles Eimers’ last moments

Charles Eimer's take down

Starting in nap dreams yesterday, running through dreams last night and early this morning, I was directed to return to this readers comment thread under the Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him” article in the current edition of Key West the Newspaper, If you already read these reader comments in my  Key West Labor Day minority autopsy report: Charles Eimers death in “paradise” post yesterday, then scroll down past them to My reply to Sister’s accusations, which is there the real fun begins today.

AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 5:08 AM
From the start their stories stunk to high heaven. I knew right away I was being lied to. For two weeks I looked online for a report. And nothing until the video came out and confirmed my gut feeling. The truth is evident yet nobody can see. I feel like I’m in a dream. You know where you try and run but it’s like your in quick sand or throw a punch and it’s slow motion. I’m trying to scream to tell what happened to my dad and nobody hears me. ” I dropped a fucking bomb on his head” ” We Killed Him” I knew my dad suffered. But to hear them relish and brag about it. I don’t have words to explain the hurt that caused.

I deeply regret your and your family’s loss, and that you were dowsed in what I and a number of people down here have known exists for a long time, although we are only few in number, compared to the entire Key West population. The folks responsible have karma I am glad is not mine. How that karma plays out may, in part, be in the federal civil rights lawsuit the Horan law firm filed for your family. However, I encourage you and your family to try to avoid seeking revenge, moneywise or otherwise. Simply let the process unfold and let the people now “working” the situation continue working it. Nothing we do will bring back your father. No amount of money recovered in damages will bring back your father. He is gone, and I imagine is in a far better place than any of us still among the living on this planet. The downside of seeking revenge is the trauma this horrible thing already has inflicted on you will be made worse. Please try to get on with your life, and same please for your family. Do what the Horans ask you to do. Maintain your communication with the Girards, and cooperate with them. But please let others not so close to the trauma as you and your family are, struggle with the crap that goes on down here, and, sadly, lots of other places. And, trust that all who are responsible will experience their karma when and as it visits them, and although they may or may not connect any dots back to the death of your father, they will experience their karma.

SISTER AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 3:23 PM
I don’t think Charles’ family is seeking revenge. I think they are seeking the TRUTH. And I for one encourage them to keep seeking the TRUTH and to not for one second consider that anyone else besides them are more concerned with getting at the truth than they are.

I believe Charles would want them to keep asking questions of their attorneys to make sure they are indeed interested in the TRUTH. If Charles’ family has any intuitions that the TRUTH is not being served in this case at this point, I would humbly suggest finding new representation.

We as a people need to decide once and for all that either ALL human life/spirit is valuable or it is not. It cannot be valuable for one human and not another.

Unfortunately, it appears that the decision has been made by the majority that human life/spirit is NOT valuable. If this is indeed the case, then there should be no man-made laws prohibiting murder of any kind.

I repeat my suggestions to Charles Eimers’ children made earlier today. It’s clear to me what happened; your father was smothered after he was profiled as being homeless. Proving that in a court of law, if your lawyers even get a chance to do that, is another matter.

You probably don’t wish to hear this, again; but your father’s time was near; he did come to Key West to do God’s work and to help people, as he told the officer who made the traffic stop. He just didn’t know how that was going to play out.

Sister, you need to back off a few miles. This case is not about you. It is not about your view of how the world should operate, or should not operate. The world operates the way it operates, and there is nothing whatsoever that you can do about it.

SISTER AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 8:55 PM
He was smothered and tased. Total Unnessary Violence perpetrated on a man in a surrendered position.

The only reason I made that comment under yours to Charles’ family member was because I thought it was pretty rotten of you to suggest that he is out for revenge and monetary gain. I also thought it was pretty rotten back when you insisted that he have a look at the reenactment video. I also thought it was pretty rotten when you suggested that the cover-up was initiated by the editing out of the woman’s voice on the original video. I’m sure there’s a lot more that I think was rotten of you to say but I’ll leave it at that.

Sloan, people like you, who don’t care about the TRUTH, who are too busy being enamored with the four corners of their own mind, ARE what’s wrong with this world.

Regarding your death by taser statistics, sister …

If the Horan law firm gets a chance to try the federal court lawsuit, which is not decided yet, the defendants are trying to get the case thrown out of court, and if the Horan law firm can prove Charles Eimers was tasered, which I am not convinced from what the blue paper has published they can prove, then the Horan law firm can introduce death by taser statistics through expert testimony, and the percentage of death by taser vs. no death by taser statistics, which I imagine will be a pretty low percentage, will come out, too, if not on direct examination of the expert witness(s), then on cross examination.

