ALS ice bucket and other frosty challenges to Key West

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Well, a fun time was had by all at Island 107.1 Radio yesterday afternoon; then the real fun started.

Sloan Bashinsky took the ALS ice bucket challenge, and he paid $100. — at Island 107.
Click on the pic to start the video.

  • Sloan Bashinsky took the ALS ice bucket challenge, and he paid $100.
     — atIsland 107.

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    • Stephen Braddock You need that daily!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Yeah, daily baptism in ice water might balance out daily baptism in fire . Sorry to disappoint, I didn’t challenge anyone in the video, but during the fun interview on Island 107.1, I challenged everyone in Key West to do the ice water and donate $100, or whatever they can afford, even if only 1$.
    • Stephen Braddock You have my $100 and I will give you another $100 if you repeat the video but with the ice down your shorts….something needs to cool you down!
    • Mike Tolbert Thats a real mayor! !!
    • Sloan Bashinsky I tried, Steve, can you guess how? I told Linda Russin before the radio interview, and I think I even said it during the interview, that if they wanted the dang thing to go viral for sure, they should let me go out in front of Island 107.1 and take off my clothes and then dump the ice water on top of my head.Linda did not exactly jump on it. Then it was suggested by the fellow co-hosting the on the air interview that I could press my nekkid front up against the glass, facing inward, and show my hind end to the camera as I poured that wonderful ice water on top of my head. Linda didn’t exactly jump at that, either.
    • Stephen Braddock I’m with Linda Hamlin Russin…none of us want to see that! But, you could just dump a bucket of ice down your shorts and we’d all understand and most be grateful for why we don’t hear from you for a few days! $100 if you do it, but clothed!!! 
    • Mike Tolbert Linda kinda tame for a rock radio owner jeeze
    • Mike Tolbert I personally think a naked bike ride down the new blvd at rush hour would be good publicity.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You got a deal, Steve, but I’ll have to loosen my pants to do the procedure as you described; maybe they won’t fall down when I go into penis-testicle hypothermia. Get another bucket of ice Linda, and tell me when to be there, I said during the radio interview that I didn’t really like how the challenge was designed; too much testosterone, Key West lives on it; so I added a bunch of estrogen to the design I was okay with – $100 and everyone gets the ice water. Hmmm, Steve. How ’bout you and me pouring ice water together. You can just do it on top of your head, while you make sure I do it on top of my other head . I wonder what kind of commotion that might stir up?
    • Stephen Braddock If Linda agrees…deal.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You know, of course, it ain’t gonna shut me up for a few days; most likely, it will have the exact opposite effect, and affect 
    • Sloan Bashinsky Mike, I think that’s a great idea, let me know when you will get naked and ride your bike down North Roosevelt, and me and PJ will be there cheering you on, while she video’s it and sends it up on Facebook. You mutt, this was all your idea for me to do, and then you went and got called into work and sent PJ to have all the fun at Island 107.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Waaaa! Dem pesky angels said in dreams they like your idea, Mike, of a nekkid Sloan bike run on North Roosevelt Blvd. Must be part of that North Roosevelt Blvd code enforcement  dream you and Jim Young wuz having maybe 3 months ago now. It’s gonna take me some gearing up to get up for that caper; gearing up my gumption. I hope this is ain’t for real, but dem pesky angels been telling me for years there ain’t no fig leaves in paradise, nor any secrets. Dem pesky angels also liked my get nekkid in front of Island 107.1 idea, and they be wondering why a man of the cloth, that be you, Steve, want to cool them down? I’m their puppet they make all that noise through.

Not in the least fun yesterday, were stone-cold reader comments under Rick Boettger’s

Rick Boettger

two County Commissioner George Neugent


articles in the current Friday online edition of Key West the Newspaper ( Here are blue paper links to Boettger’s articles:


Neugent Breaks Oath


Also not fun is the glacial KWPD taser article in the blue paper this week, and ice-pick reader comments thereto, which you can reach by clicking on this blue paper link:

The Case of Matthew Murphy / Another Cover-Up?


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On the same cold comfort case, the Citizen ( chimed in this morning, my happy interjected thoughts in italics:

Saturday, August 16, 2014 Add to FacebookAdd to Twitter
New probe into Taser arrest starts
Panel’s attorney says police didn’t talk to 3 eyewitnesses
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The city panel that reviews complaints of police misconduct [Citizens Review Board – CRB] will receive the first report on a new investigation into the 2011 Taser arrest on Duval Street that left the suspect bleeding and unconscious.

Matthew Murphy, 27 at the time, has remained in a coma unable to speak since that early morning arrest.

While the Key West police consider the case closed and cleared of any officer wrongdoing, the Citizen Review Board decided last month to take another look.

There are three eyewitnesses who never talked to police, said attorney Robert Cintron, the panel’s legal adviser who is leading the investigation.

