ambush poetry, a way of life in Key West


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During the recent “first Sunday” Key West Poetry Guild meeting, longtime Key West resident and poet Sheri Lohr

Sheri Lohr

said she said she really likes “ambush poetry” – poets just walk up to people and recite poetry. My view of ambush poetry was a bit different. Last night, I bumped into Sheri on Caroline Street and said “ambush poetry”, and she laughed, and said she had pioneered it, and I laughed, and said and I had mutated it, and she laughed again.

The poem, which jotted itself down in my writing journal just before the Poetry Guild meeting, was ambush poetry:

Conduct unbecoming,
a way of life in Key West –

Just take Fantasy Fest,
people letting all hang out
on Duval Street, what
back home in Key West, Iowa
they’d never do,
nor just a few blocks away
in their own far west of weird front yards!

Unbecoming seems contagious down here –

a city commissioner challenges the mayor
to step outside,
settle it like man to man;
the mayor says,
put up or shut up,
file to run against me,
or get over it –
the city commissioner weenies,
as the mayor goes by the book.

CBS treated his beautiful city one-sided,
dang liberal TV journalists,
but for them, the world
never would have found out
about his police killing
suspected homeless man Charles Eimers
in paradise
last Thanksgiving Day.

Dang that blue Key West the Newspaper
for catching his police red-handed
making up stories about
how Charles Eimers actually killed himself,
then he intimidated witnesses,
wrote up false incident reports,
shot a cellphone video of what
he really didn’t do,
smuggled it from the grave
to the blue paper.

Not to mention, he sent
his body to a mortuary
to be cremated, as in adios evidence,
instead of to the Medical Examiner
for an autopsy,
then were all the tissue samples
the hospital took from his body,
which Eimers got tossed before
the Medical Examiner even knew
a body was headed his way.

What a pickle, the Medical Examiner
finally quit, got a teaching job
somewhere safe on the mainland,
as Eimers stalled the state investigation …
from the grave.

It’s all that dang Eimers’ fault,
he has no respect for going
by the book,
he told the first cop
he came down here to do God’s work –
hell, plain as day,
pretending to be homeless,
he worked for the Devil!

Another great chapter for
The Bubba Conch Justice Book!
A million ways to die,
in Key West.

A cartoon by Arnaud Girarad, who co-publishes the blue paper with his wife, Naja,

Arnaud GirardNaja

was ambush poetry.

Charles Eimer's take down

A very different kind of ambush poetry came to light in the second KWPD ambush case Arnaud and Naja broke in

Matthew Murphy

Here is a link to second blue paper article on that case: Citizen Review Board May Investigate Use of Police Taser on Matthew Shaun Murphy Three Years Ago

In the article is a video of Arnaud and Naja’s interview of the white boyfriend of the white woman who hurled a barrage of vicious racist remarks at white Matthew Murphy’s black fiance on Duval Street around 4 a.m. one morning. That led directly to the white supremacist’s white boyfriend trying to talk Matthew down, and Matthew did not get talked down and hit the white supremacist’s white boyfriend in the jaw. Matthew then was tasered from behind, without warning, by a KW police officer. Matthew fell to the sidewalk and went into convulsions. He has been paralyzed ever since (three years) in a mainland hosptial, while the KWPD lists him as a wanted man.

The video interview left me feeling even more troubled by this horrible case, because of the macabre poetry I saw in it.

In that vein, I was hard-pressed by dreams before dawn today to dredge up email exchanges with Naja a few days ago about the core beliefs vs. reality – leaving no stones unturned, in Key West and far beyond post at

In that post, I raised yet again that Arnaud Girard had told me that Matthew’s fiance twice had tried to talk him into going to Duval Street, and he had begged off, saying he felt he would be harassed by the police, if they went; but the next time she asked him to go to Duval Street, he agreed, they went, and he’s still paralyzed in a hospital.

