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Today’s ravings seem headed toward different.

Feather Talk

Heading toward different began in a nap dream yesterday, telling me to now take a different tact with Diana Millikan,

Diana Millikan

from the tact reported in yesterday’s first-class overseas train wrecks in Key West and other breathtaking seaside attractions post at this website.

lightning storm

Then came the huge electrical storm around dinner time last night. Huge electrical storms always herald great change for me.


Then came a dream before the dawn’s early light. My father’s older brother, Leo, the world’s greatest fisherman and pediatrician when I was a boy, and I are wading very shallow water and there is this huge bonefish and I toss a shrimp backhanded, with my hand, I have no fishing tackle, which lands right on top of the fish, and instead of spooking, the fish eagerly takes the shrimp. Then it moves a ways to the left and, underhanded, I toss another shrimp right on top of it, and it doesn’t spook and eagerly takes that shrimp, too. Then, Leo, using a spinning rig, his tackle of choice when he was living, casts a shrimp to the fish in even more rocky shallow water, and the fish takes it eagerly, and then Leo is trying to coax the fish out of the rocks. Then, we have the fish in shallow water between us, not struggling to get away, and I exclaim how big it is – way bigger than the bonefish world record. I am holding it in my hands, caressing what sort of looks like an enormous female bonefish. Not trying to get away, it is behaving somewhat like a pet enjoying being touched. The dream ends.

Then came a dream in which Monroe County Mayor Emeritus Shirley Freeman

Shirley Freeman

tells me that I am the most beautiful man she has ever seen. I move close to Shirley, say I’m interested in her personally, too. I try to kiss her. She pulls away, says she means socially, in the community sense. I say again, I’m interested in her personally, too, and she lets me kiss her forehead and take her hand. The dream ends.

So, here’s my take on the dreams.

The first shrimp I tossed at the bonefish was facebook banter yesterday with mi amiga Gloria Reiser, a professional psychic living in Quincy, Illinois; I have known her since 1990.

Gloria Reiser
Sloan, BTW, I just read yesterday’s goodmorningkeywest blog. I agree with Hatman/ Rodd concerning your correspondent Diana. Not only the “union thug” comments alerted me… but also the weird assumptions about PT Cruisers. Why would anyone question his [Charles Eimer’s] modest choice of automobile, union thug, or not?

Sloan Bashinsky
Diana gets more air time in today’s post, toward the end, my dream maker wanted it; hopefully it’s winding down with her, but the angels put her in front of me, so, well read how I addressed that in today post.
Kill em softly Kurt Wagner wrote today:
“Sloan, after reading “Good Morning Key West” the past couple mornings, I had a good laugh at her ignorant rantings. Not all UAW members are “thugs”, plenty people in northern Michigan drive cars. One can only hope she becomes homeless and stays up there, the Keys have enough small minded people. I have to agree with Rodd’s thoughts about her and add one thought of my own. She’s a fucking idiot! Kurt”

Gloria Reiser
LOL! Yep, I also agree with Kurt!

Sloan Bashinsky
Maybe this will all be, hopefully, a last rodeo tomorrow; or maybe today’s post is.

Sloan Bashinsky
And maybe not. In a nap dream a little while ago, I was told to take a different approach, which was coming to me off and on for a while – maybe now was time. Next below is what I wrote about that just now to Kurt, after writing in more depth about it to Diana, after she wrote to me.
“That’s one way to view Diana’s behavior; another way is her soul is tortured and screaming for help, and her soul knows what I was trained to do and can do, with a lot of help from the angels, but she is not in her mind able to take that in, even though in many emails I have told her a great deal about myself, which I have not published. I’m attempting much the same community-wise with Key West, Monroe County, the School District – as directed by the angels. Used to be, I mostly only did it with one person, or maybe sometimes a couple. That changed after the angels reassigned me to Key West in early 2000, which began with my being homeless, the only way to truly get a pulse of this city, and of the Keys. In their own ways, Key West, Monroe County and the School Board are just as soul-ripped and crying just as loudly for help.”
Now, I’m gonna crawl back into my bunker and batten down the hatch before the big men in white coats with butterfly nets arrive looking to put me away for my own good.
Ciao maim

Gloria Reiser
I suspect Diana may not accept your assessment of her much better than I have accepted your assessment of me. Got a chuckle though over her thought that you might turn the Good Morning Key West blog over to her some day. BTW, I enjoy the blog, when I can/do take time to read it.

