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Charles EimersCharles Eimers

Key West the Newspaper – – has a festive Charles Eimers investigation article today, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link:

Anatomy of a Cover-Up

Or, you can click on the bluepaper link above, which should take you to the entire issue. Arnaud Girard’s editorial cartoon on the death of Charles Eimers is a real uplifter, too. But for Arnaud and Naja Girard

Arnaud GirardNaja

and the blue paper, Charles Eimers’ death probably would have gone unnoticed in Key West, and his family might never have known there was a very different side to the story than the one s/told by the KWPD, which answer to the City Manager, who answers to the City Commission, which consists of the city mayor and six city commissioners, who, as far as I know, have yet to make a public peep about Charles Eimers’ demise. While the Abuquerque PD shooting of a homeless man is being picked up by national news services, as far as I know, reporting of Charles’ Emiers death remains locally confined.

Also in the blue paper today is a flashbackforward funupdate on Peary Court, now slated to be redeveloped by greedy carpetbaggers and scallawags.

Peary Court

You should be able to see that blue paper article by clicking on this link:

$11.3 Million in Property Taxes? Not Yet!

For some time now, I’ve not had all that good feelings about the local judge in that article, who let the Peary Court developer and its predecessor carpetbagger and scallywag greedmongers in title skate without having to pay land taxes on Peary Court.

In yesterday from a Birmingham, Alabama amiga who once babysat my daughters:


Vulcan stands on top of red mountain, just south of Birmingham; his torch used to show green, when there had been no traffic deaths that day, and red when there had been a traffic death; I imagine red does this below justice

Mi amiga wrote:

Birmingham is no better than Key West when it comes to how our homeless are treated. PATHETIC!?

Lisa Belcher
To: sloan bashinsky

Birmingham to Good Samaritans: ‘Cross on the other side’
John Archibald | jarchibald@al.comBy John Archibald |
on April 02, 2014 at 10:05 AM, updated April 02, 2014 at 10:42 AM

About the writer
John Archibald is a columnist for the Alabama Media Group. His work appears in the newspaper on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and online at all the time. Reach him

Forget all that Southern hospitality stuff.

It’s just so much mumbo jumbo.

Birmingham, as it turns out, is not a place that offers help to those in need.

Birmingham is a place that stops people from helping those in need.

Birmingham is a place — let’s call it what it is — that spends taxpayer money to actually prevent people from using their own private money to help their fellow man.


So … Welcome to Birmingham everybody! Where we have more churches per capita than Kansas has prairie dogs. But where it is, as it turns out, official city policy to cross by on the other side. And to make you do it, too.

Volunteers fanned out across Birmingham in January to count the metro area’s homeless population.The annual Point in Time survey was conducted in communities across the nation. Larry Potter in this 2013 is shown living under an overpass on Carraway Blvd. (Joe Songer/

Blessed aren’t the poor, for they don’t look good. Yeah, this is Birmingham, where we put the beat in the Beatitudes.

For weeks now, thanks to changes in a food truck ordinance, people who for years have served their maker and their community by serving food to the homeless have found themselves the bad guys.

Don Williams, who runs a ministry called Bridge Builders that for 15 years has passed out food and blankets, toiletries and sleeping bags to homeless people behind the David Vann Municipal Building, has been stunned by the seeming heartlessness of the changes.

He tells of how cops recently approached the people in his ministry volunteering to hand out food. They came on, he said, as if “they had discovered a meth lab.”

They began checking volunteers for warrants, he said. They took plates of food from the hands of hungry homeless people gathered there, and ordered everybody to disperse.

Leaving hungry people hungry.

Leaving helpful people afraid of the very act of being helpful.

Other organizations have said the same. The city has clamped down on its Good Samaritans.

All that stuff about the Judeo-Christian principles in the Bible Belt? It’s a bunch of bunk.

Mayor William Bell has shrugged it all off, saying the food truck ordinance was not meant to hurt homeless people. It is, he said, part of a broader plan to consolidate efforts to deal with homelessness.

“This is not an effort to prevent anyone from feeding the homeless,” Bell said in council meeting this week. “We’re trying to set up a system where we can track the food that’s been given to the homeless and the health and safety of the homeless.”

In a city that can’t track who said what to whom during a city council meeting.

It sounds all official and impressive, the way Bell puts it. He wants to connect the homeless with services “and not just provide a meal.”

