tilting at Key West windmills: Charles Eimers killed by cops investigation miseries, Goombay unhappiness, stinking loud motor scooters solution, kings and queens can get things done, Hometown! PAC’s candidate forum invitation, and other roadside and seaside attractions

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Yesterday, the third comment I submitted to John Donnelly’s article in the most recent edition of Key West the Newspaper (www.thebluepaper.com), was accepted. Privately, John had kept encouraging me to keep submitting the comment in different variations. When I advised him the comment had been accepted, he wrote to me:

John Donnelly

Excellent Work…
Blessings & Respect,

Here is the blue paper’s teaser containing links to John’s article:

An innocent man was killed while in the custody of the Key West Police Department. This disabled 61 year-old met his fate at the hands of police officers, as he laid down on the ground before them. This defenseless and helpless citizen  appeared compliant to all commands that were directed at him.

An onslaught of aggression was executed upon Mr. Eimers. He was face down in a prone position, with his arms extended above his head. He did not pose a threat to anyone. […full article]

Here are the reader comments, mine is down toward the end, followed by Sister’s rebuke, followed by my replies to Sister.


DESERTCOGO JULY 11, 2014 AT 11:42 AM
It’s become apparent by now that FDLE exists solely for the purpose of covering for any wrongdoing by police departments in this state. The entire Eimers investigation or lack thereof is the status quo for FDLE. It really pisses me off if taxpayer money funds FDLE because they definitely do not serve the public in this state. If there is not an investigation into this entire sordid mess we need to step up and demand one. We should have the balls to stand up to the KWPD and FDLE to hold peaceful demonstrations until something is done. It’s apparent our worthless Mayor and Commissioners aren’t going to do anything. The only way things will change is if we care enough to do something.

Catherine Vogel MUST step up to the plate. She is the only one left at this level who can find out the truth and let the chips fall from the top down. Citizens should not have to fear their supposed protectors.
The two officers who revisited the employees to stifle them should be charged and fired. Thank you John Donnelly.
Please Catherine. This why I voted and campaigned for you.

Just thought everyone should know something I experienced this morning. I thought I was placing a post on the “Craig Cates For Mayor” Facebook site. My post consisted of my disappointment with our Mayor and Commissioners on their inaction on the Charles Eimers murder at the hands of KWPD. Not only was my post not shown after finishing but I am now not able to make any posts to this site. Obviously “his highness” will only allow back-slapping posts from his “bubba system” friends saying what a great guy he is. Is this really someone you want as Mayor of this island?

I value and appreciate the comments made by ‘Posters’. Thank you very much. JOHNALLKEY@AOL.COM, I sincerely appreciate your kind words…..

Addressing DESERTCOGO’s post, it’s dangerous and disturbing that the Mayor has used the power of his office to censor and punish you for exercising your 1st Amendment Rights.

Petitioning the government to redress the harm, injury and loss of life resultant from the actions of their agents, must never be ignored, silenced or politicized.

DESERTCOGO, please maintain a journal that keeps a record of all transactions with the Mayor’s Office. Retain copies of all communiqués and documents when dealing with them.

If the trajectory of the Eimers’ proceedings are not dramatically altered, they will unravel. State Attorney Catherine Vogel has a duty to intervene. Fellow State Attorneys throughout Florida have not hesitated to conduct their own investigations when faced with similar circumstances.

The citizens of the 16th Judicial Circuit need a State Attorney who will immediately assume a leadership role and lend some clarity, credibility and integrity to the investigative process. If this is not done, Ms. Vogel’s inaction will leave an indelible ‘black mark’ on the City of Key West.

As individuals and outside agencies get their hands on all of the information surrounding the Eimers’ killing, those who were involved in stonewalling and whitewashing this tragedy, will be severely punished. Their consequences will cause them to suffer.

Please keep your records intact. They will be valuable, as those having any culpability in a ‘cover- up’ will be exposed and held accountable….. An analysis is engaged even now…..