Sloan Bashinsky
Short of Divine Intervention, I see no way Diana will accept the angels’ assessment of her, which I simply passed along to her, and with which I agree – I saw it soon after she started writing to me. And, there is the perhaps not entirely slight possibility of infatuation, which right now interests me not in the least. Ann Massey, in Perth, Australia, seemed to pick up on that in what she wrote in an email a while ago. That, too, I was looking at from almost the start.

Gloria Reiser
Speaking of Ann Massey, I am really enjoying “Salvation Jane”. Kindle says I still have an hour and a half to go before completing the book. I agree with your review. The story has you up and down and all around. I pick it up to read any spare moment. But I’m very busy and reading time is sparse. LOL! I’m falling way behind in a study I’m involved in because I grab up “Salvation Jane” to read rather than my study materials whenever I have a moment to spare.

Sloan Bashinsky
Maybe reading Jane is more important than the study.

Gloria Reiser

The second shrimp I tossed to the bonefish was the email exchange with Ann Massey, who replied to yesterday’s first-class overseas train wrecks in Key West and other breathtaking seaside attractions post at goodmorningkeywest.com:

Not at all like Bogie and Bacall!

Ann Massey

I wrote back:

Hi, Ann –

Hmmmm, I suppose you mean the Diana-Sloan tango in, hmmmm, the asteroid belt? 🙂

She wrote in one of her emails that she let the to be Hatian father of her child chase her until she caught him, and then the glow left, or something like that.

Maybe she’s chasing me did occur to me; maybe she’s never chased a man before :-). Maybe a Riley and Willa Sue situation, but upside down and flying ass backwards? 🙂 “The Taming of the Shrew” now comes to mind. 🙂

I found these two memorables in Wikipedia:

Hawks said of Bacall: “Bogie fell in love with the character she played, so she had to keep playing it the rest of her life.”

Bacall had asked [Spencer] Tracy to give the eulogy, but Tracy was too upset, so John Huston spoke instead and reminded the gathered mourners that while Bogart’s life had ended far too soon, it had been a rich one.

“Himself, he never took too seriously—his work most seriously. He regarded the somewhat gaudy figure of Bogart, the star, with an amused cynicism; Bogart, the actor, he held in deep respect…In each of the fountains at Versailles there is a pike which keeps all the carp active; otherwise they would grow overfat and die. Bogie took rare delight in performing a similar duty in the fountains of Hollywood. Yet his victims seldom bore him any malice, and when they did, not for long. His shafts were fashioned only to stick into the outer layer of complacency, and not to penetrate through to the regions of the spirit where real injuries are done…He is quite irreplaceable. There will never be another like him.”



Diana still is saying in emails that she’s going to end up having goodmorningkeywest.com. Well, me and the angels ARE goodmorningkeywest.com. Does Diana know what she is saying? Does she have any idea what having me and the angels would be like? She might, if she reads Heavy Wait and learns about Riley and Willa Sue. But then, maybe she reads it and still doesn’t get it.

The angels love to play mind fuck games, since the mind is the problem, it needs to be fucked up and get over itself, while I’d be happy just to be able to drink beer again, get laid fairly regularly, get my back scratched some, have somebody to talk, walk, cook, watch movies, dance, laugh, cry, cuss with and lean into and rub on, who turns me on and isn’t in another book altogether.

True Confessions, Part I 🙂

The world’s greatest fisherman and pediatrician hooking up with the bonefish are email exchanges with Diana yesterday:

She wrote:

i am not a bully so i will use the word pursue.
i pursued you on fb prv msg to pry out the info
about romero’s political leanings. you didn’t know.
but i got it right from her outside winn dixie while
i was waiting for the Blue Bus to whisk me away
to conch republic airport via stops on n and s stock
when freer put his bike on the bus front & sat down
next to me & we chatted. i am not pursuing you now
on the spider web. rather graciously offering you new
thoughts for gnkw that i will surely be the owner of one
of these days. ha.
*Diana heard me speak at Hometown! PAC’s recent Meet the Candidates at Studios of Key West, and started chasing after me, despite my employing a variety of evasive maneuvers and skunk repellent potions.*

I replied:

Diana –

I already knew Margaret Romero’s political leanings, she makes them crystal clear several times at every city commission meeting for a long time. Whether or not she is Republican is irrelevant in the face of what she says at commission meetings.

Actually, cyber bully, cyber stalker, fits your behavior toward me pretty well, by the mainstream definition. However, I view your repeated, relentless comings at me as deep soul cries for help, which is why I kept responding to you as I did, trying in various ways to turn you inward, to look at your own troubles, your own soul trauma and wounding, which your behavior tells me are huge.

