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There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link:  report on Big Pine Key senior citizens meeting on grinder pump vs. gravity sewer systems. Perhaps some people down Key West way will be uplifted by that post, as it indicates not all weirdness belongs to Key West.

The Shadow

Meanwhile, Don Emil replied to yesterday’s some archaeological evidence (ocean pollution biology, coconut telegraph psychology, mayor race brain exam, Peary Court soul X-ray, waitress-inspired affordable housing comeuppance, and monumental queen conch exhibition) that one flew over the cuckoo’s nest first hatched in Key West, actually post at

Your blog goes on and on. Kudos to you on the time and effort you put in keeping us informed about what is really going on in KW.

I replied:

Thanks, too bad this laptop isn’t a US greenback printing press, we all would be billionaires. Tell the Cappo I greatly appreciate the coverage of my back his troops are providing, and if this laptop does magically transform into a printing press, I will send most of it to him for safekeeping and other necessities. I suppose you shared the two sleeping twin beauties with him. I hope his heart didn’t stop beating too long.

[If I shared the twins here, the firm hosting my website on the Internet might have heart failure and severe this website’s Internet access.]

Sometimes Key West resident, sometimes Panama ex-pat amiga Christine Russell, aka Jaguar Woman, replied to yesterday’s post:


Hi Sloan –
The Hometown PAC info at the end of your blog says the Mayor race is a 1 year term. I thought the Mayor’s term was 2 years this time? It seems the last election was for a 1 year term to ‘catch up’ with other terms so elections aligned. So is the Mayors term now for only 1 year? That would be a lot of time and money for only a 1 year term.

I replied:
Hi, Christine –

Yes, I had thought the same and I emailed Hometown! PAC’s Sheldon Davidson and he replied that this year’s mayor race is for a 2-year term. They must have carried over info from last year’s race.

Will publish a correction tomorrow.

I hope you are having heaps of fun down there in Panama, ’cause there’s all sorts of fun things going on up here you’re missing out on :-).



Christine replied:
Hey Sloan!
Define the “fun” I am missing out on! I have been following the KW circus. I watch City Commission meetings when I can. But I do have things to do here 🙂 I’ll tell you, when you are this far away, the politics of KW look even more ridiculous than they do when you are there in KW, in the middle of it all. I tell friends here some of the KW stories and they don’t believe me. Like the grandiose park plan vs finances available, B&A ridiculous fees and the timeframe for the park. Or how KW likes to do studies – the $200K traffic study a few years ago or the $400K trash study. And let’s not forget the Outer Mole lease – that loses money! Where is the City on this “study”? Kicking the can down the road and nothing gets done and the plate is overflowing. In 2015 the Conch Train and CityView Trolley contracts are up! 🙂 This is the Cities chance to finalIy deal with them! I can’t wait to see this debated and Swifty get his panties in a wad. And is there any talk about Pier B, I recall hearing something about their contract with the City coming up or being up – no one is talking about that one – see what you can dig up. The cruise ships are one dirty topic that may never be dealt with or put to rest 🙁

This new perspective from so far away makes it clear it is not good for one’s health.

Anyway – we are dining on wonderful seafood almost everyday – 5 lobster tails for $20, and I’m not talking the size of tails in KW. Nice fresh caught shrimp for $6/lb and Brian bought a whole snapper – like $12 This all from the city seafood market – if you go to the grocery you either won’t find lobster or shrimp is $18-25/lb And Sunday we are taking a tour of the city on the new subway that opened this week.
LIfe is good.
Keep up the great job you do of keeping everyone informed.
Later –

I replied:
Thanks. You might find some of today’s rummage sale at amusing, might be a little while before I get it all put together, after just spending several hours on a host of senior moments post today at now up for viewing, dart-boarding, etc. Looking like maybe geographical move cures actually might work sometimes. I ain’t forgot you said I can come down there with a tent and hang out on your land until whenever. Ciaosky, Cuckoosky

Christine mused:

Sloan the day is coming when we will all be living off the land in a more earth friendly way.

