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American flag distress

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American flag distress 2

Over breakfast at Harpoon’s Harry’s yesterday, I saw a news report on the honoring of over 7,000, I think I recall, American soldiers who had paid the supreme price in Iraq and Afghanistan. “For nothing,” I said to myself. “And how many more came back missing and arm, or arms, a leg, or legs, an eye, or eyes, internal organs? And how many more came back with shredded souls – post traumatic shock (battle shock)? And how many Iraqi and Afghan and other Muslim combatants and civilians died, were maimed in body, in soul? For nothing. And what about the many dead, maimed, in body, in soul, right here in America?”

In a nap dream later yesterday, an older woman came to me and said she’d had a vision of eagles. I recalled a vision I’d once had of an eagle, whose message was, when war seems inevitable, instead of war, ask God for another way.

In God we trust eagleon wings of eagles

Down here in in Key West …

Charles Eimers CBS

Charles Eimers, R.I.P.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Charles Eimers. Today’s Key West Citizen – – provides a glimpse if how the City of Key West and its Police Department might blame your unfortunate demise last Thanksgiving under several police officers on an inadequate training program, instead of on police misbehavior. I saw this coming some time ago.

Sunday, May 25, 2014
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Training simulator upgrade for police
Provides interactive ‘real world scenarios’
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The city of Key West recently spent $24,286 on an upgrade package for the police department’s computerized training simulator that instructs officers on responding to “nonlethal and lethal encounters with others,” according to an internal memo.

For that price, the police get a brand new computer, video projector, a high-definition screen, a 22-inch monitor, new software and a camera system complete with ceiling mount, the invoice states.

The upgrade does not come with “live fire capability,” the paperwork notes, but the exercises compiled in the MILO Range 4 Pro High Definition Training Simulator are billed as the most realistic simulation available for law enforcement.

This isn’t target practice, the company description states, but decision-making training for how to react to various situations.

“It’s definitely not a video game,” said Chip Johnson, eastern sales manager at IES Interactive Training USA, from his office in Ann Arbor, Mich. “It’s truly interactive video training. It lets you experience things that anybody could experience in the course of a 25-year career.”

Key West police have used the equipment since 2003 when the city plunked down $118,760 for a MILO system.

The simulator doesn’t use live ammunition — although the company makes some high-end stuff that does — but instead has videos of “real world scenarios” that an officer can interact with via fake Kinect-type weapons.

IES’s recent sales include contracts with the Hong Kong police, the Nevada National Air Guard, and the Saudi Arabian Defense Forces, which made a $2.9 million purchase last year.

“High risk encounters by police officers are infrequent but result in little to no discretionary time to make life and death decisions,” Police Chief Donie Lee wrote in a March 17 memo to City Manager Bob Vitas seeking approval of the new purchase.

“State of the art features of this system include touchscreen operation, full high definition video and interactive graphics exercises,” Lee wrote.

As the city is embroiled in a federal wrongful death lawsuit that accuses 13 Key West officers of killing a suspect by holding him facedown in the sand Thanksgiving morning, the purchase was approved Tuesday without comment at Old City Hall.

Nothing indicates the new software has anything to do with what happened to Charles Eimers, 61, the Michigan man whose family pulled him off life support six days after police shackled him after a traffic stop gone awry.

But the $24,000 purchase is related to the police department’s critical component of proper training, which wasn’t in play during the Nov. 28 incident, according to the Eimers family.

Police reports depict Eimers as resisting arrest while a bystander’s video shows the man complying with his hands up, dropping to his knees and then onto his belly as four police officers close in.

“Liability mitigation is a major concern of police agencies nationwide,” Lee’s memo states.

Key West police have been using an outdated software program that dates back to 2005, the police chief added.

“In the past nine years the technology used in this system has advanced dramatically to the point that the current system is obsolete and unable to meet the department’s training objectives,” Lee wrote.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s investigation into the in-custody death has been pending for over five months, and Lee has said he can’t discuss the case until the state renders an opinion.

