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sinking ship

Another howler Tug Boat Tilly saga article leads off this week’s Key West the Newspaper  – – click the link below to go directly to the article:

Legal Struggles For ‘Captain Tilly’ and His Sunken Tug Boat

After comparing the Tilly saga to a Kafka-ish adventure, the article ends:

“Even if Freer seems like he’s in big trouble now in this game of chess, it doesn’t mean he’s going to lose. In the end, an upscale marina admittedly towed a man out to sea on a boat they knew was unseaworthy and which, in fact, sank soon after. One can only imagine what a good lawyer could do with the case.”

I submitted this comment:

This ex-lawyer, good or not, is wondering why FWC is only going after Freer? And why, when notified by the blue paper that the Tilly was probably going to sink, County Commissioner George Neugent, instead of picking up the phone and calling his good FWC friend Capt. David Diprie about the Tilly, George raked the blue paper over the coals in a reply email? I really do wish the blue paper would publish George’s reply. I mean, he’s running for reelection, surely the voters want to see how he responded to the blue paper? And, who’s Freeer going to sue besides himself? I mean, when Freer came to me in emails seeking comfort and, I figured, wanting me to publish his story at, I asked if he had tried to start the Tilly’s engine himself, or if he had had a marine mechanic check out the engine, before he plunked down the money for it? An email came back accusing me of being a member of the fascist state. Perhaps Freer is Kafka reincarnated, working out something he overlooked when he was Kafka? I’m also wondering why the Coast Guard blew ex-lawyer Arnaud off when he alerted them to the Tilly’s slim to none chances of staying afloat, but later the Coast Guard was quick to rush out and rescue a floundering old sailing ship knock-off which had lost use of its rudder? Maybe the moon and the stars weren’t aligned correctly for the Coast Guard? Or maybe they were alinged perfectly to produce this truly bizarre comedy of epic tragic proportions? Fa la la la la la

Also Key West the Newspaper today:

Charles Eimers

Charles Eimers, deceased

APRIL 11, 2014
The more I read about the death of Charles Eimers, the more nauseated I feel. It leaves me wondering what has happened to Key West in the four years since I left the island. Specifically, what has happened to Chief Donie Lee’s police department. When I lived there, I would have trusted my life to any of his officers, without exception. Was I simply experiencing Key West through rose-colored glasses for all those years? Or has a hideous change swept over the island? Now it seems some of the officers are mimicking bully police officers in large cities or backwoods counties in the north who’d just as soon use their tasers or brute force in numbers on a person, regardless of his age, than try to talk in a calm manner with him to find out what they want to know. The video speaks for itself. We clearly see the man walking, not running away and then dropping to the ground as the officers instructed. And we clearly see several officers surrounding him and on him, as his face is ground into the sand. This man had no chance of survival without immediate help from paramedics, who could have at least cleared his airway before transporting him to the ER. One has to ask why that help was so delayed. One has to ask why it was not immediately apparent to doctors and nurses in the ER that this man’s nose and mouth were blocked with sand, preventing him from breathing. One has to ask again – what has happened to Key West in recent years for something this heinous to happen to an innocent man who’d come to visit the beautiful island to enjoy his recent retirement. One has to ask why sad condolences must go out to his family instead of congratulations on their loved one’s reaching that well-earned milestone of retirement. One has to ask the question: Why?

Peggy Butler

West Palm Beach
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APRIL 11, 2014 AT 7:49 AM
Alas, Peggy, you simply did not know what was going on with the KWPD, which every homeless person in Key West knew. Some police officers enjoyed making homeless people’s lives difficult, and sometimes even worse than difficult. And, there were unwritten directives coming down from the City Commission (mayor and city commissioners) to the City Manager, and from him to the Police Chief, to do any and every possible legal thing to encourage homeless people to leave the area altogether, which translates at times to cops becoming creative in finding legal reasons to harass homeless people, while not applying the same creativity against non-homeless people doing the same thing. Charles Eimers died Thanksgiving Day because he was suspected of being homeless. If he had not been suspected of being homeless, he would not have died. His death was the direct consequence of Key West’s homeless policy. That’s what the case really is about, although it’s not being reported in that way by the local newspapers, and it likely will not be reported in that way by any investigation reports made by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) or KWPD Internal Affairs. Charles Eimers’ death has been and will continue to be reported that way at