Through cross examination and their own expert(s), the defense will put on testimony that death by tasering is rare, and is not expected by police who deploy tasers, instead of, say, pulling their sidearm and shooing instead of tasering.

That’s what you want to leave the Eimers jury with, Sister? Or are you using this case to make war on tasers and get them banned altogether? Then cops will only have guns to shoot people with, is that what you want?

Smothering to death is about as high a percentage statistic as you can get for cause of death, if the Horan law firm can convince a jury that’s what happened to Charles Eimers. That’s what the reenactment might be able to do, if the judge will let the Horan law firm introduce it into evidence, if the case doesn’t get thrown out by the judge at the defendants’ request.

SISTER AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 9:24 PM
If you look at the video Sloan, there is NO REASON for ANY officers to have put ANY weight at all on Charles or to use ANY firearm or device other than handcuffs. He had layed down and SURRENDERED!

It’s very simple…The police used excessive violence on a man who had 100% surrendered. If the truth be known that they did in fact tase Charles, I think that the excessive violence would be clear for all to see and undeniable. Now, how an excessive violence determination plays out as far as criminal indictment, I have no idea.

No wonder you were never able to make a living wage as you say Sloan. That black widow of yours must be leaving a lot of cobwebs.

To sister. I surrender. You and others should advise the Eimers family and their law firm how to proceed. I should have stayed out of this case altogether. I told you some time ago that I never wanted to get involved in it.

To the Eimers family, I apologize to you for what Key West’s police did to your father. It was unconscionable. the Key West government’s response to what its police did to your father was unconscionable. The way I read the recent mayor’s election, 97 percent of Key West’s voters were/are okay with the way Key West’s police treated your father. I hope you get a different result in the federal civil litigation, than you got so far. I hope you get answers and closure.

I included all of the above reader comments, and the blue paper article, and a bit more, in today’s “Key West Labor Day minority autopsy report: Charles Eimers death in “paradise” post at

Arnaud and Naja Girard aren’t making money publishing the blue paper, and I don’t see me ever making a living wage saying, writing and publishing what the angels dump on me to engage and report.



My reply to Sister:

Okay, now the real fun begins, Sister, constelated around two of your Sloan slams:

“Sloan, people like you, who don’t care about the TRUTH, who are too busy being enamored with the four corners of their own mind, ARE what’s wrong with this world.”

“No wonder you were never able to make a living wage as you say Sloan. That black widow of yours must be leaving a lot of cobwebs.”

[Sister’s second comment stemmed from the day before yesterday’s the black widow effect in Key West post at]

I have been accused of many things, Sister, but until now, not seeking the truth has not been one of them. I often have been accused of telling the truth to a fault. Telling the truth has caused me a great deal of grief in my past, and continues to do so even today. Telling the truth about myself, and about other people. That’s a program the angels started me on in 1987, and as time passed, they increased the truth heat, on me, and on other people.

Outwardly, I put tremendous truth heat on Key West during the recent mayor’s race. Anyone who attended a candidate forum where I spoke can attest to that. All of my friends can attest to just to what extremes I go in telling the truth. Everything I publish at and the other two goodmorning websites attests to the extremes I go in telling the truth.

Sister, you simply do not know of what you speak, when you speak of me in that way. If everyone was as truthful as I am, this would be a very different world. None of this reader discussion under blue paper articles in the Charles Eimers case would even have taken place. The cops would simply have told the truth.

The things I wrote, which you said pissed you off, were true.They needed to be said, because terrible commotion was being caused in the spirit realms, which is something you apopear to know nothing about, nor about karma. You appear to be a one person prosecuting attorney, grand jury, judge, jury and executioner. The Eimers case is simply another in a long line of your right what’s wrong in the world frenzied crusades, in which what is really going on is you are consciously or subconsciously trying to right wrongs done to you in the past, and perhaps even wrongs you have done to other people. John Donnely is doing the same thing, but unlike you, he is puttiing his name and face on it, and he is putting his life at risk, which puts him spiritual light years ahead of you.

But enough about your shit that stinks plenty, Sister. Let’s talk about my shit that stinks plenty. And let’s talk about karma, which you also appear to know nothing about, other than you also appear to have assumed the role of a karma dispensing god, deciding who should get what’s coming to them, according to how you feel they should get it.

