brazenly honest and other dubious personality failings, machinations and trashings about in Key West

Devil or Angel

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Key West Mayor Craig Cates

Mayor Cates

came to in a dream and said I had published in yesterday’s bridges over, and under, Key West troubled waters and related nuclear seaside attractions post at that he had refused to pay the funeral expenses of a homeless man his daughter had run over and killed in front of Checkers and Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Here’s what I published yesterday:

“With respect to what Mike Tolbert told me about Mayor Cates refusing to pay the dead homeless man’s burial expenses, twice recently, Mike was hurt delivering Daddy Bones’ BBQ on his motor scooter. The first time, he hit oil on the road and the motor scooter went into a slide and laid down on the road and dragged Mike along with it. The second time, the day before yesterday, Mile was struck by another vehicle.

“As soon as I heard from Mike’s lady for life Patty of the second crash, I knew it was a demonic attack, and the first crash was, too. A demonic attack caused by what Mike had told me about Mayor Cates refusing to pay the dead homeless man’s funeral expenses. I got hammered myself yesterday over it; took the hit in my liver and G.I. tract. It’s vile. It will run its course in me, as I deal with it. I told Mike, when he recovers from this latest attack, he cannot get back on a motor scooter, because he’s a sitting duck to demonic attack on a scooter. Same, if he is on a motorcycle. He has to deliver BBQ orders in a car or a truck.”

I wrote that based on what I thought I had been told by Patty:

Mike emailed this correction about how his second accident occurred:

Second crash was caused by IDIOT pulling into us1 outta chevron on stock in rain she did not make contact with me but cut me off to about 4 ft traveling 35 mph on wet roads! if she knew she caused a accident we will never know as she didn’t stop. as long as I have ridden 2 wheels very good chance she had no idea! Least my faith in what’s left of mankind wants me to believe she did not know she caused me to almost T Bone her car and subsequently Crash on the rain soaked streets! FOLKS WHEN ITS RAINING PLEASE look twice for bikes and scooters! Brazenly Honest I like that term my friend! My entire damn life I have tried to keep my word and do right thing. Its gotten me in trouble several times but I keep trying. If we all just said screw this I aint getting burnt again this ole world would suck. And don’t know if you will get the this but being from ALA you might. My ribs were keeping me awake last night and I had a Hankering for some SMOTHERED AND COVERED HASHBROWNS AMD WAFFLE. WHat the hell kinda godless town Does not make room for a Waffle House when they building 4 marriots? and got 4 hyatts! I like you sloan You are honest and up front Something key west needs more of!

Moving laterally,

Peary Court ariel

something interesting seemed to surface after Linda Shields and I spoke during closing citizen comments in last night’s City Commission meeting about Key West’s Historical Architectural Review Commission (HARC) and City Planner Don Craig intent to run the Meadows neighborhood crossing streets through Angela Street into Peary Court.

City Commissioners Jimmy Weekley and Billy Wardlow, and Mayor Craig Cates

Billy WardlowJimmy Weekley 2Mayor Cates

left to right, Wardlow, Weekley, Cates

all tried to get to the bottom of what the process actually was. Vague in his replies, acting City Manager Shawn Smith, also City Attorney Shawn Smith, said Assistant City Attorney Ronald Ramsingh, whom I have several times published should be disbarred and put in prison over his behavior in Tree Commission proceedings, was advising HARC on Peary Court.

City Planner Don Craig said, decisions on Peary Court made by Don Craig and his City Planning Department are reviewed, accepted, amended or rejected by the City Commission, in keeping with the city’s Comprehensive Plan. However, whatever HARC decides about Peary Court and Angela Street/Meadows can only be appealed to the Special Magistrate, and from there to the local Circuit Court.

Meaning, while the mayor and city commissioners each appoint one HARC commissioner, the mayor and city commissioners have no review over HARC decisions. Meaning, the mayor and the city commissioners are let off the hook for whatever HARC does. Meaning, citizens who feel aggrieved or abused by HARC are put to hire an attorney and appeal to the Special Magistrate, who works for and is paid by the city, and who nearly always rules in the city’s favor. Then, the citizen has to spend a lot more money on legal counsel appealing a HARC decision to the Circuit Court.

