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Feather Talk

Something moved me yesterday to look at the popular Coconut Telegraph moan and praise page at I saw a comment about me talking to angels, then another comment on same topic. I went back to the day before and found related comments. I went back farther and found the comment which set that thread into motion. Here are all the comments I saw in the thread, ending with yesterday.

holy stud angel

I wish Sloan Bashinsky had never mentioned angels in his dreams that guide his life. I would have voted for him last time except for that. He’s still at it, apparently. I would very much to elect someone with his views, but I just can’t get past the nonsensical angel stuff.

[KW Mayor] Without Sloan Bashinsky in the debate a lot of issues wouldn’t have been discussed like homelessness for example and Eimers’ death.

[KW Mayor] Who cares where Sloan’s guidance comes from. As long as his guidance is good for Key West he should be mayor! He is not crazy to think angels guide his dreams. Indians since before the white man came to America believed spirits guided them. Church believes a higher power is out there too. So if you want Tony Yaniz in Drag (Romero) or more of our happy-go-lucky mayor who does nothing but attend charity events, quit worrying about Sloan’s angels.

[KW Mayor] Sloan may listen to angels, but unlike most politicians, he doesn’t think he is God.

[Sloan has my vote] To be quite honest, It doesn’t bother me at all that Sloan isn’t afraid of, and is openly honest enough to mention his dreams with Angels who guide him. Is this really so bad? He’s the only person who made sense throughout the entire debate with the other two candidates. Most of you openly confess to feeling and believing in a God no one has ever seen before. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Especially that in the bible there are plenty of stories of people who were approached by angels and were guided to greatness. Maybe Sloan is holier than thou, but all I can say as an atheist, is this will not stop me from voting for Sloan Bashinsky. I truly believe that Sloan will do a lot of good for K.W., the kind of change all of you here cry about that you want done so badly. Well here’s your chance people. Don’t let it slip away.

I, Sloan, have no clue who wrote those comments. Deer Ed, owner of the Coconut Telegraph, does not reveal the identity of his readers who send in comments. He prides his blog as being anonymous, unless a submitter insists on being identified. I had a few rows with Ed for letting readers take cheap shots at other people, including me, who did not put their names on their cheap shots. I had a few rows with Ed’s readers for taking cheap shots, knowing they would not be identified. I called them yellow-bellied cowards, and a few other nice names.

A posse of Sloan-slammers evolved on the Coconut Telegraph; they called me the Fool on Little Torch – FOLT – a label I hardly could deny, for anyone would have to be fool to do what I do.

April fool

And there were Coconut Telegraph readers who sometimes submitted comments in my favor. I figured if I wasn’t pissing some of them off, I was screwing up.

Also up from Big Pine Key way yesterday, actually, from Little Torch Key, the island just below:

I urge everyone to VOTE FOR Sloan Bashinsky for Mayor of KeY West! If you want change for the better, this is our man!

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  • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, SammySam, miss the peace and quiet up there on Little Torch; but sometimes the action down here is downright interesting. Hope all a-okay with you. If elected, I will propose that Key West purchase Loo Key Tiki Bar, hire all of its professional, semi-professional and amateur musicians, and load them all up on a few flatbed trailers and haul them down here to Key West and put them in on the outer mole to serenade cruise ship passengers while the Coast Guard and Border Patrol haul them away; then they serenade any and all other people who want to enjoy the outer mole again, even the Navy.  Another good location for the relocated revered tiki bar would be the side of Higgs Beach between White Street Pier and the Martello. Ciaosky, Trosky
  • SammySam LaBoy-Velez LOL Sloan, can’t help but love ya buddy! Good luck with the elections! I’m ROOTING for ya, and will continue to post this on FB!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Sammy, 20 more days to the primary election, I wonder what all mischief the angels have up their sleeves between now and then? They seem to be a bit more “energized” in this race than in past times. Starting late last night, I felt like I’d swallowed rat poison. Still feel that way. Dang, I thought when I moved back down here, I left all those rats on Little Torch? Miss Kitty sure kept them out of my trailer, but they are all over the woods up there. She’s living with Sandy Downs and her tribe now. Sandy said, Miss Kitty showed up, they didn’t see any more rats there. Maybe I need to borrow her for a few days down here. Meow

