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bill Becker

I just got off the phone being interviewed by Bill Becker on US 1 Radio, 104.1 FM. Probably by noon today, the recording of the interview can be heard. Go to www.us1radio.com and open Programs, then open Morning Magazine with Bill Becker, then open Monday, and when the audio program comes up, slide the bar rightward to the 8:20 minute mark, which is when the perhaps 9 minute interview begins.

I should send Key West the Blue Newspaper a bill for giving it a lot of free air time advertising during the interrview. Same for Hometown PAC. This below is somewhat abbreviated, listen to the replay to hear it all.

Bill asked why I was running for mayor? I said it’s the same reason I told him back in 2003, when he asked the same question. I was told in dreams to run for mayor. That led into angel discussion, and how they communicate with me. 98 percent in dreams, but they have other ways.

Sloan angel

After Bill got me to recount the many races I had run, which I said taught me more about Keys politics than I cared to know, he said I came in dead last in all of those races, perhaps I wasn’t imaginative enough. I said maybe the voters were not imaginative enough. I hear a lot of complaing in Key West about how things are, but I don’t see voters voting for anyone with new ideas.

When Bill asked how I’m different from Craig and Margaret, I said they are not creative, they don’t have new ideas; I am creative, I come from outside the box. If voters want things to stay the way they are, vote for Craig or Margaret. If voters want someone with new ideas, vote for me.

When Bill asked what would be the first thing I would do, if I get elected, I said, figuring he knew what I would say, that right after being sworn in, on behalf of the City of Key West, I would apologize to the Charles Eimers family for the KWPD killing their father last Thanksgiving Day on South Beach,

When Bill asked, wouldn’t that be premature before the Grand Jury and FDLE investigations are made public? Wouldn’t that expose the city to civil liability? I said, I don’t need to see the Grand Jury and FDLE reports. I saw all I needed to see in the blue paper and its video. The cops indicent reports were contradicted by the video; they tried to cover it up, they intimidated witnesses. The angles didn’t care for it, either, but I didn’t need the angels to see the cops did wrong. The apology should be made because it’s the right thing to do; it’s a very low road to worry about a civil action, instead of doing the right thing. I asked Craig and Margaret at a candidate forum, would they apologize to the Eimers family, after we were allowed to ask each other a question. They declined.

I said the blue paper is getting about 10,000 hits per edition, not all of those are on blue paper cop article, but a lot of them are. A lot of blue paper readers are really upset with KWPD and the mayor and city commissioners about KWPD. I said no candidate forum has asked about KWPD. The mayor and city commissioners, the candidate forum sponsors, the Tourist Development Council, the Key West Chamber of Commerce, they don’t want KWPD issue aired, it’s bad for business. Just like they don’t want aired that Key West’s waters are full of MRSA, a potential lethal disease, which Keys divers and physicians know can be caught by going into the ocean with a nick or scratch on your skin.

When Bill asked, I don’t recall his exact words, but it was along the line of how do I describe myself to the voters?, I said that’s what I’m doing during this interview. However, I said, his listeners can go to Hometown Pac’s website, www.hometownkeywest.com, and open the You Tube icon video of Homtown’s recent candidate forum and decide for themselves how they feel about Mayor Craig Cates, Margaret Romero and me. I said, that’s a far better way to size up the mayor candidates, than listening to them boast about themselves, and hearing candidates’ supporters boast about their candidates, and listening to journalists talk with candidates about themselves and their opponents.

Here’s a direct link to Hometown’s video, provided in the current blue paper edition.

Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s August 4th Candidate Forum?

The mayor’s race part of the forum begins around the 1 hour 10 minute mark.

April fool

Moving laterally, the Citizen still has not published my letter to the editor regarding the Citizen reporting that Bill Becker said at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum that he was told by the Alabama Bar Association that they had no record of Sloan Bashinsky in their data base. My letter explains why Bill was told that by the Alabama Bar: I had changed my name to Sloan Young and had so notified the Alabama Bar, so when Bill called the Alabama Bar, they had no record of Sloan Bashinsky in their data base. Young was my middle name at birth. Later, changed my name back, and, thanks to Bill, learned of the discrepancy and got that straightened out with the Alabama Bar, who emailed that they now have me as Sloan Bashinsky in their data base. The Citizen wants its readers to think I made up that I practiced law in Alabama?

lady lawyer

Moving keys-wide, the ever pesky blue paperwww.thebluepaper.com – dropped this bomb in the political hen house yesterday, I supplied County Commissioner George Neugent’s photo.

george-neugent.jpgGeorge Neugent



by Rick Boettger

Rick BoettgerI have recently reported that I was filing an ethics complaint with the State of Florida against George Neugent.  It charges him with using his power as County Commissioner to affect the awarding of a contract to his friends. At the August 4 Hometown PAC candidates’ forum, he charged me twice with “slander” when questioned about my reporting.

