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Lady Hawke

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Reply to day before yesterday’s Key West’s self-described mystic mayor candidate post at this website:

about time

Earthlings Bashinsky and Watherwax!

Fear Not!

Know only this: When the Mother Ship Gets here from the home Planet, Your names will have already been inscribed on the “Roll of the Protected Ones”

Now, Live and Be Well!


Barrata Nictu

Feather Talk

During the intermission at last night’s Key West Poetry Guild first Sunday of the month reading at Blue Heaven restaurant on Petronia Street, I learned, and then it was announced, that I will be the featured poet for the July Guild reading, and that Connie Gilbert

Connie Gilbert 4

will moderate that meeting. Connie then told me that she will introduce me: I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, right? I said, Birmingham is where I landed. But I am not from this solar system. Nor, for that matter, I did not say, is Connie, nor anyone else I know.

Kirby Congdon, Key West’s Poet Laureate,

Kirby Congden

was this month’s featured poet. His own and a lot of other terrific poetry was read, recited, performed to an audience of about 35 people, a little more than half were poets. Kirby’s art was hung around the upstairs room. An example.

Kirby Congdon art

“Exquisite,” I told him after the readings. As was his poetry.

Sheri Lohr and a Spanish fellow named Edwardo, continued a duet they had started at Guild readings. Lori read a stanza, Edwardo responded. Sometimes Lori read in Spanish and Edwardo responded in English; sometimes she read in English and he responded in Spanish. Before it was over, the main character in their duet was Magdalena.


Just naturally, I took that as A SIGN FROM ABOVE, given what I knew I was going to recite.


When my time came, I said I’d had a nap dream yesterday afternoon, after wondering if I would recite any poetry last night? In the dream, I was with my college fraternity brothers. our fraternity creed was Dieu et les dames – God and the women. Once, during an intramural football game against another fraternity, I’d come up with an idea for a play: we’d all fake a student body right run, then, hoping to flake the other team out of their jockstraps, we then would reverse the play to student body left, and it had worked – a long touchdown run.

I said, that dream leads me to the poem I will recite, which has application to some things I was dealing with in other parts of my life. I did not say: right is male, left is female, and the first half of my poem is brand new, the second half came in 1994:

Romeo, oh Romeo,
Wherefore hast Chivalry gone?

Juliet, oh Juliet,
It t’was women’s lib –
For every male chauvinist pig
there becameth a female chauvinist pig.

Alas, sadly, you know, my Magdalena:

Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living water
without which
there are no rainbows
and God is dead!

During the second round of poetry, after the intermission, I said, I nearly included this poem with the Magdalena verses, but it did not seem to fit well there; so I will recite it now.

It, part of about 150 verses (including the Rosa Mystica verse), came out of the blue in early 1993. I was attending Sunday gatherings of people who, like me, were lost and seeking. At the end of one Sunday gathering, a fellow I’d never seen there before, although he seemed to be one of the movers and shakers for the gathering, came forward and told us all to close our eyes and ask God what we could best do to serve God? I closed my eyes and asked the question. Into my inner vision came a beautiful white quill writing pen.


I felt something incredible all over me. I nearly burst into tears and got up and left.

That night, I picked up my pen and writing journal. One word at a time started falling out of me. It went on for about six weeks. I bawled the entire time. This is one of the verses. I could have called it Magdalena, but I named it “Black Pearl”.

He feels deep beauty in the dark pool from which his writings flow. She clings to him like fine silk, precious oil. She feels solid, compressed, like … a black pearl, growing from inside out, ever larger with each stroke of his pen, pushing her precious waters over her banks into his dreams and life.

I did not say at the Guild reading that, by the time those verses came from out of nowhere, I already had written two novels about people who hatched on this planet, in Birmingham, but were not originally from this solar system. In their own way, those tales were about Chivalry.

Moving laterally, Mud Dawg, aka Mike Tolbert, of Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd in Key West, replied to yesterday’s post intentionally vague and other creative creature features of Key West’s new Peary Court development at this website:

mud dog

last job I did for leaping lizard 80s before going on cross country bicycle adventure was removing dead trees and stumps at Truman annex. when we got back in 1999 I could not fathom how truly awful Truman annex was and looked! And Not being able to see the ocean almost anywhere on the island unless you bought a overpriced piece of shit cookie cutter house. All our old haunts were gone best sandwich shop was a sushi bar. Mega ghetto multi story apts on the salt ponds. Pier b had a god awful Hilton. Folks that we knew who used to work utilities at pier house for daily pay and do there drinking in Q rooms or other low cost rooming houses now homeless drunks on the beach. But if the greed mongers had not imported Cheap illegal labor and converted every inch of key west into DISNEY south they would not be there! I hear People al the time talk about The children. Well why did you tear out the ball fields at peary court or go cart track or bowling alley ETC ETC if you were so worried about the children people? Folks living herte should take a page from the BUNDY RANCH BOOK and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH before peary court is allowed to destroy another segment of Old key west!

