the southernmost nut house, aka Key West, receives strong challenges from Big Pine Key and Cudjoe Key, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the Monroe County Commission for who’s the craziest

Mustang Sally

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psychiatric help

On homeless people, Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, of Key West wrote:

empathy is sliding into extinction –that is the human quality that helps the homeless—the antipathy to sensitivity and empathy and compassion is GREED —
a quality that the Tea Party and republicans extoll, elevate, above all else. —-(keep up your good work-Sloan)
inequality is a potent side reaction—hurting most people–Tea Party radicals love it.————-Jerry

Jesus with leper

I replied:

Yeah, and they ignore their Lord and Savior was homeless and said as they do to the least of people they do also to him.

Day before yesterday I published this below from sometimes Key West vicious van dweller criminal Kurt Wagner currently on R & R on St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands:

Kurt Wagner

If you have never been homeless, living on the streets of Key west, slept in a doorway, slept by the southern most point, slept in bushes, finding where you can sleep without KWPD finding you, you have no business giving your opinion. A good friend of mine Iraq Vet) worked at a restaurant and spent almost two months sleeping at the southernmost point, before the cops chased her away. (I used to stop 4 – 5 times a week on my nightly bike ride to drop of can goods for her) Why is it our vets, people with or without children being made into criminals for being poor?

The problem is the KWPD has been instructed by the city commissioners to be as hard as they can on the homeless!!!!!! If the city Of Key West would give up KOTS and let the homeless sleep where they want, life would be better for everyone. The homeless disappear after dark, the homeless are not seen or heard from after dark, except for a few on Duval St.

Everyone in Key West talks about the street people. Everyone in Key West whines about them. Once you are secure in your house for the night, do you really care about who is sleeping where? 99.999 % will not steal from you. They just want a place to lay down their head for the night. They just want a place to lay down with their children to be safe for the night. They just want a place not to be harassed by the KWPD. Why is it a crime to be poor in Key West? A homeless person who is lucky enough to have a job, but works until 2AM can’t go to KOTS. They are by default a criminal in the eyes of the the city commission and KWPD.

The homeless are not the problem. The problem is the fault of the mayor and commissioners. They alone caused this problem and whether they like it or not, they “own” it. Their attitude is costing the tax payers millions every year for KOTS, jail, courts and the hospital. I like Sloan’s idea of a drunk tank rather than jail and court cases. If they’re drunk and causing a problem, lock them up until they’re sober, then let em go! That should also be done to tourists and locals.

The homeless are not going away! There are more every day in this country. With the downsizing of our military by the current administration, record home foreclosures, and no jobs available, there will be even more homeless.

Kurt Wagner

Homeless people with night jobs can and do stay at KOTS. However, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, which is a residence program and requires sober clients, does not accommodate clients with night jobs.

the finger

This retort to Kurt’s was on’s popular Coconut Telegraph moan and praise page yesterday:

[Homeless] So you’re telling me, because I haven’t been homeless, I can have no opinion about the filthy, substance abusing habitual criminals that use our streets and yards as their bathrooms? Those wonderful people who leave a wake of trash in our wetlands? Not only do I have an opinion of them I have one of you and Sloan too.

the finger

And this retort, the very end of which which caused me to wonder what kind of funny cigarettes this person smokes?

[Homeless] What do you mean I can have no opinion because I was never homeless? Was the writer trying to empower homeless people with his bs post? The majority of the homeless are bums and leeches on society. That’s what we used to call them before it was no longer politically correct–bums. Most stink, are obnoxious, untrustworthy, irresponsible and every other negative word in the dictionary. Just because a few are okay, doesn’t improve the rest. I was walking around Mallory Square yesterday afternoon and every shaded area had a group of bums eying me suspiciously as I walked past. It was unsettling and I was glad it wasn’t nighttime. Homeless people are bums and losers. And when Sloan brags about being homeless, remember it was just an experiment to him. He’s always received a fat check every month. He could have ended his ‘homelessness’ any time he wished.

lightning strike

I submitted this reply comment to the Coconut Telegraph:

“Homeless people are bums and losers. And when Sloan brags about being homeless, remember it was just an experiment to him. He’s always received a fat check every month. He could have ended his ‘homelessness’ any time he wished.”