****Here’s a link to the blue paper’s most recent Eimers article, which contains the video that blue, er, blew to shreds the KWPD”s version of what happened when Eimers was apprehended by what finally amounted to 14 KWPD police officers, and which contains a link to all prior blue paper articles on the Eimers case:

The Cover-Up

By Arnaud Girard

Happy meal editorial in the Key West Citizen today – – my interspersed thoughts in italics:

ship of fools

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
‘One Human Family’ has lost its glitter

A few decades ago, an enterprising artist in Key West developed the “One Human Family” bumper sticker and distributed them free of charge. They were the rage for several years. According to the One Human Family website, in excess of one million stickers have been distributed worldwide, and the city commission adopted the slogan as the official policy of Key West.

It is not too farfetched for us to suggest that the “One Human Family” slogan was meant by its author to engender the notion that on our small island, we should all do our best to get along with each other and welcome our neighbors, visitors and tourists with welcome arms.

We used to see the “One Human Family” stickers everywhere, but lately only on the occasional vehicle. Is that a sign? Have we lost our esprit de corps? Are we no longer “One Human Family?”

I have a One Human Family sticker, a bit weathered and tattered, on the back of my Toyota Highlander. Perhaps I should consider removing it altogether?

The signs are ominous.

Some in our community advocate treating the homeless as evil souls to be dispatched in short order. Some in our community? Some? Others complain that our bicyclists should get off the road or suffer extreme road rash, if not worse. We complain about our seasonal residents, and think even worse of our daily flow of tourists from the mainland. When we are driving — especially this time of year — we refuse to yield the right-of-way, we tailgate, we blow our horns and we drive aggressively. We have turned Flagler Avenue into an expressway, and some folks even claiming that the inside lane is the “passing lane” or their private domain. Has anyone yet pondered that Charles Eimers was having a hard time navigating this same stretch of nightmare road when was pulled over for changing lanes and erratic driving, and then profiled as being homeless, which he was not, and shortly thereafter he was dead?

Some of us refuse to recycle; others simply leave their trash cans and unused recycling bins on the public right of way instead of stowing the receptacles out of sight. Too many of us use code enforcement as a weapon of war to get back at our neighbors. Some of our business owners believe that they have the inalienable right to make raucous noise as a means of attracting customers. We despise cruise ships but enjoy the sales tax and other revenues they bring to our city and business community. We despise the health of the ocean and the reef and our own physical health more than we despise cruise ships; otherwise, we would get rid of cruise ships calling on Key West.

The reconstruction of North Roosevelt drives us crazy, but we all complained about the condition of the road and the need for repairs. What drives us most crazy is how long it is taking to re do North Roosevelt, a decision made by the City Commission, which did not want night and weekend work done, as that would have disturbed the North Roosevelt area residential neighborhoods too much. We all want a public park to be built at Truman Waterfront, but some of us tear down the work of the city toward achieving that goal. We all? Not me. There already is a wonderful park right next door. Ft Zachary Taylor State Park. I don’t want a new park at Truman Waterfront, but I do want to be able to use Truman Beach and the outer mole pier again. I would like to see something at Truman Waterfront, which brings in revenue for the city. Affordable rental housing will do that. An RV-tent camping park will do that. What’s being done out there will be an ongoing negative revenue cost to the city, on top of paying Ed Swift’s Historic Tours of America (HTA) $500,000 a year to bring cruise ship passengers in from the outer mole to HTA’s gift shops and conch train and trolley terminals, where they spend money on official Key West trinkets made in Asia, and on conch train and trolley tours around Key West – a terrific deal for HTA.

