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First today, more Facebook “friendly fire” from Sammy Sam up Big Pine Key Way. Sammy is the Direct TV guy in that area. Lots of people around there view him as their lifeline to the world and the stars. Read that literally and spiritually.

I urge everyone to VOTE FOR Sloan Bashinsky for Mayor of KeY West! If you want change for the better, this is our man!

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  • John Wirtanen Change? We’ve heard that before somewhere.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky As have I heard it before, ad nauseum. Barack Obama got elected the first time by promising “Change, Hope”. All B,S,, of course. Having only one of the seven votes on the city commission, the mayor can’t change anything in how the city government operates. What the mayor can do, as the city’s “top” elected official and public ambassador and the one who runs city commission meetings, is set the tone for the city government operations and the city itself. The mayor can provide vision, if such is in his/her make up. The mayor can draw a lot of attention to the city, if such is in his/her makeup, attention that can draw visitors. The mayor can publicly air the city’s problems, which many would prefer remain covered, if such is in his/her makeup.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky You have not seen change since Craig Cates was elected in 2009, other than his police getting publicly exposed for their good deeds. You will not see any change, if Margaret Romero is elected, other than perhaps severe conservative regression. Neither are visionaries. Both are insular in their thinking. Both are Conchs. Neither offer practical or workable solutions to really tough issues.facing the city. Both operate inside the box, lack creativity. I’m their opposite. And, being mayor is not important to me. I have no motive to have the job. There is nothing in it for me but perhaps grief. As I said at Hometown PAC’s Call to Candidate last April, anyone who wants to be mayor of Key West is insane. I should have added, or an ego-maniac, or a crook, or a combo of any and all. Yet, if I were elected, I would give the job my all, as I give what I do now my all.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Somebody banged me on Facebook yesterday for my not wanting a “positive mayor”. I replied, a mayor who can not, or will not, see this city’s many troubles has his head stuck in the sand, and I do not see that as a positive mayor. The person said I should get a real job. I said, he has no clue what a real job is, but he would get a clue, if he lived in my skin for 5 minutes, by the end of which time he would be insane, and if he was lucky, he then would die, not because he is a bad person, but because he was not prepared to do what I do. This person is well known in KW and is strongly for Craig Cates, I must be getting to him, if he came at me that way, even as he said I am irrelevant, nobody pays any attention to me. I replied, if I am irrelevant, he would pay no attention to me: he”d never bother with me. What I said at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum Monday night is true. If I am elected, it will be a shot heard around the world, it will get Key West lots of attention.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Might be, if I’m elected, a great deal might change for Key West. Not because I caused the change, but because what told me run for mayor might do. Hometown PAC’s video of its candidate forum is still crashing, Hometown’s chairman Todd German told me today. It’s still crashing because the angels who crashed it during the candidate forum are still crashing it. They did not care for John Dolan-Heitlinger and Jennifer Hulse being on that forum’s panel, because they want more and bigger cruise ships calling on Key West, which isn’t a good thing for the city nor for Mother Nature. Instead, they should be hollering to stop the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships from calling on Key West.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky The angels made their sentiments known by killing the audio in the livestream of the forum. They still are making their sentiments known. That bugs me, because I feel lots of people should see that video and hear what the candidates in all three races were asked and what they replied. I especially want people to be able to compare the county commission candidates and the mayor candidates. But it’s out of my hands. I wondered several times today, if Hometown needs to make a public apology for having John Dolan-Heitlinger and Jennifer Hulse on that forum panel? I wondered if that was what the angels are waiting on, for them to stop crashing the video? I know the angels are perfectly capable of doing that, I have seen them cause people great distress for making big mistakes. And I have seen people not understand, or accept, that they brought it onto themselves.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Key West invited the angels in without any conditions when the City Commission formally adopted the One Human Family philosophy as the city’s own philosophy. From that moment, Key West was fair game for the angels in all respects. They sent me here because of that, and because they had trained me, and because I had been in love with the Keys since I was 14 years old. I’ll be 72 in October. The angels changed me completely after they apprehended me in early 1987. They don’t put me into a situation unless it is stuck. Key West is stuck.
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  • SammySam LaBoy-Velez Sloan, you and I have sat down many times and have discussed these issues, and you know that I’ve always had your back! In fact just so that you know, that’s me who’s always defending you on the C.T. Luv ya my brother!

C.T. is www.bigpinekey.com’s Coconut Telegraph’s popular moan and praise blog, Sloan and angels excerpts from which led off yesterday’s conjugating sense and senseless in the Key West mayor’s race  post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com.

Here is the Facebook thread started by the Craig Cates backer, whom I mentioned briefly in my reply to Sammy Sam.

