some archaeological evidence (ocean pollution biology, coconut telegraph psychology, mayor race brain exam, Peary Court soul X-ray, waitress-inspired affordable housing comeuppance, and monumental queen conch exhibition) that one flew over the cuckoo’s nest first hatched in Key West, actually

Higgs Beach party

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Water report yesterday from Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, avid fisherman and former avid diver, turned environmental ocean biologist/activist, responding to the MRSA and related parts of yesterday’s weredragons and other exotic and ordinary phenomenon in the garden of good and evil – Key West post at

Dry Tortugas

Sloan: I am planning to swim at the Dry Tortuga reserve
with a companion from the college pool
starting in May. Frankly I am terrified to swim in the
water around Key West or anywhere in the Keys.
Friends at the pool have told me of turds floating
in Bahia Honda waters and my wife and I have seen
enough turbidity and human sewage from our boat offshore.
My daughter and I logged “over” 1000 dives on the reef
when she was growing up and in school here.
She lives in Gainesville and is 47 so you know how long
ago those wonderful <clear water days> on the coral reef were.
so sad ————–Jerry


Saw these two comments yesterday on www.bigpinekeycom ‘s popular Coconut Telegraph (CT) community moan and praise page:

Bashinsky is a awesome choice for mayor of Key West. If you can name anyone more in touch with the true working class in Key West, who’s actually running for office, please clue me in. We have elected the same people over and over and results are always the same. Working man and small business owners need KY Kelly to get by in Key West with the screwing the city puts on us. Maybe a reach around every now and then or a kiss when they are done is in order! Sloan. It’s time for honesty and upfrontness in KW politics!

holy stud angel[Sloan for Mayor] He would be a very good mayor, but who will vote for someone who hears voices and acts on those little voices? Sloan is very upfront and will tell anyone who will listen that those voices tell him what to do.

Suppose they tell him to do something terrible? That’s a scary thought that plays out in the news regularly.

We did have a gay mayor, I think he was the first gay mayor in the country, maybe a coo coo one won’t be so bad.

cuckoo's nest

The coo coo submitted this reply to the Coconut Telegraph for publication:

First, coo coo is a sound doves make, cuckoo probably is what the writer meant, and the cuckoo can’t say he recalls ever being likened to a dove.

Second, the cuckoo is straight, and comparing a prior gay Key West mayor to a certified cuckoo mayor candidate might make the prior gay mayor feel a tad put down.

Otherwise, I have no idea who wrote and submitted those two Sloan for mayor comments, which are the kind of grassroots campaigning I have asked people to do, when they said they wanted me to be elected to this or that office for which I was running over the years.

It is true that my approach is honesty and upfrontness, to a fault I often hear.

Back when I contributed daily ravings from the cuckoo’s nest to the CT, a tribe of Sloan critics, haters might also fit, sprung up, and they took turns attacking me over what I was publishing. I kept wondering why they kept reading me, if they didn’t like me or what I wrote? I kept wondering if they really did like what I wrote, but were out of touch with how they really felt? And, I kept wondering why they kept attacking me, if they wanted me to shut up and for people to ignore me? That was no way to shut me up, and attacking me on the CT caused other CT readers to wonder what I was writing?

It also is true that I say angels tell me what to do. Since grabbing me in early 1987, the angels have not told me to injure any person or thing. However, they have told me to do lots of things which upset other people, who viewed what I did as terrible. Many instances of such upsets were featured on the Coconut telegraph, until I quit participating there a few years ago, because I was tired of Deer Ed letting cowards use the CT to take anonymous cheap shots at me and other people.

Cheap shots I was used to, but giving comfort to cowards was a terrible example to everyone reading the CT, especially to children reading it.

One Sloan critic, John Bartus, of Marathon, wrote in to the CT insisting his name be published, taking me to task for wondering out loud if maybe he was one of the cowards, which demand Deer Ed obliged. Despite John’s and my deep differences, I respected him for insisting that his name be published. I respected him for his citizen efforts to make Marathon a better place to live, and I liked hearing him perform as a musician.

