the black widow effect in Key West

Black Widow

In the early 1990s, I ran head-on into an “archetype”, which I came to call “the black widow.” I ran head-on into her in me, and in lots of other people. She was a delightful creature, psychospiritually lethal to all in whom she resided, which was everyone I knew back then. In the remainder of this post, I introduce Madame Black Widow up close and personal, in her Key West habitat.

Tony Yaniz 2

City Commissioner Tony Yaniz, above, backed Margaret Romero, below,

Margaret Romero

in this year’s mayoral.

In last Tuesday’s election, Craig Cates

Mayor Cates

won without a runoff, by getting 53+ percent of the votes. Mayor Cates carried all precincts, but the one in which Bahama Village lies, which precinct Margaret Romero carried. Bahama Village makes up most of that precinct.

Bahama Village is mostly black residents. For many years, blacks in Bahama Village have been really upset with KWPD behavior toward black Bahama Village residents. Margaret Romero, like Tony Yaniz, likes KWPD behavior just fine. Maybe, therefore, Bahama Village blacks really like KWPD behavior just fine, too?

This was in the Citizen ( shortly after Margaret filed to run for mayor this year.

Tony's puppet

Thursday night at Jack Flats, Michael Miller, a local architect who also chairs the Historical Architectural Review Commission (HARC), and I watched Texas A & M Aggies slaughter the South Carolina Gamecocks in the year’s college football season opener. A San Antonio native, Michael graduated from A & M, then attended Harvard to become architect. We talked of many things.

When Michael asked for my take on Margaret Romero, I said I thought Margaret had a lot of good ideas about how the city could be run better, but she is right wing and I thought it would be very bad for the city if she was mayor.

Michael said Margaret was a neighbor of his and his wife. One day their cat went missing. A few days later, they received a call from the animal shelter on Stock Island, saying someone said a cat they had at the shelter looked like Michael and his wife’s cat. Michael said they went to the shelter and it was their cat. They asked how the shelter came by it? Margaret Romero had trapped the cat and brought it to the shelter.

Michael said, back at home, he walked over to ask Margaret why she had trapped their cat and taken it to the shelter without telling them? Margaret said the cat was pooping in her yard. Michael said cats need dirt to poop, and Margaret’s yard was grass. Michael said, it was iguanas pooping in her yard.

I said, in the past, when people asked me about Margaret, I sometimes said, imagine a black widow spider wearing Margaret’s head.

I asked Michael if I could report what he had told me about Margaret trapping their cat? He said yes.

When Michael asked for my take on Tony Yaniz, I said, I like a lot of what he says, but he has loose bearings which break loose and will continue to break loose.

Toward the end of the A & M-South Carolina game, I told Michael, hell, I’m gonna be an Aggies fan this year. I don’t want to think about what it will be like to be an Alabama fan when the Crimson Tide play the Aggies later this year. Well, perhaps I digress.

Charles Eimer's take down

blue paper view of the last moments of Charles Eimer’s life

After publishing yesterday’s  Breaker, Breaker! Key West Police Department all-points tourist advisory! Great big dead skunk in the middle of the end of the road! Enter paradise at your own risk – you could be next! post at, I saw a new John Donnelly comment under the Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him” article in Key West the Newspaper,, to which I submitted a reply comment:

As constructed from the start, FDLE’s investigation of the KWPD, as it relates to the in-custody death of Mr. Eimers, is in violation of its own investigative and ethical codes of conduct.

The celebratory tone of those applauding the ‘police’ and the force they used in subduing and fatally injuring Mr. Eimers, exposes an element of guilt.

Rule 7.1 of FDLE’s “Ethical Standards of Conduct,” reads as follows:

“Police officers shall, unless required by law or policy, refrain from becoming involved in official matters, or influencing actions of other police officers in official matters, impacting the officer’s immediate family, relatives, or persons with whom the officer has or has had a significant personal relationship.”

It is difficult to comprehend how FDLE could find that the agent they assigned to this case, who is the ex-wife and mother of the child of one of the subjects of this investigation, does not fall under the clear prohibition set forth by FDLE’s Rule 7.1.

Contumaciously, FDLE supervisors and agents defiled their investigative code. They compromised and marginalized an honest examination of the facts, as to what specific conduct on the part of police officers, led to an innocent man losing his life while in their custody.

