Deep Throat lights up City Hall and the mayor’s race, van dwellers and sheriff deputies Mexican standoff, science debates ignorance, and various and sundry other Key West roadside and seaside attractions

Devil or Angel

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Yesterday turned out to be a fairly wild and funny day for me, as well as a day of something really gnarly and toxic moving into my body, which indicated something really gnarly and toxic was headed my way in waking time.

I begin with having a great fun and educational breakfast with a Key West insider yesterday morning at Harpoon Harry’s. I will call him Deep Throat,

great white

in memory of both Watergate and Key West’s Strand Theater, on Duval Street, running daily matinees of that bawdy film daily for years, for the sailors on the Navy base.


When Deep Throat asked how the mayor’s race is going?, I said I’m pissing off more people than ever. He laughed, said, somebody needs to stir them up. He said, the outcome is obvious: Mayor Craig Cates is reelected.

Mayor Cates

I said, I dunno, Margaret Romero

Margaret Romero

has pretty good backing, and she also has County Commissioner Tony Yaniz

Tony Yaniz

backing her.

Deep Throat said, Margaret is too critical, she turns off too many people in person. But, on the radio, when listeners can’t see her, she comes off better. Beyond that, she’s a woman, and Key West doesn’t like a woman mayor. The only woman mayor, Sheila Mullins, Mayor Moombean, she was called, soured the bubbas on having a woman mayor. And, they had one gay mayor. They will elect Craig. I said, I dunno. Deep Throat said, maybe something will happen, which will affect the election.

He asked my opinion on now dispatched Assistant City Manager David Fernandez

David Fernandez

and now dispatched City Manager Bob Vitas?

Bob Vitas

I said, well, just the other day I bumped into the previous city manager, Jim Scholl,

Cates and Scholl

Mayor Cates and Jim Scholl

who now is back on that job. Jim told me that back when he was city manager, David Fernandez had said he was thinking of retiring and then getting back on with the city as a contract worker, and Jim said he had told David that was not a good way to be thinking and don’t go that direction. I told Deep Throat, if Bob Vitas simply had transferred David back to his old job as city utilities department director, at his old job’s pay, or even as his assistant city manager pay, I would have been okay with that. But the double dip, I was not okay with.

Deep Throat said, well, what really was going on was for a long time David had wanted to get rid of Waste Management, and he was behind the city putting the waste hauling and recycling contract out for the lowest bid, as part of his plan to get rid of Waste Management. When that plan blew up in his face at the now infamous city commission meeting, David went to Plan B, which was to retire, get his old job back as city utilities director, and continue waging his war against Waste Management from that position. Deep Throat said he imagined the reason city utilities director Jay Gewin announced his resignation right after that infamous city commission meeting was because Jay felt he had been set up by David. Deep throat said David also once had been the city’s finance director, which was pretty much the same job Mark Finegan would end up having for the city, when he was an assistant city manager. Mark resigned before the infamous city commission meeting, to the great distress of many people inside and outside the city government. Deep Throat said he imagined the reason Bob Vitas went along with David retiring and getting his old job back at a high salary was because Vitas knew nothing about running the city and David was covering for Vitas. I said, hmmm. I had felt there was a back story we were not seeing.

Deep Throat asked how long did I figure Jim Scholl will be temporary city manager? I said I didn’t know, maybe a while, which takes pressure off the city to hurry to find a new city manager; or maybe Jim will just stay on until … I said, when they hired Jim, it turned out he couldn’t have anything to do with Navy-city stuff, in which he’d been involved when he was base commander of the local navy base. That, I understood, was why they went to having two assistant city managers. Deep Throat said that was a 5-year ban, that time is past, Scholl is not hindered today as he was back then.

I love talking with Deep Throat, because of his institutional knowledge of Key West going back into the 1970s. He seems to know where all the bodies are buried, starting at that time. He slammed Hometown! PAC’s upcoming candidate forum panel. He said Hometown’s panelist Jennifer Hulce was paid $30,000 by the Key West Chamber of Commerce, to try to get the bigger cruise ship referendum passed last year. I said, paid to lie. Yes, Deep Throat said. Of panelist John Dolan-Heitlinger, Deep Throat said, that guy works for Ed Swift and Historic Tours of America. I said, yes, and John never discloses that when he goes to bat for Swift in public. Deep Throat said, back a few years, John was CEO of Keys Federal Credit Union. Without getting his board of directors’ approval, he had Keys Federal buy land on Stock Island where he intended to locate Keys Federal’s new headquarters. The Board fired him. Then, the Board fired Todd German, who was John’s right-hand man. Todd is Hometown’s Chairman. I said I knew the board had fired them both, but that was the first I’d heard of the land deal. I said, capital decisions needed to be passed on by Keys Federal’s board, but operations decisions were the CEO’s job. Deep Throat agreed.

