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There is a  Monroe County School District: core belief vs. reality  post today at, which you should be able to get to by clicking on that link.

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Meanwhile, after putting up yesterday’s the law of unintended consequences is alive and well in Key West, and other poetic confluences post at this website, I started feeling like I was going to die, if I didn’t go crazy first. I kept trying to nap and an endless chess game kept running through my eyes; it was nip and tuck; I had the advantage, but the opponent was making my life really difficult, I was not able to make a move without risking being checkmated. That persisted until it eased off late in the afternoon after I wrote into that part of yesterday’s post again, after getting a sense that was what I needed to do.

In yesterday’s post was this reader comment on the Who Is Responsible? Father Tased By Key West Police Suffered Catastrophic Brain Injury article in the current edition of Key West the Newspaper –

SISTER MAY 31, 2014 AT 12:26 PM

From the book End of All Evil….

Principle versus law

To understand how evil controls people, it is necessary to
understand the difference between principle and law.
A principle is a truth that creates freedom. A law is a lie that
creates slavery.
Principles describe reality. They are knowledge that help you
to make use of your world. Because of your intelligence, you
recognize principles in everything you do. Every true thing you
learn is a principle. The movements of your hands, which foods
taste good, mathematics and empathy for a friend are all based
on principles.
Laws are artificial ideas created by evil men to restrict the
thinking and understanding of people. Laws mask themselves in authority so that they can impersonate principles. When people
mistake law for principle their freedom is restricted. When
people mistake truth for the ideas of authority, their abilities and
their wisdom are diminished. This is the purpose of law.

Sister’s comment moved me to submit this comment, which was not cleared from moderation and eventually was deleted by the blue paper.

MAY 31, 2014 AT 1:52 PM

Principles vs. law reminds me of what I sometimes heard from my law professors, and read in famous cases, which was called “The spirit of the law.”

And, it reminds me of the laws Jesus spoke of, of the Spirit, vs. the laws of this world: Render unto God that which is God’s, and unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. He didn’t have much good to say about lawyers, likening them, and false profits, to ravenous wolves.

Once upon a time, the band of angels I sometimes write about (just joking, I write about them a lot) put me to writing a book about practicing law in a different way. I ended up calling it “The High Legal Road: A New Approach to Legal Problems”. It’s now long out of print.

The basic theme was, a legal problem (like any problem), is symbolic, representational, like a dream. If you approach a legal problem in the customary way, you miss the spiritual lesson and it comes back around again, as another legal problem, as some other trouble, and it keeps coming back around until you deal with it in a spiritual way, instead of in a secular way. If you approach the legal problem as mirroring back to you something in you that needs dealing with, and if you deal with it, then you learn the lesson and experience spiritual gain.

It took me nearly three years to write that book, mostly due to my slowness in getting on board with the new way. It reminded me of Jesus saying in the Gospels, first, take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

The book changed my perspective of everything that befalls people on this world; then came more experiences, which added onto that perspective, and then more experiences, added even more onto that perspective.

Naja and Arnaud have yet to report what happened, which set into motion what happened on Duval Street. Arnaud told me about it. I submitted a comment about it yesterday, which Naja deleted from moderation. I reported it twice at http://www.goodmorningkeywest. com, the last time on May 29 of this year.

In no way does it mitigate what later happened, but it is part and parcel of the whole.


As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I told a younger woman friend in North Georgia, who is in shaman training, that angels of the Lord warned Murphy not to go to Duval Street, but Murphy finally decided to go anyway, and the racists going after Murphy’s girlfriend was what what the angels had warned Murphy about, and instead of heeding the warning and moving on, he got into it with the racists, punched the man, and the result was horrible for Murphy, his fiance, their child, the cop, the racists, and the city.

I told my younger friend yesterday afternoon, while I felt like I was dying and going crazy, that this is really important for people to understand, for it is how the spirit realms work on this world. I said, most people automatically react, want to fight whatever upsets them, pushes their buttons. Instead of reacting, people should do nothing and wait on the Spirit to guide them, which may mean doing nothing. That’s the core teaching of A Course In Miracles. You don’t react to what pushes your buttons, you wallow in it instead, until it has run through you emotionally. You keep doing that, not reacting, not reacting, for a year, and then you are much different.

This is different from, say, being in a grocery store and seeing an adult yanking a small child’s arm off, or seeing a woman being attacked in an alley way. You deal with that immediately; that is permitted. Call management, call the police; walk into the middle of it and try to talk it down, or engage it physically. Even if it puts you at risk. No greater love than to lay down your own life for another, so to speak.

