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Yesterday morning at Harpoon Harry’s, Monroe County Mayor Emeritus Shirley Freeman

Shirley Freeman

told me that, perhaps, I should stop talking about dreams. I said, if I do that, I will be a big fat lie. Shirley said, well, yes, I am honest and straight forward. I said, honest and straight forward, and insane. Shirley started laughing, and kept laughing as she walked away.

Here is a link to John Donnelly’s

John Donnelly

Charles Eimers case article in this past Friday’s weekly edition (13 July 2014) of Key West the Newspaper (

Invalid Investigation–Derides & Mocks The Death Of An Innocent Man…

Here is what I wrote to John Donnelly Saturday morning, 12 July 2014:


My comment to your article in the blue paper is not showing. I called myself sending you and Alicia [Fernandez] copies of today’s post at Did you receive your copy? If so, you should be able to see that post by clicking on this link:

Key West barracuda school and related rude wild blue yonder spiritual and political awakenings in the Charles Eimers death in “paradise” case, the mayor’s race, and elsewhere

The post contains your email to me early this morning, my rely to you, and your blue paper article and all reader comments, including mine which is not showing at the blue paper. The metaphysics I described are correct. If anything, I played down the full impact of Naja discounting the Spanish woman’s comments in the bystander’s video. My hope is, by my putting it all into the sunlight, the case might start moving more favorably than it has been moving. However, if my comments do not clear moderation in the blue paper, that may negate my publishing same at my website, because the blue paper is where the Eimers case was placed by the angels. So, any spirit blockages may have to be cleared there, for the case to proceed more favorably. My expectation is, few, if any, people, will take seriously what I wrote about the metaphysics. I’m used to that.

John replied later Saturday:


Received your e-mails and went to your web site early this morning. I believe your message and intent are on target.

Tactically speaking, I am doing what I have done in the past to pressure a State Attorney to initiate their own investigation into an event of significance. In the matter that I’m speaking about, the initial investigative agency that turned their findings over to this SA, had set out to corrupt their examination in order to frame an innocent man. It took approximately 30 months to convince this SA to do his own investigation. Upon doing so, it was quickly determined that most of the information that had been turned into this SA were inaccuracies, half truths and outward lies. In the end they got it right.

Up and down the ladder, Key West appears to have many imbedded relationships that can complicate an honest appraisal of any difficult situation.

I’m going to continue to press forward, until Ms. Vogel starts her own independent investigation.

Perhaps, if you revise and re-submit your comments to The Blue you’ll pass muster. Once they’re posted I’ll be able to respond. And the conversation can continue.

A lingering question has come to mind, “what is the up-side for Ms. Vogel if she takes on this investigation”?


PS: When and if you get this communiqué please let me know. Computer and e-mail service has been acting up. Thank you.

I wrote back:

Hi, John –

I received yours just fine.

I may resubmit to Naja, shorter version. And I may not. Depends on the angels. Perhaps you are their messenger. They will let me know. I would have kept what I submitted this morning to just the videos and the Spanish woman and the metaphysics surrounding that, but the various reader comments, including yours, opened up the mayor’s race and the state attorney, so I went after the whole shebang … [I deleted a few paragraphs not related to John’s article and his reply back to me]

The upside for Catherine Vogel?

I don’t look at it that way. I look at what she promised at candidate forums that she would do, if she was won the 2012 State Attorney race, and at what she swore so help her God that she would do when she was sworn in after she beat Dennis Ward. The upside for Cathy is to honor her oath of office. The downside is not to honor it. I’m speaking professional, moral and spiritual upside and downside. Not political. If Vogel is thinking and behaving politically, she will take the safest possible way through the Eimers case. I don’t see her being aggressive. Perhaps the two prosecutors she assigned to the Grand Jury will be aggressive. I think I read in the Citizen this morning that one of the prosecutors, Mark Wilson, might be moving on if another opportunity in the works opens up. Can’t now recall what that other opportunity is.

What needs to happen in the Eimers case is the eye witnesses on South Beach that day, citizens and KWPD, need to come forward and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God, and damn the blow back, retaliation. Without that, what could even an aggressive State Attorney do? If the blue paper were to get statements from those witnesses and publish those statements, that would put tremendous pressure on City Hall, KWPD, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Catherine Vogel.