I also love talking with Deep Throat because he has had many different life experiences and is interested in lots of things. We talk about religion, heretics, philosophers, scoundrels, heroes, poets, angels, God, life, as easily as we talk about Key West politics and various sordid and hilarious local histories. Deep Throat said he likes talking to me because I’m interesting, I’m educated, I’m open to new ideas. He asked why isn’t everyone like that? I said I wonder the same thing. He said it’s fear, they are afraid. I said I would send him an email chain with a local fellow, which he might find amusing. Deep Throat said okay. It’s the last part of today’s post, below a different form of comic-tragedy relief, which was the gnarly toxic part of yesterday and early this morning, and now.

sissors cuts [click link to see video]

Broadcast by panthrguy21 on
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  • Mike Tolbert Holy shit since when is living free in a free country illegal?
  • Sloan Bashinsky When I asked this fellow where was their ID, did one of them have a driver’s licence, who was driving, he told me that was not important. It was important to me, especially if he expected me to published what he had sent to me. I doubt he and his lady cared for what I wrote back to them.
  • Mike Tolbert you missed the point.van was stationary. so no drivers lic needed. cop had no crime to investigate. and ohio v terry states clearly a anerican citizen need not to provide id unless officer is detaining said subject for a criminal investigation. This cop used living in the car as a crime.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Here’s how it went.

    Charlie Hunter sent me the link to the video with this note:

    This happened while we were waiting to visit our friend. Please share so people know this is really happening in their own back yard

    I replied:
    Where, precisely, did this happen?
    Do I recall when this happened to you in Key West, one of you, or both of you, did not have driver’s licence? Or ID? [This was the second such incident Hunter sent to me to publish.]

    Hunter wrote back:
    This is in stock island today. We have id, just couldn’t find it. Either way they claim sitting in your car waiting is a crime.

    I replied:
    People I know, who have ID, know where it is, unless they lost it and know it needs to be replaced.

    Hunter wrote back:
    Well I’m sorry or van was a mess and we couldn’t locate it for the criminals

    I replied:
    Did you since find the ID? What is it? A driver’s licence? Whose driver’s licence? Do both of you have driver’s licences? Do both of you drive the van? Who drove your van to your friend’s residence?

    Hunter wrote back:
    We found it. It doesn’t matter about the id or who drove. They had no right or reason to bother any of us.

    I replied:
    It matters to me if someone who drives a van has a driver’s license and is a legal driver, or a criminal for lack of a legal driver’s license.
    Until I know that, and the name on any driver’s licenses, and the driver license holder’s street address and state of issuance, and the driver license numbers, and the van’s vehicle registration number and date of last issuance, and in whose name the van is registered, and the van’s license tag number and date and state of issuance, and the name of the liability insurance company insuring the van as required by Florida law, and the phone number of the insurance agent I can call and verify, I’m wondering if you and you two protested to too much, to distract the deputies from what I would have been wanting to see if I had been them.
    You two have an in your face attitude which you are allowed in America to have, but it doesn’t mean I have to like your attitude or publish what you send me to publish, when I am wondering what the whole story is? And now, given your its none of my business reply to my simple and reasonable questions, I am wondering even more about you two.
    There are law enforcement officers down here who would gleefully yank that camera you use to try to gain the offensive and disappear that camera and then make you two wish you’d never come down here, and they’d make up a story justifying what they did, and it would be your word against theirs, if you two were still alive. At the very least, you would be in jail, your van would be impounded, your dog would be at the animal shelter, or given to another family, or put to sleep.
    Thank your lucky stars the deputies who confronted you two were not like that.

