weredragons and other exotic and ordinary phenomenon in the garden of good and evil – Key West

ET wife

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This dropped by for a visit yesterday:


I met you last Sunday at Jack Flats while I was watching the basketball game. You felt I would be fazed if I knew about you. When I asked where you were from and about you. You handed me your blog info on a business card. When I get time I read you’re blogs. As I told you then, not much fazes me. I find your writing interesting, it reminds me of my dad. He also has dreams and has angels speak to him and he wrote a few books, none did what he hoped they would (to spread a message). I have had some interesting conversations with my dad. My father-in-law was homeless for awhile (before I met my husband) he served our country and came back in mentally bad shape. He’s a good person! Thank you for being the voice of the Key West homeless. My husband and I love Key West. We honeymooned there, we try to go once a year there. My husband had my surprise 40th there and I am planning his 50th there next year. I always imagined I would retire there but the more I read the more I see it might not be the Key West we outsiders think it is. Very interesting! I will continue to read your writing it intrigues me! Be well and keep doing what your doing, your making a difference (not everyone can say that).
Be well!

I replied:

Hi, Lisa –

I never could forget your Weredragon handle. Good to hear from you, I wuz just about to head for Jack Flats to watch the tail end of this week’s pro golf tournament, the final warm up for the Masters next starting this coming Thursday. You father sounds really interesting, perhaps some day he and I can write or talk. I gave up thinking anything I wrote or said would make a difference, maybe it does, maybe not. I just keep engaging what’s in front of me, which the angels arrange to be in front of me, you in this moment, at at Jack Flats last Sunday. I don’t think I ever met a Weredragon before, not knowingly anyway. A lot of vets of various stupid US wars came back all messed up in a soul way, if not also physically, and some coped better than others. We have plenty of homeless vets down here, and despite the “I support homeless Vets” coming out of various elected officials’ mouths, their police pretty much treat homeless vets like vermin. A lot of people living in Key West love this place; others do not. It has lots of thrills and threats, both of which you see if you don’t keep your eyes wide shut, which probably is kissin’ kin to head up where the sun never shines. I suppose this is as good a place as any for me, perhaps better, as somewhere else I might get locked up and the key thrown away. Looks to me about everywhere I look that this planet is going to hell, and I sometimes continue to pine for my relatives on our home planet to come fetch me. Somewhat in that vein, this frolic, but not entirely, found its way onto www.goodmorningbirmingham.com earlier today. That’s my hometown. You should be able to see that post by clicking on this link:

The name of the novel mentioned in my comment to the article in that post is KUNDALINA, ALABAMA, A Strange Tale, by Jake Carruthers, a pen name I was using back then. That book is out of print but sometimes I see online used bookstores carrying it.

A much later in someways maybe even weirder weresequel is HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, by Sloan Bashinsky, which www.amazon.com carries in trade paperback and kindle, and in Spanish at www.amazon.com.es .



She wrote:

Hi Sloan,
I continued on reading and went to goodmorningbirmingham and I googled things as well. It’s like reading a mystery book. I love to read so I will read your book Heavy Wait- A strange tale. I never believed in Family Trees only Tangled Family Jungles!
My son is interested in University of Alabama, might rethink that. My husband’s grandfather is from Alabama and we thought why not find out about family roots, again might rethink it!
My son was considering law until my step father (a lawyer) talked him out of it. Needless to say my step father hates being a lawyer.
About the dreams….I also have dreams that happen but no actual voices directing me, things just occur that I have dreamt about. Only my dad knows this happens because it happens to him. Has this happened your whole life? My dad would have a blast talking with you. Next time I speak with him I will tell him about you! Be well.

I wrote this morning:

Alabama is a good school, a friend of mine down here has a child attending there, he’s a member of the local school board. They have a good law school, too. I also might try to talk your son out of being a lawyer, but I’d have to talk with him first, get a sense of him, his perspectives, inclinations. Lawyers are part of our society and they can be used in ways that serve, instead of destroy. Consider Ralph Nader. Maybe you, your son, both of you, or your father, will have a dream about that. I hope to hear from your father.

My life is a mystery novel still in progress.

A poem from last night’s monthly Key West Poetry Guild reading, which I introduced with, last Sunday evening at Jack Flats sports bar, I met someone as I watched a boy’s game on TV there, which seeded the poem, and then something happened today, and then at Jack Flats before the Poetry Guild meeting I wrote this poem about it, as I watched a boy’s game on TV:

So, what, I wonder, is a Weredragon?

