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Paul Williams, formerly of Key West, replied the the senior assisted living facility dissection in the recent Key West – Eve’s northernmost Caribbean Adam correctional facility post at

Hi Sloan,

You, earlier today: “I did not have time to say… any assisted-living senior facility will have to be open to seniors living anywhere in the US. I don’t care for that.”
And you shouldn’t care for, Sloan. The whole premise of the Federal transfer of the Navy property to the City of Key West was to help offset the economic damage done to the island when the Sub Base shut down.
To have some other agency announce that part of the property can somehow not be aimed at benefitting Key West residents seems grossly inconsistent with the general intent of the entire BRAC process. Creating a Senior facility on City property can only make public sense if the beneficiaries are genuine, long term, Key West residents.
Otherwise, why would the Navy have transmitted the property to Key West and not Washington. The Law MUST be consistent, Sloan.

Someone in Key West with basic legal training ought to be able to make that point to a Federal judge, and if a change in some Federal Housing or Welfare provision is required, then so be it.
But, no.
Bright individuals on the Island have been aware of this screaming inconsistency among Federal policies for years, now, Sloan.
Net result of their awareness? Zero.


I replied:

Amen, alas, it may be the federal reg/law will prevail in any event.

I seem to be the only person down here who thinks the city giving its own land to a developer, for profit or not for profit, hell, they all are for profit, to build a senior assisted living facility for non-Key West seniors, so Key West seniors can use it, simply is crazy.

The Housing Authority has to live with the same federal reg/law, and gets applications from up the Keys and the mainland, even as far away as the west US coast, it was revealed in a city commission meeting maybe 6 months ago, which apparently shocked Jimmy Weekley, who had said he didn’t think the Housing Authority had to entertain applications from the mainland. However, it also was said, and I have seen this at work, the Housing Authority gives priority to applicants from Key West and up the Keys.

The various applicants for a senior assisted living facility said they would take the same approach, but the developer, in all cases, was from another state and lacked the Housing Authority’s dedication to helping local applicants first. A private developer will take whoever applies, to fill the units. It’s too bad the Housing Authority isn’t interested in taking on senior assisted living projects, but I understand the reluctance – it’s not what the Housing Authority does and is good at doing.

I felt all along assisted senior living should fall on wealthy Key Westers to provide for the city’s elders, and in that way give back to the city. Some of the loudest proponents were wealthy Key Westers. At the very least, if a senior assisted living facility is built on free city land, the developer should be required to give Key West seniors, who actually live in the city, sleep there at night, have no other residence or place to sleep at night, have first shot at the units.

Probably too logical to have a snowball’s chance on Duval Street at high noon in August.

There also is the wee gotcha that assisted living facilities tend not to be move in and live here until you die. At some point, such facilities require seniors who have come to need waiting on hand and foot to leave – nursing home, hospital, relatives, next stop, before cemetery. As I recall, Christine Russell made a big commotion about that not being taken into consideration, when the help out seniors bandwagon was playing really loud a couple of years ago.

Me, if I get to where I can’t get around and look after myself, I hope somebody shoots me for my and everyone else’s own good. I imagine that notion has crossed a few minds already.


Charles Eimer's take down

Key West the Newspaper ( view of the last moments of Charles Eimers on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day 

Two reader comments in the THE EIMERS CASE: Witness Claims Police Intimidation Tactics Will Not Deter Him article in this past Friday’s blue paper:

JOSH EIMERS JULY 27, 2014 AT 2:50 AM
Just want to thanks everyone that’s been involved. Naja, Arnaud, “P” Everyone. You’re very brave. And my family and I are extremely grateful. Thank you so much for standing up and fighting for us. The re enactment was a great idea. Hopefully it will open more eye’s to the truth. I didn’t watch it. Treavor watched it and advised me not to. Just made him very angry and tremendously sad cause its a reminder of the terrible way our dad die. We’re all still deeply saddened by the gruesome death. Probably always will be. But it sure feels great when you have great people that have your back. Thank you so much!

JULY 27, 2014 AT 10:27 AM
Josh, there is a spirit reason for you to watch the reenactment video, hard as that might be on you. each of us in this mix each have our own roles to play. You and Treavor are Charles’ sons. As such, you are in the lead of the prosecution. But for you two, there might be no prosecution. Please watch the re-enactment video. Thanks.