Follow up on my inquiry to a former law client re the Alabama Bar Association telling Bill Becker they had no record of Sloan Bashinsky:

Hi, Carolyn – Hope all good with you and yours. You might find interesting that one of the panelists at last night Hometown PAC candidate forum led off the mayor candidates part with telling me, and the live audience and other panelists and the other two mayor candidates, that he had contacted the Alabama Bar Association and they said they had no record of my having practiced law in Alabama. I’m going to call the Bar Association later this morning, to see what that’s all about on their end, must be something cosmic. Meanwhile, would you mind writing back to me a bit on the case I tried in US District Court in Birmingham for you as Executrix, I think, of your husband’s estate. I’d like to share it with the panelist, who is a big-time radio personality down here, has a huge listening audience (for the Keys). Thanks. Sloan

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  • Ron Black…/Sloan_Bashinsky,…
    Mar 23, 2010 – Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr (born October 7, 1942 in Birmingham) is an author and former candidate …

    Sloan, Carolyn is not feeling well today, and has an appointment with her doctor later today.

    I am Ron Black, Carolyn’s husband and I know you practiced law in Alabama. Furthermore, I know you represented the children of Jay Taylor Johnson, Carolyn’s first husband, who lost his life as a result of a private plane crash near the Mobile AL airport .

    I hope this helps. Should you need any more details maybe Carolyn can get back to you in a day or so.

  • Carolyn Black Hi Sloan, This is Carolyn, Sorry to hear that someone would doubt that you practiced law in Alabama. It is ludicrous to make such an accusation considering your representation in my case against the U.S.A., NTSB & or FAA . I was a witness at the trial when you, the lead attorney, & Robin or Roben represented my children in Judge Pointers court. I have the original filing, testified at the trial & have letters from you prior to the trial & subsequent letters after the trial. Also newspaper articles concerning the trial & your book, “Kill All The Lawyers” which includes my case among other cases that you featured in the book . Please advise me concerning copies that you would like & I will be more than willing to provide them, along with our family’s best wishes for your successful campaign!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Carolyn, thanks. Good hearing from you. Turned out, one of my life’s many bumps led to my changing my name from Sloan Young Bashinsky to Sloan Young, in early 2000, and I notified the Alabama Bar Association of that, and they changed all of their records of me to Sloan Young, so when someone in Key West recently inquired of them re Sloan Bashinsky, they had no such person on record. The Alabama Bar told me yesterday, if I send them the name change document back to Bashinsky, they will change their records accordingly. Just another cosmic joke?, going through that again the other night at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum. I wrote about the Alabama Bar Association part of the forum this past Tuesday morning at – August 5. I spoke with a young Hometown volunteer yesterday, who was working on the video; it had no sound when they live-streamed it during the forum. The volunteer said she was hoping to have the video up on Hometown’s website last night, but I just checked and it’s not up and running yet at Easily, the most fun I ever had a a candidate forum, and I’ve participated in a lot candidate forums down here. I hope they are able to resolve the problem in the video, so the forum can be watched online. The mayor’s race was the third and last race in the event.

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.

Before Stew Shaw interviewed me on WAIL 99.5 FM Radio yesterday morning,

Stew Shaw

he said he first arrived in Key West in 1977, lived here a long time, then went a way for a while and not long ago returned. I said 1977 was back in the fun days, before the new bridges were built and driving aross the old bridges was wild adventure. He laughed, said he somehow never lost an outside rear-view mirror.

The interview was about 9 minutes, Stew raised the “Morning Stew” topics. We covered the city spending its time and energy trying to get street people out of sight in a shelter at night, instead of providing affordable rental housing for new homeless people and people about to go homeless; the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West; and the ocean being infested with MRSA, which is known to all divers and physicians in the Keys.

Stew did not ask about KWPD issues.

protect and serve 2

After the interview, I said not one candidate forum or candidate debate has asked the mayor candidates about police misbehavior, and I wonder if the Business Guild forum at noon yesterday will go into that? (No, it turned out.)

