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Daddy Bones

At the Daddy Bones BBQ free working man’s feast yesterday, City Commissioner Teri Johnston

Teri Johnston

told me all of the city’s elected officials should have been there, she was the only one of them there. I said, I don’t like coming to city commission meetings and giving her and the other elected officials such a hard time, I’d rather do something else. She said, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do; I criticize, then I provide solutions. I said, solutions nobody seems to like. She said, people can take and use some of it, even if they don’t like all of it. She said, Margaret Romero only criticizes, does not offer solutions.

Margaret is one of the three mayor candidates, incumbent mayor Craig Cates is the third.

Margaret RomeroMayor Cates

It was a nice gathering at Daddy Bones, good food, good company, wonderful live music provided by local musicians. Mike turned away a drunk homeless woman, who cussed him for doing it.

When someone asked me at Daddy Bones what did I think would be the hottest issue in this year’s mayor race?, I said, “Most people will say its homeless people, but the hottest issue is the death of Charles Eimers.” That got nods.

For example, in today’s Citizen Voice – www.keysnews.com:

“Perhaps with the worldwide coverage over the questionable death of a vagrant, maybe they will think twice about coming here.”

Charles Eimers

Charles Eimers retired and drove to Key West hoping to make it his home. The day after he arrived, last Thanksgiving Day, he was stopped for changing lanes by a KWPD officer on North Roosevelt Blvd, which is under construction and difficult even for locals to navigate. The officer saw Eimers’ possessions in his PT Cruiser and assumed he was homeless. He died on South Beach under several KWPD officers shortly thereafter.

Charles Eimer's take down

Key West the Newspaper editorial cartoon

Key West the Newspaper – www.theblulepaper.com – broke the Eimers story, and stayed on it until CBS picked it up. What news CBS’ “Death in Paradise” story traveling around the globe might do is cause retired people not to come to Key West by car, truck or van. The Eimers case will have no impact on homeless people coming down here. Maybe the author of that comment had a different person in mind than Charles Eimers? An actual homeless person, who also died in KWPD custody? I hope there is no such other person. One such death in paradise is horrible enough.

Here’s a link to the most recent blue paper coverage of the Eimers case.


It contains the CBS video story, links to all prior blue paper coverage of the Eimers case, and the bystander’s video, which destroyed the KWPD version of what happened to Eimers on South Beach that awful day.

Moving laterally.

White Street Pier

White Street Pier, Rest beach below the pier, Higgs Beach above the pier

Editorial in yesterday’s Citizen – www.keysnews.com – my interjected thoughts in italics, I provided photos:

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Rest Beach Park is an embarrassment to city
Rest Beach is no longer a restful beach.

Located in Key West immediately east of the White Street pier, the city beach has fallen into a horrific state of disrepair and has become home to a colony of a dozen or more transient vagrants.

We make the clear distinction between the homeless of our community, who are struggling to get back on financial sound ground, and transient vagrants whose unruly actions can pose a threat to public safety.

As can Key West police officers pose, and sometimes do pose, a threat to society, as the blue paper has been reporting for years.

Key West Police cars have seemingly become fixtures at Rest Beach, as telltale signs of a vagrant encampment, such as bicycles overstuffed with baggage and personal belongings, and sleeping bags dotting the landscape and destroying the fragile beach environment.

Fixtures? Does the Citizen Editorial Board hang out at Rest Beach? Are there photos of these fixtures? Backing up. If Key West police cars were fixtures on Rest Beach, there would be very little, if any, misbehaving by homeless people. That happens when police are not present. Much the same with people who are not homeless.

Arrests on the beach are becoming commonplace. For example, a woman was arrested in March for attacking a resident who was dropping off clothes for another person on the beach.

Common place? Where are the statistics? One arrest is not common place. Homeless people are arrested all over Key West. This is not just a Rest Beach phenomenon.

To compound this situation, the park and beach itself has been sliding into the surf for years. Storms, sea currents and tides have eroded most of the beachfront that is left. A stretch of the seaside sidewalk has buckled earthquake-style over itself and tumbled into the sea.

The constant eroding wave action has even exposed the park’s coconut tree roots, and they are about to tumble over as well.