Understand, Sister, I am not picking on you. There are lots of people like you on this planet very much like you. You simply are the handy example and provocateur at this moment; the convenient example of what I’m about to use myself to demonstrate to anyone else who reads this.

I have no illusion you will take in any of it. Perhaps others will from it, but I’m not holding my breath that will happen either, because I’ve been here many times in Key West and the Keys, and I have found this place is really dense and blocked spiritually, far more so than other places I have lived, including Birmingham, Alabama.

In fact, Sister, I had that very conversation with Naja Girard in her home last night, about Key West and the Keys. She was in agreement about how spiritually dense and blocked Key West and the Keys are.

We did not discuss you, or what I’m going to say below,  because I did not yet know it was going to be put to me to say. However, what follows is not news to Naja, nor to a lot of people in the Keys, for I have published it before, and sometimes I have republished it. I was slammed by people for publishing it, and I was slammed by other people for what I did, which I published, after the angels told me to publish it.

I did not decide on my own to publish it back then. I would not have published it, without the angels’ okay, because I was not the only person affected by it. I did not have that person’s permission to publish it, but once told to publish it, I published it without hesitation, knowing a shit storm would be my reward, and a shit storm was my reward.

When I was 15 and my sister was 5, I molested her. It went on about 2-3 weeks. Then, she said something to our mother, which I overheard, and I stopped it. I had not yet reached puberty, which was driving me nuts. I did not have penis-vagina sex with her. It was oral sex.

Sister, on your life and soul, do not react, do not judge me. If you do that, you make your own troubles much worse than they already are. You asked for this, whether or not you knew you asked for it. In two dreams, you told me to bring it on. You are getting what you asked for.

On my sister’s side, she was doomed to have many troubles of emotional, mental, psyschospiritual nature; troubles she to this day has. Several times much later in my life, I encouraged her to seek help with it. She remembered some of what I did to her, but she denied each time that there was a problem.

Eventually, late 2011, as I recall, I was told to go public with it, and bring her into it that I had gone public with it. I supposed that was the angels’ way of trying to get her to seek help, instead of continuing to bury herself in her church, which was not getting at the problem and, to the contrary, was preventing the problem to be gotten at.

Eventually, I was told to write it all up and send it to her church, and suggest they try to talk her into seeking help. That was in early 2012, as I recall. All of which I published, as I was directed to do.

On my side, in late 2010, a nasty lesion came up my left arm. It was a cancer. I fought letting a surgeon cut it off, even though the angels had given me permssion to do that. I knew it was karma, and since it was on my left arm, left is the female side of the body, I knew it was about something female. In time, I came to understand it was rooted in having molested my sister. I resisted the surgeryy even more, hoping the angels would not take care of it, since I was publishing what they were telling me to publish. But no, they did not fix it. The surgery became necessary, I almost waited too long.

Then was a growth on my vocal cords, which had been there a long time, affecting my voice from time to time, but now it was really affecting my voice. Again, I resisted surgery, but not for so long. The biopsy said it was not cancer, but was headed there. It was cause by a virus. The surgeon said he did  not take it all, he was worried I would lose my voice entirely. That was in 2012. My voice improved after the effects of the surgery wore off, but I still have something going on in there, and it seems to be getting more involved.

Also around that time, 2012, I finally understood what had wrecked my life was karma for what I had done to my sister. Around her birthday in 1969, I awoke one morning and my bowel was locked. There had been no prior symptoms. From that day forward, I was in the grip of what doctors might call various names. None of their drugs and methods worked. None of the natural healer herbs and remedies worked. Homeopathic and radionic treatments did not work. Psychotherapy did not work. Various heath food diets did not work. Various exercises, including transendental meditation, yoga and tai chi, did not work. Varous spiritual healers did not work. Various psychospiritual healing methods did not work. Shamans did not work.

Some things I tried made it even worse, until I stopped doing those things. All of that is how I learned it was coming out of the spirit, and there was nothing I could do about it but endure.

Parallel was my inability to earn a living wage. That, too, was part of the karma from what I did to my sister, Sister.

I had a lady shaman show up in 2012, she was North African originally, from a white tribe. She had been trained as a shaman in Brazil. She, like you come across, Sister, acted as if she knew everything. She was sure there was something I could do to be fixed. She knew zero about karma, which was astounding, since she was a shaman. She knew very little about spiritual development, which was astounding, since she was a shaman. We went round and round, and it never turned out to her liking.

