It’s going to take more than Mary Poppins and spoonfuls of sugar to shift Key West out of its downward spiral

Mary Poppins

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Various and sundry jabber spawned or not by yesterday’s my usual provocative self at last night’s Key West golf course mayor candidates forum without a mayor, says the Key West Citizen today of me and the horse I rode in on post at

Last night in my dreams, my friend and Hometown! PAC’s Chairman Todd German

Todd German

appeared frequently, steering me toward topics I needed to cover in today’s post. Besides being my good friend, Todd also is Mayor Craig Cates’ good friend. Todd has told me enough to cause me to know he advises Craig politically behind the scenes. One particular, Todd told me that he told Craig to stop talking about homeless issues, because talking about that was costing him votes. Craig would have gotten to talk plenty about homeless issues, if he had attended the golf course mayor candidates forum night before last. Craig didn’t attend the forum because he knew he was not liked by the golf course  community. He had tried to put a 24-hour homeless shelter next to their championship golf course, and he knew he was going to get grilled about that and about other homeless issues at that forum. Of late, I have heard Craig deny he ever tried to put a homeless shelter next to the golf course. I have heard him say he doesn’t know where anyone ever got that idea.

Tim Gratz

Tim Gratz wrote about the Citizen reporting my saying the City Commission doesn’t have the guts to pass a mandatory recycling ordinance, as reported in yesterday’s post at What I had said at the golf course candidate forum was the City Commission didn’t have the balls … 

Come on, Sloan, if you are going to use “adult” language in these forms you ought not use euphemisms. Instead of saying the Commissioners don’t have the “balls” just say they lack testicles.
But perhaps you used “balls” because the meeting was at the Golf Course?
My thoughts anyway.

I replied:

Now how’d I let that Freudian slip clean past me? But if I’d said “testicles”, then maybe Gwen Filosa would not have even reported that I said “guts”, and that would have balled up the entire works.

The point of last night’s golf tournament [the golf course mayor candidates forum] was to lay bare that Craig Cates is still a little boy, has no balls, speaks with forked tongue, and chooses who is one human family.

psychiatric help

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, wrote yesterday:

Sloan: so many relevant points it will take me
a long while to digest; rest up or you will
wear yourself out—I know all for the public good —
whose brains are diluted swimming in another liquid –alcohol,
at least it doesn’t contain deadly microbes. .
Sloan — your heart is in the right place—Jerry

I replied:

The angels’ definition of “rest up” ain’t the same as the dictionary definition. That was a watershed golf tournament last night. The real Mayor Cates got exposed by his facade not being there.

Jerry wrote:

understand !! and (you have my vote for sure and Donna’s)
(you probably knew that,)

I replied:

Is this something like the Stockholm syndrome? You are the psychiatrist, I am the lunatic, and when all hope of curing me was lost, you and Donna fell for me?

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: you are funny !!
no such conundrum;
you are obviously the best man for the job

mud dog

“Mud Dawg” Mike Tolbert wrote yesterday:

Mayor Bashinsky has a nice ring to it!

Its divine calling you need to get Tased and have it recorded THEN the media will cover you better!!

Maui Mayoral Candidate Tased After Police Chase for Being “Sovereign”

Beau Hawkes isn’t the only contender in the upcoming Maui County, Hawaii mayoral race, or even the only one to be arrested in recent weeks. Currently, however, Hawkes is the only hopeful that can say he was tasered while trying to run from the cops.
July 30, 2014
Screenshot from YouTube video by Maui Now

Following an electrifying encounter with local law enforcement last Wednesday that ended with Hawkes being charged with resisting arrest and failing to obey an officer, the 34-year-old surfer candidate is free on $300 bail and says he is “absolutely” still running for office.

Furthermore, the potential future mayor of Maui says he’s going to sue the police department over his latest run in with the law and, once elected, will order cops to discontinue using their stun guns.

“Tasers are a violation of our human rights,” the mayoral hopeful told KITV Newsthis week. “Maui Police Department will be the first police department to ban the user of Tasers.”

Hawkes’ promise to sue city officials and his attempt to be elected mayor will likely both be decided at least in part by amateur video footage of last Wednesday’s incident in which the self-proclaimed hippie candidate was recorded running from a cop who resorted to discharging his Taser to make an arrest.