Naja wrote to me:

Why do you keep writing false information about Matthew’s fiance pestering him three times about going downtown? You made that up, Sloan.

I replied:

Arnaud told me, in your presence, in your and his home, that the fiance asked Matthew on two different days to go with her to Duval Street, and he said he didn’t want to it, because he felt the police would harass him. Arnaud told me that the fiance asked Matthew a later day, I think it was the very next day, if he would go with her to Duval Street, and he said okay and they went. On hearing that from Arnaud, I said the fiance will live with that the rest of her life, and some day she will need to tell her and Matthew’s son what led up to them going to Duival Street. I reported that at, and you got onto me hard, told me to leave the fiance alone. You did not tell me I made it up. Now, you tell me I made up what Arnaud told me in your presence. I did not make it up, Naja. And I do not think I used the word pester, but the way Arnaud told the story, that’s what it sounded like to me: she pestered him. I think you need to stop speaking for Arnaud; if he wants to argue about this, he should speak for himself.

Naja wrote:

I told you that you had gotten it wrong when you wrote about it the first time and I told you what was actually said. Yes, you made it up. I just asked Arnaud AGAIN and he AGAIN confirmed that he never said that to you. I was sitting right there and I did not hear Arnaud give you any such information. I was present when Marie spoke about Matthew’s premonition. She did not say that she asked him again and again to go to Duval Street or that she had asked him even once to go to Duval Street. You made it up. Arnaud doesn’t read your blog and he doesn’t do email and he doesn’t waste his time arguing over such things. You made it up. I told you that Arnaud did not say that once. You keep repeating it. You’ve now been corrected twice. Guess you really like your story.

I replied:

Actually, I hate the story; I hated it when Arnaud told me; I hated telling you and Arnaud the fiance will live with that the rest of her life, and she will have to tell her son about it some day.

Be that as it may, Matthew apparently did have a premonition about not going to Duval Street, and then he went. Had Arnaud told it to me that way, I would have reported it that way, I would not have said the fiance will live with that the rest of her life, and she will have to tell her son about it some day. I still would have said Matthew was warned, he didn’t heed the warning, and when they encountered the racist couple on Duval Steet, instead of heeding the warning then, Matthew hit the man.

What a mess.

Naja wrote:

Whatever… Rather than believing for one second that you may have filled in some blanks on your own regarding the conversations that took place between those two people that none of us are aware of – you’re now calling Arnaud a liar. Whatever. And yes, you did make some Sloanish comment about how the girl would have to deal with that for the rest of her life – and yes, we ignored your comment – I figured you meant because she would have felt like she should have stopped him from going…

I replied:

As I recall, we had some discussion about my comment that the fiance will carry that the rest of her life, because she set it in motion. As I recall, you disagreed with my comment.

As I recall, Arnaud went into somewhat of an altered state after I said something about angels being the reason you two got the Eimers and the Murphy cases, and he said that reminded him of something, and then he told me what led up to Murphy and his fiance going to Duval Street.

As also recall, earlier during that conversation, in response to a question Arnaud asked me, I said, from a spiritual perspective, people are responsible for they set in motion, even though other people make it worse and also are responsible. I think that had to do with the Eimers case, but I don’t remember how.

I wrote to Naja this morning (she receives copies of all my posts):

I find myself thinking that what probably needs to happen is for me to meet with the fiance and hear her side of it. I would tell her ahead of time that the angels would tell me if she told me the truth, and I would publish what she told me and what the angels then told me. There would be no ambush. She would be warned.

The angels beat me up in dreams before dawn today, because I had not published this email thread, so it’s in today’s post, a copy of which you will receive.

I am really fond of you and Arnaud, and hate being in this position. In your reporting on Key West miseries, you are offering the city a chance to do what shamans call a “soul retrieval”, but, so far, the city leaders have shown zero interest in retrieving their city’s own soul, which they apparently do not see has been lost.