What I published today about the Eimers case was an effort to unblock in the spirit what is keeping those witnesses from coming forward and doing the right thing, as opposed to the other thing, which mostly is what we have seen so far. Felonies were committed by KWPD officers after Eimers died on South Beach. Intimidating witnesses. Tampering with evidence. False incident reports. Trying to get Eimers’ body cremated, instead of sending it to the Medical Examiner as required by state law. Felonies. Prison offenses. On top of what the cops did to Eimers on South Beach. It appears FDLE is part of all of the cover up. Vogel should prosecute the FDLE agents involved in the Eimers case.

I meant what I wrote in my profile of Vogel this morning. And I hope she proves me wrong.


The blue paper’s link to the second video, in which the Spanish woman is heard.


This morning, I submitted a somewhat shorter comment to Naja, without, in deference to Shirley Freeman, any mention of a dream that Naja was playing me in the Charles Eimers case, which dream was reported in the first comment I submitted, which Naja deleted without comment. My first submitted comment was reported in the Key West barracuda school and related rude wild blue yonder spiritual and political awakenings in the Charles Eimers death in “paradise” case, the mayor’s race, and elsewhere  post at Here’s what I submitted this morning.

JULY 14, 2014 AT 7:58 AM
Most you in this conversation appear to me to be naive about this entire said affair. As if you have been woken up out of a peaceful slumber to learn all is not as you had thought it should be. What happened to Charles Eimers was inevitable for anyone actually in touch with the pulse of Key West and its City Commission and their police. A time bomb was ticking, and it went off last Thanksgiving Day.

Likewise, about the KWPD, FDLE and Catherine Vogel. While I hope Vogel surprises me, before the Eimers event, my impression of her, based on careful observation of her at candidate forums and my unsuccessful attempts to personally engage her in substantive discussion about very serious Key West matters, was Vogel is self-centered, egotistical, political, gamy, childish and a lightweight.

I used to practice law in Alabama. I had dealings with first-class district attorneys (same as state attorney in Florida), judges and criminal defense lawyers. Vogel did not impress me as anywhere close to their league. I seriously doubt she is swayed in the Eimers case by any reader comments in the blue paper, nor by anything the blue paper publishes on its own. In my opinion, Vogel is swayed by what she views as best for Vogel. In those respects, Vogel is like Mayor Cates, KWPD and FDLE.

This past Friday, I finally got Naja Girard to tell me that she had removed the Spanish woman’s voice from the first version of the bystander’s video, which the blue paper first published when it broke the Eimers case. Naja said the copy of that video, which she gave to the Eimers’ lawyers, did have the Spanish woman’s voice in it.

After listening to the second and somewhat longer version of the same video, and hearing the Spanish woman’s voice, I’d had a big fight with Naja at her home about her and Arnaud not getting that Spanish woman’s voice interpreted by a Spanish person. Finally, Alicia Fernandez, a friend of John Donnelly, sent me something on which she was working, and I sent her the blue paper’s longer Eimers video link and asked if she could interpret what the Spanish woman says in that video? Here’s what Alicia wrote back, which I published the other day at

It sounds like the woman in the video is saying: ” Oh God, look at all the police, look at all the patrol units; they won’t let him….”. It ends right there.
With thanks,

I sent Alicia’s to Naja.

Naja wrote this to me this past Friday, after I would not stop bugging her about the first video not having the Spanish woman’s voice and the second video having it:

“Arnaud couldn’t make out what the woman who shot the video was saying – other than oh my god and exclaiming about all the police. The line you put in bold he struggled over – he just wasn’t sure what she was saying. Interesting that your translator says she said ‘they won’t let him’. I find the woman’s voice to be a distraction – I purposefully removed it from the original video posted to youtube. I gave the video to the attorneys, however, with audio intact. She wasn’t close enough at the point where she’s shooting the footage to offer more information than the video itself shows us – so I really don’t place a lot of importance on her commentary Found in the video. I have tried to no avail to contact her to know if she has any more information but the person who gave it to us said she had no contact info and has stopped communicating with me. I believe that person was interviewed by FDLE. Wish the Spanish speaking woman would come forward and there were witnesses in the restaurant who had a much better view and some of them even live here. Wish they would all come forward too. Naja”

A distraction? Distraction was removing the Spanish woman’s voice from the video the blue paper first published. Distraction is what Mayor Cates and KWPD and FDLE and Catherine Vogel are doing. I am beyond stunned that Naja withheld the Spanish woman’s words from the first video, and did not even try to get her words interpreted, and viewed her words as a distraction, not even knowing what the Spanish woman is saying in the video!

From a metaphysical perspective, that could have queered the entire case. It certainly put an adverse spirit vibration into the case, which then went to work invisibly. The vibration was, “An eyewitness’ spontaneous contemporaneous remarks are a distraction.” The vibration very well could have worked to cause other eye-witnesses to “disappear”, instead of come forward. Other witnesses like the provider of the video, the Spanish woman, the NY police officers. If you think I’m joking, think again.