According to Hawkes, the incident all started to unfold last Wednesday when he was pulled over for both driving a car without license plates and operating the vehicle while talking on the phone.“I do not use license plates, driver’s license, pay taxes, do anything that would bring me into the corporate America system,” Hawkes, a sovereign citizen who also sells bongs made out of bamboo, told Hawaii News Now. The mayor candidate claims he left the scene soon after with the cop’s permission so that he could attend a county council committee meeting being held on genetically-modified crops. After the hearing, however, Hawkes had a run-in once again with the officer, at which time an eyewitness started recording as the incident unfolded.

Towards the start of the video clip, the officer appears to be attempting to put Hawkes under arrest.

“He said, ‘Turn around, you’re under arrest.’ I said, ‘What are you arresting me for? I’ve done nothing,’” Hawkes explained to Hawaii News Now.

Then within seconds, the video shows Hawkes fleeing on foot away from the cop.

“Come on, cop. You can’t do this, dude. You can’t do this,” Hawkes is heard yelling at the officer as attempts to elude the police.

Moments later, the cop is caught firing his Taser and Hawkes, sending the man face-first to the asphalt road.

Now as the mayor candidate prepares his lawsuit, a noted local attorney says he might have a chance at winning.

“(A court ruled) you can only use it in circumstances where the police officer is threatened with some degree of harm, or members of the public are threatened with some degree of harm,” said attorney Eric Seita, according to Raw Story“If you’re dealing with somebody who merely committed traffic offenses and is not threatening the officer, as far as I’m concerned there’s no question, this is an improper and inappropriate use of the Taser.”

“Without question, this officer ought to be relieved of his duties, put on desk assignment and probably subjected to a serious disciplinary action,” Seita added to KITV.

Meanwhile, the escapade isn’t the only example in recent weeks of a would-be Maui mayor ending up on the wrong side of the law: last month, fellow candidate Nelson Wai­kiki Jr. was arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his release in another criminal case.

And as for Hawkes, he seems well aware of the ridiculousness surrounding the entire incident.

“You couldn’t write this stuff,” he told the Honolulu Civil Beat, adding that the events seemed “divinely inspired.”

“I told the officers that I loved them. I told them that I forgive them. I thought it was kind of funny that they had tasered their future mayor,” he told Hawaii News Now.

Republished with the permission of Russia Today

I replied to Mud Dawg:

I can’t get the video, or maybe it’s a slide show, to work. The printed article reads like the mayor candidate goes out of his way trying to get arrested for some thing or another. He ought to pay the cop for tazering him – I mean, what better free publicity for a candidate for office? And to think of what heights and depths I might have achieved if I had stayed on Maui in late 2000 and continued living on the street there instead of being spirit-transported to Key West. By now, I might even be immortal, as in departed from my body. How cruel fate can be.

Mud Dawg wrote:

2 of the 3 running tor mayor in maui been arrested in past week.

I replied:

Is it a CONSPIRACY? The incumbent mayor is having the competition arrested? The competition ganged up on the incumbent mayor and got themselves arrested to try to make him look bad?

Mud Dawg wrote:

2 outta 3 got arrested no idea! I think they just got some Nutjobs running for mayor way it sounds.

I replied:

And what do we have in the KW mayor’s race, the three stooges?

Margaret RomeroMayor CatesSloan blue

Margaret Romero, Craig Cates, moi

After last night’s golf course forum, a fellow came over and said he hopes Margaret or I will win, but he really wishes we could be put together into one person. I said, what about the city gets itself a Queen and a King and gets rid of the mayor and city commissioners? He said that will do.

Margaret can chew on the numbers and fix the computers and make the bad little boys and girls stay after school, and I can utter oaths and cuss and scratch my balls and fart and order plank-walkings and keel-haulings.

walking the plankkeel hauling

A fellow at Jack Flats tonight, the same fellow who about two weeks ago said I will get elected for sure if I get dogs back into the bars and get rid of all the parking meters, said he was a Cates supporter, had contributed to his campaign, but was interested in what I might try to do if I were mayor, besides put dogs back into the bars and get rid off all the parking meters?

I said, I’d add on a city sales tax to replace the lost parking meter revenue, get everybody chipping it. As for what else?, I’d try to get that new park on Truman Waterfront ditched and I’d try to persuade the Housing Authority into taking that land and covering it with affordable public rental housing and solve the city’s affordable housing crises like presto. He said that was too deep, try this instead, it will get me elected, I might become another Capt. Tony phenomenon.