This taxpayer funded agency (FDLE) refused to adhere to their own “Ethical Standards of Conduct”. Even though it was still going to be ‘cops investigating other cops’, it appears that they had to throw in their ‘ringer agent’, to ensure a desired outcome.

What would cause this law-enforcement agency (FDLE) to engage in such risky and malfeasant behavior?

Why didn’t FDLE adhere to their own ‘ethical standards’, and bring in independent agents?

Did they fear, ever so slightly, that they would lose control of the investigation?

Why would they not allow a thorough and complete review of the details concerning Mr. Eimers’s death, with eyes and expertise from a detached, disentangled, free and unbiased ‘special agent’, from out of town?

Did the State Attorney not see the systemic complications and dilemma that would arise from FDLE’s code violations?

Did the State Attorney’s Office, at any time, ever consider ”vigorously” presenting the case for excessive force?

Perhaps from the start, a collusive arrangement was in play (KWPD-FDLE-State Attorney). Maybe they could not endure the possibility that an accurate account of the facts being reached. Thus, a subversive edge must be inserted from the outset.


So we have garbage in, garbage out. However, this is a specific type of garbage, manufactured precisely to cover-up any wrong-doing, that may have occurred, when Mr. Eimers was killed following a traffic stop.

Now, it appears that we have a State Attorney who may be complicit in a cover-up. Why did we have to pay (money or favor), for another cop to appear before the ‘grand jury’ and testify as an ‘expert witness’, so as to explain away the rough treatment (physical abuse of an elderly man), which killed him.

I am told by police officers, that this cop may have absolutely no actual hands on experience, when it comes to the details and facts, that he swore to under oath.

Why was he brought in? Why wasn’t I called upon to profile the conduct of theses cops from a psychological and behavioral perspective?

I feel betrayed and disrespected by those, whose salaries I pay.

The individuals responsible for designing an invalid accounting of the facts, along with those who presented bigoted and incomplete information to the ‘grand jury’, will be exposed.

Lowering the boom will be a creative process. It will re-direct this nation towards its ‘Constitutional’ bearing.

All corrupted tricksters in the form of public officials, must be rooted out, if we are to have the faith, trust and confidence in government; required by a ‘free people’.

The enormity of police and political corruption in this nation is immeasurable. Volumes of malfeasant conduct is recorded at the Department of Justice. I was informed that prosecuting criminal abuses of the public trust by elected and appointed government officials, is a dish best served cold.

  • John, others, perhaps a dish only karma can truly serve.

    If State Attorney Catherine Vogel runs for reelection in 2016, you should get a read on how many Florida Keys voters are upset about how Vogel and her assistant state attorneys Mark Wilson and Val Winter “shepherded” the Grand Jury to not only let the police officers off, but to commend them and indicate they could have used even more force to subdue the unarmed, face-down-in- the-sand man.

    At today, August 3o, I summed that all up as best I could figure out how to do, including this blue paper article and special guest appearance City Commissioner Tony Yaniz’ Facebook thread on the “vindication” of KWPD, which Yaniz thread includes Naja Girard’s invitation for Tony to meet her on South Beach and go through a reenactment, with Tony being Charles Eimers, so Tony can learn if he can breathe under just one big man, instead of under 4 big men, one of whom is happily trying to kill him – that would be Officer Lovette. Tony did not man up.

    Here’s Naja’s challenge to Tony:

    Naja Girard d’Albissin
    Tony, meet me at South Beach. Bring just one BIG guy that is strong enough to keep your back down in the sand with his knee. [We’ll just leave off the part about keeping your legs from moving and ripping up your wrists with handcuffs that have been put on so tight that an officer’s finger won’t come free. We’l forget that the video shows – at the very end – that an officer has both knees on Eimers’ back.] Let’s see if you will truly be able to “move your head back and forth in the sand.” Let’s bring Mark. Afterwards, over breakfast, let’s talk about some of the issues there are with the Grand Jury’s report. There are a few. Let’s talk about the Medical Examiner’s report – no let’s talk about his notes – where he says that even if Eimers had been suffocated in the sand he wouldn’t have had any sand in his airways two weeks later. Let’s talk about how our STATE PROSECUTOR Catherine Vogel presented just one expert witness to the Grand Jury – the top law enforcement DEFENSE witness who makes a LIVING contracting with law enforcment agencies and officers. Let’s talk about the New York COPS who were there and who reportedly said that they were witnessing “legalized murder on the beach” that neither FDLE or VOGEL bothered to try to find before presenting the case to the Grand Jury. Let’s also talk about KWPD officers holding shotguns to black children’s heads and about KWPD officers conducting illegal [yes prohibited by Florida Statute] cavity searches in public on young black men. Shall we?