She was traveling with her ex-husband, sometimes they were together, sometimes not. They ended up in Key West and found my 2009 mayor’s campaign T-shirt in the Salvation Army. The website was on it, they looked at that, saw my email address, and she contacted me by email. That’s how the angels set it up.

She kept saying she was in Key West to find paying work, tending bar. I told her that was nuts, she was a shaman; she was not supposed to be pouring poison down people’s throats. I kept saying the only reason she was in the area was to meet me. She never grokked that. It was beyond her ability to comprehend that she was being run by angels; not her, the master of her own fate. I was astounded that a shaman could think in that way.

They left the area, then they were back. More of the same. She never got it. She never may get it. On this planet, there is only one spiritual method that actually works: God’s will, not my will, be done. All other methods are diversions, regressive, destructive ultimately.

Perhaps I digress, perhaps not.

Karma is very real. It is its own prosecutor, grand jury, judge, jury and executioner. It needs zero help from you, Sister, nor from any person. As Jesus said in the Gospels, As you sow, so shall you reap. He meant that literally. I know that literally, by living with it every day of my life. That is why I am not all revved up, like you are, Sister, about justice being dispensed in the Charles Eimers case. I know it will be dispensed. The details are yet to be revealed.

Going back to the fall of 1987, I had a vision, in which I understood I would write a book about practicing law in a new way. I was really pumped up. I right away started trying to write the book. All that came out was garbage. Finally, after lots of garbage, and being to told by people who cared about me that it was garbage, I conceded it was garbage, and I stopped trying to write the book.

Then, in August 1988, something happened, as if a light switch was turned on during a telephone conversation with a woman in Maine, who had found my book, KILL ALL THE LAWYERS! A CIent’s Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers, in her little town’s library. She said the book convinced her I was the only lawyer in the world who could help her with her legal problem. She called the Alabama Bar Association. How they knew where I was, I still don’t know. She called directory assistance, got my phone number.

I told her I no longer practiced law in that way. She said, oh my, she didn’t know what she was going to do! Her legal problem was driving her crazy! She said she had been thinking of going to a spiritual counselor about it; maybe she would do that. I said sometimes I did spiritual counseling. Did she want to try that approach to her problem with me? Well, okay, she said. I still knew nothing about her case, so I told her to tell me about it.

After listening to her for about five minutes, the light switch was thrown. I saw what she was telling me in the way she was seeing it, and in the way her soul was wanting me to see it, using the same words she was using, but two entirely different stories. I told her what was happening, and that this was brand new to me, too. Did she wish to continue? Yes. We continued.

Buried in that one case lurked just about everything that was bothering her for her entire life. Her parents, her siblings, a prior husband, her religious training, her relationship with God. She was freaking out. I was freaking out. I understood this was the vision I’d had of writing a book about practicing law in a new way. I encouraged her to deal with what was being revealed to us, instead of dealing with it the way lawyers would deal with it.

We ended the phone conversation. I don’t know how it went for her after that. For me, I was all revved up. My ego was super-inflated. I was hot shit. I had no clue what was coming down. Even as the angels brought me one person after another to do much the same with, to be “cases” in the new book, while the angels used the book to stand me in front of the mirror, have me look at myself in new ways – not pretty ways.

It was ruthless character assassination, of me. Of how I spoke to other people. Of how I wrote to other people. Of how I wrote about other people. Of how I thought. Of how I dealt with what life served to me. It was a specially-tailored Course In Miracles, just for me, except it really was a Course In Mirrors, which I was sharing with other people. People who actually were getting it, some more or less than others. People where I then live, Boulder, Colorado. And people from other parts of the US, who heard of me and contacted me. And, there were people who didn’t get it at all.

In September 1990, after several painful, humiliating rewrites, the book was published on my dime by a Birmingham publishing firm. I had great expectations for THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to Legal Problems. I wanted it to make me rich and famous. I had wanted the same from my first three “consumer protection” law books, which got very good reviews and lots of publicity. They did not make me rich, but there was considerable notoriety, for a while.

THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD did not make me rich, either, and there was considerably less notoriety, which lodged in unconventional circles around the US. The book did introduce me to people who were thinking differently.

