that old black magic had you in its spell, Key West, so God sent Charles Eimers to wake you from your comfy slumber

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Charles Eimers, R.I.P, above, Key West the Newspaper editorial cartoons below 

Charles Eimer's take down

Eimvers cover up cartoon

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Diana Millikan

The other day, Diana  Millikan, in Key West, began corresponding with me about different topics, including the Charles Eimers case. She said she originally was from near where Eimers was from in Michigan, and she was headed back up there for a while. She flew out of Key West’s airport the other day, even as we continued conversing online.

In a nap yesterday, I dreamed of stopping Diana from smoking a cigarette, which she very much did not wish to give up. In my dreams, anyone smoking a cigarette is doing evil. I awoke and tried to deal with that in further emails with her.

Yesterday evening, I started feeling terrible in my G.I. tract. A sure sign I was taking on something black in the spirit.

Last night, I awoke at an ungodly hour smelling cigarette smoke in my bedroom. No one smokes where I live. I thought, The angels provided the cigarette smoke smell to tell me to publish the Charles Eimers parts of Diana’s and my emails yesterday. The cigarette smell went away, indicating the angels agreed.

Diana wrote yesterday:

the locals here are saying that most likely the kw atty contacted the dead man’s birch run MI family promising to get them and of course the kw atty a lot of money for taking case to court. they think that way bc up North that’s the way things work. all for the money. nothing else. read about kw atty. do you know him?

David Paul Horan

DAVID PAUL HORAN believes that a true Patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government. David Paul’s innovative use of Consti…

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I replied:

I dreamed in a nap earlier today of attending a private showing of a play or a film, attended by a number of people I did not know. I think the dream heralded your inquiry, which was not yet arrived when I woke up and went online.

For the benefit of people up your way, I’m going to answer as if you know nothing about this case.

I know David Paul Horan, the Eimers family’s Key West lawyer, mostly by reputation. Down here, Horan is considered a good lawyer. He made a name for himself and a lot of money representing Mel Fisher, the sunken Spanish treasure ship hunter.

Horan and I spoke once about the Eimers case by telephone maybe six weeks ago. I called to tell him of something someone had sent to me, which might bear on the case.

Horan said he had been reluctant to file the lawsuit, because he had known one of the police officers on top of Eimers on the beach since the officer was a little boy – they were really close. The officer who later bragged to a friend about elbowing “the bum” in the back of the neck, while “the bum” was face down on the beach, struggling under several cops.

Down here, “bum” and homeless person are interchangeable in many circles, including KWPD circle. The cops had profiled Eimers as homeless, because he had all of his possessions in his PT Cruiser, having just arrived the day before. The KWPD is under unspoken orders from the City Commission to make homeless people down here as miserable as possible, to persuade them to either shape up or leave the area.

Horan said he was so disturbed by the case, that he decided to take it anyway. But it took him a while longer to accept that Eimers died that day because the cops thought he was homeless. Horan said that was really hard for him to accept, but finally he came to that view.

Because I once practiced law (in Alabama) and tried some really rough cases, I imagine Horan told the Eimers family a lawsuit would be difficult. I recall an article in the Citizen – – the only daily paper newspaper in the Florida Keys, headquartered in Key West, in which it was reported that Horan filed the lawsuit in federal court to to get information about how Charles Eimers died, as much as to prosecute for damages.

The way we heard it down here, the Eimers family sought local legal counsel in Key West, because they felt they were being stonewalled by KWPD and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), which seemed intentionally stalling its investigation and not interviewing material witnesses, whose names FDLE had been furnished. We heard the Eimers were at their wits end.

The FDLE special investigator assigned to the Eimers case was the ex-wife and mother of a child of the KWPD Captain who supervised the 13 copes involved in the Eimers case. FDLE has a rule prohibiting its special investigators from investigating cases involving anyone with whom they are, or were, in a close relationship.

Almost all of what we know about this case came from the publishers of Key West the Newspaper – – Arnaud and Naja Girard, who are good friends of mine. I attached their photos.