That is the same pickle I personally have seen with Tree Commission decisions. Tree commissioners are appointed by the mayor, with advice and consent from the city commissioners. Thereafter, anything the Tree Commission does can only be reviewed by the Special Magistrate.

Riding roughshod over private property owners in Tree Commission meetings, making up rules and violations out of thin air, Ramsingh then tacks on punitive costs and fines for Tree Commission appeals to the Special Magistrate, who, not surprisingly, tends to go along with Ramsingh. The result is, few appeals are taken from Tree Commission decisions.

All of which leaves me thinking maybe Don Craig could care less how the mayor and the six city commissioners feel about running the Meadows crossing streets through Angela Street into Peary Court, because Don Craig knows HARC is going to do it and there is nothing the mayor and city commissioners can do about it.

Well, maybe there is something the mayor and city commissioners can do about it.

I pulled this from HARC’s website:

Historical Key West

HARC Commission

Welcome to the Key West Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) web page.

HARC was created by City Charter and is in charge of the preservation and conservation of the character, integrity and appearance of the historic preservation districts as well as for buildings individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places and buildings listed as contributing in the Historic Structure Survey of the city. HARC consist of seven members appointed by each City Commissioner, the Mayor of the City appoints a licensed architect. HARC members are volunteer citizens that are committed to the preservation of the largest historic district in the State of Florida. Follow this link to the new draft 2011-2012 Historic Structures Survey for the the City of Key West. This is a very large file.

The City Of Key West HARC members are:
Commission Member
Appointed by
City Commissioner
Term Expires

Michael Miller, Chair  Mayor Cates 12/2015
Maggie Gutierrez  Tony (Fat) Yaniz 01/2014
Theo Glorie  Mark Rossi 10/2013
Patrick Wright  Billy Wardlow 02/2014
Richard Logan  Clayton Lopez 04/2015
Janet Hinkle  Teri Johnston 12/2016
Richard McChesney  Jimmy Weekley 02/2016


The mayor and city commissioners have the power to remove volunteer non-paid Tree Commissioners. The mayor and city commissioners have the power to remove the highly-paid City Manager – they did it Monday morning. So surely the mayor and city commissioners have the power to remove volunteer non-paid HARC Commissioners? If so, I suggest the mayor and city commissioners exercise that power pronto, and remove each HARC Commissioner known to favor running the Meadows crossing streets through Angela Street into Peary Court.

Based on what I saw and heard from Michael Miller and the HARC Commissioners at the last two HARC meetings on Peary Court, only City Commissioner Teri Johnston’s HARC appointee,  Janet Hinkle, is against running the Meadows crossing streets through Angela Street into Peary Court. Hinkle is on the front row in the photo, in the blue outfit. Michael Miller, the HARC Chairman, a Harvard Architectural School Graduate, is second from the left in the back row.

Moving laterally, a Citizen Editorial on double-dipping spawned by the Bob Vitas/David Hernandez rumble, my interjected comments in italics, I inserted any photos:

Time for ‘new chapter’ on employee contracts

The funeral-like atmosphere at Monday’s special city commission meeting was like a scene from a Greek tragedy, and reminds us of the expression: “The emperor wears no clothes.”

Notwithstanding the separation agreement between the city and now former City Manager Bob Vitas,

Bob VitasVitas

that lays no blame on Vitas for his departure, it has been clear for the past two weeks that a majority of city commissioners and the mayor wanted to terminate the city manager for cause.

What was the “cause”? The city manager entered into an employment contract with David Fernandez

David FernandezFernandez

in violation of the city charter and various city ordinances. According to the city attorney, Fernandes never had an employment contract because it was void from its inception.

Then we learn from the city attorney that no one at the city knows how many employment contracts were entered into by the city, and during whose tenure as city manager those contracts were executed.

In light of the announcement that Fernandez’s contract was void, it makes you wonder how many of those other contracts were void the minute the ink dried on them? Do we have an unknown number of city “employees” being paid under void contracts? If so, does the same fate await those employees? How much taxpayer money has been spent on such employment contracts with the city?

Would not somebody have had to get paid for doing what those employees did? If so, how were the taxpayers injured?

There is a more fundamental issue that has been raised by the Fernandez affair.