The issue of proper police training is at the core of the federal lawsuit, which claims officers used excessive force by piling onto a man who was already lying on his stomach in the “prone restraint” technique approved for use in the Key West police department.

“Mr. Eimers was on the ground, bloodied and bleeding from his head and wrists, had his airway passages obstructed by sand and inhaled sand, had at some point from the sand or forces forcibly exerted upon his chest and head, stopped breathing, turned blue and then went limp,” the suit filed by Key West attorney Darren Horan states.

MILO’s website shows a man using the simulator, which flashes video on a screen that an officer can interact with via Kinect, just like some home video games.

The scenes include a pickup truck that appears coming straight at the trainee; a black motorist pulled over shows his I.D. and then his resistance; two white men fighting in an alley look up from the video screen as the trainee’s body alerts the software that a cop is on the scene.

An officer can use the MILO baton, handgun and other weapons, along with body blows at the virtual suspects with the software making it all appear semirealistic.

“It’s ‘force-option’ decision-making, the escalation transition between weapons, verbal commands, all the different officer safety and control techniques,” said Johnson. “The outcomes of the scenarios can change.”

Sometimes the “suspects” on the screen put their hands up and surrender.

“It could be they may do absolutely nothing,” Johnson said. “Sometimes, they put their hands up and lay on the ground.”

Now we know where Charles Eimers messed up. He put his hands up and lay on the ground. A dangerous maneuver several police officers with guns drawn were not expecting. Now terrified for their own safety, they responded in keeping with their training and accepted police practices to an unprecedented maneuver by a dangerous suspected homeless man.

Moving laterally …

Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy, not resting in peace

Just so his fiance and their child won’t feel left out, here’s a happy KWPD Memorial Day best police practices for Matthew Murphy from Key West the Newspaper –, with only one of the blue paper’s photos. If you wish to see the blue paper version, click on this link: Young Father Tased By Key West Police Officer Remains Hospitalized Three Years Later

MAY 23, 2014
Photo provided by Meghan Murphy

The only image Kaeden can remember of his Dad is that of a comatose man connected to tubes and wires lying on a hospital bed. In fact Kaeden was only a few months old when, three years ago, his father, Matthew Shaun Murphy was ‘tased’ by a Key West police officer on Duval Street and fell into a coma.

“That was the last time we talked; the last words we said to each other were said that night before he fell,” says Marie Annulysse, Murphys fiancé and Kaeden’s mother.

Marie and Mathew
Marie Annulysse and Matthew Shaun Murphy,
Life before the Taser
Photo provided by Marie Annulysse

On their way back home from a late night out with a friend, Murphy and Annulysse became involved in a racially charged argument with local fisherman Jason Moffet and his then girlfriend, Beverly Anderson. Murphy was 27 years old at the time, a white man from West Virginia, engaged to 24 year-old Marie, a black girl from Key West.

“Those people called him ‘nigger lover,’” said Marie, “I pushed Matthew across the street. I didn’t want an argument, but they yelled, ‘I’m gonna’ kick your nigger girlfriend’s ass!’ and ‘that’s how you make monkey children!’”

“So, Matthew crossed back over and started arguing with the man,” recalls Marie, “I tried to keep them from fighting. The next thing I knew Matthew was on the ground on his back twitching, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head.”

Murphy had just been ‘tased’ by Key West Police Officer Mark Siracuse. That morning, April 16, 2011, Matthew was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami. He’s been there ever since. “I don’t know if I will ever get him back. I am alone raising our boy. We were engaged to be married the next month.“

Police officers’ accounts of what happened that night vary considerably from the eyewitness statements collected by The Blue Paper. Oh and of course, there is the video…

According to the police press release, as published in the Key West Citizen on April 24, 2011, officer Siracuse “repeatedly warned the man before shocking him with the Taser.” Murphy fell to the ground. But, in reports filed by both Officer Siracuse and Officer Jeffrey Dean, who arrived on scene just after Murphy was tased, the officers claim Murphy kept yelling at Moffet and actively resisted arrest, forcing officer Dean “to bend Murphy’s wrist and lean on his arm to make him comply.” The newspaper reported that the argument between the two couples began when someone hit Anderson’s dog.

