reality collides with de Nile in Key West, various situation normal sitcoms, including Grand Jury clears KWPD officers of any wrongdoing in Charles Eimers’ death in police custody, and commends them – they could have used more force

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Virginia, of Jupiter Beach, Florida, continued our conversation reported in yesterday’s  2014 Key West mayor’s race post mortem post at, ending with:

Sorry, Ginger – you can ask me questions until the end of time, you can wonder about the causes of homelessness just as long, and nothing will change. Many times have I published that the reason I stopped being homeless was my father died in August 2005 and I received an inheritance on Valentine’s Day 2006, and that ended my being homeless. But for that, and absent the angels doing something different, I still would be homeless. When homeless people lived on Stock Island, they trashed it. Sloan

Virginia wrote:

You knew what to do and how to regain your life. I heard good news from a friend of Dee Dee’s, C.J. , that Dee was living in Sarasota or Tampa working at or Manager of a Bed and Breakfast. CJ said she had lost everything her Dad left her though, the trailer, the car, etc.

I replied:

I had not lost my life, only a way of living, which required money. I was the same person before and after the inheritance came. Except, after it came, the angels loaded me up a lot more in the spirit sense, because the physical load of being poor had disappeared. Hope D’s situation holds for her.


I let D stay in my trailer on Little Torch Key, for free, for nearly three years, when I lived in Key West from March 2007-March 2013. Subsequently, someone I knew on Little Torch Key, who also was a friend of D, told me she had heard from D, and she was homeless in the Tampa area. Ginger wrote me many long emails of her attempts to help D, and of D not being responsive. I do hope D is doing well. She has had her troubles. Who hasn’t?

The homeless forum is today at Harvey Government Center in Key West, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. I hope it succeeds in heading off this in Key West.

FEMA homeless camps

Colombia, South Carolina homeless internment camp, which was shut down after civil rights backlash

Moving laterally …

Father Steve Braddock, CEO of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition in Key West, a residence program which gives homeless and other down and out people, who are sober, another chance, started this Facebook thread yesterday:

Workforce housing….now! LIKE if you believe this needs to be a top priority for our local governments to finally address.



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Yesterday brought lots more spice.

nuclear explosion

Perhaps as good as any place to go next is BREAKING NEWS from Key West the Newspaper –, The reader comments spiced up a bit more, when I introduced a Facebook lament on same topic started by Mark Ryno, of Key West, into which thread one KWPD Officer Mike Wolf weighed in, and I was able to engage him in some dialogue in that thread, which perhaps Officer Wolf did not entirely enjoy, all of which you can read in the reader comments below this blue paper story, to the end of which I added three blue paper cartoons.



“This allows the prosecutor to say I didn’t take the decision.  The Grand Jury did it.  The people did it.  But of course, how vigorously the prosecutor presents the case is everything.  It’s just the prosecutor presenting a case to these Grand Jurors.  If the DA doesn’t want an indictment or has questions it could be a very different thing.”

–       Dan Abrams, “Nightline” anchor and Chief Legal Affairs anchor for ABC News, when speaking about the Grand Jury proceedings in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO.

The Grand Jury’s Final Report was released this afternoon.  All Key West police officers involved in the death of Charles Eimers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

So, how “vigorously” did our State Attorney present the case for excessive force? 

As we know, State Attorney, Catherine Vogel chose not to conduct her own independent investigation.  Instead, she had her assistant prosecutors Val Winter and Mark Wilson present FDLE’s findings to the Grand Jury, but announced on US 1 radio and in a press release that any other witnesses, who felt the urge to spontaneously come forward, could do so. This resulted in a few more witnesses coming forward – witnesses who had been found and urged to come forward by The Blue Paper and the Eimers family’s attorneys, Darren Horan and David Paul Horan.

What about the New York cop and his companions?  The one who Southernmost Beach Cafe employees say exclaimed that they were witnessing “legalized murder on the beach” that fatal Thanksgiving morning? Apparently, they did not just mosey into the Grand Jury room, as Ms. Vogel would have had them do.

