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Wilma 2

Hurricane Wilma bearing down on Key West, above, later covering North Roosevelt Blvd, below, 2006Wilma

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Peary Court ariel

Re the new Peary Court development, which might get some mention during closing citizen comments in tonight’s City Commission meeting in Old City Hall …

I found myself wondering at an ungodly hour yesterday morning, if Mayor Cates and the 4 city commissioners, who told the Angela Street/Meadows residents that they are with those residents in opposing integrating the new Peary Court development into Angela Street and the Meadows historical neighborhood, will fire City Planner Don Craig  for ignoring their wishes, not unlike they were going to fire City Manager Bob Vitas for ignoring their wishes, before Vitas agreed to leave quietly. At a special City Commission meeting yesterday, by a 7-0 vote, the mayor and commissioners agreed to terminate Vitas’ employment and send him on his way with a modest severance package.

Looks to me the Bob Vitas and Don Craig situations are nearly identical. Vitas was accused, apparently accurately, of groping a woman on Duval Street during Fantasy Fest. Don Craig got drunk and stood in his front yard and threw rocks at passing cars until he hit a passing KWPD cruiser and ended up in the Stock Island jail.

Bob VitasDon Craig 2

Vitas, left, Craig, right

I heard Don Craig was pissed off that cars were driving too fast on his street, which was in the Meadows neighborhood. His complaints to City Hall and KWPD went unanswered. So, he got drunk and went to work. The same Don Craig now insists on running the Meadows crossing streets, now dead-ending at Angela Street, into Peary Court, which will put significantly more vehicle traffic into the Meadows and Angela Street. A real City Commission would have fired Don Craig over getting drunk and throwing rocks at passing cars, and a police cruiser, instead of taking him back, and then promoting him and giving him even more power.

Am having similar thoughts about HARC’s Chairman Michael Miller, an architect, whom Mayor Cates appointed to HARC. Mayor Cates

Mayor Cates

told the Angela Street/Meadows residents, I was there, that he had told Miller that he didn’t want Angela Street/Meadows integrated into Peary Court, and he was going to talk with Miller again.

At the next HARK meeting, after hearing Miller once again say, HARC would require Angela Street/Meadows to be integrated into Peary Court, during citizen comments I told Miller that I heard from Mayor Cates that he had told Miller that he did not want Angela Street/Meadows integrated into Peary Court. Miller said he and Mayor Cates had talked about many things, and had agreed on most things. I said, Mayor Cates told Miller that he did not want Angela Street/Meadows integrated into Peary Court. Miller did not answer and proceeded to tell the developer to bring back new plans integrating Angela Street/Meadows into Peary Court.

If I were Mayor Cates, I would put Peary Court, Don Craig and Michael Miller on a City Commission meeting for action. Action to instruct Don Craig and Michael Miller not to integrate Angela Street/Meadows into Peary Court. Action to fire Don Craig and Michael Miller. If elected Mayor, I will put those two action items on the first City Commission meeting agenda over which I preside.

Meanwhile, during closing comments tonight, I will make those action agenda item suggestions to Mayor Cates and the four city commissioners, Jimmy Weekley, Billy Wardlow, Tony Yaniz and Teri Johnston,

Jimmy Weekley 2Billy WardlowTony YanizTeri Johnston

who told the Angela Street/Meadows residents, in five separate meetings, I was there, that they opposed integrating Angela Street/Meadows into Peary Court.

Moving laterally,

Bo Peep

Michael Kinneer, owner/operator of Sippin’ Internet Cafe in Key West, on Eaton Street, also a non-practicing lawyer on the lam from the mainland, sent a link to a NY Times article about a wealthy Chinese man giving a help the homeless outfit money to give to homeless people, and the outfit didn’t do it, fearing the homeless people would waste it.

Help the poor by giving them money. They won’t waste it.

I replied:

Hi, Michael, thanks. Que pasa?

“Help the poor by giving them money. They won’t waste it.”

