a midsummer night’s dream – paying to taser Key West city officials to raise money for Boys and Girls Club, documented US Military personnel revolts during Vietnam War, Key West the Newspaper paints three homeless scenarios, and various other guided and misguided random acts of citizen counter terrorism

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mud dog

“Mud Dawg” Mike, co-owner of Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd, sent two versions of an idea that just naturally popped into his redneck mind:

taser cartoon

I was wiped out when I got home last night. So I thought I would send this after a quick shower but when I opened my eyes again it was 10am. Couple years Back a small New England Town I think Maine Needed a new cop car so the chief Auctioned off a chance to tase Him to the public. And charged admission to watch. They got the car easily! SO what I suggest LISTEN UP Mayor Cates Fat Tony! The Kids need a new boys girls club and more soccer fields on water front. I have heard it said doz of times! Put your money where your mouth is you 2. If taser is safe for police to use on the rest of us let’s start auction next week. I can hook up music. Daddy bones will donate pulled pork sandwiches! And I personally will open bidding at 100$. So what about it guys Wanna help the children of this community? Or just more lip service?


How many think this is great IDEA! Govt thinks tasers are awesome tool! Commissioner yaniz thinks we need more fields for kids soccer everybody agrees boys and girls club needs new building! SO I suggest we auction off a chance to TASE Mayor Cates and Tony Yaniz! with all money going to project for the Kids! Daddy bones will donate pork sandwiches Sure music will not be a problem! Hell I will personally bid 100$ right now! Write the mayor and fats if u agree this is great idea can sell tickets for people to watch. Kids make out big time! mike DADDY BONES Tolbert 305 434 6388

[A variation of these two is in today’s Friday edition of Key West the Newspaper – www.thebluepaper.com.]

Moving laterally.

upside down American flag 2

Yesterday also brought more reader comments to the THE PRISONER EXCHANGE: He Did What?! article in last Friday’s issue of Key West the Newspaper – www.thebluepaper.com:

John, it simply looks to me that this article Dennis wrote is so much bigger than what he covered; there is so much more at stake than what he frets over. What prompted Dennis to write that article is but a small symptom of a horrible very likely terminal disease in USA. You proved your courage in military combat, John. You continued to prove your courage in civilian combat. I hope now you will combine the two and go after the heads of the hydra and do you best to chop them off. The hydra General Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke of when he left his second term as US President and said, “Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex.” He had commanded the European Allied Forces during WWII. He knew what was really going on between the US Government and US corporations.

KEYSBUM JUNE 12, 2014 AT 6:44 AM
Mr. Bashinsky:

it may interest you to know that a US military revolt did take place, and it effectively ended the ground war in Vietnam. just type in army mutinies in Vietnam and you’ll be enlightened. a good place to start is the documentary “sir, no sir” which in free on YouTube. but there many articles, https://libcom.org/history/vietnam-gi-resistance is one.

G.I. resistance

Thank you, Keysbum, I was not aware of that revolt, but am glad to know it happened. An excellent article in that link: I highly recommend it. If it has not already happened, the article needs to be resurrected and somehow fed into the current US Military grapevine,

A dear friend of mine here in Key West was put in a federal prison when he was 18, because he refused to be inducted and, he figured, sent to Vietnam. He served 3 years in prison, a hell of a tour of duty for any young man, I hate to imagine the details – he never recovered from it.

I saw a bunch of US service men today at Harpoon Harry’s, all wearing captain’s bars. I thought to myself, I hope they don’t end up in Iraq or Afghanistan, or some other hell hole. I also thought, in all my years of criticizing America at war, I never once doubted American combat troops’ courage under fire. That never was an issue for me. It also takes courage not to follow orders they believe are wrong, not to fight in a war they believe is wrong.

Interesting trend of thought Sloan. From my prospective, the United States foreign policy has been totally screwed up since the end of WWII. We have since that time when we saved the world, picked up the banner of the worlds police force. Regardless of what we or anyone else does there will always be war. Our wars have been run by politicians and not generals. If one must become involved it should be to win and not sacrifice our blood to walk with our heads bowed or don’t get involved at all. War is hell and not to be taken lightly. Only exposure to war can give a perspective that anyone else can remotely understand. As far as Kerry goes, I consider him a worthless POS along with his traitor friend Jane Fonda

Well for what it’s worth. As a former Viet Nam Vet in special ops, government contractor and finally an Irish Bar owner, I would just like to add the following. The U.S. Government was negotiating with the Taliban since 2010 for Bergdahl. Early on the Taliban was willing to take a cash ransom but we turned it down. We now turn over five Taliban 4 star generals for a kid who they are going to discharge from the service. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have gotten him. We knew where he was the entire time. I think that an operation should have been mounted to free him. Our special ops are the best in the world at doing this. The president says that the war is over and that’s what we do. Well the war will never be over in the eyes of the Taliban or Al Queda or the new ISIS in Iraq. We can debate all day whether or not we should have been there or the reasons for war. I can tell you one thing for sure. This trade will come back to definitely bite us in the backside!!!!