I ask, because
I met on last Sunday,
and today, as promised,
she wrote to me
not yet having me confess
why I was so infatuated
to meet a Weredragon,
I suppose she figured it out
by my ending sign of f-
Werewolfsky –

Don’t get no romantic notions
roaming in your head;
she’s hitched, it’s just
a planetary platonic encounter –
in fact, I sent her to
another asteroid’s website
to read up on whether , or not,
Bill Clinton is, was, an ET –
that was ventured
after I read her father
had his own Mustang angels
running him around Sally,
and he’d also sort of
given up thinking, or hoping,
anything he wrote, said, or did
would make a difference.

This place, I said,
is going to Hell –
I’m still sometimes pining
for my home planet relatives
to come fetch me –
What do I know,
maybe they blew it up?
Maybe they’re coming here
to start over –
terrifying thought, huh?

Public environmental forum announcement at www.thebluepaper.com:



Everyone acknowledges that the interaction between water quality and coral reefs, seagrasses, and marine creatures in the Florida Keys is a complicated issue. Climate-change, land-based sources of pollution, habitat loss and destruction, and overfishing all contribute to the health of local waters.

Recognizing the importance of water quality, Last Stand and Everglades Law Centerare scheduling free forums in April, bringing together a panel of water quality, hydrology, and coral reef experts to examine the science behind what is occurring and what is being planned to improve water quality in the Keys.

The Upper Keys forum, on Wednesday, April 16 in Key Largo, features the director of South Florida Natural Resources Center for Everglades National Park, Bob Johnson, and the director of science and policy for the Everglades Foundation, Tom Van Lent, Ph.D.

Also on the program are Andrew Baker, Ph.D., associate professor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, Jerry Lorenz, director of research for Audubon Florida, and Billy Causey, Ph.D., Southeast Regional Director for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

“We know how critically important water quality is to the Keys,” said Last Stand president Naja Girard. “That’s why we’re having two sessions. The people we’ve invited to speak are all renowned experts on the issue of Everglades’ water flow and near- and off-shore water quality.”

The April 16 forum will be held at the Key Largo Public Library, 101485 Overseas Hwy. in Key Largo, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The informational session is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

A second session takes place in Key West on Tuesday, April 22, also from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the Eco-Discovery Center. 

For more information, contact Julie Dick at 312-399-4057.

sonsored by

Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!


  1. I don’t see Brian La Pointe Phd’s name among the speakers/experts. He seems to me to have the best handle on the biggest pollution threat to marine life in the Bay of Florida, the Keys and the Reef – chemical runoff from south Florida. When I brought that up at a Marine Sanctuary Steering Committee meeting at the Marathon Government Center maybe two months ago, I got looks back like I was nuts and Brian La Pointe, too. If you watched Brian’s presentation, him talking and slide photos, at a Key West City Commission meeting about a month ago, at the invitation of City Commissioner Jimmy Weekly, you’d have seen his position is compelling. You’d also have seen little apparent interest in his presentation from the rest of the city commissioners and the mayor, and from the city staff and the citizen audience. I see much the same lack of interest in Brian’s work and perspective from the County Commission, and it has not seemed to me that Last Stand seems interested either. Nor does it seem that Last Stand seems interested in the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West, which dump their wastewater and ground up food scraps in the ocean. The Marine Sanctuary Steering Committee did not seem interested in hearing about that, either, when spoke to them during citizen comments. Nor has the Key West City Commission seemed interested. I told the City Commission and the Marine Sanctuary Steering Committee that it appears Tallahassee is yielding to complaints from the east and west Florida coasts to reroute chemical runoff out of the east-west canal fed by Lake Okeechobee, where the chemical runoff is sent, back from the lake into the Everglades, through which the chemical runoff will migrate into the Bay of Florida, and then drift down to the lower Keys and the reef, which is about 90-95 percent dead, due to the chemical runoff, Brian La Pointe says. The new chemical runoff through the Everglades also will threaten the undersea coral farms, according to Brian, which are trying to regrow the reef. Farms partially funded by the City of Key West and Monroe County, by other government agencies, and from other sources. Brian La Pointe needs to be center stage in this upcoming forum.