Ban all buses in the city, don’t let them past Cow Key Channel coming into Key West, and strip search every motorcycle at same bridge for illegal or no mufflers. He said he is positive, if Cow Key Channel is drained, mountains of discarded motorcycle mufflers will appear.

I said I am all for strip-searching motorcycles and blocking their entry without proper mufflers, but lots of people ride and depend on city buses, and as much as I don’t care for city buses on our clogged streets, I can’t bring myself to ban buses from the city. But I sure would like to ban conch trains, trolleys, tour buses and cruise ships. He didn’t seem vigra-ed up over that.

Later, it came to me that maybe he is a Cates spy, trying to get me to go off and do something really stupid.

Then I remembered something which might be nearly as effective and perhaps heaps more fun to tone down motorcycles. A story might explain it better, a role model for all righteous peace-and-quiet-loving citizens to copycat.

A few years back I was standing on the corner of Duval and Eaton Streets, when a Harley came by headed down Duval Street, with a fellow driving and a gal behind on the bitch seat. The fellow seemed to be in an altered space jerking off his Harley, so’s it sounded like a rabid T-Rex rail job itching to jump off the starting line. I walked toward them doing the universal jerking off motion, really exaggerated. The gal saw me out of the corner of her eye and I jerked off even more exaggerated and pointed at her guy and kept jerking off and kept pointing at him, and she nudged him and pointed me out and I jerked off even more, I mean I was about to sprained my arm it was jerking so vigorous, I think it was my right arm, but could have been my left. The guy looked kind of like he wanted to do me serious bodily harm, but there were lots of people watching the spectacle and so he eased that Harley on down Duval Street even as I was wishing what I’d had instead was a water cannon, or maybe even a bazooka.

Ciao maim

Mud Dawg wrote:

You talking to the guy who used to run my unmuffled 5.0 mustang up Southard at 1 am in second so it set off car alarms!!

I replied:

I kinda figured I was getting close to your heart’s true desires, making heaps of noise does seem to be important to some people, like their very lives depend on it – thus the water cannon and bazooka thoughts. Only thoughts. The jerking off insurgency against loud motorcycles is for real.

I fergitted to mention – how could I have done that, given my telling the city to designate the upper half of Smathers Beach clothing optional? – that the fellow offering free how to win the mayor’s race advice at Jack Flats yesterday said I should be trying to get a city commission resolution passed making all bars clothing-optional. I said I didn’t think a resolution was needed for that, on private property I imagined clothing-optional would be up to the property owner’s discretion. The bar and pool and deck and dock at Atlantic Shores was clothing-optional. The Garden of Eden on top of The Bull is clothing-optional.

Bull & Whistle

The Bull

Imagine The Bull itself, right there on the corner of Duval and Caroline, being clothing-optional. And Sloppy Joe’s. Etc.

Sloppy Joes 4

Sloppy Joes

The local Puritans and the strip clubs, lap dance parlors and whore houses would come out against it like the Baptists and the moonshiners come out against legalizing booze in dry counties in Alabama. The political adviser said I saw the problem. I said I didn’t see any problem, it is on private property. My political adviser said First Amendment, freedom of speech. Yep, I said. And right to privacy. Yep, the political adviser said. He just happens to be a lawyer. And he just happens to have gone to law school in Birmingham. I asked him, how come I didn’t think of clothing-optional bars already? What a dumb ass! Dogs in bars. Clothing-optional bars. No parking meters. Increase city sales tax to cover that lost revenue. I bet Capt. Tony would go for that.

Capt. TonyCapt. Tony's SaloonAnthony "Tony" Tarracino

I heard Tony didn’t like developers all that much. I don’t recall hearing how he felt about cruise ships, conch trains, trolleys, buses and tour buses. I know he ran for mayor a bunch of times before he got elected. And he mercifully was defeated when he ran for a second term, which freed him up to start having fun again.

Moving laterally … | Island 107.1 FM Key West Radio | Home


    We are the first locally owned/independent radio station in Key West. … Linda Russin – hosts the Metropolitan Opera Live from New York on Saturday afternoons, …

I was interviewed yesterday morning by Rolland Montefalcon on 107.1 FM.

Before the interview, Linda Russin, station co-owner with her husband, said she belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, is active in city affairs, and has been a long time. She saw Hometown! PAC’s announcement of its panelists for the August 4 candidate forum at Tropic Cinema, and she wondered why Hometown had put John Dolan-Heitlinger and Jennifer Hulse on the panel, instead of people who have been involved in city affairs a long time? Linda said she wrote to Hometown asking why they had not invited her and people like her to be on their candidate forum panels? Linda said, yes, I could write about that today at

Todd German, Hometown’s Chairman, and I have had a running disagreement for years over going to city-wide voting in city commissioner races, he is in favor, I am in favor of each voting district electing its own city commissioner.