But after speaking to the three eyewitnesses we’ve found so far and reviewing the two independent witness statements found in the police file, it appears that absolutely no warning was given prior to the officer firing the Taser.

We interviewed Jason Moffet, the “victim” of Murphy’s battery. Here are some of his responses:

BP: Was Murphy warned before the Taser was fired?

JM: “[He] never got to see the officer, never knew that the officer was there, never knew what hit him.”

BP: “Did [Murphy] resist arrest?”

JM: “He didn’t resist arrest. There was no resistance in him. He hit the ground, he wasn’t moving. He was convulsing. There was no resistance.”

BP: “What was the cause of the argument?”

JM: “She [Beverly] probably used ‘nigger’. There was a black girl with a white boy, but yes, Beverly instigated the fight. It was over a racial issue.”

BP: “Were you at any time in fear for your life?”

JM: “It was just a street fight. Nobody should have lost their life. The only reason I didn’t throw the first punch is because I saw the officer. If I wouldn’t have seen the officer it would have been me he tased instead of the young man. I knew there was going to be a physical fight but at no point was I in fear of my life; it was just a fight. I believe if the officer would’ve said ‘stop’, it would’ve all been done. He didn’t. He tased him.”

Beverly Anderson and Marie Annulysse gave the same account of what happened. We’ve learned that police Tasers have built-in video devices. We asked to see the recording. It’s a black and white horrific ‘zombie movie’ showing a man arched in excruciating pain, until left convulsing on the edge of consciousness. He makes a few cavernous sounds, like a slowed down recording. At one point you can barely make out an “I didn’t do anything.” He appears unable to move. Click here to see the video. [Warning: Video contains graphic content.]

Murphy is hand-cuffed within 22 seconds of the moment that Siracuse and Dean reach him on the ground. A few moments later, according to the reports, he would start vomiting and bleeding from the nose. He would be unconscious by the time EMS picked him up.

Mathew and sister Meghan in happier days
Matthew and sister Meghan
in happier times
Photo provided by Meghan Murphy

“They had to remove about a quarter of his skull,” says Meghan, Matthew Murphy’s sister, “The doctors were trying to relieve the pressure from the brain bleed, but his brain was still swelling. At this point, even if he gets out of the hospital, he will never be able to use his legs again. He can’t talk and he can’t feed himself.”

Matthew’s father, Marty, says he still manages to communicate with his son through blinking of the eyes: one blink for yes, two blinks for no.

Apparently, there was no hesitation, no soul searching down at the police station after Murphy was sent, in critical condition, to Jackson Memorial Hospital. There was no internal affairs investigation and no FDLE investigation.

This is actually odd because according to an agreement [a Memorandum of Understanding between KWPD and FDLE signed in 2003], FDLE is supposed to investigate not only ‘in-custody deaths’ but also “1[a] The infliction of serious bodily injury to a person by a City of Key West Police Officer.” Which means that there should have been an FDLE investigation. However, the FDLE confirmed on Wednesday that that didn’t happen.

But it gets worse. Not only was Murphy’s catastrophic injury not investigated, but he’s been ‘disappeared’ in police records. Arguably, Murphy should still be considered “in-custody” which means KWPD should be paying his enormous hospital bill, but you see, officially, Murphy is on the run. He is on FDLE’s ‘wanted list’, a criminal at large.

Could it be that the FDLE truly does not know about Murphy’s status? According to KWPD records, KWPD”s Captain Smith notified FDLE of the incident at 7:17 am on April 16, 2011 about an hour after Murphy was sent to Jackson Memorial. The specifics were reported to FDLE Agent Vince Weiner by KWPD Supervisor, Sergeant Areaka Jewell. So they know.

Many have questioned the good sense of having Captain Smith be the one to contact FDLE about such things since his ex-wife Kathy Smith is the Special Agent Supervisor overseeing local investigations.