My young friend still gets cranked up about stuff she sees in the TV news and hears on radio news programs. I tell her not to assume she is supposed to try to do anything about it. I tell her to leave it alone, unless she is told in a dream, or in some other way by the Spirit, to engage it. For what is going on is, in the “victims” she sees herself, and so identified with the “victims”, she feels compelled to rush in and save them, thus save herself, without understanding what she really is doing. Recovery groups call this “the rescue syndrome”, and they know it is something to stay away from, difficult as it often is to do that. Mental health practitioners call it projection; or transference. They know it must be avoided, if at all possible. Otherwise, a big mess is made.

For a number of years, the angels relentlessly corrected my tendency to react to what I saw going on around me, which upset me. They kept turning me back into myself, showing me what it really was about, for me. It was no fun. It was awful, actually. It was, first, take the beam out of my own eye, in spades. As I grew into it, as I was burned and burned and burned internally, the angels eventually moved me outward, to engaging the ugly dramas of this world head on, but in ways they directed, not in ways I might wish to engage those ugly dramas.

If humanity would shift to using this way of engaging life’s upsets, the species would make a warp jump forward in consciousness. As it is, humanity is going backwards, devolving spiritually, because it does not turn inward during life’s upsets. What all Americans should have done following 9/11 was ask what they did, what America did, to bring that attack to America? The very last thing Americans, and America, should have done, as proven by how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ended up turning out, was go to war overseas. The place to go to war was internally, inside of America, inside of each American.

Going back to Matthew Murphy and to that tragic event on Duval Street.

People familiar with the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, if they are honest, would say what happened was Matthew was warned by his intuition, his internal feminine, his anima, that he should not go to Duval Street. She knew something terrible would happen, if he went there. He heeded her the first time his fiance asked him to go to Duval Street, and he heeded her the second time; but the third time, he yielded to his fiance and went with her to Duval Street. Even then, he had a chance to sail through it by simply walking away from the horrible insults; but he reacted, he went into counterattack, and the result for him, for his fiance, for their son, for the cop, for the racists, for the KWPD, for the city, was about the same as the result America experienced from going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those two wars destroyed America fiscally and spiritually. Those two wars finished the destruction of America started by the Vietnam war. No amount of flag waving, Veterans Day parades, Memorial Day celebrations, supporting the troops will revive America. Her soul is fractured, splintered, mangled. She died already from testosterone poisoning, not unlike Matthew Murphy died from the same thing.

The awful thing about the work I do, awful is too gentle, for the work often is terrible and violent, is I do not get to pick and choose what I wish to engage and speak to; it is arranged for me. I am shown what I need to see and address. If I don’t learn of it in a human way, such as Arnaud Girard telling me what led up to Matthew and his fiance going to Duval Street, then I am shown it in a dream, or in a vision, or it simply is told to me from the Spirit. No stones are left unturned, regardless of how awful something beneath them might be; regardless of how anyone else might feel about keeping a lid on it.

This is in keeping with Jesus telling his disciples in the Gospels, if they abided in him, they would come to know the truth and the truth would set them free. The truth is a jealous mistress. She does not like being locked away, buried, ignored, forgotten, blocked out. If she does not get to express herself directly, openly, she expresses herself indirectly, covertly. Most human diseases of body and mind are contorted expressions of the truth, which has been bottled up and thwarted from being spoken directly.

What I am writing here today is not new. Carl Jung knew it pretty well. Advanced yogis, lamas, Taoists, Zen practitioners, shamans, Christian saints, Sufi masters, for examples, knew it. That is why they didn’t react. That is why they didn’t counterattack. That is why they engaged and embraced what was in front of them, what roughed them up, without trying to kill it, make it disappear, pretend it was not there. Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind. Martin Luther King comes to mind.

The New Age knows about this, but has difficulty practicing it. Christianity knows about it from the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, but Christianity has a difficult time practicing it.

Peter learned it after many stumbles. By the time of his physical death, Peter was a new man. The Peter who initially left his fishing to follow Jesus had ceased to exist. Peter had died and had been born again. It was not sudden, but was a process. It developed in stages. It was a lot of hard work for Peter. It was nothing like the salvation taught in Christendom today. It was nothing like the New Age theory that you are God and can get anything you want by thinking or visualizing you can.