Your soul knows what I do, how I was trained, what I am capable of doing, in concert with angels, to help someone who actually wants help. My experience, however, is: to get that kind of help, and for it to proceed forward and get results, as happened for my wife 6 to be, who later traveled overseas with me, the person needing help has to be desperate, beyond hope anything she/he can do, beyond hope religion or gurus or shamans can do, for there to be a chance of that help happening. Such was the case with wife 6 to be, who was referred to me by Gloria Reiser, a professional psychic, for something else, as I explained to you some time back. Then, the healing began, initiated by Jesus, Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek, as I also described to you some time back.

That’s what I was trained to do by those three. What I do now is something they moved me into later, on a community level – but sometimes they bring me someone to try to help in that way, if that person will go with it. They are interested in you. I imagine they are willing to give you the full treatment, if you ask for it; or maybe they will give it to you anyway, simply because your soul has asked for it. However, if they do it that way, and you are at odds with me, they won’t have me as their ally with you. Wife to be 6 somehow knew I was her last hope, when she told me up front, the first time she called me, that she thought she was going to die, if I was not able to help her. You do not have that view of me. So, I don’t know what the angels have in mind, or what else to do but simply wait and “tread water” so to speak, until you ask them for help, knowing I am their designated “healer” in your case, or they tell me to move on.

I am doing much the same with Key West right now, and for many years, and have done much the same with Monroe County and the School District – but not because they invited me in. I was sent in because of how I was trained and what I was able to do, with the angels’ help. There never appears to be a guaranteed outcome. I’m trained simply to engage what comes before me in the way I was trained, and in keeping with ongoing input from the three and others they let work with me in spirit ways, mostly in dreams. It’s one step at a time, day after day, week after week. No plans – plans are a great way to make God laugh.

I was moved by a nap dream a little while ago to write in this tone the next time I wrote to or about you. Then, I awoke, mulled the dream over, got up, went online, and saw your email.


She wrote:

but most humans do not even recall their dreams. ha.
your blog today did have a few sparks. good job. keep it up.

I replied:

Tell you a story.

Back around June 2004, I was enduring a rough rescue of me by the angels, after I had royally screwed up something they had given me to do in Key West. My dreams were horrible. Two good men friends became really concerned about my dreams. We three knew a fellow whose dreams had bothered him so badly that a doctor had prescribed pills to stop his dreams. My two concerned friends wanted me to do the same. I thought they were mistaken, but said I would think about it. I asked the angels to weigh in. That night in my sleep, a voice I had heard many times by then and trusted, said, “You need to dream, Sloan, so you will know what is really going on.” When I told my concerned friends about that, they didn’t say anything, looked out of their depth, which they were.

Over the years, I have had a number of close friends who dreamed regularly. From time to time they dreamed about me, and shared those dreams with me. Their dreams were for me, messages to me, which I needed to hear. Mi amiga Sandy Downs, on Cudjoe Key, is one of those people. There are people in Key West. My north Georgia backwoods younger woman friend in angel-directed shaman training is another one. She dreams about me several times a week and shares those dreams with me.

Australian Aborigines, before they were ruined by white men, who believed they were smarter than God, viewed dream time as the real time, and waking time as a distortion of the real time. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung discovered dreams were messages from the soul, which he called the unconscious.

Dreams tend to be encoded, symbolic, representational. Tailored to the dreamer. Or, tailored to a person for whom the dreamer dreams. My north Georgia amiga seldom understands dreams she has for me. I hear her describe a dream about me, then I treat it like I had dreamed it, and the meaning comes to me, if not soon, then later. My dreams about me are the same. My dreams for other people, I interpret when they cannot do it, which they usually cannot.

Yesterday, I interpreted a Key West amiga’s waking dream for her, because she did not know it was a waking dream, and she could not interpret it. A very rough waking dream about a very rough situation she pronto needs to do something about, which she does not wish to do. But if she doesn’t do it, something already very bad in her life probably will get a lot worse. She’s trying to deal with it in other ways, which will not work if she does not first do what she doesn’t want to do.

A waking dream is every bit as important as a sleeping dream. Charles Eimers’ terrible death under several KWPD officers last Thanksgiving Day was a waking dream for Key West. A wake up call, if you wish. A very loud wake up call, which the mayor and city commissioners and much of Key West have yet to hear. Charles Eimers was simply the unwitting instrument for the wake up call.

Most people today have no clue what is really going on, because they either do not dream, or recall their dreams; or they don’t know how to use their dreams; or they do not know of waking dreams, which everything they experience is. Our experiences on this world are orchestrated from the spirit. We can experience our waking dreams with our eyes shut, partially open, or all the way open. The angels want me to see what is going on, and when I don’t see it on my own, they show it to me when they want me to see it.