Mathew now
Matthew Murphy at Jackson Memorial
Photo provided by Marie Annulysse

This is beginning to show disturbing similarities to another FDLE investigation: the in-custody death of Charles Eimers, resulting from an arrest on South Beach last Thanksgiving. One wonders why the FDLE agents almost let Eimers’ body be cremated before the medical examiner could perform a mandatory autopsy and why FDLE claims to be searching for Matthew Shaun Murphy, a man the police left completely handicapped on a hospital bed three years ago.

They even have a ‘send a tip’ button on their website to help find Murphy, the ‘fugitive from justice’ [however FDLE has no ‘send a tip’ button set up to find the missing video[s ]or witnesses to Charles Eimers’ unfortunate death.]

There are a lot more questions than answers in this affair.

“We didn’t even get an apology from the police,” says Marie, “I am here alone taking care of our son. Even if Matthew comes back to us, he’s never going to be able to help his son. And these people treat us as if we didn’t exist.”

Stay tuned.


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Wow…Someone needs to call the “tip line” and let the FDLE know where they can find Mr. Murphy…Unreal.

Arnaud and Naja, you guys ROCK! How many more stories are there of misconduct by the KWPD? Keep up the good work, some one has to keep fighting for the “little guy” because the other papers are afraid to do it.

I learned of this article being published today when I dropped by Naja and Arnaud’s home last night to tell them the CBS video on the Charles Eimers case, which went down for a while yesterday, back up and working.

When Naja asked me, as a former practicing attorney, what I thought the cop who used the taser should have done, I said, if I were the cop, I would have gotten between the two men and told them to stand down. I would have had the taser drawn and ready to use.

When Naja said the police need better training, I said I didn’t think that is the issue. The issue is, why was this cop hired to begin with? No amount of training would get this cop to do what a good cop would have done.

That was before I had read the article. After reading the article this morning, I still say, if I had been that cop, I would have gotten between the two men, with taser drawn, and told them to stand down.

When Naja argued that the city should pay the disabled man’s medical costs and damages to his fiance and their child, I said I agreed, but I doubted the city would go along with it. Mayor Cates declined to pay just the burial costs of a homeless man one of his daughters ran over and killed on North Roosevelt Blvd shortly after he was elected; from all I had been able to learn, it seemed she and the homeless man were both partially at fault.

When Naja repeated that the city should pay for what the cop did to the now hospitalized and crippled man, I said I didn’t see today’s jurisprudence going along with that. Tasers are accepted by cities, counties, states, the federal government and the courts as acceptable police weapons; it has been decided that protecting police officers from injury while doing what they sometimes have to do is more important than an unexpected tasing casualty such as this poor man’s experienced.

When Naja asked whether I htought a lawyer could bring a lawsuit for this man, I said I didn’t think a lawyer would do it, but if it happened, there might be some sort of settlement.

That also was before I read the article this morning. If you have witnesses giving different versions of what actually happened, that makes the case tougher to prove, thus tougher for a lawyer to want to take on.

It’s truly a horrible case. The lack of any Internal Affairs and FDLE investigation hardly surprises me.

I learned just the other day that two of the KWPD officers, who were on top of Charles Eimers at South Beach, had prior investigations against them by the Key West Citizens Review Board, and there was nothing about those CRB investigations in those officers’ personnel files at KWPD. Naja confirmed that last night. [Note by Naja: My knowledge is limited to one police officer who was there but not known to have been on top of Charles Eimers has been before the CRB multiple times but that nothing in his personnel file indicates that those CRB complaints – and assumed internal affairs investigations – ever took place.]

I don’t expect to see Mayor Cates and the city commissioners do any more about Mathew Murphy’s case, than they have done about the Charles Eimers case. I expect them to continue to back their police and give them awards, no matter what comes out.

WANKAJM MAY 23, 2014 AT 10:50 AM
in an early issue on the eimers case i commented
“lastly do the citizens of key west need arm themselves for self protection from rouge elements of the kwpd? or need they organize a militia for self protection against traffic stops?
done in sarcasm…..but now i’m reconsidering!

