remedial service industry training in Key West and the lower Florida Keys

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I commented yesterday to this Facebook page:
Mark Jones
  • The Committee to Re-elect Judge Mark Jones likes this.[click on that link to get to that page]
  • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Mark (Judge) – I don’t see a direct link to the Supervisor of Elections website for requesting an absentee ballot. I just now called them and ended up with this link, which I put on my Sloan for Mayor FB page.…/Request-an-Absentee.aspx . It seem to work okay on my FB page. If it doesn’t work okay on your end, perhaps you or someone you know can get it to working. Nice talking with you at Dennis Ward’s and Mirna’s St. Patty’s party. It bothers this ex-lawyer hearing some Conchs are backing your opponent because of your role in rendering justice in the Acevedo matter. Just like it bothered me that KW Conchs, led by Harry Bethel, perhaps other KW Conchs, backed Cathy Vogel against Dennis in 2012, because he prosecuted Harry’s fisherman’s trap thieving son and the Acevedos. It seems some Conchs, maybe a lot of them, feel they are above the laws everyone else is supposed to live by.
mud dog 
Mike Tolbet, aka Mud Dawg, of Daddy Bones BBQ just behind Checkers on North Roosevelt Blvd copied me with this Facebook thread yesterday, into which I eventually commented:
Cheryl Hollon Cates [Key West Mayor Craig Cates’ wife]
Used to love this place and tell all my friends to go. Then you started bashing the Mayor. Now, not so much.
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  • Mike Tolbert Don’t worry If Tony Yaniz runs we all know who will be doing the crying! Hell if sloan gets the service ind to vote he stands a decent chance.

  • Mike Tolbert aww sonebodys pantys in a wad. i am sorry. But really name one damn thing our dear mayor has done for conmon people that still live on key west. And every word sounds like whining. as for nuetral just not in my nature to sit back and watch folks destroy my home without saying a thibg or 2. deal with it. I will be forewardibg this thread for public review too. So keep it civil.OR NOR i could give a shit either way.
  • Mike Tolbert sorry our right to free speech and belief that there are VERY MUCH better folks for mayors job offended you! SLOAN or yaniz Both better for the job.
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  • Cheryl Hollon Cates Just thinking as a business you should keep neutral.
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  • Tammy Cates Berard He has dedicated the last 5 years of his life to serving the city. They spend every day supporting, visiting and raising money for almost every possible worthy cause in KW. He barely gets compensated and has to deal with loud mouths that don’t know how to put together a rational argument without being snide and rude. The majority of level headed citizens see it. And it is the majority. Just a loud obnoxious few on FB making lots of noise. If he thought for a minute the majority wanted someone like the two men you mentioned to head the city he would step back. But thankfully for Key West – He stays, thoughtfully makes decisions that he thinks are best for the majority and puts up with the personal attacks.
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  • Robin Gedmin The food is not that good, overpriced. What I ate there was dried out. I am expressing my freedom of speech. 
    Can you imagine “fly off the handle in fits of rage” representing Key West, oh yeah, & always wanting to fight. That’s not good for the city.
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  • Tammy Cates Berard Saying there are better people for the job is one thing. Disrespecting the mayor by calling him a mayoron and an egomaniac – pretty sure that’s a personal attack and not representing yourself or business in a mature productive manner.
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  • Cathy Deadwyler McAlearney Nice to see this! I won’t be going to Daddy Bones!
  • Cheryl Hollon Cates Keep dreaming
  • Cheryl Hollon Cates Cry me a river
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  • Sloan Bashinsky I wonder if any of you beating up on Mike, other than Cheryl, know that right after Craig won the first time in 2009, he and his campaign manager both thanked me for getting him elected without a runoff?

    I don’t see me this time telling everyone who will listen that Craig and I are very different: if you don’t vote for me, then vote for Craig, and whatever you do, don’t vote for Morgan McPherson or Mike Mongo. 

    Craig and I really are very different. I spend a great deal of time trying to help situations which are stuck, screwed up, going nowhere, going backward. I spend a great deal of time trying to help people who aren’t getting help. I piss off lots of elected officials and hired government officials, and I praise them when I like what they do. 

    I told Craig in 2009, if he got elected, it would be a thankless task and people would try to bend him to their will, and not to let that happen. I wished him all the best. He’s now had three terms, counting the one ending this year. I kinda doubt he is smarter than the angels running me; and maybe he isn’t even smarter than just me. 

    Whatever, it’s some miles to election day in August; lots can happen between now than then.