WANKAJM JULY 12, 2014 AT 2:50 PM
bless you john for a very succinct report and time line in the ongoing emiers killing….and killing was what it was from the very start on release of the video 2 weeks after the original police reports. thier conspiracy has grown thick with time. i do hope that ms vogel will do the proper thing and institute a full investigation from soup to nuts and may the chips fall where they may and especially stand her ground…of this i have no comment of speculation since i have no personal understanding of her integrety and ethics. we as interested individuals shall see in due course.

in closing let us not forget the kw citizen newspaper when they finally after many weeks ran the video from about the 20 second mark or last half making sure the first damning part was unseen by the viewer. and let us not forget thier discontinuance of the online story comments function after the overwhelming harbor dredging issue vote and now today a comment below which summarizes my view sent to the citizen yesterday in rebut just to have it edited to the first 2 sentences by thier crack staff of establishment shade pullers! i will rest my case till next time….
“I beg to differ..the Eimers’ case did not damage the reputation of KWPD the cops did a fine job of that all by themselves in damaging thier own reputation! Just look at the video pile on evidence. As for ‘this force is dedicated to keeping our city in check’ since when do ‘we the people’ need to be ‘kept in check’ like some nazi gulag! The cops murdered Charles Eimers with thier jackboot grunt knuckle dragging tactics plain simple and to the point.”

KWPD doesn’t investigate anything…..they just make things go away. And, while I may be biased, the taxi compaies there and thier drivers aren’t much better!! My son died, the taxi driver let him, the police don’t care (just another kid…..) and to be honest niether does any of the media in KW. He was a citizen, he had lived there since he was 17…he moved many, many people there. We were all citiizens (and some still are) at one point but he was just a kid who drank too much…who cares that the taxi driver let him drown in FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION!?!?!? He doesn’t matter…niether does this tourist. Who Cares?!!? “We will just sweep it under the rug and it won’t matter to the outside world”…..that is how I feel KWPD feels about most things!!

SISTER JULY 13, 2014 AT 12:49 PM
Tracey, I just read about your son at keysnews. So sorry for your loss.

DESERTCOGO JULY 13, 2014 AT 11:10 AM
I would like to know who came up with “one human family” because the irony of it is just plain laughable. Those in charge of this island better wake up because the Eimers killing has pushed many of us over the edge and we will not put up the crappy way things are done here by crappy politicians. The bubba system that exists on this island is worse than any place I’ve lived and that’s saying something. Mayor Cates censuring me from his Facebook site was the last straw for me. I refuse to support any bubba.

Dearest Tracey,

I cannot begin to understand the pain and suffering that you are required to live with on a day to day basis. My deepest and sincerest condolences to you.

The tragedy you described epitomizes a cold and calculating attitude held by some at the KWPD. Individuals such as these have infiltrated every walk of life (taxi drivers/companies, Mayor, City Government, FDLE Investigators and State Attorneys).

The rights and constitutional protections guaranteed to your son appear to have been abandoned. As Mr. Eimers, your son was an American citizen entitled to safe and humane treatment at all times.

I’m extremely honored that you chose to share your painful experience with our readers. Expressing what you are having to endure, provides us with insight into the minds of those who would harm us.

As of yet, I’m unfamiliar with your son’s tragic circumstances. I will attempt to locate a detailed description of this heartbreaking loss.

If I can be of any service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With Love, Blessings & Respect,
John Donnelly

As tragically reported in a previous post, the absence of character, integrity, competency and courage in our schools, governments and police departments; have clear and convincing consequences.

Catherine Vogel appears to have been doing a good job as our SA. However, she hasn’t really had to face anything of much importance. Her integrity and trustworthiness have not been challenged.

The ‘Eimer’s Case’ has given her the opportunity to step out into the spotlight, assume command and guide her constituents through troubled waters. Thus far, she has failed miserably.

Yesterday, I spoke with several individuals holding prestigious positions at universities in the field of law. Their jurisprudence has distinguished them, when addressing circumstances similar to those facing Ms. Vogel.

It’s inconceivable that Ms. Vogel would pursue a course of inaction. It opens the door for all manner of affliction.

If Ms. Vogel would initiate an investigation, as many of her colleagues and predecessors have done when facing similar contingencies, she would rally the forces of good behind her and galvanize her constituency. It would place her in a position to be revered and honored.

