ship of fools, so many opportunities in Key West and beyond

ship of fools

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April fool

Had so much fun living what ended up being most of yesterday’s Mary Poppins continues her adult ed no fig leaves in paradise poetry studies in Key West post at,

Mary Poppins

that I liked to have died later yesterday and last night, and am about the same now. Did I ever tell you that nearly every day I tell the angels they can take this job and shove it? Why church people sing they want to be nearer to thee, my Lord, causes me to wonder if they have lost their minds? Well, moaning about it never changed anything, so I move to happy thoughts, since my dreams before I finally woke up late the second day in a row were all about being positive and sweet and glad to have such fun work to do.

A few days ago, a dear Republican friend,

Elephant in the living room

somewhat my senior, who no longer lives in the Keys, notified me about his finding what he hopes is new love, and I wrote back that I was so glad for him (even though he is a Republican). Here are our emails, without the love story:

He wrote:

This is FYI, not for your blog. Good luck in November.

I replied:

The primary is August 26 – are you prophesying I will survive the primary and be in the November 3 election? Now if you are, or if it turns out you accurately prophesied, that might end up in my blog :-).

He wrote:

Please let me know the result since I don’t get the Citizen any more. And good luck.

He wrote that before I made chopped liver of the Republican and the Democratic and all political parties in yesterday’s Mary Poppins continues her adult ed no fig leaves in paradise poetry studies in Key West post.

I stumbled into this happy fossil in my Facebook account yesterday – the comments all were made yesterday.

Nick Anderson lives on Big Coppit Key, about 10 miles above Key West. Samuel Bogdanove is a most interesting fellow I met in massage school in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1986, when he was a little less than half my age. Kelly Aland and her husband lived in the apartment below me, when I lived in Birmingham in 1988. Todd German lives on Cudjoe and Summerland Keys, above Big Coppit. Mick Foster is a retired south Florida school teacher amgio who got married to an old girlfriend who came back into his life decades later, and at whose home on Big Pine the lovely BBQ reception was held. Great food, great music, great company, including two buck key deer, local pets who liked being petted and fed carrots and lettuce (and corn and cucumbers and tomatoes and just about anything, probably). The older buck looked  several hundred years old, maybe should have been named Methuselah. Bet he made lots of bambis in his day.

key deer at play

Nick Anderson also wrote this to me yesterday:

Dearest Sloan,

I was recently in the Miami VA Hospital (collapsed lung) (6 weeks for treatment) and I was not allowed to leave until I was able to prove I had a Home and community support.

And the care was great and the bill was less than $600. and I’m suppose to go back and get new eyes!!! this summer. The winter is jammed up with all the snow birds who come down to spend the winter, and have nothing to do but go to the Doc’s. but I was happy with the care I received.

Your Recluctant Vet, (I was Drafted, Remember)
Nicholas Anderson

whistle blower blow back

Nick told me, when he told the draft folks that he didn’t care to be drafted, they gave him two choices: be drafted and sent to Vietnam, or fix radios. Wisely, Nick chose fixing radios. That led eventually to him learning how to work on and fix radars, which led to him doing that as a civilian contractor at Naval Air Station Key West, from which employment he recently was “retired” in exchange for his promise to never again blow the whistle on anything he knew was going on there. You would croak to hear one story he told me. Thanks to oil up in them thar North Dakota hills, Nick and his family probably ain’t gonna need any financial help from Uncle Sam in the next million years.

chess tips

I wish the draft folks had given a choice to my dear friend Patrick, from whom I got yet another lesson in humility playing chess last night. Patrick once told me, when he told the draft folks he didn’t want to go to Vietnam, they put him in prison for three years. I figured he should have been pardoned and given a Silver Star, at least, and given full veteran benefits. Patrick is totally disabled and relies on Social Security and cheap Housing Authority rental housing and whatever other free help he can get. Recently, Patrick had his second free cataract surgery – how it went still unknown. The first cataract surgery a few years ago went okay. But for the Housing Authority, Patrick would be homeless. No, he would be dead. Battleshock comes in many forms. Imagine how you would have ended up, if you had been put into prison for 3 years because you didn’t want to fight in Vietnam.