Wankajm, not a bad idea. Personally I am always armed, either open or concealed (depending on the state) What’s really needed in Key West is to get rid of all the under trained, under supervised, incompetent, little boys on the police force.

WANKAJM MAY 23, 2014 AT 3:59 PM
this severe injury to mr murphy and again an apparently false police report and the absurdity of him being a fugitive and no investigation what so ever just a sweep it under the rug routine happens also on chief lee’s watch.
i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…lee needs be replaced with an impecibly honest and ethical chief that will ‘lay down the law’ to the key west police department and demand and require honest reporting by his officers and hold them accountable for poor behavior.
behavior leading to such as the outcome mr murphy finds himself as a result of apparent officer misbehavior and incompetance and cover up.
no citizen like mr murphy and mr eimers should ever be subjected to this type of slam bam serious police action for such minor chickenshit reason.

Hey, hey I’m a Bubba. I do anything i want.
Hey, hey I’m a Bubba i do anything i want.
Has kind of a familiar ring?
The Feds are coming. The Feds are coming>

JME989 MAY 24, 2014 AT 2:13 AM
Such a sad and tragic story. May god be with Mr. Murphy, his family, fiance and young son.

This case is beyond the pale. It appears that the inmates are running the asylum. With regards to this case and Mr. Eimer’s death, I request our State Attorney Catherine Vogel to open an investigation.

I believe a separate examination by her office will reveal the facts. Catherine Vogel is a capable and competent prosecutor, with a cadre of superb professionals.

Securing evidence related to both incidents, will move us towards a resolution of these disturbing events. Justice, clarity, confidence and integrity will be restored to a damaged community. The healing process can begin, as the lessons learned will strengthen the ties that bind us together.

MAY 25, 2014 AT 6:42 AM
Time will tell about Cathy Vogle and these two cases. Personally, I think it will take something extraordinary to render justice, clarity, confidence, integrity to this community, and healing. A Divine Intervention, to be specific, for which I pray.

Here’s an American war veterans tribute and lament from the current issue of Key West the Newspaper –

The Good–The Bad–The Ugly…

veteran memorial

MAY 23, 2014
by JOHN DONNELLY [U.S.M.C. war veteran]

I am not one to compliment the government and staff of Monroe County. However, if I’m to be fair, I must acknowledge my involvement with them, as it relates to their extraordinary handling of an issue that had the potential to break and injure a family.

The incredible willingness of the county staff to relentlessly confront a difficulty that was harming some residents, exhibited their dogged determination to ease the suffering of these taxpayers.

The brilliance and magnificence displayed by County Administrator Roman Gastesi and his incredible staff, represents a dedication and commitment to serve, which is not often found in government.

The diligent and conscientious effort put forth by Mr. Gastesi and his outstanding team, so that a solution might be found for citizens dependent upon them for answer, demonstrates a resourcefulness and compassion that is of the highest caliber.

Please allow me to recognize the creative genius of Monroe County’s distinguished staff. These individuals played a critical role in designing a remedy for a problem, which initially appeared insurmountable. They never relented in their sterling resolve to serve the public.

The names of these exceptional staff members are as follows: Townsley Schwab, Mayte Santamaria, Joe Haberman, Matt Coyle, Wanda Reina, Jerry Smith and Christine Hurley.

I thank each one of you. You are consummate professionals.

Now, I turn my attention to another group of government staffers charged with providing medical care to our veterans at VA Hospitals. Although early in its investigation, I’m sickened by the apparent neglect, indifference and callousness rendered unto veterans at 26 specified facilities.

I know that at the Miami VA Hospital during a 3 year period, colonoscopy scopes and tubing were not sterilized after being used to examine a patient. These contaminated instruments were thrust into another unsuspecting patient, cloaked with the fecal matter from a prior examination.

How does something like this happen? Is that what we have to look forward to, from government run health-care?