The angels have told me to do lots of things which caused my personal life to become considerably more difficult than it already was. The angels also tell me when I am messing something up they gave me to do. They give me no rest, cut me no slack. None of which can I prove to any person living, and I would be insane if I believed I could, but departed persons see it clearly.

Such is the edge on which I have lived since the angels grabbed me in early 1987, after I prayed to God to please help me, because I did not wish to die, failed; and then, to end the prayer, I offered my life to human service. Probably the most uninformed moment of my then yet wretched life. As I would learn during the ensuing years, God’s definition of help and service were nothing like my definition.

I told someone at the recent Key West Poetry Guild first Sunday of the month meeting that I had told other people recently, and had published on my websites, that very few people in Key West, or anywhere, really want to know the truth; they want to be lied to and duped instead.

down the rabbit hole

As for a cuckoo running for office, it long has been my view that anyone who actually wants to be elected is insane, or a crook.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a neighborhood meeting on Angela Street in Key West, where Mayor Craig Cates met with that neighborhood over their genuine fear that their quiet out of the way street and their cherished way of life will be destroyed by the new Peary Court Development just across Angela Street.

Peary Court lay out

Craig quickly assured the gathering that, if he lived in one of their homes, he would not want the Angela Street opened up to Peary Court, and he was with them all the way on that concern.

I thought, and told Craig afterward, that he did a good job at the meeting, during which he said people who volunteer for citizen commissions and committees like HARC and the Tree Commission take a great deal of criticism, are called all sorts of not nice names, and are idiots for volunteering to serve the city and be treated in that way. I laughed, said, and the mayor is an idiot for the same reason. Craig laughed, said yes.

The above is what I submitted to the Coconut Telegraph.

What else I will say about Peary Court is the developer is not a Key West citizen. The developer is from somewhere else. The developer is a foreign invader. The developer is represented by Jim Hendrick, whose hand-picked development architect is his dear friend, he said at the last HARC meeting. Hendrick is Pritam Singh’s buddy. Singh, with Hendrick’s help, developed Truman Annex, which turned out to be a gated rich asshole snobs community, deeply resented today by many Key West citizens and city officials.

Truman Annex entrance

Hendrick later was tried and convicted in Federal Court of witness tampering and conspiracy, arising out of allegations that he had facilitated the bribe of a Monroe County Commissioner while he was the Monroe County Attorney. He was not prosecuted for facilitating the alleged bribe, because the statute of limitations had run on that alleged offense.

In sum, the Peary Court developer, wittingly or unwittingly, aligned with the developer conslutant in Key West, Jim Hendrick, least trusted by the HARC commissioners, City Planning Director Don Craig and his staff, and the city’s mayor and six city commissioners, who make up the City Commission, which ultimately will decide and approve the final design of the new Peary Court. I have not been told that bias by any of those volunteer, hired and elected city officials. I don’t need them to tell me what is common knowledge among people who are involved in the city and its affairs.

It is critical that the prejudice against Jim Hendrick and Pritam Singh, stemming all the way back to Truman Annex, not be allowed to blind the city government to the first rule of good government: First, do no harm.

The Angela Street citizens stand to lose a great deal if Angela Street is opened to the new Peary Court, whose new homeowners very well may be investors and not dedicated residents.

The New Peary Court very well may increase the already horrible infestation of illegal short term rentals, which Mayor Cates told the gathering yesterday are difficult for city code enforcement officers to catch and prosecute, at great cost to the city.

The Angela Street residents stand to lose their lovely, quiet, secluded street simply and only because of GREED, for there is nothing wrong with the current Peary Court housing,

Peary Court

which has been there for a long time, but which will be razed because of GREED; and, as Mayor Cates told the gathering yesterday, will be rebuilt in a way to make the developer the most money possible.

If it were my call, besides leaving Angela Street and the old iron fence running between it and the existing Peary Court in place, I would not let the developer build anything which could be rented out. I would put in the approval of the new Peary Court a ban against renting any new residence therein.