So, who DID State Attorney Catherine Vogel go out of her way to bring in as a witness?    Enter, Chuck Joyner, a retired FBI agent and police officers’ [defense] expert witness.  A man who earns a living contracting with law enforcement agencies to train police officers and testify on their behalf in excessive force proceedings.  The same Chuck Joyner who publicly defended the actions of a Houston, Texas police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill double amputee because he was waving around a silver ballpoint pen.

Joyner testified that in his opinion KWPD officers could have appropriately used moreforce than they did to subdue Mr. Eimers.    Well, well, you don’t say.


To access all Blue Paper coverage on the death of Charles Eimers click here.

Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!


  1. I just speed-read the Grand Jury report. Our fellow citizens were mightily impressed with Joyner’s credentials. They accepted new “facts,” that Eimers sounded “mentally ill” and was “speeding” through town, presenting a “danger” to others. They paid cursory attention to the video of the incident, using it to confirm no one “struck” Eimers on the head, which was never an issue, and that Eimers was “struggling,” without considering that he was doing so because he was being suffocated.

    Yes, a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich. Or set free murderers.

  2. Why am I not the least bit surprised by this. Catherine Vogel has lost all credibility with me and she needs to find another job to be incompetent at. Anyone watching the video could see that a single KWPD officer could have approached Charles Eimers and slapped handcuffed on him, he was not resisting and if KWPD had done that he would be alive today. This island needs a Ferguson, Missouri type of reaction for anything to change here because the f-ing bozos in charge sure as hell aren’t going to do it. We need to take our island back from these friggin bubbas.

  3. Naja, leaving Jack Flats, I kept sensing I should bicycle to your home and see what was up? I saw your daughter and her friend studying in the kitchen, and decided to head on to where I stay, thinking I was imagining I was supposed to see what was up? So, I arrive here and go online and – viola! – an email from the blue paper with what’s up.

    Besides not being surprised at what you reported, it appears therefrom that the Grand Jury did not consider the massive cover up, intimidation of witnesses, obstruction of justice, attempt to lose the body, etc, which also does not surprise me.

    You and Arnaud busted your tails investigating and reporting this latest chapter in BUBBA JUSTICE In Key West: Pooping on the People in Paradise. Won’t surprise me for the mayor and city commissioners and the rest of City Hall to bleat vindication.

    The city’s karma from this might prove interesting, although maybe few people in city hall, if anyone, will connect any dots. Maybe a few citizens will, though. I’m hearing, “No good deed goes unpunished”.

  4. How could the Grand Jury have reached that decision? Didn’t they talk to the eyewitnesses at all? To the NYPD cops? To the female KWPD officer who screamed that they were killing him? I do hope the family does not give up on this and takes it to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Hopefully, just because the Grand Jury (and if it was in KW, they might all be friends/family of the officers on the force – or just such fans, they think they can do no wrong) dismissed it, it won’t preclude their going to the higher courts. Don’t stop writing about it, please. It was dead wrong what the officers did and someone has to finally get justice for this poor man. It still gives me a sick feeling when I think of how he was treated and how it could have been me to have received such a welcome as he did, instead of the one I got when I moved to Key West all those years ago. When I think of how happy Charles Eimers must have felt to be retired – remembering my own elation about my own retirement – after all those years of working his entire adult life and then to think he only got to glimpse the ocean once before dying at their hands, I still want to cry for the injustice of it. I wish, and I hope and pray, that Chief Donie Lee, a man I’ve respected for many years and he knows this, will start making it a policy to drive to the scene of anything like this, and that he will do something to assure it never happens again. Surely in his heart of hearts, he knows it was wrong.

  5. Peggy, perhaps you should read Donie’s lips, instead of moving them for him.

    Naja, in this facebook thread started by Mark Ryno this evening, KWPD Officer Mike Wolf weighed in, perhaps not knowing I was following the thread. Then I called Wolf out, he responded, then I dropped the hammer on him.

