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Letter to the editor in Today’s Citizen –


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Many local voters feel that the Hometown! political action committee plays an important role in our electoral process. Candidate forums such as the one Hometown! will sponsor Aug. 4 at the Tropic Cinema allow ordinary citizens to hear the candidates express their positions in their own words.

Coaxing honest answers from politicians is no easy task, and so Hometown! wisely delegates this responsibility to professional moderators. The forum succeeds to the extent that the moderators are well prepared and unbiased. As voters, we must trust that the moderators have the best interests of the public at heart.

What should we think, then, when two of the moderators who have been announced for the upcoming forum display strong bias in favor of the cruise-ship and channel-dredging lobbyists who were so soundly defeated the last time we went to the polls?

At that time, Hometown! panelist John Dolan-Heitlinger was head of a prodredging PAC known as the Key West Seaport Alliance. His fellow panelist, Jennifer Hulse, was spokesperson for the well-funded “Support the Study” PAC led by the Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce. After voters had rejected the chamber’s channel-dredging proposal by a margin of 3 to 1, it was Hulse, a prominent attorney, who went on record with a Citizen reporter to argue that the results of the referendum would not bind a future city commission (“Antistudy side: ‘No means no'” — 10/06/2013).

As the outspoken proponents of a deeply unpopular issue, whose backers continue to explore all possible means of widening the ship’s channel, in flagrant opposition to the will of Key West voters, Hulse and Dolan-Heitlinger lack the credibility to serve as moderators for the upcoming Hometown! event. They should be replaced with individuals the voters can trust.

Arlo Haskell

Key West

Amen, Arlo.

To which I add, Jennifer Hulce

Jennifer Hulse

kept saying at each bigger cruise ship referendum forum that the referendum was not about cruise ships but simply was about deciding whether or not to study widening the channel; and in the next breath she kept saying the referendum was about jobs and money, which would be lost if/when cruise ship lines calling on Key West went to the bigger cruise ships which could not get into Key West’s harbor unless the channel was widened. I came to view Jennifer as the Chamber of Commerce’s whore, and published that several times at

Likewise, John Dolan-Heitliger

John Dolan-Heitlinger

had started a tiny PAC simply to enable him to get a seat on the dais at referendum forums. Key West Seaport Alliance sounded substantial, but, I was told by Jolly Benson, who represented the anti-bigger cruise ship side at the referendum forms, had very few members. I had learned in another context that John worked for Historic Tours of America {HTA” – he told me. Meaning, John worked for Ed Swift. Meaning, the reason John was on the dais during the referendum forums was to speak for Ed Swift and protect Swift’s conch trains and trolleys business, and his gift shops, which heavily rely on cruise ship passengers, not to mention Swift being paid $500,000 a year by the city to haul cruise ship passengers in from the outer mole pier to Swift’s conch train and trolley terminals and gift shops, where they buy conch memorabilia made in Asia, and buy conch train and trolley tours of Key West.

Not one time at the bigger cruise ship referendum forums did John tell the audience he worked for Swift/HTA, nor was that disclosed in Hometown! PAC’s  email BLAST announcing its candidate forum. Hometown gave John another fake title:  “John Dolan-Heitlinger, leadership and management consultant.”

Nor, in its email BLAST, did Hometown say who Jennifer lied for during the run up to the bigger cruise ship referendum, which got killed by 74 percent of the votes being against it. Here’s how Hometown described its mayor’s candidate forum panelist Jennifer: “Jennifer Hulce, prominent Key West attorney”

I gave Hometown bloody hell about all of that in an email to its coordinator, Sheldon Davidson, a former US Attorney criminal prosecutor, and its chairman, Todd German, a former US Special Forces combat veteran, who is a good friend of mine. Todd defended John Dolan-Heitlinger and Jennifer Hulse as great panelists, and was really upset that I had called Jennifer the Chamber’s whore in that email. So, in deference to Todd, when I published that email in the  post at, I changed whore to hired gun, against my better judgment.

The only prominent thing I know that Jennifer did during the relatively short time she has been in Key West was being the city’s most prominent whore in 2013.