No, I was a bum and a loser. I did not always receive a fat check every month. I had no income and often was flat broke for months and longer at a time. I was mostly physically disabled, and the few times I did take menial work, I was paid $6 an hour. Some years I received a Christmas gift from my father of common stock, average value per year of around $8000. I sold the stock and used it sometimes to rent a cheap apartment, but when the money ran out, I was homeless again. In 2004, when I turned 62, I applied for and started receiving monthly Social Security retirement benefits, which were insufficient to pay rent and buy food. That’s still the only “fat check” I receive each month. If it was an experiment, it was the angels’ experiment, and I didn’t care for it at all.
Valentine’s Day, 2006, I received a cash inheritance from my father, who had died in August 2005, and then I was able to live inside, support a person in another state, who otherwise would have been a bum and a loser, and help other people and situations financially, and get involved in Keys politics in a way only having money would allow. I lived off the capital, had little income from it, not enough to have to file income tax returns.
There is something that can happen, which might cause me to start receiving a fat check, probably annually, from a trust my father once set up. So far, his widow gets the income from that trust. If she dies, then I get a child’s part, 1/4. I detest not being able to pay my own way by my own work product. That’s another experiment the angels are running: they have me blocked from earning a living wage by what I can do. Maybe they like me being a bum and a loser.
Sloan Bashinsky

finger pointing

Now for anyone chomping at the bit to pound my “fiscal policies”, consider Mayor Craig Cates and the City Commission’s fiscal madness in an article  in today’s Citizen – Especially consider Mayor Cates

Mayor Cates

saying the waste transfer station can be paid for out of the city’s reserves. Especially also consider mayor candidate Margaret Romero,

Margaret Romero

whose campaign slogan is “The Voice of Reason”, and who says she is a fiscal conservative and regularly preaches pinching pennies at city commission meetings, spoke strongly in favor of this fiasco during the city commission meeting when Mayor Cates and the City Commission voted for this fiscal waste fiasco.


Thursday, August 21, 2014 Add to FacebookAdd to Twitter
5-2 vote hikes trash rates for now
Mayor: Residential rates will fall with new plan to keep once-weekly trash pickup
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Three months after handing Waste Management a $53 million, seven-year contract that would privatize the city’s transfer station and revert to the curbside pickup program, commissioners plan to change up the deal in an effort to lower residents’ trash bills.

But on Tuesday night, commissioners voted 5-2 to raise residential trash hauling and disposal rates $37.23 per year, making a property owner’s bill $356 a year, compared to this year’s $319.

A second vote is required in order to make it stick and a 6 p.m. Sept. 3 public hearing on the rate is scheduled for Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

Commissioners Tuesday night, however, indicated that before that final vote, city staff will have produced the numbers that show a lower annual solid waste rate for residents and a once-weekly pickup schedule, dubbed the 1-1-1, that has been in effect since July 2013.

Residential rates will decrease for 2015 once the new trash deal is modified next month, Mayor Craig Cates said.

“If we pass the 1-1-1, it will go down,” Cates said. “At twice a week, it will stay what it is as of last night.”

With the fiscal year starting Oct. 1, and the annual budget set for final approval next month, commissioners had to move forward Tuesday, but the majority framed the vote as a formality.

Advised by City Attorney Shawn Smith, the commission added the word “maximum” to the item, meaning that like the property tax rate, they can always lower trash rates but not go any higher than $356 per year.

The tipping fee for commercial and Navy garbage was also increased $2.21 per ton, to $168 per ton in fiscal year 2015.

Commissioners Teri Johnston and Jimmy Weekley were the dissenters, essentially voting against a rate increase for residents.

“I cannot vote for a residential solid waste increase,” Johnston said. “What we voted for was the maximum. The public has to have a full understanding that this is the maximum increase of what they could see.”

The contract with Waste Management has already been signed but the commission plans to reopen the agenda item from May 6, the night a 4-3 split handed Key West’s most lucrative contract to the company that has had the job since 1999, despite a staff report advising to change vendors.

“Advanced Disposal is a capable firm with good recommendations,” wrote then-utilities director Jay Gewin. “This option is recommended because the cumulative annual proposed pricing for all services is $507,514 lower than Waste Management’s proposed pricing.”

Overall, Advanced Disposal bid $5.3 million a year for commercial and residential pickup, including yard waste, while Waste Management bid $5.8 million a year. The existing contract is $5.97 million.

In order to add a second trash day each week for 13,639 units on the island, the city would have to pay an additional $36.36 per household per year, Gewin’s report said.