    • Sloan, Last Stand is awaiting a response from FKNMS regarding a request to increase the restrictions on cruise ship effluent to the VERY STRICT levels currently being enjoyed in other marine sanctuaries. We began researching this effort during the channel widening debate and a formal request was sent out via our attorneys at Everglades Law Center several months ago. We await a response. Mr. Lapointe has made his views known both in the media and before the entire community via a City Commission meeting. Last Stand is listening. Last Stand is now sponsoring a free informational forum consisting of many additional experts on the subject of what is affecting our water quality and corals with a goal of learning even more about the issue. There will be a question and answer period after presentations by the speakers. The Key West forum will be on April 22nd at Eco Discovery.

      • Brian was not invited, therefore, to this forum? If not, that bothers me. Everglades Law Center don’t seem to be in a hurry. And, it does not pass and enforce environmental protection laws/regulations, although it can sue to have same enforced. The dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships have been calling on Key West for a very long time, like, since the first cruise ship called on Key West, and the city, its elected officials, its citizens, Chamber of Commerce, Reef Relief, and Last Stand went along with it. I know the current laws are weak, and there is little interest at the state and federal level – cruise ships are a money maker for Florida. That’s why I keep saying Key West itself needs to do all it can to make these nasty floating hotels, which dump their wastes into the sea, re Arnaud’s explicit editorial cartoon to that effect during the run up to the “channel-widening” study referendum, from calling on Key West. Don’t provide [cruise ships with] conch train services from the outer mole. Don’t provide police and fire services to cruise ships. Don’t provide held[p] at the city pier. Don’t sell them Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority water piped down from the mainland, of all places! Don’t provide them any Key West City employee services. Tell them there are not welcome here, take their garbage barges somewhere else. On my end, it does not appear that blue paper readers can read what I posted below the workshop promo, nor your response, nor my reply to yours. Love and kisses.

cruise ship butt

Naja’s hubby Arnaud’s editorial cartoon

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, retired, turned ocean environmental biologist, replied to the MRSA part of yesterday’s Good morning Mr. Sunshine, how do you do today? Often a prickly question in Key West, especially if it pertains to the death of Charles Eimers on last Thanksgiving Day, or MRSA post at www.goodmorningkeywest.com:

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan: your coverage of MRSA serves up a critical
element of enlightenment —perhaps awaken
some people –as MRSA becomes an increasing threat.
Two thoughts come to mind both encompass the
concept of preventative medicine—the best way to treat
MRSA is preventing feces contaminated sewage from
entering seawater or god-forbid drinking and cleaning/washing
water. At one time feces contaminated water was the biggest
source of human disease. Tertiary waste water treatment
should be the standard throughout the Keys to connect all.Tax alcohol
to pay the huge amounts of money necessary is one idea.
Stop all boats including Cruise Ships from discharging
untreated sewage into the ocean. Also better toilet facilities
all along Duval street, the mobs of people now growing larger
are there really ample clean public toilets ??
Preventative medicine has always been the best treatment
option. ——–Jerry. M.D.

I replied:

Agree, and meanwhile, perhaps the leading prevention practice is to stay out of the ocean down here in “paradise”.

From college fraternity brother Paul, an ardent legalize marijuana advocate who attends the annual NORML conferences in Key West, when the KWPD looks the other way from marijuana smoking on and near Duval Street:


Information and Resources
Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker
WebMD News Archive
Chemicals in Marijuana May Fight MRSA
Study Shows Cannabinoids May Be Useful Against Drug-Resistant Staph Infections

By Caroline Wilbert
WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD
Pot Fights MRSA

Sept. 4, 2008 — Chemicals in marijuana may be useful in fighting MRSA, a kind of staph bacterium that is resistant to certain antibiotics.

Researchers in Italy and the U.K. tested five major marijuana chemicals called cannabinoids on different strains of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). All five showed germ-killing activity against the MRSA strains in lab tests. Some synthetic cannabinoids also showed germ-killing capability. The scientists note the cannabinoids kill bacteria in a different way than traditional antibiotics, meaning they might be able to bypass bacterial resistance.

At least two of the cannabinoids don’t have mood-altering effects, so there could be a way to use these substances without creating the high of marijuana.

MRSA, like other staph infections, can be spread through casual physical contact or through contaminated objects. It is commonly spread from the hands of someone who has it. This could be in a health care setting, though there have also been high-profile cases of community-acquired MRSA.

It is becoming more common for healthy people to get MRSA, which is often spread between people who have close contact with one another, such as members of a sports team. Symptoms often include skin infections, such as boils. MRSA can become serious, particularly for people who are weak or ill.