Here’s what I don’t understand…why don’t Sloan Bashinsky and Margaret Romeo like a positive Mayor? Why does it all have to be despair?

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  • Tom Theisen They bitch but have no solutions themselves. If you don’t have a better idea, stop bitching or leave.
  • Mark Ryno that’s a big 10-4, buddy
  • Sloan Bashinsky You two must not be listening to what I say. I name one problem after another and offer solutions. I offer new ways to generate new revenues for the local economy. I must be getting to you two, for you to come at me with made up stories you know are not true? So typical in politics. As, Ryno, you putting up on your FB page a that Craig was doing well during the Pirate Radio mayor’s debate,and Margaret was angry and I was unbalanced. In fact, Craig was unbalance; I was sitting right next to him feeling and seeing it. And when I commented into the FB thread you had started, after being told of it by Tom Milone, you deleted my comment, and the comments, other than yours, to which I had responded. When I made another comment, you took down the entire thread. Perhaps because I had caught a Pirate Radio employee red-handed politicizing during the debate Pirate Radio was hosting – I imagine a violation of federal law. Also, because I imagine, my comments were chewing up you and Craig. I saved everything on your thread and published it at goodmorningkewwest.com, so all was not lost. I won’t take down you two’s criticism. I give everyone their say, unedited. By the way, Ryno, you told me Pirate Radio had interviewed Craig and Margaret 4 times each, when I had only been interviewed once by myself. I said I was pretty sure that violated federal law, too. The debate did not fix that. I’m still 3 interviews behind. I doubt Craig would get onto you about that, though, but I would get onto you about it, if it were the other way around,and Pirate Radio had interviewed me 4 times, but had only interviewed Craig once. Or Margaret had only been interviewed once, I would get onto you about that, too.
  • Tom Theisen And the solutions should not be long winded.
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  • Mark Ryno Stop quoting and making threats about federal law which clearly you and tom Milone know nothing of. And as far as me making comments about the debate, I still believe we live in America. But if I were you, I’d keep making long winded comments on Facebook. They don’t make you seem unbalanced at all.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Tom said nothing about federal law, and I never said he did. The solutions I recommend are short and sweet. Just today, after the Business Guild forum and meeting ended, a fellow named Mike Ingram came over to me and said I always make the most sense at forums. I said that’s because I’m not a politician. He said politicians make nonsense, they conjugate it. I laughed, said I’d like to quote him on that. He said okay. I have seen Mike around, but don’t know him. Todd German told me right after the Hometown forum ended Monday night, that I was at my all time best during the forum. Out in the lobby afterward, Monroe County Mayor Shirley Emeritus Shirley Freeman told me, “You’re the best.” A number of people milling around thanked me for what I had said during the forum. I’m still getting thanked, it happened again just a little while ago in the Tropic lobby. One of the people there said, a way to solve the affordable housing crises is to commandeer three cruise ships. I laughed, said, I had published the same about two weeks ago, seize cruise ships when they dock, turn the passengers over to the Coast Guard and Border Patrol, and turn on ship into a homeless shelter, and the other ships into affordable public rental housing. It was a joke, of course, What I say at candidate forums is to let the Housing Authority build as much rental housing on Truman Waterfront as can be built out there. That’s far more needed than another public park, which homeless people cannot be kept out of, unless an entrance fee is charged; a park which was supposed to pay for itself, but the city will pay for it, and for its upkeep. Meaning, the taxpayers will pay for it. I don’t see you two, or Craig, offering any sensible solutions to any Key West troubles. Not even the candidate forums, nor Pirate Radio’s mayor candidates debate, went anywhere near the very real problems with KWPD, which the blue paper is keeping from sailing silently into the night. I’m the only candidate who injects police issues into the candidate forums, and into Pirate Radio’s debate. The city is totally out of balance on a number of very serious issues, meaning the people running the city are totally out of balance.
  • Mark Ryno Another long winded campaign letter from Sloan. There’s something, first of all, you don’t understand about Facebook. It’s not a place to campaign on someone else’s page. Use your own. Secondly, Sloan. You want my honest opinion, I think you’re a kook delivering just as angry a platform as Margaret. No matter how good your ideas may be they’re delivered along with a platter of shit and negativity. You give Craig no credit for being able to do what you will never do and that’s become Mayor of anything. You are irrelevant. You have become a bad joke of yourself. In 2009, an election I also covered. And gave my opinion on, you got a little over 100 votes. It was embarrassing. In 2014, you’ll be lucky to get that many. Lucky. And now I feel lousy for sinking to your level and giving something for you to write about in your little blog that you write that no one reads. Now leave me and Key West alone with your negativity and go get a real job.
