Code of Honor – perhaps not America’s, nor Key West’s, strong suit, but there are some medal of honor award winners

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Code of HonorVicki Weeks

Last night, I finished reading Code of Honor, by V.C. Weeks, whom I know as Vicki Weeks, who once lived in Key West and wrote for the Celebrate newspaper. Vicki may have been on my email “hit list” since back in 2003, when she interviewed me during Key West’s 2003 mayoral.

In her article on that year’s mayor candidates, she said Sloan Bashinsky was the only candidate to answer her question, the other candidates had begged off,  on what might be done about the then heated relationship between Bahama Village, whose residents predominantly were black, and the Key West Police Department, which predominantly was white? Vicki wrote that Bashinsky suggested Bahama Village elders should be allowed to chose which KWPD officers could patrol Bahama Village, and no other KWPD officers would be allowed in there. As I recall, Jimmy Weekley won that 5-candidate mayoral without a runoff.

After seeing a copy of Code of Honor lying around the house where I rent a room, light sleuth work revealed the book belonged to a good friend of Vicki’s, who also rents a room here. About 20 pages into the tale, I asked Vicki’s good friend if he knew whether Vicki had background in nursing or the US military? He said, no; people in the know had provided Vicki with technical and military background she needed to write the parts of the story with which she had no personal experience.

Feather Talk

So what can I say about Vicki’s first novel? Except for the incongruent fling the hero had toward the very end of the tale, cheating on his beloved fiance, wrecking his own code of honor, I liked the tale. It read to me like a hired not even thinly-disguised hit job on George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W.’s father and mother, and the U.S. military-industrial complex, with a flashback hired hit job on Lyndon Baines Johnson and the US military-industrial complex of that era, for putting America into wars which never, ever, should have been allowed to happen.

Code of Honor sort of reminds me of Tom Clancy’s U.S. at war novels. Except, unlike Clancy, who never seemed to stop waving the patriotic gung ho America at war flag as his code of honor, Vicki waves in Code of Honor a patriotic flag of a different cut altogether. A patriotic flag of truth. A patriotic flag of the horror of war generally, and the far greater horror of war waged for the sole purpose of making big American corporations a lot of money. A patriotic flag of the evil of attacking another country to get its oil. A patriotic flag of opposing lying, and lying, and lying, to invent a war. A patriotic flag of putting one’s own life and the lives of one’s own family and loved ones at risk by waving those true but “minority report” American flags.

Code of Honor is about how it could have turned out, instead of how it did turn out, if those true but “minority report” American flags had been waved by a majority of Americans before the Iraq war, with a wistful flashback to the Vietnam war, which planted the seed for the kind of war, one big fat greedy lie, that the Iraq war was.

The Afghanistan war, in Code of Honor, is simply a hunt, futile, for Osama bin Laden and his associates. Futile, because of the vastness of that country. Futile, because the Taliban are far more resistant and numerous than was estimated before going in. Futile, because the US President, last name Hedge, wonderful irony, only did Afghanistan for show; his real interest all along, and of his confederates, is the Iraqi oil fields and refineries. And, a secret plan, hatched by President Hedge’s father, to rewrite American law, and, along with a clandestine black “project”, I thought of Illuminati, to allow his father and his confederates to take over America and run it as they see fit.

Kudos to Vicki, and to whomever advised her in the writing of Code of Honor. Every American high school student should be required to read this book. All American military personnel should be required to read it. All members of the US Congress should be required to read it. All Americans who supported the Vietnam war, the first Iraq war, the second Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, should be required to read it.

My lingering question, sorry, Vicki, I can’t help but ask, three lingering questions, actually:

When you wrote for Celebrate, were you beating up on George W. Bush, his father, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in that newspaper? I simply do not remember. I do remember I was beating up on them in my daily email blasts.

And, did the people who advised you during the writing of Code of Honor put themselves at risk back when it might have made a difference? Did they do all they could to stop the evil American military-industrial complex wars in which they were involved as US Military personnel or advisers. Or as US politicians? Or as whatever they were doing back then?

And, did you, and the people who advised you in writing Code of Honor, after Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, while waging the two wars of his predecessor, in Iraq and Afghanistan, beat Obama up for being a hawk in dove feathers?