Looks to me the US is wired to do things that come back and bite it in the backside; maybe it’s genetic now. I was thinking earlier that Vietnam left USA in post traumatic shock, as a nation. When a soldier gets PTS, it’s a rough grind for the rest of the soldier’s life. My friend who was put into prison for 3 years, because he would night fight in Vietnam, came out of that with PTS. I know lots of Vietnam vets with PTS. One l ives in Key West part of the time, he’s still having flashbacks, nightmares. I imagine how it would have gone for him to also have been in Iraq combat. What additional damage to his psychic would have happened? Well, plenty of additional damage to America’s psyche, soul some would say, came from the invasion of Iraq. And then it happened again with the invasion of Afghanistan. Besides the cumulative USA PST, there also is the cumulative USA karma. And, it’s in a war with people who, unlike Americans, in the main, view dying killing or trying to kill infidels, especially Americans, as the fastest route into the Kingdom of God. America’s meddling in the Middle East will be coming back to bite America in the ass for a very long time. And every time America counterattacks being bitten in the ass, the ante will increase. I see no resolution. I’m 71. Maybe I will be gone from this life before the ass biting gets really cranked up.

head up ass

This Friday’s edition of the blue paper leads off:

Homeless in Key West: Old Man Chapman, Captain Tilly, and Peter Pan

Peter Pan

This is the first in a series of articles on affordable housing and homelessness in Key West and the Florida Keys.  We will try to look past the anti-homeless rhetoric burning through local media and show you what is really happening on the Keys housing front.

In future articles we will bring you points of view and solutions proposed by some of the most knowledgeable people on the Island. […full article]

Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!



Father Stephen Braddock, CEO of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition (FKOC), which gives down and out men and women a chance live inside and turn their lives around, has told me that he is not a homeless expert, because he never was homeless. He has told me that the only way to be a homeless expert is to be homeless.

I first started getting to know Steve at Key West City Commission meetings in 2002. That’s when I was telling the City Commission during citizen comments, that they could not change street people, as homeless people were called back then; only God could change them. That was before the economy crashed and there were lots of new homeless people, such as the Peter Pan boy’s family in this article.

Steve Braddock and I got to know each other a lot better as the years passed. He told me that he quit having anything to do with SHAL, because he didn’t like the way they did things. I myself told Wendy Coles, after homeless guru (self-described, he’d never been homeless) Robert Marbut made his homeless presentation in Key West’s Old City Hall, that she was way out of her depth and should find something else to do. I think that was was in late 2012. SHAL (Wendy) and Mayor Cates had brought Marbut to Key West. The next year, Wendy resigned from SHAL.

Let’s back up. Starting late 2000, I was homeless off and on in Key West for several years, and I was homeless elsewhere. I lived on the street in Key West. I participated in FKOC’s residential program for several months in 2003. I stayed at KOTS a couple of nights in early 2005. I stayed in Key West people’s homes, spare vehicles, outbuildings, gratis. I lived in my vehicle in Key West, when I had one. That’s how you get to be a homeless expert. There is no other way.

Although I am known in Key West as a homeless expert, and although I often have spoken at Key West City Commission meetings about homelessness, I have yet to be quoted on homelessness by the Citizen, the Keynoter, US 1 Radio News, the blue paper, or any other news media in Key West. The only Key West journalists to even ask me about homelessness was Key West the Newspaper’s current owners, Naja and Arnaud Girard.

From their article above:

“The anti-homeless rhetoric has been virulent this year –especially with the anonymous Shakespeares of the Citizen’s Voice. “’But this is not who we are,” says Wendy Coles, former Executive Director of the Southernmost Homeless Assistance League [SHAL], “this is not Key West.’”

Actually, this indeed is Key West, as any homeless person living here well knows.

This article presents two homeless scenarios, and one potentially homeless scenario. Those scenarios are important, but they do not represent what I still call street people, whom the Shakespeares in Citizen’s Voice bang ongoing.
The chronic homeless people. The down and maybe out for the count homeless people. The addicts. The mentally ill. The battle-shocked US Corporate War, Inc. homeless veterans. Any one or more of the above. The visible homeless people. The homeless people the Shakespeare’s hate and want driven away. The homeless people who are not part of Key West’s fake One Human Family, as any of them will say, if asked. The homeless people, who can tell stories about Key West police officers, which you do not want to hear.