I told Patrick last night that I needed humiliating, to pay me back for all the politicians and religious people I’ve been beating up lately.

Well, I suppose there’s no getting around it.

work mule

My Baptist father’s Baptist father came to me in a dream last night, asking me to run a route for the company he once bought, which my father ended up buying and running; even as a woman in the dream said she hoped I would take the job, and I said I wasn’t ready to commit. On waking, I figured the dream was about Linkedin having invited me to join an Assemblies of God group the other day. Figuring that wasn’t my own bright idea, but was the angels sneaking around behind the scenes, I joined and commented into two discussions already in progress, and opened a new discussion in which I, so far, am the only participant – can’t imagine why :-). Perhaps the discussion I opened segues from the life-changing poetry I recited at Sunday night’s Key West Poetry Guild meeting, as reported in yesterday’s Mary Poppins continues her adult ed no fig leaves in paradise poetry studies in Key West post. Poetry, which preceded the killer dark night described in this below. Poetry, which caused me to hope, even believe, I had arrived, but only had just begun.

Sloan Bashinsky

Shanghaied by God

 janitor at God, Inc.

Back in early 1987, I experienced a visitation in answer to a prayer I had made about 10 days earlier, when knew I was at the end of my rope, out of bright ideas, had failed in every way I figured a man could fail. The prayer was, “Dear God, I do not want to die like this, failed.” I paused, added, “I offer my life to human service.” I felt something, then went on about my day. The visitation came in the wee hours. I awoke, saw what I took to be two angels hovering in the darkness above me. No wings. Etheric. White with tinge of blue. I heard spoken, not into my ears, more like into my mind, “This will push you to your limits but you asked for it (I remembered the prayer) and we are going to give it to you.” I saw a flash of light and felt struck my lightning. My body lurched. Then another flash and jolt. Then another. It was electrical, felt sort of like once many years before when I was jolted by a near lightning strike on a golf course. It didn’t hurt, but it was jolting. I understood the three jolts were spiritual lighting. The changes began after that; slowly, then faster. A very long story to tell; a story of great disappointment and hardship. Dark nights of the soul. Loves lost. Money lost. Spiritual phenomena abounding; except in the second dark night, which was black and horrible beyond human comprehension. After that lifted, the training really began. What I had thought was the training was only the beginning. Now I knew I was no longer in charge, despite my still trying at times to be in charge. Eventually, I understood the two angels, as I thought they were, were Jesus and Archangel Michael. After the killer dark night, I realized Melchizedek had joined them. They instructed me the old fashioned way, guiding me in dreams most of the time, also in plain English occasionally in my sleep; only occasionally in words spoken into my mind when I was awake, fairly frequently in sudden knowings/revelations, and in body sensations. Also, was ongoing correction when I messed up, and the correction tended to unhinge me – still in progress, all of that. I started out Southern Baptist, then my mother became Episcopalian and took me there with her. She forced it onto me, I rebelled and eventually stopped attending church, but I continued to believe God existed and Jesus was the Son of God. But for many years, my life and church seldom intersected. Before and after the killer dark night, which was 16 months, onset by spirit cause, lifted when I left my wife, I was ongoing suicidal the entire time but kept it to myself, something stayed my hand, and my terror of the consequences of taking my own life. I was attending church, hoping for help, relief. After making a lot of church people in different churches uncomfortable with what I was saying following the killer dark night, I stopped attending churches. I felt I never was not in church; God was assembled everywhere I was, went, was sent; and Jesus and the angels, too. And the demonic forces, as well. After the killer dark night, I came to know two people, a man friend, and a woman I met, who started getting similar treatment. The man was Jewish, but not practicing. He was into New Age and Eastern spiritual practices, and raw foods and wheat grass juice. The woman was not raised in church practices, her parents did not attend. She was a New Age healer of sorts. Quickly, Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek turned those two people; had them talking about things, thinking about things, in an entirely new way. It was not church-oriented. It was, as we three understood it, Christ-oriented. It was horrible, to be as plain as possible. We were stretched beyond anything we could have possibly imagined going into it.