To deal with the very real threat of new Peary Court being a Truman Annex knock-off gated community, I would require the Palm Avenue entrance now serving over half of the current Peary Court residences to run through Peary Court and connect with the Southard Street entrance off of White Street, which now serves the other current Perry Court residences. I would require that new through road to remain open and unfettered, so anyone can drive through there, just like anyone can drive through the nearby Southard Street neighborhood on the other side of White Street. I would put in a few speed bumps and stop signs, to insure slow traffic and to discourage new Peary Court from being a short cut between Palm Avenue and White Street. That’s how I would “integrate” new Peary Court with the rest of Key West.

I also would require the new Peary Court, as Jim Hendrick proposed at the most recent HARC meeting, to be a solar community. I would require white roofs to reflect as much sunlight as possible, and to reduce the need for air-conditioning as much as possible, thus reducing the use of mainland fossil fuel- and nuclear-generated electricity as much as possible. I would require each building to have its own cistern system to collect rainwater for irrigation and for drinking, which is simple enough to do safely by using filters designed for cistern systems. I would require the protection of every adult tree in Peary Court, in perpetuity. I would require community gardens in the green space in Peary Court. I would not allow swimming pools or tennis courts. I would not allow fake-looking Conch knock-off architecture. I would require a modern, eclectic, original, unique, artistic, creative architecture. And, I would not let the developer end up owning the land, as the developer now proposes. The land would be owned by the new homeowners.

In sum, I would turn new Peary Court into a state of the art green community, which Key West showcases to the world, and uses to attract growing greener every day conventions. A place where wealthy people concerned about such maters want buy a home and live. Wealthy people who pay a great deal of money for that opportunity to actually become part of Key West’s alleged One Human Family. Wealthy people who actually want to be good citizens, and not hated interlopers and renters to transients.

As for the alleged “affordable housing” component of new Peary Court – all new residential developments in Key West now require a, what?, 30 percent “affordable housing” component – I would use my own affordable housing formula, which is: if a waitress on her wages cannot afford to buy one of the new affordable residences, then it is not affordable and needs to be redesigned and built so a waitress can afford to buy it. If that means the developer has to reduce the price and take a loss on the affordable units, offset by the whopping profits made on the market rate residences, then so be it.

As for parking, obviously the new Peary Court will further strain already strained Old Town street parking. I see no way to mitigate that other than to require the new residences to be built on stilts to provide ground level parking underneath. That, of course, will run afoul of the city’s height ordinance. So, I see no solution to the parking-strain issue, other than to tell the developer to solve it on site, or not do the development.

As King, I could require all of that.

Perhaps Key West should go the rest of the way and become a true banana republic run by a dictator. Meanwhile, you currently have two self-proclaimed idiots running for mayor.

Mayor CatesSloan at Coco's

Also from the cuckoo’s nest yesterday, a creative Truman Waterfront interdiction from Mike Mongo, the left cuckoo below:

Sloan and Mike 2


Simple short email. As I see it, it is the name “Truman Waterfront” which is killing Waterfront Park.TW is just too much like “Truman Annex”. Which is fine if you live in Truman Waterfront, it’s just that most of us do not.So I posted about this on Facebook and it became clear that the name should be Key West Waterfront Park.Featuring something like this—except a Giant Chrome Conch Shell!
Chicago bean
And by Giant I mean Monumental. Like Big Ben. Washington Monument. The Chicago Bean (above).Call it The Great Conch at Key West Waterfront Park. Something so big when you come to Key West you have to go see it.Imagine it. Think how awesome. If we build it they will come—and by they I mean everybody!So that’s my pitch. Let’s build a real MONUMENT!
like this, but much bigger 
giant conch
Mi amigo Mike Forester told me the giant lobster he had made and put out in front of the Rain Barrel
giant lobster
in upper Islamorada stops lots of people driving on US 1, and brings them into the many shops there.

How about putting Mike Mongo’s Her Majesty Queen Conch in the part of the new park facing the USS Mohawk?