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  • Sloan Bashinsky Mike, I don’t agree with you about Tony Yaniz. I think he would be a terrible mayor. He needs to grow up, a lot. Right now, he comes across to me as a young boy still trying to prove himself to himself, his father, his mother, his friends, God. The Tony who wrote the F-you letter to the Rotary Club over his city commissioner email account is the real Tony. He is trying to reinvent himself, but he isn’t pulling it off, because to be reinvented requires a fundamental change in thinking, talking and behaving. It requires a fundamental change at the level of soul, and Tony has not even gotten started walking down that road. A road truly less traveled by. A road that truly grinds anyone to dust. And to more dust. And to more dust. Until the ego is terrified of itself. Until mano mano is discarded. Mano mano is still very much alive and well in Tony. As is strutting, posturing, grandstanding. He talks about manning up, but did he man up and follow through on his boasts that he was going to run for mayor this year? Mike Mongo told me a couple of weeks ago that three different times Tony told him that he was going to run for mayor, and the second time Mike told Tony that he had already told him that before, and the third time Mike told Tony that he had already said that twice before. The way Mike told it to me, it was like Tony did not remember having told Mike before that he was going to run for mayor. The way Mike told it to me, he did not seem to be in Tony’s camp. I cannot for the life of me imagine why you would say, Mike, that Tony would be a better mayor than Craig. Tony would be a disaster as mayor. A disaster. As this point in time. Maybe if he grows up, if he goes through the ego and soul grinding, he could be a good mayor. But he is not even on that road yet. 

    The God is boss stage is very different. Unbelievably different. Beyond comprehension different. Personal will, personal desires, personal hopes, personal dreams, are irrelevant in the God stage. God’s will is all that is relevant. Incomprehensible, until you get to that stage. Then, it’s terrifying. Sobering. Disciplining. You literally cease to exist. Something else takes your place, wearing your body and your name, and carrying your memories and your karma. And there is nothing you can do about it but take it, endure, try to stay out of its way, because there is no way you can control it, out-muscle it, get your way any more, about anything. And, if you do get in its way, it crushes you. There is no possible way to imagine being crushed by God until you experience it; but perhaps having a heart attack and being totally at its mercy is a fair analogy. 

    Being mayor of this city, probably of any city, truly is a thankless task. The pay is horrible. The responsibility is enormous. The position is not a prize. It is not something to want. It is not something to stick in your hat like a feather. It is not something to be proud of. It is a grave responsibility. It is not glamorous. It is the worst, dirtiest, lowest job in the city. It is the janitor’s job, to be blunt. The shit-shoverler’s job. The hell job. If you do not view it in that way, then you should not apply. You should do something else instead. 

    While you and these people were having fun last night, Mike, I was at a Citizen Review Board meeting, where two really important city police issues were on the agenda. 

    One, sponsored by CRB member Tom Milone, was the use by city police of the Marchman act on drunks and addicts. 626 times last year city police took someone in the city into custody under Marchman, and the police department’s computer cannot spit back out how many times any city police officer used Marchman last year. That information has to be dug out of the reports. The police department has no clue what happened to those 626 people after they were taken the sheriff’s jail, or to the hospital on Stock Island, or to De Poo mental health clinic. Or how much money that cost those agencies and the taxpayers. The city is using the sheriff’s jail as its own personal drunk tank, instead of providing its own drunk tank. The sheriff is not interested in being the city’s drunk tank. The city could care less what the sheriff wants. The city is like a baby in dirty diapers, hollering, “I want, I want, I want, give me, give me, give me!”, and the sheriff is not saying no. The sheriff is going along with it. I can only imagine most of those 626 were homeless people. 