Alas, give $300 to a homeless addict in Key West, most of it will go toward the addiction, plus any tobacco habit. 90 percent, or more, of long-term homeless people around here are addicts.

Build cheap rental housing, instead, for working homeless who can and will pay affordable rent. Put that housing on Truman Waterfront, instead of creating that new park the city doesn’t need right next door to a great park homeless people don’t use because of the small entrance fee – they will use the new park, if it’s free.

Fort Zach 2

beautiful Fort Zachary Taylor Sate Park, Truman Waterfront in background and belowTruman Waterfront 

When I was on Pirate Radio about this time last week, and said give that land to the Housing Authority for it to put as much affordable rental housing as the Navy will allow, and use the rest for community gardens, [City Commissioner] Jimmy Weekly called in and said the Navy had allocated 330,000 square feet of affordable housing for Truman Waterfront.

The Pirates chorused, “Arrrrrrrrr!!!”

I said, “Thank you, Jimmy!”


If elected Mayor, I will put tossing the Truman Waterfront plan and giving the Housing Authority enough of that land to build 330,000 square feet of affordable rental housing on the first City Commission meeting agenda over which I preside.

Tim Gratz, yet another former practicing lawyer on the lam from the mainland,

Tim Gratz

wrote re Sloan-cyber-stalking Darling Diana asking me if I was a Sloan she saw in an Facebook thread, and I replied it might have been David Sloan, who had started Ghost Tours, and not owns its successor.

Tim works for Dominos Pizza and is a founding member of Keys Coalition, the mission of which is to fight child-sex trafficking.

Tim wrote:

Had you been David Sloan’s son you would b Sloan Sloan. How do you explain that as one young family from Netherlands left Dominos last night another larger family from Netherlands walked in?

I replied:

Maybe I’m old enough to be David’s father? How do you explain a Spanish woman exclaiming, “Oh my God? Oh my God”, as she watches KW police kill Charles Eimer, all videoed by another bystander, as the local crusaders against Duval Street Corridor child sex trafficking, by their silence and inaction, condone same? I dunno, maybe the Netherlands will win the World Cup this year, in Brazil – they have the best record, so far, I think. As the Devil thrives in Key West, aided and abetted by many Christians, to the point that the Devil mostly gets to kick back and partake in the festivities.

devil on vacation

If elected Mayor, immediately after being sworn in, I will apologize to Charles Eimers’ family for what Key West police did to their father. Then, I will make the same apology at the first City Commission meeting over which I preside. Then, I will invite the six city commissioners to each apologize to the Eimers family for what the six city commissioners’ police did to Charles Eimers.

If you have not yet read it, here’s the link to Key West the Newspaper’s ( most recent article on the Charles Eimers case, the cartoons are from prior blue paper editions:

Ten Questions About The Charles Eimers Autopsy Report

Charles Eimer's take down

Charles Eimers smothered

Reader comments, so far:

Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!


Keep up the good work Arnaud and Naja. It’s obvious to any thinking person, the fix was in from day one. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of citizens in Key West don’t care, or don’t know. One would think in a city of 25,000 residents, more than a handfull would be upset enough to speak up about what happened, and the policy’s of the commissioners that caused it.

Clearly, joining ranks to protect the rogue police officer(s) was more important than finding the truth and reaching justice. Key West residents and visitors should now remember that their teenagers and themselves are now subject to the random, capricious, deadly actions of some on the KWPD.

In the somewhat longer arrest video posted today, I hear what sounds like a young woman speaking in Spanish? Was that ever translated into English?

CHARLES EIMERS ARREST VIDEO: The Extended Version (26 More Seconds)

Autopsy report says anterior ribs cracked, which would seem from CPR efforts? Posterior ribs were not cracked; if they were, that would seem from police on top of Eimers back?

HALLOWEEN JUNE 27, 2014 AT 6:07 PM
Excellent article and great questions, some of which need more than answers. I notice that the beach is aptly described in the article as the “crime scene” rather than the “scene of the accident.” If I were running the force, it would be an immediate dismissal for any cop who made a blatantly dishonest statement like “he ran down the beach and collapsed”. That is not somebody who should be in law enforcement at all.

