Key West ain’t the mainland, never was, and never will be, and just because that don’t stop the angels from tracking me down and roughing me up like they did when I lived on the mainland don’t mean Peary Court’s adjacent historic neighborhoods need to be beaten up by mainland ways – beat up the Peary Court foreign invader with Key West ways instead

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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, sort of retired, replied to yesterday’s  not all weirdness belongs to Key West, but it’s still the city’s featured attraction  post at

Sloan– don’t be so hard on yourself—for
the most part –not always –I saw the most
sane sensitive people around our city
and the ones suffering severely –empathic
people. You get your therapy –very
constructively —thro this Blog.—Jerry

I replied:
Well, I don’t know about this blog being therapy, but it does feed my the writer and creative sides, and it seems like a big part of part of my job, although work seems a better word for it, and I work hard at it, and it generally causes me to feel traction, as opposed to being at loose ends and/or going nowhere, and it sometimes makes me laugh and often makes me feel satisfaction, so I suppose that is therapeutic. I was over eight hours putting together the two posts today, starting a little after 4 a.m. Then more fun and not stuff started coming in, charging me up again, for tomorrow’s festivities. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Now back to my sci-fi fantasy novel ( as in escape :-).

Jerry wrote:
a good sense of Humor you have “Sloan” –great medicine,
maybe the best for our so-called modern life.

Perhaps we should never have evolved into
land creatures –we certainly aren’t doing this
“once” magnificent Planet any good..
we have a contagion–greed ;
com[passion and empathy have been
banished —no joke —Jerry

I replied this morning:

Greed was the lead into my citizen comments at last night’s new Peary Court workshop hosted by City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, which gets some mention in today’s post at, still in the design phase, probably up by 11 a.m.

Wish I’d had humorous dreams last night. Was beat senseless in dreams, and physically, for how I dealt yesterday with two different local situations not slated for appearance in today’s post. I suppose if I had slept on it another day, I might have gone about those two situations differently. But, in the past, I also have gotten beat senseless in dreams, and physically, for playing safe and waiting to engage something, when I should have jumped right on it.

I bet Nurse Ratched would have had a great time with me.

Nurse Ratchedone-flew-over.jpgcuckoo's nest

scenes from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jerry wrote:
Yipes —sleeping can be a great refresher
but –of course -even bad dreams have
messages –your destiny is a tapestry
held together by threads –try and discern
the meaning of those dreams –face them
unflinchingly—perhaps your dream life
could become gentler. I hope so for you.

I replied:
Jerry, my dreams very clearly are messages tailored to me about what I’m doing, engaging, what is coming my way. All of my dreams are that way. I do my best to decode them. This has been going on a very long time, even before the angels grabbed me in early 1987. However, I did not then, nor before that, know what to do about my dreams, how to read and use them; and it was a while after the grab that I was getting somewhat able to do it. As time passed, I got better at it. The dreams and physical pounding never stop, although some times it’s easier than other times. Without the dreams, I would be blind, deaf and dumb navigating what I am arranged to engage, which always has a back story, a subtext, which is not readily apparent. I once was told in my sleep, “You need to dream, Sloan, so you will know what is really going on.” I knew that already, but it was said to me in a moment when good friends were trying to get me to go to a doctor to get a pill to stop me from dreaming, because my dreams were so rough during that time; a lot rougher than now, actually. Maybe if I wuz smarter, it would be easier, maybe I would not need the corrective dreams. But then, maybe if I wuz smarter, the angels would load me up even more. Sloan

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: you need to dream—- sanity is linked to
that part of the EEG that is LINKED to dreaming.

Last night’s Planning Department dream workshop 🙂 on the new Peary Court development (evolution photos below)

Peary Court Baracks


Peary CourtPeary Court lay out

was a demonstration of citizens handing City Planner Don Craig and Historical Architectural Review Commission (HARC) Chairman Michael Miller, himself an architect, and the rest of the HARC members, their lunch.


The last citizen speaker summed up the comeuppance succinctly by saying Craig and Miller already had their minds made up, and they weren’t listening to anyone else.

Jimmy Weekley 2

City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, in whose voting district Peary Court lies, moderated the meeting. He disputed the allegations against Craig and Miller. I said from the audience, the citizen speaker was right.

After the meeting ended, I told Jimmy off to the side that the citizen speaker told it true. I was at the last HARC meeting, which Jimmy had not attended. Miller and Craig, and the rest of the HARC commissioners, ran over the developer and the citizens at that meeting; they had their minds made up how it would go.

Of course, as Jimmy said last night, how it will go will not be decided by Craig and HARC, but will be decided by the City Commission, which consists of the mayor and the six city commissioners.

During the meeting, two citizens spoke against protecting Angela Street from the new Peary Court development. They said they have homes across White Street from the present Peary Court development, and are concerned that protecting Angela Street will make them even more vulnerable to the new development and its added traffic and parking pressure.

