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Charles Eimer's take down

Key West the Newspaper – – depiction of the final moments of Charles Eimer’s life

After publishing yesterday’s  candidate forum shenanigans, greed, prejudice, the oldest profession, and going green in Key West  post at, I was alerted by a north Georgia amiga ito a new development in New York City’s version of Key West’s Charles Eimers’ death in “paradise” case.

  1. New York Post ?- 14 hours ago
    New York Police Commissioner William Bratton (left) prepares to speak to the media at a news conference to address Garner’s death.

A plainclothes NYPD cop violated department protocol by using a chokehold while handcuffing a Staten Island man who died following the arrest, Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Friday.

That officer and another cop who arrested Eric Garner, 43, were both placed on desk duty following the controversial Thursday arrest, Bratton said at a press conference.

“The two officers who were engaged in the arrest of the deceased – one is an eight year veteran and the other is a four-year veteran – both officers have been assigned to desk duty pending the investigation,” Bratton said.

“There’s a very high chance that the officer who put him in a chokehold would lose his job,” said a law-enforcement source who is familiar with the investigation.

“It violates protocol. It violates a direct rule which is never to put somebody in a chokehold.”

The Staten Island District Attorney and NYPD Internal Affairs are investigating the arrest.

Police said they handcuffed the 350-pound Garner in Tompkinsville at about 3:30 p.m. yesterday because he was selling untaxed cigarettes, but witnesses told the Post that Garner was not peddling smokes and had tried to break up a fight between two people who ran off before cops arrived.

Garner died of a heart attack as an ambulance took him to Richmond University Medical Center, cops said.

Mayor de Blasio said it was too early to jump to conclusions but did say a video of the arrest was disturbing.

“It was very troubling. I watched it the same way a family member would watch it, and it was very sad to watch it,” Hizzoner said.


What the NY City mayor and his police chief did with the 2 cops who were in on strangling that man up there is what Mayor Cates, the city commissioners and Police Chief Donie Lee should have done with the KWPD cops who were in on smothering Charles Eimers, and then tried to cover it up.

Charles EimersCharles Eimers

NYC’s mayor and police department did not sell out; they did not prostitute their souls. They did what needed to be done, and they did it swiftly, without waiting on a state law enforcement agency or a state attorney or a grand jury to get involved.

Ginger of Jupiter Beach, Florida wrote yesterday:


Sloan, Did the Miami Herald or the PALM BEACH POST ever run an article on Elmer’s death? I never saw anything on our local news or in the local PB Post about his death which is so sad and tragic. What has his son been able to do? What is the back story? Think I remember that Elmer drove to Key West and was looking for a place to rent or stay. The police assumed he was living out of his car, not moving into the area. Can you send me the confirmed facts– as I want to write and submit a story to the POST. This is such a sad and tragic story of profiling, but what is frightening is that the police profiled him as homeless and treated him in this manner. Any official knows that keeping someone’s face in the sand suffocates them and many many deaths have been caused by policemen sitting on someone’s chest as the victem can’t inhale. This method of suffocation[placing weights on the victim’s chest was used in 15th Century England and during the Spanish Inquisition.

I replied:

Hi, Ginger – I do not know of the Miami Herald reporting on Eimers. The best sources for what really happened are the KWPD officers involved. Good luck getting them to ‘splain it. The next best source is Key West the Newspaper, which wrote maybe a dozen articles on Eimers. The next best source is lawyer David Paul Horan, who represents the Eimers family in federal court, against the police officers and the city of Key West. I probably am the next best source, but all I know is 3rd hand from what Key West the Newspaper and the Citizen reported, and the Citizen got nearly all of its information from Key West the Newspaper articles. Perhaps the Grand Jury being convened tomorrow, I think, will become the best source of information. I’m hoping so, but it’s going to depend on what witnesses they hear from, and what the witnesses are willing to say. And then, on what the State Attorney down here is willing to do with what the Grand Jury recommends. At this juncture, I do not trust anything the KWPD or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate and report. I hope they surprise me, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe more will come to me later. Sloan

Moving laterally.

Jack Flats 2Jack Flats

Yesterday, I had breakfast, lunch actually, at Jack Flat’s sports bar. When an older fellow I sometimes see around town came over and asked how my mayor’s campaign was going?, I said, right now, I’m watching the British Open (golf tournament). He asked if I knew anything Margaret Romero stands for? Margaret is the third mayor candidate in Key West this year. I thought a moment, said, she likes to squeeze the buffalo (to old timers, the buffalo is a nickel). He said, I will win the mayor race if I come out in favor of getting rid of all the parking meters and let dogs back into bars. I laughed, said I thought that was a really good idea. He turned and left.

When I got up before dawn this morning and recalled that conversation, I thought, hmmm, during citizen comments over the ill-fated garbage and recycling bid before the Key West City Commission, Margaret spoke in favor of the city sticking with Waste Management, whose bid, on its face, seemed considerably higher than Advanced Disposal’s bid. Maybe Margaret doesn’t always squeeze the buffalo. Margaret has gone on the record as having no problem with how KWPD treated Charles Eimers on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day, his last moment on this world. Her campaign slogan is “The Voice of Reason”.

