common sense, intuition, soul and angels vs. the other in the death of Charles Eimers in Key West and the Cudjoe Regional Sewer District grinder pump war

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Todd FB

Amgio Todd German sent yesterday:

Made me think of you.

I replied:


My intuition tells me running for mayor again is yet another fool’s errand. However, the angels who told me to run, despite my intuition’s sentiments, seem to be rounding up considerably more entertaining dramas for me to poke, than in past such fools errands, although I could do without the Charles Eimers situation, since it rides on a dead man’s misfortune, and his family’s, too.

Somebody sent me something yesterday, which might be relevant to the Eimers case.

I then called David Paul Horan [local lawyer who filed a civil rights damage suit against Key West in federal court for the Eimers family] and we talked a bit about that case, and I forwarded him what I had been sent, without identifying my source, whom I know about as well as I know you. Am reluctant to say more, as I don’t trust KWPD and FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] to do anything but tamper with, or disappear, any evidence adverse to KWPD.

David said he feels Eimers would be alive today, if he had not been profiled as being homeless. I said Eimers is dead today because Mayor Craig Cates and six city commissioners set the city’s homeless policy: city police were to make it as rough as possible on homeless people.

I don’t need intuition, nor angels, to tell me who killed Charels Eimers. It is plain as day who killed him; the city police were simply their weapon.

Not that the weapon can plead that as a defense; the Nazi death camp operators tried the “We just following orders” defense at Nuremberg.

In today’s Citizen’s Voice – – my thoughts trailing each quoted comment:

“Are the TDC and Key West Chamber going to start ‘damage control’ with the soon to air story about the death of an innocent tourist? If any of these people have any conscience or brains, including our elected politicians, they need to immediately come out with a statement the any kind of coverup will not be tolerated, that they all will work together to see that justice is served. ‘Protect and serve’ — somebody better do it.”

I heard CBS is going to make it a bit bigger than just a brief news blip. Time will tell about that. Why ask about the TDC and the Chamber of Commerce? Why not ask about your mayor and city commissioners, who are where the buck stops on Charles Eimers’ death? If I were the person who sent in that comment, I would not be holding my breath over the mayor, city commissioners, TDC or Chamber of Commerce manning up on this one, or womanning up, as the case may be.

“The homeless issue is tearing apart our community. Should we provide for all? For locals? For mothers and children? For the mentally ill? For those who move here to take advantage of our facilities and good weather?”

Bigotry is tearing apart Key West, which has proven its often-boasted “One Human Family” creed is a farce. There but for the grace of God go every last one of us. I have been there, done that; I know homelessness all too well. I know being called a bum, a vagrant, a dirt bag all too well. I know knowing going somewhere else to homeless would be just as bad, or even worse when winter came.

“How much are we really spending on the homeless? Consider the cost of extra policemen, ambulance and medical care, and jail facilities and staff. Let’s get down to the hard facts and initiate a clear policy to take care of our local people with problems, and encourage the others to move on elsewhere.”

Your mayor and city commissioners, and their police, and many city residents, care nothing for the costs. They want homeless people to not be here. They already are “encouraging” homeless people to move on elsewhere, even as new homeless keep arriving. Jesus told his disciples in the Gospels, the poor would always be among them. He also told his disciples, as they did to the poor, they did also to him.

Jesus with leper

Letter to the editor in today’s Citizen:

Tony's puppet

May 11, a cryptic political “cartoon” appeared in The Citizen showing mayoral candidate Margaret Romero. The innuendo was that she was influenced or controlled by another person(s). The other party was not identified.

The tone was clearly sinister.

If voters need to be aware of an outside influence, kindly inform us. Don’t throw something out that can’t be identified, substantiated or rebutted.

Please enlighten your readers as to this real or imagined influence by a clarification on the editorial page.

Dorothy Galligan

Key West

Doesn’t look like Dorothy is in tune with city politics, or with City Commissioner Tony Yaniz, the puppeteer, and Margaret Romero, the puppet. Tony campaigned hard for Margaret in the previous mayor’s race, to the point he behaved as if he was campaigning for himself, to the point he viewed Margaret winning the office as him winning it. I have heard they made a deal last year: Tony would campaign for Margaret, and if she did not win, she would campaign for him this year. When Tony didn’t announce his candidacy this year, and instead said he was thinking about it and listening to his constituents, and when he still didn’t file to run for mayor, Margaret filed for the office. Neither of them want the city spending money on homeless people. Both of them want homeless people out of the city. Neither of them have shown the slightest remorse over the death of Charles Eimers.