Has anyone done a background check on the now Ex-medical examiner from Key West? ?????

Yesterday, Naja Girard, co-publisher of the blue paper, told me that hubby Arnaud speaks Spanish and he thought the woman in the bystander’s video is saying, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

It occurred to me at an ungodly hour this morning, if that is what the woman is saying, then that tells me she is God’s witness that the angels indeed used Charles Eimers, whom the cops thought was homeless, to tell the world just how much Key West hates homeless people, and what a joke is the city’s one human family philosophy, and to suggest Key West’s karma for mistreating the least of its residents has only just begun.

Might be that karma was sealed in stone a couple of city commission meetings back, when the meeting was opened with a prayer by a local Christian minister, in Jesus’ name, and the mayor and city commissioners all said, “Amen.” I wondered then why nobody objected? People in Marathon raised hell not all that long ago over prayers in the Marathon City Council being made in Jesus’ name, and it was stopped. Naja told me some time ago that Eimers told the cop who made the traffic stop that he had come to Key West to do God’s work. Maybe the former homeless man Jesus himself took over Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day.

Maybe what first inspired Jesus to get so directly involved was Mayor Craig Cates’ daughter running over and killing a homeless man in front of Checkers and Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd shortly after Cates won his first term in 2009. Mike Tolbert, co-owner of Daddy Bones, was at work that night. He told me, from what he observed at the scene, the homeless man and Cates’ daughter both shared the fault. Mike said, when the homeless man’s family asked Mayor Cates to pay for their dead relative’s funeral expenses, Mayor Cates refused. The dead man’s family then sued to get the funeral expenses. Mike said that was what caused him to have no use for Mayor Cates.

Florida Statue 406

The following are exerts from FL STATUE 406….

“The medical examiner shall conduct, for the purposes of determining the cause of death, examinations and investigations. In addition, the medical examiner shall adhere to all requests made by the State Attorney, in the furtherance of determining the cause of death.

“Furthermore, the medical examiner must obtain evidence necessary for forensic examinations.”

It appears that the medical examiner’s office, may not have adhered to the law. At the Governor’s insistence, an Inspector General’s examination may find the medical examiner’s office to be disorganized, inefficient and hampered by mismanagement.

Given the nature of the serious allegations surrounding the ‘Eimer’s Killing’ and a subsequent law enforcement cover-up, many are disappointed that our State Attorney has not assumed a leadership role, so that her constituents would receive an authentic FDLE Investigation and Medical Examiner Autopsy Investigation.

Based on specific and detailed evidence provided by “Key West the Newspaper” (TheBluePaper), the integrity and credibility of both investigations are seriously flawed and compromised.

It’s apparent, that from the start the FDLE Investigation violated their own protocols and policies regarding how to conduct a legitimate investigation.

Presenting the findings of these untoward investigations as ‘fact’ to a grand jury constitutes a fraud. The State Attorney is required to present all of the evidence. The State Attorney is required to dutiful make certain that the findings presented to the ‘grand jury’ are extracted from a valid, impartial, and complete examination of all the facts. So far this has not been done. The State Attorney is aware that it has not been done.

There are many credible eyewitnesses, along with crucial testimony and other evidence, which has been left out of the FDLE Investigation. This evidence was not available to the medical examiner when he performed Mr. Eimer’s autopsy.

As in most of these cases, the real crimes often occur during a police department’s attempt to cover-up the event being examined. Again, there is plenty of hard evidence indicating that there may have been serious crimes committed.

In keeping with the oath of office, “The People” of Monroe County are making an appeal to our State Attorney, to immediately launch an independent investigation, examining the details, causes and conduct of all those involved with Mr. Eimer’s death.

In addition, we petition the State Attorney to begin an investigation into all participants who may have engaged in a cover-up of the investigation into this in-custody death. Hard evidence exists that serious crimes may have been committed.