We have to get back to basics. That is what this ‘walk-about’ we are currently on is all about and what our 18 acre purchase on the Atlantic ocean was intended for. The plan somewhere is for an independent sustainable small community. It could be here in Panama or ????? The walk about will guide us.

Think solar and wind, an independent water supply – we have a nice size river that borders our land here and empties into a lagoon by the sea – it is like soemthing from Gilligan’s Island. There will be goats for milk and cheese, chickens and gardening for the food we need. Several years ago I asked Kim Wigington why my tomato seeds from tomatoes did not produce nice big tomatoes. You need non-hybridized seeds she told me. Huh? I was stupid back then – a city girl not afraid to get her hands dirty, but I thought hybridized seeds were a good thing. BITE MY TOUNG 🙁 She recommended two books for me one was the Encyclopedia of Country Living. I ordered it and the other. Teaches you everything from building a chicken pen, to milking a goat and baking! Also a couple years ago I subscribed to Mother Earth News and I read it cover to cover, it is the most fascinating and inspiring of information. I had always wanted to be a hippie or flower child. Well I may become an old hippie but better late than never!

I said:

I nearly went back to the land once, but chickened out and then got abducted by angels, which took me back a bit. I still remember some of what I knew about gardening, solar energy and such back before I chickened out, but right now the angels have me nailed to Key West and hereabouts. I’m reading a future-earth novel about after the big fall, the land, air and water are poisoned, some people are mutating into interesting creatures you wouldn’t care to spend time with, other people are holding on, barely, to their humanity, as they are picked off by the mutants, the future ain’t looking good, anywhere; the whole planet is wrecked by the poisons; really uplifting, but indications of a happy, or at least a different ending for a few who ain’t holed up in forts getting picked off; a bit of magic emerging, no way to have the kinda happy ending without something different than what had gone before. 71, maybe I will be checked out of here before the end time comes.

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry (retired, sort of) replied to yesterday’s post:

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan: Thanks for putting that magnificent picture of
the waters around Fort Jefferson—like the Keys
you and I remember–such beauty. Also that reflective
doom in Chicago is in Millennium Park which my family and
I were there and it is much fun to play with—the park there
is in a very fine spot and like all of Chicago waterfront is
well worth seeing. Chicago is in a category by itself —
a truly great city —it is unique.
Sloan if Cates was a competent Mayor he would have had
this horribly long construction DONE !! hang it on his NECK
and win the election.. a supporter –!!!

I replied:
Hi, Jerry –

I imagine the park they have designed for Truman Waterfront will be pretty, but I think they need the land for other things more pressing, which will generate revenue for the city. Mayor Cates is only one vote on the City Commission, which collectively decided the work schedule for the North Roosevelt Blvd redo. They chose to keep the noise down at night, and on weekends, so the time for doing the redo went out to well over 2 years. Maybe if they had decided to work nights and weekends, the redo might have taken 8 months. Maybe businesses which folded would have survived only 8 months of construction, maybe some would not have survived even that. It was a trade-off the City Commission made. The work was done by a contractor hired by the Florida Department of Transportation. I suppose if the local Toppino construction firm had done the job, I understand they had that capability, I imagine they would have done it quicker even working one shift, but I also imagine they would have charged more than the mainland contractor, whose crews, I understand, commuted down here each week to work. Maybe Toppino’s crews would have been local, mostly, and that would have saved them staying in motels and hotels several nights a week. It’s all a big muddy mess; driving through there is still a nightmare, and I nearly always go around the other side of the island and use Flagler, or even South Roosevelt sometimes, when I have to leave Key West. Otherwise, I’m mostly on my bicycle, which is easy for me living in the middle of the island, but you live in Key Haven and that’s a long bicycle ride just one way into town.