Here is what I commented into the other two Assemblies of God discussions:

AGREE or DISAGREE? “If this is going to be a Christian nation ….. admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

Owner – Internet Ministry Income & Christian Business Entrprenuership Specialist at IFG GroupTop Contributor

AGREE or DISAGREE?  “If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy..

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky

janitor at God, Inc.

The Declaration of Independence contains 5, as I recall, references to a Deity by different names, which do not seem Biblical to me. The author of the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson, not only was not Christian, he did not like Christianity and successfully led the charge in Virginia to prevent Christians from including in that state’s Constitution that it was a Christian state. I imagine Native Americans didn’t end up feeling like they had been been done to by American settlers and US Government soldiers the way those settlers and soldiers wanted done to them. I don’t imagine American slaves felt any different from Native Americans. It’s one thing to claim to be a Christian nation, or to claim to be a Christian, it’s something else altogether to live as Jesus lived and told his disciples and other people to live. Do unto others didn’t pass muster in Colonial times and later for whites’ treatment of Native Americans and African slaves.

Sifted As Wheat

Full Time Christian Author (Kindle Books)

Top Contributor

Towards the end of Jesus’ ministry and time on earth, he approached Peter to inform him that Satan desired to sift him as wheat. However, Jesus promised Peter that he would pray that his faith would not fail. From this strengthening of his faith Peter would then be in a position to strengthen his brethren, when Jesus asked him to after his resurrection. Jesus was not concerned with Peter’s immediate plight and difficult circumstances. He had the wisdom to know that the trial Peter was about to go through was for his own good. And one of the reason that Jesus knew that trials were good for Peter, was because he went through trials himself …

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky

janitor at God, Inc.

My experience in trials, of which there have been many, often very rough and worse, and in my observation of other people in trials, faith is really important, but just as important is living Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels and following his model. As he said, if a man hears my sayings and does them, he is like the wise man who built his house on a rock and when the rock came, the house stood fast; but a man who hears my sayings and does not do them is like the foolish man who built his house on sand and when the flood came the house fell down and the fall was great. Teachings like: resist not one who does evil, turn the other cheek, pray for and do good to those who persecute you, first take the beam out of your own eye, judge not and you will not be judged, if a man takes your goods ask not for them back, if a man takes you to court settle along the way else the judge throw you in jail, if a man asks for your shirt offer him also your coat, if a man asks you to go a mile with him go more miles with him, take no thought for tomorrow because each day has enough trouble of its own, you cannot serve two masters: you cannot worship God and mammon.


To be perfectly blunt,

Devil or Angel 2

it’s a bit of a stretch for me to dabble in Key West and Florida Keys politics after surviving being shanghaied by God’s angels. Going into politics felt like being demoted back into kindergarten from a PhD program. It was given to me to take on, though, so I went with it because I knew who had decided I was to do it. I suppose my soul agreed to it, but without asking how I felt. I detest politics, have written so many times, and that anyone who actually wants to be elected to public office is insane, an ego maniac, or a crook – or any and all combinations thereof.

biker chick

I’d much rather be eating a BBQ sandwich at a friend’s wedding, or riding on a biker chick’s bitch seat hanging onto her boobs, or getting drunk, which I can’t do any more because just one beer, mixed drink or glass of wine makes me feel awful about an hour after I have it. Marijuana gives me a migraine the next day, so that’s out. I never did the other narcotics and figure that would only be a giant train wreck to experiment with now. I never smoked a cigarette. I did get to know about 30 women in the Bible sense, some a lot better than others. I came to know heartbreak and wanting to die because of it. Except for an afternooner with a biker chick in 2010, I’ve been a monk since early 2005. My daughters rightly concluded their father is nuts and best avoided. If I didn’t have a bunch of amigos and amigas to chew the fat and cut up with about all sorts of stuff, and endless lines of politicians and religious people to poke, I’d have no reason to want to be on this planet. I bet I’m gonna be tons of laughs at the upcoming candidate forums. Ciao maim.

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”


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