    Mark Ryno
    7 hrs ·
    August 27, 2014
    A grand jury has concluded that 13 Key West Police officers did not use excessive force and that there were no criminal actions in the November 2013 death of Charles Eimers. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, State Attorney Catherine Vogel and a grand jury have all thoroughly scrutinized the incident and today released their findings.
    The findings — based on in-depth interviews, testimony, audio and video recordings, and medical records — show that Eimers’s death was not the result of criminal conduct or excessive force on the part of the officers involved. The findings confirm that Eimers suffered from severe pre-existing health conditions.
    Eimers was pulled over in a traffic stop on North Roosevelt Blvd. on Thanksgiving Day, 2013, when an officer saw him driving erratically. During the traffic stop, Eimers fled the scene. Several officers pursued him as he drove around Key West, eventually driving his car up into the sand on South Beach. As he was being restrained and taken into custody, Eimers collapsed. Efforts to resuscitate him resulted in a renewed pulse, and he was transported to Lower Keys Medical Center. Eimers was put on life support and later died.
    “First and foremost,” reads the grand jury’s final report, “we commend those KWPD officers who did follow proper procedures, policies and protocols during the incident. In particular, we commend those officers who administered life-saving techniques to Mr. Eimers while waiting for medical rescue units to arrive…”
    The report continues, “Considering the totality of all the evidence presented, the amount of force used by KWPD officers was appropriate for the situation, reasonable under the circumstances, and clearly justified.”
    “We’re glad that this criminal investigation is concluded,” said Police Chief Donie Lee. “Although I have not been able to review in depth the evidence during FDLE’s investigation, I’ve felt confident since day one that our officers’ action did not cause Mr. Eimers’s death.”
    In accordance with KWPD policy, a supervisor on duty during the November incident called FDLE to notify that agency of a possible in-custody death. A long-standing agreement between the KWPD and FDLE exists to ensure that an outside agency takes the lead in investigating any such incident. This memorandum of understanding exists to ensure an objective, fair and independent investigation in any in-custody death or near-death. The FDLE concluded its investigation in June and released the findings to State Attorney Catherine Vogel, who in turn convened the grand jury.
    The grand jury report, while vindicating the officers of any criminal conduct, recommended an “all-inclusive” internal investigation into the incident. In fact, the report details that this has been Chief Lee’s intention since the incident occurred.
    “This has been a difficult several months for the Eimers family, the community, and our department,” said Lee. “We want to again express our condolences to the family. The investigation and the grand jury’s findings point to some policy issues that need to be addressed. As I’ve said since FDLE began this investigation, now that the criminal aspect is concluded, we will be opening and internal affairs investigation. We will look closely at any misconduct that might have occurred.”
    In addition, says Lee, the internal investigation will explore the case in its entirety, looking at any changes or adjustments that might improve departmental policies.
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    Meta Rettew What BS!
    7 hrs · Like · 1

    Gordon Edward Mackey pure unadulterated BS
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    Alan Ios Chiras BS.
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    Chris Kennedy Burleigh Wow
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    Sherrie Waltz Just devastated. What horrifies me the most, is that those jurors sat there and listened to all the eye witnesses and all the damning evidence. They listened to testimony of actual statements made by the police to witnesses about everything that happened that day,. These are our neighbors, friends, family. And THEY think it’s ok for the KW police to commit murder and then cover it up. They walk among us. Apparently human life is no longer important. At least not if you’re (suspected) homeless, a minority, drunk, in an argument or God Forbid, you slowly drive away from a police stop. You deserve to die. WTF?????????????????????? RIP Charles Eimers, so sorry we couldn’t do more.
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    MiKey Hudson BS!!
    3 hrs · Like

    Mike Wolf Hi people. Ryno you probably know me. I’ve kept quiet until now because I knew justice would finally be served. I work with the shift that was involved with the Eimers case. I am sorry he died. I truly am. However the bashing of the police department is not justified. Each and every one of the officers involved is a professional in every sense of the word and I’ve been in stressful situations with every one of them. These are good people. Regular people. Doing a tough job. There are bad cops out there. These are not them. We are all very well trained and do our best every day. Please stop bashing the police just because it’s easy. Our job isn’t. Regardless of what you may choose to believe there was no police misconduct or any coverup in this incident. If anyone has questions that might alleviate any lingering concerns feel free to contact me
    2 hrs · Like · 4

    Randy Earley I’d like to see all these people putting bs on this issue wear a badge and uniform for one day!!! Who do we call when we need help! Our police department does an amazing job serving an extremely diverse and needy community. Take a minute to thank them not bash them!
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    Sloan Bashinsky Earlier this evening, Key West the Newspaper – – published a breaking news article on Grand Jury’s findings. Perhaps, Mike, you should contact Naja and Arnaud Girard, who are friends of mine, about helping them resolve their lingering concerns over the Eimers case. I imagine they’d love to sit down with you and a video recorder, and have a long conversation with you.