Tell it to the guy with the ache in his belly. Tell it to the guy who had a sandwich, until the cops took it away from him.

Because they were told to do it. Because of a bureaucratic decision by the city.

And it doesn’t just hurt the homeless.

The way Williams sees it, Birmingham already has a reputation for “showing ill will towards those who were unable to truly speak up for themselves.”

This doesn’t just add to the perception. It adds to the reality.

And the absurdity.

Birmingham is a place where 51 percent of children under the age of 18 live below the poverty line. But it doesn’t want you to feed the hungry.

Birmingham is a place that perennially ranks among the nation’s leaders in crime, but it tells its overworked police officers to disband crowds of people who want to do some good.

Birmingham, under this ordinance and its implementation, is a place that has turned its back on those who need help the most.

Birmingham is a place — I never thought I’d see such a thing — where it is illegal to hand a guy a meal.

Jesus weptJesus wept

I replied to Lisa:

Hi, Lisa, thanks, what a kick ass article, love the author’s style, not thrilled to see it ain’t much different (or any different) up there than down here, but maybe can put to good use down here. Heard, and featured today, Roger Shuler (Legal Schnauzer) getting out, finally, of jail; he could have gotten out in same way months ago, if he wasn’t so hung up on arguing his legal theories. Former Governor Bob Riley Clan lost that one big time, in all events. Hope you are doing okay. Sloan

From local TV journalist Jenna Stauffer yesterday:

Jenna Stauffer 3

Hi Sloan-

Hope all is well.

Sandra L. Brown from The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education will be in Key West this month.

Here’s her bio :

While she is in town for filming of the documentary, Inevitable Harm, Key Development Corporation will be hosting a community lecture by Ms. Brown and a professional workshop.

The community lecture is on ‘How To Spot A Dangerous Man’ and will be held at the Tropic Cinema. The date is April 24th from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.

The professional workshop will take place on April 25th from 10 AM – 12:30 PM.

Attached you will find a community lecture flyer. Also a cover letter and a brochure that has more information on the workshop highlights and agenda.

Please let me know if you’d like more information.

Maybe I’ll see you at the community lecture?!

Thank you!


I replied:

Thanks, Jenna, will include your email in today’s post at

I have had some dealings with women who were injured by being in relationship with bad men, and maybe some of the women I was with would say they were injured by being in relationship with me, and I might even say I was injured by being in relationship with them. However, when it comes right down to it, it probably is fair to say there were plenty of warning signs going both ways in all of those situations, and in that regard I feel it is really important for women, as well as men, to be able to recognize warning signs, and then have the will to timely heed those signs.

For it is my experience, when warning signs are not timely heeded and serious injury – physical, emotional, mental, soul – occurs, the healing of that is far beyond the range of modern psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work, etc. The healing of such injury can only come from angels.

Such healing I myself have experienced, and have seen a few other people experience it. It is very different and clearly of supernatural origin for those who experienced it. The healing regresses the patient back into the injury, where it is relived emotionally, often many times. The healing is scary, terrifying at times. It is beyond modern mental health’s ken, and beyond religion’s as well.

Part of the cure entails doing things differently henceforth, which includes relating to people differently. The patient is put to take risks with other people, which neither the patient nor the other people tend to like. The purpose is to rebuild the patient’s will and ability to set limits., and even to simply walk away from toxic relationships, including toxic spouses and blood relatives.

I would also say the women I knew, who were seriously injured, were not  initially hurt by being in a marriage or partnership relationship with bad men. They initially were hurt by their fathers, their brothers, their ministers, school teachers, etc. Sometimes the injury was physical, as well as emotional, mental and soul, and sometimes the injury was not physical, but was only emotional, mental, soul. Yet in all cases there were physical, as well as emotional, mental and soul symptoms of the injury.

In some cases, the person who had inflicted the initial injury was a mother, sister, aunt, or another female.

Early in life injury frequently led to the injured woman taking up with an abusive man who represented the person who had committed the early injury, repeating the pattern, which often had repeated many times.

Similar history for men I have known who were seriously injured  early in life. It’s a serious problem for men, as well as for women.


line in the sand

I was told in dreams last night to separate my Key West engagements from my up the Keys engagements today, therefore there is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: lower Florida Keys sewer war and other lower Keys carpetbagger and scallywag greed attractions

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