Because of these unsanitary conditions, some veterans were infected with the AIDS and Hepatitis C virus. The VA was sued because of this defiled medical practice. The plaintiffs were awarded a multi-million dollar award from a judge because of the harm, and in some cases death, they suffered because of this neglect.

United States Navy surgeons saved my life. Doctors from the Veterans Administration put me back together. It’s exceedingly difficult for me to process why health care for veterans has been allowed to deteriorate. According to white house memos and whistleblowers, my Brothers and Sisters are being killed by a rouge and inhumane health care system.

It seems that we are quick to go to war and slow to treat those wounded and disabled by combat. A competent leader is cognizant that we’ve recently been involved in 3 extended conflicts in the middle east. Casualties from these wars need urgent and long-term care. Battlefield injuries, in all their grotesque expressions, are costly to treat.

Qualitatively attending to our veteran population is going to require an immediate uptick in competent doctors, nurse practitioners and clinicians. New hospitals, along with increasing the square footage of those already online, are long over-do. During my 40 years of treatment by the Miami VA, I am not aware of any renovations that increased clinical accommodations for veterans.

Are we a compassionate and humane society? Do we value the sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces? Or does the lip service proffered by our elected politicians, really represent our banality and shallowness.

In my heart, I sincerely believe that if the Monroe County Staff Employees previously identified were placed in supervisory positions at a VA facility, they would find a way to bring success and medical excellence into the lives of the veterans they serve. They wouldn’t settle for anything less.

It distresses me to witness the president and his aides, refer to the VA scandal as though they were some innocent bystanders, who first heard about the systemic neglect of veterans from the 6 o’clock news.

As other areas of the presidency are unraveling, it appears that their falsehoods, incompetence and ineffectiveness are legion. Gross mismanagement is not exclusive to the VA. I pray that the government health care system, being forced upon my countrymen, is gentler and more effective.

For the time being, I’ll just have to garner comfort from the insightful statements of President Obama and Secretary Shinseki, that they are: “Mad as Hell”.
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Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!


Shame on those that are quick to put our men and women in harms way, but act contemptuously towards them when they return home. How could anyone with a soul treat our vets this way?! Keep raising hell, John!

WANKAJM MAY 23, 2014 AT 12:10 PM
i guess ‘mad as hell’ is fine for the teleprompter man who repeated ‘mad as hell’ after his secretary who actually looked somewhat catatonicy bored said ‘mad as hell’. i’m sure they heard it while watching the movie network and filed it away for future use when the time came but if ‘mad as hell’ meant anything to oblabla he would have taken proactive measures back in 2008 when some serious shortfalls were first recognized by him and his admin. so much for the ‘mad as hell’ postures in politics while our brothers and sisters suffer on.

How about the stupid ruinous wars launched by American presidents, with plenty of flag-waving by plenty of Americans, including humans, although greedy corporations were seen to lead the charge? How many veterans would even need VA hospital and other services, if those – naw, stupid ruinous isn’t fair, those wars were, are, pure evil – wars had not been launched? What about support the troops by encouraging them to refuse to fight, hell, no way!, in evil American wars? Down Key West way, homeless veterans of evil American wars are treated like hell by city police. I say, let American presidents who launch evil American wars support the troops by being required to take their families with them to the front lines, to lead the charge. Same for anyone who supports those presidents.

Sloan, thank you for the feedback. As president and commander-in-chief, along with all in the chain of command at the VA, immediate and purposeful actions must be taken to identify and correct any harm being perpetrated upon patients in that system.

You would think that peace and prosperity were preferable to war. Ignoring the conditions that lead to armed conflicts, while exhibiting a propensity and willingness to indiscriminately kill, has advanced violent engagements across the globe.

WANKAJM, the lack of focus, energy and determination to identify and solve the problems at the VA is alarming. It is as though they are disinterested and unattached.

I’m certain if their health-care needs were being met at a VA Hospital, a sense of urgency would be demonstrated in their words and actions.