Stew said he’d seen and heard of a lot of bad things done to people down here by KW police officers. Horrible things. To people he knew, who were not homeless. Stew said it’s been like that no matter who was the police chief; no matter how good the police chief, police officers mistreating citizens persisted; it’s part of the police department, Stew said.

During the the Business Guild meeting’s early socializing and businessizing, 

ship of fools 2

a microphone was passed around and everyone there got to briefly introduces themselves and say where they work and any positions they hold. When the mic came to me, I said, “Sloan Bashinsky,, one of the usual mayor candidate suspects.” Laughter

The Key West school board candidates went first, and were allowed to introduce themselves. They were asked several questions I would have loved to have gotten to answer.

The forum was running short of time,due to two races being covered, and Todd German, the moderator and just past Business Guild president,

Todd German

told the audience they all knew the candidates already, so let’s go straight to the questions.

If I had gotten to introduce myself, I would have said, if elected, my first official act will be to apologize to Charles Eimers’ children, on behalf of the City of Key West, for Key West police killing their father. Then, I might have reported what Stew Shaw had told me about KWPD.

We had one minute to answer each question.

The first and last questions were about equal rights for all people, including the right to marry anyone you want to marry. The Business Guild was founded by gays and lesbians, but later acquired straight members. I was a member when I lived in Key West during 1997-2000, when the angels moved me back up to Little Torch Key, to help me work harder on being a fool.

Summarizing my answers to both equal rights questions, I said, I was attending city commission meetings years before I ever heard of Craig Cates or Margaret Romero, saying during citizen comments that gay people should have equal rights. I once had a gay girlfriend. Laughter. She didn’t care that I was straight, I didn’t care that she had a girlfriend. Laughter. My brother was bi-sexual. He was married and had children, and he had his other life with gay men friends. Eventually, he killed himself because someone was going to out him. People told me nobody would do that today, they didn’t believe he’d killed himself over that. I told them they didn’t know the society in which he was living in Birmingham, what his straight society would have thought about his other life. So he checked himself out. I saw horrible prejudice in Birmingham, and was part of it at one time, but grew out of it. This issue is deeply personal to me. It really pisses me off that church people, government people and elected officials tell people who they can love and live with.

My anger and sadness engulfed me; my emotion had to be palpable in the audience.

The second question was on giving raises to the lowest-paid city employees, who are making $10-11 an hour. I said that was discussed for maybe 45 minutes at the previous night’s city commission meeting. Margaret Romero and I, and maybe 3 or 4 other citizens, were there, who could have been interested in that, which indicates how little citizen interest there is in the subject. Give the low-paid employees a raise, so they are making what their counterparts make at the electric company and the water company. Pay for the raises by cutting spending. Stop buying things people want but do not need. Everyone here has a pet peeve about something the city bought but did not need. And provide actually affordable rental housing for the low-paid employees. The only such housing is the Housing Authority’s public housing, a lot of which could be put on Truman Waterfront, instead of an expensive park which is supposed to pay for itself but won’t.

The third question was, what did we envision for Key West ten years from now? I said, in the old days they stoned prophets no matter how their prophesies turned out. No one in this room knows what Key West will be like in ten years. I would like to see the city provide actually affordable rental housing. I would like to stop the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships from calling on Key West, which the Chamber of Commerce revealed last year during the bring in bigger cruise ship referendum come here and have since the beginning. I’d like see this 2 x 4 mile Puritan enclave get over itself and make a nude beach out the upper half of Smathers Beach – laughter – and that would bring in a new breed of tourists with lots of money. Todd said my time was up, as I said I could go on for two weeks. Laughter.

After the Guild meeting ended, a fellow named Mike Ingram came over to me and said I always make the most sense at candidate forums. I said that’s because I’m not a politician. He said politicians make nonsense, they conjugate it. I laughed, said I’d like to quote him on that. He said okay.