Arnaud GirardNaja

Arnaud and Naja broke the Eimers case, and and kept breaking it. They told me they were in close and sympathetic contact with the Eimers family. It sounded like mostly they were talking with Treavor Eimers.

The people up your way, who are interested in this terrible case, should read the many articles published by Arnaud and Naja. Here is a link to their second most recent article, which contains a link to all of their earlier articles: State Attorney Sends Eimers Case to Grand Jury .

State Attorney Sends Eimers Case to Grand Jury

A later article came out just this morning, which should be reached by clicking on this link:


The reader comments below each article, and the occasional blue paper editors’ comments probably are as interesting as the articles, and some reader comments provide information and insights not found in the articles.

Imperative to watch the bystander’s video of the “capture” of the dangerous criminal Charles Eimers on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day, the day after he arrived hoping Key West would be where he would retire and live happily ever after.

Clicking on this link – video here – should bring up the short video, which destroyed the version written in the cops’ incident reports and what they told FDLE – the cops didn’t yet know of the bystanders’ video, which was smuggled to Arnaud and Naja.

But for the video, there would have been no case to break.

But for Naja and Arnaud, the KWPD and FDLE would have gotten clean away without even breaking sweat.

Naja and Arnaud put themselves and their children at risk in this very real retaliatory environment. I wrote a number of times in read comments and at my website,, that Arnaud and Naja should get a Pulitzer, and a good citizen award from the City Commission, which has yet to show any remorse or apologize to the Eimers family.

Arnaud himself is a French lawyer, but does not practice law in the States. He is a salver, goes out with his boat and rescues ships and their passengers in distress, for which service, under Maritime Law, he gets to claim a salvage fee. Perhaps Arnaud knew David Horan and Mel Fisher, who also make a good living from the sea. Perhaps Arnaud and Naja suggested other local lawyers to the Eimers family, as well. This is a small town, about 25,000 residents: the local lawyers with ooomph are generally known.

Hope this helps folks up there understand better what’s going on down here in “paradise”. Following Arnaud and Naja’s reporting and their readers’ comments will help more.


Diana wrote:

i read article about elmers that stated he had a 1990s history of arrest up here for theft and domestic abuse. i better find the ‘Lester Building’ in Saginaw MI and search through Elmers’ police reports about that. i am wondering if in reality Elmers might have been a ‘union thug’ and took that attitude down to key west.

I replied:

no evidence of that in anything I have seen reported or heard, but we know of his police record up there, it was published in the blue paper and the Citizen

Diana wrote:

I telephone spoke with 3 babes at the Saginaw County Courthouse bc Elmers was from Birch Run that is in Saginaw County as I am in also.

I told the babes that I would like to drive up (30 miles from my rural village) and read the felony/misdemeanor police reports/court sentencing if any for Charles Elmers in the 1990s as I do at the Key West Lester Building about conchs. They didn’t know what the Lester Building was or what conchs are, so I told them it didn’t matter. I asked them to look up his name first and see if there was anything on their screen that I should come up and read about in detailed reports. Jenny at misdemeanor at District Court found nothing. She sent me to Blanca at Circuit Court. Nothing. Blance sent me over to Mina at Saginaw County Sheriff Federspiel’s dept. Mina could not find anything, but she will phone me back tomorrow when another babe in that office returns from vacation who has been at the sheriff’s office longer. But does it really matter if possible union thug Elmers did indeed have a record up here from the 1990s? Possibly only what happened to him that Thanksgiving Day matters. If Elmers arrived on KW the day before, did he stay and where in a hotel or did he sleep in his car? Did anyone check the hotels to see if his name was listed? And why was he driving that stupid kind of car? That sure is a strange car for a retired union thug to be driving.

No one up here drives that kind of car especially a retired union thug. And why did he make the police drive after him from N. Roosevelt over to Old Town area and down to the Atlantic end of Duval?

I want to know what Elmers did the night before Thanksgiving Day. How can we find out?