Advanced’s bid was significantly higher for twice weekly pickup and adding in the transfer station, but for the traditional contract of once weekly, no extra work, Gewin and his staff hailed Advanced as the overall lowest bidder.

Gewin’s report did outline four additional options, including hiring Waste Management for twice-weekly pickup — ending the year-old pro-recycling schedule that is part of the city’s master plan — and giving them the transfer station operations.

Gewin didn’t recommend that option, citing the “significant extra costs” to run the transfer station and an extra trash pickup day.

That option also didn’t give the business community a 26 percent collection rate cut, or $835,179 a year in total savings, Gewin noted.

But four commissioners — Clayton Lopez, Mark Rossi, Billy Wardlow and Tony Yaniz — wanted the city to stick with Waste Management and voted in favor of returning to twice weekly pickup.

After much criticism and questioning, the commission has enough votes in favor of keeping the once-weekly pickup, which city staff said has tripled Key West’s once dismal 7 percent recycling rate.

Cates said Wednesday that city reserves can pay for any increase in the transfer station operations, which does produce revenue.

Waste Management’s bid said it could run the transfer station on Rockland Key for $853,464 per year, $300,000 a year more than the city spends right now. Advanced’s estimate was even higher at $1.9 million per year.

ship of fools 2

From yet another ward of the Key West wing of the State Mental came a Facebook message yesterday, to which I candidly replied, and it went wacked out from there:

Key West Friends…
Trying too make the difficult decision on who I should vote for in the Mayoral race… I love Craig Cates for Mayor, But i recently met Margaret Romero and had a nice discussion and she seems pretty smart…

I think there are a lot of serious issues in this town. Issues the smaller guys have and have to deal with, like affordable housing, fair wages, finding a place for the homeless, drug and alcohol abuse, misuyse of police force etc… Thaings that I would like to see addressed…

What are your guys thoughts, Craig, Margaret and Sloan, I welcome your thoughts on how you will change these issues… I’m looking for tour thoughts on the REAL plans to affect the issues of the smaller people here in Key West please!

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  • Sloan Bashinsky thanks for asking. I’ve been offering my thoughts on KW issues since a long time ago, running into this year. Since before I ever heard of Craig and Margaret. At city commission meetings. In daily email blasts. And starting in July 2007, at, where I publish something new daily, usually up by noon, sometimes earlier, occasionally later. Did you attend any of the mayor candidate forums? I downloaded plenty during those forums. If you were at those forums, you heard me say how I would deal with affordable housing, fair wages, finding a place for the homeless, drug and alcohol abuse, misuse of police force, etc. If you did not attend those candidate forums, you can go to and open the You Tube icon on the right side of the home page, which will bring up their August 4 candidate forum. Go to the 1 hour 10 min mark and the mayor candidates part of that forum begins. Some of your questions get answered there, and you get to see the candidates deal with questions they did not know were coming at them, which also is instructive about candidates. Don’t know what you mean by REAL plans. Far as I know, the city government presently has no plans at all to deal with the issues you raise. Far as I know, I’m the only candidate who has offered practical solutions to those issues; practical does not necessarily mean widely liked. You understand, the mayor has only one vote on the city commission, and can change nothing himself, which requires the city commission’s okay. Meaning, what really is needed is an all-powerful king or queen instead of a mayor. That would make things so much simpler. It also might make things a lot better, or crazier, depending on the queen or king. I may write more in a second comment.

    US 1 Radio News Director Bill Becker replied to yesterday’s whitewashing Key West’s North Roosevelt Blvd nightmare vs. what really happened, plus related and other Hometown PAC mayor candidates forum slips and slides post at
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  • John Jaworski Thanks Sloan for that followup… I’m a pretty simple person… i like simple things…But that dent make me a stupid person…In fact far from it…

    I just spent the last couple of hours watching the video from The Tropic Cinema… I love that Craig has helped keep a lot of our projects moving forward and that taxes are lower… There are a lot of projects that seem stalled though and while taxes may have gone down… My rent has gone up….

    I agree that we should use the property at Truman Annex to create affordable WORKFORCE housing…Places that run between $600 dollars and $1200 dollars a month…Might be a really good idea to see what the real median income is…I’ll bet that $600 a month would be a stretch for some of the people working here….

    I loved hearing Margaret’s ideas…I think she’s a smart lady.