During yesterday’s interview with Roland Montefalcon, I repeated what I had recently said at the Chamber of Commerce’s mayor candidates forum. The Navy gave Truman Waterfront to Key West, with a stipulation that over 6 of those 33 or so acres were for Bahama Village, historically a black community in Key West. But for Bahama Village, the Navy would not have given Truman Waterfront to Key West. Then, the city swiped a little over 4 of those acres. I told the all-white Truman Waterfront Advisory Board that the city should pay Bahama Village market rate for those 4+ acres; write Bahama Village a check for $10,000,000. Bahama Village’s district city commissioner is Clayton Lopez, of African descent. He caved in, went along with the city swiping those 4+ acres. Bahama Village needs a stronger district commissioner to look after Bahama Village.

I told Rolland and his listeners, the entire point of going to city-wide voting is to disenfranchise Bahama Village, give rich white people total control over the city.

Moving laterally, in yesterday’s Keynoter –, my interjected thoughts in italics:

Key West mayoral candidates in the final stretch

July 30, 2014

The Aug. 26 primary election is quickly approaching, and the candidates for Key West mayor are racing toward the finish line.

Incumbent Craig Cates and challengers Margaret Romero and Sloan Bashinsky say they’re blanketing the city to talk to as many voters as they can to get their messages out.

A big concern for all three candidates is affordable housing.

Bashinsky, who says he was once homeless, says if elected, he would try to convince the City Commission to toss the current plan to develop the Truman Waterfront for recreation and use the area for affordable housing instead.

Affordable public rental housing, owned and managed by the Housing Authority, whose rents actually are affordable, which is not the case with privately-owned rental property.

“Street people are hard to turn around — most of them are drug addicts,” Bashinsky said, “but people who are just recently homeless or are nearly homeless, I would try to turn the city in that direction.”

He says the city is now just “warehousing” the homeless at the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter [KOTS] on Stock Island.

Cates agrees affordable housing is a problem, and says the city is a victim of its own success.

“Affordable housing has gotten more attention as we’ve gotten better and better,” Cates said. “More people want to move here, which raises the property values and the rent.”

High rents on privately-owned property are a strong deterrent to building more affordable public rental housing, which will compete with and drive down high privately-owned rental housing rents.

Long-range, the city has been looking at building an expanded homeless service center on Stock Island. Cates wants to look at the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District building being vacated next year by Mosquito Control, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as potential sites.

Cates said during the Pirate Radio mayor candidates debate last Friday, that he wants to put affordable housing on those properties, which back up to the golf course. I have not lately heard Cates say he wants to put a homeless shelter on those sites, but I still think that’s what he wants to do.

Romero says with affordable housing comes economic growth, and that the city needs to start looking at doing things differently to see a change.

Do things differently how? I keep saying how to do things differently. If Key West people want things done differently, I’m the only mayor candidate offering new ways of doing things.

Some have said Romero points out problems but doesn’t offer sound solutions, but she says that’s not true.

“Because when I am talking about things at meetings, I don’t have the opportunity to present a solution,” she said. “All I can do is point out when things aren’t cost-effective. You don’t have the opportunity to present a solution when you have three minutes at the podium.”

Heck, I nearly always present solutions when I speak about things during the allowed 3 minutes at city commission and other city government meetings. It was City Commissioner Teri Johnston who told me that all Margaret does is criticize at city commission meetings, whereas, Teri said, I criticize and then I offer solutions. I reported Teri’s remarks in posts at

Romero says she spent more than 30 years with IBM and was known for problem-solving and offering creative business plans that were cost-effective. She also says her website lists various issues facing the city, as well as her ideas for improvement.

I was offering creative solutions at city commission meetings years before I ever head of Craig Cates and Margaret Romero, or saw Margaret at city commission meetings. I don’t recall seeing Craig speak at a city commission meeting before he was elected mayor the first time, in 2009. 

The waterfront

Each of the three candidates has vastly different ideas on the development of the 33-acre Truman Waterfront.

Cates plans to continue with the current plan for recreation, with a goal for completion in five years.