WANKAJM MAY 24, 2014 AT 10:09 AM
john it sure does seem like a ‘go outside and stop bleeding on the floor…your interupting my coffee break’ routine that is embedded in the va culture these days.
top down has shown thier lack of concience and thier ability to dismiss our brothers and sisters in need thru fraud and deception.

we stumble from one administration worse then the other and who knows what meets us next in 2016.
yes if the health laws and all ‘laws’ for congress and the administration were the same as the ones we as citizens are forced to follow and if all ‘heads’ of departments such as the va and especially the president our ‘commander in _____’ were required to seek all medical care from the va i’m sure it would quickly become a shining beacon of the best of the best medical care under the sun.

unfortunatly we do not live in a ‘fair’ world nor would hypocritical dc politicians support that ‘fair’ world if it ever came to a vote.

MAY 25, 2014 AT 6:52 AM
We can discuss this until the end of time, and I don’t imagine that will change anything, although things probably would deteriorate further during our discussion, maybe a lot further. John, what you have raised are symptoms of something far deeper and, in my opinion, untreatable by human methods. It will take a Divine Intervention to bring about constructive change, so I pray for that, knowing from my own experience with Divine Interventions that, if initiated, they have a mind and will of their own and tend to diverge from human thinking, policies, protocols and methods.

Many American war vets end up homeless …

homeless vet

homeless vet at Memorial Day service in Key West Cemetery

Suspected homeless man Charles Eimers prompted Ginger, of Jupiter Beach, Florida, to initiate a homeless Memorial Day weekend discussion yesterday:

Sloan, any background information of Charles Eimers. Could get work/income records from social security. No one raises their child to be homeless.

Depression from a tragic incident frequently a cause, or drinking or drugs. Important to get the individual help before situation becomes irreversible. Do you have a “real” number for the homeless in Key West? What would be the possibility of the give (U.S. Or Florida) providing medical personnel to take blood tests, provide vaccinations, vitamin supplements, general check-up.low thyroid is a major cause of depression in men and women, and low thyroid production result from stress or shock to the system, loss of job, loss of home, tornadoes, fire, healthy problems, surgery, etc. it’s possible 30% of the homeless could be helped by vitamin supplements! thyroid medication like synthyroid.
Virginia, Jupiter.

I replied:

Hi, Ginger – the blue paper and the Eimers family and their lawyer have any background info. Unless he was an addict, under the influence, even of prescription drugs, I don’t see right now that his history is relevant to what happened to him down here. His behavior, leaving the arrest scene, is puzzling.

I did lots of field research on homeless people. Each had a sad story leading eventually, if not sooner, to them being homeless. I was one of them. The reality is, they are homeless. The reality is, they have lots of company around America, and elsewhere. People become homeless daily. I have no clue how to solve it. Nor, I don’t think, does anyone else.

So many chronic homeless people are addicts, I’d say more than 90 percent. As long as they are using, there is no chance of them changing (in my opinion).


Ginger also wrote:

Sloan, noticed a MSU cap on Eimers. Is that his cap ( or found in thrift shop) and does it stand for Michigan State University?

Why don’t you begin interviewing the homeless, get their names, biographies, background and what incident do they think caused their descent into hell or homelessness. It could become a valuable guide book for helping the homeless. Many were productive people. There was a book on survivors from WWII and poverty in the U.S. Frequently the saving factors were : power of faith, having a strong family mentor, a father, a relative. And 3) having goals in place and a vision of the future, self determination and control. There are many situations where two or three children in the same family in poverty or orphaned will have different success rates. You talk with the homeless frequently. Perhaps you could interview one or two a day and get their stories. Then ask them at the end, how they see themselves getting out of this situation on their own, or what outside help them get out of homelessness or becoming productive again. Having access to training programs, being near to areas of employment. Winning the lottery is not always a solution as many lottery winners file for bankruptcy eventually. Perhaps courses in budgeting, showing them how much money is wasted on cigs and alcohol. Have a class where they visualize their ideal life. What about prayer services, interdominational, on the beach Sunday Morning or Temple services on the beach for the Jewish faith. And orange juice, coffee, tea, cookies could be served afterwards. Faith can help people give up alcohol, smoking and drugs. Not everyone, but some. Perhaps start on the beach or outdoor academic lectures in interesting subjects or televise History Channel II. Many homeless are a result of war trauma when Post traumatic stress wasn’t recognized. Start meditation courses on the beach. Seriously. I meditated every evening for an hour growing up, my daughter meditates 2 hours in a meditation class two days a week. It helps calm her , works better than tranquilizer and healthier for the body and mind.