Dang, John, what mean things to say 🙂 . Amen.

With respect to what Mike Tolbert told me about Mayor Cates refusing to pay the dead homeless man’s burial expenses, twice recently, Mike was hurt delivering Daddy Bones’ BBQ on his motor scooter. The first time, he hit oil on the road and the motor scooter went into a slide and laid down on the road and dragged Mike along with it. The second time, the day before yesterday, Mile was struck by another vehicle.

As soon as I heard from Mike’s lady for life Patty of the second crash, I knew it was a demonic attack, and the first crash was, too. A demonic attack caused by what Mike had told me about Mayor Cates refusing to pay the dead homeless man’s funeral expenses. I got hammered myself yesterday over it; took the hit in my liver and G.I. tract. It’s vile. It will run its course in me, as I deal with it. I told Mike, when he recovers from this latest attack, he cannot get back on a motor scooter, because he’s a sitting duck to demonic attack on a scooter. Same, if he is on a motorcycle. He has to deliver BBQ orders in a car or a truck.

A few days ago, I reported this from Mike:

“I had a dream i was selling BBQ in a trailer on side of US1 with a traffic jam that caused code to make me get a bigger parking lot! I dont usually remember my dreams in detail That was weird! You may be contagious! Or this forever pain in my rib cage making me dream funny. But it was JIM young moving people outta parking lots telling them i needed the space For sure. Weird!!”

Most days, the angels use the “Horrorscope” in the Citizen to clue me in to the day’s festivities. Here’s today’s, note the first word – Young.

Libre Young and old alike can provide
you with insight and inspiration.
Spend some time with relatives
or friends, and absorb all the
knowledge you can. Take note of
someone who is brazenly honest

Jim Young

Brazenly honest Jim Young is the head of Key West’s Code Enforcement department. Jim is a diligent city employee. Once, he was fired because he was diligent and brazenly honest against bubbas who wanted special treatment. Instead of rolling over, Jim fought it. Eventually, he was reinstated and paid wages and benefits he had lost. Later, he was appointed head of code enforcement. My middle name is Young. Jim and I sometimes kid about being distantly related.

In Mike Tolbert’s dream, Jim Young represents God’s Code Enforcement against Key West. Part of that Code Enforcement is what brazenly honest Mike told me about Mayor Cates’ daughter running over and killing a homeless man, and then Mayor Cates refusing to pay the dead man’s funeral expenses. Mike’s rib was broken in the first motor scooter accident. It was poking at his heart cavity, causing excruciating pain. Key West’s heart pain, which Mike took on. The second accident, Mike told me yesterday, did something and the rib no longer was poking his heart cavity and causing excruciating pain – a silver lining in an otherwise bad experience.

I was the first person Craig Cates asked to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee, after he was elected in 2009, his first term. Craig said he wanted me on the Committee, because I knew so much about homeless people. I said I’d be glad to be on the Committee. Not long afterward, Craig’s daughter ran over and killed the homeless man. Hearing of it, I called Craig, who said his daughter was all torn up, her life was messed up, his family was upheaved. I offered to speak with his daughter, to try to help her work through it. I did not yet know she was partially at fault; it had not been reported that way in the Citizen. Craig said he would talk it over with his family. Later, he told me, thanks, but they would work it out among themselves.

I never heard another word from Craig about being on his Homeless Advisory Committee. He later tried to talk me out of going along on a Mayor’s Homeless Tour of Key West. Said he didn’t want any trouble, which I might cause. I went along anyway, and saw to it that Craig met homeless people, instead of driving by and looking at them from inside a vehicle, or walking by without speaking to them. I then knew nothing of Craig refusing to pay the dead homeless man’s funeral expenses, nor of his daughter being partially at fault. I only learned of that from brazenly honest Mike Tolbert earlier this year.

Maybe that’s why Craig didn’t want me talking with his daughter. Maybe he figured I would find out she was partially at fault. Maybe he figured I would learn he refused to pay the dead homeless man’s funeral expenses. Maybe he figured I would report that on Maybe he figured right.