    The Blue Paper | Key West The Newspaper
    The Blue Paper Issue #76 – Friday, Aug 22, 2014 …See More
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    Mike Wolf Mr. Bashinsky this will be my only comment/response. I was not there. I didn’t need to be to speak of these officers character. Nothing that is being negatively reported happened. Nothing. Period. A man that was very sick made a poor decision. Officers attempted to save his life. It ended badly. I know first hand that several good people have been made to suffer needlessly over this. It has to stop. Please. Thank you.
    31 mins · Like

    Sloan Bashinsky Mike, you opened the door. Now you say you weren’t there. So, you don’t know what happened, other than what you were told, based on what you wrote to me. If the officers wrote up incident reports, which were contradicted by the bystander’s video, of which they were unaware, that spoke to their characters. If they told eye witnesses to be quiet, that spoke to their character. If they did not interview eye witness and take statements, that spoke spoke to their character. If they argued with a New York City police officer and did not write that in their incident reports, that spoke to their character. If officers later came back to South Beach pretending to be FDLE investigators, that spoke to their character. If a friend of Officer Lovette testified that Officer Lovette boasted about elbowing the bum in the back of the neck, that spoke to Officer Lovette’s character. If officers did not tell the paramedics what actually happened, that spoke to those officers’ character. Not calling the Eimers family spoke to that officer’s character. Taken the body to a mortuary, to be cremated, instead of to the Medical Examiner, to be autopsied, spoke to those officers’ character. If I were a local judge, I’d order on my own motion the Grand Jury’s proceedings, and all witness testimony, to be published in full, because this entire investigation looks cooked, from KWPD up to FDLE, and from FDLE down to State Attorney Cathy Vogel and the Grand Jury.

  6. Mike Wolf came back to me. I replied.

    Mike Wolf Ok. Sucked in. I currently work with all of the officers involved and absolutely CAN attest to their character. Good people and this is uncalled for. The above accusations are ludicrous and would have been considered by the grand jury. I cannot give an opinion as to what happened to Mr. Eimers after he left the beach. Don’t know. Just telling you you are WRONG. And please STOP. Again—-ENOUGH. As much as you and some others may want to believe KWPD doesn’t kill people. WHY would an officer do that??? To make his own life miserable? C’mon. As much as you may dislike police, in your heart of hearts you know this is ridiculous to continue.
    8 mins · Like

    Sloan Bashinsky You sucked yourself in, Mike. I have had good dealings with KWPD officers, and I have had terrible dealings, all reflecting on their character, for better and for worse.. I have heard same from lots of people. But that’s not what this FB thread is about. It’s about one case. I’m glad you weighed in. It provided a great deal of insight into how you, and perhaps other the KWPD officers think, since you work with all them.

  7. I then posted this into Mark Ryno’s thread:

    Sloan Bashinsky Naja Girard emailed me re you, Mike: Did you notice that the officer says “There are bad cops out there. These are not them.” Well, well, well, who are they then? Please, Sir, give us names. Has he told Donie Lee or the City Manager about those bad cops. Or are they bad cops in some other town – far far away? Look at Tony Yaniz’ facebook page. I’ve invited Tony to meet me at South Beach with one BIG guy willing to put a knee on Tony’s back while he attempts to move his head back and forth in the sand. Haven’t heard back.