Rest Beach, like all Key West beaches, is artificial. The man-made sand was trucked in from the mainland. Changing tides and storms wash away all Key West beaches, which then have to be “renourished” with new sand, new sea walls, new walkways. Same happens at Higgs Beach, which is owned by Monroe County, on the other side of White Street Pier.

Higgs Beach from ocean

Same happens at Smathers Beach, farther east from White Street Pier.

Smathers Beach arial

City officials have installed lumber and orange construction netting to block access to all the wooden boardwalks leading to what is no longer a beach.

The damaged and severely sun-faded sign “C.B. Harvey Rest Beach Park” in itself is symbolic of the city’s neglect.

The late Cornelius Bradford Harvey was a former Key West mayor and commissioner and husband of the late Wilhelmina Harvey, the first woman elected to the Monroe County Commission and as mayor of Key West.

Not only does Key West’s C.B. Harvey Rest Beach Park hold a special place in the hearts and minds of residents, the park is also is a national treasure as it is the southernmost point of the East Coast Greenway, a series of parks and green spaces stretching from Florida to Maine.

I arrived in Key West in late 2000. I arrived homeless. I spent a lot of time at Higgs Beach and White Street Pier. I didn’t see much use of Rest Beach. Most of the users were homeless people. Many more homeless people used the covered picnic tables at Higgs Beach. Lots of people who were not homeless used those picnic tables, too.

Higgs Beach homeless summitHiggs Beach kiosks

It was known by Monroe County and Key West, that when the covered picnic tables were fenced in and turned into a kids-only playground,

Higgs Beach playground 2Higgs Beach playground

homeless people, who had used those tables, would move elsewhere in the city. Across the road to that part of Higgs Beach Park. Up to Rest Beach. Even farther up to Smathers Beach. And over to Bayview Park. Now, only adults accompanying children can use the picnic tables at Higgs Beach. Not even Mayor Cates can use those picnic tables, if he is not with a small child.

All in all, Rest Beach Park is an embarrassment to a city that says it prides its heritage, its role in state and national tourism and its service to its citizenry.

If the city closes Rest Beach to homeless people, they will move elsewhere. Rest Beach is pretty long. Up past the condo high rise, there are over 200 yards of almost never used beach in front of a wooded city park, which is so dense and wet and mucky you cannot walk through it. You can walk there from the road using an elevated wooden walking pathway. Maybe homeless people displaced from Rest Beach will end up there.

Rest Beach 2

And on Smathers Beach. But then, how does the city close Rest Beach to homeless people, and still let other people use it?

— The Citizen

It used to be that White Street Pier was open all day and all night. People were out there throughout the night, fishing, picnicking, playing music. People who were not homeless. Homeless people were out there, too; they slept nights out there, I was one of them. That so bothered the city that it closed White Street Pier after 11 p.m., to stop homeless people from sleeping out there. That was more important than people who were not homeless using White Street Pier at night, as they had used it for a long time. 

Moving laterally.

St. Mary's soup kitchen

St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, which feeds at 4 p.m. daily

At the end of yesterday’s post, I provided a link for the If you think it’s too expensive to treat veterans, then don’t send them to war – better yet, don’t fight stupid, ruinous Corporate USA wars in the first place post at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com. During a nap yesterday, I was told in dreams to fill in blanks in that post, which I had intentionally left out when I wrote it. I filled in those blanks. Then, I added this, which became the new ending.

There are lots of homeless veterans down here in Key West and throughout the Florida Keys. They, and homeless people generally, are treated like scum in Key West, somewhat better up the Keys. Battle shock (post traumatic shock) is like a time bomb, tick, tick, tick-ing, until finally a veteran no longer can hold it together. Homelessness is one outcome, which can occur. Most of the homeless veterans down here are Vietnam veterans. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are just getting started turning out homeless veterans. The wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth one dead, maimed or battle-shocked America soldier. Nor one homeless veteran. My way of “supporting the troops” is to encourage American soldiers to not participate in Corporate America wars, and to advocate evacuating all American troops out of those places ASAP, and bring them home.