Even in disagreeing that Angela Street should be protected, they drove home the point other speakers made, which was Craig/Planning and Miller/HARC intended to sacrifice historic neighborhoods to integrate them into the modern urban planning model architects and planners study in college, instead of protecting historic neighborhoods as required by HARC, National Historic and Key West Comprehensive Plan rules and guidelines.

The look on Don Craig’s face was priceless, when citizens Steve Dawkins (Angela Street) and former Monroe County Mayor Shirley Freeman (Eaton Street), respectively, read Craig the very rules and guidelines he had ignored completely during his lead-off presentation last night, and which he and HARC had ignored completely at the next previous HARC meeting. Jimmy Weekley’s expression was not one of amusement, but was of resolve. After the meeting ended, he told me, those rules and guidelines cannot be bent even a little.

Don Craig

mug shot of Don Craig after he was jailed for throwing rocks at passing cars on his Meadows street to protest the city not doing something about loud and fast traffic on that street; the jailing came after Craig hit a passing KWPD cruiser with a rock

Here is the Key West Citizen report of last night’s workshop, my interjected thoughts in italics:

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Peary Court neighbors still angry over plans
Revised designs for 208-unit project expected to reach HARC on May 7
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Almost eight months after developers scooped up the 24-acre Peary Court parcel for $35 million and began drawing up blueprints, those who live on the development’s borders remain angrily opposed to it.

Case in point: City Planner Don Craig on Wednesday night felt compelled to say this:

“I’m not out to destroy anything,” Craig said in response to a local’s criticism of the Peary Court plans. “I’ve never done that. I’m a professional planner giving my best advice based on analysis.”

About 60 people met at the Ferry Terminal on Wednesday for City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley’s district meeting over the imminent development that will change the landscape of a corner of Old Town, where for decades has been home to military families in a gated triangle of clustered houses.

“I bought a home here and restored it,” said Heidi Glasser, who lives on the borders of Peary Court. “I don’t understand why you want to take a historic neighborhood and force it to blend into a brand new neighborhood that doesn’t even have public streets. I’m at a loss.”

White Street Partners, which bought the parcel from the Navy and its private partner in August, says construction will transform the gated, suburban-style complex into an extension of the historic district.

But a couple dozen residents who call streets like Angela, Newton, Fleming and Frances home haven’t let up on their opposition to the plans, which they say will bring horrendous traffic and parking problems.

“One hundred years from now you will be able to discern where Peary Court ends and Old Town begins,” said Art Levin.

Every new detail handed out by city planners is possible grist for the mill when it comes to the neighborhood critics.

Craig noted Wednesday that Peary Court will have private streets, per the developers’ plans.

Just like that, the developer wants private streets, Craig rolls over?

In addition to Glasser, another neighbor to Peary Court took aim at the idea of private streets.

“I was horrified to realize the streets will be private streets,” said former county mayor Shirley Freeman, who worried parking will disappear to Peary Court’s spill-over. “They can park on our streets but we can’t park on theirs?”

Shirley also said there are a lot more bedrooms in the new Peary Court than their will be parking places, and that will put tremendous parking pressure elsewhere. She gave them about a 5-minute tutorial in parking. Then she went on to other topics. The longer she talked, the more Don Craig looked like he wished he was somewhere else.

During my citizen comments, I said to Shirley, you live on Eaton Street which gets lots of traffic, but the developer gets private streets?

Weekley said he purposely didn’t invite the developers to Wednesday’s meeting, which he reserved for locals to make comments and suggestions.

A noticed public meeting, the developer could have been there, and could have spoken, or had its consultant Jim Hendrick speak, but they were not there.

Members of the city’s appointed Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) and the Planning Board were in attendance, along with City Commissioners Tony Yaniz and Teri Johnston, who took notes on a legal pad.

Twice now, White Street Partners has failed to persuade HARC to approve its plans and the firm even hired a new architect after the first round of proposed designs fell flat.

HARC is expected to have yet another revised proposal for the major development on its May 7 meeting agenda.

Meanwhile, city staff says it will deliver a traffic study and continue to accept the public’s comments.

Craig said this department would do its own traffic study and would not rely on the study done by the developer.

“We will be looking at ways to make traffic safe, slow and uninterferring,” Craig said, adding a few times that he lives in the same neighborhood as many of the Peary Court critics.

“I walk my dogs once or twice a week on Angela,” he said.

“I know,” a woman replied.

By the time the citizens were done talking, it was clear that Don Craig had given zero thought to, or if he had given thought, he had zero concern for the heavy increase in traffic opening Peary Court to the Meadows through Angela Street would inflict on Angela Street and the entire Meadows community.

City commissioners will have the final say on the proposed development, comprising mostly single family homes but required to include 48 units of affordable housing.

At one point, Craig tried a historical tack.

“Anybody remember when Key West was first born in 1823? Over 180 years ago. Street grid by street grid. That’s how historic cities are developed. That’s how the Meadows was allowed to become an area off White Street.”

