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Devil or Angel

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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt

Below, is the scene of the crime. After hearing me speak at Hometown! PAC’s Meet the Candidates at Studios of Key West the Friday before last,

Sloan at Hometown

moi, left, Hometown PAC’s Chairman Todd German, right

Diana Millikan started cyber-stalking me.

Diana Millikan

Maybe you can figure out what I said during my two minutes at Hometown’s beauty pageant, which caused Diana to swoon for me. Here’s  a link to the video of the event. Todd German starts introducing me at the 1 hour 2 minute mark.

Did You Miss Hometown PAC’s Candidate Forum Last Week? Here’s The Video…

Mostly, I tell the standing room only audience how angels arranged for Key West the Newspaper – – to get the Charles Eimers “death in paradise” case,

Charles Eimer's take down

Charles Eimers smothered

editorial “cartoons” by blue paper co-publisher Arnaud Girard

and how the same angels saved the case from being disappeared by the KWPD, and that I told the mayor and the city commissioners at a city commission meeting, because they had showed no remorse, because they had not apologized to the Eimers family for what their police did to Charles Eimers, they should resign.

Here are recent as yet unpublished fatal attraction email threads.

thread 1)

Darling Diana wrote:

this babe might be alleged union thug’s
wifey/now widow or even ex-wifey –
debra jean *maiden name oliver* eimers
Debra J Eimers, 76 Birch, Defuniak Springs, FL 32435, (850) 951-4831.
i might call her. ha. she paid the bail for him in 1992.

I replied:

Darn, I tried. Now you are chasing who may be his ex-wife. I wonder what the angels will serve up next?

Darline Diana replied:

Angel Diana looked up wifey widow or ex wifey Debra in Walton Cty for a police record – only a recent child custody with a hispanic that she lost.

thread 2)

Darling Diana wrote:

heavens if Sloan suffers from this. i found it on twitter now.
but you might want to include it in your blog stuff – for more
key west drama anxiety. ha.
Hallucinogenic nights: The Terror and The Bliss of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis has tormented me since childhood. But now it’s my portal to out-of-body travel and lucid dreams


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I replied:

I suffer from angels, who create my dreams, one of the worst lately is you. Hilarious sense of humor, the angels.

thread 3)

Darling Diana wrote:

Angel Diana liked your dream story that I just read [that story was reported in yesterday’s of women, dreams and angels, mostly – Key West   post at]. But remember….people do lie – about dreams, about almost everything. Most people lie naturally w/o having to be trained as attorneys to be learn via coursework. that type of lie is called deception. i’m sure you know it well. ha.

Shoan scratch Sloan, you say you have heard my voice in your dreams. How did my voice sound in your dreams? bc my voice in English real time sounds like that of a middle school student yet i turned 69 june 18 & celebrated at rushty scratch rusty anchor with a great conch lunch. Your voice that i heard for 2 minutes at the PAC Meet sounded rather squirrely. Haven you ever heard a squirrel’s voice? Key West might be ready for their next mayor with a voice sounding like Year of the Conch Woman voice.

You and Rodd w/2 d’s seem to be perplexed about my being anti or pro or neutral in reference to key west scums scratch homeless. at times i am neutral, other times anti. i must admit i do get a kick when i see the wanna be tonton macoute Blue Bus driver or other color kick off a homeless who slept 2 turns around stock and key west. 2 rounds seems to be the limit that key west public bus drivers allow for homeless riders. i might try it next time i do my month down in key west and see how many rounds i am allowed. but i speak haitian kreyol so that might give me a break. ha.

I have not yet read your today’s gmkw that i might or might not soon own. maybe you haven’t been up at the crack of dawn to get it together or had any deep thoughts to put down on paper scratch computer screen. but last night key west lou signed off that he was waiting for Sloan to come over. i don’t know if that Sloan was you or another Sloan in the area. But if it was you, I imagine you 2 had lots to talk about – former attys usually do. non former attys might call it bs.

Angel Diana is going today to sit along her river – Shiawassee – and contemplate stuff. Everyone ought to have his/her own river to sit by and contemplate.

I replied:

The angels made me unable to knowingly lie. Once, a dear friend of mine, who oft was the unhappy recipient of my thoughts, wrote in a “To Whom It May Concern” letter, introducing me to who and what ever, that he believed Sloan Bashinsky is constitutionally incapable of not telling the truth. My wives and girlfriends, since the angels grabbed me in early 1987, got steady doses, generally not to their liking when it was about them, of my inability not to tell the truth. What blew wife 6 up, and us apart, was finally the angels told me to ask her, at what point in time between age 3 and age 18, when her father was having sex with her, did she become responsible for letting it continue? She went off her rocker when I asked her that question. And I knew she would go off her rocker when I asked it. Not long after, the angels told me to go to the Keys, and although I had no money, and was stranded on Maui, the angels got me to Key West.

I did not write that I heard your voice in a dream. Read again what I wrote about my taking a cigarette from you. You did not speak, I did not speak, with words. You resisted, I finally prevailed, pulled the cigarette out of your fingers; it was a physical interaction. I hate to think I’m slated to keep doing that until you quit acting like you are the Know-It-All Beauty Queen of the Universe, and your shit don’t stink, ever. Think black widow spider, Angel Diana.

Black Widow

I don’t know Key West Lou, it might have been David Sloan coming over to Lou. David started Ghost Tours and now runs its successor. There is a homeless man whose last name is Sloan. Wasn’t me.