Jerry replied:
Hi Sloan: The noise excuse is false; having gone to Walgreens
and Winn Dixie at all hours of the morning –Big trucks
rumble by –making a racket —motorcycles with pipes
do go by a night—at all hours —-not to mention most
residential hotels on North Roosevelt—-are being
renovated–NO PEOPLE//////////they couldn’t work
past seven and street noise is still hellish—small
numbers of workers —only 4 day weeks —2 weeks off
at X-mas —insanity. The businesses that folded were
designed that way and bought up cheaply–a real conspiracy
not hypothetical. THE MAYOR IS IN CHARGE THAT IS
that I am aware of . it could not have been designed worse.
My opinion reflects many others. [ kind regards to you—Jerry]

Jerry told me last year when we were getting to know each other that at one time he was the only psychiatrist down here, he had a full private practice, treated every writer in Key West, and was on contract with the School District as its psychiatrist on call. I learned through another person, which Jerry later admitted, that he was the soul and leader of the school district’s challenged/troubled student’s program. He and his wife are avid fishermen, and were avid divers, Jerry said, until he got really ill after diving in dirty water at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park one day. They didn’t dive again. Jerry became an ocean environmentalist, and wrote a recently completed a book about the destruction of the seas. He often writes to me about that, and what cruise ships are doing to Key West. I figure he has to be certifiable, writing to me knowing I will publish it and people will see he writes to a certified cuckoo.

Meanwhile, ever upbeat Kurt Wagner sent today:


Insanity in Key West. A wise man described insanity as trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Perfect description of the voters in Key West. It’s time to try something new. Some people criticize Sloan for taking his instructions from the angels. The say he’s cuckoo. Well, would you prefer a mayor who takes his instructions from angels, or a mayor who takes his instructions from a few “elite rich”? I prefer the man hearing from the angels. Too bad the commission doesn’t listen to the angels.

Kurt Wagner

In today’s Key West Citizen, my cuckoo two cents worth, or not, in italics:

Charles Eimers

Charles Eimers, R.I.P., for he had no peace in Key West

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Report: No pulse when EMS arrived
FDLE still investigating Thanksgiving Day incident on South Beach
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff
Paramedics who worked on Charles Eimers, the Michigan man who died in police custody Dec. 4, at first couldn’t find a pulse on the man who had been held facedown on a beach by at least three officers, according to a medical report released Tuesday.

“[Patient] placed on cardiac monitor, no pulse detected,” Randy Charles, a responding Care Ambulance crew member wrote by hand in the Nov. 28 assessment record. “During course of transport, no pulse detected, pupils unresponsive.”

Eimers, 61, died at the Lower Keys Medical Center on Dec. 4 while still in the custody of Key West Police for an incident that began when he was pulled over for allegedly making an illegal lane change on North Roosevelt Boulevard early Thanksgiving morning.

The investigation into the death by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) remains open, more than four months after Eimers died.

The wait for answers on what exactly unfolded outside the Southernmost Beach Cafe that Thanksgiving morning has reached a frustrating point for the Eimers family.

“All you hear is crickets,” said attorney Darren Horan, whose Key West-based firm is representing the Eimers family.

According to Horan, the EMS report is evidence that police were less than truthful when calling for help, since the paramedics wrote that Eimers “collapsed out of vehicle,” and also “left vehicle and ran then collapsed on the beach.”

Paramedics got their information from the police officers, Horan said, and believed they were treating a man for cardiac arrest rather than possible injuries from being held facedown by officers, who immediately uncuffed him when they noticed him turning blue, police reports state.

“KWPD covered up the true circumstances surrounding Eimers and sent EMS on a wild goose chase,” Horan wrote in an email to The Citizen with the EMS report as an attachment. “The story KWPD told led EMS to chase an illusory heart attack. Had KPWD told the truth, EMS would have looked into asphyxiation — and probably could have saved his life.”

FDLE officials would not respond to Horan’s allegation, citing the still-open investigation.

“This is an independent review and we want to be as thorough as possible,” said FDLE spokeswoman Samantha Andrews from Tallahassee. “We definitely want to be sensitive to the family but at the same time want to be able to conduct as thorough an investigation as we can. Sometimes a case can take longer than others.”