The list goes on. But probably the most glaring example of “One Human Family” run amuck is that our city commission meetings lately have turned into a public spectacle. When a city commissioner during a public meeting challenges our mayor to “man up,” and then invites him to take the feud outside, presumably to be resolved with fisticuffs, then it is time for us to proclaim enough is enough. Aw, that was really fun to watch; city commission meetings often are terribly boring and tedious, but you’d not know that, if you did not sit through a few or them from beginning to end, and I’m wondering if any one on the Citizen Editorial Board ever even sat through one entire city commission meeting? Of if any of them were there that night, when City Commissioner Tony Yaniz invited Mayor Craig Cates to step out side and duke it out?

Craig CatesTony Yaniz

Cates, left, Yaniz, right

The same Tony Yaniz, who, last year, over his city commission email account, sent a f-you and the Rotary Club a lot of times email to a constituent, who had written to Tony complaining about the way he had behaved at a Rotary Club meeting when Mayor Cates talked about stuff Tony viewed as political in furtherance of Cates’ reelection campaign against Margaret Romero, who was challenging Cates last year. Tony was backing Margaret and saying he would run for mayor this year, if she did not win. She did not win, and so far, despite his several statements that he will run for mayor this year, so far Tony has not filed to run.

Thankfully, Commissioner Teri Johnston called down the city commission for its rough and tumble antics.

We live on a small island that frequently we refer to as “paradise.” We have a generous community. Historically, we have gotten along well with each other. We think that our town is the envy of the rest of the world. I kinda doubt people living elsewhere, who read what I write about this town at, envy this town.

Maybe we are; likely we are not. One thing is for certain, however, our credo of “One Human Family” seems to have lost its glitter. I started telling the City Commission in 2002, as I recall, that because it had officially adopted One Human Family as its creed, God had decided to test Key West to see if it that was true. And the way had decided to do see how Key West treated its homeless people. So far, Key West ain’t doing too swift in that test.

— The Citizen

On ‘s Coconut Telegraph moan and praise page day before yesterday:


[Sloan Critic] Sloan, we haven’t gone anywhere. We didn’t read and respond to your posts because we liked them, we responded out of duty to our fellow man and community not to allow your untruths and misguided assumptions, and beyond illogical commentary to misinform the public about issues you were posting about. We wanted the CT community to have the facts as we could disseminate simply in such a limited forum, and the unbiased summary of the issue. We deal in facts, not innuendo, and supposition. We view our work as a community service for the ears that are ready to hear. The others will scroll, that is their right. If you are coming back on CT, you can count on our feedback. We are not interested in what you believe or don’t believe, or what angel you talked to today, or who you think you are reincarnated as this week: What we cannot allow to stand unchallenged is lies and twisted half-truths. We still work for a living and run a business, we don’t want our personal names out there mixed up with your BS and your imagined vendettas, it might affect our livelihood. We are not a trust-funded ne’r-do-well like yourself.

P.S. to Dear Ed: You may not have liked our Sloan badminton, but he called us out with his first post today. We have never said anything inappropriate for children, not that I think any read the CT, but he has used foul language many times. We will not speak out without reason, but only respond to non factual information that he puts out.

I submitted this reply, which was published on the Coconut Telegraph yesterday:

[Sloan response to his critic] It is true, I have used foul language many times in posts at my websites, which posts were linked to the Coconut Telegraph by Deer Ed persuant to a financial arrangement between him and me – sort of like the financial arrangement between Ed and From the Right, except Ed publishes From the Right’s stuff entirely, but only posted teasers with links to my posts.

After the attacks began, I sometimes responded directly to the Coconut Telegraph, as a reader, separate from my financial arrangement with Deer Ed, who editorially responded to complaints about me from some readers, that he wished he had other writers like me and From the Right, but he did not see that happening.