Shadharoba Rodd, formerly Key West’s colorful Hatman, continued his and my Charles Eimers case discussion started in yesterday’s high-lo comedy and lightning strikes during the Key West Lodging Association mayor’s race candidate forum, and related and distantly-related political comedies post at


hi sloan. from the story I see a BIG difference between KW & NYC residents in that some people there were outraged by the guy’s death and others held a vigil while in KW almost nary a wimper. you see, it’s not just the cops and the city officials, but the regular everyday people in NYC, big, bad, uncaring NYers, who actually gave a shit about another fellow human being. KW should be ashamed of themselves for being so full of it, of themselves that not enough people cared about, and still don’t, about [a homeless bum like, as related by KWPD] Mr. Eimers. Constantly the Citizen is running stories about fundraisers for locals who have befallen medically or for whatever reason. And it’s been said many times by many people that KW is a very giving community, but where the FUCK is the compassion for someone who never did anything in his life to hurt KW, who only wanted to live there? In my eyes, the Charles Eimers case is much bigger than just his death. I believe it shows, demonstrously shows, KW is all fucked up over what should matter. And as you pointed out, and was mentioned in the story, the dead guy in NYC had run-ins w/ cops over an extended period of time and probably was not a likely winner of the Mother Teresa award anytime soon. KW should start caring about things, issues that really matter and not how much $$ they can scam from the tourists !


I replied:

You are spot on again, Sir Noble Knight Errant Rodd. I suppose some slack can be cut for no outraged citizen protests before the blue paper broke the story, since nobody yet knew what had really happened to Eimers but the KWPD. After the blue paper’s story broke, the citizens should have raised bloody hell, like they raise bloody hell for lots of other pet projects and peeves. It was not my impression at the Lodging Association candidate forum that the Lodging Association members were particularly concerned about what the KWPD did to Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day. Not one question put to the mayor candidates about that might have been a tip off to how the Lodging Association’s members feel about that. Well, I didn’t let them get away with it. I put it to them in my opening comments, and again in my closing comments. Except I screwed up by not saying Eimers would not have died that day, if the KWPD had not profiled him as being homeless. That’s what this awful case boils down to. Those cops thought Eimers was homeless. And, those cops represent how a great many Key West people feel about homeless people, the city of the big one human family real back joke. Charles Eimers told the first cop that he had come down here to do God’s work. Little did Charles know he had come down here to show Key West it had lost its soul.

Ciao maim, Sir Black and Blue

Sir Ass Hole

Rodd replied:

good morning Sloan. it’s early Sunday & I’ve just checked Google News to see what’s up. the 3rd story, behind the Malaysia air crash, and a Middle East story, was the NYC killing case. pretty disturbing video. Somehow perhaps you, the blue paper, or somebody need to notify the national media about Charles Eimers and have them contrast what the community reactions are/were. Somebody somehow needs to embarrass KW to the ultimate, and I see the 2 cases as being pretty closely related. Except for the differences between big, bad, uncaring, nobody-gives-a-shit-about-anybody-else NYC, and idyllic, laid-back, tropical paradise KW where everyone is sooooo nice. Greed, I believe, is the disease that is killing KW. Greed, as manifested by the nonchalance of the KW city officials and the populace. “Man, we cannot be bothered by this crap; we got $$ to make.”

From where I sit, now distanced from the daily hassles and bullshit of KW, I think you’ve been handed a platform from which you can scream to the world whatever it is you wish to say about KW.

Perhaps the NYC guy and Charles Eimers are talking about their respective treatments by cops, and are finding a bond.


I replied:

Greed indeed is the driving force which has cost Key West its soul. I hit that hard at the Lodging Association candidate forum on Friday, when I told them in answers to two different questions that Key West was overbuilt and the resultant problems simply cannot be fixed other than by one half of the people living here moving away.

When a city routinely approves developments in which new residential units will not be homes for the owners, but will be investments, or will be part-time homes, you know those houses, condominiums, apartments, whatever you wish to call them, will be transient rental units and greed is the driving force. You know the parking and traffic problems in Key West will increase. You know home prices and rents will escalate. You know the middle class and working class will be squeezed.

However, the prejudice against homeless people in Key West is far broader than greed, in my observation. There is hatred, which reminds me of the KKK hatred of black people and of white people who took up their cause.

