just when I wuz thinking the Key West mayor’s race couldn’t get any funner

 Mustang Sally

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 Chernobyl wolf

Chernobyl wolf

Yesterday began with feeling like I’d been given Chernobyl to eat. I still feel that way.

bill Becker

US 1 Radio News Director Bill Becker replied to yesterday’s whitewashing Key West’s North Roosevelt Blvd nightmare vs. what really happened, plus related and other Hometown PAC mayor candidates forum slips and slides post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:


Your assumption that Key West Citizen reporter Gwen Filosa put me up to asking you about your Alabama Bar membership is incorrect. The anonymous letter I received was also copied to Gwen and Kevin Wadlow at the Keynoter. I did not discuss this with Gwen or Kevin prior to the Hometown forum, but everyone later agreed that it was reasonable inquiry.

Also, there was no attempt to “discredit” you during your radio interview Tuesday, as you claim. You did that all by yourself.


Bill Becker
News Director
US 1 Radio News
30336 Overseas Highway
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Phone: 305 872-1002
Fax: 305 872-1603

Live on-line: www.us1radio.com

I replied:

Thanks, Bill, for clearing up it was not Gwen.

Thanks, also, for not running the tip by me before the Hometown forum.

If you had done that, I wouldn’t have had such an interesting long opening statement, because the Alabama Bar question would have been cleared up before the forum. I will publish yours and my reply tomorrow at goodmorningkeywest.com.

Interesting, it was an anonymous tip. Several days ago, I published that someone on Big Pine Key told me that he wondered if the person who told you to check with the Alabama State Bar was Jennifer Hulse?

Jennifer Hulse

I invited people in today’s post to listen to the replay of your and my interview and make up their own minds, and I told them how to get to the interview and listen to it. I discredit myself a lot by not being like other people.


“When Bill interviewed me on US 1 Radio yesterday morning, he tried to discredit me in other ways. Maybe it didn’t turn out like he hoped, maybe it did. You decide for yourself by opening this link – www.us1radio.com – and then open Programs, and then open Morning Magazine with Bill Becker, and then open Monday, and when the audio replay comes up, slide the bar rightward to the 8:20 minute mark, which is when the perhaps 9 minute interview begins. The replay should be available 7 days following the interview.”

Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s August 4th Candidate Forum? The mayor candidates part begins at the 1 hour 10 minute mark.

light bulb

Toward sunset yesterday, I spoke with a Duval Street artist, who said word has it among their camp that they have to vote for Craig Cates, because if Margaret Romero hates Duval Steet artists.

Margaret RomeroMayor Cates

Margaret and Craig

I said I had not heard Margaret hates street artists, but I felt Margaret might beat Craig if it were just the two of them in the race. I said I know Margaret hates homeless people and I have told several people that she will not be a good mayor for Key West, and if she is elected, that will become clear.

I said I am the only person who ran for mayor in this city since I’ve been here, who ongoing has stood by the street artists, spoken in their behalf at city commission meetings, when they were threatened with this or that city commission action action against them.

The street artist said the street artist’s leader doesn’t want lower Duval Street to be a pedestrian and artists mall from mid-afternoon on each day; that will not be good for them. I askd: Would not a lot more people wandering Duval Street on foot generate more business for the street artists and the Duval Street merchants? The street artist said he thought it would, but the street artists’ doesn’t see it that way.

I had several other experiences like that yesterday, which left me feeling there is zero point in my being involved in Key West politics.


dream police

In dreams last night, everything I was involved in was blocked out, closed down, or wiped out. Then, a ways before dawn, I had a dream which left me feeling a conversation with Sister, an anonymous blue paper contributor, was still in play. Sister had revealed that she does not live near Key West, and I don’t know what her interest in this city and the blue paper is. What she seems interested in is evil behavior being stopped at all costs, by whatever means necessary. I do plenty of standing up to evil behavior, but I see no way to get rid of it using human methods.

Midsummer night's dreamdreamsdream-catcher.jpg

zzzzzzzzzzzz, I felt back asleep, again, and dreamed.

mud dog

“Mud Dawg” Mike Tolbert and Key West cruise ship lover lawyer Jennifer Hulse had me before an audience answering a question, while Mike kept trying to use little toy-looking microphones which did not work, even as I kept handing him the one big microphone which did work; and then Jennifer said there were two parts to the answer.

I woke up, set Sister aside temporarily.