DESERTCOGO JULY 14, 2014 AT 10:51 PM
In the time that I’ve lived here I’ve come to the conclusion that none of the bubbas who run this island can be trusted. I’ve also come to the conclusion that no one, including Ms. Vogel wants to rock the boat for fear of retribution from the bubbas. There is absolutely no reason why there has been no final word from FDLE regarding the murder of Charles Eimers by KWPD. I’m sure they have already decided there was no wrongdoing by KWPD because that is what they do, cover for law enforcement. I sense they are dragging their feet with the results of their investigation because of local unrest here. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Blue Paper for not allowing this tragedy to be forgotten like all of the rest of Gestapo tactics of our local police department.

HALLOWEEN JULY 15, 2014 AT 12:55 PM
Thank you John for a great article! Thank you Blue Paper for publishing it!
We cannot let this one slide, folks. That cellphone video tells the whole story. Next time might be you or yours.

I wrote to Naja about a week ago:

A woman with a Spanish name sent me something John Donnelly had published in the blue paper about the Eimvers death FDLE investigation, and I sent her the blue paper link to the longer video and asked if she could translate it for me? She replied this morning, and I included that in today’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com.


It sounds like the woman in the video is saying: ” Oh God, look at all the police, look at all the patrol units; they won’t let him….”. It ends right there.

With thanks,

Naja replied to me:

“Arnaud couldn’t make out what the woman who shot the video was saying – other than oh my god and exclaiming about all the police. The line you put in bold he struggled over – he just wasn’t sure what she was saying. Interesting that your translator says she said ‘they won’t let him’. I find the woman’s voice to be a distraction – I purposefully removed it from the original video posted to youtube. I gave the video to the attorneys, however, with audio intact. She wasn’t close enough at the point where she’s shooting the footage to offer more information than the video itself shows us – so I really don’t place a lot of importance on her commentary Found in the video. I have tried to no avail to contact her to know if she has any more information but the person who gave it to us said she had no contact info and has stopped communicating with me. I believe that person was interviewed by FDLE. Wish the Spanish speaking woman would come forward and there were witnesses in the restaurant who had a much better view and some of them even live here. Wish they would all come forward too. Naja”

I wondered how Naja could decide the Spanish woman’s voice was a diversion, when Naja did not know what the Spanish woman was saying? Then, I got a bad sinking feeling.

Metaphysically, Naja inadvertently had sent out a message into the spirit realms that the contemporaneous remarks of an eye witness to what happened on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day were a diversion. In spirit, every eye-witness heard that message and were inadvertently encouraged not not to come forward, eye-witnesses such as the NY City police officers, the Spanish woman, and the person who shot the video.

Later, I got another bad sinking feeling. The message inadvertently encouraged the the FDLE investigators and Cathy Vogel not to try to locate and interview all eye witnesses. And the message inadvertently encouraged the KWPD officers involved, Police Chief Donie Lee, and FDLE to alter evidence and/or cover up what really happened.

I was sick to my stomach, because I knew that’s how the interface between people and the spirit realms works. Call it karma, if you wish. Naja altered the first video which she shared with the public; how the investigation went after that was the natural metaphysical consequence.

I published this perspective twice at http://www.goodmorningkeywest.com, but that was not enough to break up what is blocked in the spirit, because this perspective needs to be published in the blue paper where the blockage originated. So far, Naja has declined to publish this perspective, which I twice have submitted in different forms. I hope she will publish it now.

SISTER JULY 15, 2014 AT 8:49 PM
No Sloan. What is preventing the eye-witnesses from coming forward and what is/has prevented Vogel from performing a legitimate investigation is their lack of conscience. They have shrunk away from their human responsibility just as you try to shrink away from yours by claiming that your angels are in charge of everything.

That, too, Sister. But the metaphysics also is in play. I know how far out [that] seems, but it isn’t nearly as far out as some things I have personally seen happen, sometimes to me, sometimes to other people. I knew people before I was moved to Key West by the angels who run me, who would have agreed with what I submitted. I know a woman in another state right now, who dreams about the Eimers case, and other things I’m engaging down here, who sees what I described. It’s not strange to her. What I wrote, Sister, describes work I used to do a lot of before I was moved to Key West. Sometimes that work comes back around in stuff I handle down here. Sometimes I write about that kind of work at goodmorningkeywest.com, sometimes I don’t. The human and the spirit realms are interlaced – one human family seriously expanded. Everything is connected. Whatever happens in human ways affects the spirit realms, and whatever happens in spirit ways affects the human realms. Imagine a big spider web. You pluck a strand of the web. The vibration is felt in and affects every strand of the web.

