Key West’s self-described mystic mayor candidate

lady Sloan

photo by Key West legend photographer Richard Watherwax,

Richard Watherwax

at his home in Key West, 2009, arranged by Cudjoe Key Amigo Sandy Downs

Sandy Downs

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lightning storm

Lightning and thunder storms long have heralded for me a change coming my way. The storm which rumbled through Key West last night woke me up and, along with ensuing dreams, encouraged me to stick with what some, perhaps many people might consider a weird, if not a totally wacky theme for today’s post, which weird, if not totally wacky theme had drifted into my weird, if not totally wacky life yesterday afternoon and evening.

mud dog

Mud Dawg, aka Mike Tolbert of Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd in Key West, wrote yesterday:


You A mystic now? REALLY? last time I was in church years ago guy on the pulpit said GOD talked to him. Nobody batted a eye? So why is it so hard to believe angels talk to you thru dreams? Shit I got no problem with it! Why you gotta be labled a Mystic?

What prompted Mike to write that was this in in yesterday’s Citizen –

“Romero is the third candidate to file for the office, after former attorney and self-defined mystic Sloan Bashinsky and Cates. Qualifying for the election is June 16-22.”

I replied to Mike somewhat tongue in cheek, but not entirely:

As time passed, I came to the conclusion God, being seriously busy with important matters, never talked with any human being on this tiny planet in a Creation so Vast that this planet is but an electron in something far bigger than, say, the Pacific Ocean. Instead, angels assigned to different parts of the Creation deal with human beings on this planet, and with so-called intelligent species elsewhere and on this planet, the most intelligent of which on this planet, according to A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, are the mice, who keep running experiments on humans who think it is they who are running experiments on mice; and the second most intelligent species, according to the same authority and to other authorities I have bumped across, is the cetaceans (dolphins, orcas, whales, etc.) 3rd down the smarts pecking order, far down, actually, is human beings, as you and I so eagerly prove day after day :-).

In answer how I got designated a mystic, I did it on the Supervisor of Elections’ website:

Sloan at Coco's

Candidate’s Statement

1711 Seminary St
Key West, Fl 33040

Born: 1942, Birmingham, Alabama. No political party affiliation. Former Alabama practicing attorney. Published author, novelist, poet, artist, columnist, citizen watchdog, environmental activist, mystic, minister. Three prior runs for mayor of Key West. See for daily commentaries. If you want a different approach, full transparency, a mayor who owes no favors and is impervious to outside pressure, a mayor who has been active in Key West issues for quite a while, I’m your man.

As you can see, Mike, Gwen Filosa left out a few things in describing my background in today’s Citizen.

I, too, find it strange that anyone can stand up in a church and say God spoke to him, or to her, and it seldom, if ever, gets reported in a newspaper. But if a candidate for public office does that, then he, or she, never hears the end of it. So, I stopped saying God speaks to me, since I concluded it never happened to me, or to any human being, and started saying angels direct me, and correct me. The result was about the same: I will never hear the end of it.

Maybe more later, maybe not.


Mike wrote:


Must have been something in the air.


Last night, I checked  for new reader comments to the latest blue paper article on the Charles Eimers case,

Charles EimersCharles Eimers

and found:

MAY 2, 2014 AT 11:50 AM
I am grateful to The Blue Paper for not letting up and trying to get to the bottom of this tragedy. I knew immediately after watching the video here that the official KWPD account of what transpired was a complete fabrication to cover their butts. You could not make up a more twisted coverup of the “legalized murder” of Mr. Eimers than what KWPD has done from that Thanksgiving Day of 2013. It’s apparent that several KWPD officers should stand trial for what they did and we the public should demand nothing less. We also need a need a new Police Chief because the present one is nothing but a joke. We need to keep pressing those in charge of this island that we will not stand for the tactics of the police department any longer. A new FDLE lead investigator needs to be appointed, certainly not someone married to a KWPD officer.

