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Today at is a word to the wise, Big Sugar, et. al., it’s not smart to mess with Mother Nature post, prompted by an email to me from Billy Causey, Regional Director of NOAA’s Office of Marine Sanctuaries, responding to the recent 2014 Last Stand and Everglades Law Center water quality symposium in Key West report post at that website. If you did not yet read the symposium post, it sets the stage for the don’t mess with Mother Nature post.

Meanwhile, back down in Key West,

Feather Talk

an email BLAST from KONK Life yesterday –, re Rick Boettger’s report on the Tony Yaniz/Todd German ending to last Monday evening’s Hometown! PAC’s Call to Candidates, as reported in the recent  being angel bait sometimes is fun, but campaigning sucks – for a fact, anyone who actually wants to be Mayor of Key Far West of Weird is insane – being told by angels to run for mayor is my story and I’m sticking to it  post at this website: 


Reply to Grusin


Rick BoettgerRichard GrusinTodd GermanTony Yaniz 2

Boettger. Grussin, German, Yaniz

From Richard Grusin

Was I at the same event you were at? I don’t think I was. Boo’s came from all around me. Not running was not what the event was about. Yaniz started to give a speech after saying he wasn’t going to run. If anyone could get up and make a 2 minute speech we’d still be there. The blunder seems to be on you, accusing people who are not even on Hometown’s board of jeering. Todd did a fine job, with grace and humor. Your observations had none of those. I hope you’ll put a retraction in the next edition

Not a Retraction, by Rick Boettger

Todd German posted that Trish was not on Hometown’s board, and I immediately posted my thanks for the correction, saying I thought since he responded to her objection, that she was not just a heckler, but had an official function. In a copy of the column I sent to Yaniz, presumably because he wanted to use it in his defense on his Facebook page, I made the correction. To me, it is worse that Todd took advice-incorrect, as it turns out-from someone who not only had no official capacity, but was the wife of someone who most stood to gain from Tony’s running, Barry Gibson, the former holder of Tony’s seat.

The event clearly included testing the waters. Formal candidacy was not the issue, as Tony had been assured. And in the context of both Sloan’s and Todd’s immediate jokes about being crazy to run, Tony was also joking. Only his was taken seriously.

Richard, I saw nothing at all amusing or gracious about a sitting commissioner being heckled and jeered at an event to which he was welcomed because the organizers knew his speech would be the main draw, as evidenced by Todd’s joke about the evening’s being over before the mayoral candidates spoke. Todd knows he was wrong to allow any question about whether Tony would get his two minutes. I hope Hometown, and you, would realize it is wrong for the appalling behavior of Cates’ supporters to have gone unchallenged.

Boos would have come from all around you if you were in the middle of Cates’ supporters. Lacking a number of spaced microphones, we have to let this be a matter of differing perceptions. I was outside the room, and I heard no one around me booing.

I hope you have similar objections to the Citizen’s coverage, as I detail in my upcoming column

I posted this comment at KONK Life:

Sloan Bashinsky on Fri, Apr 25 2014 at 11:05 am said:

For Rick Boettger re is reporting on and his later comments on the Tony Yaniz part of Hometown! PAC’s Call to Candidates.

I was standing outside on the sand, near the asphalt sidewalk, when Tony Yaniz went to the bandstand. I heard alternating robust cheers for Tony and robust boos against him, as his time on the mike continued. Be that as it may, Rick, please tell your readers to go to and scroll about half way down that home page to the You-Tube icon, on which they can click, and that should bring up the entire video of the candidates’ presentations. Slide the button below the video rightward to the 60 minutes point in the video, which is when Craig Cates is finishing his presentation, right before I am called up to the bandstand. Unless your readers hear my comment about Craig and I having recently agreed at an Angela community meeting that anyone who wants to be mayor is insane, because of the hell the mayor gets, it’s a hell job, they will not know what set up Todd’s comment about me being insane, he knows because he’s my friend, and then Tony’s opening comment about me saying anyone who wants the job is insane, and he was not going to run, which then led to the commotion you have been reporting. As a former Yale Law School student, you know, as with the video taken by the bystander in the Charles Eimers Case, which the blue paper – – keeps sharing with its readers, which video blew to shreds the KWPD version of the apprehension of Charles Eimers, Hometown’s video of my comments, and then Tony’s and Todd’s ensuing interaction, and the audience’s responses thereto, is the best and really the only credible evidence of that really happened.

Sloan Bashinsky

KONK Life’s email BLAST today does not contain my comment. I probably should have included in mine to KONK life that Barry Gibson,

Barry GibsonGibson

who had resigned his city commission seat, as required by state law, to run for another office than the one he held, told me that he had told Tony that he would not run for Tony’s city commission seat, if Tony did not run for mayor this year; but if Tony did run, then he, Barry, would run for that city commission seat.

I heard from other people that, starting last year and going into this year, Tony several times said he would run for mayor this year. I also heard from several people that Tony goes back and forth on whether he will run  for mayor this year. He has two years left on his city commission seat term, and if he files to run for mayor, under state law, he will have to resign his city commission seat.

If Tony does run for mayor this year, he might discover  his time with the mike at Hometown’s Call to Candidates was a sneak preview of coming attractions. Maybe Tony and incumbent mayor Craig Cates

Tony YanizCraig Cates

will square off in a duel and take each other out, and I will slide into City Hall as the last man standing :-), or sitting.