  • Mark Ryno And by the way, even using my comments on your blog is not allowed. This is MY page and you have NO permission to use any of this.
  • Mark Ryno OH, and one more thing, you never did answer the initial simple question. 1,000 word essay without the ability to answer a simple 3rd grade question. Very Mayoral.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Mark, you invited me into this discussion today when I received a copy in my email account of the thread you started today, bonking Margaret Romero and me. If you don’t want me to know what you are doing on Facebook involving me, don’t send me news of it, and don’t send my friends news of it. If I was irrelevant, Mark, it would not even occur to you to bonk me on Facebook. You would not give me the time of day. I think maybe I got about 260 votes in 2009, still not a ripple in the pond. I may not get that many votes this year. You have no clue what a real job is, Mark. You would, though, if you lived in my skin five minutes. Then, you would go insane. If you were lucky, you then would die. Not because you are a bad person, but because you had not been gotten into shape to do what I do. It took the angels many years to get me to where I can do what I now do. The training was horrible beyond human comprehension. It’s still horrible. Be careful, Mark, how you respond to that. You do not want a “demonstration”, which the angels easily can visit upon you, to make you public evidence of their presence and involvement in this mayor’s race and the city of Key West’s affairs.
  • Mark Ryno Kook. Still do not have permission to use any of this on my page. And by the way, a little over 100 votes in 2009. Guarantee it. I covered it. You wish 260. Good night Sloan. The bully. Who has to push and bully people to back track on their statements. I’m tougher and smarter than you think and I welcome your angels
  • Mark Ryno Oh and STILL didn’t answer the initial question.
  • Mark Ryno And there was no “bonk” on you it was a question that you still haven’t answered
  • Sloan Bashinsky I stand corrected, here’s what I just pulled from the Supervisor of Election’s Office website: S Bashinsky 113 I call them as I see them, Mark. I give credit where it is due, and I criticize where it is due. I offer solutions. I do not sugar coat. I do not pretend something is not wrong when it is clearly wrong. I make no apology for it. A number of times at city commission meetings I have sided with Craig when he was catching grief. And, a number of times I have given him grief. At his campaign victory party in 2009, at Camille’s, he and his campaign manager both thanked me for getting him elected without a runoff. At candidate forums, I had told audiences, if they did not vote for me, then vote for Craig, but do not vote for Morgan McPherson or Mike Mongo. Way I look at it, Mark, anything you publicly publish about me online I can run with. Same for anything I publish about your or anyone else online, you or they can run with. I hope, for your sake, the angels do not take your boast seriously. You have no clue what they can do to you, which you very definitely would not like even a little bit. I hope, if they demonstrate on you, that they do it lightly, playfully, but in a way you know what’s going on. I have seen them demonstrate in that way, and I have seen them demonstrate very severely on people I know.
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  • Mark Ryno Kook. Mike Mongo got over 800 votes in 2009, you had zero impact. Print what you want, no one reads your blog anyway. Irrelevant. Bully. And delusional, maybe that’s your angels telling you shit that isn’t true.
  • Mark Ryno And you still haven’t answered the question!!!!!
  • Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know who reads my blog, but people like Andy Griffiths, Todd German, Jolly Benson, tell me lots of people read it, who would not admit to reading it. Lots of important people down here, they say. I just write and publish. I don’t even know how many hits I get; it doesn’t matter, I write and publish what the angels arrange. I do not view a positive mayor as someone who doesn’t, or won’t, look at his city objectively, to answer your question. I view such a mayor as having his head in the sand.
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  • Mark Ryno Funny. I feel you have your head in the sand or clouds probably with your angels. I stand by everything I’ve typed here. You’re not a politician you’re a bully.
  • Mark Ryno Good night, Sloan. Good night angels
  • Sloan Bashinsky I never claimed to be a politician, and many times said I am not one. I have been called far worse than a bully, but unlike bullies, I do not cut and run when someone gets in my face.
  • Mark Ryno That just makes you a blowhard. Think about it, you’ve spent the last many hours arguing with a radio DJ. A DJ who loves any kind of promotion. Just make sure you let “a lot of people” that I’m on the radio everyday from 2-7. Thanks!
  • Sloan Bashinsky I have no problem letting a lot of people know what you do every day, but how can I do that, if, as you say, nobody reads what I publish? And if they are as down on my as you say, would they not think you also would not be worth listening to?
  • Mark Ryno I’m a promoter. I’ll take an extra 5 listeners from your blog
  • Sloan Bashinsky You might have picked up listeners you might end up wishing you had left out of this.
  • Mark Ryno Another threat. Haha. Ok Sloan. Good night.
  • Tom Theisen I dont trust Jolly Benson.