MAY 2, 2014 AT 12:21 PM
This story keeps getting better and better and the city of Key West is looking dirtier with each new revelation. The whole story up until now has been to CYA! I seriously doubt anyone on the City Commission will speak up. To do so will open the gates to their involvement in setting the tone for how THEY want the KWPD to treat the homeless. They may have to fire Donnie Lee, but to do so they risk chief Lee exposing them. The link between FDLE’s investigator is another major problem to be whitewashed by KWPD and FDLE. The only way the truth will come out in it’s entirety will be when certain members of KWPD make a deal to stay out of jail. Vaya Con Dios to Donnie Lee and whoever doesn’t tell the truth.

I then submitted this comment, which later was cleared from moderation and is showing in reader comments.

MAY 2, 2014 AT 10:12 PM
Looks to me, angels got involved in this case just about from the start, by having a bystander with a camera ready to preserve the truth which, unpreserved, would have allowed the KWPD to get clean away with it. Then, looks to me, angels managed to keep Charles Eimers’ body from being cremated. Then, looks to me, angels steered, and kept steering Naja and Arnaud toward more unpleasant facts. Latest, looks to me, angels got CBS into it.

I think you might find, if you do not already know it, that newly-filed mayor candidate Margaret Romeo is more severely inclined towards homeless people than are Mayor Cates and the current city commissioners.

I invited Mayor Cates and the current city commissioners, during citizen comments at a commission meeting, to get involved in the Charles Eimers case. I told them Charels Eimers’ was suspected by KWPD officers of being homeless, and his death was the direct result of the aggressive tone they had set for how the city would deal with homeless people. I told them that Charles Eimers’ death was only the beginning of the city’s karma for how it treated homeless people.

Awful as some homeless people are, sad as many of them are, infuriating as some of them are, they are human beings, and they have the same basic human, legal and spiritual rights all other people living in Key West have.

Many times I told various city commissions that, because Key West had adopted One Human Family as its own official philosophy, God had taken that as an invitation to put Key West to the test by seeing how Key West treated its homeless people.

The most influential person in human history today, the human calendar is based on his supposed birthday, was homeless while he did what would make him the most influential person in human history. The foxes had their dens, the birds had their nests, but he had no place to lay down his head, was written in what became the New Testament Gospels.

Vaya con Dios is a good thing for Police Chief Donnie Lee, his police officers, the mayor and the city commissioners, and all of Key West to be doing even now with respect to the death of Charles Eimers, and with respect to everything else going on in the city and in their lives.

Here is a link to the superb article itself, which contains links to all earlier superb blue paper Charles Eimers articles and a link to the video:

CBS Morning Show Probes Key West In-Custody Death

From my perspective, a mystic’s perspective,


at the level of soul, Charles Eimers agreed to play the role which brought us to where we are now in the aftermath of his death. To my eyes, a mystic’s eyes, the angels were involved even before Charles reached Key West, hoping it would be his home. Perhaps Charles didn’t have much longer to live; I have read he’d had heart problems. Perhaps this was the best way for him, in the soul sense, to complete his life on this world: by exposing a terrible truth about Key West and its contrary to one human family view of and treatment of homeless people. The way of the soul tends to be very different from the way of the mind, or of the ego.

I might even hazard a guess that the Charles Eimers case is the soul reason Arnaud and Naja acquired the blue paper from Dennis Reeves Cooper, into which Arnaud and  Naja then put heaps of their own blood, sweat and tears, using their own money, while putting themselves and their loved ones at risk to retaliation. I know from many conversations with Arnaud and Naja that they are tired, exhausted probably is more accurate. I know they don’t like being the ones investigating and reporting the Charles Eimers case. I know they wanted to move the blue paper away from police issues. And, I know they feel the Charles Eimers case is really important, it has fallen on them to do, and they are doing it. At the level of soul, they, too, agreed to play this role they do not like playing.

The same goes for me. The same goes for everyone involved in the Charles Eimers case, including Charles’ family, their lawyers, CBS, Donnie Lee, the 13 police officers, FDLE, Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners, the blue paper readers who make comments, the Citizen, the State Attorney, and eventually the voters of Key West. It is fair to say, at the level of soul, we all are standing trial in a courtroom not of this world, over the death of Charles Eimers.

asteroid belt

On the same theme, but with humor instead of gruesome, is recent Facebook chatter with an old amiga from the Midwest, whose frolics with me, perhaps not always heaps of fun, sometimes have appeared in posts at this website.