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  • Sloan Bashinsky Now, Mike, if you are wondering how I feel about the stop the deputies made, because they thought maybe the Hunters were living in their van, I have written many times that I think such ordinances are unconstitutional, if the van is the person’s home because a van is all the person can afford for a home. A home is a man’s castle, entitled to maximum protection, goes way back in the common law, in the case law. all the way back into old English law. I tried to get Hatman to make that argument in his case, he said he was going to make it, but he didn’t make it. There are other ways to argue such ordinances are unconstitutional. For example, Hatman was told by the KW police that he should be sleeping nights at KOTS, if he had no home (other than his van). But there is no place near KOTS where he could park his van, while he slept there. He would have to park it at some remote location, where it might be towed while he was gone, and walk or bicycle into KOTS. Essentially, the KW anti-lodging in your vehicle ordinance would have required Hatman to get rid of his van, his home, to sleep at KOTS, where he could not store any of his belongings, which he was storing his his van. There are ways to go at these cases, which perhaps will end up putting an end to them. Maybe the Hunters let themselves get caught and jailed for sleeping in their van, then they make the constitutional arguments. It will muddy their case, though, if they don’t have valid driver’s licence, or one of them drives without a license. Mr. Hunter was sitting in the driver’s seat shooting the video. He was sitting in the driver’s seat shooting the video in the earlier case, in Key West. As I recall, there was some discussion between him and the KWPD if he or his wife had the driver’s license, I think I recall she had the license, but it’s been a while. I was leery of them in the first case, because of the ID/driver’s licence questions I had. That’s why I took the approach I took this time with them. And look at what came back at me.
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  • Mike Tolbert I didn’t even realize that was here I only got as far as its illegal to live in your car, David lariz walked into a neighbors house off duty once with gun in hand because he heard argument outta uniform off duty. told me and patti we couldn’t be on higgs because I had a AC in my van back window, call to his boss and waking up 3 county commissioners fixed that. hell we had a apt then.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky You missed the point, Mike. The deputies believed they’d found a van in which people were living. One deputy told the Hunters there is a county ordinance making that illegal, a crime. If such a county ordinance exists, it’s the law until a court declares it illegal. It sounds similar to the KW anti-lodging in a vehicle ordinance. Charles Eimers died because KW police only suspected he was living in his PT Cruiser. And look at how that investigation went so far.
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  • Mike Tolbert No only law in county is no camping on public property
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  • Mike Tolbert Is hunter the cple with chaos the dog??
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, if the deputy made up the anti-living in a vehicle ordinance, that needs to be investigated. Hunter didn’t argue with the deputy that there was no such county ordinance. Hunter argued about its constitutionality. Or, was the stop made on the Key West side of Stock Island? If so, the KW anti-lodging in a vehicle ordinance would apply, and a deputy could enforce it under concurrent jurisdiction, just like police enforce violations on Higgs Beach, which Monroe County owns. Looked in the video that the stop was made on the county side of Stock Island, your and PJ’s side of Stock Island, the county’s side.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Still, Mike, I’m leery, because of the way Mr. Horton responded to my simple requests. I want to know if he’s driving that van around here without a driver’s licence, or if his wife is.
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  • Mike Tolbert its a no camping law it encompasses more! how David Laiz has a job after running into a neighbors house armed outta uniform off duty is the part that amazes me. If cops are not bullet proof. running in somebodys house armed is serious stupid move in a See More
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  • Mike Tolbert key west has no lodging in vehicle law county has no camping law! Which both can be circumvented quite easily and quietly just park outside a bar have cple drinks get receipt. go to sleep. you cant drive your sleeping it off protected right under fla statute! city did not take that into account I am sure!
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  • Mike Tolbert he produced lic in video. is that thje cple with chaos the dog?
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  • Sloan Bashinsky I can’t remember for sure if this is the couple with Chaos, but I think maybe it is. I have been at their van. It looked to me they live in it. Mike, either the county has a similar ordinance, or it doesn’t. Either the stop occurred on the county’s side of Stock Island, or did didn’t. I’m trying get where from Mr. Hunter in separate emails.. He said one of them has a valid driver’s license, but not which one of them. I said, okay, now I need to see the driver’s license myself. He’s kind starting to remind me of the fellow who bought Tugboat Tilly.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky He did not produce license in video. He told me they found a license later, but he would not tell me whose license it is.
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  • Mike Tolbert lariz ran a DL number . And I ask u is that the cple with the dog chaos? the ines I fed?
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  • Mike Tolbert If so they are far left anarchy people bragged about being part of occupy movement! SUPER SHADY themselves! But Lariz is cut from same mold as Lovette! You know David Lariz Sr was a vseputy police chief before his death! Really BUBBA family there!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know for sure if Chaos is their pooch. Is that relevant to this incident on Stock Island? I’m putting together more recent back and forths with Horton, and will drop them into this thread in a bit. How ’bout giving me some breathing room meanwhile , you bad ass code enforcer, you .
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  • Mike Tolbert kinda cause when u brought them in and we fed them he made me wanna slap stupid outta him! That’s why I remember dog and not them so much!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Mike, I need a break from yours, please!
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Charlie Hunter replied to mine to him somewhere up above, which ended with my saying they were lucky they didn’t get a different breed of deputy:

    If you really think we’re that foolish then you have issues sir. I’m glad you’re not a police officer bec
    See More
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  • Mike Tolbert Charlie meets Super Bubba cop. And for some unknown reason walked away unscathed. I told them at dinner at Daddy Bones things are diff here he basically told me politely to fuck off. I am a part time physic! Let me read hunters future in key west for him ! Arrest for resisting without violence unless he stupider than I give him credit for followed by a disorderly charge! Van impounded poor chaos jailed. When out of jail HOPEFULLY not hurt to badly he will have to get van back will have about 30 days to rescue chaos. Then if he decideds to stay cycle will repeat! YA cant fix stupid. But you can muffle it with duct tape if I was his wife I would buy a BIG roll . David Lariz who daddy was a deputy chief on KWPD before his death has them in crosshairs after this! It will not end well for them.
  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky Charlie Hunter replied to my last above your last:

    Rest assured I have no fear of the police, nor does my wife. You see, this isn’t our first interaction with the police. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you and your saying the police are inept and unable to determine if there is a valid driver. If that’s the case you should be more clear. If that’s not the case, then I can only assume you are trying to use the same fear and intimidation tactics the police use. Sadly, those tactics only work on the uninformed sheeple. It’s your choice to post what you will on your site. I can only hope the people who are awake will see things for what they are. Politics and press make for very slanted bedfellows. I look forward to hearing comments from the people regarding this interaction. Who knows, maybe others out there are just as tired of their rights being slowly stripped away in the name of security. To quote Ben Franklin, “anyone who trades freedom for security deserves neither.”

    I replied to Charlie:
    What I want to know, Charlie, is:
    Who drove your van to that location on Stock Island? Did that person have a valid driver’s license? That tells me whether or not you two have “clean hands”.
    On which side of Stock Island this occurred? That tells me which ordinance is involved: Monroe County’s or Key West’s. I am familiar with Key West’s ordinance, not with Monroe County’s.
    A friend told me last night that Monroe County has a no camping ordinance, but not a no lodging in vehicle ordinance. I think Key West used to have a no camping ordinance. The City Commission passed the no lodging in vehicle ordinance to better target people living in their vehicles.
    On Key West’s ordinance, I have written several times that I think it is unconstitutional, if the van is the person’s home and the van is all the person can afford for a home. A home is a man’s castle, entitled to maximum protection, goes way back in the common law, in the case law. all the way back into old English law. I tried to get Hatman to make that argument in his case, he said he was going to make it, but he didn’t make it.
    I agreed with Hatman on another constitutional law argument. He was told by the KW police that he should be sleeping nights at KOTS, if he had no home (other than his van). But there was no place near KOTS where he could park his van, while he slept at KOTS. He would have had to park his van at some remote location, where it might be towed while he was gone, and walk or bicycle into KOTS. So, to comply with the KW ordinance and sleep at KOTS, where he could not store his belongings during the day time, Hatman would have had to get rid of his van, his home, and most of his belongings.
    As I wrote you yesterday, maybe you two let yourselves get caught for living in your van, and you are given a ticket, or jailed. Once in the criminal justice system, you two make the constitutional arguments in the courts.
    Perhaps a local misdemeanor judge agrees with you. If not, you can appeal to the circuit court. Perhaps the circuit court judge agrees with you. If not, you can appeal to the Third District Court of Appeals. Perhaps that court agrees with you. If not, you can appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. Perhaps that court agrees to hear your case, and then agrees with you. If not, you then can ask the US Supreme Court to review your case. Perhaps that court will exercise its discretion and review your case, perhaps not.
    I want to send Sheriff Ramsay your video, but first I need to know on which side of Stock Island this happened, because he will need to know that to determine which ordinance was involved. I will ask him for the ordinance number and wording, which his deputies thought they were enforcing.
    Unless you tell me who drove your van to that location, and show me the driver’s license, I also will tell Sheriff Ramsay that you refused tell me which of you two drove your van to that location, and that I am concerned the driver might not have a valid driver’s licence. I know that is irrelevant to your case. However, it is not irrelevant to my concern that an unlicensed driver may be driving your van in Key West.
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Whew! Back to something lighter ;-), the email chain I sent to Deep Throat yesterday afternoon: 
rise of the planet
Subject: science debates ignorance 