I was on Pirate Radio twice now, and both times Jack Smith went on long rants against homeless people after we discussed that I had lived on the street in Key West. Jack seemed enraged. I wondered if I was going to get in another word. During his rant this past Friday morning, I finally said, “I was one of those vagrants.” Jack shot back, was I ever put in the county jail? I said, no. Then I wasn’t one of those vagrants, one of those criminals. I didn’t get a chance to say I had been harassed and threatened by KW police. I had seen other homeless people harassed and threatened by KW police. Simply because we were homeless. It, in fact, is a crime to be homeless in Key West. Has been a long time, actually. And Charles Eimers came down to Key West to remind. I figure he was going to die soon, the Medical Examiner’s report indicates that to be a likely scenario; and so at the level of soul Charles Eimers chose to go out with a big splash, in a blaze of glory.

Charles Eimers

Charles Eimers certainly made a lot of Key West people uncomfortable, shook them up, not by what he did, but by what the KWPD did to him, and by the ensuring massive attempt to cover it all up, still underway. None of which seems to bother Mayor Craig Cates or Margaret Romero, any more than the downing of the Malaysian airliner bothers the people who shot it down. What happened to Charles Eimers does not bother Mayor Cates and Romero’s backers, either. We know that, because Cates and Romero’s backers are still backing them, knowing they are not like New York’s mayor; knowing they could care less what KWPD did to Charles Eimers, other than they all wish KWPD had not gotten caught by a bystander’s video and Key West the Newspaper – www.thebluepaper. That’s all that’s bothering them: KWPD got caught.

Ciao maim

  1. New York Post ?- 14 hours ago
    New York Police Commissioner William Bratton (left) prepares to speak to the media at a news conference to address Garner’s death.

What the NY City mayor and his police department did with the 2 cops who were in on strangling that man up there is what Mayor Cates and the City Commissioner and Police Chief Donie Lee should have done with the KWPD cops who were in on smothering Charles Eimers, and then tried to cover it up.

Jack Smith, and many people in Key West and the Florida Keys, know I am not a flaming homeless people advocate. They know I do not defend homeless people who are killing themselves with booze and other narcotics. They know I do not condone bad things homeless people do to other people, to private property. They know I do not like homeless people littering city sidewalks, streets, parks, beaches and wooded areas with trash. They also know I do not like homeless people being treated like they are not even human beings. And, they know I keep saying the city needs to start doing all possible to help the new homeless people, who have not yet become street people, from becoming street people – the people who are hated and despised by much of Key West.

Did they forget Jesus was homeless?

Jesus with leper

Did they forget, as they do unto the least of these, they do also unto him?

“Mud Dawg” Mike Tolbert got wound up yesterday, after calling me on the phone about it, he sent this from City Commissioner Tony Yaniz’ Facebook page:

mud dog


Once again the DeMoya group has shown its insensitivity to the basic needs of our community by shutting down the right lane inbound to the city yesterday. It s my understanding that even FDOT was angry that the contractor made this move without inquiring first. I have been assured by our City manager, Jim Scholl that FDOT has given him their guarantee there would be no more daytime closures. I am watching and waiting….and if DeMoya chooses to wipe their behind with our community yet again, then maybe I should go and tear down the barricades! My loyalty is to the citizens of our city. Our country’s legacy is one of civil disobedience if and when our citizens have had enough! And I, for one, have had it! We stood up to them before and got the traffic changed back to two-way! Stand up for your beliefs!

Anthony J. Yaniz The CITY had nothing to do with it! The contractor took it upon himself to disregard our interests ….AGAIN!

Anthony J. Yaniz Ryno, you are wrong my friend. The State of Florida as FDOT picked them. We as a city had no input!

I replied to Mud Dawg:

This is very recent, has nothing to do with the original decision, based on the city noise ordinance, to only do the work during the day time, week days.

Mike wrote back:

He is saying city had no input IS they had input from beginning but Tony was not even elected then.

I replied:

Okay, Mud Dawg, I see what you are trying to get through my thick skull. I don’t know whether or not the city had any input on which contractor FDOT chose to do the North Roosevelt Blvd redo. If the city did have input, I imagine FDOT had the final say so.