If I had that much trouble getting Naja to come clean with me about the Spanish woman’s comments in the video, what chance do you suppose there is of getting Mayor Cates, the city commissioners, KWPD, FDLE and Catherine Vogel to come clean?

JULY 14, 2014 AT 8:08 AM
Naja, the above comment was submitted as a result of dreams last night, and this earlier email to me from John Donnelly last Saturday, re my first comment on John’s article being deleted by you. John read that comment in my Saturday post at His and my email thread on his article will be in today’s post at

[To save space in this post, I deleted what John had written to me, which you already read above what I submitted to Naja this morning.]

Moving laterally, this was in yesterday’s KONK Life email BLAST –, cartoon from Key West the Newspaper – – last year

North Roosevelt FDOT

Workers concentrating on N. Roosevelt



In connection with the North Roosevelt Boulevard Reconstruction Project, the scheduled South Roosevelt closure from the Triangle to the Riviera Canal has been postponed so that there can be concentration on North Roosevelt, which, in theory, has but a little more than a week to go.

This coming week, work will continue from tonight through Thursday night (and apparently weeks after that), paving N. Roosevelt. There will also be intermittent side street and driveway closures. FDOT spokesperson Dean Walters reminds us that “Paving operations are extremely impacted by rain events, so this schedule will be subject to the cooperation of the weather.”

As you may have observed this past week, intermittent daytime and nighttime closures may occur at any time during the remainder of the project.

Work is also continuing on the Salt Run Channel Bridge along with drainage, utility work, mast arms and lighting, roadway and landscaping.

In other words, construction is now in a feverish pitch stage with a little here and a lot there to be completed in the final days and weeks. Be patient.

Yesterday afternoon, I sent this letter to the KONK Life editor, which was not published in today’s KONK Life email BLAST:

Back in 2013, I bumped into former Key West City Commissioner Barry Gibson about a week before the scheduled town hall meeting in Old City Hall with the Florida Department of Transportation folks. Barry said, although he was only one vote, the one regret he had from his time on the City Commission was he had not pushed harder for a shorter work schedule on the North Roosevelt Blvd redo.

During citizen comments at the ensuing town hall meeting, I pushed FDOT Director Ananth Prasad hard to explain why the North Roosevelt redo was not put out to bid for round the clock work, instead of five days a week – round the clock would have cut the estimated nearly 2 1/2 years construction time by about 2/3. Mayor Cates called me down, said I was embarrassing the entire community. I kept after Prasad, and he finally said DOT didn’t put the job out for a shorter work schedule because of the city’s noise ordinance. Later in the town hall meeting, the City Commission told Prasad they would waive the city noise ordinance, if that would help get the work done faster. Prasad said okay.

The next day, the Citizen reported that Mayor Cates had said I was embarrassing the entire community in the way I was going after Director Prasad. The Citizen did not report what I finally got Prasad to admit: that it was the City Commission, not FDOT, which had decided on the nearly 2 1/2 year work schedule. As far as I know, the Citizen never reported who made that decision. Nor did the Keynoter. Not did anyone but me, at

Not long after the town hall meeting, there was a lot of evening, night and weekend work on North Roosevelt Blvd. Meanwhile, lots of North Roosevelt Blvd businesses failed, and others barely hung on.

Sloan Bashinsky

Moving further laterally, in today’s Citizen – www.keysnews.commy interjected thoughts in italics, I added Madeline.


Monday, July 14, 2014 Add to Facebook Add to Twitter
Assisted-living plans revived
Housing authority considers facility at Poinciana Plaza
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Gwen Filosa

The city’s housing authority is making progress on bringing to Key West an assisted-living facility for the elderly, a year after a proposal to build such a center at the Truman Waterfront failed by a single vote of the City Commission.

After putting the project out to bid, a committee created by the Housing Authority of Key West chose a developer more devoted to operating the facility than owning the land and buildings, officials said.

“It’s quite possible the housing authority will own the facility and contract with Key West Senior Development to operate it,” said Manuel Castillo, the housing authority’s executive director. “We are in the discussion and negotiation process and hopefully getting to an agreement.”

Key West Senior Development’s bid came in at $16.4 million to build a 100-unit complex that provides various levels of elder care at the entrance to the Poinciana Plaza apartments in New Town.

No developer fees were tacked onto the bid. Instead, Key West Senior says the profit will come from running the center.