When I saw yesterday that Naja Girard,


the blue paper’s co-publisher, did not clear my comment from moderation, I sent her a private comment saying, if Josh does not watch the re-enactment video, it will cause a metaphysical problem, which will bleed into the Eimers case. I asked Naja to clear mine to Josh from moderation, and to send mine to Josh, and mine to her to Josh. Later yesterday, I saw Naja had deleted mine to Josh and my note to her.

A while back, Naja deleted what I had submitted about her taking the Spanish woman’s comments out of the first bystanders’ video of the cops apprehending Charles Eimers had metaphysically caused witnesses not to want to come forward and had metaphysically given the KWPD and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement permission to tamper evidence, cover up and obstruct justice.

The Spanish woman’s comments were in second somewhat longer video shot by the same bystander, only recently published by the blue paper, which was how I learned of the Spanish woman. A few days later, Naja’s daughter suffered a ruptured appendix and she ended up in the hospital on Stock Island fighting for her life.

I emailed Naja that her not publishing what I had submitted caused the metaphysical blockage to burst loose in her daughter’s appendix. Naja did not respond to me, but she cleared from moderation my next submission about the metaphysical blockage she had caused in the Eimer’s case by deleting the Spanish woman’s comments in the first video.

I did not mention in that submission Naja’s daughter’s appendix erupting. Nor did I mention it in anything I published at I hoped enough had been said about it. While I hope nothing like that happens again, something will happen if Josh Eimers does not watch the re-enactment video.

For the first time since the angels got me involved in Key West and Florida Keys politics, I see them sometimes proactively intervening when people do not carry their spirit and earth load in situations I am given to engage for this community. I hope to see lots more of that, because I’m darn fed up with carrying the entire load after other people drop the ball.

Moving laterally, this here howling today ain’t gonna get any nicer, in today’s Citizen’s Voice –

“I just listened to the mayoral debate and was amazed at how condescending the moderator was.”

The moderator was my friend Todd German.

Todd German

How that and what follows below re that debate got instigated by the angels through mild-mannered citizen watchdog Tom Milone


becomes clear in due course.

    The race for Mayor of Key West at Pirate Radio, live debate this morning.
    Photo: The race for Mayor of Key West at Pirate Radio, live debate this morning.
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    Todd German is killing it as moderator.
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    Craig sounds level headed and positive. Margaret sounds angry and Sloan sounds unbalanced
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      Mark Ryno Craig Cates
      Jessy Archer I think this is a very accurate observation! LOL
      Mark Ryno Why thank you.
      Frank Wooten You can now vote! You have it right on.
      Jim Brooks Buy Margaret a bloody mary and see if she improves.
      John Giuliano I have seen a sign or two for Margaret with the slogan “The Voice of Reason” and I thought if someone tells you they are the voice of reason, they usually are not LOL. We have a great Mayor that truly cares about Key West and its people.
      Karen Hirst Craig Cates is the best candidate!!!
      Tom Theisen Ryno, were you at the forum or did you read the paper or both?
      Mark Ryno At the forum. Where you???
      Tom Theisen Pick one Ryno,
      A. French class
      B. Searching for a recently stolen bike. 
      C. Drinking Estancia and face booking.
      D. To your left making strange gargling sounds.
      Tom Theisen C. Estancia is overrated, I’ll stick with Chateau Ste Michelle.
      Tom Theisen But I appreciate the updates Ryno.
      Michael Shields White wine? Jeezus, it’s summer time – go with a serious drink – have some wicked Key West Local Rum, Paul Menta’s juice, over some rocks.
      Sloan Bashinsky From the unbalanced corner, I said during the debate that every diver and physician in the Keys knows if you go into the ocean with a nick or cut on your skin, you have a good chance of contracting MRSA, and our visitors all should be warned about MRSA infesting our ocean. Todd German said the Tourist Development Council might not go along with that. When Clean and Green Craig’s turn came, he said there is nothing wrong with our ocean, the health department is always checking it. Reason, Margaret, said nothing about MRSA infesting our ocean. The unbalanced one also said, if elected, his first official act will be to apologize, of behalf of Key West, to the Charles Eimers children for KWPD killing their father on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day. Clean and Green and Reason didn’t go there, nor did Todd German. The unbalanced one also said, if elected, he would try to get the Truman Waterfront Park tossed and give that land to the Housing Authority to build affordable rental housing out there. The unbalanced one said lots of irrational and unclean and ungreen things like that during the debate, which I was told in advance would not be recorded and saved for later listening. Nor were my, at least, prior interviews on Pirate Radio recorded and saved, I was told by Jack Smith and Ryno. Tom Milone asked me today if a radio show isn’t supposed to record and save such things? I said perhaps that’s required, I didn’t know for sure. Tom is how I found out about Ryno’s Facebook post, to which I’m unbalancedly responding. Ryno, why don’t you tell them what you told me Reason told you on the air when you interviewed her? That she didn’t see the KW cops did anything wrong with Charles Eimers; the Medical Examiner said it was death by natural causes; and how taken back you were to hear her say that, and that you emailed me that what she did was shameful. Why don’t you tell your FB friends, Ryno that you, Jack and Becka told me it was great that I had said what I would do first, if elected – apologize to the Eimers family. I will try to save all of this FB thread, might publish it tomorrow at Today’s post there today is about MRSA, and the spirit MRSA, which is the Eimers case, which seems to have really unbalanced a lot of people in Key West, but not Reason, Clean and Green, and not the KWPD, and not other people.

      Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
      Tom Theisen Ryno’s Official 2014 Election Forum!

      Since we have two candidates here (Sloan Bashinsky and Craig Cates) I would like to ask a non “condescending”question. 

      According to a 2012 Florida matrix, our safety record as a city compared to other cities of similar size has been abysmal when it comes to bicycle/pedestrian safety, aggressive driving, intoxicated driving, etc. What have you done or what do you propose to do to make this town safer? 
      Thank you in advance gentleman.
      Sloan Bashinsky Good question, Tom. 99.9 percent of my travel in Key West is on my bicycle or on foot. I know first hand the danger of bicycling in Key West. The greatest threat to bicyclers is taxi cabs. Nothing else comes in even close to second. Several times a week I feel like a taxi nearly got me, passing close by me and my bicycle in its mad rush to wherever. Do I see a solution, other than banning taxis from Key West altogether? No. Do I think taxi drivers will change, in the main? No. Do I think our police will cause taxi drivers to change? No. Do I think intoxicated drivers will change? No. Especially in a city that encourages drinking, unless you are homeless. Do I think our police will cause intoxicated drivers to change? No. Closing all the bars and liquor outlets would decrease drunk driving somewhat, but addicts would still find a way to get their booze and drive, if it suited them. I addressed this in another way during the debate, when Todd lamented the surface condition of many of the city’s streets needing redoing like North Roosevelt Blvd is being redone. He used Caroline Street as an example, its surface is not in great shape. I said I like city streets like that, lumpy, the lumpier the better, it slows down traffic, maybe discourages people from driving cars, encourages them to use bicycles. Or walk. I don’t want to see more freeways in Key West. Cobblestone streets would really slow down traffic. On the air, during the debate, I said all of that in answer to Todd’s question. Perhaps during the debate, certainly at the Lodging Association and Chamber of Commerce candidate forums,, in answer to a traffic congestion and parking shortage question, what can be done about it?, I said there is nothing that can be done about it. It is the result of the city being overbuilt. The only way to fix those problems is for half of the people living in Key West to move to the mainland. I could have added, and stop letting tourists come here. I don’t see any of that happening. Although I ride my bicycle daily on Duval Street, even on lower Duval Street, where there is no bicycle lane and I’m on a well-traveled street, such as Caroline or Eaton, I tend to get up on the sidewalk. Many times have I told people bicycling on Simonton Street, for example, sometimes with a child in a kiddie seat, or on a bicycle behind them, to get off the street and used the sidewalk; that street is not save for bicycles. Many times have I told people to get their bicycles and golf carts off of North Roosevelt Blvd, it’s not safe. At city commission meetings I have, during citizen comments, advised the mayor and city commissioners to set the standard, bicycle wherever they go in the city, stop using their cars. I told them to get rid of the meter reader cops’ cars and put them on bicycles. I go out of my way to stay off main streets when I’m on my bicycle. I cross them carefully. Eaton is especially hazardous. As is North Roosevelt Blvd. I see no remedy, other than being careful on foot and on a bicycle.


Right after posting my reply to Tom Theisen, I seemed to lose access to that Facebook thread, even as I received in my email account two messages from Mark Ryno:

“My comments were how you sounded during the debate not your written points of view. Big difference.”

“And I’m entitled to my opinion.”