“We’re locating people who were there who have never been interviewed and asking them what they remember and what they thought,” Cintron said Friday. “That’s not a judgment on police, but it is kind of a reflection. If I can find them, why can’t someone else?”

Sure reads like a judgment to me, Robert.

Murphy’s parents, who live in West Virginia, have granted permission for the CRB to receive all medical records, said Cintron, who is scheduled to deliver his first report on the status of the investigation at the panel’s 6 p.m. Monday meeting at Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

That might be an interesting CRB meeting to attend. I wonder if my opponents in the mayor’s race, Mayor Craig Cates and Margaret Romero will be there and speak in favor of a vigorous CRB investigation, for a change?

The CRB, which has investigated police arrests before, will conduct an “even-handed” review, he said.

The CRB has lost respect in Key West.

“There is no agenda here,” Cintron said. “We’re not looking to find anybody at fault. We just want to talk to some more witnesses so the public is satisfied that there was a thorough investigation.”

And if the CRB finds somebody at fault, will the CRB wish it had not done the investigation, or will the CRB raise bloody hell?

Cintron has also taken a sworn statement from Murphy’s girlfriend, Marie Annulysse, who is now raising her and Murphy’s 3-year-old son in Key West. That statement hadn’t been completely transcribed as of Friday, he said, but it is consistent with what the woman has said before.

“Officer (Mark) Siracuse did not announce himself before (T)asing Matthew,” wrote Annulysse in a CRB complaint dated July 23. “He lied in his report.”

That sure reads like somebody named Officer Siracuse is at fault.

The three-year wait on the complaint is because Annulysse only recently learned of the CRB, created by voter referendum in 2002 to act as an independent panel which can make recommendations or release findings after investigating complaints about police officers.

Well, the CRB has known of this case since the blue paper broke it maybe 3 months ago? The CRB has authority to launch its own investigation without receiving a complaint.

“I never knew,” Annulysse said Friday. “I just want somebody to be responsible for what happened to him. They just act like he’s a criminal. They try to justify what they did to him.”

Well, as I read in the blue paper articles and in this Citizen article, Matthew hit someone who apparently didn’t do anything wrong; someone who tried to talk Matthew into letting it slide, his racist girlfriend was drunk. I don’t yet understand why Matthew went after the racist woman’s boyfriend.

Annulysse, who works the front desk at a local hotel, is raising three children, including the son by Murphy, who is in the Miami rehab center because his family can’t afford to move him.

“Matt’s not getting any better,” she said. “It’s like a bad dream every day. I think about it every day. I can’t get this off my mind.”

Nor can I get it off my mind. Nor can lots of people who read the blue paper articles, but for which we never would have heard about this awful case, and the Citizen never would have written about it.

Police were called to a report of a “verbal disturbance” in the 300 block of Duval Street at about 3:40 a.m. April 16, 2011.

Murphy was walking with his girlfriend, who is black, when a woman on the street began calling out racial slurs along the lines of “that’s how you guys make monkey babies.”

Officer Mark Siracuse, who was in full uniform and on bicycle patrol that morning, reported he said, “Key West police,” and drew his Taser in the direction of Murphy.

Murphy ignored the light of the Taser and hauled off and punched Jason Moffet in the face in response to the racist taunts of Moffet’s then-girlfriend, police reports state.

Police officers maintain Murphy punched Moffet in spite of their order to stand down.

After the punch, Siracuse said he deployed his Taser stun gun on Murphy, who fell to the pavement and kept resisting and arguing with officers until handcuffed.

Murphy, 27, then fell back on the sidewalk but was still breathing, officers said, and within moments began bleeding from his nose and vomiting.

Police Chief Donie Lee told the CRB last month he is satisfied with his department’s review and a state attorney investigator’s finding that Siracuse did nothing wrong.

Lee said he would not order a second review of the incident, and also took issue with board members’ questioning his decision not to have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) review the Murphy case.

Perhaps Lee should read the blue paper articles and watch the taser video and make a new statement.

“KWPD appears to have acted in a professional manner in their approach to the initial call,” wrote the state attorney’s chief investigator Christopher Weber in a 17-page report filed July 14.

Perhaps Weber needs to get an eye and ear exam, and a brain scan. A heart and soul scan might be in order, too.

The use of force was “to gain compliance,” Weber found, and Siracuse “acted within his authority as a law enforcement officer in deploying the Taser in stopping the aggressive behavior of Matthew Murphy.”

What if, as the citizen eye witnesses claim, Siracuse shot Murphey in the back without giving any warning? What happened to that evidence in Weber’s investigation? And in Lee’s?

This awful case is a good opportunity for the CRB to start regaining the public’s respect in Key West.

For me, the key issue in the Murphy case is: Did Officer Siracuse shoot Murphy in the back without warning?

Maybe tasers should not be used by police? Instead of shooting people with tasers, police shoot people with pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. 

I just don’t see the angels telling me to shut up for a few days anytime soon, when baths like that are common fare in Key West Paradise Not.

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