They are your angels, too, Sister. They ran the Eimers case to Naja and Arnaud. They have run other things to Naja and Arnaud, and will run other things in the future. They provided the bystander with the cell phone and the video. They kept Eimer’s body from being cremated. They arranged for Officer Lovett to boast to a friend what he had done to Eimers, not knowing the friend would rat him out. They brought a very reluctant lawyer into the case, David Horan told me himself that he didn’t want to take the case; he was a friend of Lovett’s parents, had known him since he was a little boy, was close to him, but he felt like he had to take the case anyway. Horan told me he was reluctant for a long time to accept the reason Eimers died was because the cops thought he was homeless. That was a real stretch, Horan told me, for him to come to that view. The angels brought Horan to that view. He may never believe that. You may never believe it, Sister. But I have seen the angels work lots of situations in which I was involved. I’ve seen lots of strange things happen. Either you can see such things, or you can’t, has been my experience. I have known quite a few people who saw such things. It’s a dance of the human realm with the spirit realm. The two cannot be separated, but many people live as if the two are separated, or as if the spirit realm does not even exist.

JULY 16, 2014 AT 8:58 AM
Privately, John Donnelly kept encouraging me to keep submitting my thoughts. I wrote to him last night and told him my third submission had been cleared from moderation and was showing in reader comments under his article. On waking this morning, I found this email from John in my inbox:

Excellent Work…
Blessings & Respect,

Moving laterally,


a Goombay letter to the editor in today’s Citizen (www.keysnews.com):

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
First, I would like to make it known that I was one of the original members of the City of Key West single-member districting committee. The committee that constructed the format the city uses for districts and voting. During our months of meeting, I realized that single-member districting was like a double-edge sword. It allowed the minority community in Key West and in other cities to elect a commissioner who will serve and hopefully honor the will of the constituents of their district. The other side of the sword is commissioners not representing your district do not have to necessarily vote or follow the wishes of those not in their district.

This did not occur in Key West until after the submission of th committee’s report to the federal government. This mandated that the city support and follow single-member districting or be in violation.

I have watched on television or attended numerous city commission meetings and for the most part, whatever a commissioner in their district approves and votes for the others normally support them. I believe this is the procedure followed because most often it is the consensus and wishes of those commissioners’ constituents.

This was not the case at the July 1 commission meeting, and to me it was a slap in the face of those living in and those that have a vested interest in Bahama Village, other than Goombay. It somewhat reminded me of the days of old when candidates for city commission and other elected positions would tout and visit the black community just prior to election dates. However, with single-member districting that process is no longer the norm.

Under the present format, the only member of the commission voted on by the entire city is the mayor, which makes the entire city the mayor’s constituents. On July 1, personally, I don’t believe Mayor [Craig] Cates listened or voted the wishes according to the overwhelming majority of his constituents who support or live in Bahama Village. Maybe he believes that he does not represent, or have to listen to his constituents who have a vested interest in or live in Bahama Village. Because only one person of the “yes” voted group has a vested interest or business or lives in Bahama Village.

The “no” vote we received was because of something that happened several years ago that did not involve this new coalition that addressed the commission. Something that 99 percent were not a part of then, nor were they aware of what had happened. This was a new coalition under new leadership with many members of integrity and their reputations unquestionable. The coalition is a group who has put policies and procedures in place to avoid any one person doing something that is not right.

Finally, we will continue to meet and participate in other cultural events and other concerns that will promote the best for Bahama Village and the city of Key West.

Glenwood Lopez

Key West

I remain of the view that the deeper issue, thus the deeper concern, is Goombay strayed from its Bahamian/Caribbean African roots and that needs correcting now. And yes, the best people to bring that off have Bahamian/Caribbean African roots. And yes, if the city feels compelled to continue to subsidize other festive events and local businesses, it should feel compelled to subsidize Goombay.

Breakfast yesterday morning brought a little comic relief, and perhaps a pretty darn good solution to the loud, stinking exhaust motor scooters, which proliferate Key West.

motor scooter

The comic relief began as soon as I arrived at Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast and saw School Board member Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths

sitting at the counter, demanding, I figured, that I take the empty bar chair beside him. Andy laughed, said what a coincidence! He was right then and their reading the post I only had just published at goodmorningkeywets.com. He said he much more enjoys reading my posts when they are not about him. I said it had been a long time since I published anything about him, but that seemed to be about to change. We laughed.