It has become fashionable in government for former government employees to “retire,” begin collecting their pensions and related benefits, and then go back to work for the same government. This is known as “double-dipping.”

In fact, we have heard of “triple-dipping”: retire from the military on a pension; retire from state employment on a pension; and then go back to work with the state as an employee! Voila, a “triple-dip.”

The State of Florida several years ago put an end to double-dipping. Under Florida law, a state employee who retires under the Florida Retirement System is barred from seeking state employment for one year after retirement.

If a state employee waits one year and one day after retirement, and seeks state employment, that is not double-dipping?

Much was said during Monday’s city commission meeting that it was time to start a “new chapter” at the city. We agree wholeheartedly.

• First, terminate all void employment contracts for city “employees” who are “retired” from the city.

Somebody’s going to have to do whatever those employees are doing, and get paid for it. Who’s that somebody, if not those employees?

While we could accept a scenario where someone who retired from the military in their 40s goes back to work as a government employee, the manner in which the Fernandez deal was handled has left a bad taste in the mouth of the general public. That’s the kind of “double dipping” that raises the ire of the citizenry.

During closing citizen comments at last night’s city commission meeting, I said double-dipping has being going on in the city government, the county government, the school district and the local utility companies for a long time, and I hope the city will put a stop to it in the city government. I also said, I felt there was more to the double dip in Fernandez’s case than was aired publicly. I said, Fernandez could have been reassigned to his old position in the city utility department, and paid his Assistant Manager salary (which wasn’t all that much higher than what he was paid when he was the city utility department director).

So, we would suggest city commissioners and the city attorney be more diligent in the future about looking out for the interest of the taxpayers instead of an individual employee — no matter how long that person has been employed or what skill level they have.

• Second, all employment contracts signed with the city — no matter under whose tenure as city manager — should be reviewed by the city attorney and then brought before the city commission for a vote. This ensures the commissioners would have knowledge of all contract employees, and would enable them to determine if those contracts should continue to remain in effect.

Running all contracts by the City Attorney is correct, but having the City Commission approve all employee contracts might prove burdensome, and it might violate the City Charter. For example, I imagine the City Attorney, not the City Commission, decides who he hires as an assistant city attorney, and which city attorneys he lets go. I imagine the City Manager, not the city Commission, decides who he hires and fires. I imagine, the Police Chief and Fire Chief decide who they hire and fire. Then, are all the other city departments and employees. It’s not the City Commission’s job to micro-manage the City Attorney, the City Manager, the Police Chief and Fire Chief, and other department heads. It’s the City Commission’s job to steer the city forward, and to intervene and correct when the city government veers off the tracks.

— The Citizen

In today’s online edition of KONK Life –


Another side? David Fernandez City Assistant Manager


Commenting on “Commission unanimously separates CM Vitas” and “City Attorney throws out Fernandez contract”

I’d like to hear what (assistant city manager David) Fernandez has to say about all of this.

How could city workers be “scared” of Fernandez?

My thoughts.

If Diana had not run off to Michigan to mow her grass and write a mystery novel and spend a great deal of time stalking and bothering me, if she had stuck around Key West and talked to her boyfriend and his friends, if she have stuck around Key West and talked with just about anyone who lives here and pays attention to what’s going on around them, she might have heard David Fernandez is vindictive. She might not have heard anything good said about him. But don’t take my word for it. Consider this in yesterday’s Citizen report on the 7-0 dismissal of Bob Vitas:

“They’re basically scared of David, of repercussions,” Commissioner Billy Wardlow said. “I think David ought to step down.”

Billy Wardlow

Billy was Key West’s Fire Chief for many years. He demonstrates at each city commission meeting that he has his ear to the ground in the city government. He demonstrates that he is ever concerned about city employees and city departments getting fair treatment. He is trusted by city employees. They confide in him.

During closing commissioner comments last night, Billy told City Planner Don Craig that he opposes taking down the Angels Street fence and running the Meadows crossing streets through Angela Street into Peary Court.

Anyone interested in my still being stalked by Darling Diana, here’s what happened yesterday.

