Mayor Craig Cates describes Key West like it’s Eden before the fall, but the blue angels and mayor candidate Sloan Bashinsky ‘splain things the way they really be; mayor candidate Margaret Romero slipped and slided a bit in the Charles Eimers death by KWPD deep blue sea case; plus some blue bird fan mail, and the wild blue yonder mystery of the Alabama State Bar Association not having any record of Sloan Bashinsky having practiced law in Alabama solved

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Below this teaser to www.thebluepaper ‘s latest KWPD conduct unbecoming article are recent readers and blue paper editorial comments not previous published by me:

Police Point Gun At Six-Year-Old Boy — and More…


It’s 6:27 p.m. — Sheila Carey and her two children are riding in a rented limo, a special treat to celebrate their outstanding report cards.  They’ve just dropped off their friend, eleven-year-old Shanyia Winn, who is now home alone taking a shower. A few minutes later, at 6:29 p.m. — the limo is stopped at gunpoint and surrounded by Key West police officers.  The mother is thrown to the sidewalk and handcuffed.  Her six-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter are seized by the officers, guns pointed at their faces. […full article]


Replace the whole police force!

There are many professional, hardworking, honest police officers working for KWPD and we should all be grateful that they are there for us when we need them. Howevever, it is becoming more and more evident that there are a small number of officers whose behavior needs to be looked at – seriously looked at. And I’ll venture to bet that the officers who try to do their jobs professionally are even more interested than the rest of us in seeing some bad apples removed from the force. Nothing good will come of bashing an entire police force. The fact that nothing is being done about what is likely a handful of bad cops is where we should focus our concern. When public officials learn that citizens and visitors are dying and being seriously injured while being placed under arrest, that innocent elementary school children and grandmas are being held at gunpoint, and that homes of African American residents are being stormed by hooded officers dressed in S.W.A.T. gear – possibly just for the fun of it, then SOMEONE in charge should be seriously looking into it. All we’ve heard from the Police Chief is that from what he can tell his “officers have behaved appropriately” [think Charles Eimers and Matthew Shaun Murphy]. The Chief also announced last week at the CRB meeting [not long after Matthew Shaun Murphy’s fiance left the podium in tears because it was all just too emotional for her] that he is working with FDLE to REMOVE THE REQUIREMENT for an FDLE investigation when someone is seriously injured by police officers. And all we are getting out of our City Manager, Mayor and City Commissioners is SILENCE and INACTION. All we are getting out of FDLE and the State Atorney’s Office is whitewashing. I encourage everyone to communicate with public officials about their concerns. ~ Naja Girard

I agree, Naja, there are good police officers in KWPD. But of the 13, or was it 14 officers involved in just the Charles Eimers incident, how many filed incident reports which did not get contracted by the bystanders’ video? How many then came forward and told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Perhaps we will have a sense of that when – and if – the FDLE report and the Grand Jury findings are made public.
When I spoke on the phone with Arnaud yesterday morning, I said it might get the mayor, city commissioners and city manager and attorney’s attention, if steamed up citizens pack Old City Hall during a city commission meeting, and sit through the entire meeting glaring at folks on the other side of the wooden rail, and when time for closing citizen comments comes, whenever that is, each steamed up citizen spends 3 minutes letting the folks on the other side of the rail know how they feel about what you wrote above and have been reporting. City commission meetings, including citizen comments, are televised live on Channel 77, isn’t it? And later can be brought up and watched online, yes?
You are right. Unhappy citizens need to start speaking out to the city officials. They need to put their names and faces on their protests. And they need to be Key West residents or work in Key West. I told Arnaud, for example, that I doubt city officials care what John Donnelly contributes to the blue paper about KWPD wrongdoing, because John lives on Key Largo. Arnaud said he had not known that’s where John lives.
It may be, Naja, that nothing will cause the city officials to change they way the respond to the kind of KWPD you and Arnaud are investigating and reporting. I mean, if they have not come around yet, what’s to cause me, you, or anyone to expect they ever will come around?
These KWPD cases are not being put to the mayor candidates (so far) at candidate forums and debates. I have interjected the Eimers case during opening and closing remarks, and sometimes in answering questions about homeless people. That tells me the folks who put on those forums and debates are not concerned about KWPD. The Lodging Association, the Chamber of Commerce, Pirate Radio, the golf course community. I wonder if there will be a KWPD question at Hometown PAC’s forum this evening at Tropic Cinema?
Even so, it’s important to keep putting KWPD wrongdoing into the bright sunshine, so KWPD and the city officials don’t get clean away with it. But for you, Naja, and Arnaud, that’s what would have happened in these awful cases.
In my opinion, you and Arnaud have taken the blue paper to a level far beyond its previous incarnation. You didn’t wish to do police stuff. You had no beef with KWPD when you took over the blue paper. You are not reporting from a position of having a grudge against KWPD. You are putting yourselves in KWPD’s cross hairs nearly every week. I still say a Pulitzer is in order.

