I didn’t say nuttin’ ’bout no angels at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum, and other confounding ups and downs in Key West

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Yesterday was super rough internally, until I let it all hang out in the readers comments under John Donnelly’s

John Donnelly

article in Key West the newspaper (www.theblueppaper.com). Then, a reader came back with something sort of nice, which I wasn’t expecting, and I responded. I leave for you to open the article’s link below and peruse the article and the reader comments. My last few comments are a bit beyond the beyond.

Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …

cracked egg

Yesterday also was confounding, because Hotmail/Outlook would not let me send out the email blast of yesterday’s abracadabra and other death-defying Key West circus acts, including the video of Hometown PAC’s recent candidate forum post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com – the server message was I had already exceeded my daily email quota. Actually, I had only sent 3 emails yesterday. I searched hard for a cosmic meaning; got nowhere.

For many years, I have not cared for sending out daily email blasts; it has struck me as pushy, invasive; but the times in the past when I have decided to stop sending out daily email blasts were met with dreams telling me to go back to doing it. I found myself sort of hoping yesterday that the same thing would happen today, and tomorrow, and then maybe I would be freed from sending out daily email blasts. The angels arranged for me to have websites, maybe its time the angels drummed up readers for those websites.




If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride?

dark horse

Already this year, several months ago now, Hotmail/Outlook did something to my sloanbashinsky@hotmail.com account, which caused me to be unable to get into it; and despite my many attempts to resolve that myself, and with Hotmail/Outlook’s help, I was not able to get a person by telephone or online who worked for Hotmail/Outlook. So, I lost that entire account with a lot of email addresses. It was my older email account, dating back to late 2003, after I changed my name from Sloan Young back to Sloan Bashinsky.

holy stud angel

Perhaps to cheer me up yesterday, the angels nudged Deer Ed of www.bigpinekey.com ‘s popular moan and praise Coconut Telegraph blog to make this up for me yesterday all by his lonesome.

Sloan angel

I sent Ed back this fair damsel,

Devil or Angel

with a suggestion Deer Ed post her on the Coconut Telegraph for his angel-disbelieving reader, who wrote in last week:

“I wish Sloan Bashinsky had never mentioned angels in his dreams that guide his life. I would have voted for him last time except for that. He’s still at it, apparently. I would very much to elect someone with his views, but I just can’t get past the nonsensical angel stuff.”

Maybe the reader should try this nonsensical stuff instead?

struck by lightning

As was yesterday further confounding because Hometown PAC’s video –  Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s August 4th Candidate Forum?  –  of its candidate forum last Monday evening had no sound during Mayor Craig Cates’ and my closing comments.

Margaret RomeroMayor CatesSloan blue

the usual mayor candidate suspects

Margaret Romero made her closing comments, and the sound stopped working. I figured there was a cosmic message there, but what it was still eludes me. I didn’t say nuttin’ ’bout no angels during that forum.

lady lawyer

Further confounding, as of today’s edition, the Citizen still has not published my letter to the editor explaining why the Alabama Bar Association had no record of Sloan Bashinsky. I would not have written the letter to the editor, if Gwen Filosa

Gwen Filosa

had not reported in last Tuesday’s Citizen that Bill Becker

bill Becker

told me and the audience at Hometown’s forum that he had called the Alabama Bar Association and was told they had no record of Sloan Bashinsky.

What am I to make of the Citizen not publishing my letter to the editor? The Citizen wants its readers to think I made up that I practiced law in Alabama is all I can imagine. That, and the Citizen very much doesn’t want me to end up being elected mayor of Key West.

I truly detest politics and the way governments work.

Sitting at the breakfast counter at Harpoon Harry’s bantering with the wait staff and the owner and other customers is my idea of having fun.

As is having a sablefish dinner tomorrow night with Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, and his lovely wife Donna, is my idea of fun socializing.

As is watching young Rory McIlroy win yet another major golf tournament this year, the PGA, and bantering with the wait staff and other golf fans at Jack Flats Sports Bar yesterday afternoon.

As is bumping into Naja and Arnaud Girard

NajaArnaud Girard

at Harpoon Harry’s Saturday morning, and commiserating with them the non-joy of being journalists and wishing each issue we publish is the last issue, and laughing and moaning about it, and me proposing that Naja run for mayor of Key West in two years, on a platform of abolishing the city commission and mayor form of government in favor of her becoming Queen, and Naja saying to be sure I write it was my and not her idea, but as Queen, she would fix the school system so it actually prepares children to get along in life, and Iand said she’d have to run for Queen of the school district to do that, while she was Queen of Key West, and we were laughing and havng a great time, which can’t be said of writing about the horrible KWPD cases the angels steered to the blue paper to break and cover.

Can anyone imagine Craig Cates and Margaret Romero going into city issues the way Naja, Arnaud and I do?

Can anyone imagine Craig and Margaret sitting down with Naja and Arnaud in a booth at Harpoon Harry’s and have that kind of fun?

Can anyone see me being a socialite? Attending fundraisers? Performing ceremonies? Kissing babies? Cutting ribbons? Riding in parades? Marrying people, after I myself was married seven times?

Just get married before God, I’d tell them. Invite me to the ceremony and I’ll show up for a while, at least through the vows. Then, they go to the courthouse and get their names legally changed to Mr. and Mrs., or Mr. and Mr., or Mrs.and Mrs., and they change all their other official documents, deeds, vehicle titles, and they file joint tax returns, etc. to reflect they are common law married.