    • This morning, I saw another comment from Mike Wolf in Mark Ryno’s Facebook thread, to which I replied, all just below:

      Mike Wolf Mr. Bashinsky it would appear you’ve suffered some sort of episode mentally. I’m sorry for that.
      5 hrs · Like

      Sloan Bashinsky Being taken over and retooled and trained by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek tends to have that effect. I had a mental episode of another kind with State Attorney Mark Wilson at Jack Flats about a week ago, in the presence of my friend Dennis Ward, our former State Attorney. Mark and I talked a while about the Grand Jury. One thing he said was, although all grand jury proceedings are secret, a judge, for good cause shown, can order the proceedings to be made public. And, anyone who testifies before a grand jury can, if he or she wishes, tell other people what he/she told a grand jury. Your police officer friends can, therefore, can sit down with Naja and Arnaud Girard and their video recorder, and tell what they told this Grand Jury, which just cleared them of any wrongdoing, and went further, and praised them, and said they could have used even more force than they did. If these 13 officers are of such good character as you bear witness, they should be eager to do that, so Naja and Arnaud can share videos of their testimonials with their many blue paper readers. I hear from Naja that the blue paper gets about 10,000 hits per issue.

      I later made this comment into Mark Ryno’s Facebook thread:

      Sloan Bashinsky Mark Ryno, all of the above was submitted to Naja, and all by my last message above, which I sent her this morning, she cleared from moderation and is showing in reader comments below the main blue paper article on the Grand Jury findings. All of this thread also is in today’s post at The end of that post contains an email from me a Nashville, Tennessee online regular correspondent, describing what Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek do with me. I’m sure psychiatrists and psychologists and theologians could have lots of furn with it. I haven’t had much fun with it, though.

  8. Charles Eimers’ cause of death, as determined by the medical examiner and grand jury, was the result of an ‘accident’.

    The KWPD was responsible and the cause of this accident. It was determined that the ‘police force’ used in executing an arrest upon Mr. Eimers, was legal and justified.

    How can a legal and justified use of force, result in an accident, which causes the in-custody death of an innocent man; not be excessive?

    Police brutality is the use of excessive force, usually physical, but potentially in the form of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer.

    As a submissive and surrendering elderly man laid on the ground, before a large number of police officers with their weapons drawn, there was not any provocation on the part of Mr. Eimers, for the violent force that was applied to him.

    All police officers are trained and capable of applying an appropriate amount of ‘restraining force’, when effecting an arrest.

    Reckless, careless and the inhumane application of police force; regularly kills, disables and injures innocent citizens. Since 9/11 there has been a 66% increase in these types of crimes.

    The ‘Eimers’ Video’ exhibits a defenseless and compliant man, totally at the mercy of his captors.

    During my life I’ve experienced many violent exchanges. Since my early childhood, I’ve always know the difference between excessive and appropriate uses of force. I find it hard to believe that the ‘grand jury’ couldn’t make the same distinction.

    Recently, as an older gentleman, while I was out in a crowded public venue with my girlfriend, I had the misfortune of a Miami Firefighter throwing an unsuspected roundhouse punch at my head.

    This individual stood above me as he delivered the blow. I was seated talking with my friend.

    I caught the delivery of the punch from my peripheral vision. I flipped the assailant on his back and straddled him.

    I had direct access to his face. For a nanosecond, I considered delivering forceful strikes to his head and hurt him.

    Just as quickly, I decided not to hit this stranger. I protected myself and restrained him, while I waited for management to secure this individual.

    If I could restrain myself, while only exerting a marginal amount of force to effectively control this young man, why couldn’t a cadre of professionally trained and well-armed police officers, safely secure this disabled senior citizen, without killing him?

    Much has been made about Mr. Eimers driving away from the police after a ‘traffic stop’.

    Suffering from diabetes, and after
    a long drive from Michigan to Key
    West, was it possible that Mr. Eimers was
    fatigued and disoriented when he
    was pulled over?

    After having cooperated
    with police, surrendering his
    driver’s license to them, could the
    instability of his blood sugar levels
    have triggered a diabetic-induced
    distraction (hypoglycemic episode),
    causing him to believe that he had
    satisfied his obligation with the
    police; thus prompting him to drive off?

    We will never know, because the evidence was destroyed through negligence or the willful actions of those entrusted to care for it.

    The State Attorney’s Office and certain Agents of FDLE have been baited into conduct, which will at least cost them their careers. They’ve stepped in it. They have been compromised.

    As their collective stench makes its way to the oval office and justice department, their slick and amateurish tricks will be exposed. Their costly disgrace will become the banner of a city, bankrupted by the evil that runs through its veins.