    The other important police issue before the CRB last night, as far as I was concerned, was two city police officers testifying under oath that Hatman was sleeping in his van with a bucket in the van, which smelled like feces. Yet, the officers did not write that in their incident report. They did not say it on the video of the incident, which was good quality according to CRB members last night. In the video, the officers had a good bit of conversation with Hatman, but none of it was about a bucket smelling like feces. Yet the officers testified under oath that there was a bucket in the van, which smelled like feces. I was at the trial, I heard that testimony. The CRB’s attorney, Robert Cintron, told the CRB the officer’s testimony about the bucket was not to a material fact, because Hatman was living in his vehicle, he admitted he was living in it, he was convicted of living in it, and that’s all the case was about. So the CRB should not worry about the bucket smelling like feces testimony. During citizen comments. I said I attended Hatman’s trial and was an eye witness to it. I said I had practiced law in Alabama. I said the bucket smelling like feces indeed was material, because the ordinance and the legislative history leading up to it say living in a vehicle is a threat to the safety and health of the public, and the testimony about the bucket smelling like feces went directly to proving Hatman was a threat to the safety and health of the public. Yet no bucket was seized that night. No bucket was taken to the police station and put in the evidence locker. No bucket was chemically tested for feces. No bucket was safeguarded in the chain of evidence. No bucket was offered into evidence at trial. I said I had known judges in Alabama, who, having an indigent pro se defendant before them, who clearly had no clue what he was doing trying to represent himself, would have taken it upon themselves to ask the police officers why they did not secure that bucket and have it examined and brought to trial? I told the police sergeant at the hearing, the KWPD’ liaison with the CRB, if the two officers that night were doing their jobs, they would have written in their incident reports that there was a bucket in the van, which smelled like feces, wouldn’t they? I received no answer. I said the two officers did not need a bucket smelling like feces to make the case against Hatman under the ordinance. They used the bucket smelling like feces to inflame the case before Judge Miller. Yet they had no bucket. 

    How convenient. 

    If had been mayor of this city, I would have been at that CRB meeting. I would have wanted to hear what was discussed. I would have wanted to know how my police are behaving, what they are doing. Tony Yaniz was not there. Craig Cates was not there. No city commissioner was there. No hired city official was there. Margaret Romero was not there. I was there. If you read me at, you see a great deal of what is going on in this city and in its government. That will continue if I am elected. It is the mayor’s job to see what is going on in this city, and to tell the city and its citizens what he sees. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. All of it.

    Tom Milone was the hero last night, I was God’s witness to it. 

    You speak of my getting the service industry votes, Mike. Perhaps I have my head where the sun never shines, but it seems to me that I’m in service nearly all the time. It seems to be a very big industry.

In today’s Key West Citizen –

HatmanHatman, Shahdaroba Rodd

Van case delayed a month by CRB
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

A Key West man who was convicted of and admits to living in his Dodge van near Higgs Beach won some more time to make his complaint in front of a city-appointed panel due to a lack of member attendance at that panel’s Monday evening meeting.

After discussing his case for more than 45 minutes, members of the Citizen Review Board decided to postpone a decision on Shahdaroba Rodd’s complaint in light of the fact that three of the seven board members were absent.

Rodd’s case was postponed until April 28.

Five members showed up for the 6 p.m. meeting at Old City Hall, but Kevin Collins left before 8 p.m., saying he felt unwell.

Collins left after first voting with the majority of the board to toss out Rodd’s harassment complaint. But board members then agreed it wasn’t fair to Rodd to have only four members hear the case, so they pushed the entire matter off until next month, when the board could agree to revisit that vote on April 28.

Members Larry Beaver and Virginia Altobello, whose terms expire in June, were absent Monday.

At issue for Rodd is that Key West police officers waited until trial to claim they saw a five-gallon bucket containing human waste inside Rodd’s Dodge van the night of his arrest on March 9, 2013.

The bucket detail was not in the police report and no mention was made of it on the video recording police made that night.

That’s because it’s a lie, said Rodd, who added other allegations to his city complaint.

“I do think I am a victim of selective enforcement,” said Rodd, 67, who was convicted in December in circuit court for violating the city’s prohibition against living in one’s vehicle.

Rodd recently filed a complaint with the Citizen Review Board, accusing two officers of untruthfulness, harassment and selective enforcement.

Rodd lives in a white 1999 van that is hard to miss, as it is a regular fixture at Higgs Beach and has a makeshift roof carrier and curtains draped inside.

“If you’re sticking out like a sore thumb, easy to spot, I don’t think that’s harassment,” said CRB member Tom Milone.

Milone said it’s plausible officers didn’t want to embarrass Rodd by putting the bucket of feces in the incident report but were asked by city attorneys to mention it at trial.

“I find it hard to find perjury,” Milone said.

Sloan Bashinsky, a constant government critic who is running for mayor a third time, said he watched the trial and was wary of the fact that police did not place the supposed bucket into evidence.

“I want to see this bucket,” Bashinsky said. “He’s living in his vehicle, of course. But they didn’t have to trump it up and they didn’t have it in the report. If they were really doing their job, it would have been in their report.”

The panel’s postponement came after several board members aired some skepticism about Rodd’s claims, which were heard at a trial in December before Judge Wayne Miller, who ruled against Rodd at every turn.

“We did see the video,” said panel member Hayward Magby. “There was no harassment.”