I replied:

Can’t answer your questions. I had a nap dream, which left me feeling you are wandering way off the path re Eimers … What I spent a while writing to you this afternoon about the Eimers case was assigned to me by the angels for the people up there. The way you are going about it could cause serious problems. You are very new to this situation. I have often wondered why Charles Eimers drove off without his driver’s license, which made zero sense, given how much trouble it is today to replace a lost driver’s license, especially if you are not where it was issued. I figured there was something there, which Charles Eimers and the cop knew, but now only the cop knows. I was given something about that by a friend, which could have explained it, and I passed it along to David Horan, who passed it along to Treavor Eimers, who passed it along to Naja, who told me how she’d gotten it. Then, I was told to publish it, and I did. I’d have to see Eimers’ drivers license, though, to rule that in or out, and Naja said it’s in the evidence locker at the police HQ. I also wondered if Charles Eimers was on something? Naja said he told the cop who made the traffic stop that he had come down here to do God’s work. All of this I have published at The angels want you to share with inquiring minds up there what I sent to you earlier today. I do not think you want to not do that. The angels can do anything they want with and to you, if they take a mind to do it. I learned that by having them do anything they wanted to me, and to other people I have known.

Diana wrote:

I do not know yet if i want union thug Elmers to be a good guy or a bad guy, if i want the kw police force to be the good guys or the bad guys. Maybe i just want them all to be the bad guys. That PT Cruiser sure annoys me.

Elmers should have been driving a pick up truck. They all do up here. Was that PT Cruiser in his name or was it a rental. How long had Elmers been driving it? PT Cruiser, no serious up North retired union thug would drive it.

That Elmers fleed bothers me too. Where was Treavor on that Thanksgiving Day? up North Birch Run or planning to meet up with his dad in KW? I hope you have a lot of followers bc a protest march might be in order. Would a permit be required? If grand jury deems it necessary to go to trial, where would it be held?

Good night, Sloan and all your Angels. I’m heading to my brass bed bc i pooped after John Deere-ing the 4 lots.

She also sent this regarding a reader comment to the latest breaking news article in Key West the Newspaper:

the comment by this person is very interesting to get you the mayoral vote i believe.peaceful protest march.

blue in the face
June 25, 2014 at 4:05 pm
Sloan, I notice you’re usually the first person to comment on here. It’s usually 5000 words long. One after another. And you’re running for Mayor. If you want the people of Key West to think you’re a leader and someone who’ll do the right thing, why don’t you gather and hold a peaceful protest at City Hall. Or better yet the state attorney’s office. Let them know that the public isn’t going to stand for corruption.)

I replied:

Maybe you ask the angels to start schooling you, answering your questions, correcting you, etc. If they accept your offer, your life will change.

You are doing a lot of guessing. The angels don’t guess, best as I can tell. They see what we do not, and they deal with what they see, instead of what we think we see.

You might consider starting to look inside, at yourself. That’s how the angels started in with me. It was great fun, looking in the mirror ad nauseam.

The comments to the most recent blue paper article, this morning’s, started to get interesting this afternoon – interesting for me. My contributions, still in moderation, might not be universally embraced, if Naja clears them from moderation.

I saved mine, so probably will be in tomorrow’s post at

Black Magic can be real tricky.

black magic

Here again is a link to yesterday’s breaking news article in the Blue Paper:



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Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!

Here are the new interesting reader comments I vaguely mentioned to Diana:

The FBI, DOJ won’t get involved until the state attorney is finished with her investigation. If there will be one. Or if she asks for FBI, DOJ investigation. KWPD, FDLE had 7 months to do damage control. Now we have 27 days to locate and interview witnesses. The public needs to demand a full, truthful, complete investigation. The list of wrongdoing by KWPD, FDLE is astounding, yet it’s falling on deaf ears. We have to draw attention to this so outside law enforcement takes over. It’s going to take an uproar. What’s done in the dark will come out in the light.