Skipping over the lamentating and joking and lamenting about the school district, a fellow sitting in the counter chair next to Andy, noticing my Sloan for Mayor t-shirt,

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

said he had an idea for getting rid of all the loud, stinking exhaust motor scooters in Key West: switch to electric motor scooters! I said that idea appealed to me, but I had a question. He kept talking. I said again, his idea appealed to me, but I had a question. Can I ask my question? Well, okay. My question is, do electric motor scooters go as fast as gas-powered motor schooters? I figured yes, or no, would suffice, but instead he went off on a long discusison about what i can’t begin to remember, until I interrrupted him and said, I would like to know if electric scooters go as fast as gas scooters? Another long lecture, there was no discussion, about what I can’t possibly remember. So again I interrupted and said please just answer my question. What question? Do electric scooters go as fast as gas scooters? Well, they can go a lot faster, depending … Another long lecture. I interrupted again, said all I want to know is: Do electric scooters go as fast as gas scooters, because, if they don’t, then nobody with a gas scooter will want to change to an electric scooter. Basis redneck thinking not requring long lectures – Andy seemed amused. Another long lecture.

I interrupted again, asked if there are any motor scooter companies in Key West, which sell electric scooters? Well, no. But there is Chinese scooter, a junker, which can be bought for $600 in Indiana, I think he said, and it can be shipped to Key West for $300, a real deal, but it’s a junker. I asked if such a scooter be serviced in Key West if it breaks down? Why service it? Just throw it away and get another one. Logical. Maybe not redneck logic, though. I asked if there are better electic scooters? Certainly, but they cost more. About the same as gas scooters, which vary in price. I asked, does any motor scooter company in Key West carry those more expensive scooters? Well, no, but they can be ordered and shipped to Key West. I said I didn’t figure that was going to work. I figured there needed to be a local scooter company, which sold and serviced electric scooters. The electric scooter lover agree that would be best. And, the city can pass an ordinance outlawing gas scooters and requiring only electric scooters.

I said that raised another question. Another lecture. I interrupted, said me being a lawyer, I bet he didn’t know that … He interrupted me, said that was the problem, me being a lawyer. i said, even so, me being a lawyer, I’m thinking a city law banning gas scooters and requring electric scooters will violate the anti-trust laws and end up being another Duck Tours, if there is only one local motor scooter company carrying and servicing electric scooters. He said, it’s just a city ordinance, not a law. Andy said, same thing, law and ordinance. The electric scooter lover seemed surprised to hear that. I said, Andy’s right, a city ordinance is a city law, and that’s about what the city did: it gave Ed Swift’s conch trains an exclusive city license to run conch trains, Duck Tours was put out of business, and that ended up costing the city a pile.

Slow to getting all the way on board, it finally dawned on me to ask how many motor scooter companies are in Key West? 3? 4? More than that, the electric scooter lover said. Well, that fixes the anti-trust problem, I said. Just pass the ordinance against all the scooter companies, outlawing gas scooters altogether, on quality of life and environmental anti-pollution gournds. Put all the gas scooter companies out of business, equally, if they don’t convert to electric scooters. Anti-trust problem solved. Loud stinking exhaust motor scooter problem solved.

When Andy said I don’t really want to be mayor, I said Key West needs a king, or a queen, with power of life and death over all the kingdom’s subjects. A king or queen can require only electric scooters in Key West. Andy and the electric scooter lover said in unison, kings and queens abuse their powers! I said, I didn’t say kings and queens cannot be killed by their unhappy subjects. Pleased looks, another troubling problem solved.

So many problems, so many opportunities.

For example, last night, one of the bartenders at Jack Flats, after noticing my Sloan for mayor t-shirt, fastened onto Mayor Craig Cates spending so much more money campaining than I am spending. I said, using other people’s money to campaign, the mayor is not spending his own money. I’m spending my money, am beholden to no one. I owe no favors. The bartender didn’t seem to think that was important.