The tradition of The Holy Grail, which The da Vinci Code exploited without understanding what it had exploited, is an example of what I am describing here today. The Grail is the internal realization of the Christ and the Holy Spirit in a man or a woman. It has nothing to do with gaining standing in this world, with winning wars, with turning the element lead into the element gold. It has to do with turning oneself, lead, into Spirit, gold. It has to do with the transformation of the serpent into the dove, internally. It is a very different thing than what goes on in Christendom’s churches. It is what Peter and Mary Magdalene, for examples, were doing; it is what Jesus was doing. He meant literally, the Kingdom of God is not of this world, because it is a way of being which is alien to this world and its ways.

Advanced practitioners of various world religions know this; advanced practitioners of arcane spiritual traditions know this; advanced practitioners of no spiritual traditions, who are simply in sync with the Spirit, or whatever they call it, or not, know this. They do not try to change this world; their focus is on themselves being changed. Only if called to engage this world’s miseries, do they do that.

Arnaud and Naja Girard were called to engage the Charles Eimers and the Matthew Murphy cases, and they will be called to engage more rough cases. They will make people uncomfortable by what they report; they will upset people. They have put their and their children’s safety at risk. They should receive a Pulitzer for their reporting on the Eimers case. That said, they do not have the experience and training I have had. That is why I was called to get involved in those two cases, because my input was needed to leave no stones unturned.

That was why I was called to get involved in the Wisteria Island case, in which Naja had worked so hard to try to prove the US Navy, not the Bernsteins, owned that island just across the shipping channel from Key West. Finally, though, Naja felt she had done all the digging she could do; she felt she had reached a dead end. I then had a dream, in which I was told there was something Naja had not yet found and she needed to keep digging. I told her about the dream, she kept digging, and she found it. That led to the US Bureau of Land Management claiming ownership of Wisteria Island for the US Government, which led to the Bernsteins filing suit in federal court to try to win that title dispute. The case was tried and is still in the breast of the court. How that case turns out is how it turns out. Naja did all she could do, and I did all I could do.

If the Bernsteins prevail in the federal lawsuit, it will hardly be over. They don’t have Key West on board. They don’t have Monroe County on board. There will be plenty for Naja, me and other people who oppose the development of Wisteria Island to engage. How that all ends up, how the Eimers and the Murphy cases end up, is not the point, though. The point is how we engage those situations. That was the point Jesus made in the Gospels: how he lived, not what he achieved on this world.

In that regard is a novel, The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You, by Dorothy Bryant.

The Kin of Ata

Ata is set on a magical Pacific Ocean island hidden from human view. The older members of the tribe living here once lived somewhere else on this world, before being magically transported to Ata. All members of the tribe dream and share their dreams with another member of the tribe each morning. The members are not aggressive, but are painfully truthful. Sometimes a tribe member is magically sent into humanity to try to help the species. The preparation for those who are sent is extensive and challenging. Only a few are chosen for it. Those who are sent are ready for it, do what is theirs to do. They leave no stones unturned. They give their lives for humanity; it is known before they are sent: they will be killed, sooner or later.

Maybe fifteen years after I read Ata, an Ata-like novel fell out of me: Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale.

Heavy Wait

However, there is no magical island in Heavy Wait. All the action takes place in the midst and grist of humanity. A successful Birmingham, Alabama trial lawyer and a backwoods Florida Panhandle woman are cut out of the herd. They are changed. They become new people. They are not like other people. They are no longer in charge. They are instruments. They make waves. They get attention. They leave no stones unturned. They are examples of an entirely different way of living. They are Adam and Eve, returning to Eden. Jesus and Mary Magdalene did the same; sadly, that isn’t told in the New Testament.

Former Monroe County Mayor Shirley Freeman told me that she could not put Heavy Wait down, she loved it. She asked, how much of it was true? I said, the parts she believed were true. And, I said, I could not have written that novel, if I had not substantially lived it. But, I did not decide to write it. It sat me down and wrote itself through me in about six weeks’ time. The story never changed. Except for my own copy editing and one minor touch up to fix something I had overlooked, there were no rewrites. It was published without any editorial input, verbatim, as I delivered it to the publisher.

I never was convinced Dorothy Bryant substantially lived the Ata story. I felt it came to her like a vision; it struck me as really inspired. Perhaps I was mistaken, though; perhaps she did substantially live it. No friend of core beliefs, either novel. Both  are available at, paper and kindle.

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