In the study, published in the Journal of Natural Products, researchers call for further study of the antibacterial uses of marijuana. There are “currently considerable challenges with the treatment of infections caused by strains of clinically relevant bacteria that show multi-drug resistance,” the researchers write. New antibacterials are urgently needed, but only one new class of antibacterial has been introduced in the last 30 years. “Plants are still a substantially untapped source of antimicrobial agents,” the researchers conclude.

I replied:

Diabolical, don’t you think, of God to make a weed that would prove to be so versatile and useful?

I observed a black Christian minister on TV this morning over breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s rail against the evils of marijuana, comparing it to the evils of booze and cigarettes. I guess he forgot God invented marijuana and Jesus advised people to resist not one who does evil.


Yesterday from Kurt Wagner re my report in yesterday’s Good morning Mr. Sunshine, how do you do today? Often a prickly question in Key West, especially if it pertains to the death of Charles Eimers on last Thanksgiving Day, or MRSA post on yesterday’s Charles Eimers Editorial in the Key West Citizen:


Good Morning Sloan, I think it’s great that just after you and another paper posted my question about the Eimers story, The Citizen actually printed something. Although they didn’t tell the whole story probably because The Citizen protects the city the same way NBC protects Obama. I also sent it to all city employees and all KWPD. I received one reply from officer R. Thomas who wants me to stop emailing him. He said it was offensive. I replied it was offensive to cover up and lie about what happened. If officer Thomas doesn’t want to read the truth, he can block me.


I replied:

Hi, Kurt –

The Citizen Editorial Board has a member, Todd German, a good friend of mine, who has been quite disturbed by how the investigation of the Eimers case has proceeded thus far. Others on the Editorial Board may share his sentiments. I know from Todd that they agree on a topic for an upcoming editorial, then someone is assigned to write it, then it is reviewed by the Editor, and perhaps by the Publisher, and then it is published, all of which might take a week or maybe a little longer. So in all probability this editorial on the Eimers SNAFU was in the works a while. Even so, the timing of its publication on the heels of your slamaroo and the blue paper’s next slamaroo Eimers installment is indeed interesting.

I wonder if Officer Thomas is one of the 14 KW cops who were involved in the Eimers case? Or is he just an offended not involved observer? I wonder if Officer Thomas is offended over how 14 KW cops clammed up after the blue paper and the video it made available made the 14 cops out not to be bearers of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or for that matter, any of the truth? I wonder if Officer Thomas is offended that 14 KW cops apply Protect and Serve to themselves instead of to the public they all swore oath to Protect and Serve? Of course, all but the first two of those questions are facetious.

As much as I would like to blame the KWPD for what happened to Eimers, the Mayor and the six City Commissioners set the tone for how KW cops treat homeless people. Eimers was profiled by the cops as homeless even though he was not. He would still be alive if he had not been profiled as homeless. That’s a big concrete millstone around the necks of the Mayor and the City Commissioners, as well as around the necks of the 14 cops, and around the neck of Police Chief Donie Lee, and around the neck of City Manager Bob Vitas, for whom Lee works, even as Vitas works for the City Commission.

I hate to think how awful the city’s Eimers karma is and will play out.


Kurt wrote:

Sloan, I’m sure you’re correct about the editorial process. Why hasn’t the Citizen been reporting on this matter. They no doubt have more resources than the Blue Paper, yet they have barely printed a word, much less the video. The first amendment guarantee’s freedom of the press. This was to prevent the truth being told by interference from the government. Also doesn’t a real newspaper dig for and report the truth? This begs a few questions:

1) Is The Citizen being restrained by the City Council?
2) Is The Citizen in bed with the City Council?
3) Is The Citizen not a true searcher of the truth?
4) Is The Citizen a real newspaper or a PR firm for the City Council?
5) Is The Citizen afraid of Mayor Cates?
6) I find it difficult to believe it is the entire council. There are some honest and trustworthy people there. Why won’t they speak up?

The 14 cops committed or witnessed the act and then proceeded to cover it up. They take their instructions from Donnie Lee, who gets his from farther up the line until it reaches the mayor. They have all been suspiciously silent on this fiasco. Are they afraid it will hurt tourism? Are they afraid their attitudes on the “homeless problem” will embarrass them? Lose votes next election?

This story never reached national news like a few others (Albuquerque, NM.) Why not? I sent this story and video to news papers in ten major cities. (LA, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, DC, Phoenix, Dallas, Charleston, Detroit) Also to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC.