It still seemed I was blocked out of Mark’s FB thread when I replied to Mark by email:

sloan bashinsky
4:34 PM
Heck, Mark, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Did Jack know you were doing that during the debate? Did he authorize it. I ask, because it may be that Pirate Radio, hosting the debate, using an independent moderator, was supposed to keep its opinions to itself during the debate, and even afterward.  Jack told me that’s why he wanted to use an independent moderator, instead of himself moderate. He asked me for a suggestion for moderator, and I said my first choice was Todd German. That happened during Jack’s first interview of me on Pirate Radio. Todd told me the same thing before the debate began: that Jack knew he had a habit of going off on a rant when he had someone on the air, and that’s why he wanted a moderator on the air, not Jack.

I come across as unbalanced to lots of people, Mark, because I nearly always am coming from outside the box. What did unbalance me during the debate was Jack kept telling me to speak louder, so the people in the restaurant could hear me. He said the radio audience was picking me up okay. I was not in a mood to deal with the station’s amplification problems in the restaurant, where there were few listeners, compared to perhaps thousands listening live on line and livestreaming. It also bugged me that a few times Todd let Margaret and Craig talk on past the time allowed, but he cut me off, and Jack turned off my mike a couple of times, when I wasn’t finished. A couple of times Todd interrupted me while I was speaking within my time.
What I wrote into your Facebook page was what I said during the debate. Too bad the debate wasn’t recorded so people, like Tom Milone, who said he didn’t get up early enough to listen to it, could go back and listen to it later, like they can do for US 1 Radio interviews and debates. My advice to Pirate Radio for future debates: do them in Pirate Radio’s studio where there won’t be any sound problems or distractions. Just a pure debate, on the air. And record them. And put a link to the recording on Pirate Radio’s website.
I told Tom Milone, Pirate Radio’s mayor candidates was the most important political event in the history of Key West, now he cannot listen to it, because it was not recorded.
I then opened “Mark Ryno” on Facebook, and his page came up. I scrolled down to what I first had found and only this was there:
    The race for Mayor of Key West at Pirate Radio, live debate this morning.
    Photo: The race for Mayor of Key West at Pirate Radio, live debate this morning.
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    Todd German is killing it as moderator.
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I entered this comment:
Sloan Bashinsky You deleted the later comments, Mark, after I learned of this FB thread and commented into it? I managed to save all of it before it seemed to disappear.

To which I added what I already had sent to Mark by email reported up above, which began: “Heck, Mark, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Did Jack know you were doing that during the debate? Did he authorize it. I ask, because it may be that Pirate Radio, hosting the debate, using an independent moderator, was supposed to keep its opinions to itself during the debate, and even afterward … ”

Mark then sent a private FB message, which led to further discussion:
  • Mark Ryno
    Mark Ryno

    My comment on my page are mine only and not pirate radios and related to how I felt the debate sounded not your written opinions.

  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky

    My initial written “opinions” submitted to your FB page, contained what I actually said on the air. My second written “opinion” to your FB page was in reply to one of your FB friend’s questions to Craig and me. My third reply to your FB page, after you seemed to have deleted most of it, was about my seeming to you to be unbalanced. And perhaps to other of your FB friends. And perhaps to others. And, my opinion about how your sound system worked in that loud restaurant, and how that might be improved on. As I recall, I suggested to Jack that the debate might go better in Pirate Radio Studio, I think that was in conjunction with him telling me it could not be recorded in the restaurant, but could be recorded in the studio.

  • Mark Ryno
    Mark Ryno

    Again, my comments, which are only mine, was how I felt the debate SOUNDED. Not your written thoughts.

  • Mark Ryno
    Mark Ryno

    And I don’t mean how it sounded technically, which was spot on, but how you sounded and your performance. Again, my interpretation.

  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky

    Mark, your interpretation was not colored by your supporting Mayor Cates being reelected? Just like Pirate Radio’s support of Mayor Cates was not evident in giving out the debate topics ahead of time, knowing Margaret and I both had objected to that being done; knowing Craig isn’t nearly as good on his feet as Margaret and I are. You are reminding a bit of Sheldon Davidson in his letter to the editor in today’s Citizen, blasting someone who wrote a letter to the editor for criticizing Hometown PAC for having Jennifer Hulse and John Dolan-Heitlinger on Hometown’s candidate forum panel on August 4. What else prompted Sheldon to write that letter to the editor was my already having made the same objection to those two being on the panel – I told Sheldon and Todd clearly they had stacked the panel in Craig’s favor. The way you took down what I posted in reply to yours at your FB page is further proof you are backing Craig. You ought to say that when you gratuitously criticize the performance of his two opponents. In fact, Margaret did better than Craig in the debate. She was more to the point and less wandering around, most of the time; I don’t recall her misrepresenting anything. Can’t say that for Craig. Whatever, it’s all high drama, entertainment for the the angels, demons and humans who feed on such fare.