Obama drones

I beat Obama up a lot after he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, and before he did it, and before he was elected the first time. I told everyone I knew not to vote for him, he was not what he appeared to be. I told them I didn’t care for John McCain, either. I said there was no presidential candidate I wanted to see in the Oral Orifice, so I wasn’t going to vote in that race.

To cries that Obama was the lesser of evils, I said, a vote for the lesser of evils still was vote for evil, and I wasn’t convinced Obama was the lesser, because the angels had told me he had the potential to be the Anti-Christ, which looks like the Christ, but under the pretty veneer is something else entirely.

Oil Tango

Moving laterally to something, which, for me,

Devil or Angel 2

feels about the same in the code of honor sense, albeit hardly as important in the national and international big scheme, is the most recent email back and forth with the anonymous “source” who tipped me off to go to the Clerk of the Court and look into the arrest warrant issued for Key West the Newspaper Publisher Dennis Reeves Cooper by Circuit Judge Wayne Miller, after Cooper had reported in Key West the Newspaper an Internal Affairs investigation Cooper himself had instigated by filing complaints against KWPD officers.

My reporting on that question of honor began in the    issue of, and continued in the         issues. You should be able to see those back issues by clicking on those date links.

Judge MillerDennis CooperHatman

  Judge Wayne Miller        Dennis Reeves Cooper            Hatman

Here’s what passed between me and “the source” since that last post was published:


I was mistaken, Naja Girard did not take my comment to the new Charles Eimers death article out of moderation. I bumped into Naja and Arnaud at Harpoon Harry’s yesterday morning, and we talked a while. I saw them again tonight at their home, when I dropped off the warrant signed by Judge Miller to arrest Dennis Cooper. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say Naja and Arnaud will not write about any of that in Key West the Newspaper. Maybe more later.

The source:

If you post the warrant and the case numbers of the cases, readers can check it out for themselves.


Good idea. I don’t have the IT equipment to copy the arrest warrant and copy and paste it into a post. Can you do that and send it to me in a way I can save it into my photo gallery? If not, I probably can pay the owner of Sippin’ Internet Cafe to do that. He’s a friend and a lawyer, but I don’t know if he ever practiced. I will have to return to the Clerk of Courts and get their case file numbers for the three cases. The way they seem to look cases up, however, is by date and name of defendant. Naja made a copy of the arrest warrant last night. [The case numbers provided to me by the source did not mean anything to the file clerks.]

It is my understanding that this is what Cooper was charged with violating:

Florida Statute 112.533(4)

(4) Any person who is a participant in an internal investigation, including the complainant, the subject of the investigation and the subject’s legal counsel or a representative of his or her choice, the investigator conducting the investigation, and any witnesses in the investigation, who willfully discloses any information obtained pursuant to the agency’s investigation, including, but not limited to, the identity of the officer under investigation, the nature of the questions asked, information revealed, or documents furnished in connection with a confidential internal investigation of an agency, before such complaint, document, action, or proceeding becomes a public record as provided in this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. However, this subsection does not limit a law enforcement or correctional officer’s ability to gain access to information under paragraph (2)(a). Additionally, a sheriff, police chief, or other head of a law enforcement agency, or his or her designee, is not precluded by this section from acknowledging the existence of a complaint and the fact that an investigation is underway.

The warrant says Cooper violated 112.533(3):

(3) A law enforcement officer or correctional officer has the right to review his or her official personnel file at any reasonable time under the supervision of the designated records custodian. A law enforcement officer or correctional officer may attach to the file a concise statement in response to any items included in the file identified by the officer as derogatory, and copies of such items must be made available to the officer.

That bit of a problem aside, and my not having caught it aside, it appears Cooper was prohibited by 112.533(4) from publishing on the IA investigation, because he was the complainant who started the IA investigation.

So, what am I missing here?

I have heard that the statute upon which the warrant was requested and issued had been declared unconstitutional when it was issued.

I first need all of this cleared up in my s-l-o-w mind.



The source:

According to what I read in the newspaper and saw on national TV, the state attorney refused to prosecute Cooper because other prosecutors had refused to enforce the statute against the media based upon an opinion of the Florida Attorney General about the law which pre-dated the Cooper arrest. Since Cooper’s arrest in 2001, the legislature may have changed the statute and you are looking at the “corrected” version of the law?? I don’t know. Do you have a local lawyer you can ask? Perhaps you can look up the Florida Attorney General’s opinion on-line?