What I dragged out of FDOT’s Director Prasad during the town hall meeting last year, over considerable interference from Mayor Cates, was FDOT did not put out a bid for round the clock work because of the city’s noise ordinance, which the City Commission could have waived, but did not. Later in the the town hall meeting, the City Commission told Prasad they would waive the noise ordinance, if that would speed up the work. Prasad said okay, and soon the contractor was working nights and weekends.

The other question I put to Prasad, when I had him on the “witness stand” during the town hall meeting, was why he had taken so darn long to get involved, after he knew from almost the get go that De Moya was dragging its feet? De Moya didn’t have a sheetpiling subcontractor lined up when De Moya began the road work. Sheetpiling was the waterside barrier, the sea wall, the load-bearing wall which would hold everything else together. Although the sheetpiling should have been driven first, De Moya didn’t get the sheetpiling done until over a year into into the roadwork.

That was the real noise maker: driving the sheetpiling into the coral with a sheetpiling driver. And the sheetpiling subcontractor only had one sheetpiling driver down here, and it was breaking down a good bit. Maybe that was batshitcrazy karma for the City Commission not wanting to waive the noise ordinance up front, because they didn’t want to disturb the North Roosevelt residential neighborhoods at night and on weekends.

City Commissioner Mark Rossi lives directly across the way, over the water, on the other side of the Yacht Club. He didn’t even want to waive the noise ordinance during the town hall meeting. He was willing to let the construction last until whenever, is how it looked to me.

Mayor Cates promised me that Prasad would answer my second question, too: why did FDOT take so long to get involved after learning early on that De Moya was dragging its feet? But Prasad never answered that question.

De Moya seemed to always view the North Roosevelt job as a red-headed stepchild; something to keep its road crews busy when they didn’t have work in DeMorya’s mainland work areas. I heard the second low bidder’s bid was about $50,000 higher than DeMoya’s, and the second low bidder could have done the whole job in 8 months working just 5 days a week. If that’s true, it was a really screw up to hire DeMoya. I heard Topino, our local contractor, could have done the work must faster. The whole bid was on price. I suppose you get what you pay for. Maybe what the city got also was batshitcrazy karma for not waiving the city noise ordinance up front.

As for civil disobedience, I was raising bloody hell in that town hall meeting trying to get Prasad to answer my questions. Mayor Cates said I was embarrassing the entire city. He told the KWPD officer on duty during the meeting to tell me to be quiet, after I kept saying Prasad had not answered my second question. Why did Prasad wait so dang long to intervene, when he knew from the get go that De Moya was dragging its feet?

The police officer came over and told me to be quiet. I said the mayor had promised that Prasad would answer my second question. The police officer said it wasn’t going to happen. Hell, Mud Dawg, the police officer should have told the mayor I was right; the mayor had promised me that Prasad would answer my second question; why was I being told to shut up when that didn’t happen? Why didn’t the police officer walk over to Prasad and grab him buy the collar and tell him to ask Bashinsky’s second question?

Be that as it may, it has looked to me for quite a while that De Moya never should have gotten the bid. Tony Yaniz was not on that City Commission which made the deal with FDOT. I understand Tony’s anger. I understanding him wanting to protest. But perhaps he needs to ponder who screwed the job up to start with: the previous City Commission, which would not waive the noise ordinance. Perhaps Tony needs to consider the batshitcrazy karma which then played out in spades-squared, and killed lots of North Roosevelt Blvd businesses, including Daddy Bones BBQ.

What I don’t understand is why Tony has no ire about what the KWPD did to Charles Eimers, which happened when Tony was on the City Commission? Why didn’t Tony lie down in the middle of the lower end of North Roosevelt Blvd in front of the police station, and protest the KWPD killing Charles Eimers. Why isnt’ Tony talking even now about doing that? Does Tony, like his co-conspirator in the mayor’s race, Margaret Romero, think the KWPD officers who killed Eimers didn’t do anything wrong when they killed him. Does Tony, like Margaret, not believe there was then a massive attempt to cover up what those police officers did to Eimers? Is the current problem with De Moya batshitcrazy karma for what happened to Charles Eimers shortly after he was stopped by a KWPD officer on North Roosevelt Blvd? Hello???

Tony seems very much into selective enforcement of the city’s open container law against homeless people. Tony also seems, like his co-conspirator, Margaret, very much into selective police brutality against people believed to be homeless, which was Charles Eimers’ great misfortune. And, Tony seems very much into selective citizen disobedience and protests.