When I  tried to open that thread this morning, to reply to Tom Theisen’s last comment, the thread was not there. Maybe Mark defriended me? Maybe he took the thread down because he agreed, if I am irrelevant, it would not occur to him to give me the time of day? Maybe he didn’t want any of his Facebook friends seeing the thread? Whatever, I saved the thread as it developed, just in case it disappeared like when Mark bonked Margaret Romero and me on Facebook during Pirate Radio’s mayor debate, and I asked Mark in that thread, did Jack Smith, one of his bosses at Pirate Radio, know what Mark was doing online while the debate was in progress?

Banter yesterday with Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, playing off the redneck fishing tournament part of yesterday’s conjugating sense and senseless in the Key West mayor’s race post at goodmorningkeywest.com.

psychiatrist interviews

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: my grandmother, who I had a fond relationship
with,— made-all kinds of great food including breads and
Gefilte-fish which was delicious with beet horseradish;
one of the main components in this combination fish burger
was Carp—usually from Lake Michingan –when it was still
quite clean—i have heard a lot about the jumping Carp;
do you know anything about their edibility ??
[better than discussing corrupt politics.] have a great day !!

(going out to get some lobster)…..Jerry

I replied:

I have seen rolling carp on Alabama rivers and dammed-up lakes fed by same. I have seen boats cause carp to jump, but nothing like in the photo. Transplanted European carp. Later, Asian carp were introduced, I think because it was believed they would eat algae but could not reproduce in American waters.

I think in the south, rural people eat carp, probably smoked.

I was in Zabar’s Deli in NY City once, at the meat counter, with various fish on display. A few smoked fishes. One called “Sable”. I asked the fellow behind the counter what Sable really was? He gave me a look. I said I was a fisherman, there is no such fish named Sable, but there is an African antelope by that name. He leaned over and whispered, “carp”. I smiled, said I had figured as much. Was it good? He said he sold a lot of it. I was there to get stuff for a meal we were having with a friend on Long Island, as I recall. I told the fellow to wrap me up 2 pounds. It was quite good.

Carp is widely eaten in Europe and Asia. A cold river and cold lake fish, it changes somewhat when put into warmer American rivers and lakes. Becomes a trash fish. A nuisance. It’s in all Alabama rivers and streams, as far as I know. Rural people much prefer native “ancient” fish, such as catfish (numerous varieties), drum, bowfin and grinnel, but, as I said, I believe they smoke and eat carp. I never heard of anyone eating a garfish. I loved bluegill and shellcracker bream, and crappie. Caught and ate heaps of them. Bass were not as tasty. Don’t care much for catfish.

Of sea fish, I prefer wahoo, snook, pompano, scamp (a grouper variety), dolphin, mutton snapper, cubera snapper, mangrove snapper, red snapper, trigger fish, parrot fish, and king mackerel. Fresh fried mullet ain’t bad, either. Smoked mullet tasty, too.

On my gravestone could be chiseled:

He sometimes
drank moonshine
and ate carp.


Ooops, I’m gonna be cremated and my ashes sprinkled in various strategic parts of Keys coastal waters. The ashes, mixed with natural saltwater, will create a homeopathic remedy of heretofore unknown and unpredictable consequences, spread hither and yonder by wind and sea currents. Ghost Tours might take on an entirely new meaning down this way.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: enjoyed your message—-my grandmother’s gefilte fish was delicious
at least half from Carp—and a little of whatever they had in those days even lake trout were cheap before the lamprey invasion. Some lake trout added also delicious.
Now let me tell you what Sable-fish really is: the other name is Black Cod;
considered the TOP food fish on the planet—it has—by far–the largest % of OMEGA 3 which will clean out your coronaries post haste–more omega than King Salmon which is also top of the line for Salmon.

It is caught in frigid cold water “deep” in the Bering Sea—we import it overnight–from Alaska—we can get the whole fish or fillets or 1 lb packages all vacuum packed—–we have it probably twice a week cooked by our trained private chefs at china garden searstown. It fries in its own oil —

I have it grilled; the delicatessens who are on the ball sell it to people in the know in NY and Chicago–one quarter (1/4) pound can sell for $25 .00. usually smoked—the collars behind the head we got free and shipped them back —unbelievable good — the Chinese here order it hundreds of pounds whole fish.

We will treat you some evening to sable fish.

We don’t usually eat until around 9 PM. just say the word.


I replied:

Yum, tell me when, I’ll be there 🙂

Dang, I know there have to be people who are scratching their noggin’s over Key West’s psychiatrist emeritus and his lovely wife Donna inviting the fellow Ryno described into their home for sable fish.  Besides a full private practice, Jerry told me he was the school district’s psychiatrist and he treated every writer in Key West. The only enemies he knew he made were people he could not give an appointment to see him, because he was so booked up.

Several times I have told Jerry he’s going to get a reputation if he keeps being seen in public with me.

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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