JUST needed that off my chest! Your damn angels or something had me dreaming of all those dead trees I cut down on Truman annex all nite and the damage it did to key west!

I replied:

No problem, I liked kinda like it. Those danged angels get around, don’t they? What killed all those dead trees, if you know?

Mike wrote:

lethal yellowing took out almost all those palms on navy property. we even sent poor pj to cudjoe dump with the old navy gate and concrete in a seriously overloaded 1 ton dump truck. poor thing was to heavy to dump when she got there! good thing the dozer operator was the chivalrous type and pulled it off for her.

I replied:

Ah, chivalry.

Lady Hawk

from the movie “Lady Hawk”, Navarre and his lady, at night, he was a wolf and she was a woman

Mike wrote:

and 28 yr old pj in daisy dukes and bikini top. got a lot of stuff accomplished back then.

I wrote:

Maybe you two should write the book starting with this email exchange and then flashing back to you two bicycling from Key West to California and points beyond and back.

Moving further laterally, one of the Angela Street Magdalenas replied to yesterday’s intentionally vague and other creative creature features of Key West’s new Peary Court development post at this website:


too bad you don’t write for the Citizen

Which brings me to what had passed between me and another of the Angela Street Magdalenas, after I sent that neighborhood this:

You folks seem to have gotten another city commissioner onto your side, and this one, Teri Johnston, is a force to be reckoned with.

Teri JohnstonTeri

Part of my post yesterday at www.goodmorningkeywest.com was about Angela Street and Peary Court leading up to your visit with Teri. Part of today’s post, reproduced in full below, is about Angela Street and Peary Court after your meet with Teri, and about related stuff, including Naja Girard who is lined up with Don Craig and Michael Miller. The post today weaves back and forth between Angela Street and Peary Court and other stuff in which Naja and I have been involved.


La Résistance sez: First, do no harm; then, stir the pot, Key West

Magdalena 2 replied just to me:

Teri Johnston is amazing. We need more like her everywhere, that’s for sure.

I am wondering though if you should be publishing information about these private meetings with city and HARC commissioners that other City and HARC commissioners can read. They aren’t supposed to know about what the others have said or at least that’s what a couple of them have told us.

I replied:

If Teri Johnson, for example, told me something about Peary Court for me to tell the other members of the City Commission, and I passed her remarks along to them, that would be a violation of the Sunshine Law by Teri, and perhaps by me, as her accomplice.

It would not be a violation of the Sunshine Law, however, for me to simply report what happened at yesterday’s meeting, who said what, etc., which is what I did. What if I had been Gwen Filosa, instead of me? I publish public interest stuff all the time. I publish stuff elected officials tell me, or tell someone else, frequently.

Elected officials can respond directly to me, and sometimes they do, and I publish their responses. They even can copy the other elected officials on their same elected board with their reply to me, but that is not advised because it invites the other officials to reply and violate the Sunshine Law.

Teri said in yesterday’s meeting that she reads my dailies, after saying she had read in yesterday’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com about Tony Yaniz and my conversation about Jimmy Weekley putting Peary Court on a City Commission meeting asap for discussion, so the Sunshine Law would not be violated by their talking about it among themselves.

I know it can be argued that it’s not tactical to tell the mayor and the commissioners how their fellow electeds are siding in their meetings with your neighborhood. But isn’t that what you all wanted: to get them all together and have them pin themselves down, say where they stood, hopefully on your side, and in public, and for City Planner Don Craig and HARC to learn of it?

It’s harder for them to waffle, switch positions, if their position has been made public.

Yes, Jim Hendrick and the developer also learn of what I publish and see how it’s stacking up where the buck stops.

I don’t imagine your side is the only side lobbying Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners. I imagine the developer is lobbying; I imagine other citizens are lobbying.

However, you folks have the most to lose, and you folks and Shirley Freeman are holding the city’s feet to the fire against this developer, Don Craig and HARC.

It is really important that, I think, that you folks are represented by legal counsel henceforth. Someone who will speak clearly, precisely, nail the points which need to be nailed. In the five Angela Street meetings I attended with an elected official, and in the meeting with the HARC committee member, you folks threw a lot of stuff at them, yet they managed to wade through it and get down to what you folks really want:

Leave Angela Street alone.

Deal with the developer in other ways than ruining your neighborhood.

And, you have something from the city’s comprehensive plan, it seems, backing you, as well as common sense and common decency.


She replied:

Thanks for your explanation and advice, Sloan. We removed Gwen Filosa from our list last year, feeling it was inappropriate to make a member of the press privy to our conversations and strategizing among ourselves. I hope and trust that you are right with regards to the Sunshine Law but I am still uncomfortable with such public airing of our conversations with the commissioners. There may be some value in exposing the promises or indications of alliance made to us as both threat to the other side and encouragement to other commissioners to join, but I am still not comfortable with it.

I replied:

I understand. Maybe it’s time for me to shut my big mouth.