Truman Waterfront plan

How about putting a city-run RV-tent campground in left side of the park, called, hmmm, Harry Truman People’s Campground.


But then, I bet a heap of waitress-affordable rental housing could be built on stilts in the left side of the park. Maybe call it, hmmm, Harry Truman Affordable Housing Village.

ta ta

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at HH

photo taken last fall by Harpoon Harry’s waitress Cathy, in whose good graces it’s always wise to remain if I wish to remain upright and breathing; same applies to all the other waitresses there, no doubt direct descendants from the ancient Queen Conch Tribe, which sort of looked like this, before they were hauled out of the sea by men

wild queen conchMother Nature enlarged

I like waiter’s, too. Gary at Harpoon Harry’s and I get along great. He lives on the county side Stock Island, pedals his bicycle in to work and back up there. I bet he wishes he could find rental housing in Key West, which he could afford on his waiter’s wages.

ta, ta

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West


John Donnelly

US Marine Vietnan vet John Donnelly

In the Key West Citizen today:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
As a longtime resident, I’ve not frequented your opinion page. Please indulge me as I’m compelled to share with your readers a tidbit of information concerning John Donnelly.

I’ve witnessed this unassuming giant breathe life into the broken hearts and shattered dreams of beaten down and impoverished individuals, suffering from all manner of affliction.

Since the ravages of Hurricane Andrew, he has continued his feeding and clothing of the homeless and addicted citizens living in the shadows of downtown Miami. As he picked me up for treatment during a terrible illness, the remnants of food and clothing from the previous night’s run up to the mainland remained in his truck. I thought he had long ago discontinued this philanthropic operation.

During the recent past, John used me as a sounding board for the briefs he wrote concerning the state’s attempt to execute a man he believed to be innocent. I really didn’t know what to make of him, as he got hold of investigations, sworn statements, depositions and all manner of evidence that the state was using to send this man to his death.

John didn’t see it that way. He believed these documents proved the man’s innocence. It took him three years to convince the powers that be that he was correct.

Since that time, this wrongfully charged citizen was released. He graduated with honors from one of our nation’s top vocational colleges. He returned to his twin sons, and he now works for a prestigious corporation and operates his own business.

It’s been my good fortune to be privy to the guidance and counseling John provides to individuals released from prison who are struggling to reintegrate themselves back into society. Military veterans who are battling the disease of addiction frequently make their way to him. They trust him and respect his ability to arrive at solutions for their shattered lives.

Accompanying John on some of his missions, I’ve witnessed the spontaneity and depth of this man’s generosity. He brings light where there is darkness, and love where there is hate.