In a dream before dawn’s early light today, Craig’s and my friend Todd German,

Todd German

who behind the scenes advises Craig politically, had me at a BBQ stand on North Roosevelt Blvd. Todd’s and my friend Vicki Grant, a devout Christian who once was the Executive Director of Key West’s Police Citizens Review Board, was there helping Todd serve BBQ. In the past, Vicki and I have discussed Todd’s tendency to align with Key West people he ought not to align with.

God’s Police Citizens Review Board, since it was in a dream.

karma police

Moving laterally, Kill em softly sometimes vicious Key West van dweller criminal Kurt Wagner replied to the Darling Diana part of yesterday’s no good deed goes unpunished in Key West fatal attractions:

Kurt Wagner

Morning Sloan, After reading today’s GMKW I got to thinking. You know how when reading something you often picture in your mind how someone looks? I know you posted a pic of Diana, but one of these might be more suitable. You should publish her email address. Kurt

View tin-foil-hat.jpg in slide show
View mad-woman23.jpg in slide show
View horses ass.jpg in slide show
fortune teller

I replied:

Hi, Kurt –

I nearly did publish Diana’s email address today, but then didn’t because I knew it would attract a lot of spam to her, which would be vindictive on my part, since I know of that result. Maybe the angels will give the the green light to do it anyway. Maybe not. What I wrote to her was rough enough, and I meant what I told her, it was not metaphor. I heard nothing back from her, so far. The day is still young, though.


Mustang Sally

Gloria Resier, a professional psychic in Illinois, replied on Facebook to yesterday’s no good deed goes unpunished in Key West fatal attractions. I did Gloria’s soul drawing a few years ago, “Mustang Sally”, not yet knowing it was hers.

Gloria Reiser

Excellent blog this morning, Sloan. Darling Diana does seem intent on gaining ownership of your Good Morning Key West blog. WHY?
I’m relieved to know she’s only cyber-stalking you at this point.

Sloan Bashinsky

As I wrote today, Diana is possessed by Lucifer – that was not metaphor. As I wrote the other day, she is infatuated with me; that’s why she keeps saying she wants – which I am, at the angels’ sufferance. I have not heard from Diana since I let her have it several times yesterday, which missile launches were reported in today’s post. I hope she’s had enough, but the day is still young, and there’s tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. I was thinking yesterday, take a breath, Diana reminds me a bit of the young witch in that dream group you started, who got so upset with me and left the dream group.

Gloria Reiser

I don’t remember which gal left the dream group over you. It could have been any of a number of people. Oh, wait… perhaps I do… if I’m correct, she also left the local in person discussion group as well. See what association with you does for my good reputation?!?

On the other hand, the Diana episode is a reminder to be careful what you wish for. You’ve been wishing for a lady friend…. maybe send your Angels a more specific description concerning what that would NOT include. haha Not that those renegade angels would listen!

Sloan Bashinsky

The angels are mischievous, for sure. Diana might have potential, but I don’t see it. To be with me, a woman has to surrender to the process, period, the end. That’s pretty rough for any person to do; especially for a magician, witch, black magic practitioner. Diana told me of going to a black magic practitioner in Haiti to get help with her husband who was not performing to her financial satisfaction. That could have been what opened her to being infected by Lucifer; perhaps it happened before then, or afterward. She’d have to endure being stripped bare, dismantled, destroyed, rebuilt, to be with me. Otherwise, there would be no chance of it working. I’d rather be a monk, I think, than be put through being with her while that was going on. This is a paradigm few people comprehend; it has to be experienced to know it.

Gloria Reiser

From what I’ve observed Sloan Diana is not the type to give over control to any one. She likes to be in charge.

However, Lucifer was the bringer of Wisdom…. until demonized by the Church…. not the bad guy he’s taken the rap for being. I doubt Lucifer is playing any role in this thing.