Of the three scenarios in this article, one is typical: the Peter Pan boy and his family. Homeless families like this one are on the rise. They are where this city, and society generally, need to put 90 percent of their time and resources, trying to help such families, get them back to living inside, working, before they fall through the cracks and become long-term homeless people, whom the Shakespeares hate and from their safe houses (anonymous comments) viciously attack like the good chicken little Nazis they are.

Capt. Tilly, sadly, bought a tug boat without having the engine checked out by a marine mechanic. I learned that from Capt. Tilly myself, in emails. When I told him he should have gotten the engine checked out, he called me a Fascist. He is a disturbed person. I feel sorry for him. But, dang it, he set the entire thing in motion all by himself. Perhaps he is not responsible for his own actions. But he did it, anyway. Certainly, the other people involved in that SNAFU are responsible. Karma will get them, if the law doesn’t.

Mr. Chapman is a well-know figure in Bahama Village and on Duval Street. He very much likes pedaling his tricycle on city streets with its boom box turned up all the way, blasting whatever he passes. Maybe three months ago, he parked outside Blue Heaven Restaurant one Sunday evening, during a Key West Poetry Guild meeting. Blasting away, while he had a conversation on the sidewalk with someone he knew. I walked down the steps and outside and told him a Poetry Guild meeting was going on upstairs, would he mind turning down his boom box? He laughed, said not a chance, that was what he did. He came back at the most recent Poetry Guild reading, blasting away, parked outside, talking to someone he knew. I didn’t bother to do downstairs.

The flash bang thrown in the upstairs of Mr. Moore’s homes, where there was a baby, really bothers me, if that is what happened. However, as Arnaud and Naja told me me the story at their home one evening, it was a drug bust; the home was supposedly where drug trafficking was going on.

Because I once practiced law and heard lots of stories from clients and other people, which later turned out not to be the whole story; and because life also taught me that what people tell about their problems often is not the whole story, I am having trouble not thinking there might be more to the story about Mr. Moore’s home being mortgaged.

Certainly, this all makes for interesting reading, I have heard somewhat similar stories in Key West, told by homeless people, and by people who might end up homeless. I have heard similar stories elsewhere. I look forward to seeing where the blue paper goes with the homeless thread. There are hundreds of homeless experts in the Key West area, who could contribute to this thread. Wendy Coles is not one of them.

Meanwhile, from the Peter Pan boy’s story: “For obvious reasons we can’t get into many of the details about the real hardships faced by this young family.”

Not sure I see the obvious reasons, but what I do see is the blue paper has positively identified for the Key West police and the Department of Family Services a homeless child. I hope the KWPD and DFS leave that child and his mother alone. I’m a bit more concerned about babies being raised in drug houses.

P.S. During his campaign victory party in 2009, new Mayor Craig Cates asked me if I would be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee? He said he hoped I would do it, because I knew so much about homelessness. I said, sure. I never heard another word from him about it. Other people ended up being on the Committee. Father Stephen Braddock told me that he tried to get on the Committee, but Mayor Cates never responded to his requests. When Mayor Cates then told me that Steve had never asked to be on the Committee, I shared that news with Steve, who then sent me copies of two emails he had sent to Mayor Cates, asking to be on the Committee, which emails Steve said went unanswered.

Also in today’s blue paper:

Ambush Poetry: Conduct Unbecoming

Sunday before last, I wondered off and on during the day if a new poem would come to me for the Key West Poetry Guild’s first Sunday meeting in the upstairs room of Blue Heaven Restaurant in Bahama Village?

As the day passed, nothing seemed to come, and around 5 p.m. I pedaled my bicycle to Jack Flats on Duval Street to watch the end of that week’s professional golf tournament, which was played at Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial County Club in Ohio. En route to Jack Flats, “conduct unbecoming” came to me, and I felt that might be the poem’s theme, if not also its title. I had my writing notebook with me, just in case. […full article]

Sloan and balloons smaller

Before she interviewed me yesterday, as a KW mayor candidate, popular local TV and You Tube host Jenna Stauffer

Jenna Stauffer 3

asked me if I was a “citizen watch dog?” I said, “No, I’m a political terrorist. I terrorize politicians.” Early in the interview, Jenna went back to that, and it went up, or down, hill from there. She said she would try to get the You Tube link to me by late this afternoon. Stay tuned.

Sloan at HH

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West


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