  • Mark Ryno
    Mark Ryno

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky

    If you mean that, Mark, why did you take my thoughts down off your FB page? You took it down because it was not pro-Craig.

    You understand, don’t you, that angels people say I invent arranged for me to bump into Tom Milone today, so he could tell me what you had put up on Facebook.

    Sheldon getting his letter to the editor published may have had unintended consequences. People who read it might wonder if he protested too much.

I then opened Mark Ryno on Facebook and was unable to find anything about the Pirate Radio debate.Then floated into my thoughts, Dang, that sure does kinda remind me of how a bunch of KWPD officers behaved after they realized Charles Eimers had died under some of them on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day – the kind of level-headed and balanced behavior Key West needs lots more of.

Here’s Sheldon Davidson’s letter to the editor:

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Complaining about questioners is an age-old problem with political moderators and panelists. Voters often may personally dislike political questioners/panelists, their stance on certain issues or his/her inability to simply be a munch.
If you will recall, the complainants were loud in their opposition to proposed presidential debate questioners/moderators Gwen I fill (who had written a book favorable to the president), Jim Lehrer and Candy Crowley. And in the debates of 2012, Hillary Clinton complained that she was being asked harder questions than those posed to Barack Obama. The public’s response: answer the questions!
A recent letter to the Editor on this issue asserts that two panelists, Jennifer Hulse and John Dolan-Heitlinger, lack “credibility.” The writer means “integrity.” Credibility is a consequence of having integrity. The alleged reasons given as to why being on opposite sides of a year-old voter referendum disqualify persons from being panelists questioning mosquito control candidates, county commissioner candidates, and mayoral candidates have no more substance than gossamer wings.
In this complex, politically intense community, intelligent and politically aware people, such as those Hometown has selected to be panelists, have the ability to lay both sides of such referendum matters aside and ask tough but fair questions.Where the social and political dimensions of integrity are philosophically discussed, integrity is often seen as largely a private or personal affair. Less attention is given to ways in which social and political institutions may affect, if at all, personal integrity.Most important, personal integrity is not measured by whether you agree or disagree with another on a referendum issue, no matter how intense that disagreement. Such opposite points-of-view disagreements are, in reality, ephemeral, ever-changing positions, and are often proved wrong or correct from a standpoint of hindsight, a generation or two later, or continue to be argued ad infinitum.
A related approach to integrity is to think of it primarily in terms of a person’s holding steadfastly true to his/her core commitments, rather than disputing and endorsing sundry political claims, hopes and desires.
Under any test for integrity, the two panelists are persons that we, as citizens, can trust.Sheldon Davidson
Sheldon Davidson
Mark Bailey
Key West

I can name several international monsters in Sheldon’s and my lifetime, who held steadfastly true to their core commitments, rather than disputing and endorsing sundry political claims.

Last year, esteemed Hometown PAC candidate forum panelists John Dolan-Heitlinger and Jennifer Hulse,

John Dolan-HeitlingerJennifer Hulse
proved their good character and righteousness during the lead up to the so-called “channel-widening study” referendum. John never disclosed during referendum forums that he worked for Ed Swift/Historic Tours of America, which heavily depend on cruise ship passenger revenues. Jennifer paid by and speaking for the Key West Chamber of Commerce’s PAC, repeatedly claimed the referendum was not about cruise ships, but was only about a study to determine whether or not to widen the shipping channel into Key West. Here’s what the blue paper had to say about John and Jennifer and their righteous cause last year.
cruise ship butt
nope, not doing it
pictures worth a thousand words provided by Arnaud Girard, co-publisher Key West the Newspaper –

74 percent of Key West voters said NO. Right away, Jennifer Hulse said it wasn’t over with yet. Now she and John Dolan-Heitlinger are Hometown PAC’s esteemed panelists. I wonder if the angels are going to get up close and personal about that? I hope so. I’m darn tired of them just beating up on me.

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, the southernmost level-headed balanced city 😉

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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