Received from Hometown! PAC yesterday:

FloridaKeys.com (icontact@floridakeys.com)
9:59 AM
To: keysmyhome@hotmail.com
Who: Mayoral Candidates, and Primary Candidates for Monroe County commissioner, district 2 and keys mosquito control board, district 5
Where: Tropic Cinema, Carper Theater, 416 Eaton Street
When: Monday, August 4, from 5:00 – 7:30 pm 
What: A great political evening is in store for Key West voters when candidates for Mayor, and primary candidates for Monroe County Commissioner,
District 2, and Keys Mosquito Control Board, District 5 are questioned by four top political observers.
The political mavens for this event and the next forum, scheduled for August 18, will be representatives of local newspapers and radio and television stations, business people, attorneys and others – a diverse and knowledgeable cross-section of the political spectrum of our community. Among the panelists for the August 4 event: 
  • John Dolan-Heitlinger, leadership and management consultant
  • Paul Clarin, publisher of The Key West Citizen
  • Jennifer Hulce, prominent Key West attorney
  • Bill Becker/Ezra Marcus, the radio voices of US 1 Radio, 104.1 FM and the highly rated Morning Magazine/Evening Edition programs

Doors open at the Tropic at 5:00 p.m. Voters will have 30 minutes to have some refreshments in the Tropic lobby, and meet and talk to the candidates. Please come early to ensure getting a seat. Admission is free but seating in the Carper Theater is limited. 
The fireworks begin at 5:30 p.m. when the panelists for this event and the two Republican candidates for Mosquito Control Board, District 5, take the Tropic Cinema stage in front of what is predicted to be a packed house of politically minded voters. The primary opponents are Thomas McDonald (Rep.) and Eddie Martinez (Rep.) and the winner of this primary election will oppose Democrat Geoffrey Bailey in the November 4, General Election.
At or about 6 p.m., the candidates for County Commissioner, District 2, will take their seats on the stage to be questioned by our panel of political pundits. Here, the two primary candidates are George Neugent (Rep.) and Danny Coll (Rep.) and the winner will face Democrat Eleanor McAdams in the November 4, General Election. 
At or about 6:15 – 6:30 p.m. the three candidates for Mayor will take their places on the Carper Theater stage to field significant questions about how they view the way the City has been managed during the past several years and what their views are for this community in the future. 
Candidates for Key West Mayor are:
Incumbent: Craig Cates
Opponent: Sloan Bashinsky
Opponent: Margaret Romero
Please note that the race for Mayor is not a primary. Because it is a non-partisan election, the election is held on the same date (August 26) as the Primary Election. Mayoral Candidates do not run as representatives of any political party. Where, as here, there are three candidates for Mayor and if none of the three receives a majority vote (50%+1) then, the top two vote getters go to the General Election (November 4) for a run-off. Don’t miss what promises to be an exciting and informative evening. And, don’t come alone! Bring a friend!
If any declared candidate has questions about the event, please call Hometown Board Member and Secretary Sheldon Davidson at 305-295-3560 or email him at sdavidson13@yahoo.com.

For those who can not attend this forum, FloridaKeys.com will be recoding the event. The event will be streamed live on Hometown PAC’s YouTube channel.You can watch the live event by going to www.hometownkeywest.com and clicking on the LIVE ONLINE icon. The recording will remain on the YouTube channel for those who cannot watch live.
Note: Florida is a closed primary State. In order for you to vote in these or any Republican primary elections, you must be registered to vote by July 28 and must have declared yourself as a Republican. For further and much more complete information on all voting matters, please call the Supervisor of Elections at 305-292-3416 or visit the office at 530 Whitehead, Suite 101, Key West.
Candidates not involved in primary contests will not participate in these August primary forums. They will, however, be part of the forums for the November 4, 2014, General Election.
To join Hometown, please visit our www.hometownkeywest.com. Then click on the words JOIN HOMETOWN on the homepage or click on the Membership icon. By doing that, you can use your credit card through PayPal.

I replied, with copy to Todd German, Hometown’s Chairman:

Hi, Sheldon, thanks for the formal invitation. The mosquito control board part should be exciting – a joke, of course. The county commission part could be exciting, depending on questions asked of the candidates and Danny Coll’s willingness to take off the gloves. The mayor’s part could be exciting, depending on questions asked the candidates, Margaret Romero and I don’t wear gloves. I hope the questions to the mayor candidates are not designed to leave the mayor in his comfy zone. What is the general format for each part of the forum? Just questions and answers? Time limit for answers? Will the candidates make opening/closing statements? Time limit for that? Thanks, Sloan

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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