Loved talking with you this morning.

The email thread below started with this fellow replying to the death taxes and life celebrations in Key West post at The title of the post is a link to it.

He wrote to me:

Death and taxes have nothing to do with each other. The IRS only wishes. They promote this modern meme in the attempt to encourage acceptance of our modern tax scheme which is in fact one of the all time worst in all of human history. Prior to modern taxation, taxes of more than 10% of annual increase started wars. Whereas we are paying upwards of 40% now.

Humanity is just more stupid and gullible today than they have ever been in all of human history.

I replied:

The post was about something else.

He wrote:

I know.

I replied:

Maybe, maybe not – humanity has been stupid and gullible a very long time, just more people now, so by numbers more stupid and gullible.

He wrote:

No not by numbers. By percentages. Only one out of hundred ancients would believe something irrational whereas forty three out of a hundred today would.

I have known this for some time, by reading ancient literature, but I couldn’t quantify the percentages. Modern science now concurs. Scientific papers are not documenting this finding. One of which is this one from Stanford University

I replied:

Surely you jest. At one time, scientists believed this planet was flat and the sun revolved around it. What does it matter, in any event? There is nothing you nor anybody I know can do about the direction humanity, in the main, is heading. Perhaps a visible planetary-wide ET invasion might have an effect. Perhaps a visible planetary-wide spiritual event might have an effect. Or an invisible one, in which people simply are changed. I would not surprise me if the planet sneezed and threw all the fleas (humans) off its skin into the stratosphere, to rain back down as whatever. An extinction event for many other biologically complicated species, too, but perhaps preferred to the fleas killing the planet, not to mention themselves and other biologically complicated species. Perhaps as the dinosaurs quickly disappeared, according to science, humans will follow suit. Perhaps the next intelligent (used facetiously) species will be viruses. Already, they seem to be demonstrating a great deal of adaptability and intelligence in a hive way. The cetaceans, which are smarter than humans but on a different spiritual trajectory, which causes humans to think they are the only intelligent species on this planet, must find humanity amusing, if not down right insane.

He wrote:

Your own ignorance in this matter makes my point very well.

No one ever believed the earth was flat. Not even the ancient Babylonians. Eratosthenes of Cyrene was the first to calculate the earth’s diameter and he was correct to within 1% ( 252,000 stadia, or about 8000 miles. This value is the correct diameter of the earth. )

Let me quote Cassius Dio who lived 2000 years ago long before 1600 years before Copernicus. No scholar denies this was written 2000 years ago just like Eratosthenes treatise on the earth’s diameter was written 600 years before that. No one denies this stuff, yet We are so stupid today that Not even our modern educational system can get this stuff right. The word “orbit” as used here is not a translation. The ancients coined the term “orbit” and we use it today.

Just the fact that educated people such as yourself are ignorant of these things makes my point.

“The moon, which revolves in its orbit about the earth… When, therefore, the moon gets in a direct line with the sun over our heads and passes under its blazing orb, it obscures the rays from that body that extend toward the earth.

“To some of the earth’s inhabitants this obscuration lasts for a longer and to others for a shorter time, whereas to still others it does not occur for even the briefest moment… it will not be out of place to give the explanation of a lunar eclipse also. Whenever, then, the moon gets directly opposite the sun (for it is eclipsed only at full moon, just as the sun is eclipsed at the time of new moon) and runs into the cone-shaped shadow of the earth, a thing that happens whenever it passes through the mean point in its latitudinal motion, it is then deprived of the sun’s light and appears by itself as it really is. Such is the explanation of these phenomena.”