Diana Millikan

Stalking 1 email thread:

Darling Diana wrote:

Now I know the real gender of Lou Petrone’s Sloan date as he wrote about on his Key West Lou Blog. Not you. But who is this other first name on island Sloan? A mystery I want to solve.
diana millikan on June 30, 2014 at 12:00 am said:
Lou, who was the Sloan that you were waiting for last night? Not Sloan Bashinsky bc he told me he doesn’t know you. What Sloan? And did he show up?
Reply ?
keywestlou on June 30, 2014 at 8:02 am said:
Sloan is a “she” and yes she showed up.
Reply ?
diana millikan on June 30, 2014 at 8:12 am said:
Your Sloan who did show show is a ‘she’? I have never known a ‘she’ with first name Sloan. Are you sure this Sloan is a ‘she’? I rather figured that you would not be hanging out with the other Key West Sloan (Bashinsky). Though you are both former attorneys, your blog styles are completely different. Yours are clean, and Sloan’s are ever so dirty. ha.

I replied:

I thought you meant someone in KW named Sloan. I don’t know any woman in Key West with Sloan name. Maybe there is.

Darling Diana wrote:

View bikini.jpg in slide show

Zut. I wish I were on KW right now instead of up North here writing my mystery novel in the quiet of my Bridge Over Troubled Waters river that does not have leeches unlike most up North lakes bc I really want to track down Key West Lou’s Sloan whom he claims is a babe. Since KW Lou is aged as you (Sloan Young – not too – Bashinsky) are, and possibly KW Lou suffers from ED as SYB most likely does too, then the other night’s Lou & Sloan date might have only included dinner & kisses. The Sloan that KW Lou says is a female might just be a transgender bc KW is known to have a multitude of gender combinations. KW Lou refused on his blog to tell me why he and his wife of many decades divorced. I asked him on his blog when one commenter typed that KW Lou’s ex was the b word. I got only silence from KW Lou. So I insisted on meeting KW Lou in person since I only knew him on his www blog & his www articles on Konk Life. I knew from his blog that he liked to hang out at Chart Room. I had never been in it since I don’t drink & don’t hang out at the Duval area bars. But KW Lou & I made a date to meet in person at the Chart Room a couple of weeks ago. Zut again. I was so disappointed with the Chart Room decor. I don’t know what I wanted, but it sure wasn’t what I found. KW Lou would not tell me why his wife divorced him or if in reality he wanted the divorce. I couldn’t get it out of him. I so wanted to know. There could be a multitude of reasons. I can only imagine. But the ED aspect sticks out in my mind. My conch lobster fisherman boyfriend with a record of felonies/ misdemeanors a mile long (Lester Building floor 2R very helpful. ha.) has that ED too. Is this contagious on KW? Will I ever meet a man over 50 on KW that is ED-free? ha. Attached is a pic of moi age 42

on my Caribbean beach. Will SYB email Angel Diana a pic of him on a beach at age 42?

I sent:


Darling Diana wrote:

wow. hubba hubba. ha.

I replied:

Hubba Hubba was Cudjoe Key amiga Sandy Downs’ mischief in 2009, which T-Shirt Factory reworked somewhat for the front of that year’s campaign T-shirt. 4 photos, the KW amiga in the 2nd photo redesigned the T-shirt to suit herself.

View Sloan's T-shirt.jpg in slide show
View Sloan's T-shirt.jpg in slide show
View Aprodite.jpg in slide show
View Sloan drop trou.jpg in slide show

The soul drawing in the 3rd photo was of a young woman who sprung topless into the middle of political novice Craig Cates’ remarks at Hometown PAC’s Call to Candidates at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach, shouting, “Nude Beaches for Key West! Sloan for Mayor!” Pretty much stopped the show for a bit, then she pedaled off on her bicycle.

She became known as Aphrodite, a name I gave her, and her topless photo was on the front page of the next morning’s Citizen. It was all her idea, just like the redesigned T-shirt, photo 2, was all that amiga’s idea, just like the Sloan Stud (hubba hubba) shopped photo was all amiga Sandy’s idea. I never got to try my plumbing out on them, but I often wanted to with Aphrodite, who kept saying I was old enough to be her grandfather, which was true. The energy was there, though. I never felt so much female energy running in a woman, as was running in her.