Sloan Bashinsky

You could not be more mistaken about Lucifer, who has infiltrated the “Church” nicely. It got to where I could not go into a Christian church service, or Unity or Unitarian service, without feeling the palpable presence of Lucifer. There is one church here in Key West I used from time to time, where I was spared that. St. Peter’s Episcopal, which was build by black descendants of Bahamian slaves. When the angels moved me from Little Torch Key back to Key West last August, I went to St. Peter’s, walked in, kneeled on a prayer bench, was quiet a moment, then said in my thoughts, “Show me what I’m to do, help me with it,” then, I left. I don’t know if there is something special about that church, it has little money, most of the congregation was African-American descent when I attended services there at times, or if I’m simply shielded when I go into it.

Diana wrote to me later yesterday:

Diana Millikan

1. how do you earn a living? (no ads on your/soon to be mine (ha) gmkw)

2. what street do you rent a home/apt on in mid-town?

3. Angel Diana will take a LOA from emailing Schomo little tidbits to irk bc

river contemplation is now producing more first rate chapters in my mystery read.

Writing on my bridge over my Troubled Waters river today.

bridge over

I didn’t reply. Her troubled waters resemble a lady named Katrina.


Re Diana’s and my tango, Ann Massey, of Perth Australia, Author of must-read Salvation Jane, which Gloria Reiser told me she really likes, available in kindle and paper at, wrote last night:

Ann Massey

Hi Sloan,

You don’t have to interact with anyone electronically if you don’t want to. You can adjust your settings, change your password etc or simply ignore. It’s up to you! Maybe it’s a Kate & Petruchio thing [the “lovers” in Shakepeare’s The Taming of the Shrew] and you’re both enjoying it. As for me I’m off to the hospital bearing grapes.

Ann Massey

Her ailing fellow is having medical treatment.

I replied:

T’was something the angels arranged, so I engaged it. Early on in yours and mine, I mentioned The Taming of the Shrew, although not a shrew I want to romance. I thought a few times about blocking her out of my email account, and it may come to that. She cooled down some yesterday, T-rexes slept and rested, too. I have plenty heated stuff on my plate today, grapes not on the menu, more like ICBMs.

nuclear explosion

The other day, I reported a conversation with a fellow in Jack Flats Sports Bar on Duval Street. He said he had graduated from UCLA, and then had obtained a masters degree elsewhere. He read voraciously, his favorite all-time book was The Razor’s Edge, and he was a retired Key West bartender. I suggested he read The Spear of Destiny, by Treavor Ravenscroft, who actually knew something. When the UCLA grad with a masters retired bartender asked what I do?, I said a word. He said that was the first time someone had said something to him, for which he had no reply. I reported the angels probably would kill me, if I reported the word. The word was exorcism. I told the fellow I am trying to exorcise Key West, and Monroe County and the School District, and it does not seem to be going well.


Sloan blue
Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

Comic Relief, compliments Key West’s own Gweko Phlocker, aka Gary Ek, aka Soundman from Hell

I DIED !!! What a great poster !!!!

I DIED !!! What a great poster !!!!

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  • Heather Tallon no against free college in state tuition for illegals. K?
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  • Mac McKee soon as I get the funds … but wait, wouldn’t that make me a immigrant to where ever I went?
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  • Ron Kistler this is so true. We should feel very badly about what our ancestors did. There should be more social benefits for the Indian descendants who occupied this country before we ever thought about sailing on the big waters.
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  • Mac McKee you’re right Ron, we should do something in their honor, like .. I dunno, maybe name sports teams after them?!

    all kidding aside I agree with what your trying to say, but if people get special considerations for what their ancestors endured 200-400 years ago, ago, how does that make things right? How is denying innocent children opportunities based solely on the atrocities of their ancestors gonna “make things right”? What kind of example would that set? 
    What sort of animosity would it breed? 

    Equality for everyone is the only path that leads to the end of this nonsense.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe we immigrants simply leave, run into the sea from shining sea, and do Native Americans and the planet a big favor.

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