A final autopsy report remains confidential pending the FDLE’s conclusion. Key West Police Chief Donie Lee says his department won’t review the case until the state finishes its case.

There is a final autopsy report? If so, who told Gwen Filosa that?

Eimers suffered 10 broken ribs during “medical therapy” that included use of a defibrillator sometime between the arrest and death, according to a preliminary report released in February by County Medical Examiner Dr. E. Hunt Scheuerman.

Horan said his team has asked City Attorney Shawn Smith to present the case to the city commission but was told everyone was waiting to read the FDLE report.

I presented the Eimers case to the city commission about a month ago, and told them they needed to do their own looking into it, and Emiers would still be alive if he had not been profiled as being homeless, and his death and its  aftermath was the city’s karma for using its police aggressively against homeless people.  Policy set by them, the mayor and city commissioners.  I  hope they at least told the city manager to tell the police chief to tell his officers to tread more lightly with homeless people, but what I am hearing is the police are taking as many homeless people out of circulation as they can, perhaps to the county jail. 

“If everybody is deferring to FDLE, this case could be dragged on for years,” Horan said. “Right now, the family is not being told anything.”

The firm has a draft version of a complaint ready and waiting.

“We are ready to file if we can’t work out an agreement with the city,” Horan said.

Filing suit without knowing what’s in the FDLE report might be jumping the gun, and it might be the gun that needs to be fired. Maybe I’ll have a dream about that. My impression of FDLE is not favorable, about like my impression of the Florida Ethics Commission and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. I hope FDLE surprises me.

Paperwork released by 11 officers connected to the Thanksgiving Day arrest of Eimers begins with a traffic stop in which the officer describes Eimers as appearing homeless.

Eimers’ family said he had arrived in Key West that day with plans to live out his retirement from General Motors.

Police say Eimers drove off before the officer could finish the stop, and led officers on a low-speed chase in his P.T. Cruiser before stopping at the end of the road on Duval Street, South Beach.

While police reports describe Eimers as resisting arrest, a video taken on a passerby’s cell phone shows him raising his hands before kneeling on the sand.

Not even yet has the Citizen told its readers where to go to see that video: Key West the Newspaper: Here’s a link to their last Eimers article, The Cover-Up , which contains the video and a link to all their earlier Eimers’ article. But for the blue paper, I doubt FDLE would have anything to investigate. But for the blue paper, the Citizen might not have reported anything about Eimers. The Citizen owes the blue paper a big thank you in a Citizen article, for keeping the Eimers case from going silently into the night. If I had been mayor when the first blue paper article was published several months ago, I would have put the Eimers case on the next city commission agenda for general discussion, in the sunshine. I would have covered the case at about the same way I have reported it since learning of it. Gosh almighty, what kind of mayor would do something like that? 

The initial EMS report, released Tuesday to The Citizen by the law firm representing Eimers’ children, states Eimers was “involved in a police chase, collapsed out of vehicle. KWPD reported [patient] left vehicle and ran, then collapsed on the beach.”

Paramedics took the Eimers call at 8:33 a.m. Nov. 28, were dispatched six seconds later, and arrived at 8:38 a.m., the report states.

Eimers was transported starting at 8:53 a.m. and arrived at the hospital on Stock Island at 9:15 a.m.

There, Eimers was given chest compressions while paramedics transferred him to the emergency room, the ambulance report said.

“A pulse was detected,” Charles wrote.

Horan said that during the 22-minute ambulance ride, paramedics were treating symptoms of a cardiac arrest, not a case of a man being held down until he turned blue.

“If you’d known there was a respiratory problem, that trip would have been more efficient,” Horan said.

I’m kinda tuckered out now. More tomorrow. The City Planning Department workshop on the new Peary Court development is this afternoon, at the Ferry Terminal, 6:30 – 8:30. I’ll try to be pleasant.

Sloan at HH 2

Sloan Bashinsky

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