    Because Mr. Eimers drove away from
    the police after a traffic stop, “Was
    the violent force administered to this
    61-year-old, as he laid face down on
    the ground with his hands extended
    above his head, commensurate with
    the threat that he posed?” Did this
    defenseless, helpless and submissive
    man deserve to die?

    If your are concerned, do not be afraid to let the President and Justice Department know that you are troubled and alarmed by the manner in which Mr. Eimers was killed.

Charles Eimer's take downEimers coverupEimers police investigating self

Before all of that thin blue line stuff happened yesterday and last night and this morning, all of this happened yesterday:


A dear amigo, who moved away from the Keys a few years ago, emailed yesterday about my recent victory in the Key West Mayor’s race – I escaped!

Sloan, I think you have the right attitude. You won because you really, really didn’t want the day to day responsibilities of the job. You raised some key issues and many voters appreciated your campaign. William F. Buckley ran for Mayor of New York in a four way race in 1969? with John Lindsay (rep or Dem), Charles Buckley(dem of the Bronx and big time pol in that borough), Abe Beame, the official dem candidate. Buckley may have been running on the conservative line, since I believe Lindsay was still a nominal Republican then, but later became a dem. In any case, WFB said his biggest concern was that he would have won. Clearly, he didn’t want to do that job every day, which is exactly how I think you feel. So, you accomplished your real objective. Congratulations, my friend, you are a true patriot, to use the Bill O’Reilly definition.

I replied:

Well, you summed it up pretty darn good for a Republican. I think Buckley said, when asked what he would do if he did win, was he would demand a recount! But dang, did you really have to give me Bill O’Reilly’s blessing! Man, that really hurt my feelings!

Nashville J emailed yesterday:


CONGRATULATIONS on receiving 162 votes!

CONGRATULATIONS! on not winning – NOW, give’em hell every chance you get!


I replied:

Hi, J – thanks!

At Harpoon Harry’s a bit ago, I got several kind words and inquires about my mental and emotional state. I said I’m doing great – I escaped!!! I told one waitress, now I don’t have to wear that campaign t-shirt any more, I can wear this t-shirt! – I had on a Harpoon Harry’s t-shirt. She said she liked the campaign t-shirt. I said I hated it, because of what it represented.

Actually it was like getting up each morning and getting into a coffin. A pretty coffin, but still a coffin.

When co-owner Ron Heck came by and thanked me for running and raising many issues, and expressed sympathy, I said, hell, if I had won, I would have had to kill myself! Ron said that would get a lot of media attention.

But wait, I said. I couldn’t do that! I pledged that my first official act after being sworn in would be to make an apology for Key West to the Charles Eimers family for KWPD killing their father on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day. All those officers got on top of him and smothered him to death; then they tried to cover it all up.

I paused, said, I sometimes had a fantasy, if I did win and make that apology, I then would resign. Otherwise, I would be insane! Ron said that move would get a lot of media attention. I said getting elected would get a lot of media attention. Making the apology and resigning would get a lot more media attention! Ron said it sure would!

J, I’m slap dab wore out. I found myself thinking this morning pedaling from Harpoon Harrys back to where I stay that I might not feel like going to any more city commission meetings and listening to what goes on saying what’s on my mind. I might not feel like keeping up with the blue paper any longer, or reading the Citizen. I wondered if tomorrow’s homeless forum is my last rodeo down here?

I really don’t know. But I know how I’m feeling right now, which best might be summed up by famous line out of “Gone With the Wind”: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I also found myself thinking, if the Grand Jury lets KWPD skate, then maybe that’s a sign the blue paper can quit covering cop issues. Maybe that’s a sign Naja and Arnaud can close the blue paper. I know from them that they talk about each issue maybe being their last issue. They are worn out doing the blue paper for nothing, and having plenty to do having nothing to do with the blue paper. They’ve been thinking like that about a year, as I recall.

Maybe it’s time for Key West to be its own conscience, or rot. Mayor Cates still is on de Nile about this city’s hot spots. I don’t see that changing, absent something peculiar happening. The votes in the mayor’s race told it true: Key West is fine just like it is. I imagine if I am moved elsewhere, I won’t miss Key West. I will miss some darn good friends, though.