That book’s sequel, self-published in 1992, PRISONS & FREEDOM, was a bit tougher to swallow, even for people who had taken to THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD. Where the earlier book somewhat gently dissuaded people from reacting to life’s insults and crusading, in favor of looking in the mirror at the reflection back, the sequel assassinated reacting and crusading, annihilated them.

Both books became popular in prisons around the US, after I gave thousands of copies to The Prison Library Project in Clermont, California, because I knew the books were not going to sell. I received letters from quite a few inmates thanking me for writing the books, asking questions. Some of the inmates and I became pen pals for a while.

The first glimmer I got of how the two books would end up was when I submitted the manuscript of THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD to my editor at Prentice-Hall, who had been in on the first three books. He wrote back, saying the book had worked him over; he had argued with parts of it, been deeply moved by other parts. Alas, it was too spiritual to be marketed as a law book, and to legal to be marketed as a spiritual book. He didn’t see how they could handle it, therefore.

Then came later books, on which I did not even put my own name, nor a return address, nor a price – I simply gave them away, by the thousands.

Even as my own inner travail continued unceasing, without my having a clue what was causing it. Although the angels had used the books to show me many things about myself, the angels did not use the books to take me into what I had done to my sister.

Perhaps that was my flub. Perhaps I should have taken a deeper look at the very first case I tried. I sucessfully defended a man charged with rape. The prosecutrix was his former girlfriend. She said he raped her; he said he did not. She did not have a great reputation. I put that into evidence. Neither did my client have a great reputation, which also got into evidence. The jury acquitted my client.

Today, I see very clearly that I was assigned that case because of what I had done to my sister.

My karma from that was so severe, Sister, that I was allowed to live with the karma for over 40 years, before I was shown what I had done to cause the karma. In total mystification I suffered all that time. Now I suffer with my eyes wide open, as the karma continues. Karma the woman shaman could not fathom, because she was of the view that people can get whatever they want, if they just go about it the right way. Ironically, she wasn’t getting anything she wanted.

The Charles Eimers case punched your buttons, Sister. That means the Eimers case is an opportunity for you to take the high legal road, instead of the low legal road, which is the road you have taken so far in that case. The high legal road for you, Sister, is to chill. To sit in your emotional and mental discomfort the Eimers case is causing you. To ask yourself: “How does what happened to Charles Eimers resemble stuff that happened to me in earlier times?”

Although I told you the Eimers case is not about you, Sister, it actually is all about you, from the high legal road perspective, which is the soul perspective. From the soul perspective, the Eimers case is about everyone whose buttons it punches.

The Eimers case did not punch my buttons. I have seen far worse Evil committed. I did far worse Evil to my sister. I approached the Eimers case reluctantly, because I knew it would be very rough on me internally, because another part of the karma from what I did to my sister is the Evil of this world I confront is run right through my already distressed G.I. tract, which process doubles and even triples my physical distress.

That’s what shamans do, Sister. They absorb into themselves the disorder and trauma and Evil in the people they are trying to help. Well, that’s what fully-trained shamans do. Most of them, though, don’t have the karma in them that I have in me. So they don’t suffer nearly as much as I suffer.

Again, Sister, I am under no illusion that you will take in any of this. There are other people who might read this post, who might benefit from it. And maybe nobody will benfit from it. As  wrote above, you were in two of my dreams, Sister, setting up this post. You were telling me to bring it on. That was your soul, Sister.

Naja and I also talked last night of a person’s human part, the ego, being over here, and the person’s soul being over there, in most people; and the human part is unaware of the gap from the soul, while the soul is totally aware of the gap.

When people speak or write sister, and it is important for me to know, I see/hear their ego and their soul; I see the same words, pauses, unspoken, saying two entirely different things. I am so dowsed in truth, that it causes me to feel like I am not from this planet. In fact, I am not from this planet. But that’s another story entirely. For now, I am on this planet, in a human body, getting steady doeses of truth, and of love. Two sides of the same coin, they live together, or die.

Am reminded of a poem that fell out of me right after I started living on the street on Maui in mid-2000.


All fig leaves burn

All ugly seen

All truth beauty

All pain loved

All time now

All people one

By then, Sister, I was deep into a second training, far more difficult than the earlier shaman training, which was terrible. I was being turned into a Melchizedek exorcist priest.

By then, the angels, in 1999, had revealed to me that my mother molested me when I was an infant, and they had used their methods to heal me of it. The healing lasted six weeks. It was terrifying.