That’s a novel idea: the developer makes a profit from running the center, instead of from city subsidies. But is there a gotcha? Keep reading.

The center would offer basic-level assisted living services, independent living and respite care, according to an executive summary submitted to the housing authority’s board of commissioners June 16.

Respite care offers temporary or emergency care for the disabled to give family caregivers a break or takes in someone who is recovering from an injury or surgery. Castillo also mentioned “congregate care,” which is senior housing that provides services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry and transportation.

So far, so good.

“The problem is going to be able to provide assisted living services to the low-income members of our community,” Castillo said. “We all know that’s our main goal and we’re working to get there.”


Market-rate rentals are a possibility.

Yep, I knew it was too good to be true.

“This definitely looks like it’s going to happen and I’m a big supporter,” said City Commissioner Clayton Lopez, one of the three dissenting votes last year that ended a campaign to build the elder center on the waterfront.

The “Truman Village” plans came from a Keys nonprofit whose members include businessman Ed Swift, and Armando “Bookie” Henriquez, who served 24 years as the school district superintendent, through 1993, back when Keys voters decided that position.

Truman Village was to be an upscale waterfront retirement facility for wealthy seniors, with a few “affordable” units tossed in to make the bad tasting medicine go down. And, Truman Village was going to be marketed to wealthy seniors living up the Keys and on the mainland. And Truman Village was going to get the city’s land for a dollar a year. Truman Village was just another upscale waterfront condo development, except only seniors could live there, and a few could be financially disadvantaged.

Lopez on Sunday said the housing authority is the proper agency to lead the effort to open assisted living apartments in Key West. The Lower Keys has a total of 16 assisted-living beds available for the elderly at Stock Island’s Bayshore Manor, which costs the county $722,000 a year to run, offers modest individual rooms, shared restrooms and help with eating, bathing and dressing.

My dear Clayton, do you really believe this latest senior living facility proposal can be compared to Bayshore Manor? Regardless, why not put it on the city’s Easter Seals property, just down College Road from Bayshore Manor, instead of putting a new city homeless shelter at the Easter Seals property? Don’t you think the oldsters at Bayshore Manor would prefer a new senior development next door, than a new homeless shelter? I bet City Commissioner Tony Yaniz can answer that question for you, Clayton.

Key West Senior Development, owned by American House Senior Living, estimated it could complete the center within 30 months.

American House Senior Living runs more than 30 elder care developments in Michigan and expects to open two centers in Bonita Springs, Fla. this spring that offer independent, assisted-living and memory care apartments, its website says.

“This amenity-rich community will feature a stunning three-story atrium at the community’s center,” the promotional materials boast. “Residents will enjoy country club-style dining,” a spa and a “state of the art fitness center.”

Ah, as I kinda suspected earlier in the Citizen article: looks like this “elder housing project” will cater to financially-advantaged elders, and I wonder how many will come from Key West, and how many will come from anywhere they can be found?

Jim Nichols, who would run the day-to-day operations at the elder care center, and his group at Key West Senior Development want to become a part of the community, Castillo said.

Part of the country club set community, it appears.

“He is so confident in the product and the services they provide,” Castillo told city commissioners at their July 1 meeting. “He said, ‘I don’t care if the housing authority owns the land and the building.'”

If he’s going to get market rates, and he doesn’t have to pay for the land, Nichols should be thrilled beyond his wildest dreams.

The committee that chose the developer included Castillo, nurse Joan Higgs and accountant John G. Parks, Jr., who were impressed with Key West Senior’s financing and plan to run the center. Those individuals also were involved with the previous attempts for assisted-living at the waterfront.

Ah, some of the same people who wanted to put the elder country club development on Truman Waterfront.

Only two bids came in for the project. Jackson Development Company and MIA Senior Living Solutions offered to build the center for $29 million, with half of the units at market rate.

In contrast, Key West Senior proposed a tenant income mix of 30 to 120 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). Someone who earns half of the local median income would pay $868 for a one-bedroom home, while another person whose income is at 120 percent of AMI would pay $2,082. Federal guidelines state that 30 percent of annual income should go towards rent.

Now wait a minute. Did I get all mixed up? What about all that talk about charging market rates? Was it a mistake? Is the above paragraph for real?

In June 2013, a 4-3 vote killed the longtime local effort to bring assisted living to the Truman Waterfront. A super majority of five commissioners’ votes was needed to strike a land lease deal. In the end, commissioners were unwilling to part with the 3.3 acres for discounted rents, as they continue planning a grand waterfront park on the land conveyed to the city by the Navy in 2002.