Bad words are part of life, I hear them all the time, including from kids. I bet you’d love the movie by that name, now showing at Tropic Cinema in Key West.

It also is true that I have posted erotic photos at my websites from time to time, and I have posted erotic art work, some other people’s, some my own.

I never claimed to be saint, and told plenty on myself at my websites, and on the Coconut Telegraph, to prove I was not. I busted plenty of religious people, too, for claiming they were gonna die and go to heaven, while all others who did not share their peculiar beliefs would die and burn in hell forever. I told them they were listening to the Devil.

I love your use of the royal we. Sounds Legion.

Even more, I love ” We still work for a living and run a business, we don’t want our personal names out there mixed up with your BS and your imagined vendettas, it might affect our livelihood.”

Gosh, I must have a hell of a big following for you to be worried about putting your name on what you write about me affecting your livelihood.

Whatever, I absolutely deserve to be called out when I publish something which is not true. A number of my friends have witnessed my distress over learing I published something not true. Whenever someone tells me something I published is not true, I publish what the person told me, and if it was told to me in an email, I publish the email.

I’m glad to hear it was my publishing untruths, which got you so upset with me. I was left with the impression is was a bit broader than that. I hardly think I was alone in having that impresssion.

I bet you’d have loved my comments at the Big Pine Senior Citizen Center meeting this past Tuesday night, when Monroe County’s engineer Kevin Wilson fielded questions from seniors about grinder pump vs. gravity sewer system. I reported that meeting Wednesday at

You’re still a coward, but that’s okay, you have plenty of company.

A number of angry Dump the Pumps people, for example, don’t want it known they are part of Dump the Pumps. They don’t want their names on any lawsuit filed. A number of them signed FKAA’s easement agreement against their own lawyer’s advice, as well as against my advice, which ended their standing to complain about getting a grinder pump.

I actually despise being a trust fund baby, but the angels running me seem to like me being unable to make a living wage doing what I know how to do. They have me blocked from making a living wage. That once led to my being homeless, which was a barrel of laughs. Some years later, my father died, I received an inheritance, and I wasn’t homeless any longer. Then, the angels really poured it on, not apparently wanting me to rest or have fun.

Fortunately, God decides who among us do well, and who do not. Otherwise, we’d all probably end up burning in hell forever.

I usually don’t wish for other people to have such an experience, it would be cruel to wish it onto anyone else, but in your case, I think it just might do you a world of good. Not my call, though.

Sloan Bashinsky

Then, I submitted this, which arrived too late to be used by my friend Deer ED, who owns and operates the Coconut Telegraph:

Please add “as mine” to “such and experience” in the last sentence of what I submitted. I did not mean to suggest I hoped he/she burns in hell forever, which is the antecedent sentence.

And this leading off yesterday’s Coconut Telegraph, which Kurt Wagner had copied to me:

prayerThis is for all the haters, those who think listening to Angels somehow makes you cuckoo. How many of you go to church? With the abundance of churches in Key West it’s most likely a lot of you. Do you pray while in church? Do you pray when not in church? How many have said, “Get me past this God and I’ll never do it again”?

Well now, when you pray, you are talking to God! Why is talking to God any different than the Angels? I think that means anyone who prays to God must also be cuckoo. But then in my experience, most church goers don’t really believe. They just want to cover their asses just in case. If they truly believed they would live their lives differently. There would be no greed in Key West. There would be no corruption in Key West. There would be no homeless problem in Key West. Charles Eimers would still be alive.

Kurt sent that to a very big email list, and I replied to ALL. I’m not entirely sure the angels wanted me to say all of what follows, but I said it and attached these three photos taken in 2011 by amiga Rose Dell, co-owner/operator of Coco’s kitchen on Big Pine Key. The middle photo was swiped by Deer Ed and doctored and nefariously used by him on the Coconut Telegraph.