And, the Meadows has been there a long time, it is a historic neighborhood, and cookie-cut fake old architecture new Peary Court will look like a giant store-bought gaudy wart attached to the Meadows.

It’s fair to say that Don Craig and Michael Miller got run over and smashed last night, with three city commissioners observing. Mabye Craig and Miller will go about things differently at the next HARC meeting.

I began my citizen comments last night by stating my name and that I live in mid-town and have no property interest dog in the new Peary Court fight.

Greed, I said, is what this is all about. Greed is what drives the new Peary Court development. A foreign invasion, of greed. First Balfour Beatty, a British concern, now a South American owner. They want the city to give them everything they want. They could care less about the impact on the city and the neighbors.

I said, this isn’t the mainland. Most people like being here because it isn’t the mainland. Applying mainland ways to Key West won’t work, and it never has worked. Applying mainland urban planning to Key West is a bad idea.

I said, there is longstanding resentment in City Hall of Truman-Annex, which to this day is regretted in City Hall. Pritam Singh developed Truman Annex, and he was advised by Jim Hendrick, who now represents the new Peary Court developer. I hope Truman Annex does not cause City Hall to take out their longstanding bias on new Peary Court’s historic neighbors. City Hall should get even for Truman Annex by sticking it to the new Peary Court developer.

Why does the new Peary Court get private roads, when every neighborhood around Peary Court has public roads? The foreign invaders need to be integrated into Key West the same way the other neighborhoods were integrated. Public roads. And the longstanding neighborhoods should not be hurt thereby.

If you put pedestrian and bicycle paths through the Angela Street fence, new Peary Court residents will park on Angela Street.

At this point, I noticed HARC member Theo Glory frowning angrily at me.

Theo and Diane

Theo and wife Diane

I said to Theo, you disapprove, but I see lots of heads around you nodding. Of course you disapprove, your coffee house is right next to Pritam’s new gargoyle hotel under construction. When it opens, you will make a lot of money from the hotel’s guests. Theo nodded.

Jimmy Weekly tried to tone me down. I don’t recall what I said to close, but I saw lots of nodding heads in the audience, and after the meeting I got lots of thank yous, except from Theo, whose hand I grabbed and shook when he walked by. He said we are never going to agree. I said maybe not.

He asked what did I ever accomplish in Key West? That’s all that counts. I nearly said, well, I saved your and your wife’s lives in a race riot at your coffee house when it was on the corner of Petronia and Whitehead Street, not knowing if I was going to be killed.

Instead, I asked Theo where he was in 2002, and even in 2001, when I was going before the city commission? And all the years after that, when I was going before the city commission? Theo said, they only got to Key West in 2002.

I said, you supported Pritam’s gargoyle hotel, yes? Yes. So you can take credit for it, yes? Yes? Good, I give you credit for it. Theo said, something a lot worse could have been put there. I said, a lot of affordable housing could have been put there. Theo pashawed.

I walked over and asked Shirley Freeman if she had seen the movie “Red”? No. I said, in the move is a female assassin, an older woman, I had really liked. I found myself thinking about her while you were giving them what for. Shirley smiled. She may look nice and sweet. She might talk softly. But she is a stone killer when she needs to be.

Shirley Freeman

Where I really dropped the ball last night was brought to my attention after I had spoken during citizen comments. A woman said she hoped something beautiful will be done at new Perry Court, of which the entire city will proud. At the just previous HARC meeting, I had said during citizen comments that I would have no objection the new Peary Court cookie cutter fake Conch architecture, if it was fully solar; if it was intended to drag Key West into the 21st Century. Theo Glorie had said he, too, would like to see the new Peary Court be solar. Then, Jim Hendrick said the developer would do it, if the city would allow it. Historically, the city has not allowed solar, because it is not consistent with the city’s historic architecture. I should have said all of that during my citizen comments last night.

I sat next to Pru Sowers, a photographer/journalist for KONK Life. We had met once before. She’s fairly new to Key West, was a journalist elsewhere. She asked for my phone number, so she could call me about doing an interview. She said they are interviewing all the candidates. She asked when I would start campaigning? I said I am campaigning now, I do it my own way. And, I will report this meeting at tommorow.

That was at the start of the meeting. I as yet had no sense of what I might say during citizen comments, or if I would say anything. As the meeting progressed, as Don Craig talked, as other citizens talked, I began to feel as if my battery was charging. When I felt fully charged, I raised my hand to get in line to speak. Jimmy Weekly called for someone who had already raised her hand to speak. Then, he called on me. I spoke, and emptied what had been building up. Then, Theo added the interesting twist.

I did not talk to anyone but Pru about my being a mayor candidate, and that was only because she brought it up. I would have been there last night if I were not a candidate. I have being doing that kind of thing a good while, in Key West, in the Florida Keys. It’s what the angels arrange for me to do. Sometimes I run for office, too. But now I just stroll. Except last night I rode my bicycle to the meeting. Too far from mid-town to stroll there.

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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