The cavity searches were done in public, in the day time, on young black men in Bahama Village, which lies in the precinct Margaret Romero carried in the mayor’s race.

Madame Black Widow was the cause of Charles Eimers’ erratic behavior before he was finally apprehended on South Beach.

Madame Black Widow owns KWPD Officer Lovette lock, stock and barrel. She owns State Attorney Catherine Vogel, Assistant State Attorney’s Val Winter and Mark Wilson, the Grand Jury, Donie Lee, the Grand Jury and Florida Department of Law Enforcement lock, stock and barrel.

Madame Black Widow fuels John Donnelly’s anything but cold servings in what he writes in the blue paper. Justice indeed is best served cold.

Blind Justice

Absent a miracle transmutation provided by angels, I know two ways to start transmuting Madame Black Widow into her true self. Hopi Americans call her Spider Woman; Carl Jung called her the anima, or the feminine; Jesus called her the Holy Spirit; Laotzu called her yin and TAO; Buddhists call her Quan Yin; Hindus call her Kali.

One way is to stand in front a a mirror for a very long time, looking at everything about us, which tells us we are not the fairest in the land – nowhere close.

In my experience, a human being can only go so far with that really fun reflection exercise, because every human being has blinders, blind spots, tunnel vision and denial. To get past those guardians, a human being needs angels bringing Madame Black Widow, in her various shades and tones, through those guardians into plain view. A truly wrenching, embarrassing, humiliating experience.

A parallel exorcism, or exercise, is, when our buttons are punched, we do nothing; we simply sit with the discomfort. That is the program promoted in A COURSE IN MIRACLES. For a year, whatever agitates us, we do nothing but sit with the discomfort, let it have us. At the end of that really fun year, we are different people.

That does not mean, if we see a child wander out into the street, we let the child wander out into the street. We save the child, even if it puts us physically at risk.

That is very different from standing outside an abortion clinic in a frenzy, trying to save unborn babies from mothers and their physicians; or standing outside an abortion clinic in a frenzy, trying to save mothers and their doctors from abortion protesters.

Saving a child from wandering out in the street is a natural and normal response to an emergency. A frenzied crusade is projection, rooted in very deep soul wounding. The crusader identifies with the victim. In trying to save the victim, the crusader is trying to safe him/herself. Peaceful vigils, calm protests, are fine. Frenzied crusades are Madame Black Widow’s domain.

Frenzied crusades increases in frenzied crusaders the soul trauma that drives them into frenzied crusades. Chronic frenzied crusading exponentially increases soul trauma, and can lead to psychosis, which also is Madame Black Widow’s domain.

This is what Jesus was driving at when he said: Hypocrite, first take the beam out of your own eye. If a man strikes you on the cheek, turn the other cheek to him also. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. It was said an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you, resist not one who does evil. Do good to and pray for those who persecute you.

Alas, this is nowhere close to a perfect world, and so we need police officers who are charged with protecting us from ourselves, and other people from us, and us from other people, and police officers from us. As such, police officers need to be really cool customers; they need to have their shit pretty well together.

A person like Officer Lovette should not be a police officer; he is too soul-wounded; there is no telling when he will explode next, but he will explode, and for that reason he should not be a police officer, armed with a pistol, taser and baton.

Officer Lovette should have been stripped of those weapons and benched by KWPD Chief Donie Lee the day Donie became aware of the recording on Officer Lovette’s taser of the subduing of Charles Eimers on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day. See transcript of that recording in the Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him” blue paper article:

That Donie did not bench Lovette revealed Donie, too, is owned by Madame Black Widow. That other KWPD officers, who were present at South Beach that day and witnessed Lovette’s behavior, then circled the wagons to protect Lovette, revealed they, too, are owned by Madame Black Widow.

Here is another frenzied frenzied blue paper reader, who lives far from the Keys, but anonymously engages the Eimers case as if she lives in Key West and is personally at risk to KWPD officers. As if she and Charles Eimers are one and the same person. As if what was done to Charles Eimers was done to her.