Don’t ask me for a solution to the Key West homeless problem. Don’t ask me for a solution to the Florida Keys homeless problem. Don’t ask me for a solution to the USA homeless problem. There is no solution. And, the problem is going to get worse. I can advise ways to try to manage the homeless problem, all of which ways cost money. I can advise cheap ways, and more expensive ways, and really expensive ways. In the end, though, nobody will like the result.

Maybe that’s why the Citizen never interviewed me about the city’s homeless problem. They don’t want to hear what I have to say. They want to complain like everyone who does not view chronic homeless people, not even chronic homeless veterans, as part of Key West’s so-called one human family.

Charles Eimers, who was not homeless, proved what a lie Key West claiming to be the city of one human family is. As did Matthew Murphy, as reported in the current issue of the blue paper. Here’s the link to that article.

Citizen Review Board May Investigate Use of Police Taser on Matthew Shaun Murphy Three Years Ago

Jesus with leper

In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples, the poor would always be with them. Nothing has changed. There, but for the grace of God, goes every member of the Key West Editorial Board, and everyone else in Key West, who is not yet homeless. It can happen to anyone. I proved it, with a college degree and two law degrees. An Episcopal priest proved it. A Methodist minister proved it. I knew them, in Key West.

I knew this homeless veteran, in Key West.

homeless vet

In the Gospels, Jesus said he was homeless: The foxes have their dens, the birds have their nests, but the Son of man has no place to lay down his head.

Moving laterally.

I wonder if the Citizen Editorial Board ever will get around to lamenting the massive MRSA pandemic in Key West and the Florida Keys, heavily contributed to by water pollution. A flesh-eating bacteria, pretty pictures further along in this article, MRSA is the terror of homeless people down here. However, MRSA does not discriminate between homeless people and everyone else. It is fatal if not treated. And it is very difficult to treat by modern medicine, because it has mutated and does not respond well, if at all, to modern antibiotics.

On that grim subject, this arrived the other day from Rick Boettger, of Key West. I have not tested it out, and hope I don’t have to test it out. I hope never to have MRSA again. Pray you never contract it. It’s far worse than being homeless.

Rick Boettger

Rick wrote:

Sloan, have you already written about a topical treatment of Stridex pads and benzoyl peroxide? After the time I sent you the info about a news story that in fact you yourself had alerted me too, I don’t want to repeat that mistake. I’ll explain if this is indeed new to you.


I replied:

Hi, Rick, no, I have not head of that treatment for MRSA, please send it. Thanks. Sloan

Rick wrote:

The following has worked for me in the past on small itches that may have been MRSA, but which went away after treatment before I could be sure. I am writing to you now because last week I missed an infection that had become a half-dollar-size open oozing sore that looked too much like your instructive photos, but let me make it clear I did not get a positive medical diagnosis. I did the treatment, and in one week the sore is 98% gone, meaning you would not know it was a problem if I didn’t point it out.

It is simple. Wipe the area with a single Stridex pad, both sides, which applies 2% Salicylic acid. Then apply the Benzoyl peroxide. It is a cream that dries to form a soft white crust. The brand I had and used up was Oxy Spot, which was 10%. But the Oxy they now have is NOT Benzoyl peroxide, but is also salycylic acid. So I looked at the active ingredients of other ointments, and currently Neutrogena On-The-Spot is the one that has the Benzoyl peroxide, only 2.5%, but that was enough. Oddly, these are both readily available acne treatments.

I think this needs to be put out there for discussion, and find at least one other person for whom this works before we get excited. Neither one of us is a doctor, and neither one of us wants to encourage someone with full-blown MRSA to avoid going to the ER and getting a dose of whatever meds they are currently prescribing. Neither one of us is offering medical advice, but I am reporting a plain fact, which for all we know at this point might work only on me. You have done an important public service by reporting on the scourge of MRSA, which is why I am sending this to you, and trusting you to use my personal anecdotal experience as you see fit. I’d prefer you not use my name at this point. If it happens again, I will get a positive MRSA diagnosis and experiment on myself by doing only this treatment. If it again works, I’ll go public and try to see it in print everywhere. I just don’t want to wait any longer, if this can indeed help the homeless who may have an inexpensive topical relief safer than the powerful meds.

I wrote back:

Why don’t you want your name on it, if I publish it?

