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Fantasy Fest feline

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So far, the Citizen – – has not reported on the mayor candidates part of Hometown PAC’s Meet the Candidates festival at Studios of Key West this past Friday evening. If you wish to watch it, click on the link below and advance the video to the 1 hour 3 minute mark, where Hometown’s Chairman Todd German introduces me.

Hometown’s “Meet the Candidates” – June 20, 2014 

Margaret Romero follows me, then Mayor Craig Cates follows her.

I keep wondering if the Citizen didn’t report that part of the candidate beauty pageant, because its Editor and Publisher didn’t want to spread my explanation of how angels are the reason the blue paper got the Charles Eimers “death in paradise” case, and angels are why that case now is going to a Grand Jury.

Maybe there are limits even in Key West to just how weird the pros will go.

Devil or Angel

I posted a book review to yesterday:

Salvation JaneAnn Massey

5.0 out of 5 stars by a former practicing lawyer and published author who became homeless in Key West and other places, June 23, 2014

By Sloan Bashinsky “not Mark Twain” (Key West, Florida) –

Set in Perth, Australia, inspired by the massive tasering for sport of a schizophrenic homeless Aborigine by Aussie police officers, and by a brave and outraged Aussie lassie jumping whole hog into her ’tis of thee’s national politics over that, and over the general plight of homeless men and women down under, and by the author’s own personal experiences, which she asked me to keep between her and me, which inspired her to novelize all of the aforementioned: Salvation Jane is a topsy-turvy twisting-and-turning emotional tilt-a-whirl volcanic tsunami. Maddening, uplifting, maddening, uplifting. Featuring two saints, one dearly-departed, the other his left-behind common law, but for whom the silver linings would have been harder to swallow. The self-centered child in woman body heroine made me want to wring her neck bunches of times, but it was fun watching her grow beyond herself, albeit not without heaps of snatchings of defeats out of the jaws of victories along the way. The homeless people, mostly men, are the adorables in their own special flairs of the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The career politicians are suitably despicable soulless creatures unaware they are not really human. Every career politician should have to read Salvation Jane. Ditto, every person inclined to use the Nazi solution on homeless people. Everyone else should read it, too. Ciao maim. Not by Mark Twain.

Ann wrote to me:

Hi Sloan,

I’m going to write a longer and more reflective email later–my daughter, Emma and granddaughter, Molly are over from Sydney. Meeting them at the station, first time I’ve seen them since January, going to visit my mother, 101 in July, catch up with my sister and niece –lunch!

I do relief teaching (think you call it supply in US), anyway I had a couple of free zones, read a great whack of “Heavy Wait”, and more when I got home. Close to end. Kindle gives you the percentage– 92%. Will finish it tonight.

Hamlet, prosaic and pragmatic I am the captain of my ship, Horatio, steaming on despite what life or fate throws up, never looking deeply into the unknowable and not at all like Riley. Not sure what I think–at one stage “Heavy Wait” reminded me of “The Collector”. Mentions of Stephen King lead me to think it was going to develop into horror. Both red herrings!

Particularly interested in an insiders look at law. If that’s how it really is, it stinks. Have you seen “The Castle”? Get the DVD if you can? About the little guy taking on the big boys and winning. Very funny, but inspiring. Got a soft spot for Rumpole of Bailey fame, too. Didn’t make much money but helped a lot of people, retained his humanity and loved his job.

To change the subject–what is a conch, conscientious objector? Shell? Let me know and what you stand for–hope it’s for truth and justice, isn’t that the American way?

Loved what you wrote about “Salvation Jane”. Thank you cubed! In the beginning it was going to be a darker, more serious book with Jane first gaoled, then sent to a mental institution for a lobotomy to shut her up! So many similarities to Riley! Very odd!

Changed my mind. Didn’t use quotes from “If” and “The Patriot” at the beginning of each chapter as I did in first draft, because I wanted women like Jane to read about a woman they could understand, be entertained and come away with a different point of view. Might have erred.

Will get back to you as soon as I’ve finished Riley’s story.

Best wishes,


Ann Massey

I replied:

Hi, Ann –

I very much enjoyed writing the review once it was primed for me to write it.

A Conch is someone born in the Florida Keys; there is no other way to become a Conch, according to Conchs.

A conch is also a sea snail, of which there are a number of varieties. Photo of wild queen conch and dead polished queen conch shell. They used to abound in the Keys, no more, and illegal to take if you find one.

wild queen conchqueen conch polished

The snail is that from which Conchs derived their name.

The angels keep singing to me, “There are more things in heaven and earth than there are in your philosophy, Horatio.” That’s what Riley and Willa Sue discovered, and no one they knew had a clue what they were experiencing, but Riley’s old law partner, who understood something beyond his ken was in play.

I could have written the Salvation Jane review from that perspective. Jane had no clue she was being spirit blocked at every turn; behind the scenes, something far different than anything in her wildest dreams she could imagine was in play; she was being herded and was no more the captain of her own ship than Ahab was after he got lassoed to the white whale. Despite herself, Jane got to where she was going all along, without knowing it. Mrs. Nelson.