We have a deadline to gather witness account and anymore evidence that’s out there. I ask everyone with knowledge to step forward and fight for what’s right. We feel like it’s us against the world. We have people waiting for 7 month’s to tell the truth. And nobody will listen. I feel empty inside. I don’t know what else to do.

May the Force be with you, Jedi Knight

ZOBOP JUNE 25, 2014 AT 7:26 AM
I think it’s safe to assume that after a week iof intensive care in hospital there would be no sand in his nostrils. Notably the good doctor has resigned and left town. Given the other anomlies reported, there is no getting around the appearance of a coverup on this man’s death.

Or in his mouth, or on his face, or in his hair, or on his body.

You could set up a “People’s Court” and ask all the known and unknown witnesses to come and testify before a “volunteer grand jury” . Have a notary there to testify to all the testimonies. Photos a must . Signatures a must. Good luck.

WANKAJM JUNE 25, 2014 AT 3:55 PM
how convenient the kw citizen online story ‘edits out’ the front end part of the video showing mr eimers getting out of his car and walking about 10 feet and passively getting on his knees and then his belly as the ‘police’ approach from multi-directions to do thier dirty deed.

a thoroughly disgusting portrayal to hype thier ‘establishment’ story line. fits as good as the medical-examiner’s reported difference of accident vs homicide being ‘subtle’ as noted in his report. i wonder which version if any of the video the good doctor watched as he seems to rely heavily on the fdle report of taint smoke and mirrors produced by the now well known firm of coverups r us!. a pox on all the guilty parties.

Sloan, I notice you’re usually the first person to comment on here. It’s usually 5000 words long. One after another. And you’re running for Mayor. If you want the people of Key West to think you’re a leader and someone who’ll do the right thing, why don’t you gather and hold a peaceful protest at City Hall. Or better yet the state attorney’s office. Let them know that the public isn’t going to stand for corruption.

I’m often the first person to comment because the angels get me up way too early to suit me most days, and there’s the blue paper’s latest on in my inbox waiting on me to comment on in keeping with dreams not long before. I will sleep on your protest suggestion, it might be a good idea, but perhaps the angels might tweak the theme, or not, if they think it’s a good idea. The way to send a message on the Eimers case is to vote out of office the six city commissioners and current mayor at the earliest opportunity, and the State Attorney, if she waffles on the Eimers case. I would tell you that regardless of my running for mayor, which was the angels, not my idea. Left up to me, I’d never run for public office. I’ve got one for you. Who are you? Why are you hiding behind a pen name? I ask the other regular pundis who weigh in on blue paper articles the same thing? Sister, for example, raised an important issue lately about whistleblowers coming forward, no matter the personal risk to themselves. But who is Sister? John Donnelly uses his own name. Alex Symington uses his own name. What’s with the pen names? I don’t think that got anywhere near 5000 words. The point, by the way, of my writing that long spiel today about that case I tried in federal court in Birmingham, was to introduce lay people and armchair lawyers who really aren’t lawyers to the hazards of litigation known to all lawyers who are not at their first rodeo, and to highlight offer insights to coronary disease and medical examiners seizing in it, in lieu of compelling facts actually explaining the cause of death.

JUNE 26, 2014 AT 3:43 AM
The angels asked me to ask you why you took out after me like that, when I have been putting my life and my soul on the line in the Eimers case since they enabled the blue paper to break it? And, they asked me to ask you why you want me, and not you, to gather a peaceful protest at city hall, since it’s you who wants that to happen? Of course, to do that, you’d have to show your face and be at risk to being asked for your identification by maybe city officials, police, journalists, other people, and maybe you’d have to apply for a permit. And what would I be asking for in that protest, for which I have not been asking from Key West for many years, and look at how that went? So, looks like the angels changed their strategy and sent Charles Eimers down here to stir the pot in a new way, which was not in the least peaceful, and look at how well he did. He got Key West on CBS and in federal court. Well, Naja did tell me that Eimers told the cop who made the traffic stop that he had come to Key West to do God’s work.