J wrote:


I am glad you ran because you brought up the elephants in the room – Cates is never going to bring them up – Margaret is never going to bring them up. You tried – others do nothing. How is it with alll the stuff going on in KW that the Commission meeting are not overflowing every time they are held. It may be that Cates and KW can keep their heads buried for two or four more years but sooner of later they have to deal with the housing problem, the homeless problem, the KWPD problem, the Bahama Village problem and all the others. They made them by not addressing the issues that were before them. However, the voters do not get off the hook, they are getting what THEY voted for — let’em twist in the wind with their choices.

If we could get those Angels off your back, then you could enjoy the weather in KW, enjoy your friends and enjoy life. I sincerely hope you can do that!


p.s. I hope the Blue Paper continues – without it – there will be no one who really tries to get to the bottom of the story – whatever it might be.

I replied:

Key West is an oxymoron, it bills itself as paradise, but ignores there are no fig leaves there, nor any secrets. My bad, an oxymoron should be a lie.

Citizens generally only fill the city commission chamber when something affecting them directly, up close and personal, is on the commission agenda. Only a handful of citizens attend commission meetings “religiously”. Most of them speak during citizen comments, Tom Milone seldom speaks. Some citizens regularly watch commission meetings on television, but they miss a great deal of what really goes on, and they do not speak during citizen comments.

Key West and its elected officials and city manager and city attorney and police chief and city planner, for starters, historically and today know nothing of, nor care about, karma. The closest some of them get is talking about “unintended consequences” to new ordinances under consideration.

Very simply, and very bluntly, for a number of years Key West has had a Melchizedek priest in its midst. (Ditto the Florida Keys). That priest’s role was to speak to what didn’t want to get spoken to, wasn’t being spoken to. Deliverance in the Melchizedek sense is not casting out demons. It is the possessed changing the way he/she/it behaves, with the priest parallel doing his/her part. If the possessed does not do his/her/its share of the work, the deliverance fails.

The priest is hammered over and over again internally, and even externally, by the forces of Evil, while the priest is doing what he/she was assigned to do. The forces of Evil encourage the possessed to stick to the status quo, as if the status quo is the breath of life itself.

Let me say it another way, which some mental health workers understand, who are trained in systems dynamics and interventions.

A system is a living organism. By system, I mean a person and his/her relations; a family, a church, a business, a government, a nation, a species. A system defends the status quo with all its ability and might, because any change to the system is viewed as life-threatening. A system will repel, even kill, any threat to the systems status quo.

People who do interventions into families containing an alcoholic know of this. Not only does the alcoholic not want to change, the enablers don’t want to change the way they deal with the alcoholic and with each other. Police who are called to come to a home and stop a husband from beating up his wife know this; they come into the home, grab the husband, and – whoa! – they are attacked by the wife, or even stabbed or shot by her.

The only way for a deliverance to work, for a intervention into a system to system to succeed, is to introduce something into the system which is alien to the system. From outside the box, is another way of saying it. To engage the system on its own familiar terrain, in its own way of thinking, in its own way of behaving, is doomed to failure, for the system will spin the “arguments” to suit its own views. So, you have seen me over and over again, and at times other people, “jumping a system” by introducing out of the box material into that system.

Of course, there are systems within systems, and systems within systems within systems. The KWPD is a system within the city manager’s system, which is a system within the city commission’s system, which is a system within the city’s citizen system. So ultimately, for a deliverance or system intervention to have a chance of working, out of the box must be introduced into the master system, in the city’s case, the citizen population. And even then the citizen population has to accept the out of the box intervention and do its part.

In the the mayor’s election, the citizen population did not do its part; it rejected the intervention almost totally, and remained in the grip of the real system it does not even comprehend or accept has it in its grip – Evil, which itself is a system. A system we can call The Empire, to add a bit of levity. Not the Empire in Star Wars, but what controlled the Empire. Darth Vader and his master were but pawns in the Empire.

I have been used this way many years now. Mostly in churches and in Christendom, before I was stationed in Key West in late 2000. Even then, I was used in churches here, more so during the early years of this assignment, than during the latter years. But by spring 2001, I was doing interventions in the city’s politics.