But they did not heal me of what I did to my sister. They could have done that, they could have lifted the karma, but they did not do that. They may let me experience that karma for the rest of my life on this planet. And maybe even after I leave this life.

I nap dream yesterday afternoon, I was shown what seems to me to be a statement that my being homeless was karma for what I did to my sister.

What a sense of humor the angels, thus God, have. They took the sorriest man they could find and tried to make him into something they could use. Maybe they figured if they could turn him around, they could turn anyone around. Or maybe they were just bored and wanted some new sport to entertain them  – me.

And now, maybe you, Sister. You have put yourself into their cross hairs. Perhaps that’s what your soul wants, even if you don’t want it.

Every human being, Sister, has what I call “the dark twin”, or “the evil twin”. That’s what Jesus wrestled with during the three temptations in the wilderness, and he continued to wrestle with it after he came out of the wilderness – but that’s another story.

Coming to terms with the dark twin, and moving on from there, is the first step on the spiritual journey for human beings on this planet. As Jesus said in the Gospels, Hypocrite, first take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to help your brother (or sister) remove the beam from his (her) own eye …

Sloan on the beach


After publishing the above at, I submitted this reader comment under the Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him”  blue paper article:

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 AT 10:26 AM
Sister, re:

“Sloan, people like you, who don’t care about the TRUTH, who are too busy being enamored with the four corners of their own mind, ARE what’s wrong with this world.”

“No wonder you were never able to make a living wage as you say Sloan. That black widow of yours must be leaving a lot of cobwebs.”

My reply, which is long, graphic and involved, promoted by a number of dreams, including two dreams in which you told me to bring it on, is included in today’s “the karma effect in Key West, and related fun” post at

John Donnelly, a small part of that post mentions you. It offers an entirely different way of viewing and dealing with what upsets us. The material is rough, but then, so is the subject.

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2 Responses to the karma effect in Key West, and related fun

  1. sister says:

    Well that was shocking, I have to admit. But, somehow I knew you hadn’t truly surrendered…that’s just not in you.
    I really had no intention of giving you nightmares…please accept my apologies.

    Let me first let you know that I have family in the Keys and that is what originally sparked my interest in thebluepaper. The reason I have not divulged my legal name is not out of cowardice, it is out of respect for those family members.

    Please also accept my apology for not being as prolific a writer as you. I have never been much of a talker and seem to have a tendency to want to reduce things down to their root elements. Probably not a good tendency as I often come out sounding harsh and judgemental. But, I do think that if you do not try to make judgements, you will not know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies. I have not read the Course in Miracles you have spoken of but I can’t help to think that it sounds like another prescription to keep the masses from recognizing, reacting and overthrowing the EVIL which is engulfing the planet.

    You are right about my maturity level…I’ve always been a late bloomer.

    As others have also alluded to, Key West is a microcosm of our larger world. I stated in a much earlier post in thebluepaper that if the citizens of Key West were not willing or able to correct the corruption and police brutality that appears to be infiltrating your tiny little island, how can we have any hope out here in the big world? I feel the same way that Charles’ family member wrote the other day about no one listening. Like he’s running in quick sand. I mean for shit’s sake…there’s a video of the cops killing his dad and the editors of thebluepaper are putting their lives at risk with their reporting and still no one seems to be outraged enough to get a large group together and go to a city council meeting and ask what the fuck! How can you stand to live in such close proximity to so many liars? The karma you speak of is going to haunt the entire city of Key West if the citizens, black and white together, don’t take a stand against the bullies that are threatening your paradise. Why is everyone throwing their hands up and accepting this?

    So many points you’ve alluded to Sloan, I just don’t have the time to address all of them. I would have no right to judge you for what you did as a 15 year old and it seems to me that you corrected your actions pretty quick. My only question is, have you ever told her that you were deeply sorry? I think a true apology goes a long way in healing negative karma.

    I think if Gary Lee Lovette would have said “Oh my God, I’m a moron I didn’t mean to kill him, I am so, so sorry!” we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  2. Sloan says:

    Hi, Sister – I will use yours in today’s (September 30 “Key West’s psychiatrist emeritus advised a fun, rest and fresh air for me, and I told him I would pass his recommendation along to the angels, and the angels laughed!” post at this website. I will yours in bold italics, between your paragraphs. Sloan

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