    I wonder if our Government isn’t too big for Key West. 7 city Commissioners for this tiny Island seems like a lot to me. Perhaps our City Commissioners should act in an advisors capacity to the Mayor… But the Mayor makes the final decision…

    Seems that some of this stuff get’s mired down in the dumb shit. I was shocked how many meetings it took to decide and learn how a decibel meter works… To decide if we should be 75 db or 90 db when for the most part that had nothing to do with the problem…

    That was time that should have been spent deterring other issues that effect more people. Folks that trumped it up as “The Day The Music Died In Key West” just made the matter dozens of times worse…

    Ok…Enough of my rant…. This is about the Mayoral election not my feelings! LOL!

    Thanks for leading me there… You may be nuts Sloan… But then again… Maybe not!

    PS I also liked what you said about the homeless. The ones we need to help are the ones that are a paycheck away from living on the street!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky You came to me with issues you said were important to you. I replied, and you went somewhere else. Consider a career in politics, you might do well there. Meanwhile, check out today’s Citizen article on the Waste Management contract debacle during Tuesday’s city commission meeting. Check out especially Mayor Cates saying it can be paid for out of the city’s reserves. He voted for this thing twice now. Margaret Romero, who regularly says she is a fiscal conservative and squeezes pennies and the city should do the same, was all for this debacle when it first was passed by the city commission. You should have heard the praises she heaped on Waste Management during that city commission meeting

work muleApril fool
All work and no play is terribly awful. First below, is my toke into a bizarre event on Cudjoe Key. Below my toke is the email chain, in reverse time order, which caused me to try to have some fun on an otherwise crappy day in paradise not.

David Rice

Me to County Commissioner David Rice, above, a psychologist by trade, copied to a host of others:

Thanks for forwarding this, David.

How come you were loaded up with this wonderful thing, when it happened in George Neugent’s voting district? Shhhh, Banks, don’t ruin this Big Pine Tea Party. [George’s county commissioner office is on Big Pine,]

That aside, David, what do you suppose FKAA’s inspector on duty was doing, so that he did not know what was going on? Was he on break. Off feeding key deer down a side road. Having a cold one at No Name Pub? Visiting a lady friend? Did he get paid for whatever he was doing instead of inspecting?

How did such a sub-contractor become trusted by Monroe County? Or did Kirk Zuelch make that up to make it the county’s fault?

Who do you suppose is liable for saltwater damage to all the cars, trucks, mopeds, bicycles, etc., which bathed in and swallowed that mineral water? FKAA, Monroe County? I didn’t see in Kirk’s email a reparations offer.

I swan, David. I can’t help but wonder if this was some kind of Freudian, although maybe it was intentional, naw, I’d never say angels had anything to do with it, addition to the unfounded, wild and crazy allegations against Cudjoe Regional Sewer System and the folks who came up with it and support it despite mountains of evidence against it, not to mention fraudulent permits going both ways between Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and Florida Department of Environmental Protection, hereafter simply called FKAA and DEP, aka, fox and hen, as in, that kind of house.

Do you wonder, David, if any county state or federal environmental laws carrying criminal penalties were violated by this sub-contractor?

I don’t mean anything DEP might prosecute under state law. For all I know, the trusted sub-contractor was permitted by DEP, pursuant to application from FKAA, to use saltwater instead of fresh water. Wouldn’t put it past DEP or FKAA, after what I’ve seen them, and MC staff and some of the county commissioners, you can name them, do with Cudjoe Regional.

I mean something State Attorney Catherine Vogel and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and the US Attorney might prosecute.

However, given my many unnatural suspicions of Natural Justice having a snowball’s chance at high noon on US 1 in August of prevailing over Florida Keys Bubba Justice, my preference under Caesar’s laws is the US Attorney, if federal law was violated.

Although redneck justice much better:

Quarantine the nice malefactors at Guantanamo and waterboard them and their vehicles withsalt water until they dissolve.

Well, what can you expect out of a person the Alabama Bar Association told Bill Becker never practiced law in Alabama?



To: BOCCDIS4@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov, Kolhage-Danny@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov,, BOCCDIS5@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov,, and a host of other concerned lower Keys citizens

Done, you were right on target. Taken care of.

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kirk Zuelch <
Date: August 20, 2014 at 9:05:38 AM EDT
To: Rice-David <Rice-David@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov
Cc: “” <
Subject: RE: Sue – Yesterday on Drost Drive, Cudjoe – wastewater construction

Hi David- This was a local sub-contractor that had a good reputation with your staff. He was dismissed from the project and the road was washed down with freshwater. All of this took place last Saturday. We had an inspector on duty but he did not witness the fill-up of the truck with the saltwater.