Kurt Wagner

I replied:

Hi, Kurt –

Did you send the national news media www.thebluepaper.com ‘s latest Eimers article, which contains both the damning video of how Eimer actually was apprehended, totally contrary to what the KWPD claimed, and a link to the perhaps seven earlier Eimers blue paper articles? I suggested to Arnaud and Naja Girard that they do that, hoping to piggyback it onto the Albuquerque PD gunning down a homeless man from a quite safe distance, allegedly because the homeless man had a knife in each hand.

[link to latest blue paper Eimer’s article: The Cover-Up ]

If five Albuquerque SWAT cops and their German sheperd cop dog were so terrified that they felt compelled to shoot the man to save themselves from harm, couldn’t they have just shot him in the leg? Or in the arm? Or, couldn’t they have just sat down and waited him out? He was not charging them. Nor was Charles Eimers charging the first four KWPD cops at that scene, three of whom had pistols drawn in the video. In fact, Eimers did as they asked and put his hands behind his head and laid face down on the sand. That must have terrified those four cops, the damn bum surrendered, took all their fun away, so they had to invent some fun to get even with him.

Imagine the mayor and/or any of the city commissioners saying something like that publicly – when hell had been frozen over for a billion years.

From all I’ve seen reported in the blue paper and the Citizen, the 14 cops are taking orders on the Emiers case from the Police Benevolent Union and its lawyer, who are representing those 14 cops in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation, and in any subsequent investigation by KWPD’s Internal Affairs, and, I suppose, in any subsequent investigation by, say, the FBI and/or the US Department of Justice.

I have about as much confidence in FDLE to do the investigation that is needed, as I have in the Florida Department of Environment Protection to protect Mother Nature from deverlopers, Big Sugar and other farm combines.

The mayor and city commissioners might be silent on advice of counsel. They might be silent because they dread saying anything which might end up in print, or as testimony against the city in a damage suit, or push Charles Eimers death into the national media. Similar to their dread of saying anything that might push the MRSA threat in the ocean down here into the national news media.

I am not privy to the relationship between the Citizen and the mayor and city, other than I have observed over the years that the Citizen does not go after city issues in ways I feel a newspaper should do it. Certainly, the Citizen is concerned about not freaking out tourists and causing them not to feel Key West is a safe place to vacation. It is relatively safe for a tourist destination, if you are not homeless, do not appear to be homeless, and do not go into the ocean and be at immediate risk to contracting MRSA if you have just one small razor nick on your face, or under your arm, or on your leg. Although, as the writer said in today’s post, MRSA can be contracted on a public toilet seat.


Kurt replied:


Yes, I sent the videos and the links to all, including the links to your blogs While it’s true they are taking advise from the lawyers from the Police Benevolent union, it’s after the fact of their actions. As usual the union will protect wrongdoing by their members because that’s why they pay dues. Their actions rest squarely on the shoulders of the mayor and the commission. The FDLE? nothing will happen. FBI? DOJ? HAH! Nothing will happen. The city’ mantra seems to be “keep it quiet, don’t upset the status quo.

I’m not saying ALL KWPD are “jackbooted storm troopers” but I have only met one. Her initials are B.S.

As for MRSA, I’ve had my experience with it. (5 nights in the hospital) The city will never admit the beaches are polluted with fecal matter and garbage from cruise ships. (it would hurt Swifty, who redistributes the wealth)

Kurt Wagner

I replied:

Yeah, it would hurt Ed Swift, and it would hurt a lot of businesses and the city’s tax revenues. Better to hurt the tourists, therefore, by letting them contract MRSA down here and then they go home where it erupts on their skin and they have no clue where they picked it up. Great One Human Family love, don’t you think?

[google image MRSA to see just how horrible MRSA is]

Kurt replied:

Oh yeah, great love for the tourists. By the time they know whats wrong, they don’t know where it came from. The hell with Swifty, the city would do better without him. Did you see the pics I sent? way better for Key West than the trains and trolleys:

Conch TrainOld Town Trolley

“This is what is used on St. Thomas to haul tourists around. This is the largest, hauls 25 passengers. Others are smaller. These drivers are making well in excess of 100K/year. Much better than trolleys, trains etc.”

St. Thomas trolley

Yesterday from Ginger of Jupiter, Florida:


Causes of the rise of the Poor & Homeless


Where are the homeless coming from? Can you do a survey and find out the numbers due to drugs, separate out alcohol, and economic causes: loss of job after 45 or 50 and impossibility getting rehired.