Read the scientific paper on it. The link can be found in the article I sent before.

There are societal selective pressures for stupidity. Civilization breeds stupidity.

An example of which is this. Before civilization, only the smartest and fittest survived. After civilization, the sick, elderly and those who couldn’t fend for themselves were taken care of lived to breed.

In addition to that As a rule Smart woman have fewer children than dumb woman

You and I are the product of 166 generations ( 5000 years) of dumb people breeding. As population increases exponentially, the rate of stipidification increases also.

We are getting dumber faster.

I replied:

Well, for some time now, I have felt Darwin had it turned around backward: humans are evolving into monkeys and apes. Nothing humans can do about it, as far as I see. Pity the monkeys and apes. Last week I saw a double feature at Regal Cinema: “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and its sequel “Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In the main, I liked the apes better than most of the humans; a few humans seemed worth keeping around. I keep telling the angels, if they do to every person what they have done to and continue doing to me, that will reduce the human population to about 5,000. Enough for humans to start all over, if they aren’t scattered so sparsely that they couldn’t find each other to reproduce. But then, there’s the genetic problem. If a man and woman found each other and got together and reproduced, would the man and women then reproduce with their offspring, would their offspring reproduce with each other? The Bible folks never figured out a way to deal with that part of Genesis, so I don’t see post-Sloan-suggestion humans getting around it either, unless a bunch of the survivors, enough to solve the genetics, somehow end up together after the rest of the fleas die. That song, “I’m my own grandpaw now comes to mind. Hee haw!!!

He wrote:

Incest isn’t a problem genetically. Only morally. From a scientific point of view, genetics has that all figured out. Inbreeding doesn’t cause any sort of genetic problems.

I replied:

You bet your life and soul that human parents mating with their children, and human siblings mating with each other, doesn’t cause problems in their offspring? Don’t make that bet.

He wrote:

It’s true. There is no danger in that. The immense complexity of the genetic central dogma employs preprogrammed logic to carefully reorganize the genetic material in the pronuclei which then form the new zygote. The process is incredibly complex, currently defying human understanding. If a very well regulated and controlled process were not in complete control of the process no children could be born at all. Because of this well regulated system, the origin of the genetic material is inconsequential. Even genetic material from the same person can give rise to diversity numbering in the billions.

The genetic material in a single person could give rise to an entire diverse population. This is the power of what is now being called the science of epigenetics.

People have got to get smarter. This dumbing down was predicted thousands of years ago. Its written. “Humanity will not always be ruled by empires but they shall pass to give rise to individual nations each ruled by a king. This shall pass too giving rise to the rule of law and nations without kings. But there are no more paths after that. It is in the time of those nations that the change shall come.”

I replied:

Doesn’t sound like you ever spent any time in backwoods areas where brother and sisters and fathers and daughters and mothers and sons and first cousins got it on.

As I said earlier, humans are evolving into monkeys and apes and there’s nothing you, I, nor anyone can do about it but grin and bear it. Wanna banana?

He wrote:

You really don’t think about things too carefully do you?

I replied:

How could I? I’m a chimpanzee.


I wonder what might have come back if I had written that the Atlanteans were far advanced of the other humanoids, and in their advancement they tinkered with advanced technologies, which got away from them, reflecting spiritual matters, which got away from them, and they destroyed their continent and some of them fled elsewhere, and some of their knowledge trickled down to other humanoids, but, of course, there was considerably more ancient knowledge which predated Atlantis and even humanity.

I don’t suppose it would have been too cool to say the dinosaurs were sentient, and when they had experienced all they needed to experience on this planet, they were allowed to move on via one of those cosmic sneezes, in that case, a giant meteor strike, which tilted the planet on its axis and shook off most of the organic life forms, while tidal waves and volcanoes diminished organic life forms, too.

If I had mentioned angels, it would have gone off in a different orbit.


Sloan drop trou

me threatening to drop trou at a 2009 mayor candidate forum, the photo made the front page of the next day’s Citizen

The Key West Chamber of Commerce’s candidate forum is at noon today, at Casa Marina, which started out as the Flagler Hotel, built by Henry Flagler, who also built the overseas railroad and connected Key West to the mainland.

Overseas Railway

the overseas railroad’s Seven Mile Bridge

I will try to be on my best behavior today.

Sloan at Carol

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost nut house”

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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