A professional psychic, she wrote to me yesterday:

Gloria Reiser
Hey Sloan…. it’s time for a new Soul Drawing for me. Something tranquil and peaceful, this time. I think your soul drawings may be predictive, in some instances. I’m just this week free of the wild Mustang Sally ride and ready for a tranquil beach scene to evoke (or is it invoke?) better times.

Mustang Sally

“Mustang Sally”

I replied:

Sloan Bashinsky
It’s been my experience that my soul drawings, if I can claim they are mine, they seem to just come through me, are predictive, sometimes in the short run, sometimes in the long run, with the long-runners having various phases of playing out. For a spell, I was doing a soul drawing a day, sometimes more frequently, but that was years ago. I did a few new ones shortly after I returned to Key West to live late last August. They still seem in play. During that time I also recolored several more from an older time, one of which I realized was yours – Mustang Sally. I don’t know if I’m to do another one for you. I suppose your soul is in charge of that. Maybe she likes wild rides.

This morning, I wrote to Gloria:

Sloan Bashinsky
Dream time last night left me feeling, for now anyway, that your soul still likes Mustang Sally.

Mustang Sally, and all of my soul drawings, go onto the paper at a diagonal; either the top right corner, or the top left corner, of the paper is where drawings hang from. To see how Mustang Sally hung on my wall before I sent it to Gloria, rotate your monitor screen 45 degrees right. About half of the drawings hang from the top left corner, about half hang from the top right corner. Once I dreamed that I was doing too many drawings which hung from the top right corner, and I needed to do drawings which hung from the top left corner. So the next few drawings hung from the top left corner. Then they went back and forth between the top and top left corners. I figured it had to do with balancing the male and female energies – right is masculine, left feminine.


The interesting Gloria twist in all of this is, in late August 2002, she told me that she had dreamed of my drawing a beautiful mandala, and then I was on a beach drawing mandalas for other people, sometimes before they came by, sometimes after. At that time, I was visiting an elder woman friend in Holy Trinity, Alabama, near Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. I did not know where I was going next, and Gloria’s dream told me I was headed back to Key West – beach. Gloria had dreamed for me before, and always her dreams for me were revelatory for me.

I’d never done much drawing, but after reaching Key West and finding a place to stay, I started drawing, using a pencil to sketch, then black ink pens to outline, and Crayola water color markers to bring the drawings to life. At first I did the drawings on cardboard box tops, but later I shifted to heavy, acid-free water color paper. I did hundreds of drawings, quite a few of which I gave to other people; a few were sold; but most of them stayed with me. I knew they were mandalas, but I called them soul drawings; or shaman drawings, depending on whom I discussed them with.

I knew from things happening in my own life, and from what people reported who had received their soul drawing, that the drawings were catalytic; they set something into motion. I knew several of the new drawings I did early last fall were about the cruise ship referendum. I saw in the drawings the referendum going down to heavy defeat, but no way was I going to tell anyone that and maybe jinx the soul movement. Also, what if I had misread the drawings? That would be a lot of crow to eat.

I’m retrieved the new and the older recolored drawings. The new drawings, about the cruise ship referendum, come first, in the time order they arrived on my drawing pad.




“Land Fall”




“Look! No cruise ships”

Of course, there might be other currents in those new drawings, than just the cruise ship referendum. Soul drawings are multidimensional.

The recolored older soul drawings, not necessarily in time order of arrival, arranged by size of their photo reproduction in my photo gallery.

Feather Talk

“Feather Talk”

comme un loup drawing

“Comme un loup” [like a wolf, stealth]

Fantasy Fest feline

“Fantasy Fest”

Mary Poppins

“Mary Poppins”



Lady Hawke

“Lady Hawke”







Heart Throb

“Heart Throb”





about time

“Family Reunion”

ET wife

“ET Wife”



Higgs Beach party

“Higgs Beach Volley Ball”

Mustang Sally

“Mustang Sally”

Welcome home, Kali

“Kali Return”

dark horse

“Dark Horse”

Devil or Angel

“Devil or Angel?”

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan with trollmoi and one of my troll friends

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, the self-described (the angels did it to me) mystic candidate for Mayor of Key West

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