As long as I am doing this work, I will feel awful most of the time, because the angels running me are running some of the Evil in the systems through me, which is processed while it is inside of me, because the system itself cannot process its own Evil in that way. This processing also give me a better sense of what and whom I’m dealing with in any given moment.

For example, a few days ago, a fever blister started coming up inside behind my top left lip. I knew it was about something female, because it was on the left side.Yesterday, I realized it was Margaret Romero. Today, the blister seems to be peaked and perhaps turning. As I do what is mine to do, the blister will resolve and dissolve.

That’s a little one. A big one is the feeling for days that I swallowed a lot of raw sewerage, which is, I suppose, Mayor Cates and the city commission and the entire city. I’m really limping and aching right now, but, if history is indicative, this will resolve and pass through me, as I do what I’m supposed to do.

In nap dreams today, I was shown there was something big I needed to do relative to what I was already doing in Key West. Before lying down for the nap, I was talking to the city in my thoughts about being and exorcist priest and it being my client, so to speak. Then I was talking to the city about systems and jumping systems. I was riding my bicycle from Harpoon Harry’s to where I stay, while that “conversation” took place, prelude to taking the nap and having the dreams.

I awoke from the nap, went online, see your reply to mine earlier today, see what you wrote is on topic, and so here we are, even though I had no thoughts when I wrote to you earlier of covering any of this above with you. That’s how it goes. I deal with what’s in front of me, then I deal with what next is in front of me, and then with what’s next in front of me; that’s the entire program, coupled with what I hear from the angels re what I’m doing with what they arrange for me to engage.

It all seems so simple and straightforward to me, so logical; but, of course, it is anything but that in the minds of systems I engage. To the contrary, I am converted into a crazy person, the devil, a stupid person, a mean person, a dangerous person by the system. For to give me credence, admits the system is, yeah, all fucked up, as in situation normal, and the system is what it made me out to be.

Many times during the mayor’s race, and leading up to my caving in and agreeing to enter it, I told the angles it was a fool’s errand because I do not look right to the systems; I do not have a paying job, am not earning my own way; I do not want the fucking job; I cannot do the fucking job, feeling as lousy as I feel most of the time; I do not like most social functions, cannot stay in them long; I avoid most ceremonies; I would pass out during city commission meetings I am supposed to be leading, as mayor.

For me to run to win, and have a chance of winning, in such a fucked up system, I would have to actually want the job, and feel good physically, and enjoy all the social requirements of the job, and look like a successful person to the system, as well as be a visionary. Hundreds of times I had that one-way conversation with the angels. I might as well have gone rhino hunting with a water pistol or peashooter.

But that’s my personal saga. The city, having rejected the intervention perhaps entirely, my efforts, the blue paper’s efforts, Christine Russell’s efforts, other people’s efforts, will get even another chance with the Eimers Grand Jury report, no matter how it comes out. The city will get yet another chance with the homeless forum tomorrow. The city may even get other chances.

Do I think the city will receive the interventions even yet to come? No. Do I think the city is headed into a karmafest of its own making, which it will not comprehend is its own doing? Yes. But that’s just me talking. I have no clue what’s going to happen, not any details. I had no clue how yesterday’s vote in the mayor’s race would go, until I saw it come up on the screen.

I had been told I was going to win the race, and I was not near stupid enough to publish that, because I figured it was either a trap, or I didn’t understand what it meant. So I waited it out, and learned what it meant. I won. I got out out it. I escaped. Even as I still have plenty to do, to put it to rest for me. Angels simply do not think like people. Nor do I entirely after being mangled and taught and corrected by angels for almost 25 years.


A couple of hours later, I forwarded J what I had received from Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper:




J wrote:

Well, that totally SUCKS ! Certainly should not make anyone in KW feel that they are safe from the KWPD.

Thanks for sending it along!


I replied:

Just my opinion, this is far worse than Key West getting hit head-on by a Category 5 hurricane. I wonder how my dreams will go tonight, after receiving this uplifting news?

J wrote:

BINGO ! DING – DING – DING !! I believe we have a winner !


lightning strike

My dreams told me to drop the hammer.

Sloan angel

Sloan Bashinsky


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