I heard nothing back.

Here is something yummy from the   “Good morning Mr. Sunshine, how do you do today? Often a prickly question in Key West, especially if it pertains to the death of Charles Eimers on last Thanksgiving Day, or MRSA” post at at wwwgoodmorningkeywest.com:

MRSA 2MRSA 6MRSA 3MRSA infectionMRSA 7MRSA 5MRSA 4mrsa.jpg

Received a comment yesterday to an old post at www.goodmorningfloridakeys.com, which old post you should be able to reach by clicking on this link:

MRSA Treatment & Pilgrim From the Mutant Species – Florida Keys

If you open that link, you will see older comments on that article, and my replies to those earlier comments.

The reader wrote yesterday:

I cant thank you enough for the article you had posted in the “good morning Florida keys” about your health issues and wounds. I live in Bonita springs. I discovered that I had a similar wound on my buttocks. I use handicapped toilets and I believe I picked up the MRSA during holiday shopping. why did I think handicapped toilets were clean? they are probably the dirtiest. I suffered from the pain of that wound from Christmas till ST Pats day. I had been praying about it and the message of using iodine/ Vaseline came into my mind . it was a standard salve in the first aid drawer when I was growing up. when I Googled the salve I found your article and realized I could make it, I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy.

I was really hurting, I could hardly sit because of the wound and it appeared to be getting larger , I literally tried about everything in the house and on the shelve at the drug store. I must have spent $100 on creams and ointment on the Internet for skin tears. (which is what I thought I had) then I saw the MRSA picture you had posted and I knew what I was dealing with.

Ironically I did the MRSA testing at the lab I worked in before I retired but that had been almost 2 years previous. but whenever we had to report out a positive the hospital would go into a frenzy, a special room had to be arranged, some were quarantined. I knew in my case surgery would be done and the thought of it and worrying about the expense and embarrassment because of the location of the wound sent me into a panic attack.

The first day I used the iodine and Vaseline was the first relief I had in a month, I kept applying the iodine/Vaseline 3 or 4 times a day and managed to cover it with a breathable giant band aide from CVS. the pain subsided and I stopped having my panic attacks but the deep wound wasn’t healing. Next I used your suggestion of oregano oil, I diluted it about 1:10 so it would help but not burn . it all worked, it is almost gone !!!!!, I am so happy!!! and so far, if I feel something starting to erupt, I use the iodine/Vaseline and it seems to stop it in its tracks. i didn’t have any antibiotics or go to an ER. I am very careful about using public toilets.

I believe you are right about 2 things for sure. the doctors need to know this salve better and help avoid a hospital and surgical involvement for patients. also being a student of Christian Science I also believe that these things happen to us to teach us. during this time I also was shown Ho opono pono, check it out on “you tube”, mainly we have to forgive.

Again, I thank you so very much for posting your article, I’m sure you helped many people.

GOD loves you

I replied this morning:

Thanks for sharing your story and progressing recovery. Yes, the soul issues are good to address at the same time physical medical issues are being addressed, for the two usually are interconnected. My MRSA outbreaks had soul issues I had to face, engage and deal with. However, most people do not relate to life in that way, and perhaps they still will get help with the two MRSA remedies and cut slack for not yet understanding why the soul issues also need to be addressed.

Down here in the Florida Keys, MRSA is pandemic; local doctors know that all too well, and, as far as I know, they continue trying to treat MRSA with old and new generation antibiotics and surgery when the skin eruptions have gone severe. In the more severe cases, they might use intravenous IV drips of antibiotics for extended periods of time, which treatment usually requires hospitalization.

From time to time I tell the local government officials that they need to be putting out MRSA alerts down here, because is is well known by local divers, and by local doctors, that going into the ocean down here with a nick or scratch on your skin is a good way to contract MRSA. So far, no takers on my suggestion.

You may well have contracted MRSA on a public toilet; it can be passed along in that way. I maybe contracted it that way the first time I got it. It can be passed by human contact. One local doctor down here, who was treating me for a new outbreak, before I knew of the iodine/Vaseline/oregano home remedy, agreed that perhaps MRSA can even jump from one person to another without actual skin contact. It’s a terrible, terrifying disease, as you certainly learned.