In a parallel universe, Naja wrote to me yesterday:

Saw your answers to the Konk Life questionnaire just now. Funny – “to Kill A Mockingbird'” has always been my favorite too. How much you wanna bet Konk Life doesn’t print your answer to the favorite newspaper columnist question? But that aside [understandable] Is it bizarre that all the other local papers avoid mentioning us like the plague [other than the Keynoter which referred to us once in an Eimers article – so I guess we could say they avoid us like a cold]. Is that just business as usual in the world of professional news publications or is there something in particular about us that everyone is allergic to? We usually refer to and even link to the other publications when possible when we get our info from them – but then we are totally untrained in this field. I just wonder what they’re thinking.

[I reported KONK Life’s questions and my answers in the  KONK Life candidate questionnaire for 2014 Key West mayor race, Duval Street “cosmetic cream” rumble, and a look at the gadfly post on   at]

I replied to Naja:

I wonder if KONK Life will publish my answers VERBATIM, without editing what I sent them, to suit themselves? I wonder if KONK LIfe will publish my answers at all? Be careful what you ask for comes to mind.

Who knows for sure what goes on in the Citizen HQ minds? Maybe they simply don’t name their competition in their articles. The blue paper’s breaking of and ensuing coverage of the Eimers case was, and still is, BIG NEWS. Yet, not big enough news for CBS to mention the blue paper’s role in its TV report, which CBS owed entirely to the blue paper’s prior coverage. Maybe the Citizen HQ’s feelings are hurt, because the Citizen got SCOOPED (again) by that pesky little blue rag. Imagine the blue paper getting a Pulitzer, even more BIG NEWS. Would the Citizen even report that?

Did you see the article in the Citizen today about the Daddy Bones BBQ going out of business working man’s free food party starting 2 p.m. this Sunday? I am unable to lift the You Tube interview of the owners from the Citizen and paste it into this email. Do you know how to do that, or how to find it somewhere else on line, where it can be “borrowed”? I’d like to use the video, along with the article, in tomorrow’s post at

I had not yet seen the Daddy Bones article when I bumped in to Mayor Craig Cates and wife Cheryl this morning at Harpoon Harry’s, and Mayor Craig Cates told me about the article. When Craig said the party is to feed the homeless, I said Mike Tolbert had told me the party is for working people, and then I read this part of the article to Craig from a copy of the Citizen I’d found lying around in Harpoon Harry’s:

People with jobs only. No “vodka heads” or anybody like the fellow who recently tried to swipe the counter tip jar, and when caught whined about how he had to steal since he’s homeless, Tolbert said.

I asked Craig if he is going to be there? No way, not after all the bad things Mike had said about him; it cost Mike a lot of business, put him out of business. I said what put Mike out of business was the construction on North Roosevelt Blvd. That didn’t seem to be the reason Craig was looking for.

It didn’t seem a good time, or place, to remind Craig that he and the city commissioners had voted for a North Roosevelt construction bid that would take about 2 1/2 years from start to finish, instead of maybe 8 months, because they didn’t want to waive the city noise ordinance and let the work be done in the evenings and at night and on weekends. Nor did I say they took the lowest bid, instead of a slightly higher bid from a contractor who could have done the work in less than a year working just one shift a day. Nor did I say a lot of North Roosevelt businesses went under because of the North Roosevelt construction. It didn’t seem like a good time, or place.

I told Craig and Cheryl, in all these years, the Citizen has yet to interview me about homelessness.

It didn’t seem the time, or place, to say maybe that had pleased Craig. Or that I was the first person he asked to be on his Mayor’s Homeless Advisory Committee, because, he said, I knew so much about homelessness, and I never heard another word from him about it. And when it was finally announced that Craig was going to do a Mayors Homeless Tour in the city and I called him about it, he said he didn’t want me to be there, he didn’t want any trouble. Yet, when Florida Keys Outreach Coalition later got sued over KOTS, because the city had not pulled permits to build and operate it, who did Craig call all upset about FKOC pulling out? Right, me. But when Craig wanted expert help on homeless people, who did he pay $20,000 of your and other Key West taxpayers’ money to come from Texas to tell the city how to solve its unsolvable homeless problem? Right, Bob Marbut. I would have advised the city for free, but then, I would have told them how it was, not how they wanted it to be.