Last opportunity my plumbing had was with “Biker Chick,” who picked me up maybe late 2010, or early 2011. The old plumbing worked just fine for that afternooner. She told me she was going to write something up about it and she did and sent it in to’s Coconut Telegraph, reading which regularly before that was how she came to know about me before she picked me up on her Harley, and I rode on the bitch seat holding onto her natural handles, at her instruction, causing neighbors in her Cudjoe Key neighborhood, who saw us, to nearly wet their pants laughing.

In what Biker Chick wrote to the CT, she said, after we made love, Sloan’s angels healed her; they and Sloan saved her life.” She wrote later to the CT, saying, being with other men up that way was like being with little boys, in the way the behaved in and out of bed; Sloan was a man, he was tuned into her, what she needed, as a woman.

Biker Chick and came around online maybe three weeks ago, talking about us having another fling, a longer fling, and more angel healing, if she can getaway and spend time down here. My plumbing responded like any 15-year-old boy’s today might respond to “phone sex”.

A long time ago now, I’m 71, I noticed my plumbing’s mood was directly related to how it was going between me and a woman I was with. More specifically, if she was in sync with me, and with spirit, my plumbing worked as designed. If she was out of sync, my plumbing did not work in the way she, or I, desired. She had to get in sync, or nothing happened, or little happened. Later, I came to understand that phenomenon was the angels regulating me; they decided who I got to play ride the dolphin with, and who I didn’t, and when.

I learned my plumbing was a barometer for what was going on in the woman I was with, and for what was going between her and me. The barometer was infallible, as far as I recall. The woman was naked before the angels, thus before the barometer. She got to keep no secrets, if she wanted the barometer to work to suit her. Every woman I was with, starting with wife 3, learned this about me. It didn’t always make them happy. Nothing I could do about it. Nothing they could do about it but come clean, get in sync with spirit. Or be horny with no happy ending.

I took the new campaign T-shirts,

Sloan empire  t-shirt

like the one I wore at Hometown’s Meet the Candidates at Studios of Key West where you first laid eyes on me, apparently, back to the T-Shirt Factory the other day, as dreams had directed, to have Aphrodite’s soul drawing put on the back, without “Free Beaches”, as I’m not making a fuss this campaign about Puritan-squared KW getting itself a nude beach, like Haulover Beach just above Miami, and drawing into KW hordes of naturists with gobs of money to spend on hotels, restaurants, water sports, art, etc. Hordes of naturists who have no interest in Key West, because it has no nude beach. Google image Haulover Beach to see what all fun and wampum Key West ain’t enjoying because of its Puritan genes.

Haulover jam 2Haulover BeachHaulover Beach 2

Personally, I would not use a nude beach in KW. Been there, done that, several locations on Maui. Doesn’t move me, but there are lots of people in North America and overseas it does move. But, as I discovered in 2009, despite KW’s outwardly bawdy reputation, underneath is a giant Puritan coven. T’was a real eye-opener for this red-blooded Alabama redneck hybrid, who speaks three languages about the same: Southern English, redneck and dialect, en sumtims I mixes dem up, as every woman who spent any time with me quickly learned. That, and the angels don’t seem to mind cussin all that much, either, most of the time.

The 4th photo to the right, was at a candidate forum in 2009, as I threatened to drop trou in protest of something one of the other mayor candidates to my right in the photo may have said, or maybe just to protest KW not having a nude beach. That photo made front page of the Citizen the next day “Bashinsky threatens to drop trou”.

That year, Mayor Morgan McPherson’s campaign banner was a raceway checkered flag with “Start to Finish” on it. At one of the candidate forums that year, after Morgan spoke and waved his little checkered flag and said Morgan McPherson for Mayor, start to finish, when time to do my beauty parade came, I said “Start to Finish” reminded me of a Viagra ad, and Key West’s economy certainly needed Viagra, and, well, maybe that was when I threatened to drop trou.

Yeah, maybe it was at that forum in the photo. I was sitting between Morgan (yellow shirt) and the drooling bi-sexual Mike Mongo out on the end of the table, at that forum. That’s Craig Cates just to my right. Looking at the photo, you might get the impression Morgan, a ex-preacher, was afraid I was gonna take it all off, and Mike was hoping I would, and Craig was gonna have great stories to tell his grandkids if I did. But that’s as far as it got – what you see in the photo.