Recent funning with Gary Ek, aka Reverend Gweko Phlocker, aka Soundman From Hell:


Dear Sloan,

The owners of the station are allowing me to offer the 2014 Political candidates a special advertising rate for your campaign. This will be available for the next Three Months, prior to the upcoming elections.

As you know I have been with The X 104.9 for over a year and a half as their night time/ overnight DJ. Our Monday Night “Live and Dead” show has been ranked as the most listened to night time radio show in the keys. And our “Blues-day Tuesday” show is quickly becoming Number Two, Along with my Nightly “Key West Show” on The X.

Over 200,000 internet hits on our online stream and 1,000’s of loyal listeners from Marathon on down South to 5 miles short of Havana, have the potential to hear your ad on our station, and vote.

We are offering a Minimum of 50 spots to you at only $8 per spot, for three months. That’s only $100 per week. We will produce the (up to 1 minute) promo for you from your script or bullet points, or play any ad you furnish.

Because you are my personal choice for the elected office, I would be willing to do a Studio or “On Air” Interview with you as well, tape it, and play it during my upcoming shows.

This spot deal will be offered to all candidates at this rate, so this deal is on a first come first served basis. If you would like to discuss this further feel free to contact me at or you may call me on my cell # at 3059009544.

Good Luck in the upcoming campaign, when you win the election I know you will do what is right for the people of Key West.
May Peace Be With You….. and yours,

Gary W. Ek
Engineer / Host
executive producer
key west show
TheX Key West 104.9 fm

I replied:

Dang, Reverend, I am moved to tears – almost 🙂 – by your papal blessing, encouragement and faith, may my own be strengthened. Sadly, or happily, I simply don’t have the dough to run those kinds of political ads, and even if I did, I doubt I would run them. because I really don’t like those kinds of ads (air pollution comes to mind), which tell little, to nothing, about candidates, other than they are spending money to beg, cajole, impress, cajole people to vote for them. That’s not meant meanly toward you or your radio station, it’s just a long-held personal racial prejudice, which appears all likely terminal in this pilgrim from upscale country club set redneckdom, who fell quite a ways before finding what seemed to be a bottom, the sidewalks of Key West . What I wish I could do is buy an hour of time on your radio station, and spend that hour simply talking with you and any listeners who call in about homeless people in general, and Key West’s homeless situation in particular. I’m seeing and hearing frequently how little people down here really know about and understand that mostly sad part of humanity and what the challenges (understatement) are to changing it; massaging probably more apt to fit, and simply trying to manage and cope even closer to the meat of the coconut, very little, if you are real hungry and didn’t eat in a while. Perhaps that topic is something of interest to you and the other honchos in your sound of music church? We could sing some good old time and grateful dead and alive hymns, too, if so moved by the Great Music Spirit. Perhaps such a sidewalk and bench show might draw more listeners to that hour than usual. Perhaps it might draw snipers and grenades. Never know about such matters in advance. Here is one of my bodyguards. Ciaosky, Sloan

homeless terrorist

Gary wrote:

I love that concept, let me run it by the boss.

Personally I will do whatever it takes for you to win. So I don’t have to vote for you again, or deal with the other two that are running against you.
May Peace Be With You….. and yours,

I replied:

Thanks for your recurring encouraging remarks, my ego needs all the stroking it can get, since angels of the Lord seem determined to keep shooting it full of holes.

You seem to remember that I have said, if I win, I won’t seek another term. Mayor Cates said during his first mayor’s race in 2009, in which I was one of the four candidates, that if he won, he would not seek another term. This now is his fourth consecutive mayor’s race, same number I’ve run (2003, 2007, 2009, 2014), or maybe walked, or even waddled might be more apt, as time, gravity, wear and tear inexorably prevailed.

I meant it about not running again, if I win. I figure I will shoot my wad all out in two years just by doing what’s in front of me, instead of running parallel again for office. As I’ve retorted in the past, running for elected office should be made a capital offense, punishable by being immediately shot or fed to sharks without indictment, prosecution or trial. All elected officials should be conscripted by write-in vote, against their wishes preferred, as anyone who actually covets an elected office is insane, an ego-maniac, or a crook, or one or more combinations.