“We just got a final approval from the Navy…,” he said. “Now we’ll go to the commission and decide what Phase I will look like and then we’ll go to construction drawings and then we’ll start. We have $13 million in the bank to do Phase I; Phase I will be done in about a year, then we’ll go to Phase II, which will probably be the amphitheater.”

Romero thinks tan amphitheater might not be cost-effective.

“I think there are a lot of mixed signals,” she said. “I think the average citizen would say, ‘Who knows what’s going on down there right now.’ We haven’t seen a concrete plan; we don’t know what’s funded and what the costs are.”

Bashinksy wants the waterfront for [Housing Authority affordable rental] housing. And, he says, the upper portion of Smathers Beach should be clothing-optional. He says it would be an economic boon for the city.

Main priority

Cates says he’s focused on current projects the city has before it. But Bashinsky is more focused on what he sees as righting a wrong.

“The first thing I would do is make a formal apology on behalf of Key West to Charles Eimers’ family,” he said.

Eimers, 61, of Birch Run, Mich., died at Lower Keys Medical Center after being taken off life support on Dec. 4. Police had pulled him over on North Roosevelt Boulevard on Nov. 28; Eimers stopped on the sand at South Beach at the Atlantic end of Duval Street.

Police say he “began turning blue” when they were handcuffing him, which is when they began rescue attempts. An autopsy later showed Eimers had 10 broken ribs and wounds to both wrists.

“He died because they thought he was homeless,” Bashinsky said. “He’s not, but they treated him like he was.”

Romero says her No. 1 priority if elected is to renew trust she says residents have lost in city government.

“That’s my biggie,” she said. “I’ll attribute that to a comment made by our city attorney that ‘our city is in a downward spiral’ — those are his words, not mine.”

The city indeed is in a downward spiral, caused by being way over-developed, heavy reliance on cruise ships which ain’t Mother Nature’s friends, acute shortage of actually affordable rental housing, backroom deals, special interests, disenfranchisement of Bahama Village, lack of creative vision, denial, prejudice, an ocean infested with flesh-eating bacteria, half truths and worse, a nearly fanatical aversion to actually going green – recycling is only one step in that direction; the city government discourages white roofs, bans solar panels, sleeps with cruise ships, throws away its treated waste water, does not compost its yard wastes, does not provide community gardens throughout the city, treats its homeless people like they are vermin, encourages alcoholism in everyone but homeless people, and I keep hearing Mayor Cates say at candidate forms that Key West is a great place to live, there is nothing wrong with the ocean, it’s clean and safe, and all he sees is good, and there are things to work on.

She also wants to focus on affordable housing and economic growth — “looking at doing things differently and better we’ll start to see a change in some of the issues we currently have.”

Bashinsky says he would also focus on affordable housing, as well as “continue to publish [his blog] every day to expose what’s going on in city government.”

I told Jessica, I publish city news that people never will read in the other newspapers, or hear on radio stations. As does Key West the Newspaper – – but I cover lots of stuff the blue paper does not touch. If I am elected mayor, the city government will feel like it is naked on a nude beach daily.

Cates says he wants to finish projects the city has started and bring them in on time and on budget, as well as tackle affordable housing.

“I want to keep Key West a safe, clean place — a good work environment to keep businesses successful. It’s about quality of life for the residents.”

When to vote

The three candidates will square off in the Aug. 26 primary, but early voting runs from Aug. 11 through Aug. 23.

Joyce Griffin, supervisor of elections for Monroe County, is projecting a 30 percent turnout or better.

The top two vote getters in the primary will face each other in the Nov. 4 general election unless someone gets more than 50 percent of the vote plus one vote in the primary. In that case, that candidate wins the office of mayor.


I called Jessica yesterday and said I thought I had gotten a fair shake in the article, and that it was a good article. She said the article she had submitted was a good bit longer, as is usually the case with articles she writes for the Keynoter, and it had been shortened. I suggested, in the future, the Keynoter provides its readers with the names of the candidates’ websites, to allow Keynoter readers to go there and read more about the candidates. Jessica said  she would pass that suggestion along.

I have attended a whole lot of candidate forums in Key West since I ran for mayor the first time in 2003. This is my fourth time. I have yet to hear candidate forum panelists or audiences say Key West is doing well. I have only heard questions, gripes and laments about this and that, and that and this, during all of those years. It was the same during last Friday’s mayor candidate debate on Pirate Radio, the first candidate debate ever in Key West or the Florida Keys, as far as I know. Maybe Mayor Cates needs to listen to his constituents, instead of to whatever he is listening to.

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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