I don’t need intuition, a soul or angels to explain what I see with my own two eyes and hear with my own two ears, which might also be called my common sense. What I need intuition and a soul for is to pick up what I cannot see with my own two eyes and hear with my own two ears. What I need angels for is to show me what my own two eyes and my own two ears and my intuition and my soul do not, or cannot, pick up, and to steer and correct me when I am tangled up and/or confused about how to engage and report what the agnels arrange for me to experience.

For example:

dump the pumps

Banks Prevate, President of Dump the Pumps, Inc., sent this yesterday, which news has yet to be reported in the local newspapers:

To All:

1. As we discussed, no meeting this Sunday. Let’s plan on one for the following Sunday — I’ll send a notice; we should have some fresh items for discussion by then. Walt and I are both still out of town, but things have not been quiet.

2. An update on legal action. Currently, six petitions are filed against DEP on various permits issued to FKAA. These include permits for work on Big Pine (north & south), Little Palm Island, Cudjoe, Upper Sugarloaf and the forcemain from Big Pine Key to Ramrod. DEP continues to ignore these legal filings and FKAA continues working on these Keys without proper permits. Sources indicate the continued work that we have all seen and reported is being accomplished with the knowledge and consent of DEP — Commissioner Neugent stated such on US 1 Radio last week. Our position is simple; there are rules, regulations and laws that are being ignored and averted by government agencies. In the midst of this, our attorney issued a “Cease and Desist Order” to which we have received no response.

To cut to the chase, this past Friday, we, Dump the Pumps, Inc, and several individual petitioners, filed suit in Monroe County Circuit Court for an emergency Writ of Mandamus. DEP will now have the opportunity to tell a judge why they are acting in the manner which we are experiencing.

For those interested, all of the above filings are available for your review on our website

As always, feel free at any time with comments or questions.


I, Sloan, clicked on that link and was unable to find a copy of the filed complaint at www.dumpthepumps.comm by clicking on the “news” link. There is a copy of an older complaint, which had not been filed. Much happened since that older complaint was drawn up. I later reached Banks by telephone and he said the new complaint is different from the old complaint, and he copied local news papers/media with what I had received.

I have had serious differences of opinion with Banks and Dump the Pumps’ attorneys about how Cudjoe Regional Sewer System’s implementation on Big Pine and several keys below there should be challenged. My intuition, my soul and the angels have agreed with my own two eyes and my own two ears, that the case should have been filed months ago, in federal court, instead of state court, and it should not focus entirely on the permitting process, when there are substantive environmental grounds for attacking the use of grinder pumps where gravity sewer lines could be used instead.

Just for one example, consider this forward from Banks yesterday:


I was just speaking with Paul Prue when an e-mail came in about a current crisis with the sewage treatment plant in Penn Yan, New York. Due to severe flooding, we have been asked to turn off the power to our grinder pump as there is sewage overflowing in the system. We are not there to do it, which would be the case for many people in the Keys should they have a grinder pump installed and a similar natural disaster occurred.

I hope this will help support the case that grinder pumps should be used on an extremely limited basis.

I will forward the notice to you.

Joanne Lockwood

Just for another example, if grinder pumps are cheaper than and as environmentally friendly as gravity sewer systems, why, pray tell, was not the entire Cudjoe Regional Sewer System designed to use grinder pumps on every last piece of privately-owned property? Why was so much money wasted on gravity sewer lines in much of Cudjoe Regional?

However, there is a wee problem with my contrary perspective about how the grinder pump war should be waged, which I cannot in good conscience ignore.

I did not get involved in the grinder pump war until last fall. Before that, I paid no attention to it. Furthermore, my intuition, my soul and the angels did not nudge, or push, my own two eyes and my own two ears to pay attention to the grinder pump war before last fall. So, right, who am I to tell anyone else that I don’t like the way anyone else went about, or is going about, waging the grinder pump war?

I hope the lawsuit makes Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which approved and issued permits for grinder pump installations, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, which was hired by Monroe County to build Cudjoe Regional Sewer System, and the Monroe County Commission and county staff, who authorized the Aqueduct Authority to proceed, all choke and turn blue. As far as I’m concerned, they come from the same pea pod as the Key West folks who killed Charles Eimers, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement folks who are helping the killers cover it up.

If you have not been keeping up with the Eimers case, open this Key West the Blue Newspaper link – The Eimers Investigation: Did They Lose The Book?  – which contains a link to the bunker-busting bystander’s video of how the suspected homeless Eimers really was taken down by KWPD officers with pistols drawn, and a link to all previous www.thebluepaper articles on that horrible affair. Two blue paper “cartoons”.

Charles Eimer's take down

Eimers coverup

Won’t surprise me if CBS buries Key West. Maybe that will cause the US Department of Justice and the F.B.I. to launch an investigation Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners and Margaret Romero should have called for months ago.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at Coco's

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