Harold Schulman

Key Largo

Salute 2
Hometown! PAC’s Call for Candidates Event
Key West, 21 April 2014:  Hometown! ‘s “Call for Candidates” Event at Salute Restaurant,
Higgs Beach at 5 p.m.
Dear Members, Prospective Members of Hometown PAC, and all Candidates, Prospective Candidates and Those Merely Testing the Waters:
Please join us on Monday, April 21, 2014, when Key West’s Hometown! will present declared and potential candidates for the upcoming elections. The event will be held at Salute Restaurant, Higgs Beach, starting with a social portion at 5:00 p.m. Candidates, declared or potential, will introduce themselves and make short presentations, beginning at 5:30 pm. All candidates are encouraged to come early and bring with them petitions for voters to sign, campaign literature, buttons, T-shirts and other items relating to their campaign. Please bring your own tables for your campaign items.
For those who cannot attend the Call for Candidates, will be streaming the event live as well as recording the event for later viewing.   You can watch the live event by going to  After the event, the recorded video will be posted to the Hometown Key West YouTube channel ( and will remain available on the same YouTube channel throughout the campaign” season.
For a full list of all known candidates and their pictures as well as other campaign information regarding registration and videos of prior Hometown events and, most important, Jenna Stauffer You Tube interviews of the candidates, visit our website to You’ll find direct links to Youtube, all of the other items and much more.
All potential and actual candidates (and those merely testing the waters) wishing to speak at the April 21st event should contact Hometown Board Members  Mark Bailey (305) 304-8690 e-mail or Sheldon Davidson, (305) 295-3560 e-mail
Hometown aims to promote the exchange of political viewpoints and ideas by providing and sponsoring lectures, forums, debates and other political discourse. These actions will allow the voters to more fully consider the merits of the candidates and their proposals (a) to unite and give voice to residents, and (b) to provide leadership and balance for economic growth.
There is no charge to attend, but we hope that you will join the majority of those interested in good government and our local elections and join Hometown in 2014. Membership in HOMETOWN! is on a calendar year basis.
Membership is open to (1) residents or homeowners who work or live in Key West/Monroe County and (2) all those who seek to advance the mission and policy of the Hometown! organization. Active, continuing membership requires a $35 minimum payment each year for an individual or $50 for an individual and spouse or partner. Membership is nonpartisan.
To join, please click on the Hometown logo below or go the Hometown website at Then click on the words JOIN HOMETOWN on the homepage or click on the Membership icon. By doing that, you can use your credit card through PayPal.
Or, simply send your name, address, telephone number and email address with your check for:
• $35 – Individual membership
• $50 – Household/family
• $100 – Friend
• $500 – Benefactor
Hometown Key West PAC
P.O. Box 2537
Key West, FL, 33045-2537
This is an especially important election with respect to Key West and Monroe County as is evident in the continuing articles and citizen letters in the local newspapers with respect to a multitude of issues. The following is a list of those races for which there will be 2014 elections and the name of the present Incumbents and their opponents:
2014 Elections
SCHOOL BOARD—4-year term
District 1     Incumbent- Robin Smith-Martin (Will not seek re-election)
                    Opponent: Stu Kessler (NON) (Filed)
                     Opponent: Warren Leamard (NON) (Filed)
District 3     Incumbent: John R. Dick
District 5     Incumbent: Ronald Martin
                   Opponent: Dennis Caltagirone (NON) (Filed)
CIRCUIT JUDGES—6-year term
Group 1—Incumbent Mark Jones (NOP) (Filed)
               Opponent: Donald Barrett (NOP) (Filed)
Group 3—Incumbent Luis Garcia (NOP) (Filed)
Group 4 –Incumbent Tegan Slaton (NOP) (Filed)
               Opponent: Jack Bridges (NOP) (Filed)
               Opponent: Bonnie J. Helms (NOP) (Filed)
KEY WEST MAYOR—1-year term
                    Incumbent: Craig Cates (NON) (Filed)
                    Opponent: Sloan Bashinsky (NON) (Filed)
Non-Partisan Judicial and School Board Elections and the Key West Mayoral Election are held on the same day as the First Primary Election. Candidates for these offices do not run as representatives of any political party. If there are three or more candidates for a particular office and none of the three receives a majority vote (50%+1) the top two vote getters go to the General Election for a run-off.
District 2 — Incumbent: Phillip Goodman
District 5 — Incumbent: Jack Bridges (Will not seek re-election)
                  Opponent: Thomas McDonald (Rep.)(Filed)
                  Opponent: Geoffrey Bailey (Dem.) (Filed)
                 Incumbent—Joe Garcia
                 Opponent: Jose Felix Peixoto (Rep.) (Filed)
                 Opponent: Edward P. MacDougal (Rep.) (Filed)
                       Incumbent—Holly Merrill Raschein (Rep.)
District 2—Incumbent–George Neugent (Rep.) (Filed)
                  Opponent—Danny Coll (Rep.) (Filed)
District 4—Incumbent—David Rice (Rep.) (Filed)

About Sloan

Darn, that would take a while. Try the autobiographical pages in the header. Ditto for header menu pages at Hatched and raised there, eventually I ran away from home. Here's a short list: Born 1942; male; spoken for; accused of all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable things, perhaps some true. Live on Key West of Weird asteroid. Publish something most days at, been at that since July 2007. That's heaps of catch-up reading, probably not recommended.
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