For clarification, though …

For years I have copied the city commissioners and the city mayor and the county commissioners with stuff coming before them, quoting them, quoting other people. Sometimes one of them, usually unhappy with what I wrote, but sometimes to clarify a point of fact, responded to me. That does not violate the Sunshine Law. Nor does my publishing it and/or copying the responder’s elected counterparts with it. What violates the Sunshine Law is when city commissioners, or county commissioners, or School Board members, or HARC members, or Planning Board members, or Tree Commissioners, or Truman Waterfront Advisory Board members, for examples, discuss among themselves, in writing or verbally, away from a duly called meeting, anything that might come before them in their elected capacities for decision.

I attended a Bahama Village meeting in Old City Hall this afternoon, because of the article in today’s Citizen about the delays and unplanned for additional costs in the renovation of the Martin Luther King center and the two parks on either side of it. After that, a item came up for discussion re putting out to referendum letting property owners, who wish to raise their homes/buildings because of rising water, be allowed to raise their home/building up to 5 feet higher than the building heights allowed in the City Charter. When I told Sue from the City Clerk’s Office that I wished the speak to that item, she said it was only for discussion and citizens do not get to speak to discussion items. I wondered about that when I spoke with Tony Yaniz about putting Peary Court on a City Commission meeting agenda for discussion. I think I recall Tony saying citizens could speak to it, but maybe it was someone else who told me that.

What I’m leading up to is, it may be that if Peary Court gets put onto a City Commission meeting agenda for discussion, the Angela Street residents, their lawyer if they have one, will not be able to speak to that item. Even so, it will be good and important for the City Commissioners to speak to it. I kept hearing you folks talk about the snowball rolling toward the City Commission and maybe by the time it got there it would be too big for them to stop it. The time to stop it is ASAP. That’s what you folks said you wanted to do. That’s what you told Mayor Cates and the 4 commissioners you wanted to do.

It appears Don Craig and Michael Miller are dug in. I don’t see you bringing them around, based on what I saw at the HARC meeting, and based on Miller declining to meet with you folks because, as he wrote to you, I was told, that all you are looking out for is yourselves; you don’t care what it best for the city. I think Miller has his head somewhere it don’t shine much. I heard he liked the first plan the developer submitted to HARC, and got outvoted. He was just a HARC Commissioner then, now he’s the Chair and still has that bur under his saddle. Perhaps he will be different at the next HARC meeting. Perhaps Don Craig will be different then. We’ll find out at that meeting.

Meanwhile, I hope you persuade Jimmy Weekley to put Peary Court on the second to come City Commission meeting agenda for discussion.

She wrote:

Thanks Sloan and I hope you know that you have had credibility with us and some good suggestions, most of which we are following.
I just don’t want to do anything to upset what seems to be a hopeful direction. We have a long way to go.

I replied:

I’m fine keeping my big mouth shut as long as that’s okay with the angels running me :-). They don’t think much like humans, but sometimes they do.

Jimmy Weekley came to me in a nap dream yesterday.

Jimmy Weekley 2Jimmy

Got the impression he was not pleased with my sitting on your and my correspondence, instead of publishing it without showing your name.

As for upcoming HARC meeting, don’t see how any of you can know what you will say, for sure, until after hearing Hendrick and Bosold presentations. Hope you folks are a lot better organized and succinct speaking to HARC, than you were during the meetings with the mayor and city commissioners. Really important that you folks are represented by legal counsel henceforth at public meetings.

Won’t surprise me if Michael Miller restricts you folks’ comments to pure HARC issues, which he said at the last meeting he was going to do, then he let you say whatever you wanted to say.


My Jimmy Weekley dream was followed by several other dreams through last night telling me the angelinas want me to publish Magdalena 2’s and my emails.


So far, I have heard, one at a time at five Angela Street neighborhood meetings, Mayor Cates and City Commissioners Jimmy Weekley, Billy Wardlow, Tony Yaniz and Teri Johnston say they feel Angela Street should not be integrated into Peary Court, indicated by the green arrow and the roads outlined in red. They said the crossing streets, Georgia, Florida and Pearl, which now end at Angela Street, should not be extended into Peary Court. Unnamed, tiny, narrow Angela Street runs parallel between Peary Court and Newton Street. Angela and Newton end at and connect with Eisenhower Drive.

White Street

So far, City Commissioners Mark Rossi and Clayton Lopez have not met with the Angela Street.

Were I Mayor of Key West, I would go about Angela Street and Peary Court in much the same way I am going about it as a citizen, except I do not copy the city commissioners with any of it. Knowing I publish rain or shine daily at www.goodmorningkeywest.com, they can read it there and probably will be sent it by citizens who want them to see it.

I see to it that Peary Court got on a city commission agenda for discussion, and I do all I can to have the discussion be thorough.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan in dress

photo by Key West super photographer Richard Watherwax

Richard Watherwax

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at www.goodmorningbirmingham.com. Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at goodmorningkeywest.com, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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