From: Rice-David [mailto:Rice-David@MonroeCounty-FL.Gov]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 7:51 AM
To: Kirk Zuelch
Cc: Gastesi-Roman
Subject: Fwd: Sue – Yesterday on Drost Drive, Cudjoe – wastewater construction

If this is true, there should be serious consequences. Please keep me informed.

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: <
Date: August 19, 2014 at 2:11:00 PM EDT
To: <MFMul@
Cc: <, <, <, <, <
Subject: Re: Sue – Yesterday on Drost Drive, Cudjoe – wastewater construction

George is copied.


In a message dated 8/18/2014 3:29:37 P.M. Alaskan Daylight Time, MFMul@ writes:
Banks, I hope a copy of this was sent to Nuegent who claims he trust our engineers and contractors to do the right thing. Yeah, right.

On Aug 18, 2014, at 2:15 PM, wrote:


I don’t think you saw this one. FKAA spends so much money advertising with the local news media, you will not see anything like this made puiblic. — banks

From: itsnoteasy@
To: bigpinefl@,
Sent: 8/17/2014 5:33:33 P.M. Alaskan Daylight Time
Subj: FW: Sue – Yesterday on Drost Drive, Cudjoe – wastewater construction

What the heck. Totally out of control.
From: cindy.dresow@
Subject: Sue – Yesterday on Drost Drive, Cudjoe – wastewater construction
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 18:23:46 -0400
To: itsnoteasy@
Hi Sue,

In a nutshell, I had a friend phone me just before noon yesterday, who was FURIOUS about the use of sea water on Drost Drive. He’d been out biking earlier in the day and saw a tanker truck loading water from the first canal on Drost Drive. After 11:00, he was driving his vehicle and saw that SAME TANKER truck spraying water ………lots and lots of it……..onto Drost Drive. He got out, and demanded to know why they were using sea water on our main drive. The construction worker denied it; ‘ said it was fresh water. That’s when my friend TASTED it, and became furious that it was salt water.

I e-mailed our representative with FKAA (Stephanie Bruno) to complain and ask for sea water usage to be halted. I then phoned the FKAA customer service
( 305-745-3991), and spoke with Joe Ivey. Joe said that just couldn’t be so, as salt water would ruin the contractor’s equipment. I told him my friend had TASTED it, and it’s salt water. Joe said he would go “right now” and find out. Indeed, they were pouring salt water unto our main road, Drost Drive.

The good news is, within an hour, Joe and Stephanie had both checked it out, and halted salt water use. However, my vehicle, and many many others traveled through that slop for hours yesterday. How many other times was salt water used, and the contractor just wasn’t caught? I don’t intend to purchase a used vehicle in the Lower Keys for a LONG LONG time. Now I know I’ll be needing a new car in 2 years when this fiasco is over. Darn! Darn! Darn! All e-mails are below:

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for checking on the salt water usage on Drost Drive, and for your phone call saying that this NEW (local) contractor is not allowed to use sea water on the roadways anymore.

Actually, he should have been FIRED on the spot! Now we wonder how many other times has this happened? The contractor was CAUGHT today.

Even then, the workers DENIED they were using sea water. My friend tasted it, or we still wouldn’t know.

Joe Ivey phoned from FKAA also. Joe said I am to contact any residents who want their cars pressure washed on Monday to remove the salt.

The sad part, is that nearly every step of this project is not properly engineered or supervised.

Individual residents had trusted those in authority to make the right decisions. Sadly, without the individuals speaking up, we’d have an even worse fiasco.

Your help is truly appreciated!

Cindy Dresow
Cudjoe Key, FL 33042 305-

On Aug 16, 2014, at 12:08 PM, Stephanie Bruno < wrote:

Thank you for letting me know. I’m addressing it right now.

Sent from my iPhone

On Aug 16, 2014, at 12:02 PM, “Dresow Cindy” <cindy.dresow@ wrote:

I was just informed that a pumper is taking salt water from the canals and pumping it unto Drost Drive to wet it down. What are they thinking????????

Now we drive our cars through salt water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put a halt to this!

When my friend asked the workers, it was denied. My friend tasted it…….all salt!!!!!!!

Thank you,
Cindy Dresow 305-

Daffy Duck

That’s all for today, folks, but stay tuned, this here nut house never runs out of bright ideas.

Sloan angel

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, the southernmost nut house

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