Sloan at Coco'sSloan in collarSloan with troll

My recollection is there are five separate references in the American Declaration of Independence to a Supreme Being, none of which references seem Biblical to me. It was this Supreme Being the Founding Fathers seemed to blame in the Declaration for them having unalienable rights, which the King of England was denying them, justifying their telling the King to take a hike.

I recall reading once where Republican bigwigs traveled to Illinois to interview Abraham Lincoln, who appeared headed toward being the Republican candidate for US President. One of the bigwigs told Lincoln it was said he did not attend church, and Lincoln said that was true, but he would, if he could find a church where God was in charge.

I recall reading another time that Lincoln said, when the Lord wanted him to do something, the Lord found a way to let him know what he was supposed to do, and when the Lord didn’t want him to do something, the Lord found a way to let him know that, too.

I recall watching Geoge W. Bush say on national TV that God was telling him to invade Iraq. I, however, was certain it was a demon whispering in George’s ear. The same demon who later told George to invade Afghanistan.

I also recall reading in one of Paul’s letters where he told his readers that Christ would return in their lifetimes and there was no point therefore in them producing any more children, and that was a good reason for them to stop having sex and be like him, celibate, and if they had bought into that, and Christendom had followed suit, it would not exist today, would it?

The Bible is full of stories of people being visited/talked to by angels; one fellow even wrestled one, and the sneaky angel, getting bested, cheated and won.

It was men who wrote those parts of the Bible about angels and men, so even back then there were crazy men (the writers and the men they wrote about) – let’s leave the poor women out of this for now, they’ve been carrying water for Eve causing the Great Mess for a long time. Not that Adam had to jump in at eat the no no fruit, too; he’d also been told by God not to eat it. But was it God who told them not to eat the fruit, or was it an angel of the Lord? Or was it a demon? Or was it even an ET? And was it even a fruit growing on a tree? Was the fruit something else, which the word fruit simply represented?

Genesis says God told Abraham to leave where he was and be led to a new place to live, and later Abraham is kibitzing with and tithing his spoils of war to one Melchizedek, who is said to be an eternal being – sounds sort of like an angel to me; same story somewhat repeated in the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, along with other stuff about Melchizedek not told in Genesis.

From Wikipedia:

Melchizedek or Malki Tzedek (/m?l.?k?z.?.d?k/[1]); (Hebrew: ??????????????? malk?-?e?eq) (translated as “my king (is) righteous(ness)”) was a king and priest mentioned during the Abram narrative in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis.
He is introduced as the king of Salem, and priest of El Elyon (“God most high”). He brings out bread and wine and blesses Abram and El Elyon.[2] Chazalic literature—specifically Targum Jonathan, Targum Yerushalmi, and the Babylonian Talmud—presents the name (????????) as a nickname title for Shem, the son of Noah.[3]
In Christianity, according to the Letter to the Hebrews, Jesus Christis identified as a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek, and so Jesus assumes the role of High Priest once and for all.

And, in Genesis it says God told Abraham to take Issac up on a mountain and sacrifice him, but when Abraham was up on the mountain with Isaac about to do the deed, an angel of the Lord intervened and spared Isaac and a wild ram found caught in a sticker bush was sacrificed instead.

Someone today coming up with stories like that happening to them would be viewed as insane or demonic by most Christians I know – let’s leave the psychiatrists and psychologists out of this, since they are not taught anything in their college and grad school psych courses about God, angels, etc., other than, I suppose, anyone claiming to hear from same is insane.

I wouldn’t dare drag the super dreamer Daniel into this conversation, or that he not only had prophetic dreams, but he interpreted other people’s dreams, and in one case he remembered a king’s dream which the king had forgotten, and then he interpreted the dream for the king, and what would happen to the king if he didn’t stop boasting about how great he was and start giving all credit for his rank and possessions to God, and the king didn’t heed Daniel’s interpretation and, as Daniel had predicted, the king ended up madhattered on his hands and knees grazing with cattle for seven years, when it was lifted off of him, as Daniel also had predicted, and then the now enlightened king gave all the credit to God. And let’s also not mention when Daniel was thrown in a lions den by a king, and the lions left Daniel alone and a king was a tad impressed.