Selective memory, selective enforcement, selective crediting to news breakers, selective use of homeless experts, assuming Bob Marbut qualified at that time, not himself having been homeless, which is the only way to become a homeless expert.

Maybe I was too selective in picking on the Citizen for not ever interviewing me about homelessness in Key West. The Keynoter didn’t interview me. Dennis Reeves Cooper wasn’t interested. And, alas, the homeless article I submitted to the blue paper a couple of weeks back was not published.

When Craig said this morning at Harpoon Harry’s that lots of working people stay nights at KOTS, and that’s affordable housing, I said that’s not affordable housing, that’s FREE housing. Affordable housing is something you pay something for, even it its only a little bit compared to what other housing costs to rent. I said, the city cannot charge people to stay at KOTS; the city has to provide homeless people a free bed inside at night, if the city wants them sleeping outside at night.

I said, the problem working homeless have is, they can’t store their belongings at KOTS, and that makes it hard for them to hold a job; they are worried about losing everything they own while they are working.

I did not say numerous homeless living in their vehicles in Key West are hunted by city police and, when caught, are told they cannot live in their vehicles and must stay nights at KOTS, which often is full, especially during the cooler months when more homeless are around. There is no parking at KOTS for their vehicles. So, to comply with city homeless laws, they have to give up their vehicles, in which they store their belongings. They have to become completely homeless and destitute to not be criminals in Key West.

I told Craig this morning, that maybe the candidate forums this year will ask us about homelessness, and maybe we will be able to set the record straight, and maybe the local newspapers will report that and set the local residents straight. Fat chance of setting straight the numerous local residents, including city police, who hate homeless people. Charles Eimers, suspected of living in his PT Crusier, proved that.


Later, I sent this P.S. to Naja.

In fairness, I need to add to what I wrote about seeing Craig and Cheryl at Harpoon’s, that it wasn’t all doom and gloom politics.

Sitting at a table across the aisle from their booth was City Commissioner Mark Rossi and his wife, the psychiatrist. I said they, Craig and Mark, couldn’t talk to each other about me, because I might become an item before the City Commission: say, whether or not I would be ejected from a commission meeting. Ha, has. I said they could talk with their wives about anything. Ha, has.

When Craig said he wasn’t going to Daddy Bones gig because of all the bad things Mike had said about him, I said I figured he would send Cheryl to beat Mike up.

When Craig said City Commissioner Tony Yaniz really had at me at the end of the last commission meeting, I said you’d have thought Tony would have had at the foreign nationalities running the cosmetic shops, who, I had said during citizen comments, were treating women awful on lower Duval Street.

Mark said, “I love you, Sloan.” It felt to me like he meant it. He must have infinite patience, the way I carry on about the sex clubs on Duval Street and ridding Key West of cruise ships, passengers from which patronize his Adult Entertainment clubs.

I said there is a loose bearing in Tony, and when it comes around he goes off the tracks.

I told Mark’s wife, maybe she works up a profile of Tony and sends it in anonymously to Citizen’s Voice.

I like Craig and Mark, but politics often throws a serious kink into the mix.

The second soul poem to plop out of me in 2002, as I recall, I don’t recall the first one verbatim, had something to do with a mocking bird. I have recited it many times at KW Poetry Guild meetings. I knew when it came through me that it was a template for my upcoming meanderings.

I happened up a mockingbird
singing its fool head off.
I asked it how and why it sang?
But all it did was look ahead,
all it did was sing.
It never turned to see if I was watching,
Or listened for money jingling in my pockets,
Or asked if I liked its music,
Or expected a recording contract –
It was too busy singing
to pay any attention to me.