SKD AUGUST 4, 2014 AT 11:16 PM
Read this somewhere on facebook 🙂 Sums it all up rather simply.
“good cops who protect bad cops are not good cops”

During a candidate forum this past Monday night, Hometown PAC’s chairman Todd German announced someone from Islamorada had notified him there was no sound on the livestream broadcast.

When I talked on the phone with Todd Tuesday morning, he said they hoped the sound could be put into the video of the event, which they had intended to put on Hometown’s website in the next day or so – I said there was a reason for the sound not being in the video.

Actually, there were three reasons:

(a) Hometown had two cruise ship lovers on their panel, John Dolan-Heitliner and Jennifer Hulse, whom Hometown had staunchly defended having on the panel. Hometown via Todd German and Sheldon Davidson.

(b) None of the Hometown panelists asked a question about the Charles Eimers case, nor about the behavior of the KWPD in various other cases also broken by Key West the Newspaper –

(c) Instead of putting Naja Girard, blue paper co-publisher and president of Last Stand, on Hometown’s panel, where she could go after the police, cruise ship and other environmental and prickly city issues, Hometown put Naja on a candidate forum panel next week, which is for:


Those races and offices have little, if anything, to do with Key West government policies, operations, etc.

To date, not one question as been asked at candidate forums about KWPD or Charles Eimers. To date, I am who interjected those issues into candidate forums.


Excerpt from yesterday’s KW Citizen report on Hometown’s candidate forum:

But Bashinsky, who has publicly called himself a mystic and said angels talk to him, also made the bleakest statement of the night:

“[If elected] The first official act I would do, I would apologize to the children of Charles Eimers for the police killing their father on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day,” he said.

Romero said after the event that she wants to wait until all the facts are in to render an opinion on what happened to Eimers, 61, who died six days after a clash with police left him unconscious on the beach.”

Margaret Romero,

Margaret Romero

who calls her self “The Voice of Reason”, changed her tune on the Eimers case?

Mark Ryno told me that Margaret told him on Pirate Radio that the Eimers family deserved no apology for their father’s death; the police didn’t do anything wrong; he died from natural causes according to the Medical Examiner’s report.

At the Lodging Association forum, Margaret said much the same, when I asked her and Mayor Craig Cates, if they ever will apologize to the Eimers family for KWPD killing their father?

Mayor Cates

Craig said he was waiting for the investigation to conclude.

I wrote to Nashville J yesterday:

There are mucho serious city issues, but to hear Craig Cates talk at forums, Key West is Eden before the fall.

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry,

psychiatrist interviews

responded to the Hometown PAC candidate forum part of yesterday’s angel mischief at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum last night in Key West post at

Sloan__good for you charge ahead—-advice from
a psychiatrist, don’t mention angels to a lay audience;
to me its fine –I understand fully –best wishes Jerry

I replied:

Thanks, Doc – I didn’t say nuttin’ ’bout no angels last night; dey wuz sayin’ plenty wid no help frum me; although I spects deys did grease me up a bit to get the the words flowing hardly without me even thinking, or without me thinking at all. It was the most fun I ever had at a candidate forum. I hope Hometown PAC’s video will allow folks to watch the playback, who were not there last night.