I don’t see anywhere in Genesis that Adam and Eve got married in a ceremony. God put them together, so why today do clergy, judges, justices of the peace, mayors and ship captains have to get lovebirds hitched for it to be “legal”?


What I’m easing around to saying is, I’ve changed my campaign platform to abolishing the city commission and mayor form of government, and the citizens electing a king or a queen every two years, who has absolute power over the city government and the citizens, with the caveat that there can be no second term, ever, and during the two year term, the monarch’s subjects can dethrone his/her royalship by such methods as shooting, stabbing, strangling, drowning, keelhauling, feeding to sharks, and so forth and so on.

keel haul large

All of which brings me to yesterday’s email banter with “Mud Dawg” Mike Tolbert.

mud dog

He wrote:

Hometown pac forum was better and more entertaining than Mark Ryno

Mark Rhyno

trying to intimidate and threaten me! Both Had me laughing like hell.

Just had a half drunk mark Ryno Hit me on messenger! He don’t like what I had to say on your blog! Unfortunately PJ and I have a really cute eurotrash friend over , bonfire going in yard! So I could not go downtown and Explain to him Rednecks don’t got time for all that He said she said shit.. He want to let his mouth write a check his ass cant cash Well I will be downtown this week. That Boy a piece of work. Me thinks He should leave that liquid courage stuff alone. Damn Angels better talk to him. He needs some guidance. The girls still laughing at his feeble attempts at intimidation and veiled threats! Poor marky mark. I must be getting more mature otherwise this would have pissed me off instead of making me laugh like hell. Damn New Yorkers! I may have pj and nadia file FCC equal time complaints also just to light fire under FCC ass. This extended vacation I am on is giving me too much time on my hands anyway may as well use it constructively.

I replied:

The Hometown PAC video is in today’s post. Also, here is the link Hometown sent to the blue paper. Share the link with your enemies, and any friends you still have. The mayor’s part begins around 1 hour 10 minutes.

Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s August 4th Candidate Forum?

Mud Dawg wrote:

I am watching it .

Sound went out when Cates started giving closing arguments!

I replied:

Otherwise, did you enjoy it?

Mud Dawg wrote:

OH hell yea! Wished I could have heard closing arguments! The angels gave that one to Yaniz in drag.

[City Commissioner Tony Yaniz

Tony Yaniz 2

and his camp are backing Margaret Romero]

watching PURGE anarchy I think they are on to something 12 hrs a yr with NO rules! That will really thin a herd!

This movie THE PURGE ANARCHY was REALLY good!! Need to have our ow purge every year!

I replied:

Maybe the angels have a purge of sorts up their sneaky sleeves; not the kind of purge in the movie; a bit more fetching, it happens inside people, instead of outside them.

Maybe there is a metaphysical, or cosmic, meaning to Margaret’s closing comments being heard on the Hometown forum video, but Craig’s and my closing comments not heard, unless you read lips.

How’d Margaret and Craig and I look to you in the video, separate from what we said, the sound?

Mud Dawg wrote:

Margret came off as a arrogant know it all school teacher! Craig seemed like a career politicians! Like that one line he said I got great ideas for that too. forget what the question was. But his answers were vague and dodgy. Margret just seemed like she was lecturing.

I replied:

And I came off how?

Mud Dawg wrote:

Intelligent. But light like well?? Court jester with a brain comes to mind. Little. To strong on homeless issue but i was good with it.

I replied:

What did I say about homeless issue, which you felt was too strong?

Mud Dawg wrote:

Not what you said but your demeanor. When u said what the video. Like i said i liked it.

I wrote:

It wasn’t a fun topic; Margaret hates homeless people; Craig speaks with forked tongue about his homeless strategy. For a fact, as I told the audience, I knew more about homelessness than everyone there added up and multiplied by a billion, because I had been homeless. The arrogance of people like Margaret and Craig, who know zip about homelessness, holding themselves out as knowing how to deal with it on behalf of the city. Hell, Mike, as king, I would ask you and your lady to be my homeless advisers and policy makers and enforcers, because you both have been homeless and are darn near being homeless again. I’d get you paid a livable wage, with benefits, for doing it. I’d make Craig and Margaret and Tony Yaniz and the other city commissioners all spend a month living on the street in Key West, dodging city police, going to jail for being homeless. Then, I’d make them all sleep nights at KOTS for a month, so they know what that’s like, too. And you and your lady are in charge of that all getting carried out. And of getting actually affordable rental housing on Truman Waterfront, for poor working stiffs like yourselves, who can’t afford Key West market rate rents and are about to go homeless; and for working homeless who cannot pay market rate rents. As for Mark Ryno, I’d put him in charge of the city’s new morning radio show, “Good Morning Key West”, broadcast daily online. Mark’s guests are anyone who wants to be interviewed, first come, first serve. Guests can say anything they want to say, use any language they wish, for ten minutes. You and your lady

Mud Dawg's guardian angelAK 47 womanbiker chick

get to decide if Mark’s guests get to keep breathing after they’ve had their say.


Bon appetit.

I saw a wonderful movie at Tropic Cinema last night about resolution of opposites – “Le Chef”. I hope it portends easier going for me, and for all my relations, near, distant and as yet non-existent.

Higgs Beach party

I’m scheduled to be interviewed tomorrow morning, 8:20 a.m., by Bill Becker on US 1 Radio’s “Morning Magazine” –  104.1 FM.  Livestreaming at www.us1radio.com. Bill just now sent me an email re-confirming the interview, and saying, “Also, I noted on today’s show that you have cleared up the name-change confusion with the Alabama Bar.”

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

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Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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