Maybe six months later, I added:

Thus did I learn
the greatest sin of all
is to kill a mockingbird.

I sensed the poem might be about Jesus, who I was coming to understand was hard on my case.


Maybe you’d have to be a poet to know that is an ambush poem. It ambushes just about everything the “Establishment” holds dear.

As does the Citizen article on Daddy Bones going out of business feast, which contains a video interview of Mike and Patti Jo Tolbert, which I was unable to transfer from the Citizen article into this posot. Mike wrote to me that he tried but was unable to obtain the video interview.

Daddy Bones

Friday, June 6, 2014 Add to FacebookAdd to Twitter
Eatery offers free food to working homeless
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Mike and Patti Jo Tolbert gave away free smoked barbecue pork ribs, chicken and beef as part of the grand opening of their New Town restaurant, Daddy Bones BBQ, in 2009.

Five years later, the Tolberts still work the smokers every day and deal with the daily grind of running a restaurant. On Thursday, the ice machine conked out, and the price of brisket had temporarily taken that dish off the menu.

But despite being on the edge of closing up their business, which is on the market, the Tolberts spent this week planning a Sunday event that offers free hot dinners to the island’s working poor — particularly the homeless men and women.

The free feast is set for 2 p.m. Sunday and will last until the pit-smoked meat runs out.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Mike Tolbert said Thursday afternoon, outside the barbecue joint as he held court at one of the picnic tables. “And we might as well go out the same way.”

People with jobs only. No “vodka heads” or anybody like the fellow who recently tried to swipe the counter tip jar, and when caught whined about how he had to steal since he’s homeless, Tolbert said.

Daddy Bones, 2502 N. Roosevelt Blvd., is a colorful spot that for the past year or so has been partially buried behind the state’s $42 million rebuild of the boulevard.

On Thursday, customers turning in passed a parked bulldozer and had to navigate through the orange barrel-lined highway to get into Conch Plaza’s lot. That’s hurt business, the Tolberts said. On Thursday, the idea of closing up shop was all too real.

“It hurts,” said Patti Jo, who turned 55 on Thursday.

Sunday’s food giveaway, funded in part by a local anonymous donor, is also Tolbert’s message to city leaders: Come meet the working homeless who sleep at the shelter on Stock Island while holding down full-time jobs.

Tolbert said he has invited all city commissioners and Mayor Craig Cates. As of Thursday, he said only Commissioner Teri Johnston has replied to say she will be there.

“They really should meet the people they affect,” said Tolbert, a South Miami native who has been coming to Key West for 30 years.

One such local is Brendan Coughlin, 48, an upstate New Yorker who has called the Florida Keys home for nearly 20 years. Coughlin works in the kitchen at Daddy Bones. Tolbert hired him about three months ago.

Acknowledging that he moves around a lot, and always has, Coughlin said the cost of rent is keeping him at the city’s Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter, which can hold 140 people a night and empties out at 7 a.m.

“I’ve lived indoors here,” said Coughlin, who finds himself homeless for 18 months to 2 years at a time. He used to live in a houseboat “on the hook” with others. But that ended. “I like it down here, I always have.”

Coughlin said he has spent his life working in restaurant kitchens and doing landscaping. He doesn’t vote locally, and said he wasn’t interviewed earlier this year when a band of nonprofits sent volunteers out to do a homeless count, which found 658 county-wide.

“A lot of people want work and a place to live,” Coughlin said of those at KOTS. He was quick to make a distinction between the local homeless who hold jobs and those who panhandle for cash.

“I know a lot of people who do it [panhandle] and they consider it working,” Coughlin said.

Mike and Patti Jo Tolbert know about living below the poverty line.

In their early Key West days, circa 1986, he and his wife lived in a 1972 Volkswagen van with a push-up top that they parked along the Bridle Path at Smathers Beach.

“When you stay at a mission, you end up sick,” said Patti Jo, a native of West Virginia.