It is relevant that the supposed “homeless” man had a wife and daughter. The police obviously profiled this man as homeless, because he was driving a car with a lot of possessions in it. They didn’t know if he had separated or divorced and moved out looking for a place to live while emotionally recovering or what. The problem is They assumed.

What is apparent, is that Key West officials seem to be profiling, yet at the same time not able to solve and feel helpless at the growing homeless problem, and subsequently anger. I found the streets of Key West more unpleasant by half dressed drunk men and women and male rear ends exposed walking the street during the gay parade. I was there for a day during the parade, went into the Fisher museum and got back on the ship. Found the people a bit too revealing — and people with children should have been warned.

I replied:

I think Eimers and his wife were divorced. I think far more than homeless people is bothering the police and other people who hate – I hate using that word, but it seems to fit – homeless people. Something inside the haters themselves, which homeless people mirror back to them. I am on the streets of Key West daily, I see homeless people (street homeless people, who are not going to change without an Act of God) daily. It doesn’t make me see red; it doesn’t cause me to want to fix them; it doesn’t make me want them all to be gone. It makes me sad, it makes me wish they were different, I feel sorry for them, but because I have lived among them, I know there is nothing society can do to change them. And, I am thinking there may be a very good reason society should not try to change them, of which I wrote today to Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, and might report tomorrow.

Jerry replied to yesterday’s Key West’s tiny but mighty weekly online blue newspaper deserves Pulitzer for bravely breaking and its onging relentless and extensive courageous coverage of the death of suspected homeless man Charles Eimers under Key West police last Thanksgiving Day and the ensuing cover up post at


I replied:


I found myself thinking after putting today’s post up that maybe people upset about homeless people might consider the not entirely ridiculous possibility that homeless people take on in themselves (not intentionally) the troubles of the society in which they live, and if that didn’t happen, if that buffer were absent, or removed by getting rid of homeless people, then the full weight of those society troubles would be felt by everyone else. That “theory” is in keeping with, maybe a corollary, of the “theory” that homeless people are society’s shadow (reflection), which cannot be gotten rid of. Get rid of all the homeless people, and something else, most likely worse, will take their place.

I spent a lot of time and money on various “cures” of my own ails offered by mainstream society and alternative societies. Some “cures” were a total waste of time and money. Some cures seemed to work for a while, then they stopped working, followed by severe worsening of my ails until I stopped using those “cures”. When later I again tried those “cures”, either nothing happened, or I immediately felt worse. Same “immunity” and/or reaction developed with symptomatic treatments I had tried, which had finally stopped working altogether.

That’s how I came to understand my ails were symptoms, and the root causes lay in my soul wounding, karma, the sins of my ancestors, psychic troubles of other people (usually blood family) I was unknowingly carrying, and sometimes hexes and/or psychic attacks.

All beyond my ability to bend to my will. The only relief I ever got, other than the few times a medical intervention clearly was needed, came from dealing with what was on my plate and whatever help angels sometimes provided.

I know that sounds like New Age gobblygook to some people, even to some New Age people, but it is all too familiar to me, to be viewed by me as gobblygook, and I have known people who did not view it as gobblygook. I was married to a few of them, one at a time. In spirit time, I’m probably still married to them, polygamy, some might say, harem.

Maybe I should move to Utah 🙂


Meanwhile, I pray for Divine Intervention, figuring that is the only possible solution, knowing I just might again be reminded of, “Be careful what you ask for.”


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