What they should have planned for Truman Waterfront was affordable rental housing built and operated by the Housing Authority on free city land. Affordable rental housing poor and working-class people can afford, for which there is a crying need in the city. According to City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, who was city mayor when the Navy gave Truman Waterfront to Key West, the Navy approved 330,000 square feet of affordable housing for Truman Waterfront. Then, various special and different interest groups started clamoring for a slice of Truman Waterfront for their own pet projects, and now the city intends to put an expensive new public park there which cannot, and never will, pay for itself, even though it was supposed to pay for itself. An expensive new park right next door to a beautiful state park, which charges a modest fee to enter and use. A modest fee which keeps out homeless people, who will use the city’s new expensive park, which never will pay for itself, and will not be free, because the city will have to pay for it, and keep it up, and that means the taxpayers will pay for it and keep it up.

The prospective address at Poinciana Plaza is owned by the housing authority with one wrinkle: less than half an acre of it is city-owned land that holds a police substation. The land was formerly Navy housing that was deeded to the city’s housing authority for affordable housing and other services during the Navy’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.

I imagine if the city owns the land, the City Commission can move the police substation somewhere else, or eliminate it.

“We’re not looking to get rid of the police presence there,” Castillo said. “We’re looking to the developer to maybe incorporate it into the new facility.”

Oh, like Ocean Reef Club ended up with its own sheriff substation inside of the entrance gate, although no Florida Keys residents but Ocean Reef Club members and their guests can go into Ocean Reef Club? Is this new Poinciana senior county club going to be another gated community?

I swan, there is no end of opportunities to be a pissant in Key West. Perhaps the City Commission should declare an annual city pissant day. How about Thanksgiving Day? Naw. The City Commission should designate that day, Charles Eimers Day, summed up pretty well by these blue paper editorial cartoons.

Charles Eimer's take down

Charles Eimers smothered

Eimers witness imtimidation

Eimers police investigating self

Eimers Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Yesterday evening, I took in Love Lane Gang’s marvelous last summer performance at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach. 

Love Lane Gang 2

Love Lane Gang

They were terrific, as were several guest musicians asked to come up and play a few numbers with the Gang, who said they will back at Salute in October.

A crusty amigo a bit younger than me asked what I’ve been doing? Pissing off as many people as possible, I grunted. He laughed, said that’s good for the local politicians. Later, another fellow I’d seen around but do not know, looked at my campaign t-shirt, which I was wearing, came over and said he is glad I keep stirring the pot, and don’t stop.

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

I had a great salad with homemade bread, and got caught up with Salute’s owners, Richard and Suanne,, and with several other amigos and amigas. Alas, as the Gang and the guest musicians keep knocking out the lights, slid into a funk. I told the angels those musicians are real people, and I’m a fake.

I was really bummed out by the time I got home and started reading yet another intrigue novel set in modern Russia and its former states, all now struggling to move into post-Lenin/Stalin era. Really bad shit going down over there. Real people over there. Key West politics and living are a joke compared to what is going on over there. Unless you are homeless, or are perceived by the KWPD to be homeless, which was Charles Eimers’ great misfortune.

Charles EimersR.I.P.

I was gotten onto in dreams last night for not publishing John Donnelly’s and my emails and submitting a shortened comment to Naja on John’s post. I was gotten onto by an old Alabama lawyer buddy, who for many years was the lead trial lawyer for his city’s Public Defender. He defended all of their serious felony cases.

In 2004, in my sleep, I was told by a voice I had come to know well, “You need to dream Sloan, so you will know what is really going on.”

Last fall, Shirley Freeman read my novel HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale – the first chapter describes a dream forecasting the novel, in which the “hero” has a number of life-changing dreams. Shirley told me that she loved it, she couldn’t put it down. Then she said she had to ask me something: Was any of it true? I reminded her of my handwritten inscription, “None of this tale is true, except the parts you believe are.” Then I said, to write a novel like that, I had to have essentially lived the story.

A fellow who works on the city docks near Harpoon Harry’s read HEAVY WAIT a few days ago and said he loved it, it hit on everything he had been reading about and searching for a number of years. When he said he had read Carlos Castenda’s books about Don Juan and Don’s mysterious friend, I said those two were the real deal. When he said he had read Paulo Coelho’s alchemy books, I said, Coelho’s books claim to be but are not real alchemy books. HEAVY WAIT is a real alchemy book. No prisoners.

Heavy Wait

Available at in kindle and paperback and in large print, and in Spanish at

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost prevaricators’ paradise (penal colony)”


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