Sloan at HH

As for the Charles Eimers case,

Charles EimersCharles Eimers, before he was suspected by KWPD officers of being homeless, which proved fatal to Charles

here again is a link to the blue paper – – latest article on that grim story:


And here are reader comments, so far, on that article:


Another excellent article. I’m looking forward to our Tourist Development Council and the Key West Chamber of Commerce partnering in a documentary film on the Eimers case, maybe name it “Thanksgiving in Paradise”, and putting it on their website, Facebook, You-Tube. They could cast locally for parts, if any locals would apply; might be locals would be afraid of being paid a visit by the KWPD special FDLE S.W.A.T. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Department. Just kidding, it’s all that Charles Eimers’ fault for making a KWPD officer think he might be homeless. Case closed – oops! Some bystander filmed the takedown – oops! Eimers’ heart wouldn’t stop beating – oops! Eimers’ body didn’t get cremated – oops! an autopsy would have to be performed – oops! Eimers’ guardian angels, a bit late on the scene, made a few miracles – oops! Nobody’s supposed to talk about miracles and angels except in church – oops! Where’s FOX News?, they’re all church’d up, this oughta be right up their alley – oops!

Just my opinion, Key West’s Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners, after the blue paper broke the story with the devastating video of the take down of Charles Eimers, which totally contracted the police officers’ version of the take down, made a grave error when they didn’t publicly express their own horror and outrage over what happened to Charles Eimers on South Beach last Thanksgiving Day. Yet it is understandable that they didn’t express their horror and outrage, because they had set the tone for how KWPD were to treat homeless people, and they, therefore, were where the buck stopped. Saying it another way, a fish rots from the head down, the apple don’t fall far from the tree, the chickens came home to roost.

There is one more part. KW people who do not hold Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners responsible for what happened to Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day themselves are responsible, as accomplices. Responsible in God’s Court, where all of Key West, except its homeless people, stands trial for what happened to Charles Eimers. That’s a wee bit bigger matter than where to put a new homeless shelter.

DAVES APRIL 25, 2014 AT 9:04 AM
Sloan is absolutely correct; the mayor and the city commissioners stance should not be forgotten. their silence is deafening, and thus their complicity should brand their public life forever. NONE of these spineless sycophants should hold office again, and I would hope the great citizens of Key West and the various districts would see that happens. There should never be another public forum where these “leaders” are not castigated and refuted for their refusal to demonstrate even a modicum of human decency, or holding Donnie and his goose stepping thugs to account.

Having said that, it looks as though the investigation will be the usual whitewash. How on earth can the investigation even be allowed to proceed with the conflict of interest between investigator and investigate-e? The fact that is has, has shown the investigation is over before it starts. The only hope it looks to me is through the wrongful death suit, and after that hits the corrupt judicial system, the Federal civil rights violation suit which will have a better chance.

Thank you Blue Paper for continuing the vigilance on this story.

At what point do we petition DOJ and ask the Feds to look into all of this?

Larry, you used to work for the IRS, do you know anyone in US Department of Justice to contact? Although perhaps not right away. Naja and Arnaud may have more turn up which adds to the case for DOJ interdiction. Discovery in the civil lawsuit filed [by the Eimers familty] in Federal Court might also turn up more information DOJ might wish to see.

Responding to my bocce ball players love beer report in yesterday’s post at this website, Shahdaroba Rodd, aka Hatman, formerly of Key West, wrote:


hi Sloan. hey, just a thought, perhaps you’ll go watch bocce once each night they play, which is 4-6 nights I think. why? because someone told me a good long while ago there were cops, and attorneys, and JUDGES who either were there or who actually played. Now wouldn’t that be a ball-buster if you were to be able to document what you saw. Can you imagine a photo of judge miller (who if I recall correctly is there at least one night a week, maybe more) or cops or public defenders or state attorneys showing up on your blog with him/them sitting around a bunch of beer drinkers?

just sayin’


The back story is, bocce ball is played in a city park where it is illegal to have booze, and it is further illegal to have booze in an open container anywhere in the city; however, that only applies if you are homeless.

Meanwhile, today in Key West:

5th Annual Authors’ Book Fair Saturday



The Fifth Annual Authors’ Book Fair will once again be held in the garden of the Oldest House, 322 Duval St. It is set for today, Saturday, April 26 from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. and Keys writers will be reading and signing their published works.

Well known authors Jonathan Woods, Jane Newhagen, Kirby Congdon, Shirrel Rhodes, Brewster Chamberlain, Sheri Lohr, Ralph DePalma, Reef Perkins, Michael Dennis, Hal Howland and many more have reserved their tables for the event, “a literary high spot of the season,” according to coordinator and poet Nance Boylan.

Also offered is “brilliant literary conversation,”, along with “complimentary mimosas and pastries and a spring day in the garden,” she said.

The fair is hosted by SeaStory Press in cooperation with Old Island Restoration Foundation and the Oldest House Museum and Gardens. The house will be open for tours and admission to both the house and the fair is free. However, OIRF gratefully accepts donations. 


I may be there with some copies of HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, in English and Spanish.


I told two young Argentine men I met in the Meadows part of Key West the other day, who were kinda lost, that the tale might be something like Paulo Coelho might write, but it was written for an American audience. They said they will order it when they get back to Argentina. It’s in kindle and trade paperback at, and can be obtained in Spanish from Maybe not for Rambo fans, but the heart gets a real workout.

Last night, I took in “The Lunch Box” at Tropic Cinema.


Set in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Some dialogue in English. Some dialogue in Hindi with English subtitles. I really liked it. As did my landlady, who is from Shri Lanka, which used to be called Celon, the island just southeast of southern India. Maybe not for Rambo fans, but the heart gets a real workout.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at Carol

Hometown! PAC’s Carol Wightman and moi at last Monday evening’s call to candidates, shortly before I did the warm up routine for Tony Yaniz and Todd German.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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