I’m lucky to have a voice at all. There were times past, when people almost could not hear me speak. Karma caused me to lose my voice, almost. Karma I caused, by making a promise to a high school sweetheart I knew I did not intend to keep. The angels waited over 15 years after I nearly lost my voice, to show me the karma. Then came the surgery 3 years ago. Then, my voice was some better. It was not malignant, but could have gone that way. Don’t know if the karma is worked through. Time will tell.

Today’s post is up. You drew more attention.

Rodd was right, you ARE prejudiced against homeless people, and then you demonstrate same against KW Haitian bus driver. Might be the homeless ride KW buses to sleep, because KW cops – you’d make a fine one, fit right in with the cops who killed Charles Eimers – don’t let them sleep outside. You should be 2 years homeless in Key West, simply because you deserve it. It’s been a long time since I met someone filled with so much conceit and venom. Black Widow suits you to a T, daughter of Lucifer.

thread 4)

Darling Diana wrote:


lobster nails
Shloamo, you might ‘desire’ to use this buzz feed pic i found on twitter now
and type it in gmkw blog that i surely will own soon as Angel Diana’s Key West Lobster Nails. ha.

I replied:

Didn’t you, stupid woman, ever hear, “It’s not wise to piss off Mother Nature?” Well, you sure did it.

thread 5)

Darling Diana wrote:

Angel Diana wants to know if Mr Schloamo daytime dreams
of a correlation btwn eliminating the key west homeless and
iguanas as printed today in kwcitizen

Hard to kill, but law says don’t be cruel |

Hard to kill, but law says don’t be cruel Key West Citizen – Sunday, June 29, 2014 Iguana-hunting on private property — whether your own or someone else…
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I replied:

That correlation never occurred to me, but it fits the thinking of many people down here, including you, who made the correlation.

Did you ever figure out yet why the angels arranged for you to bump into Margaret Romero and Steve Freer when you were out and about recently? Margaret hates homeless people, too. Freer is about as high on himself as you are on yourself, and about as out of touch.

crack in everything

In the longer death in paradise video recently published by the blue paper is heard a young woman speaking in Spanish.

CHARLES EIMERS ARREST VIDEO: The Extended Version (26 More Seconds)

Yesterday, Naja Girard, co-publisher of the blue paper, told me that hubby Arnaud speaks Spanish and he thought the woman in the video is saying, “Oh my God!  Oh my God!”

It occurred to me at an ungodly hour this morning, if  that is what the woman is saying,   then that tells me she is God’s witness that the angels indeed used Charles Eimers, whom the cops thought was homeless, to tell the world just how much Key West hates homeless people, and what a joke is the city’s one human family philosophy, and to suggest Key West’s karma for mistreating the least of its residents has only just begun.

Jesus with leper

Might be that karma was sealed in stone a couple of city commission meetings back, when the meeting was opened with a prayer by a local Christian minister, in Jesus’ name, and the mayor and city commissioners all said, “Amen.” I wondered then why nobody objected? People in Marathon raised hell not all that long ago over prayers in the Marathon City Council being made in Jesus’ name, and it was stopped. Naja told me some time ago that Eimers told the cop who made the traffic stop that he had come to Key West to do God’s work. Maybe the former homeless man Jesus himself took over Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day.

Maybe what first inspired Jesus to get so directly involved was Mayor Craig Cates’ daughter running over and killing a homeless man in front of Checkers and Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd shortly after Cates won his first term in 2009. Mike Tolbert, co-owner of Daddy Bones, was at work that night. He told me, from what he observed at the scene, the homeless man and Cates’ daughter both shared the fault. Mike said, when the homeless man’s family asked Mayor Cates to pay for their dead relative’s funeral expenses, Mayor Cates refused. The dead man’s family then sued to get the funeral expenses. Mike said that was what caused him to have no use for Mayor Cates.

Mayor Cates

Craig Cates

Moving laterally to Peary Court,

Peary Court ariel

I found myself wondering at an ungodly hour this morning, if Mayor Cates and the 4 city commissioners, who told the Angela Street/Meadows residents that they are with those residents in opposing integrating the Peary Court development into Angela Street and the Meadows historical neighborhood, will fire City Planner Don Craig  for ignoring their wishes, not unlike they were going to fire City Manager Bob Vitas for ignoring their wishes, before Vitas agreed to leave quietly. Looks to me the Bob Vitas and Don Craig situations are nearly identical. Except Vitas never got drunk and stood in his front yard and threw rocks at passing cars until he hit a passing KWPD cruiser and ended up in the Stock Island jail.

Bob VitasDon Craig 2

Vitas, left, Craig, right

I heard Don Craig was pissed off that cars were driving too fast on his street, which was in the Meadows neighborhood. His complaints to City Hall and KWPD went unanswered. So, he got drunk and went to work. The same Don Craig now insists on running the Meadows crossing streets, now dead-ending at Angela Street, into Peary Court, which will put significantly more vehicle traffic into the Meadows and Angela Street. A real City Commission would have fired Don Craig over getting drunk and throwing rocks at passing cars, instead of taking him back, and then promoting him and giving him even more power.

I just now talked with the Supervisor of Elections Office about having filed my candidate finances report after the 5 p.m. deadline this past Friday. Not to worry, I had until 11:30 p.m. last Friday, I was told, and they were working late on Friday and posted my report to their website.

Ciao maim,

Sloan blue
Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

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