I suppose God loves us all regardless of how we behave, but there are plenty of days when I wish God didn’t push me so hard.

I personally do not follow the Christian Science approach to disease. I use doctors when it is clear that is part of what I need to do. However, I always step back first and ponder what is the soul issue, the karma, the message in the malady. I always try to deal with that, as well. I get plenty of input from angels. They tell me all sorts of stuff about me I don’t care to hear, and they tell me all sorts of stuff about other people and situations, which is not usually welcome when I voice it.

Thank the angels and God, who provided the home remedies to me through a friend who knew about them. As do you now, whenever something comes up on my skin which I feel might progress, I put the iodine/Vaseline remedy on it. Right now, I do not have oregano oil. The latter can burn the wound, if not cut, or if applied too liberally. I usually put it on top of the iodine/Vaseline remedy, which let the oregano soak in more slowly than applying it directly to the MRSA skin eruption.

Maybe some day, the Key West Citizen will do a comprehensive article on MRSA in the Florida Keys, and share the home remedies with the general public. I would faint if the Citizen mentioned me in that article, as being the lab rat the angels used to get the MRSA information circulated before the public. And, I would faint if the Citizen even circulated the information, because it would cause any prudent person who read the Citizen article, if it was written correctly, to not want to go into the ocean in the Florida Keys. That, in turn, would cause prudent people to consider not even visiting the Florida Keys. That, in turn, would dampen the Florida Keys economy. That, in turn, would be worse than unsuspecting tourists coming to the Florida Keys and contracting MRSA and it breaking out when they returned home and had no clue where they had contracted it.


That concludes what I extracted from the    “Good morning Mr. Sunshine, how do you do today? Often a prickly question in Key West, especially if it pertains to the death of Charles Eimers on last Thanksgiving Day, or MRSA” post at at wwwgoodmorningkeywest.com.

Moving laterally,


Tom Milone told me over breakfast yesterday morning at Harpoon Harry’s that he had read my answers to KONK Life’s candidate questionnaire, which included in the   KONK Life candidate questionnaire for 2014 Key West mayor race, Duval Street “cosmetic cream” rumble, and a look at the gadfly post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com. Tom said, he agreed with all of my pointsm except banning cruise ships from Key West. He could not go along with anything that would cost people their jobs.

I said, yes, banning cruise ships from Key West would cost jobs, but cruise ships are dumping their waste into the sea, and I view the sea as more important than people. I could have added, if the sea dies, that will be fatal to humanity. I could have added, as the sea goes, Key West goes – Key West it totally dependent on the sea for its economic survival.

Cruise ships are not the only cause of ocean pollution in the Keys.

At one time, Key West pumped all of its raw sewerage through a big pipeline maybe two miles long into the ocean. Many Keys and Key West people living on boats, of whom there are many, still dump their sewerage into the water, instead of having their sewerage tanks pumped out. Substandard sewerage lines leak. Septic tanks and cess pits leak. Grinder pump lines being installed countywide will leak, and grinder pumps will fail and fill homes and businesses and yards with raw sewerage.

What has led us up to that, plain and simple, is way too much development.

Before the bigger waterline was brought down from the mainland, there was no new development, because the old water line was maxed out, new construction could not tap on and get drinking water, laundry water, car wash water, garden water,. Most of the deep and extensive canal systems had not been built. Canals which later became polluted due to inadequate tidal flow exchange. The coral limestone bed rock filtered and cleaned a great deal of the sewerage leaking from of septic tanks and cess pits. The waters in the Keys were still good. Conch abounded in shallow water. The reef was healthy.

No more. We lost about 95 percent of the reef. Partly due to local water pollution, partly due to cruise ships, and partly due to chemical fertilizer invasion from south Florida. The coral islands and the inshore and offshore ecosystems were overwhelmed.

That’s how we got to where we are today, where it’s not safe for anyone with a scratch or nick on the skin to go into the water down here. Instead of lamenting that, the Citizen and many people down here fret horribly over rising seas due to  global warming. They fret over homeless people. Even as they have a stone killer in their midst, a super terrorist – MRSA- about which they don’t even talk.

Sloan at HH

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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