Translated, it ain’t okay for DeMoya and FDOT to kill a lot of North Roosevelt Blvd businesses, but i’ts okay for the prior City Commission to do that, and it’s okay for the KWPD to kill suspected homeless people.

Yeah, I bet a few sheckels that all this bad shit going down on North Roosevelt Blvd is batshitcrazy karma springing from that City Commission’s refusal to waive the noise ordinance up front, and later from what the KWPD did to Charles Eimers after he first was stopped by KWPD on North Roosevelt Blvd and profiled as being homeless.

Look at all the shit you done went and stirred up you old Mud Dawg, you. Maybe another installment of that dream you had about Key West Code Enforcement Director Jim Young coming up Daddy Bones’ way and eating a lot of BBQ doing a lot of code enforcing.

Ciao maim,


Mike wrote:

You aint seen nothing yet!! See you at next commission meeting!! I am just getting warmed up.

I replied:

During closing citizen comments, you can speak 3 minutes to them on just about any topic you wish. During citizen comments to items on the printed agenda, you can speak 3 minutes and are supposed to stick to the agenda item topic. I wish more citizens would show up at of city commission meeting and speak their minds for 3 minutes at the end, and to items on the agenda which interest or peeve them.

Mike wrote:

The look sound and Smell of arrogant piece of shit coming off of craig cates PEEVES me.

I replied:

If you go after Craig during citizen comments, I hope it is not a knee jerk ejaculation out of the mouth like Tony Yaniz has been known to do at city commission meetings. I hope it is not a rant, a spew, with no substance. I hope it is not displaced resentment over Daddy Bones going out of business under the seemingly endless loss of business caused by the North Roosevelt Blvd construction, which falls on that entire City Commission, because it did not want to waive the noise ordinance. And which falls on you, for going into business with a partner you knew was not right for you before you got into bed with him. I hope, Mike, you have specific gripes against Craig, which go to his qualifications to be mayor; which go to his character, thus to his qualifications to be mayor. I hope you have sharp points which, like arrows, go in and cannot be pulled back out because of their barbed heads.

Also in today’s Citizen –, my interjected thoughts in italics:

Sunday, July 20, 2014 Add to Facebook Add to Twitter
‘Green’ served here
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The first restaurant and bar in Florida to earn the government’s recognition for recycling rates are located in Key West.

The same tiny, remote island city that for years has struggled to encourage locals to load all those beer bottles and cans into the recycle bin is now home to two record holders for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s recycling program.

Overall, less than a quarter of what’s tossed out in Key West is recycled, but two businesses scored much higher than the state goal of 40 percent for 2013.

Blue Heaven, 729 Thomas St., and the Green Parrot, 601 Whitehead St., both recycled 61 percent according to the FDEP.

Florida reported its 2013 statewide average for recycling was 49 percent.

At 1 p.m. Tuesday at Old City Hall, FDEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard will travel to Key West for a brief awards ceremony set between the day’s budget hearing sessions.

“We’re very happy with the honor, but we’re still working on becoming better recyclers, too,” said Richard Hatch, Blue Heaven’s owner.

Hatch said the state award was a surprise, and he didn’t know who nominated the restaurant for the recognition.

“We wanted to recycle because it’s good for the planet,” said Hatch, who 20 years ago in Blue Heaven’s early days drove several truckloads of cardboard to the old dump on Stock Island for recycling. “From a business standpoint, it’s less expensive. A cardboard dumpster is way less than a garbage dumpster.”

The Green Parrot has been recycling since the service was made available, said manager and co-owner John Vagnoni, who credited the staff for the recycling award.

In addition to filling recycling bins with glass, plastic and cardboard, the Parrot staff works at fixing things rather than scrapping them, and taking care not to waste things in the first place, Vagnoni said.

“Reuse can be just as valuable as recycling,” said Vagnoni. “The Green Parrot itself is kind of a monument to that concept.”

City Manager Jim Scholl hopes the Parrot and Blue Heaven’s success inspires more local businesses to step up their recycling.

State officials say an increase in commercial recycling is the key to meeting the 75 percent rate by 2020.

About half of all commercial waste in Florida is recycled, while the amount of waste that comes from industry comprises 55 percent of the state’s total waste.