Imagine what humanity would be like, if all people could perceive like the wild Australian Aborigines perceived, like Jesus perceived, like the angels enable me to perceive. Humanity would be so very different. Meanwhile, humanity, in the main, does not see what really is going on. You do not see what really is going on. I keep telling you that, and that you should ask the angels to help you.

writing quill

A goodmorningkeywest.com reader wrote of Diana, as I was putting this post today:

She’s crazy about you, Sloan

I replied:

See today’s post after I get it up in a little while.

*You can read a memorial I wrote about Dr. Leo Bashinsky, by opening the A FEW REMARKABLE PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN page in the top header of www.goodmorningkeywest.com. Scroll down to the chapter entitled “He Called a Spade a Spade” – about the world’s greatest fisherman and pediatrician.*

Turning now to my personal interest in mi amiga Shirley Freeman, in the dream before dawn’s early light today, the dream wasn’t literal …

Shirley Freeman

After reading HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, Shirley told me that she loved it, couldn’t put it down. You can read more about HEAVY WAIT, including Ann Massey’s review, by opening its page in the top header of www.goodmorningkeywest.com. That page also contains my rave review of Ann’s novel, Salvation Jane.

Shirley’s “beautiful man” comment in the dream before dawn’s early light today had to refer to a poem which jumped out of me in early June 2003, just before I nearly died of MRSA in Key West (waking dream), which was just before I ran for mayor the first time (waking dream). I did not know when the poem arrived that I was about to die of MRSA, or run for mayor.


I am a man.

I said,
I am a man!

What means it,
being a man?

A man is a warrior:
he lives by a code of honor,
his word is reliable,
his actions confirm his words,
his commitment is holiness,
his enemies are welcome at his hearth,
he fears but moves forward,
he cries and gets up again,
he hates but forgives,
he loves and let’s go,
he doubts but trusts God,
he’s a good friend,
he seeks resolutions,
he demands nothing,
he risks everything,
he regrets his mistakes,
he seeks to make amends,
he puts others’ welfare first,
he accepts apologies truly made,
he expects nothing back,
he lives ready to die,
he laughs when he “should” scream,
he screams when he “should” laugh,
he sings just because,
he shrugs off insults,
he learns from misfortune,
he cusses God for making him,
he wishes he was done,
he loves children and animals,
he relishes a woman’s scent,
he smiles when he’s content,
he knows God’s his master,
he walks in rainbows,
his garden is the world,
his way is nature,
he loves fishing,
his wife is his soul,
his food is life,
his pay is whatever he receives.

Yep, he’s crazy.

Google image MRSA to see what a horror that waking dream is; take plenty of Malox with you. About as nightmarish as politics, which Salvation Jane and goodmorningkeywest.com graphically attest.

The social/community part of Shirley’s dream before dawn’s early light today concerned email exchanges yesterday (waking dream) with a member of the Angela Street/Meadows neighborhood in Key West, a community Shirley has fought very hard to protect from a foreign developer and City Hall nightmare (waking dream) for that neighborhood. As have I. Neither Shirley nor I live in in the Angela Street/Meadows neighborhood, which lies below and rightward of this proposed aerial layout for the new Peary Court.

Peary Court ariel

Tharon wrote to the entire Angela Street/Meadows community:

We have continued to communicate with Jimmy Weekley [their cvoting district’s city commissioner] in an effort to clarify exactly where we will stand in our efforts, should HARC pass a proposal for the development of Peary Court which permits the fence to be removed and/or out streets to be integrated with the new development. Jimmy has unfortunately not been able to clarify with Shawn Smith, city attorney what our recourse will be for overturning such a decision: Can the City Commissioners overturn when the proposal reaches them for approval? Can the Commission appeal the decision at the court level? Will our only option be to hire an attorney and litigate ourselves? We still do not know.

This Tuesday July 1 Linda Shield and Donna Feldman will appear once again during the Citizens Comment period following the regular meeting of the Commissioners. At this point we feel it is best that we make only one concerted statement, which Linda has prepared. Donna will stand and identify herself in case more time is required for the statement/ question to be made strongly. We do not want to antagonize the commissioners and risk losing their support by taking up more than one or possibly two three minute segments of time and we hope and expect that we will have substantive, definitive feedback from them and from Shawn Smith at this time. We hope that the next time our issue arises we will be on the agenda and at that time we will be urging all to attend and more to speak.

You can watch the City Commission Meeting live by going to the city website.

I replied:

Hi, Tharon, I’m close to my daily email send out limit for today, so if it’s not a big bother, please forward mine to the rest of your email list folks.

