To be, nor not to be, that is the question, Key West maybe, maybe not mayor candidate Tony Yaniz

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As we down here in Key Way Far West of Weird now know, last Sunday’s Editorial in the Citizen – – proved auspicious for the Key West mayoral part of the next day’s jam-packed Hometown! PAC Call to Candidates at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014
It’s ‘put up or shut up’ time in local politics
Our first president and one of the county’s Founding Fathers is quoted as saying: “Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.” Like most ideas from our Founding Fathers, that line is as poignant today, as ever.

Serving in public office is one of the most patriotic things a citizen can do. One of the pillars of what makes our country the nation it is, would be the democratic process. The ability to elect people to, and out of office helps ensure those in positions of power reflect the desires of the voters. Those in elected positions serve as the direct line between the voters and government.

While there may have been instances throughout history when an elected official was so popular that they would have unanimous support of their constituency, we seriously doubt that is the case in any of the upcoming elections. We find the exact opposite to be true in that virtually everyone in political office has their detractors.

This is a good thing; it means the political process is working.

Unfortunately, the political process gets tripped up when the voters don’t get to participate in an election because there is only one candidate in a political race. With only one candidate, the political process falls apart, and the voters get cheated.

Our world of 24-hour news and unlimited information at our fingertips has taken criticism of our elected officials to a whole new level. Critics of virtually everyone and everything are seemingly everywhere. With so many people so vocal about the failings of the various sitting elected officials, why do we still have candidates who get into office without an election because they fail to draw an opponent?

It would seem those most vocal among us would be eager for the opportunity to put themselves and their ideas before the voters. Some would be more blunt and say, “Put up or shut up!”

Fortunately, it is early in the election season and already many civic-minded citizens have announced they will be running for the various seats that are up for election this year. We cannot commend these people enough. Win or lose, each of them is performing a valuable public service which strengthens our whole way of life.

The local group Hometown! PAC has an event scheduled for Monday designed specifically to allow anyone, even those simply thinking about running for office, to “test the waters” without having to make any binding decision. The standing room only event starts at 5:30 p.m. sharp, and is held at Salute! on the Beach.

The long-running event, which is held at the start of every election year, is appropriately named “A Call For Candidates.” The idea is to provide a platform for potential candidates to take the stage in front of a large group of politically minded citizens and see what kind of reaction they get. The gathering also provides an opportunity for the voters to mingle and get to know those currently in office, and those who want to be.

We optimistically look forward to seeing multiple candidates for every elected seat and office step up to the challenge to run. In doing so, they give the voters a chance to decide who they want representing them and making decisions that will directly affect their lives for years to come.

— The Citizen

In today’s issue of KONK Life –


Just a joke


That was a joke when he (Tony Yaniz) said I’m not running responding to Todd’s joke about Sloan being crazy qualified. Tony will get stuff done that matters without the red tape.

Tony YanizTony

Tony made that “joke” during his 2 minutes at Hometown! PAC’s Call to Candidates, when he neither put up nor shut up, got nothing done which mattered, and created a Mt. Trashmore of red tape.

Mt. TrashmoreMt. Trashmore, the old city dump, said to be full of toxic waste

Don’t take my word for it, though. Click on, scroll about 1/3rd way down their homepage to the YouTube icon, click in that, and when the video comes up, slide the white button with the red dot in the center below the video to the right until you get to the 55:55  mark. That’s when Mayor Craig Cates winds up his 2 minutes. Next come my 2 minutes, which prime the pump. Then come Tony’s 2 minutes, which made tongues wag all over Key West and far beyond.

Watching my and Tony’s segments of the video is the only way to know what actually happened to cause Tony to neither put up nor shut up, get nothing done that matters, and create a Mt. Trashmore of red tape in the Citizen and other local rags and blogs. Well, maybe that was the whole point, and maybe that really did matter. Maybe that was a sneak preview of how it will go if Tony is mayor.

Weird, don’t you think, that the Citizen, KONK Life and other local news rags have not told their readers how to watch Hometown! PAC’s video? I think this might be the 4th time I have told my readers how to watch the video.

Do you think maybe there might be something in my 2-minute segment of Hometown’s video, which the local rag heads don’t want their readers to know I said, which provoked Tony’s “joke”? I ask, because the local rag heads have yet to report all of what I said, which provoked Tony’s “joke”.

Do you think the local rag heads don’t want their readers to know I said: at a recent Angela Court community meeting, Mayor Craig Cates and I agreed, anyone who wants to be mayor is insane, because off all the hell the mayor catches, it’s a hell job.

Craig CatesCraig

Do you think maybe, for just a moment, Tony believed me, and that is why he started off saying he will not run for mayor this year? But, after being heckled from the audience, Tony had second thoughts, and then proceeded to neither put up nor shut up, get nothing done which mattered, and created a Mt. Trashmore of red tape.

On Facebook yesterday, by Gweko Phlocker,


aka Gary Ek, local radio personality, music lover, and generally assumed to be insane person:

wisdom is crazy

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

Sloan at Carol

Hometown’s Carol Wightman and moi just before I paved the way for Tony Yaniz to neither put up nor shut up, get nothing done which mattered, and create a Mt. Trashmore of red tape

I’m running for mayor because the angels who own me told me to run, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

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