SPER1955 JUNE 25, 2014 AT 7:26 PM
When you get stopped by the Police, and then Flee, The Police does not know why you are running except to get away from them, They will hunt you down, The Police does not know who you are or what your intentions are, on that video there was no bruto force, so If he had a bad heart why did he keep going, this would have not happend if he did not flee. bottom line, If this was somewhere else he would have been shot. Nobody to blame but him self…

Eimers wasn’t driving like he was fleeing. What has bothered me all along is, why did he leave the traffic stop without his driver’s license? That made no sense to me, given the hassle of getting a new drivers license issued these days, especially not where it originally was issued. I wondered if Eimers was high on something? I wondered if the cop was playing with him? Later, a KW van dweller friend told me of having been harassed by a KWPD officer, who demanded his driver’s license. So, my friend said he gave the cop his driver’s license. The cop said he wasn’t going to give it back. My friend, a Vietnam combat vet said that was not going to happen. The cop was bending the license back and forth, finally creasing it. My friend did not back down. The cop returned the license. When my friend later went to the driver’s license office on South Roosevelt Blvd by the airport, he told a woman working w[t]here what had happened. She said KW police bend and even crease drivers licenses of people they think are homeless, so when the next cop encounters that person, he/she knows he/she is dealing with a homeless person. Naja told me Eimers’ driver’s license is in the evidence locker at the KWPD HQ. I wonder if the cop who stopped Eimers did the same thing, and Eimers didn’t stand his ground; he was new in town, maybe he thought the traffic stop was over and he simply wasn’t going to get his drivers license back, so he left, wondering what in the hell he had gotten himself into, coming to Key West? Naja told me that Eimers told the cop that he had come down here to do God’s work. Maybe he didn’t understand exactly how God had in mind that playing out, with Eimers being God’s EXHIBIT 1 for just how screwed up the KWPD and Key West are about homeless people. Looking at the bystander’s video, I don’t see a many fleeing. I see a man submitting docile as a lamb, as 4 cops with guns drawn close in on him. I see him going to his knees, then lying face down. I see cops swarm him, then I see his legs start kicking. What do you supposed caused his legs to start kicking, when he was surrendering? Could it be he was not breathing any longer? Could it be his survival instinct had kicked in? God sure did use Eimers, though, to expose what I have known about Key West for many years. All the way up to CBS. And it’s still underway. Who are you, SPER 1955? Are you a cop? I imagine I’m not the only person down here in Key West who would like to know more about you.


[This was for Naja]
JUNE 25, 2014 AT 10:14 PM
Not intended as a submitted comment, is this latest stuff “spirited” enough for you?


JUNE 26, 2014 AT 9:34 AM
Now that we have seen the Medical Examiner’s final autopsy, we know booze or other drugs were not found in Charles Eimers’ system. So he was not high on something, except perhaps God, when he was stopped by the cop on North Roosevelt Blvd. Maybe Eimers was enveloped in a rapture? Maybe he was taken over by an angel and dreamingly left the scene and slowly drove toward Duval Street and then turned left and headed to South Beach to meet his Maker, as pre-arranged? If it was Eimers time to go; if, as the Medical Examiner reported, Eimers could have died at any moment from heart and other problems, why not go out in glory, doing God’s work? I’m not joking. That would have been nothing for Archangel Michael, or Jesus, or Magdalene-Melchizedek to bring off.

Diana wrote soon after I published all of the above:

your gmkw was a very good read today.
thank you for including me – again.
i will always be surprised about what
you do with my thoughts.
i have an electrician arriving soon bc my
lights are flickering and no storm in sight.
it must be the Angels blinking. ha.
laters, Sloan.

I replied:

Thanks, Please add this link –  that old black magic had you in its spell, Key West, so God sent Charles Eimers to wake you from your comfy slumber –  to what I wrote yesterday for you to share with the folks up there. Thanks. It was the angels who moved me where I ended up with all of that.

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Sloan Bashinsky

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