Only time I got to go all the way since very early 2005 was with Biker Chick. I blew an opportunity, however, in 2009 – was asleep at the switch, when a 10 by my scale got all turned on and my mind fell off the planet, despite my plumbing responding as designed, and it was a couple of years later that I realized what an ass I’d been with her. Maybe that boner made the angels feel I didn’t need a main squeeze, or any squeeze, except for that brief time with Biker Chick, which fulfilled a long-held fantasy of riding on a biker chick’s bitch seat, holding onto the nature-provided handles, and then stopping somewhere for the full course meal.

The green clothing optional beyond this point sign in the 1st photo was given to me by County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy about an hour before the KW Ladies Out Night candidate beauty pageant and ladies fashion show. That photo was taken at that event. They asked each candidate a different question. They asked me about homeless women. I asked them, what did they think it was like for a woman to have no safe place to sleep at night and no private place to bathe? The looks on those women’s faces indicated they didn’t like thinking about that happening to them, or to any woman.

Stalking 2 email thread:

Darling Diane wrote:

If French artiste Arnaud (Blue Paper) could be ever so gentil
and design a contemporary KW expatriates scene similar
to this earlier reproduction. it might be delightful to see on
SYB’s gmkw (soon to be mine. ha).

Mark Twain quotations – Refinement

Directory of Mark Twain’s maxims, quotations, and various opinions: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z REFINEMENT She was not quite wh…
Preview by Yahoo

I replied:

Arnaud is drawing what God and the Muse want Arnaud to draw, a quaint concept well-known to real artists, poets, songwriters, composers, novelists. The reproduction you used, sans the chess board, reminds me of many scenes I have seen at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach, when no candidate forum was underway. Here is a drawing of a volleyball game in front of Salute,

Higgs Beach party

which fell out of me in early 2009, around the time I met Aphrodite, about when I realized KW getting a nude beach was going to be part of campaign mantra that year. When I sent the French man’s wife Naja around 20 soul drawings any real French man or woman I figured would truly like, to include in that week’s blue paper edition, Naja shrunk them down to postage stamp size, requiring a magnifying glass to view them. I told her I wouldn’t have submitted them, if I’d known she was going to do that. The Puritans have no bounds in KW. They are everywhere. Quel dommage. Thank god for biker chicks and other women who just want to get it on and not talk it to death.

Stalking 3 email thread

Darling Diana wrote:

Not enhanced.

View 22467_1310075552794_2956964_n.jpg in slide show

I replied:

You could look like Briget Bardot and not get a rise out of me due to what you think and write.

Darling Diana wrote:

Yes, I’m aware. I’m too clean.

I replied:

Try on this beach photo for a few years,

Sloan on the beach

but put your face where mine is. It will deep and broaden you, clean you, restore your lost feminine.

Stalking thread 4

Darling Diana wrote:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am so grateful that you shared
Cudjoe Key amiga Sandy Downs
(I have never been on her key – only
stock & kw) and Biker Chickie.
I want you to be grateful (& hoping
that you don’t type him into your gmkw)
that I have in my life my kw conchman
lobster fisherman.
I just got off my writing Bridge Over
Troubled Waters river bc it is almost dark.
Good night, Dear Sloan. May we both have
a non-troubled night.
Gratefully, Angel Diana

I replied before dawn today, after waking up from tumultuous dreams with this response in my thoughts:

I have many stories, what I told you yesterday about Sandy and Biker Chick, except for Biker Chick’s and my most recent email interaction, was reported several times at I tell many stories, because in those stories are different ways of perceiving and living.

You say you keep running into men with ED. That says something to you about you. Most human ails, including medical, psychological and sexual, are rooted in disturbance of, damage to, absence of the internal feminine. ED included. Those men reflect back to you the state of your own internal feminine.

The mystery novel you could be writing would be the mystery inside of yourself. You present no self-awareness. No self-evaluation. No self-critique. It’s not pretty. And, it’s sad.

Sloan at Hometown

me holding forth at Hometown PAC’s meet the candidate’s beauty pageant, where Diana discovered me and was inspired to start stalking me, Hometown’s Chairman Todd German on right

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”


About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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