But for The Boss of All of Us, I wouldn’t have run the first time, but when you hear to run, if you know what’s good for you, and if you’ve had countless up close and personal lasting impressions drilled into your soul and hide by angels of The Boss of All of Us, then you do what you are told to do, because you sure as hell don’t want to experience the alternative again.

I hope something can be worked out for a homeless presentation on your station’s sound waves; it’s a subject I learned a bit about sleeping in various and sundry places outside in Key West, and in vehicles, and on living room floors and couches, and at KOTS and in Florida Keys Outreach Coalition shelters, not counting other places of critical siesta concern on the mainland and on Maui.

Here’s another of my body guards; I think I heard her say she was drafted for Queen of Fantasy Fest as a write-in candidate.

Devil or Angel 2

“Mud Dawg” Mike Tolbert sent this funner yesterday:

mud dog

Redneck Fishing Tournament Eliminates Thousands of Unwanted Carp From River

redneck fishing tournament

Photo courtesy of 9th Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament

BATH, Ill. (KMOX) – More than 7,000 invasive carp were removed from the Illinois River this past weekend during the 9th Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament.

“Every year I’m amazed at how many people turn out,” said Betty DeFord, who organizes the tournament. “More and more people are being made aware of the problems these fish create.”

Four, 2-hour fishing heats spread over Friday and Saturday netted 7,126 fish. The Sushi Slayer team from Washington, Ill. took first place with 531 Asian carp. Schafer Fisheries hauled away the fish to process into fertilizer.

Tournament proceeds will help homeless veterans through the Veterans Affairs hospital in Danville. More than $1,700 was raised through raffles. The Sushi Slayers and other top finishers donated their winnings to help the cause.

What’s unique about the Redneck Fishing Tournament is no poles are allowed. Participants catch the fish, which can top 20 pounds, with nets as they jump from the river when spooked by the noise of the motors.

Asian carp have taken over stretches of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Their jumping makes water recreation dangerous and they destroy native species’ habitat.

This year, the tournament added cooking demonstrations as part of a growing effort to establish a market for the fish that are disgusting looking but tasty if properly prepared. Chef Philippe Parola from Louisiana and Clint Carter from Carter’s Fish Market in Springfield showed how to clean and cook the carp.

“My mission is to educate people how good this fish is to eat,” said Parola.

The tournament began out of DeFord’s frustration with her grandchildren being pelted by carp while trying to enjoy the river. The tournament now draws thousands annually to the tiny Mason County community. It attracts participants and media attention from around the world.

“Unfortunately, the carp will be back,” said DeFord. “But so will we.”

The 10th Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament is tentatively set for Aug. 7, 8, 2015.


Importing carp into USA had serious unintended consequences. Sort of reminds me of importing cruise ships and developers into Key West.

I bumped into some people in Tropic Cinema’s lobby last night, who wanted to talk about Hometown PAC’s candidate forum and city issues. They agreed, the city was way overbuilt, and now there is no fix for clogged streets and scarce parking, especially in Old Town, and transient rental units, which, like rats, are everywhere.


One fellow said, a way to solve the affordable housing crises is to commandeer three cruise ships. I laughed, said, I had published much the same about two weeks ago: seize cruise ships when they dock, turn the passengers over to the Coast Guard and Border Patrol, and turn one ship into a homeless shelter, and the other ships into affordable public rental housing.

It was a joke, of course.

What I say at candidate forums is to let the Housing Authority build as much rental housing on Truman Waterfront as can be built out there. That’s far more needed than another public park, which homeless people cannot be kept out of, unless an entrance fee is charged; a park which was supposed to pay for itself, but the city will pay for it, and for its upkeep. Meaning, the taxpayers will pay for it. $20,000,000, or maybe more, that park is supposed to cost. While the city pays $40,000+ for a study, as per Tuesday night’s city commission meeting, on giving the city’s lowest-paid workers raises.

If the city’s lowest-paid workers all went on strike, the city government would grind to a halt. Meaning, the city’s lowest paid workers are the most important employees in the city government. If the city’s elected politicians were to disappear, the city government would keep on operating. Meaning …

,Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

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