Google this headline:

ACLU challenges arrest of Key West newspaper publisher in court – See more at:


I do not feel I can file a judicial complaint against Judge Miller. I think the critical part of a complaint would be ability to prove Cooper said in a bar that Judge Miller had come to him asking to be left off the hook and they made a deal of some kind. That would require the person, or persons, who heard Cooper say it filing the complainant, or at least signing notarized statements, which are attached to a complaint, and be available to testify before the Judicial Commission. Perhaps I have taken this as far as I can. I imagine I will have a better sense of that by tomorrow morning, interestingly, Easter Sunday.

The source:

Material sent you was not to encourage you to file complaint. But if it’s posted, readers will see that judges do get questioned by the FL Judicial Qualifications Commission. Why don’t the local judges take Miller aside and question him? The JQC or others in authority could ask Miller himself about cutting a deal with Cooper.

P.S. Hatman has a complaint with JQC. Although not strictly related to Hatman’s complaint, he could send the info about Cooper-Miller to JQC because it gives the appearance of a problem which needs scrutiny. If it looks like a judge is corrupt or has mental impairment, the JQC ought to know about it. Don’t you agree? The fact that Cooper blew the whistle on everyone but Miller is “circumstantial evidence” of a deal.


Without the person, or persons, who heard Dennis Cooper say Judge Miller had come to him about being kept out of it, I don’t think there is any point in taking that to the Judicial Commission, and taking it to them without that witness’s testimony might piss them off. I get into lots of stuff because I am willing, and am instructed by the angels, to cover it; but there is only so far I can go with something where there is real evidence and the person having it will not come forward with it because he/she doesn’t want to be identified. That happens often enough. Let’s you and them fight has never been a favorite of mine. In this situation, though, I had history with Buz Dillon, Dennis Cooper and Hatman, who was tried by Judge Miller, not to my liking. Your information provided an entry for me back into those arenas, but without the “state’s” key witness.

My trailing musings, for now, not yet shared with the source:

Hatman receives copies of my daily musings, and sometimes he replies. Emails from him indicated he was tracking the developing thread about Dennis Cooper and Judge Miller. I will email Hatman today, to tell him to check out this post today at One thing consistent about Hatman: he put himself on the front lines in Key West: toe to toe with the KWPD and the local courts. He did not hide. He did not dodge. And he paid for it. Then, he had enough and moved away. I reported it: the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Key West the Newspaper let it slide. The Citizen covered some of it.

In the    post on this topic, I manually transcribed into that post the text of the arrest warrant Judge Miller signed for the pickup of Dennis  Reeves Cooper. That was the guts of the arrest warrant, which provided the details of what Cooper did, which led to the warrant being drawn up by the KWPD and presented to Judge Miller. Even so, I will try to get the warrant scanned and turned into a pic, so I can post it at a later time. My dreams last night seemed insistent that publish this today without a pic of the arrest warrant.

Mud Dawg's guardian angel

It keeps coming to me that the Dillon-Cooper-Miller situation would be better dealt with by Naja and Arnaud Girard,

Arnaud GirardNaja

because they inherited Key West the Newspaper from Dennis Reeves Cooper, he sometimes advises them, he sometimes writes articles they publish in Key West the Newspaper, he was an alleged eye witness to the anonymous source’s allegation that Judge Miller came seeking to be let off the hook for signing the arrest warrant, and Key West the – has a considerably larger readership than does and my bulk email contacts list combined.

Because of my past dealings with Dennis Cooper in matters concerning him personally, and because of my readings of his own past reporting on matters involving himself, and because of my reading of the files of the three cases described above, in which he was involved, I am not inclined to believe Cooper will tell me anything which reflects poorly on him. I think it’s pointless for me to try to interview him. For all I know, he will tell me again, “You fuck! Get the hell out of here! I’m calling the police!”, as reported in the  April 16, 2014  post at

I told Naja and Arnaud the same thing, and for she and Arnaud to sit down with Dennis Cooper and ask him pesky questions and see how he responds. I said they are savvy, they they will know if Cooper is responding truthfully.