Neugent is thus forcing me to make public the full complaint that I have mailed to the state ethics commission. While the commission by its charter must keep its investigation confidential until resolved, they explicitly state that either the filer or subject of the complaint may say anything they want about it.

The complaint itself is 2,800 words long, accompanied by 16 exhibits adding another 50 pages. You may read as much of it as you wish.  The exhibits are public records and Neugent’s own words: emails, media quotes, transcripts of county commission meetings, and his sworn deposition in the county’s years-long losing litigation against SUFA.

Judge for yourself whether his own words and the public record support my charges. To squeeze 58 pages of argument down to a paragraph, here’s what he did: While Stand Up for Animals (SUFA) was negotiating in good faith for a renewal of its animal control contract with the county, being the only bidder on that contract after having had it for eight years of highly-praised service, Neugent suggested to a friend that she form a competing nonprofit to get the contract. He met with a disgruntled SUFA employee to get incorrect criticism of SUFA, making no attempt to get SUFA’s side of the story. He coveted the $ 240,000 endowment SUFA had accumulated largely from grants and donations. He encouraged the illegal audit that froze SUFA’s funds and put them out of business. He himself slandered SUFA’s director Linda Gottwald in various media, telling outright lies about her and her and her business. And much more.

Again, it is impossible to put 58 pages into a quick read. If you care to judge the facts, please take some time with the linked documentation. At the Hometown forum, Neugent told the same kind of lie about me that he told the commission and media about SUFA. He charged them with having no Monroe County directors on their board. This was an outright lie, as the attached Exhibit 13, SUFA’s annual corporate report shows: the majority of directors lived in Monroe. Similarly, Neugent lied about me. He dismissed my reporting as my working for his Republican opponent, Danny Coll, perhaps even being his campaign manager.

In point of fact, I of course support anyone running against Neugent, due to what I detail as his unethical actions. But I have not contacted Danny Coll in any way since the prior election in 2010, nor do I have any relation to his campaign. Coll verifies this, and states he in fact has no campaign manager at all. That is George Neugent: while accusing me of slander, he tells an outright and easily disprovable lie about me on the public record, out there on YouTube for all the world to see.


Click here and go to bottom of article to comment.


Please, use these links to judge George Neugent for yourself:


Exh 1 – 7/29/2010 email Baggs to Neugent

Exh 2 – Neugent depo pgs 22 and 79

Exh 3a  –  7/19/2010 Articles of Incorporation SHARK

Exh 3b – 8/24/2010 email Katie Bentley to Roman Gastesi

Exh 4 – 7/7/2010 emails Conie Cyr, Beth Leto, Pierce Dent

Exh 5 – Neugent depo pgs 88-89

Exh 6 – 8/5/2010 email Braggs to Neugent

Exh 7 – Neugent depo pgs 23-24

Exh 8 – Exh 8 Neugent depo pgs 25-27

Exh 9 – 8/4/2010 emails Neugent and County Attorney

Exh 10 – 8/5/2010 email Neugent and Braggs

Exh 11 – Neugent Facebook and Neugent depo

Exh 12 – 8/18/2010 BOCC meeting transcript

Exh 13 – SUFA 2010 annual report and warranty deed

Exh 14 – 8/10/2010 News Barometer article

Exh 15a – 12/7/2010 SHARK removal of officers

Exh 15b – 12/3/2010 Key West The Newspaper article

Exh 16 – Neugent depo pgs 49-50 and 45

I sent the above yesterday afternoon to former State Attorney Dennis Ward,


now in the private practice of law.

When we talked on the telephone about, Dennis asked why Rick Boettger didn’t give it to State Attorney Catherine Vogel, instead of to the Florida Ethics Commission? I said that was a good question. Maybe Vogel wouldn’t touch it? Maybe the Ethics Commission won’t touch it, either?

Dennis and I reminisced over his trying, when he was State Attorney, 2008-2012, to get the Monroe County Commission to pass a stiff county ethics ordinance, which applied to county commissioners as well as to county staff. I said, as I recalled, George Neugent was vocal in oppossition to such an ordinance, and the ordinance they ended up drawing up was such a joke that I told County Commissioner Kim Wigington

Kim Wigington

at a county commission meeting, during citizen comments, to vote against it, which she did. Kim was the commissioner who had sided with Dennis in his efforts. The ordinance passed anyway. After Kim and her husband moved to Big Pine Key following her decision not to run for reelection, I tried to persuade her to run for George Neugent’s seat this year. Kim said she’d done her public duty. She was a great county commissioner. Neugent seeks his fifth term this year. You might wish to watch his performance at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum.

Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s August 4th Candidate Forum?