Gosh, no way I mention I was told in my sleep in March 2006, “Remember Daniel”, or that I awoke knowing I’d better keep paying attention to my dreams and maybe not worry about being killed by lions (or people behaving like same). Of course, hearing that in my sleep made me crazy, while Daniel is a prophet of God in Christendom’s eyes.

Let’s don’t drag Jesus into this, either – gosh, he was said to be ministered to by angels, and he had the power to call them down, if he wished, to do whatever he commanded of them, and he was continually talking to God in the Gospels, and talking about God, and I bet if he was in Key West today doing and saying the sort of stuff he is said in the Gospels to have done and said in Palestine, he’d end up about the same as he ended up back then, after first being locked up in the Monroe County Detention Center on Cow Key for not having a place to lay down his head at night and refusing to sleep nights at KOTS, preferring to sleep under God’s stars instead.

Well, Kurt, here’s what I finally came to think about being talked to by God, although there is no way I can prove it, nor is there any way any other person can disprove it.

I came to think God never spoke one word to any person who ever lived on this planet, because God is a tad occupied with lots more important matters, like THE ENTIRE CREATION, of which this planet called Earth is but an electron circling billions and billions and billions of galaxies, nebulaes, black holes, worm holes, parallel and other dimensions, and so forth and so on.

What many humans think is God talking to them, when it actually actually sounds like a voice, or in visions, or in dreams, actually is angels assigned to those humans and their planet. I have seen Angels and have heard them speak to me in plain English lots of times, mostly when I was asleep, but the first time I was awake, and for telling that story one time, I got locked up in a psych ward, which was really fun.

Lots what people think is God or angels talking to them actually is demons, ETs, splintered parts of their own souls, other people’s souls (living and departed people). It’s a real smorgasbord out there in the “spirit world”. And it’s really easy to get mixed up about what it is and where it is coming from, if you have not been trained by and are being steered by angels of the Lord.

I’d be certifiable, if I thought for a heartbeat that I could convince anyone of any of that, or my being led by angels of the Lord, the main ones I know as Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek. All the while I’m doing time in a small psych ward, Key West, on a large insane asylum, planet Earth.

I hope anyone who has not seen the South American film “Man Facing Southeast” will try to find it online and download and watch it, and then share it with psychiatrists and psychologist friends. K-PAX was a later knock-off. Also the movies “Brother Sun Sister Moon” and “Stigmata”, which will make nice Christmas presents for Christian relations.



Higgs Beach party

It’s my long-held impression that there are no fig leaves in paradise, nor any secrets, and voters need to see everything about candidates for public office, before voting; otherwise, voters don’t really know who they are pulling the lever for, do they?

Sloan at HH 2Sloan drop trou

left, moi having breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s in late 2013; right, moi threatening during a 2009 candidate forum to drop trow in favor of Key West getting itself a nude beach, to attract legions of new cash-cow tourists, who otherwise never would even think of giving a thought to Key West; left to right, mayor candidate Mike Mongo, incumbent Mayor Morgan McP:herson, mayor candidate Craig Cates, moi, wearing my campaign T-shirt

Sloan's T-shirt


Aphrodite, back of T-shirt, now a rare collector’s item


Well, if you say Key West needs to rid itself of nasty cruise ships and their el cheapo passengers, you need to offer a replacement solution. Make the little-used upper half of Smathers Beach clothing-optional,

Smathers Beach

and nude beach lovers will flock to Key West and spend heaps of money in the city’s hotels, motels, lodges and guest houses, bars, restaurants, and so forth and so on. Dive boats and sunset cruise sail boats offer clothing optional outings, too. Heck, already Key West has a rooftop clothing-optional bar on top of the Bull & Whistle on Duval Street.

Garden of Eden

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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