It was a great example, that relationship, of what I was taught to call “paradise mating”. Women who were in it with me, one at a time, didn’t care for it. Wasn’t all that much fun for me, either, but I was prepared for it over time and understood the general dynamics. That’s what happened to Riley and Willa Sue, but as I interjected into the tale, they were not instructed in the fine details but mostly were going through it blind, moment to moment, yet they knew something far bigger than them was running it and they had to go with it.

For a big percentage of $14,000,000, plenty of lawyers would do what they could to get their mitts on it. As would the IRS. The real villains in the tale are Willa Sue’s fine Christian parents and her lovely older brother, can’t recall the little shit’s name right now, and Jeb Bush.

I’m on whatever side the angels running me are on – I don’t get to chose which side, they tell me which side. Then, they steer me through it.

I only know one person right now, who groks what I’m experiencing. She lives in north Georgia. I’ve been looking out for her financially since mid-2005, and trying to help her cope with the shaman training the angels put her into. She’s a little older than my daughters, is like my adopted daughter.

When she first read Heavy Wait, she had to put it down due to huge commotion it set off in her. It was a while later that she read it all the way through. She’d had similar trauma as a kid, to what young Willa Sue had experienced. Mental health profession figures about 1/2 of kids molested in childhood.

I don’t practice law any more, like Riley, I went down a different road; and, like Riley, I still give lots of legal advice, mixed with LEGAL ADVICE.

If you’d put Jane in jail to start, which was how I thought it might go after an early allusion to her later being arrested, that would have been a very different story, for a very different audience. A lobotomy would have turned it into a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Never heard of “The Castle”. Don’t have a TV. Don’t watch movies on my laptop. But I love seeing the underdog stick in there and beat the overdog (Evil Empire).

I sent the Salvation Jane review to Amazon, and it’s up there. And I sent it to Key West the Newspaper, and I heard back and think they will run it Friday, which is when they publish – strictly online – They are getting 10,000 or more page hits a week. Also sent the review to NY Times book review department. Why not try to shoot the moon?

Maybe I should also send it to the Los Angeles Times. They got a big thing going right now in California, after a US Court of Appeals threw out a Los Angeles ordinance this week, which made it illegal for people to live in their cars, trucks, vans.



Heavy Wait

Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale by Sloan Bashinsky (Oct 28, 2013) – Kindle eBook


My replying to something Linkedin sent out yesterday garnered this from Shirley Mason, Founder/Executive Director at B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation Institute, an old co-conspirator in baring it all:

Shirley Mason

Hi Sloan,

Glad to hear from you. I miss your daily musings. Hope you’ve been well and still baring everything except the natural beautiful human form God gave you.

I’ve spent most of 2013 in Minnesota helping my parents get their health, financial and living arrangements changed. Since being back, we are working on establishing three additional clothing optional beaches in Florida. Be well. — Shirley Mason (Founder and “Mother” of Haulover Beach)

Haulover Kids

Haulover jam 2

Haulover Beach 2

Haulover Beach photos above, just above Miami, too weird for Key West’s professional tastes

Maybe Shirley had this 2009 blue paper ad in mind, 


Or maybe Shirely was thinking of this t-shirt:

sloan for mayor


I replied:

Hi, Shirley – I recently lost one of my email accounts, thank you Outlook and/or Microsoft, but I think maybe after I moved back up to Little Torch Key in 2010, that might have had something to do with you not hearing from me anymore, as I was removed from Key West dramas for the most part during the next few years. I’m back down in KW now, running for mayor again, been wondering if I should add an image to the back of my campaign t-shirt, maybe you are the answer to my wondering, maybe I add Aphrodite asking for free beaches in Key West.


Here’s a good email address:, if you wish to get back on my daily bombing runs :-), just send me an email. I’m baring plenty, except my carcass. Hope all well with you and hubby. Glad to hear you are pressing forward with clothing-optional beaches. I told a couple of people down here recently, that back in 2009, when I ran for mayor and promoted Key West having a nude beach, I discovered that the city, despite all outward appearances, was a Puritan coven of substantial dimensions :-).Who’d have ever thunk?




In Citizen’s Voice today –

cracked egg

“The mayor wants to bring back Jim Scholl? Is he nuts? Scholl is the one who lied to the commission about the urgency of dredging our channel for huge cruise ships. Let [City Attorney] Shawn Smith take over the job; he’s the most qualified.”

Sorry, the commission were adults. They knew what they were doing when they voted to let the voters decide whether or not they wanted bigger cruise ships calling on Key West. Then, the commission found out just how out of touch they were. 74 percent of the voters said HELL NO!

nope, not doing it

blue paper “cartoon”

Sounded to me like what the voters really said was how they felt about cruise ships, period. the end. By then, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, they knew the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships were calling on Key West, and had been since the first of the beautiful behemoths arrived decades ago.

cruise ship butt

blue paper cartoon baring all


surrender the booty

Key West’s own

Pirate Radio WKYZ FM: Key West Radio

interviewed me today at 8:30 a.m. It was lively and went on a while. They said they liked what I had to say, and would have me back. Afterward, I learned the interview was not recorded, so I cannot give a link for it. My bad, I should have announced it in yesterday’s post. I might report on it tomorrow.

Sloan blue

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West, aka “southernmost the nut house, where the weird go pro, but not all the way”

Sloan empire  t-shirt lge

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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