Since in the D.U.I. case file it appears Cooper offered to take a polygraph exam, Arnaud and Naja could suggest to Cooper that he take a polygraph exam on the allegation that Judge Miller came to him asking to be let off the hook on his having issued the arrest warrant.

In the D.U.I. case file is a letter from Cooper to Judge Miller, saying Cooper’ probation officer said to Cooper that he had completed all terms of his probation; so, could Cooper’ s probation therefore be terminated?

In his original sentencing order, Judge Miller had put Cooper on 1-year probation, with proviso that after 3 months, Cooper could apply for his probation to be terminated, if he had completed all the conditions of probation imposed by Judge Miller. The next thing after Cooper’s letter to Judge Miller in the case file, requesting termination of his probation, is Judge Miller’s order saying Cooper has completed all the terms of his probation and his probation is terminated. I saw nothing in the case file indicating Cooper’s probation officer had told Judge Miller that Cooper had completed all the terms of his probation.

In the hit and run against a city palm tree case before Judge Miller, Cooper did not seem to offer to take a polygraph exam. To that charge, Cooper finally, after much commotion by his lawyer, Mick Barnes, pleaded no contest and paid a fine which was about 1/10th the estimated cost of replacing the city’s palm tree.

There is plenty of smoke and some fire in what I saw in the three Dennis Reeves Cooper closed files, to which the source had sent me. However, the smoking gun is the comment Cooper allegedly made in a bar: that Judge Miller came to him asking to be let off the hook for issuing the arrest warrant. If that indeed happened, not having just fallen off the turnip truck, I do not anticipate  Cooper or Judge Miller copping to that having happened. Nor do I anticipate them agreeing to polygraph exams about that having happened.

I have heard nothing from Cooper and Judge Miller challenging anything I so far published on this subject. It is my policy to publish verbatim anything someone writes to me, about whom I have written. This is policy is generally known in Key West and the Florida Keys.

It also is my policy to view no reply to allegations as admission the allegations are true. I do not know that Dennis Cooper and Judge Miller know I have published anything about them. However, the local coconut telegraph tongues do tend to love to wag and I will be surprised to hear Cooper and Judge Miller do not know I wrote about them.

It keeps coming to me that investigating and then reporting on those three Dennis Reeves Coopers cases is Arnaud and Naja’s chance to right the heavy bias their reporting of the Charles Eimers case created against Arnaud Guard in the eyes of the KWPD.

Althought Police Chief Gordon “Buz” Dillion was upset with Dennis Reeves Cooper for reporting on an IA investigation, and although Chief Dillon did have the warrant drawn up for Cooper’s arrest, Chief Dillon went through proper channels: he had the warrant taken to a judge, who ended up being Judge Miller, who signed the warrant, which led to Cooper being picked up and taken to the Sheriff’s jail and released on his own recognizance, as Judge Miller had provided in his order: “ROR” where bond was written in.

Judge Miller was a judge. Judge Miller was lawyer. Chief Dillon was a police chief. Every judge knows judges are supposed to follow the law to the letter. They are supposed to protect both defendants and the state under the laws of the land. Judge Miller did not do that when he signed the warrant for Cooper’s arrest.

Later, Judge Miller should have recused himself from the leaving the scene and the D.U.I. cases made against Cooper. Judge Miller did not recuse himself. My read of those two case files left me thinking maybe Judge Miller went light on Cooper in those two cases.

Still, without the smoking gun, proof of the allegation that Judge Miller went to Cooper and asked to be let off the hook in the arrest warrant case, I feel I have done all I can. No doubt the angels have their own view of that. I felt last night that I had done all I could, and the angels then let me know loud and clear in dreams that I was to write about this again today.

That’s how it is between me and the angels. About everything. I have my view, they have their view. Often their view disagrees with my view and I yield to their view because i know from past experience that they will get their way with me anyway, after making me miserable, if necessary.

work mule

Not something I don’t imagine people want in an elected official. What people want in an elected official is someone they hope they can get to do their bidding. Nobody can get me to do his/her bidding, unless the angels want me to do it. Lots of people have tried, though.

Tonight is Hometown!PAC’s Call to Candidates at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach, starting at 5:30 p.m., aka Spring Beauty Pageant,


although people with imagination might see nearby

Higgs Beach party

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Sloan at Coco's

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