Can the City Commissioners overturn when the proposal reaches them for approval?

Don Craig told them they could do that, at the city commission where several of you spoke during closing citizen comments.

Can the Commission appeal the decision at the court level?

I’m pretty sure it is up to you to appeal; I cannot imagine any scenario where the City Commission would appeal.

Will our only option be to hire an attorney and litigate ourselves? We still do not know.

I suggested many times that you hire your own attorney; I still suggest that.

As for 2 people speaking during closing citizen comments this Tuesday night, I feel they should press for the City Commission putting Angela Street/Meadows crossing street-integration into Peary Court on a City Commission agenda for discussion BEFORE Peary Court comes again before HARC [Historical Architectural Review Committee]. Legal and historical argument have been made. What I feel needs to be driven home is what I’ve said before: the huge amount of staff time and taxpayer expense, and the developer’s time and expense, caused by HARC and Don Craig [the City Planner] forcing the developer to now be working on his 4th set of plans, with clearly ordered instructions to integrate Angela Street/Meadows crossing streets into Peary Court. That, I feel, is the ONLY thing the 2 should go after at the next City Commission meeting. No models. No history lessons. No legal arguments. Remind the mayor and 4 city commissioners who met with you one at a time, name them, darn it, and told you they agreed with you that Angela Street/Meadows crossing streets are not to be integrated into Peary Court. Tell them it only makes sense to put that on a City Commission agenda for discussion, so they say it during that discussion. So HARC and Craig hear it said in public, on city TV. This is not rocket science. This is plain talk, short and sweet. There are no facts in dispute on this one point: integration. HARC and Craig both have put on the record in HARC meetings that’s what they require. That needs to be dealt with now by the City Commission. For me, nothing else makes sense.


Tharon replied:

Thanks Sloan. Will do and by the way, we are talking to an attorney. We’ve actually talked to about every one in Key West trying to find somebody who will represent us and it still comes down to Bob Cintron. Will have more information on that next week as well.

I think Linda will do a good job for us on Tuesday and now that the city manager issue seems to be resolved, maybe the commissioners (including Jimmy) can focus on us. Every time i talked to Jimmy this week it was obvious that they were all so concerned with the Vitas/Smith issue that getting Shawn to focus on anything else was really impossible.

I replied:

Hi again, Tharon –

I also thought maybe the Smith-Vitas thing might be part of the problem; let’s hope that’s all it was as far as Jimmy and Shawn are concerned.

I talked with Robert Cintron on the front steps of Old City Hall the night several of your people spoke later during closing citizen comments. He said he came just to see what happened about David Fernandez. He was there as an interested citizen. He said he sympathizes with your neighborhood, he agrees with you that Angela Street/Meadows crossing streets should not be integrated into Peary Court. He is respected by the City Commission. He did a good job in a case I put up some money for him to represent a trailer park on Big Pine Key, which a developer had bought and intended to bulldoze and displace a lot of low income people. Slowed down, the developer finally went under and the trailer park (Seahorse) remains as it was, so far. Was back in 2006 that Cintron got involved in that. He is known to take on causes he feels need help. Feel free to share this email with the others.


Tharon replied:

Sloan, We agree entirely on the question of commissioners’ focus on Vitas/Smith and I should have put that in my email to everybody. I meant to. We are really hoping it will be different this time. We had hoped Jimmy would get us on the agenda this meeting but I just don’t think he could get anything on Shawn Smith’s mind other than Vitas and he wanted his guidance on procedure for that. Maybe Jimmy is being wishy washy but I think he is trying for us.

Really glad to get your take on Cintron as he seems to be our best bet and we are going to start trying to raise some funds and hire him. I know he’s friends with Jim Hendrick [represents the developer]. He told us that, but Lee and Donna really liked him when they met with him and think he will work hard for us.

Thanks again for all your input.


I replied:

Robert Cintron told me that evening on the steps of Old City Hall that he had talked with someones from your camp and they had decided for then to carry on without legal representation, and he had told him maybe that was best at that time. Bob Cintron and Jim Hendrick are close, however Bob told me unequivocally that he agreed with your camp. I don’t suppose it matters to Hendrick and his developer how it ends up, just so long as it starts moving forward. In fact, I suppose Hendrick and his developer prefer for Peary Court to remain fenced off from Angela Street. Looks to me the problems for a while have been Don Craig and Michael Miller [HARC’s Chairman]. Their firm, didactic words about integrating Angela/Meadows into Peary Court need to be quoted to the City Commission Tuesday night. As do the promises five of the seven elected officials need to be stated. Feel free to pass this email along, too.

Sloan blue

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house”

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge


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