The rise of the numbers of poor first appeared in Rome as massive immigrants from conquered countries went to Rome and free food and games kept them happy for a 100 years or more.

THE BLACK PLAGUE killed approximately 50 to 100 million people in Europe. The Plague began in 1337 and the first 50 years killed off about 50% of the population. The result was a reduction in males available for labor and so able bodied males were paid higher wages. However, seems to be a population problem again by the 1500’s in Northern Europe, France and England and the resulting mini Ice Age in 1400 A.D. caused famine by killing the crops [too damp and cold for wheat].

What caused the growth of the poor in the United States, perhaps the homeless after the Civil War? Freeing of the Slaves? Everyone that was unemployed or homeless couldn’t head West as it was expensive to outfit the covered wagons and buy supplies for 6 months travel.

Notes: History Channel] 553 AD Ravena Italy 500,000 Lombards recruited into Army. Lombards out of control. General Marcies sends Lombards packing but they like the lush Italian countryside and don’t want to leave. Lombards are led into Rome by their General to conquer.

I replied:

Hi, Ginny –

Your questions have been studied and studied and studied, and all that studying didn’t change anything as far as I can tell. Homeless are here, they are coming, there will be more of them, maybe a lot more of them. They whys and hows might be interesting to learn, but I doubt ill make any difference in reducing the homeless numbers. I have so solution; I do not believe there is a solution which can be wrought by human beings. So far, it does not appear God wants to provide a solution. So, people who think otherwise will continue to try to fix the problem, and the problem will not be fixed. I try to determine the best ways to manage homeless people, which mostly is to leave them alone unless they pose a serious threat to themselves and/or other people. Give the an overnight shelter, if they will use it; serve them one good meal a day; provide showers and bathrooms; have a food and clothing pantry, and a shoe outlet. Make counseling and basic medical help and how to get benefits, IDs, drivers licenses available to them. Put the drunk or otherwise chemical-wasted ones in a holding facility until they sober up, and then release them. Spend most time and money and human resources and assets on trying to help the new homeless, especially women or parents with small children, get back to not being homeless. The new homeless can be helped far more easily than old homeless to return to not being homeless. Down here, very little is being done to try to help the new homeless return to not being homeless. 90 percent of local effort looks to me to be aimed at getting rid of the old homeless, which isn’t going to happen unless you kill them. Putting them in jail is no solution. Soon, there would be no one in jails but homeless people. There would be no room in jails for criminals.



Ginger wrote:

Sloan, I totally agree with you. You are the only person qualified to determine and solve the problem. I understand the sadness and the tragedy. No one wants to be homeless. I think you are the one person who can solve this problem. So what do we do. How do we begin? Tell me. I have been close to it. Life is so close to tragedy. We can only solve this problem area by area. We can only help the ones who want help. Do you know who they are. What are the first steps? Ginger

I replied:

Alas, Ginny, I don’t know the first step. It has been my sense dating back to my many up close and personal dealings with street people when I lived on the street, on Maui and then on Key West, that only God can change them. Maybe that sounds like a cop out, but it is my view still, which seems reinforced by the many different ways which have been and are being tried to fix homeless people, and none of it looks to me like it’s working. Yes, some homeless people do turn around, but it’s only some is my impression. The vast majority do not. And of those who do turn around, many relapse. Especially, the addicts. About 90 percent, perhaps more, of street people are addicts. Sloan

Ginger wrote:

addiction takes away their will power. curious. what if we put them on a Tropical l island and said, here is your society. Get to work. Life has never been easy. And 20 % are failing. I am not sure I could get back of something happened. I am upset and shocked at my HOA. I think it is outrageous that they have they have the ability and legal power to sue for foreclosure even if you have a mortgage and they can take over. It’s absurd. I am going to try to work with my Congressman, Patrick Murphy to set up something so they are not overriding a mortgage.

I replied:

First, you would have to detox them; otherwise they would die from the withdrawal, during which they might kill others. Second, you would have to provide them with ample food and water, or they would start killing and eating each other to get nourisment and liquid, since they can’t drink sea water. Third …

Sorry about the HOA thing; this place is going to hell, maybe my relatives from our home planet will come fetch me.

Sloan at HH

moi having breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s, where I’m headed shortly

Sloan Bashinsky

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West



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