They’ve been back full-time since 1999, and now live in a trailer on Stock Island. Come January, they’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage.

“The main tenet of living is living free,” Tolbert said the other night, while nursing a ginger ale at the outside bar at Dons’ Place. “Key West has an affordable housing problem. It’s not the same island it was.”

Now it’s illegal for anyone in Key West to live in a vehicle. Places like the Tilton Hilton, which offered cheap rooms and $4 showers on Duval Street, are gone.

Mike Tolbert admitted he doesn’t have any easy answers for solving homelessness in Key West. Like a lot of locals, he doesn’t care for the ones who start fights or steal, or drive around on bicycles drunk.

The couple says they’re not requiring proof of employment on Sunday. They say they’ve been here long enough and can discern between a down-on-his-luck homeless man who wants to work and a scamming drifter.

While talking about the barbecue business, Patti Jo said they had discussed becoming homeless in order to save the restaurant. But they managed to keep it running without giving up their home.

Still, the couple has a penchant for Key West.

“I like what the old Conchs say,” Patti Jo said. “‘As long as the Carpetbaggers keep coming down here, we’ll rebuild it when they tear it down. When they tear it down, we’ll still be here.”

Mike and Patti Jo’s feast kinda reminds me of another ambush poem I also have recited many times at Key West Poetry Guild meetings:

Who invented the rule that poetry must rhyme, have pentameter, be cast into verse, be politically correct, stay on the safe side of the fence? Yes, please tell me who invented that really silly rule? Surely is wasn’t the maker of the first stone – otherwise, there’d be no stones to break all those slaving rules!

Maybe I should “posthumously” dedicate that poem to Mike and Patti Jo.

Tony Yaniz produced his own version of ambush poetry, by his own hand, in today’s issue of KONK Life –  I added Tony’s photo.

Tony Yaniz

Yaniz decides not to run for Key West mayor


Key West City Commissioner Tony Yaniz has announced that he will not be a candidate for mayor of Key West, as has been widely speculated. His decision not to be a candidate leaves Mayor Craig Cates, Margaret Romero and Sloan Bashinsky as announced candidates.

In an email to Konk Life and other local news sources, he said:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support regarding a run for Mayor, I am humbled!

After taking into consideration all of the advice and counsel of my family, friends and supporters; the working people of Key West, and the circumstances at hand, I have decided that it’s not in the best interests of my constituents and the community for a mayoral run.

It’s time to not lose sight of our most pressing concern, like affordable housing, prioritizing our Senior Citizens, and our working families.

It’s time to differentiate between those that want a “hand-up, not a hand-out.”

It’s time to continue to strive towards providing facilities for our youth and green spaces for all.

It’s time to demand our residents have equal opportunities in the job market, particularly for City jobs.

It’s time to take the Duval Street enhancement project to the next level and revitalize our main strip to make it more hospitable for both locals and tourists.

It’s time to lead by example with City projects and guarantee they are “green!”

It’s time we remain ever-vigilant that our greatest gift; our living coral reef is protected, always keeping in mind that there are those that would sacrifice it for their profit!

Given these circumstances we have decided that I should abnegate and move forward with the work at hand. This is not about me; a run for Mayor at this time would be counter-productive to our goals. It would create distraction, and our government/city would grind to a screeching halt during what is sure to be a rancorous campaign.

I am overwhelmed by the love and support from my family, friends and constituents! Thank you!

Abraham Lincoln said, “Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way!”

That is my pledge to you! #itstime

question marks

I wonder why Tony did not give that story to the Citizen, which I imagine has considerably more readers than KONK Life?

I wonder why Tony did not make his own decision to run, or not run, for mayor? Why did he lay it off on other people?

How many times, I wonder, did Tony say he would run for mayor this year? I suppose only he knows. I agree with much of what he says needs to happen in the city, but his and my way of going about it might be a bit different.