Rodd said it was the fact that police warned him six times in 2013 about the lodging-in-vehicle law, yet they look the other way when it comes to other locals who live in their cars.

Robert Cintron, an advising attorney for the CRB, said Rodd is welcome to appeal his conviction to a higher court.

As for perjury, Cintron told the board it only applied if what was said under oath at trial referred to something critical to proving the allegation.

“Does it matter whether or not there was a bucket in the vehicle as it relates to what [Rodd has] now admitted?” Cintron said.

Overall, Cintron warned the panel to tread carefully.

“What I see happening here, indirectly, is Mr. Rodd is trying to get the Citizen Review Board to weigh in on whether Judge Miller’s decision should be reversed,” Cintron said. “We don’t even have the benefit of the transcript.”

pelican pooping

I sent this yesterday to Banks Prevatt, President of Dump the Pumps, Inc. –

Hi, Banks – My dream maker sez the best lawsuit chance is in Federal Court, if it can be shown US environmental laws and regulations are being violated. If so, a Federal Judge might be obliged to issue a preliminary injunction no matter how far the grinder pump work has gone, which might eliminate the burden of the plaintiffs below Big Pine Key having to post an indemnity bond. I still think Big Pine is the best venue for a lawsuit, since little, if any, sewering has been done there, and since it is the epicenter of the Key Deer Refuge, and since it has many fresh water lenses, which I imagine have a lot to do with why so many key deer reside there and over on No Name Key. Perhaps our US elected officials can lend a hand as well. Please share this email with the others, as a P.S. to what I sent to you this morning. Thanks. Sloan

Banks replied:


I am forwarding your PS. I believe your dream maker read my notes and shared them with you. A number of people heard me say the same thing at our meeting Sunday.


Then Banks sent:


I post the positive and negative. I am dealing with intelligent people capable of decisions. Some of what you say rings true, but much is a premature judgment on whether Dump the Pumps, Inc will stay the fight.

The battle line is Big Pine. Big Pine is an absolute priority and may be the reversing point for the lower Keys. Dump the Pumps has never taken a south of Big Pine position, so I miss your conflict of interest. Many of the real dollar donations that got us started came from Big Pine, and we know that.

It may be time to send you and your angles back to Key West for remedial dump the pump training. You already have the red tee shirt.


Then, Banks forwarded something from Anon Emus (Anonymous), who throughout this entire grinder pump vs. gravity sewer system saga has declined to put a real face and a real name on anything I have read from him. Reason given, he works for one of the bad agencies, either Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority or Monroe County. He will get fired, if he puts his name and face on what he writes about this topic.

“Divide and conquer” has been the FKAA’s modi operandi throughout.

FKAA led nearly all to believe they would be provided a gravity sewer, so as to keep preliminary dissent minimal. Then they divided the regions for meetings, they divided the neighborhoods with hybrid sewers, and then they attacked individual homeowners for easements to try to conquer one street at a time.

The anti-grinder warriors of the lower islands (with the assistance of sympathetic commissioners) saved many in Big Pine from the loss of property rights, the added expense, and the uncertainty and inconvenience of living with a grinder pump station in the yard. We stand united, and we in Big Pine will not abandon our battered and wounded brethren in lower islands.

Many property easements were obtained under duress and/or with falsehood assurances and these shameful tactics continue.

For a company that claims to prefer gravity sewers, there is no evidence to support that claim in the manner that Engineering and Construction Management has been accelerating and hard-selling grinders. I feel that some individuals must be personally profiting from grinder installations at the expense of the citizens, the environment and the reputation and good will of FKAA.

FKAA employees have reported public scorn when they are in uniform and just stop to pick up lunch, a soft drink or groceries on the way home. The few at the top have soiled the nest for all.

I wrote to Banks:

Hi, Banks –

From the remedial section, I don’t see anything specifically from Dump the Pump’s lawyer, Lee Rohe, who, I think, lives on Big Pine Key. You might wish to ask Lee if he feels perhaps he has a conflict of interest representing the folks below Big Pine and also the folks on Big Pine, when folks on Big Pine, in my remedial opinion, have not yet let the horse out of the barn and might have different needs from a lawyer than do the folks below Big Pine.

I don’t know ding squat about federal environmental law, but it has been my impression that Big Pine Key, mainly because of the key deer, is of more concern to the Feds environmentally, than is, say, Little Torch Key and the keys below there.


Sloan at Coco's

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sloan Bashinsky, for Mayor of Key West

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