The county commission race follows the Mosquito Control Board race, which leads off the forum. The mayor’s race was the third and last part of the forum.

In my transmittal email to Dennis Ward, I wrote:

Just for yucks, during a nap today, I had a dream which repeated twice: a large office building, from the top of which plummeted an automobile which crashed into the sidewalk below. I told a woman in the dream, “This reminds me of Hurricane Wilma.” I woke up, went online, and there was the blue paper’s breaking news of Boettger’s ethics complaint.

Hurricane Wilma covered much of Big Pine Key with sea water. George Neugent’s county commissioner office is on Big Pine Key. I ran against George twice, after I moved to Little Torch Key about six months after Wilma paid her respects.

I told Naja, maybe my nap dream was about Rick’s ethics complaint, and perhaps the other matters I asked her and you about.

And maybe it’s also about Cudjoe Regional grinder pumps, which also is in George’s voting district. I better not get started on George and grinder pumps, I might never stop.

Moving even deeper into the wild blue yonder, again:

John Donnelly

John Donnelly’s current article in Key West the Newspaper – www.thebluepaper.com – which can be reached by clicking on this link, Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …  , stirred up even more conversation between Sister and me since yesterday. If that unfolding conversation ever did and still interests you, scroll down to Sister’s AUGUST 11, 2014 AT 9:23 PM comment to me, and go from there into the wild blue yonder, and hell – a bit of both.

Moving further laterally, and perhaps into another quadrant of the wild blue yonder,

Michael Kinneer

Michael Kinneer, former practicing lawyer in the Mid West, now owner of Sipping Internet Cafe on Eaton Street, near Tropic Cinema, sent this kava article yesterday, along with a photo of the Pope allegedly drinking kava.

Pope kava



Kava plant soothes consumers

SquareRut Kava Bar recently began selling kava tea on South Congress. The Polynesian-derived beverage produces feelings of numbness, relaxation and mild euphoria.

Photo Credit: Nathan Goldsmith | Daily Texan Staff

SquareRut Kava Bar recently began selling kava tea on South Congress. The Polynesian-derived beverage produces feelings of numbness, relaxation and mild euphoria.

Photo Credit: Nathan Goldsmith | Daily Texan Staff
Austin Kava plant Mark Blumenthal Tracy Moreno
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Published on March 22, 2012 at 12:05 am
After a day filled with multiple java stops and shots, where do you go to unwind and rid yourself of liquid anxiety? A new bar in Austin has got the answer, and it’s called kava.
SquareRüt Kava Bar, a recently opened cafe on the south side of Austin, offers patrons an earthy drink for unwinding after a stressful day. Made from the root of the kava plant, the liquid’s active ingredient, kavalactone, is what gives consumers that feeling of relaxation and pleasure. The root is pounded into powder and soaked in water and cultivated for two days.
“The way [kavalactones] react to the GABA receptors in your brain are very similar to alcohol, but you can never be intoxicated,” said co-owner Tracy Moreno. “It has the reverse effect of alcohol, as far as the dependency goes. The more alcohol you drink, the more you need each time to get drunk. With kava, you won’t need as much as you continue to drink it over time.”
Derived from the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, kava has been used as a traditional practice in Fiji, Hawaii and Melanesia.
“It’s the most respected herb in those south-sea cultures,” said Mark Blumenthal, the founder and executive director of the Austin-based nonprofit, American Botanical Council.
“The herb is given in the form of a tea to visiting dignitaries: Queen Elizabeth, President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson and The Pope were all offered kava in a ceremonial manner, as part of their welcome. That is how important it is to their culture.”
The power of kava does not stop at greeting ceremonies: It also serves as an anxiety reliever.
“It’s a skeletal muscle-relaxing herb, and that’s why there are a number of clinical trials, showing how the extract of kava is effective in states of anxiety,” Blumenthal said. Back in February 2000 the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology published a study on kava’s effectiveness for treating anxiety, in comparison to a placebo. Kava extract was found to be superior to a placebo as a treatment for anxiety.
Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs that treat anxiety, kava does not have a central nervous system depressant effect.
Simply put, you stay on the ball mentally, while the rest of your body is in a state of relaxation.
“That is why it has become a popular recreational item among young people, and why kava bars have been popping up in California and Hawaii for years,” Blumenthal said.


Michael Kinner told me the other day that kava has become the rage in AA and NA circles up around Miami. I doubt I’ll do much kava, but then, I don’t do booze, marijuana or other narcotics, either. I just grin and bear it, until I have to reach for a couple of ibuprofen.

Maybe if all human beings drank kava, and stopped ingesting nicotine, caffeine, booze and other narcotics, and brain-controlling pills, this would be a happier, kinder, gentler world. Maybe if politicians all drank kava, they would be come human beings. Meanwhile, I think maybe I saw a few flying pigs yesterday evening.


Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

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