Something terrible was done to her, or some things terrible; and that is what fuels her crusades, which she has described variously in other comments she has made under blue paper articles. In the victims, she sees herself. In saving the victims, she is trying to save herself. One crusade after another, she is trying to save herself

  1. Is Gary Lee Lovette endowed with a penis from the gods? Is that why everyone from from the Police Chief to the States Attorney has put their reputation and career on the line to lie and defend this inhuman being? I mean, what’s the deal?

  2. Well, this is what I think happened now that all the “evidence” is in…

    Charles as seen in the video complied with officer commands to surrender and voluntarily laid his body down in the sand.

    Charles let the officer cuff his left hand but by the time they tried to put the cuff on his right hand, Charles realized that the weight of multiple officers on his body and the force of Lovette’s knee against his head was keeping him from being able to breath and so his natural instincts for survival kicked in and he tried to maneuver himself to get some air.

    Instead of realizing that Charles was suffocating under all of the weight and sand in his airways, THE MORONS/MURDERERS on top of him subdued him further with more force and use of a taser in dry mode.

    The taser caused him to go into cardiac arrest, as tasers often do even on young, perfectly healthy individuals.

    The Stanford Law Institute recommends that the use of tasers by police officers should be limited to circumstances under which the use of lethal force would also be permitted.

    Charles had surrendered. No lethal force was necessary.

    I checked out KWPD facebook page and there are many more likes for them getting away with this murder than there are likes for this article exposing the truth about the lies and cover up…

    If Charles Eimers didn’t smother to death, I don’t see murder, nor any kind of homicide. That Eimers could not breathe was the entire point of Naja and Arnaud’s reenactment video, and of their invitations to the authorities to do themselves. That FDLE, State Attorney Catherine Vogel and the Grand Jury did not insist on a reenactment tells me they didn’t want a reenactment. They were going for exoneration all all along.

From the blue paper’s Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him”  article:

No expert witness was called to demonstrate how impossible it is to breathe while your shoulders are pinned down in the sand, as Eimers were.  See our reenactment video here.

The Grand Jury seems to have been most impressed by the fact that the Medical Examiner found no sand in Eimers’ airways which seemed to invalidate witness accounts of asphyxiation.  However, the Medical Examiner’s own notes reveal that after a week in the hospital, it would have been unlikely to find any sand in Mr. Eimers’ airways.

Eimers ME case notes“1/2/14 [0925] Call in from SA Smith

Q1 – Any changes expected in lungs with asphyxiation.  He was face down in sand but doesn’t seem very long on video.

A1 –  With sand – in fresh case – might find some sand in upper airway but he was in hosp for a week so less likely. I did not see any sand.  Lung changes are non-specific.”   – Notes of Dr. E. Hunt Scheuerman, [then] Monroe County Medical Examiner

No reenactment by the authorities is another example of Madame Black Widow’s handiwork.

Here is yet another example.

Blind Justice

I had a conversation yesterday with someone who knows now former Judge Tegan Slaton and his friend and former campaign manager Robert Cintron quite well. According to this someone, Tegan spent several weeks in a Miami hospital being stabilized by a physician. Tegan has several medical difficulties, one of which is diabetes. From the Miami hospital, Tegan went to a rehab facility, where he will be for a while.

I told this person that that Robert has diabetes and is an alcoholic. This person said that is true. I told this person that I didn’t see how Robert could advise Tegan properly, if they both have the same two conditions. I said, because he was a judge running for reelection, Tegan owed the public an explanation of what was wrong with him. In saying he was not an alcoholic, Tegan lied to the public. This persons said, did I ever know an alcoholic who did not lie? I said, no, but that does not excuse Tegan; he was not like this person or me; he was a judge, he had a higher duty to the public, than he had to himself.

Denial and not telling the truth are the handiwork of Madame Black Widow.

I hope a speedy recovery for Tegan. He was a good judge. He will have to stay clean to recover. Anyone in AA or NA knows that. Any doctor knows booze and diabetes are terrible bedfellows.

Madame Black Widow is the cause of every street person I have known being a street person. She is the cause of every addict I have known being an addict (booze is a narcotic). She is the cause of all of humanity’s problems, actually.


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