“We need all Florida residents to step up recycling efforts,” said state Division of Waste Management Director Jorge Caspary in a statement coinciding with the release of the 2013 numbers. “While we have made modest improvements again this year, it is still critical for the commercial sector to increase its recycling efforts before the goal can be achieved.”

In Key West, 376 businesses recycle despite the fact that trash pickup costs a great deal more, according to Will Thompson, the city’s solid waste coordinator.

“Commercial recycling is not only possible, it’s profitable,” Thompson said. “Commercial recycling collection costs a business two-thirds less than trash collection.”

A local business pays $82.38 a month for each 96-gallon container of trash that Waste Management’s crews pick up once a week.

“If that’s full of recycling, it’s $23.80,” Thompson said, adding that garbage pickup includes a disposal fee of $58.58 per container while recycling doesn’t.

Key West garbage is hauled to the mainland, which costs money.

“We do not pay them to haul out recycling,” Thompson said. “It’s a commodity. We’re shifting that burden.”

Statewide in 2013, 11.8 tons of waste were recycled, up from 9.7 million tons in 2012.

Key West’s latest recycling rate was 23.5 percent, meaning that of all solid waste discarded, nearly 77 percent is sent to the landfill or burned at energy plants.

The island’s recycling rate tripled in September from a dismal 7 percent.

City staff credits the once-a-week trash pickup schedule installed a year ago with encouraging locals to dump paper, glass, metal and plastic into the big blue plastic wheeled carts the city spent $631,000 on last year.

As a policy, the city doesn’t count in its recycling rate any of its garbage burned at waste energy plants but it could in Florida, where the practice is included under the “total recycling” category.

Monroe County was rated in the state’s Top 10 counties for 2013 with a total recycling rate of 55 percent, but that included what was sent to the energy waste plant for burning.

Last year, 67 percent of Monroe County’s garbage went into the landfill.

As for traditional recycling, meaning no burning, Monroe’s rate was 33 percent, tied with Putnam and Citrus counties.

While Gainsville, Fort Lauderdale, Naples and Miami have mandatory commercial recycling, Monroe keeps it voluntary.

Of the 11,305 businesses in Monroe County, 34 percent — or 3,829 — have scheduled recycling pickup, according to the state’s 2013 solid waste report.

I’m all for increasing recycling, but if Key West really is serious about it, how come recycling is not mandatory in Key West? Now grab your best hold.

The city will revert to twice weekly trash collection after Jan. 1 as part of the deal struck with Waste Management in May as part of a seven-year, $53 million contract that gives the company an additional $14 million over the life of the contract.

Say what? So it really wasn’t a lowest-bid, fixed-cost contract. That was exposed at the city commission meeting where Waste Management ended up with the bid. City staff said there would be subsequent negotiations with the winner of the bid. That news really upset City Commissioner Mark Rossi, and I didn’t blame him for really being upset.

What bothered me even more was the lowest price bid out was screwed up to begin with. It had moving parts, which should not have been in a lowest price bid. The moving parts were: once or twice a week pick up; the city keeps running the waste transfer station, or the low bidder will run it. There should have been no moving parts. The City Commission should have removed the moving parts before city staff put it out for bid. The mayor and city commissioners realized that during the city commission meeting. They realized they had screwed it up by not removing the moving parts, which made the entire selection process a confusing maddening circus full of smoke and mirrors and post-bid-award negotiations.

Going back to the title of Gwen Filosa’s article: ‘Green’ served here

Recycling is a green practice. However, seems recycling is the only green practice Key West seems interested in pursuing. The city does not like white roofs, which reflect sunlight best and reduce electricity and airconditioning costs most. The city does not like solar energy, it prohibits home owners and business owners from installing solar panels on their roofs. The city does not recycle its treated wastewater, but pumps it into deep injection wells, which connect to the sea eventually. The city sells cruise ships Aqueduct Authority water pulled from aquifers on the mainland and fuel trucked down from the mainland. The city allows the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships (floating garbage dumpers) to call on Key West. The city has few community gardens where food can be grown locally, instead of being hauled down from the mainland. Best as I can tell, what really is meant by going green in Key West is making as much money as possible.

Sloan blue
Sloan Bashinsky

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