Mayor Cates finally went on the record during last Friday’s Lodging Association candidate forum, after I put the question to him and to Margaret: “Will you ever apologize to the Charles Eimers family for what the KWPD did to him?” Mayor Cates said his heart went out to the Eimers family, but he was waiting on the investigation results to come in. The results are: the KWPD thought Eimers was homeless; they treated him like he was homeless; he died.

Just I finished writing that, this email arrived from a Big Coppit Key amigo – Big Coppit lies about 10 miles above Key West:

Nick Anderson

Dearest Sloan,
A good start to the transit homeless problem would be to ask each one to leave the keys for an exended period of time.
Nick Anderson

I cheerfully replied:

Hi, Nick. I appoint you to do that, since it’s your idea. How to you propose to persuade them to take you up on your idea? A gun aimed at their head? Go to jail or leave? Here’s $10,000, go away for a while. Based on what you have told me about yourself, giving $10,000 to every homeless person in the area would be no sweat off your back. Sloan

In today’s Citizen Voice:

“You can comment and complain all you want about what’s going on down at city hall, but there is only one way to change it.”

Absent appointing a King or a Queen with power of life and death over all citizens, there is no way to change it.

“I wonder how many residents will move off the island due to all this political drama?”

Hopefully a lot of them will leave and solve the traffic congestion and Old Town parking problems. Why don’t you lead the migration? Maybe the KWPD won’t stop and kill you because you look homeless, carrying all of your belongings with you. Maybe the KWPD will think, “Good riddance.”

“The difference between locals and ‘northerners’ is that the locals love the Keys the way they are and don’t want to change them.”

The same locals who decided to attract as many tourists and cruise ships as possible, and to develop as much land as possible, and to pollute the ocean as much as possible, and to catch and kill as many fish, conchs, lobsters, stone crabs and green sea turtles as possible?

During my interview on Pirate Radio last Friday,  Jack Smith asked me what I will do if I get elected?

pirate radioyou don't know jack

I said, first, I apologize on behalf of Key West to the Charles Eimers family for the KWPD killing their father. Amens all around from the Pirates.

Second, I try to get the City Commission to scrap the Truman Watefront Park plan and give the Housing Authority enough of that land to build the 330,000 square feet of affordable housing the Navy approved when it gave the land to the city. The pirates seemed to like that, too.

Third, I try to get the City Commission to ban the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships from calling Key West. Carnival?, one pirate asked. Yep. What would replace the lost revenue?, the pirate asked. A nude beach would help. But that would not replace all the lost revenue, the Pirate lamented. No, but the ocean is full of MRSA bacteria; the water is not safe to enter, if you have cut or nick on you skin. Public safety is more important than lost revenue. The pirates didn’t seem to like hearing that.

I bet they would have liked hearing let dogs back into the bars, but I don’t know how they would feel about getting rid of all the parking meters and that lost revenue. As King, I would impose a cent or two city sales tax, get rid of the parking meters and dirty cruise ships, and let dogs back into the bars.

dog in bar

Pirate Radio’s mayor candidates debate starts at 8:30 a.m. this Friday. 101.7 FM. Listen online at

Kurt Wagner, sometimes vicious Key West van dweller criminal currently vacationing on St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands, sent this baleful state of the situation report:

Kurt Wagner

There is so much darkness in my mind,
one never knows what one will find.
There is so much trouble in our life,
we live in a world so much strife.

Senseless wars for money to be made,
all at the expense of the lower pay grade.
Chemical weapons and IED’s,
soldiers returning with “soul disease”

People dying all over the world,
to keep the powerless in a stranglehold.
They’ll never agree, allow no debate,
all for power and religious hate.

We help the whole world for no reason at all,
we do so much our back’s to the wall.
When we are in trouble who helps us?
All other countries throw us under the bus.

Government control of your heart and mind,
NSA spying to see what they find.
Scandal after scandal the president denies,
a congress that won’t call him on his lies.

Millions ilegally crossing our border,
states and militia trying to keep order.
Sending their children to the “promised land”,
and the federal government won’t lend a hand.

Citizens dying at the hands of police,
heartless bastards to say the least.
The very people they’ve sworn to protect,
citizen will soon say “these cops we reject”

Homeless starving out in the cold,
invisible people that don’t fit the mold.
Live or die, some call it fate,
only the soup kitchen to offer a plate.

The rich and the wealthy some say elite,
someday in heaven the poor they will meet.
Where everyones equal like you and me,
they’ll say “thanks for the help you SOB”

There is so much darkness in my mind,
one never knows what one will find.
There is so much trouble in our life,
we live in a world with so much strife

Kurt has reported a few times about how nice St. Thomas is. Maybe he should consider staying down there. Maybe that will cheer him up.

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”

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