I think maybe there is a bit of subtext under Tony’s comments reported in KONK Life.

One bit of subtext might be Tony still has another year and some to  serve as a city commissioner, and if he files to run for mayor,  he has to resign from the city commission, and if he files to run for mayor and loses, he is no longer in office.

Another bit of subtext might be, maybe it was after last year’s mayoral that Sean Kinney, of the Keynoter, did a Public Records Request under Florida Law and obtained an email Tony had written from his city commissioner email account to a member of the Key West Rotary Club, excerpts from which the Keynoter published. Sean sent me the entire email, and I published it, along with the Rotary Club gave Tony the option of resigning his membership, or being kicked out, so he resigned.

Here’s the text of Tony’s email to a friend in the Rotary Club, below which is what his friend had written to him:

Are You fucking kidding me! Mayor should not have been allowed to politicize the meeting! I have lodged a complaint with Frankie, as well as reached out to Janice Long, Alton Weekly,and Brian Barroso, who all agreed that allowing the Mayor to make a political statement at a Rotary meeting violated the sanctity of the no politics policy of our club. You have big balls taking issue with me walking out, by the way so did Rossi. You have your priorities totally fucked up ! If anyone violated the 4 way test it was the Mayor and our Rotary Club for allowing him to do so. Are u fucking kidding me? If anyone fucked over the 4 way test it was our club, the Mayor… And obviously you for making the statement you just made. As for me… Fuck the Mayor for bringing politics into our club, fuck our club for not having the balls to tell the Mayor to stop— because they didn’t want to embarrass him , and fuck you for having the unmitigated balls to call me out on this without thinking about who really violated the 4 way test !

Tony Yaniz
City Commissioner
District IV
Key West, Florida

On Sep 28, 2013, at 10:10 AM, Jim Fitton <> wrote:

Fat, I was disappointed by your actions at Rotary. After talking about Rotary not being political you made a point of walking out on the Mayor’s presentation, which was nothing but being political. I understand you and he have some issues but as my Commissioner I expect a more professional and respectful demonstration. What you did was clearly not in alignment with the 4-way test.
r/, Jim

After that went into public view, Tony started saying he would run IF his advisers, friends and constituents wanted him to run.

I told Craig Cates at Harpoon Harry’s yesterday morning, that I bet he loved it when Tony went off on me during his comments at the end of the recent city commission meeting; he loved it, because he was counting the votes Tony had handed to him. Craig smiled.

That, too, is ambush poetry.

Tony backed Margaret Romero

Margaret Romero

hard last year against Craig in the “short” mayor’s race, which reset the clock for city races coming into sync with county, state and national races. Key West resident and former mayor candidate, Mike Mongo, left in photo,

Sloan and Mike

told me that Tony so much as told him that backing Margaret last year was the first part of a deal between them, and the second part of the deal was, if Margaret lost last year, she would back Tony this year. After Sean Kinney and the Keynoter ambushed Tony with his Rotary Club email, which was Tony’s ambush of Tony, as it turned out, and after Tony waffled and dwaddled this year, Margaret filed to run for mayor again.

Then, this editorial ambush poetry appeared in the Citizen.

Tony's puppet

I told the angels yesterday that the deal Margaret and Tony cut last year might not have turned out so swell for Margaret as she might have hoped.

That, too, is ambush poetry.

As was Margaret not raising bloody hell about Duval Street “cosmetic cream” foreign nationals abusing women.

As was Margaret not raising bloody hell about what the KWPD did to Charles Eimers.

Neither did Tony or Craig. Just me raised bloody hell.

I view the entire mayor’s race as poetry. And all of life, too. There is no other way for me to stay sane, even without two dear friends going out of business because of the North Roosevelt Blvd construction.

In today’s Citizen Voice at

“One Human Family? What a sad, sorry joke.”

That sad, sorry joke is ambush poetry.

Chow maim

Sloan at HH

ambush, and ambushed, poet having breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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