I figured maybe the two parts to the answer were an email thread with Mike yesterday, and an article I submitted yesterday to the blue paper for this coming Friday’s online edition. Then, I thought, no, Jennifer Hulse and Bill Becker were panelists at Hometown PAC’s forum, so the two parts of the answer probably were Bill’s and my email exchange yesterday morning, and Mike’s and my email exchange on something else entirely yesterday afternoon.

Mike wrote:

Hey you should do the ALS ice water challenge. And then call out Craig Cates to follow you! Its for a good cause and If we cant Tazer him maybe we can at least soak him for charity!

I replied:

First I heard of ALS challenge. Where, when.

My second wife’s father died of ALS. He was a medical doctor, medical school pharmacology professor, had a PhD in pharmacology.

A great guy. Horrible way to go out.

My wife and he developed a code of eye blinks before he was all the way out of it, so she could ask him questions and he could answer with eye blinks. She was at his side much of her waking hours toward the end.

He was her stepfather, but as I recall, had adopted her and her brothers and sisters after their father died.

Mike wrote:

Call linda at 107.1 she will hook u up

305 292 1071 make sure when u dump that bucket of ice cold water on your head You challenge our mayor to follow suit rules says only way out is to donate a 100$ Or except challenge! Think its 10$ to issue challenge going to ALS foundation.

I replied:

I emailed Linda for info but personally don’t care for the way you describe it. Am happy to donate $100 and dump a bucket of ice water on top of my head to help raise money and try to put myself in cardiac arrest – maybe I should be so lucky, bring your camera just in case :-), maybe Craig Cates, Margaret Romero and others will be inspired to follow suit.

Mike wrote:

That’s how it works you Spend 10$ and then after u survive the ice water YES I will have cameras there! You get to challenge others IE romero and Cates. With all the big name celebritys joining in They gotta go for it. If they don’t they are suppose to donate a 100$ to get out of challenge. Rest assured I will Email the video challenge to blue paper citizen Etc

I replied:

I understood how it works, and I told you how I’m okay doing it. I donate $100 and dump the bucket of ice water on my head and invite Craig, Margaret and all the big name celebrities to follow suit. Those who can’t afford $100 donate what they can and dump a bucket of ice water on their own heads.

Mike wrote:

its only 10$ if u dump the bucket. it cost a hundred to get outta the risk of cardiac arrest! But sure linda will pass on a hundred or let you challenge whole city commission. tony yaniz a good candidate for public dunking too.

I replied:

When was the last time you had an eye exam? I wrote that I understand how it is set up and how I’m willing to do it. I did not write yet, my apology, this “counter offer”, which is not negotiable, was suggested in nap dreams this afternoon. I will tell Linda the same after I hear from her.

Meanwhile, do you know when and where this polar bear event is to take place? The sooner I know, the more time I will have to get my affairs in order, just in case dumping a bucket of ice water on top of my head puts me into cardiac arrest 🙂

Mike wrote:

all the local bartenders been doing in middle of duval luke Bryant did it onstage at concert tony stewart just killed a guy probably to get outta heart attack from ice water shock.
Linda ok at promoting sure she will pick a Friday happy hour at the station. good for her and ALS folks!

PJ [his lady] said from exp of me dumping 3 gals over top of shower on her Your heart only stops for few seconds!

I expired.

Feather Talk

Linda Russin wrote me:


I’ve seen this on the Today Show. Someone douses you with a bucket of cold water, to bring about ALS awareness, and you challenge someone else to get doused.

google it.

Linda Hamlin Russin
Island 107.1 FM
1075 Duval St., #C17
Key West, Florida 33040

I replied

See Mike Tolbert’s and my email back and forth on this in today’s post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, copy of which sailing your way shortly. I modified a bit how I would participate 🙂

homeless census

Also showing up after I finally woke up the last time this morning was this announcement in KONK Life’s daily email BLAST – www.konknet.com:

Homeless Forum Aug. 28

There will be a forum on Searching Out Solutions (S.O.S.) on constructive alternatives to costly criminalization of homelessness: Best and worst practices from other U.S. communities from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 28, at the Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Ave.

Panelists will include Amy Sawyer, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness; Michael Stoops, National Coalition for the Homeless; Kirsten Clanton, Southern Legal Counsel; Benjamin Waxman, expert on Pottinger vs. City of Miami, and David V. Peery, class plaintiff in Pottinger vs. City of Miami.