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: It delights us that you are enjoying these unique forums.
we is rrootten fur yu !! Cheers to ya : Jerry and Donna

Islamorada amigo Mike Forster to yesterday’s angel mischief at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum last night in Key West post at

giant lobster

Give them Hell Sloan !!! Your long lost friend from Islamorada.. Best of Luck, Mike Forster

I replied:

Hi, friend Mike –

Long lost?

Did you get swallowed deep down into the belly of that giant lobster you stationed out in front of the Rain Barrel?

Alabama Crimson Tide fight chant:

give ’em

(yellow hammer, the state bird)

Am hoping Hometown PAC’s video audio turns out okay, the mosquito race, the county commission race, and the mayor race all are worth watching, if you can hear what the candidates are saying. Of course I’m partial to the mayor’s segment of the forum.

Mike wrote:

Looking forward to it ! I’ll make sure to hit one of your Forums. Keep up the Angel’s Work ! Take Care, Mike

Sam Kaufman, my friend and my attorney, he also is Chairman of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, replied to yesterday’s angel mischief at Hometown PAC’s candidate forum last night in Key West post at

Sam Kaufman

Sam, left, and Father Steve Braddock, also my friend


Good to see you last night. I thought you performed very well. It was certainly entertaining.


I replied:

Thanks, Sam, good to see you, too; dull candidate forums ought to be illegal, capital punishment deserving.

Today’s post at mostly features the reason for Hometown’s livestreaming audio not working and the mystery of Ala Bar Assoc having no record of me.

Sam wrote:

Mistakes happen even in Alabama. Shows how inefficient the Alabama Bar folks ca be.

I was not bored at all even with the Mosquito candidates.

I replied:

I’m thinking it’s a bit more to it than a simple mistake; has to be metaphysical and I now think I may know why and might go into that in tomorrow’s post. [The angels nixed that in dredams last night.] However it slices, I don’t see me practicing law again, given the Alabama Bar Association never heard of me. Might be a silver lining there for me, relief from people sometimes pushing me to go back to Birmingham and practice law again, or get permission to stand for the Florida Bar Exam and practice law down here. Hell, I’m doing that already, just not getting paid the usual currency.

I thought the mosquito race was more interesting than the county commission race last night; but it was interesting to see twice former county commissioner opponent support my already held view that his promise 4 years ago, that it was his last race, and his campaign slogan that year, promises made, promises kept, should have been heeded. I heard several people during the break and after the forum comment on his arrogance. I saw lots of people in the audience shaking their heads when he was talking.

I don’t predict the future, it never plays well when I try that. 9/26 [the primary election] might be an interesting day, though. In my spirit code, 9 is the number for completion, 26 is the number for God, and 2 + 4 = 8 is the number of races I have run in the Keys. May it be my last, regardless of what happens this year.


I just now received a call from Cathy Sue McCurry at the Alabama State Bar Association, her phone number is 334-269-1515. I had called her yesterday afternoon and left a voicemail that it had occurred to me that, in early 2000, I had changed my name to Sloan Young, which was my name when you and I first met, Sam; and I thought I recalled having notified the Alabama State Bar Association of the name change. Young was my middle name at birth. Later, I changed my name back to Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr.  Kathy said, yes, they have me as Sloan Young and she needs copies of the name-change documents to change me back to Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr. on their records.

I thought growing up that I was Sloan Young Bashinsky, II, because my mother told me that she would never have named a child, Junior. But that’s what she did, it’s on my birth certificate – maybe she forgot. That’s not the metaphysical reason  for why I changed my name to Sloan Young. I have published that story many times and was told in dreams last night to leave it lay today.

A Big Pine Key amigo called this morning about something potentially juicy in the county commission race, and while we were talking he said he wondered if Jennifer Hulse was the person who told Bill Becker to call the Alabama State Bar Association?  I said Jennifer doesn’t like me because of what I wrote about her involvement in the bigger cruise ship referendum last year. After Todd German told me someone tipped Bill Becker to call the Alabama State Bar Association, I wondered if it was Gwen Filosa at the Citizen, since she was writing of me in articles that I say I practiced law in Alabama. I kept wondering why Gwen kept writing I say, instead of I did.


Sam wrote:

That makes a lot of sense. I remember Sloan Young and the very interesting discussions we had together maybe in the year 2000.

Sloan blue
Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge


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