The forum is sponsored by the Monroe County Homeless Services Continuum-of-Care, Inc. As space may be limited, those wishing to attend are requested to RSVP to 305-350-8224 or to MonroehomlessCoC@Comcast.net.

work mule

I suppose I will attend, but I’d rather not. Key West has never taken any advice I have given it about homeless people, nor as it ever asked for my advice. Nor have the Citizen and the Keynoter ever interviewed me about homeless issues. Nor have they ever reported accurately and in context, if at all, anything I have said at homeless summits and city and county commission meetings about homeless issues. I actually know something about homeless issues in Key West , having been homeless here  in every way imaginable. I actually know something about the law, since I actually did practice law and am familiar with the Pottinger case.  I actually say things about homeless issues nobody else, including homeless advocates, say, or even like to hear said.

Devil or Angel 2

Back to Sister.

SISTER AUGUST 10, 2014 AT 12:35 PM
Once you realize that the “God” followed by the Israelites in the Old Testament was not the true Creator but a much darker entity, you will understand who and what your true enemies are.

SISTER AUGUST 11, 2014 AT 9:23 PM

I stand by my analysis of the “god” in the Old Testament. And many others are speaking out about this fact as well. I urge you to listen to this interview…

The link you provided, I thought is was about the “false” god of the New Testament? Maybe that material gets there, but it starts off with an Aryan sperm scheme to create a “master race”? Am I supposed to get revved up about that? Hell, Sister, I am barely getting through each day, processing what the angels already are running through me like I’m a sewerage treatment facility.

SISTER AUGUST 12, 2014 AT 2:01 AM
That link does go a bit into the god in the old testament as well as other aspects of the Abrahamic religions. Many intertwined links to the roots and agenda of EVIL. Some quotes about Lucifer you might enjoy. But, if you don’t have an hour to spare to try and understand what’s going on, oh well.

I listened to the video a while, then dozed off, then woke up and heard the rest of it. I suppose I heard maybe half of it. I missed the God of the Old Testament part. The guest paints a sordid picture; Israel in the thick of it. As she described it, deviant also comes to mind. I don’t see God anywhere in this trade. What jumped out at me was my brother, now diseased. and his wife went out to California to do fertility work he told me years ago. She was not conceiving. I asked him why he was doing it? Did he want another child? Not really, but his wife did, and she’d not had children. She was not married before she met him; he had a prior wife and two children by her, the regular way as far as I know. She had a second child in that way, too. I had thought it was his sperm being used, but about a year ago, I was told by someone it was two different male donors. Both children I only saw once, both were blond, a boy and a girl. My brother’s first child, a girl, was blond, his son was brunette. Her hair darkened as she grew older. Same with me, I was blond when born, then my hair darkened. Same with my daughters. I don’t feel drawn to get involved in what the woman described in the video.

Today, I saw City Commissioner Mark Rossi and his wife, a psychiatrist, at Harpoon Harry’s, having breakfast. I went over and spoke with them, and asked her if she did brain transplants, and she said no, she sends those cases up to Miami.. I said, darn, I’ve been trying a long time to find someone who does brain transplants, I need one, and Miami’s a far bothersome drive from Key West, and also, I’ve been having trouble finding anyone who wants my brain for his or hers. The psychiatrist said that could pose a problem, and I said, yes, I want a monkey’s brain, so my life will be simpler. Laughter and good lucks!

I’m one of the demented ones who doesn’t buy that human beings descended from simians, nor do I buy the view that God created Adam and Eve as the first two people. I hang it on ET’s starting a colony here, and other ETs coming along and doing genetic “modifications”. Might be the first colonizers were from the Pleiades. Might be I’m mistaken, but I won’t bet yet on that.

All of which perhaps plays into my own sense that Charles Darwin got it backwards, to ponder humanity’s future, study apes and monkeys, who descended from early human beings. Getting a monkey’s brain is in keeping with my theory of human evolution; I suppose that’s not all that far distant from the genetics described in the interview.

I suppose there’s some tongue-in-cheek in there, but perhaps there isn’t. I need to have something to laugh about; there’s so much going on that doesn’t cause me to laugh. Yet, as perverse as the angels’ humor sometimes seems to be, I suppose it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that human scientists ain’t yet nearly as smart as they think they are, and maybe tampering with genetics is akin to be careful what you ask for, and we plan, God laughs!

SISTER AUGUST 13, 2014 AT 12:14 AM
I appreciate your trying to listen to the interview Sloan and I appreciate all the laughs you’ve caused me throughout this dialog. As for Darwin, I think he stated that all of his theories had yet to be proven.

There is the RH factor to consider…

I swan, I really meant that about the Seven Sisters (aka the Pleiades).

Seven Sisters

about time

Higgs Beach party


Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan angel

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West


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